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George: Men, after this war is over, can you get me two tickets to a Shaggy concert!!
Soldier: Sir, even if they were selling tickets for that concert, we have NO money to buy them!!
[jenna bednar] 12-23-2000

George: I'm not tired! Why should you be?
Soldier: Because we're walking and you're riding on a horse!
[Adam Edwards, any cute girls can e-mail me at any time. I'm thirteen and single.] 09-17-2000

George: Hey, guys, whaddya say we make some snow cones?
Soldier: Well, I dunno General. What kind of flavors do we have to choose from?
[Kirby Ai, 9 years old from Hawaii] 09-11-2000

George: We have to beat the British.
Soldier: But General, this is only a game!
[Brian, 9 years old] 08-08-2000

George: Oh yeah?! When I was a boy, I walked.....
Soldier: I'm tired, hungry and have no shoes
[Dustin K] 07-31-2000

George: Don't ever let them see you run in the next battle. I don't run.
Soldier: Duh!!!!! He rides from the battle!!!
[Louis, i am 12 yrs. old. i live at 5820 McDougald Dr. Castle Hayne, N.C.] 07-19-2000

George: There she was just a walkin' down the street....
Soldier: Singin' doo wa diddy diddy dum diddy doo
[Chuck] 07-03-2000

George: god bless you men, for hanging in there.
Soldier: thank you general, for leading us.
[jim petruzzelli] 06-19-2000

George: We can camp out here over night!
Soldier: Can we roast weenies?
[Gino] 06-19-2000

George: As we go on we surender..
Soldier: sir, It's remember
[anonymous] 06-19-2000

George: You guys go fight! I'll be there in a minute!
Soldier: I never should have given him that Game Boy . . .
[Matthew Chan] 06-19-2000

George: Ready, Aim---
Soldier: WAIT! It's britney's spears!
[Alex] 06-19-2000

George: ok people, let's sing! O say can't you see...
Soldier: We've been out here for way too long for him.
[Jamie, 11] 06-19-2000

George: Don't just stand there you lazy fools!
Soldier: I wouldn't be talking. Look who's the one relaxing on the horse giving orders!
[Jill S., 10. Go frost school!] 06-19-2000

George: That thong thong thong thong thong!
Soldier: Sir, sisqo isn't born yet!
[Alex] 06-19-2000

George: Let's try it again. Sound off..
Soldier: zz
[Jamie******, 11] 06-19-2000

George: Fire at will!
Soldier: Shut up! I'm Will!
[Matthew Chan] 06-19-2000

George: Men get on your horses!!!!
Soldier: We can't we ate them for Dinner last night.Don't you remember?
[Daniel Camacho, I'm from Brooklyn!!!] 06-19-2000

George: get on the horse
Soldier: I can' t you're on it
[anonymous] 06-19-2000

George: Give me my computer. I have to E-mail Martha
Soldier: It hasn't been invented yet!
[Zack Levy] 06-19-2000

George: come on horse let's move! come on now! come on!
Soldier: Ok. He's gone insaine.
[Jamie] 06-19-2000

George: Why did I chop down the apple tree?
Soldier: No George, it was a cherry tree
[Zack Levy] 06-19-2000

George: Alright, who stole my steaks and sausage?
Soldier: You actually get meat? All we get is spam and tofu!
[Gino Della Penta] 06-19-2000

George: This is stupid! WHy are we just sitting around here?
Soldier: Duh! We're kinda fighting a war!!!!!!!
[Nikki, U r no longer able to e-mail me at the address shown.] 06-19-2000

George: Come' on lets stop this war.
Soldier: I know pretty pretty please with snow on top
[Mia] 06-19-2000

George: Man I'm starved! How do you get to the nearest McDEonalds?
Soldier: Just take a left at the year 1950, and then make a right!
[Nikki, U can't e-mail me at this e-mail address anymore i changed my sn] 06-19-2000

George: c'mon don't give up!
Soldier: I'd like to see you sheding some blood!
[Brittney, 13, nj] 06-19-2000

George: I have a joke. Have a nice trip!
Soldier: See ya next fall!
[Mia] 06-19-2000

George: We are out numbered. Well at least I know that none of them are my father
Soldier: Before you meet your death there is something I must tell you..... I am your father!
[Mia] 06-19-2000

George: Let's Go I don't have all day! If you don't start moving you won't have any food for a week!
Soldier: He treats us like his little pet dog, If you calls me Percey one more time,
[Amanda H.] 06-19-2000

George: Go fight my men!
Soldier: MAke Me! WE already have been fighting!
[Laura De Roche, Hi y'all I'm from Georgia] 06-02-2000

George: Pretend it is summer, you'll feel warmer.
Soldier: Get down and walk, and you'll feel warmer.
[Matthew] 05-02-2000

George: What's wrong with you people?
Soldier: Sir my boot's holes have holes and I'm getting an Ahhhhhch cold!
[Linda Beverly, 12 Burr Oak Michigan] 05-02-2000

George: I want to win this war!
Soldier: We are !
[Kayla Arbuthnot] 05-02-2000

George: Hey let's get a move on it!!
Soldier: Hey were walking as fast as we can
[Stephanie Kaufman, 13,Nj I hate bossy people] 04-03-2000

George: You stole my falce teeth
Soldier: Now you can't eat and you will starve. Ha Ha Ha!
[Lauren, printed 4-3-99] 04-03-2000

George: I think George Washington is saying that they need to start a battle.
Soldier: the soldier is saying no.
[yuri sierra jessica w, 10,10,9] 04-03-2000

George: Power Rangers RULE!
Soldier: Go Teletubbies
[Hunter von Bechmann, 10] 03-25-2000

George: How are we going to leave
Soldier: By picking the leaves
[Zenubia, 10] 03-25-2000

George: come on men get your rifles ,we are going to war.
Soldier: do we have to go to war now,we are freezing to death.
[timothy evans] 03-25-2000

George: Man Iam starved!!!!!!!!
Soldier: Well why dont you go get somethin from the British ,theyve got enough stuff already!
[Brookie****, 11years old] 03-19-2000

George: Are we supposed to fight?
Soldier: Well obviously, isn,t it called "WAR."
[Cindy] 03-17-2000

George: Do you have any cash?
Soldier: No, but I have your picture on a piece of paper
[anonymous] 03-17-2000

George: Who has my socks?
Soldier: Gosh,they were socks?! They sure tasted good!
[Deraj&Salohcan, Quito, Ecuador] 03-17-2000

George: Got any money?
Soldier: Yea! and here's one with your picture on it!
[Whitney, 11&Hollywood,C.A.] 03-03-2000

George: Well don't just stand there soldier! I wanna see those buns move, left, right, left right...
Soldier: Sir, I thought we told you to quit watching those exercise vidoes with all those hot young chicks! What will your wife think.
[Rena, My science teacher is fruity and seriously in need of fashion expertise] 02-25-2000

George: All right men, let's head out!
Soldier: Man, this better be more fun than that Boston Tea Party! That was the worst party EVER! My back still hurts from those tea crates!
[Stan] 02-25-2000

George: what are you doing here this is my tree
Soldier: but this is my ground full of dirt with snow on top
[thomas, cool] 02-25-2000

George: We want to have peace!
Soldier: Your people have destoryed our states.
[Lisa Lor, I love the history!!!!!!] 02-25-2000

George: my face is too small on the dollar bill.
Soldier: who cares? We can still spend it!
[kendrick lewis, 13] 02-25-2000

George: Charge men!
Soldier: but, we don't hare any money!
[James Kirkpatrick, Age:10 8871 Sturdy Dr. St.Louis, MO 63126] 02-18-2000

George: Let's get going men.
Soldier: We can't our feet are stuck to the ground.
[A.J. Costanzo, age 11] 02-18-2000

George: OK you guys, who stole my poneytail?
Soldier: I'll give to you for a pair of warm boots!
[anonymous] 02-18-2000

George: Only twelve more mile to go, men.
Soldier: That's easy for him to say, he's got a horse.
[Jim Volz] 02-14-2000

George: Where did you get that hamburger?
Soldier: 1950
[] 02-11-2000

George: The british are coming
Soldier: We are the british and we are already here!
[casey] 02-11-2000

George: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Whaca whaca whaca
Soldier: We've been out here way to long.
[erik and keith, 10 ,10] 02-03-2000

George: where's the nearest fast food resturant?
Soldier: 300 years from here, sir!!!
[Jenna, 11 years old] 02-03-2000

George: Williams you lead the men to Valley forge to ambush the British!
Soldier: Yes sir! Wish me luck!
[Jimmy Mchugh] 02-03-2000

George: Listen men, this day may be the last day we spend on this very earth. Let's give it our all!
Soldier: You heard the man!! Let's move move move!
[Jimmy Mchugh] 02-03-2000

George: What's up? When are the British going to attack again!
Soldier: I don't know because I can't read minds.
[Stephen, nunya] 01-11-2000

George: ok men the portal is opening
Soldier: jump sir
[] 01-11-2000

George: I'm going to get you tommorrow
Soldier: Ok peace out
[paloo] 01-11-2000

George: Don't ask what your country can do for you but what you.....
Soldier: Sir that qotes already takin
[dustin] 01-11-2000

George: Order I say order
Soldier: I'll have a happy meal
[gdtstgs, a/s/s 13/m/tx] 01-11-2000

George: "There's a dragon with matches and he's loose on the town, it takes a whole pail of water just to cool him down"
Soldier: "Sorry sir, but the Grateful Dead doesn't exist for another 200 years sir"
[Jerry G.] 01-10-2000

George: "Did you do roll call yet?"
Soldier: "yes sir, all 12,000 of us are here"
[Crazy Horse] 01-10-2000

George: "Fine, I admit it, I did cut my father's cherry tree"
Soldier: "oooooo, you're bustedddd!!!"
[sundown] 01-10-2000

George: "Did any of you guys see the Flyers game last night?"
Soldier: "yeah, they tied right?"
[anonymous] 01-10-2000

George: Whose with me?
Soldier: No one. We have chosen to go home and sleep.
[Meltz, Jigger] 01-10-2000

George: Men this has been A hard year, you are doing a great jop.
Soldier: Thank you sir, we are doing our best.
[Adam] 01-10-2000

George: What are you doing, my men?
Soldier: Sir, I'm sorry, yes, yes, I am, sir!!
[missy, Iam10 years old] 01-10-2000

George: "Ok" boys, Let's see. That's 2000 coffees, 1800 plain doughnuts...
Soldier: By the time he gets to Dunkin'Doughnuts the place will be closed
[Pete, Beaumont Elementary, Devon,PA] 01-10-2000

George: we need to keep moving or their'll libale to find us and kill us kumon
Soldier: but my bodie is not functoning right please stop!!!!
[Amanda Dusel] 01-10-2000

George: I fell off my horse!
Soldier: You needed to knock some sense into you!
[Donald, age 10] 01-10-2000

George: Are you guys coming?
Soldier: Yeah, just hold your horses
[Reghan, 9 Pennsylvania] 01-10-2000

George: Let the War begin but please no killing!
Soldier: But that's the main thing about the War!
[Ali, Age 9] 01-10-2000

George: We come in peace.
Soldier: Well we don't, charge!!
[Bryn] 01-10-2000

George: What? I thought you were supposed to be the British, not the Vikings!h!
Soldier: We just came here for the Boston Tea party!
[Andrew, Age 10] 01-10-2000

George: Hey! You are NOT allowed to play with Your food in public!!
Soldier: Well, I'm just killing my potatoes.
[John, age 9] 01-10-2000

George: its my b-day send me a cake
Soldier: no
[ashhley] 01-10-2000

George: Lets go get them men CHARGE
Soldier: I hope somebody brought a credit card.
[Kelsey] 01-10-2000

George: Boys! Go to Valley Forge
Soldier: Yes Sir!
[Steven Krager] 01-10-2000

George: I lost my teeth
Soldier: Hey where are your teeth?
[carly, this is coll] 01-10-2000

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