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George: lets go to J.C Penny!
Soldier: I hear they are having a sale on red coats sir.
[Molly Blew, age10] 12-20-1999

George: Forward, men!
Soldier: Yes sir, General Washington!
[Nathaniel James Barrack, 4 years old and live in Woodbridge, VA] 12-20-1999

George: Surrender now!
Soldier: never!!!!!!!!!
[Miss Emmons' class, Weigelstown Elementary, fourth grade, Dover, PA] 12-20-1999

George: Don't put your hand out at me!
Soldier: But, Sir, its a high five!
[Doreen Wagner, I am supposed to be doing school work right now!] 12-15-1999

George: hey, you talkin jibberish, Nate!
Soldier: yeah- you wanna throw down, Ben!
[Ben Peacock] 12-14-1999

George: Go get them boys!
Soldier: Yes sir!
[Jodi Felton] 12-14-1999

George: you can do it guys
Soldier: yes sir,but sir we are hungry, but we will try
[dode] 12-13-1999

George: Boys it is time to fight
Soldier: George you ant heard nothin' yet'
[Whitney, 13, female,MI] 12-13-1999

George: "Hey where are you guys going"
Soldier: "We are going to the mall to get new clothes"
[Bijan] 12-13-1999

George: "i must serve the country right for my wife Martha on her children!
Soldier: " Oh ya you can just say good bye! cause the Britsh are going to win
[Allie Johnson, 11 catlin IL] 12-13-1999

George: "Charge it men!"-------> "Fire your musket!"
Soldier: "Did anyone bring a credit card?"------->"Musket?! Why don't we just use our LASERS?!"
[anonymous, Sarah--Adams Central--14] 12-13-1999

George: This stinks. I want to see some action!
Soldier: Then why don't you go and fight instead of sitting here eating our food
[?, 11 Indian Creek Indianapolis IN I think DBZ is cool] 12-13-1999

George: we need foooood
Soldier: what we need is girls
[josh] 12-13-1999

George: Peakachu i choose YOU!!
Soldier: yes!!!! now we will win
[Jeff Posati] 12-13-1999

George: Nyah, nyah, I have a horse and you don't!
Soldier: Be quiet, you.
[Skat, I can't remember...] 12-13-1999

George: Never give up! We must fight for our country's freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: I'm cold, hungry,and tired. Igive up!
[Michelle, I am 10.] 12-13-1999

George: I'm going to beat you up!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: You and what army??
[Joel Abboud, I'm 13 and supposed to be doing homework] 12-13-1999

George: Stand straight solder!!!
Soldier: Well your not even standing!!!!!!!!
[Michelle, I am 10.] 12-13-1999

George: what are you doing??!?! move move!!
Soldier: can't sir...too fair!! you have a horse!!
[chrissy, 12, phoenix, az] 12-13-1999

George: Is that man Cornwallis
Soldier: No, sir. That's your wife.
[Anna J, 13, Wayne,PA] 12-13-1999

George: Who are you ?Are you on my side?
Soldier: I am the great cornholio!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Richard,Steadman] 12-13-1999

George: On ward men !
Soldier: To were are we going sir?
[Richard,Steadman] 12-12-1999

George: Ready aim FIRE wait!
Soldier: yes there is abunny
[nathan] 12-12-1999

George: Don"t shoot untill you see...
Soldier: Oh my god what is that?
[Doug Levy, 13/m, history is my favorite subject and I play hockey.] 12-12-1999

George: men get ready set
Soldier: hold on oh my lord its whitney houston hhhhhhhhh
[joclyn chrisos, 13 collisville] 12-12-1999

George: lets go get them
Soldier: no, i'm frozen to the grond
[anonymous] 12-12-1999

George: Ok men, ready,aim.....
Soldier: Hold on. Oh my god, look, it's Brittany Spears!!
[Sara Jorden, I live in Miami, Florida. I'm love Brittany Spears and the Backstreet boys! I love 007!!!] 12-06-1999

George: Soldier! Were is my gun?!
Soldier: I dunno, werever you left it I guess.
[Violet Drinnan, Age:9 4435 June Meadow Dr. Doylestown, PA] 12-02-1999

George: Solder wheres your gun?
Soldier: It's on the moon.
[Aspen] 12-02-1999

George: I'm cccoldand I want my Mommy!! WWWAAAA
Soldier: I'm tired lets go home
[Tracey Glorioso, 9years old PA Cloverly Dr. Furlong] 12-02-1999

George: Its ferezzzzzzzzzig out here.
Soldier: Tell me about it.
[Cory Lee Graham, age 9 4555 Kaven C.T. Doylestown P.A.] 12-02-1999

George: Onward, for freedom!
Soldier: Down with England, Down with the king! Down with England....
[The Great Blah blah blah,] 12-02-1999

George: Whats the matter?What are we looking for?
Soldier: I dropped my contact.
[Sumbel, i am shezadi] 11-30-1999

George: We don't need Von Stueben...we need Mew!
Soldier: What we REALLY need is a hot Burger King Meal! You can have the toy!
[Ethan, a Pokefan!] 11-30-1999

George: It's so cold my im stuck to my horse
Soldier: why is goerge talking to himself
[kain] 11-24-1999

George: hey, steuben, it's march 5 and you have not trained my troopes yet!!!!!!!!
Soldier: if you want your troops trained, you traine them on the how to use the musket!!!!!!
[anonymous] 11-24-1999

George: Is there a pizza Hut around here?
Soldier: Yeah. Take a right at yorktown. You can't miss it.
[Andrew Honeycutt, Weddington Middle] 11-24-1999

George: Would 12:00 be good for a war?
Soldier: Yeah. It's settled then, 12:00 it is.
[Andrew Honeycutt] 11-24-1999

George: let stop at the next bed and breakfast.
Soldier: okay, but only if you are paying.
[ERIC PIACENTI email =, age 10] 11-24-1999

George: You go Girl!!
Soldier: You wanna take it outside?!
[John, Age 9] 11-24-1999

George: im really tired. do you want to call a truse?
Soldier: no way- we will fight to the end!
[katie riddick, im 13 and im REALLY bored!] 11-24-1999

George: Okay men, let's get g take a hike
Soldier: wait i thought we were going to fight for freedom
[kelly] 11-24-1999

George: Don't be stupid! Drop the chalupa!
Soldier: ahhhh
[Logan] 11-24-1999

George: you can't stop me i have a horse and 10 soldiers
Soldier: yes I can I have guns and 500 soldiers
[jose avalos] 11-24-1999

George: So soldier, WHERE'S THE PARTY?
Soldier: Well sir, I think we should have taken the right turn on Philadelphia.
[Romeo] 11-24-1999

George: men,move to the battlefront field.Stamped forward,One,two,threeforward march children.
Soldier: Yes,sir no,sir yes,mama no,mama
[Ashley Eldridge, 12,Eskdale,175 circle Drive,Eskdale UT 84728] 11-11-1999

George: hey lets fight now!
Soldier: ok lets fight then!
[gloria, 7] 11-11-1999

George: Let's hurry back home. . . . . Martha is going to be worried where I am.
Soldier: You didn't tell her that you were going to be in this was for 9 months?
[anonymous] 11-11-1999

George: what's your dady's name?
Soldier: it dosen't matter what your daddy's name is
[the rock] 11-11-1999

George: hey you soldiers better get working
Soldier: ya know it's not that easy
[Jenna Schmidtknecht, I'm a a+ student and I'm studying the Revolurty war] 11-11-1999

George: Man! My teeth are chattering I'm so cold!
Soldier: I wonder where he got those false teeth from....
[Sir Jamis, I'm doing this from my school! I'm doing "research" on a George Washington project but I'm really just waiting for the bell to end.] 11-11-1999

George: Oooh, look at the pretty snowflakes. . .
Soldier: oh no, I knew the cold air was getting to him
[Alicia Jamesom] 11-11-1999

George: Ahhh! Breathing this crisp air brings me back to my childhood. . .
Soldier: Yeah, when you were outside playing in the snow and you got to run in for hot chocolate and a fire!!
[bob gainey] 11-11-1999

George: What were we supposed to be doing?
Soldier: Uuh, I don't know. I thought you were the General.
[DeAndra Holmes, Age 12-13, Wash. D.C.(P.S. I'm the next Cynthia Cooper.)9-27-99] 11-11-1999

George: Come on
Soldier: all right
[j.j] 11-11-1999

George: Well Men, today we shall make history!
Soldier: I'd settle for making some horse soup, we're freezing our buns off here!
[Lena, -Oh humorous one] 11-11-1999

George: Come on! Lets go! I know its cold.
Soldier: My Feet! Its so cold.
[Jaida, 12 years old] 11-11-1999

George: Hang in there, men. We're going to be all right.
Soldier: We're freezing, Sir! My boots have holes in them!
[anonymous] 11-09-1999

George: why are you guys just standing around for get out and start fighting already you lazy mules.
Soldier: your the lazy one sitin on the horse you get down here and fight.
[Kaite drazkowski, 11 i live in fountain,city wisconsin and i am a a+ student I also am studing the revoulutionary war it is lots of fun hope you like the revoulutionary war to.] 11-09-1999

George: Soldiers you better hurry up
Soldier: ya ya were going it's not taht easy ya know
[Jenna Schmidtknecht, I live in Fountain City Wisconsin & I am studying the Revaloanary war & I'm a A+ student] 11-09-1999

George: Good God man when was the last time you bathed?
Soldier: I don't know? About two weeks ago.
[robby] 11-09-1999

George: hey!dudes hurry up. I'm freezing
Soldier: Oh be quiet.
[Erica] 11-09-1999

George: "i regret that i have but one life to lose for my cuontry"!!!!
Soldier: um isn't that what nathan hale says?!?!?!?!
[chasity, 13/f/tennessee] 11-09-1999

George: "Hey, you look like a bunch of red ants!"
Soldier: "Well, if you were off that 5ft. horse you would see I'm bleeding."
[Kirston S., 5th Grader at Durhamville Elementary] 11-09-1999

George: I went to the barber.
Soldier: Nice hairdo.
[Michael Viray, 6 and 3/4 years old] 11-09-1999

George: duh ........we're here to get snowcones for the boss
Soldier: why are we out here again george?
[Marc Martinez] 11-04-1999

George: We're going the right way. And if you don't like the weather you can go home.
Soldier: Are you shur we're going the right way? And I'm cold.
[Allison] 11-04-1999

George: A message? For me? Right now?
Soldier: Yeah, you. Martha says she wants a divorce- she likes Clinton better.
[Vincent Van Gogh, I'm really Hillary Taylor. Just an identity crisis.] 11-03-1999

George: So, you take a left, a right, a left, and another left. Then follow the signs and you should get there in 2 months. Got it? Good!
Soldier: Oh, thanks, Mr. Washington, that's a lot of help!
[Laura, 14] 11-03-1999

George: Vote Parker!!
Soldier: Yeah he's the man.
[Paid for by the friends of Mike Parker.] 11-03-1999

George: Out of the way! I'm the president!!
Soldier: You're not the boss of me!!! Wait a minute....
[Mary Berard, I live in Maine] 11-03-1999

George: Let's surround the British
Soldier: Do you want their leader ?
[Jose Iglesias Octavio Paramo] 11-03-1999

George: which way to taco bell?
Soldier: fool you're trippin', taco bell hasn't been invented yet.
[Madison, Vanessa] 11-03-1999

Soldier: I lost my blanket
George: i have mine. You're the one that is going to freeze
[Blake,cooper] 10-26-1999

George: I think we're lost!
Soldier: No sir. Your glasses are just upside-down.
[Lizzy] 10-26-1999

George: hey,why are you guys not fighting
Soldier: bescause we aren't getting intrest
[Angelica Adams] 10-26-1999

George: for score and seven years ago.....
Soldier: will this guy ever shut up!
[michael and fernando, whatever] 10-22-1999

George: "Man its cold out hear"
Soldier: You just noticed
[David Faluade, 11] 10-22-1999

George: "How much snow are we going to get?
Soldier: It's not snowing sir
[Mark N.] 10-22-1999

George: What is this place.It's freezing!!!
Soldier: It's Valley Forge! Don't you know!?
[Travis Hill, 10,Houston,TX] 10-22-1999

George: lets go to valley forge
Soldier: we are already here.
[max, jaclyn, slms cali] 10-20-1999

George: hey, wanna beer?
Soldier: no, you need to quit you alchoholic
[anonymous] 10-19-1999

George: I w-wouldn't h-h-have signed up f-for this s-stupid j-job if I kn-new it w-was g-going to b-b-be this cold!
Soldier: (mutter) well, if ya never read the small print...
[Anna, age 13, w. coast] 10-18-1999

George: Their's nothing to fear but fear itself!!!
Soldier: Have you looked in the mirror lately?
[Joe, Cameron, Cali] 10-18-1999

George: Get off my back!
Soldier: You should talk!
[Meg Powers and Annie Nguyen, 10 and 10 , Needham Mass.] 10-18-1999

George: You want to see which team play, Mister?
Soldier: Er, the Eagles, sir.
[Dona Wilson, 53 years old, going on 15] 10-18-1999

George: smell the fresh air men??
Soldier: that's horse sweat,dummy
[anonymous] 10-18-1999

George: who drank all my beer?!?
Soldier: i did gotta problem with that!!!
[ananymous] 10-18-1999

George: who drank all my beer?!?
Soldier: i did gotta problem with that!!!
[ananymous] 10-18-1999

George: hello my freinds
Soldier: hello who are you and what are you doing here
[anonymous] 10-14-1999

George: don't eat all of my food solders!!!
Soldier: sorry, too late
[anonymous] 10-14-1999

George: "W-why aren't we m-moving m-m-m-men"
Soldier: "We're in a p-p-painting G-George"
[John Paul Perkins] 10-14-1999

George: we must go!
Soldier: don't worry sir, i have to go too!
[Melissa eades, age 10] 10-14-1999

George: Before the continental Congress named me Commander-in-Chief of the Continenatal Army in 1775, I was already recognized as a statesmen and soldier. As early as 1775 I was in Command of all Virginian troops during the French & Indian War, I was only 23.
Soldier: That is very interesting General Washington, I hope someday I can be as succsessful as you
[Tony, age:14] 10-13-1999

George: ookwayy mwen wets gwoo
Soldier: lost your wooden teeth again ay George
[Brooke] 10-12-1999

George: It's too bloody cold to be out here without shoes or decent clothing.
Soldier: You're right. Let's call it a day and pick up where we left off when it warms up. Who wants a chalupa?
[L. Kelly, that little chiuaua is soooo cute!] 10-12-1999

George: give me your money punk
Soldier: please dont beat me up sir i'll give you anything!!
[shane johnson, blonde hair, blue eyes 5'8 like to play basketball alot. and hang out with my friends and wish to go back to new hampshire] 10-11-1999

George: come on men march
Soldier: i still havent figured out where we are marching yet
[kim coleman, 13 {october 7 1986} lacrescenta ca I LOVE CHIMPS] 10-11-1999

Soldier: Sir, I lost my gun
George: It's ok. You're the one getting killed -- not me
[Jacob Estrada, 14 years old live in mertzon] 10-11-1999

George: He can you tell me were the little boy's room is?
Soldier: Yah go straight 10 paces turn right and then left.
[David Duggan] 10-11-1999

George: huhuh like , lets go kill some stuff.
Soldier: why are we using these goofy muskets? break out the uzi's man!
[alex rock, 13 fl] 10-11-1999

George: I'm lost! Does anybody here know where Rt 23 is?
Soldier: Yes Sir, It comes over Rt422 and into the park from the King of Prussia!
[Tom Griffin, I work only a few minutes from the VF Visitors Center. It is the most wonderful park I have ever seen.] 09-15-1999

George: Go to Valley Forge
Soldier: I hope its not more than a half mile away!
[Brian DeFazio, age; 9] 09-11-1999

George: Come on Soldiers, this is the "War on Drugs" we are fighting here in America. It happens to be the longest running War in American History, against our own people.
Soldier: Excuse me Sir, if I'm wrong, but Didn't You Grow Hemp (Marijuana) back home, and use it for your aching wooden teeth? Without it we would'nt have anything to feed our horses, and even less clothes and boots to wear, Sir!! Would you rather see us die than use what the Lord has given us?
[Le'Anna Quick, I'm a sixteen year old, who supports my mother in her fight for the reform of Marijuana laws. STOP the "War On Drugs" it is wrong!!] 09-07-1999

George: Go! Go! Go!
Soldier: Boy I am cold.
[Roy Daniel] 09-04-1999

George: Give me Liberty or give me Death!
Soldier: Did you see the Liberty play last night?Man they did gooodd.
[Mariel 11, girls rule] 09-04-1999

George: The map says that we should go this way.
Soldier: Do you think we should tell him he has the map upside down?
[Barbara Worster] 09-04-1999

George: How you guys doing I have a cozy house with a fire.
Soldier: Some General you are!
[Nicole, 12 years old and from Connecticut] 08-18-1999

George: Well, Well, Well.
Soldier: Yup, the weather man was wrong again
[D Hurst, 12] 08-18-1999

George: It sure is cold out here.
Soldier: Ya! I wish we had some boots , sir.
[Heather Guldenschuh, 11 years old, Wynnewood,Pa] 08-12-1999

George: Men today is great day for fighting!
Soldier: Sure,you get to sit on your high horse and watch
[hank, I'm from Philadelphia,and now living in another great historical city,Boston,Massachuttes city] 07-26-1999

George: Why does this blue box keep following me everywhere?
Soldier: By George, it's following me too! GET AWAY!!
[Brian, 29, nc] 07-25-1999

George: Men, we must be strong and patient. Eventually, we will win our independence!
[anonymous] 07-23-1999

George: Okay men, we shall camp here!
Soldier: But what about that Motel 6?
[Kirt Frushman] 07-20-1999

George: "I can not tell a lie, it is too damn cold to fight the redcoats!"
Soldier: "You are right general, let us go get a taco."
[chuck hurt, (26,Seattle] 07-20-1999

George: Robert Barr just informed me that some of your men could be wiccan.
Soldier: Why yes sir: would you like us to turn the British into toads?
[Ashtara, These men fought for the freedom of religion. That means ALL religions!] 07-20-1999

George: Men, we fight today and many will die, but be of good cheer. We will live forever in the hearts of good Americans.
Soldier: Can it, Frank. It's just a reenactment.
[Dan Emert] 07-19-1999

Soldier: Excuse me, enemy?.....Do you know where the nearest bathroom is?
George: uh....uh....yeah, it's..uh...right over the hill,yeah, that's it. (heh heh heh)
[Laura, I'm a 16 year old Illinois resident and proud of it!!!!!!!] 07-10-1999

George: Men! After we win this next battle, I promise you rest and entertainment.
Soldier: Oh great! I just hope it isn't Bob Hope again.
[Phil] 07-08-1999

George: AACHOO!!
[BUTCH, 41 HEAVY MECHANIC] 07-04-1999

George: Pardon me..but do you have any plain yellow mustard?
Soldier: No, General..only some Grey Poupon Laffayete gave me
[Walt Brandstoettner, Palisade, Colo. God Save The Revoloution!] 07-03-1999

George: You Know what to do men, you have to...
Soldier: Don't tell me-charge
[A.S., 11 Years old] 07-03-1999

George: When I was a boy...
Soldier: This better not be the one about the cherry tree again.
[Jeffery Winkler,] 07-03-1999

George: Hey did you guys watch Seinfield last night?
Soldier: Seinfield! Frasier is much better than Seinfield!
[Sam, 14] 07-03-1999

George: Wow, it's cold out here.......I can actually SEE my words here in this blue box
Soldier: Yeah, well, I'd rather see 'em than hear 'em.....those are mighty nice BOOTS you have there, General.....
[Kevin] 07-03-1999

George: ...and having said thus, I would like to offer a prayer of safe-keeping on all you brave men and your families back at home...
Soldier: pssssst...hey...isnt it comforting to know that we are fighting under such a great man? I feel honored to know that i will go down in history with one of the greatest americans i have ever met!
[Megan, I love George Washington, he is my all time favorite american hero.] 06-24-1999

George: Where so we go now troops? into the mountains again...
Soldier: But this time I sleep in the house!
[Sazi, likes animals and animorphs.] 06-23-1999

George: "Attack!"
Soldier: "I can't attack on a emty stomach
[Randall, age:9] 06-23-1999

George: Let,s go kick some Lobsterback butt!!!
Soldier: AHH boss I thought you were about to say let's go get some lobster !!!
[Maria, 9] 06-23-1999

George: hey babe, wanna have some coffee and donuts/
Soldier: sure but the red coats are coming
[deanna shattuck] 06-23-1999

George: OK men it is time to fight !
Soldier: If you say so general
[CONNER, age 7, Vernal, Utah] 06-23-1999

George: We will fight to the death, we have been freed from Britain and now we will free all slaves
Soldier: MOVE OUT!!!
[Brandon, 13/m/ma] 06-23-1999

George: Do you know were Bill Clinton is???
Soldier: No,Why??
[Bond James Bond, im cool] 06-23-1999

George: Hey fella, isn't that tree beautiful??
Soldier: Which tree sir??
[Andrea, 9 1/2 years old] 06-23-1999

George: We will not surrender now not untill we win the war.
Soldier: We will try hard to win even if it costs for our lives.
[Amel] 06-23-1999

George: I'm not going to kill you!!!
Soldier: Please sir don't kill me, I'm honest!!!
[7D team Summerbridge Fort Worth] 06-23-1999

George: I shall fight not for you but for me.
Soldier: You shall fight but I shall Battle in war.
[Jaymee, 10] 06-09-1999

George: We will fight for good or some thing like that.
Soldier: Sure ok why not .
[Rachon, 10] 06-09-1999

Soldier: What if we die in the war today
George: Then you will die like men
[Jeromy, My age is 10] 06-09-1999

George: What's happend men?
Soldier: We don't know
[Jessica, 11] 06-09-1999

George: Troops we have to make a plan.
Soldier: Ok General Washington
[Jack, 10] 06-09-1999

George: I hope you win
Soldier: Thank you George I will remember that
[Basil, 11] 06-09-1999

George: Let's make a plan so they won't beat us.
Soldier: Let's do that.
[Chanel Alveeta French, 10] 06-09-1999

George: We will fight the British and we have to work hard to defeat them.
Soldier: We will try our best General Washington.
[Shayla, 10 years old] 06-09-1999

George: You men are no good, you can't even hold the Delaware
Soldier: Well, the rest of my men are 3 days south of here, and they're gonna be headed for your camp if you don't go away....
[Adam Sontag, Age 13, 13 Reed Dr. Roslyn, New York] 06-08-1999

George: Okay men we have to win this war.
Soldier: But why?
[Abigail, 10] 06-01-1999

George: Great job troops
Soldier: Thank you sir
[CHRISTINA] 05-31-1999

George: point me to the backstreet boys please i hear thier COOL!!!
Soldier: yes sir there that waybehind our horses there real hunks!!
[Dara, 12,texas,loves nick carter] 05-31-1999

George: be careful dont shoot our men
Soldier: oops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Beth, age 11] 05-31-1999

George: what's up?
Soldier: you from out of town?
[will] 05-27-1999

George: Good luck on Fighting.
Soldier: I will try to do my best.
[Tiffany, 10] 05-27-1999

George: Go over there and FIGHT
Soldier: yes sir right on it stir
[Samaria (Sami), 10] 05-27-1999

George: People we need your help please listen to my commands
Soldier: But it is way to cold to practice even though it makes perfect
[Ryan Timothy Leonard, 11, Morrison School] 05-27-1999

George: oh no! i hear the elephants again!!!
Soldier: man, there goes crazy george on one of his trips again!
[jenny, 19, it's all about the Nard] 05-27-1999

George: Fight well my fellow soldiers.
Soldier: All right my general.
[Idris, 10] 05-27-1999

George: Never give up.
Soldier: Im too tired to give up.
[Ashley, I'm ten] 05-27-1999

George: Hey you get over there now soldier.
Soldier: Sir yes sir right away sir.
[Amber, 9] 05-27-1999

George: What do you want?
Soldier: We want gold.
[Shabazzia, 10] 05-22-1999

George: men,pepare for battle
Soldier: okay!
[K.C CARR] 05-22-1999

George: O.K. soldiers, are you ready?
Soldier: Yes, sir. Ready, sir. Anytime you are, sir.
[Jonathon Senese, 8 yrs. old; Pleasant Mills, N.J.] 05-22-1999

George: come on lets leave this planet
Soldier: the spaceship is ready sir
[Jason Wagner] 05-22-1999

George: Men we are in the middle of a battle and I need you working hard so we can win.
Soldier: Sir we are working as hard as we can but we are starved, tired, and need to rest. But we will work harder if we can rest. then we will win this war and make the British feel as low as we can.
[Michael Curtis Hughes, age 11 Mr.McCa] 05-22-1999

George: Hi, soldiers of mine,how are we doing today?
Soldier: The horses need feed, the people are dying , Theres no more water and my moms coming to visit us, But other than that pretty good!!
[Troy Mitchell, age,16,wabash,i'm cool!!] 05-22-1999

George: Help me!!!!!,I'm being attacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: George, how can you scream at a time like this!!!!!!!
[Chris, I'm 10] 05-22-1999

George: this website rocks
Soldier: what century are you from
[anonymous] 05-19-1999

George: Let's start the battle.
Soldier: No let's wait until we warm up.
[Stephanie Constantine, 10] 05-19-1999

George: Get ready for attack men.
Soldier: I will get right on it sir.
[Shannon, 10] 05-19-1999

George: Kill Everyone
Soldier: Yes,Sir
[Shane, 10] 05-19-1999

George: on to battle
Soldier: I thought we get on horses
[rws] 05-19-1999

George: Let's end this picture once and for all.
Soldier: No I still haven't brought the milk back yet. My wife is going to kill me.
[Justin and Audrey, 9 and 10] 05-19-1999

George: You men, you are the ones that will risk your life for are freedom. After our fight tonight, people will talk about us, but don't get wrapped up the bragging and such. Remember to remember the ones who shall die.
Soldier: We shall fight till our bones will crack and our blood is gone. We will have our children and their children live out of the grasp of the Kings hands.
[Julie Ann, Age 15, Calumet High School] 05-19-1999

George: I'M George Washigton
Soldier: We are the soldiers of Valley Forge
[victoria] 05-17-1999

George: Hello soldiers! What ya doin'?
Soldier: Lookin' for you Washington
[Andy, 10] 05-17-1999

George: Hello fellow soldier!
Soldier: Hello Captain Washington
[Erin, 10] 05-17-1999

George: Lets go to battle.
Soldier: Will we survive the battle?
[Tera, 11] 05-17-1999

George: what are you doing?
Soldier: I'm going to kill some soldiers.
[Allen, 10] 05-17-1999

George: Everyone, are you okay?
Soldier: No, we are starving to death!
[Maki Kunitoki, age 9, location:Irvington,] 05-17-1999

George: Hey soldier, hold your horses.
Soldier: We can't sir, we ate them yesterday.
[David] 05-14-1999

George: Let's march men !
Soldier: We can't -- we're frozen to the ground!
[John, Age11] 05-14-1999

George: put your guns in the air.
Soldier: sir, they are in the air!!
[Amber & Cory Van Zuiden, Amber age is 13 Cory age is 11 FromColona ill] 05-14-1999

George: c,mon men, we're in a war, start shooting
Soldier: we don't want to hurt them
[Hannah Evans,, age 10 , Twin Falls,ID 83301] 05-14-1999

George: Let's get this show on the road,men!!!
Soldier: What is the name of the show called,sir???
[Stephanie & Amber, Both 13 & both from Colona,illinois] 05-14-1999

George: The British are coming
Soldier: Sir... I shot em all back there
[Joel, 10 10/3/88 Minnesota] 05-14-1999

George: Pardon me. Do you have any grey poupon?
Soldier: Yes. But are those Bugle Boys you are wearing?
[Robin] 05-10-1999

George: Hi everyone! I'm Cluck Cluck the Chicken Cop! Bwak, bwak, cluck, cluck, cluck!
Soldier: Hmmm. So Cluck Cluck, would you rather be fried, baked, or the American general of the Revolutionary War?
[B'Elana Torris, Chief Enginer, I roam the stars with my friends on Voyager, having great adventures and yelling at Seven.] 05-09-1999

George: Hey! What are you doing with that gun? You could hurt the enemy!
Soldier: Sir, we are fighting a war, here!
[a devoted patriot] 05-09-1999

George: hey you stop pointing at me
Soldier: I'm not trying to point at you I'm frozen in this position
[Fred Hardenbrook, 13] 05-08-1999

George: go get some gunpowder
Soldier: Make me
[mark Jeffries, 5th grade student at James A Whitaker Elementary School] 05-06-1999

George: Look at you all! You raggety BOYS! You make me sick! How could WE win!
Soldier: We could win if you scared the redcoats off with your looks, you old haybag!
[Julianne] 05-05-1999

George: Let's have a feast. I'm starved.
Soldier: You left the food at the last camp.
[anonymous] 05-04-1999

George: Come men, we have to keep moving
Soldier: We don't want to. It's freezing and we are tired and hungry.
[Jennifer Leard] 05-04-1999

George: Hurry up men . We are in war.
Soldier: But why us and not you. Your the GENERAL
[ALEX, 10] 05-04-1999

George: lets forfit!
Soldier: the wars over!
[kelley healy, warrington pa 12] 05-04-1999

George: charge.
Soldier: we don't want to.
[Amy Boyce, my age is 11.] 05-03-1999

George: I need a new diaper, men. Fetch me a new fresh huggies one.
Soldier: he's a weird man. Before he was singing ooga chuca ooga chuck
[Paul] 04-30-1999

[SYEDA RIZVI] 04-29-1999

George: Ok men get ready for war!
Soldier: We are ready sir.
[DMP3] 04-29-1999

George: look who has it all me because I have the horse.
Soldier: Yah at least I don't have wooden teeth and a wig.Hahaha
[Krystle Schoon] 04-29-1999

George: move to the right men, we are in a war!
Soldier: Yes, General Washington
[Nichole Rogneby] 04-27-1999

George: Hum bug and awooga booga
Soldier: Booga booga
[vincent] 04-27-1999

George: What Are You DOING HERE?
[Alex Johnson, 11years of age 03-17-88] 04-26-1999

George: Ha Ha you forgot your horse!! Soooo Sorry!
Soldier: Yeah, well I didn't need my horse anyway I'm stronger then you!!
[Kayla Stone, age 11 Pennypack Ele. School (4-23-99)] 04-25-1999

George: hello, friened I like you a lot
Soldier: I like you to
[anonymous] 04-23-1999

George: he is great
Soldier: he is cool
[richard runk] 04-21-1999

George: were is my horse?
Soldier: you forgot to pay taxes
[jonn, age 11] 04-20-1999

George: Where's my hair stylist?
Soldier: You mean your wig?
[Jonn] 04-20-1999

George: Men! Fetch me my glasses!
Soldier: I beg your pardon, Sir----they're on top of your head!
[Mrs. Southworth's Third Grade Class, Our class is really into the American Revolution!!!] 04-20-1999

George: Care Bear's Stare!!!!
Soldier: I think the war got to him...
[Sierra Arvelo, age:21, Milwaukee, WI. (College)] 04-19-1999

George: The Red Coats are going to lose The Red Coats are going to lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!! HA!!! HA!!!
[STEPHANIE, 10] 04-17-1999

Soldier: NO WAY
[MONICA MARTINEZ, I'AM 14 YEARS OLD 7/25/84] 04-16-1999

George: Men...
Soldier: Oh, no! Not another speech from Mr. know it all!
[A British soldier] 04-16-1999

George: I thought LOBSTERS were out of season
Soldier: If they're out of season why am I standing here
[Golberg, your net] 04-16-1999

George: Order, order ! I don't see a straight line!!
Soldier: It's about time that Von Steuban dude got over here!
[Abby Sanders, Millville, P.A. age 10] 04-16-1999

George: It couldn't snow more if it wanted to!
Soldier: Why did you say that?
[Troy] 04-16-1999

George: Hay soldier, stop showing your underwear!!!!
Soldier: Sorry I can't help it I got no trousers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Allison Martens, Millville, PA] 04-16-1999

George: I'm cold!
Soldier: Well, you deserve it. You forgot to button your coat.
[Haley, We're doing a project in school on the Revolution.] 04-16-1999

George: Let,s get This show on the road.
Soldier: Nobody inveted the T.V. yet.
[Alyssa, Age 8] 04-13-1999

George: Hey aren't you that cat from the meow mix comercial. I love that cat!!!! "Meow," "Meow,"Meow,"MEOW!
Soldier: Must be the alziemers kickin' in, the war must be gettin' to his head
[A girl in the U.S., Modupe, 14 United Sates] 04-13-1999

George: oh no aliens
Soldier: no we're just the enemies
[dan 1512 Austin 3:16] 04-12-1999

George: Everybody ...
Soldier: Don't tell me. Charge
[Ryan Whitman] 04-11-1999

George: Let's try our hardest to beat the British!
Soldier: Don't you feel wtong doing this, sir? I for one want to be friendly with them.
[Patriot] 04-11-1999

George: hey, bet you wish you had a horse like me, huh?
Soldier: We fight and he gets all the glory!
[Kate Whitman, I live in Bucks County, PA] 04-11-1999

George: Has anyone seen my false teeth?
Soldier: I think the British are holding them hostage sir.
[George Washinton's horse] 04-10-1999

George: Hi ho silver away!
Soldier: Ow it stepped on me!
[adam, 10] 04-10-1999

George: where is the nearest taco bell?
Soldier: about 50 years in the futere
[jake, 11] 04-10-1999

George: MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: OKAY!!!!!!!!!YOU DON'T HAVE TO YELL SO LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Tiffany Chavaria, Brittney Spears and Backstreet Boys rule] 04-10-1999

George: What's that sound?
Soldier: It's just my pager.
[Mike Friedmann, Age 12, Boston Massachusetts] 04-10-1999

George: Hey how are you doing you wanta fight.
Soldier: Na wanta go to lunch.
[Katrina, age11] 04-09-1999

George: fight men like good soilders.
Soldier: but I have a wife and childern at home who need me .
[Denise Downs] 04-09-1999

George: Wow I hope I dont get hurt Please protect me????????/
Soldier: Fight for yourself Washington... It's man for man here nothing matters except to save your own life.......
[Sar(louie), Dont take offense to my message I just dont like history that much>>>>> I t was pretty funny though 18] 04-08-1999

George: Hold the anchors!!
Soldier: OK coach
[Rachael, Age 8, Savannah GA] 04-08-1999

George: "and IIIII"
Soldier: Sir,I thought you were Goerge Washington,not Whitney Houston.
[Louisa White, age 9] 04-08-1999

George: Keep marching, men. This is no place to make camp.
Soldier: General, in two hundred years, no one is going to care where you slept!
[Liz Shatto, Frederick, Maryland] 04-08-1999

George: To fight or not to fight?That is the question.
Soldier: Quit the Shakespeare and let's rock and roll.
[Lisa Ramirez, 10 yrs old from Charlotte NC] 04-08-1999

George: your no wrestler
Soldier: I am stone cold here
[kim miller, i love george washington] 04-08-1999

George: Hey, bet you had a horse like me huh?
Soldier: We fight and he gets all of the glory!
[Kate Whitman, I'm 11 years old and I am interested in the Revolution.] 04-08-1999

George: Why are we here when we can be online chatting
Soldier: Let's go to Molly's house she has a labtop
[Gmm, 11 I Love Backstreet boys] 04-08-1999

George: Ohh, there are my teeth!!!
Soldier: Great now we can eat, you want to get some pizza?
[Dot, la ti da!!!!!!!!!!!!] 04-08-1999

George: say your prayers now men
Soldier: ok geogre what ever you say sir
[britnee] 04-08-1999

George: Martha Will you marry me
Soldier: I think she will say yes!
[Brandi Gina, 11] 03-30-1999

George: GEE!!! Im hungry?????
Soldier: Lets grab a burger at BURGER KING
[KELLY BACKSTREET BOYS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, age 14 at Holland Middle School] 03-30-1999

George: I'm lost.Does anybody know where to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: General it help if you look at the map the right way
[i don 't know my name] 03-30-1999

George: hows it goin?
Soldier: Rather well sir.
[m+ j, 13 holland middle school] 03-30-1999

George: Let's get the British.
Soldier: No I wont to be their friends.
[Donald Renik] 03-30-1999

George: I just got done writting.
Soldier: Keep up the good work!!!
[Katie McCutcheon] 03-30-1999

George: Do you belive in life after love?
Soldier: Um, What happened to George, Cher?
[Pokemon lover, 11] 03-30-1999

George: Men, where are you going?
Soldier: We're headed south of the border chasing the Taco Bell dog ?
[Sandy Higginbotham, Teacher, St. Joseph, Bardstown, Ky] 03-30-1999

George: HALT! My horse needs a,ah rest stop
Soldier: We stopped a few minutes ago after that Lexington & Concord battle.
[A Person, Im writing so leave me alone] 03-30-1999

George: Let's go get a cheeseburger.
Soldier: I want a cheeseburger too.
[Matty, Age 7] 03-29-1999

George: Oh, my aching backside...this comfounded legs are so stiff, I wish that I could walk a ways.
Soldier: Oh, my aching feet...oh I wish I had a horse.
[LJC] 03-29-1999

George: Men, it's time to take charge!
Soldier: Gee, I thought we already charged that battery.
[Jo, Age 8] 03-29-1999

George: "Prepare to fight soldiers!"
Soldier: We don't know how to fight sir."
[Jason Perls Miller, Age: Eleven Grade: 5] 03-29-1999

George: This is the Main Line! I wonder who lives here?
Soldier: General Wayne, I believe, sir; but everyone knows he mad.
[Jamison Hoffman, Age 11. Downingtown Pa.] 03-29-1999

George: I found a penny heads up, we are going to win!
Soldier: That is what you said yesterday and you lost seven
[anonymous] 03-25-1999

George: AHH!!! Red coats
Soldier: AHH!!! Patriots
[anonymous] 03-25-1999

George: We Americans are a Militia and we fight for freedom with a spirit
Soldier: Yes, sir, but with what? We don't have any weapons
[Razvan Radu] 03-25-1999

George: These are the times that try men's souls.
Soldier: Yeah got that right General! All three of 'um!
[R. Petersohn, 5th Grade teacher, Marcy School in Wisconsin] 03-19-1999

George: Where is the nearest doctors office
Soldier: Right down the road about a mile.......hurry! They're giving away soldier stickers!
[Erin H. and Ashley G., penn london elementary] 03-19-1999

George: Look out there's swarm of redjackets!
Soldier: Sir, I think you mean Yellowjackets the bug.
[Anmol & Jenny] 03-19-1999

George: Come on men lets go to the dance at the town hall.
Soldier: OK, but won't the British feel left out.
[Sarah Crawford, 11 years old from New Jersey] 03-17-1999

George: Hey!Lets get a move on! I'm hungry!
Soldier: Hey man. We all are! Besides I wanna go home!
[Erin Elizabeth Maginnis, My dog just passed away. I liketo use exciamation points,can you tell?] 03-17-1999

George: We got you surrounded now.
Soldier: We surrender
[Ariel, you rule.] 03-17-1999

George: Where's Alex Trebeck? How do I look on this horse?
Soldier: No, no, Sir. I said we're IN jeopardy, not ON "Jeopardy."
[Janice, 5th grade teacher at a Christian school in California] 03-17-1999

George: I'm the mystical poke'mon zapdos of power plant!!!!!!
Soldier: Actually sir you're the commander of the U.S. troops in Valley Forge
[Moltres of Victory Road] 03-16-1999

George: Where does everybody want to stop for lunch?
Soldier: Mcdonald's. They're giving away a toy Revolutionary War soldier with every Happy Meal!
[Clint R., Penn London Elem.] 03-15-1999

George: Soon death will come upon ye, my beloved companions.
Soldier: We pour out our life blood for those who love this holy land.
[Mr. Potter, 5th Grade teacher] 03-15-1999

George: Yo! What yo problemo!? Go kick some Brittish Butt!
Soldier: Sir, there are no Brittish here. Shal we go find them?
[Mira Mickiewicz, Age 10] 03-15-1999

George: This horse is uncomfortable to sit on.
Soldier: You're complaining?! At least you HAVE a horse!
[Jillian, 11 years old] 03-15-1999

George: What do you think you are doing just standing there?
Soldier: Waiting for you to give orders sir.
[Amanda Dziamski, Holland Central School] 03-15-1999

George: halt!!!!
Soldier: we surendder
[cassie sanders, holland central school Grade 7] 03-15-1999

George: Where my doggs at ?
Soldier: Right here dogg!!!
[Charlene thomas, im 13. i go to school at holland middle school i have bownish red hair and almost black eyes !!!!] 03-15-1999

George: Hey, I found a penny! It's good luck! We,re gonna live!
Soldier: Thats what you said yestarday and we lost 7 men!
[Alicia Lancewicz, 13yrs old, 7th grade, Holland Middle School] 03-15-1999

George: Is any one hurt out there.
Soldier: I think I broke my leg.
[Danielle Wallens, 13 years old , 7th grade , Holland Middle School] 03-15-1999

George: 4 score and 7 years ago................
Soldier: sir isn't that Mr.Abraham's line?
[anonymous] 03-15-1999

George: ''Fire Your Weapons.''
Soldier: '' Ahhh, Sir, what weapons,you didn't tellus to bring any weapons.''
[Anonoumis person] 03-15-1999

George: hey man whats up
Soldier: nothin much here
[racheal jackson, i am 13 yrs old,live on holland glenwood] 03-15-1999

George: have you checked AOL lately?
Soldier: Uh,sir it hasen't been invented yet.
[Citty and polly, age 11 and11] 03-15-1999

George: Come my people shall fight for honor!
Soldier: What is the plan? How are we going to attack?
[Katie Crawford, 12, Grade 7,Holland Middle School] 03-15-1999

George: Let's have a war
Soldier: NO WAY
[Mike Hayden, 12,Holland Middle School,5] 03-15-1999

George: Did you enlist in the war?
Soldier: No but I was planning on enlisting.
[Adam Bush, age 12 grade 7 Holland Middle School] 03-15-1999

George: Onward march! Who cares if we're walking through 5 feet of snow!
Soldier: My boots are stuck!
[Alex letson, 12,in New York] 03-15-1999

George: The war is going to begin......
Soldier: Yes---we will fight to win
[Lindsay Morgan, 13 7th Holland Middle School] 03-15-1999

George: I hope no one ate the meat this morning, it was a little moldy.
Soldier: That was mold?
[S. Weber, age 12 Holland,NY] 03-15-1999

George: Don't build a fire. It's snowing!
Soldier: Now he tells us. We're otta matches!
[Chris Timm, 12, school] 03-15-1999

George: Hi I am George Washington. How are you? Glad to have you here.
Soldier: Hi, My name is Scott, Im fine. Thanks for asking
[Alison Lancewicz, age:13 facial features: blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5'1"] 03-15-1999

George: Shhhhh quiet I hear something in the bushes!!!
Soldier: Sorry sir, I will.
[Tim Funk & Adam O'Dell, 13 (both) and play sports and are good in school] 03-15-1999

George: Don't worry be happy
Soldier: how can we not worry ?
[Sarah, 12, 7th grade, school holland] 03-15-1999

George: " What is the current condition of the British army?"
Soldier: "Um, sir, i dont know."

George: Boy I'm pooped. Aren't you??
Soldier: zzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!
[Josh pfeiffer, age 12] 03-15-1999

George: hello how are you?
Soldier: yes sir we are mighty fine sir!
[Nichole, 13 and i am from AZ Phonions] 03-15-1999

George: "Let's make camp here"
Soldier: "No we will all freeze to death"
[Jamie and Ray, Jamie;12,female,south of Buffalo 7th grade. Ray;13, male,Miami,8th grade.] 03-15-1999

George: "Come on men, let's go eat!"
Soldier: "Let's ask the British to join us."
[Megan Saddleson] 03-15-1999

George: What are we going to do?
Soldier: We can fight the winter with all our might!
[Josh Rydzyk, age 13, Holland Middle School, grade 7] 03-15-1999

George: We shall not surender!
Soldier: And niether shall I !
[casey nicoloff] 03-15-1999

George: Please help us, we need suplies. Our toes are frigid
Soldier: I'll see what we can do
[Rachael George, age:12 Holland middle school 7th grade] 03-15-1999

George: We need supplies
Soldier: The merchants won't give us any
[Kara Winch, age 12 location new york grade 7] 03-15-1999

George: You little dog!
Soldier: Where's a dog , I don't see one?
[Erin, 11 years old] 03-11-1999

Soldier: The BRITISH are coming general.

George: I promise you I'll give food to all of you tomorow
Soldier: You've been saying that for days now and we're hungry.
[Phillip Orris] 03-09-1999

George: Oh soldier soldier will you marry me with your musket fife and drum?
Soldier: Oh how can I marry such a pretty little George for I am a boy.
[Kaelyn, (10)] 03-09-1999

George: Yes Yes ya'll but the fun don't stop
Soldier: Omkay margiwana bad
[Ian, Ian age 10] 03-09-1999

George: Charizard rules he could kick your dragonite's butt any day
Soldier: Yeah you wish sir dragonite could beat charizard all the way to pok'emon tower
[Articuno of the seafoam islans] 03-08-1999

George: Your shoes are untied, soldier.
Soldier: I'm not wearing any shoes, sir. But thanks for noticing.
[mkaranik] 03-08-1999

George: Hello there you lobsterbacks!
Soldier: Ha Ha Ha I got you now!
[Brady] 03-05-1999

George: StoneCold Rules!
Soldier: Ah George, what century are you from?
[Dustin West, Dustin age:11] 03-04-1999

George: come on men lets go fight barny and baby bop
Soldier: George aren't we supposed to fight the British???
[jason, 11 years old i live in ishpeming michigan] 03-03-1999

George: Am I better than Blii Clinton?
Soldier: I sure hope so
[Keri Clisch, age11] 03-03-1999

George: "Give me Mc.Dolalds or give me Death"
Soldier: "I want a pentium 3 procceser!"
[Stephen Kulju, personal Quote: "Quiet! I'm trying to sneak an elephant across the border!"] 03-03-1999

George: What do want to see instead of this war?
Soldier: Animorphs and join them so I can get out of here as a hawk instead of a corpse!
[Kassie pulsifer, 10 years old] 03-03-1999

George: Where's the map
Soldier: Um....Mister... I think the horse ate it....
[anonymous] 03-03-1999

George: I can't find the King of Prussia Mall on this darn map!
Soldier: UGH! Now I can't buy some new clothes!!!
[Bear] 03-02-1999

George: What's up soldier!
Soldier: What does it look like I'm freezin'!!!
[Ian, age:10] 03-02-1999

George: Soldier, what are you looking at?
Soldier: General, you horse looks good enough to eat sir.
[Susan, too old to be doing this but what the heck] 03-02-1999

George: are you crazy! my bunions are the size of rocks!
Soldier: yo! george man! get off the horse and let us have a turn!
[breanna miller, age 15] 03-02-1999

George: If flying monkeys ate ten pounds of rutabagas in ten minutes for...
Soldier: Mr. Washington, if you don't mind, we want to get back to the war!!
[Nick Knipe, i'm 12 years old and go to Biggs Middle School] 03-02-1999

George: In this blizzard it's hard to hear.
Soldier: Say what?
[Adam, Age 10] 03-01-1999

George: Hey! I'm stuck on my horse! Somebody used tape to stick me on!
Soldier: Hey, I thought I used crazy glue.......................oops.
[Katie, Age 13] 03-01-1999

George: You men go to Valley Forge
Soldier: OK, Sir, if you say so
[Stephen Ginn, 11 years old]

George: Let's get a Big Mac
Soldier: Good idea!
[Sam Myers, Landisville]

George: Men you are brave don't give up!
Soldier: We will fight for freedom.
[Peter Holt, 5th grade]

George: My horse needs food.
Soldier: No problem, we will dig up the grass immediately.
[Daniel Horowitz]

George: Troops, we will attack the Red Coats
Soldier: Yes, Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Daniel, age 10, height 4'10"]

George: We have to build cabins.
Soldier: We will do that sir!!!
[Daniel Pierce]

Soldier: Why does he get the horse?
George: I'm the General that's why.
[Marc Arsenault, age 14, Maine]

George: Go take showers
Soldier: I want a hot dog
[Anonymous at Village School]

George: Does anybody have any questions?
Soldier: Um, Sir, do I have to attack today? My mother says she wants me home alive.
[Molly Orr, 10 years old]

George: I'm tired
Soldier: Where's my mommy?
[Merete Egloff, 10 years old from Quincy, California]

George: Does anyone need to use the bathroom before we march?
Soldier: No, thanks, I went before I left home.
[Anonymous, Wilmington, Delaware]

George: Do you men know where you're going?
Soldier: No sir, we thought you knew!
[Nancy Spedding, Phila., PA]

George:Fire the laser cannon!
Soldier: What is a laser cannon??
[Shane Wellnitz Rocks, 6th grade]

George: Hi ho Silver and away!
Soldier: We're outta here, Kimosabe!
[James MacMaster, 9 yrs. old, 5th grade this fall]

George: Need a lift?
Soldier: No thanks. I'd rather walk!
[Mitchell, 10 years old, San Diego, California]

George: Did we pass a Starbucks Coffee...I must have an iced mocha!
Soldier: But Sir, isn't it cold enough already?!
[Anonymous, July 9, 1996]

George: Men, it's like I always said..."Give me liberty or give me death!"
Soldier: Um, Sir, wasn't it Patrick Henry who said that?
[Kenneth S. Leonard, Age 11, Chula Vista, California]

George: I Love you Man!
Soldier: You're not getting my Bud Light.
[Jim Haskett, 32 years old...Jacksonville, Florida]

George: We should fight so we can be an independent country
Soldier: All we can fight for is our lives. Almost everyone has frostbite!

George: Is this the way to Washington, D.C.?
Soldier: I don't know, we're just passing through!

George: Come on Mr. Ed, giddyup!
Soldier: Don't tell me we're going to McDonald's again, Mr. Clinton, I mean, Washington.
[Melissa Shine, 21 yrs. old, Penn State University]

George: No come back
Soldier: We will see you later in the spring, it's too damn cold!
[Michael Kay, Clitheroe, England]

George: Where's the closest Motel 6?
Soldier: Second snow drift, turn right!

George: Fill my horse with water and I will go ahead and see what's there.
Soldier: Don't worry guys, we won't get lost. Just follow the yellow brick road.
[superstar, 17 canada]

George: We don't need those French! Let's attack them instead!
Soldier: Anything you say, General Washington
[David, 9 Maryland]

George: You wamps come and fight or I will join the other side
Soldier: What? We are not going anywhere! We just had to go to the bathroom. Is that ok to Georgeeeee!!!!!
[jonathan lewis, 14 male]

George: Anybody want a cheeseburger?
Soldier: That ain't even funny, sir...
[Carl Converse, Phoenix]

George: How now brown cow.
Soldier: What? Whatever!
[Tami Thul, 17, Arizona, Mnt Ridge High School]

George: "God I'm cold! You men get out there and fight it's not that cold."
Soldier: Amoung themselves: "Didn't the butthead just comment on how cold it was?"

George: We are all Americans. We must fight for our country.
Soldier: You're right, general, we have pride.
[sunshine swanson]

George: This battle is the shniz. I wish there was more cool guys here so we can have a party.
Soldier: Cool beans! It will be the bomb.
[Dana Koch]

George: Boxers or briefs, men?
Soldier: Neither, Sir!
[Evan Hazelton, MRHS 11th grade]

George: Speedos or not
Soldier: Not sir
[Adam Hollingshead, 17, Glendale, Arizona]

George: Will I make it home in time for Jay Leno?
Soldier: Oh yes, we have to watch for bates dawg.
[the gibbs dawg stud, 17 yrs old glendale az]

George: Do not let the cold bother you, spring is comming soon.
Soldier: Let's use George's wooden teeth to help make a fire!
[jeffrey shapiro, 10 years old and live in Texas]

George: Captain Dan, go kill those old Redcoat hounds
Soldier: Yes sir General wash the ton
[Jonathan Patt]

George: We are lost
Soldier: There was a Seven-Eleven down the street. Go ask for directions
[Anthony Baggetta]

George: Hey, Soldier. I'm the General, let me lead the way!
Soldier: What are you nuts! We don't want to step in horse manure!
[Carl Y., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada]

George: I am George Washington I lead the way!
Soldier: Are you crazy! I bet you a $1.00 I know more then you do!
[Paige Young, I am 9 and live in Louisville, KY]

George: Soldiers.....
Soldier: Don't tell us...move out!
[Tommy Kincaid, Age 9 Merrett Elem. Fort Worth, TX]

George: Let's move out!
Soldier: Move out where?????
[Joshua Butts, Age 9 Merrett Elem. Fort Worth, TX]

George: Where should we be???
Soldier: LUNCH!!!!!
[Saunak Desai, Age 8 Merrett Elem. Fort Worth, TX]

George: FIGHT!!!!
Soldier: What's our homework?
[Daniel Jensen, Age 8 Merrett Elem. Fort Worth, TX]

George: We need the Thunderbirds!
Soldier: I didn't know you were an Indian....
[Josh Reed, Age 10 Merrett Elem. Fort Worth, TX]

George: Martha is coming to eat.
Soldier: NOT AGAIN!!!!!
[Scot McKnight, Age 10 Merrett Elem. Fort Worth, TX]

George: I am George Washington. I lead the way!
Soldier: Are you crazy! I bet you a dollar I know more than you do!
[Paige Young, I am 9 and live in Louisville, KY]

George: "Don't mess with me, I'm a General!"
Soldier: "So!"
[Gaby Flores - 8th grade, 13 years old]

George: Troops, while we are in this traffic jam, why don't we have a little chat . . . Do you know about the birds and the bees?
Soldier: Not again!
[Traci Marsh, 14, SJMS, Utah] 02-28-1999

George: Uh... Hello shouldn't we be there by now!
Soldier: Dude you're the leader you figure it out!
[anonymous] 02-28-1999

George: I hate having wars.
Soldier: I do too sir.
[repairs traing.] 02-26-1999

George: do you think I need a new wig ?
Soldier: No, the old one is fine
[Amber N. Stewart] 02-26-1999

George: I hope I become President.
Soldier: If you become president, will you lower taxes say like 0$?
[Red, Age 11] 02-26-1999

George: All right who took my drink
Soldier: You need rehab Mr.Washington
[Lisa mcdugal, Toga toga toga] 02-26-1999

George: Clefairy, Clefairy
Soldier: Pika, CHUUUU!
[POK`EMON, 23 I like pokemon] 02-26-1999

George: Move out
Soldier: Yes, sir
[Ricky] 02-26-1999

Soldier: I THOUGHT I WAS A WIMP!!!!!
[JORDEN CATHY] 02-26-1999

George: I can't feel my toes!
Soldier: Ya, but we're walking!
[Chris] 02-26-1999

George: Let s go men!
Soldier: Yes sir.
[Tom W. Marts J.R., AGE 12] 02-26-1999

George: HI,Mon
Soldier: Hay Im a Jamacin mon Too
[Michael Drew, Age:11] 02-26-1999

George: Men good job so far!
Soldier: Good, were froze to the bone!!!!!!!!!!
[Brianne] 02-24-1999

George: can u dig it?
Soldier: we can dig it
[lauren edwards] 02-24-1999

George: Do you know where we are going?
Soldier: No, I think we're lost.
[Adrienne Franklin] 02-24-1999

George: Do you know where we are, guys?
Soldier: No, but maybe the horses do.
[anonymous] 02-24-1999

George: ATTACK!!!!
[COURTNEY JOYCE, 12/1524 CANARSIE RD] 02-23-1999

George: UhUHuhUH
[BOB, I LIKE TO EAT APPLES] 02-22-1999

George: pi pika pikachu
Soldier: caterpie
[zane, POKEMON RULES] 02-22-1999

George: Prety cold out huh
Soldier: brrrrrrrrrrrr
[jut jhonson] 02-21-1999

George: Kill them beast. Like Charles
Soldier: Give him a Tic-Tac.
[KIsha Tena Jena Marie Patrise Rowe] 02-18-1999

George: we have to go now
Soldier: okay come on
[Jonny, 9 school] 02-18-1999

George: No. Stay here and be patient.
Soldier: We want to go back to our house.
[Ryan, Age 5, Homeschooler, Atlanta, GA] 02-17-1999

George: Gimme a G! Gimme an E! Gimmie an O! Gimmie a R! Gimmie a G! Gimmie an E! What does it spell??
Soldier: okay George... it was funny the first dozen times...
[Princess Leigh, I live in Pennsylvania. Don't you wish you did?] 02-17-1999

George: Oh say, can you see?
Soldier: Yes, I can see. The British are coming!
[Lisa, 15, Florida, I love Jesus] 02-17-1999

George: sssh..did you hear that?
Soldier: the british are coming, the british are coming!!!!!

George: left,left,left,right,left
Soldier: my back is ache, my belt too tight, my booty shakes from left to right
[elizabeth] 02-16-1999

George: Hey! We lost 6 men!
Soldier: Ya, when you'd figure that out!
[Bradley] 02-15-1999

George: ready aim fire in the hole
Soldier: sir the cannons are'nt lit.
[Caleb Gray., 13,TULSA ,OK] 02-15-1999

George: i'm hungry
Soldier: but general you just ate last week
[heather trammel, 13] 02-15-1999

Soldier: MMMMMMM!!! MARTHA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DUSTY] 02-15-1999

George: CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: I CAN'T ! I DON'T HAVE A CREDIT CARD!!!!!!!
[DUSTY, 10 years old, Santa Clarita, CA.] 02-15-1999

Soldier: Are we there yet?
George: NO!
[Justin Ajamian, 15, Mahwah, NJ, USA] 02-14-1999

George: Don't worry men we will get though this time i now we will.
Soldier: that is what you said last time and we lost three men
[Caitlin Macon] 02-14-1999

George: The good news men is that there's a McDonald's ahead.
Soldier: But, General, does it have a walk-through?
[C.Truesdale, Just liked your site. I'm in Rochester, New York. Thanks for your efforts to inform and teach.] 02-14-1999

George: that's right i want a large coke two small fries and a big mac.
Soldier: TO GO?
[Chris Williams, 9] 02-14-1999

George: hey lets go get the french
Soldier: no no we do not want to get killed so you go by your self
[Shane O'Dell, !3/m cornwall NY] 02-13-1999

George: Tired of walking? Run for a while.
Soldier: Head for Fort Ticonderoga!!!
[Emily Wills, Age 10, Texas] 02-13-1999

George: fire!
Soldier: Let us have a ride, you big banana split!
[Meg, Mer, Brad and Max, 2nd graders in Mrs. Gundersen's class] 02-13-1999

George: Lets fight some chickens!!
Soldier: you mean eat!!@
[Julia Congo rt 9 box 1564, I like WASHINTON] 02-13-1999

George: I bet those British had a merry Christmas!!!!!
Soldier: I just feel bad for their families for hearing bad news on a very special day.
[Jenn Hoover, 11 years old] 02-13-1999

George: It's freezing out here!
Soldier: Get tough George!
[Don EFta] 02-13-1999

George: 1 Hungary? pass me that chicken leg will you? 3 As you please, but I call the pound cake
Soldier: 2 No way sir, I'm Taking it!
[Alyssa Brekshire, 13] 02-13-1999

George: i'm happy and you know it......
Soldier: shut up sir we are trying to sleep
[anonymous] 02-10-1999

George: whats that smell
Soldier: its me sir
[nick] 02-10-1999

George: Charge!!!
Soldier: Visa or Master
[Lauren Pawlak] 02-10-1999

George: I am ready to begin the war uh uh i just got shot
Soldier: Do you need a bandaide Goerge no I need a hospital
[Dionte washington] 02-10-1999

George: Lets hit the road
Soldier: I get first hit
[Anthony blumenthal] 02-10-1999

George: i should of bought a machine gun . don`t you think ?
Soldier: i have one but my horse ate it
[Brett Krah, why , none of your business , nouthing further] 02-10-1999

George: giveme liberty or give me death! as my friend would say.
Soldier: why do we have to march? i know we get our freedom but it's to cold right now.
[krissy] 02-10-1999

George: Spring HO!!!!
Soldier: Where?? I am missing a spring from my portable water bed!!!
[anonymous] 02-08-1999

George: The Red coats are coming!The red coats are coming!
Soldier: Groovy, lets greet them with some tea.
[Christopher Platt] 02-08-1999

George: Let's sit back and relax by this tree.
Soldier: I want some hot chocolate,with marshmellows in it.
[James Honkola] 02-08-1999

George: THERE IS A BULLET ... OUCH!!!!!!!!!
[Leah Alison Stil es, 8] 02-08-1999

George: NO! I will not give you food unless you give me money FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: Give us some food we are starving MAN!!!
[Patrick, age 9 Virginia] 02-08-1999

George: I am George Washington.
Soldier: Yeah Right! And Ginger Spice is still in the Spice Girlz!
[Angela Barrick, I Am 9. I live in Springville Ut. I go to West Side school] 02-08-1999

George: What's that soldier? The enemy retreated? We win, we win!
Soldier: Psych! Ha ha ha ha ha!
[Julia korol] 02-08-1999

George: Is somebody going to feed my horse?
Soldier: Not unless he eats gunpowder, sir.
[Erin, age 6] 02-08-1999

George: Soldier, where's our car!
Soldier: But George, it's only 1776!
[anonymous] 02-08-1999

George: troops march!
Soldier: no it's may
[dan'l collins, 11 stephens city va 22655 106 essex circle] 02-08-1999

George: What is that in your mouth, man!
Soldier: Its my shoe! We're at Valley Forge, aren't we?!?!?!?!?!
[Sarah, age,11] 02-08-1999

George: atrack!!!
Soldier: why?
[Jesse Beatty] 02-08-1999

George: y'all come on back now, ya hear!
Soldier: no we don't feel like it
[Logan Thompson, 11 years old, I like to snowboard] 02-08-1999

George: I'm so lucky, I get to sit on the horse while they have to walk. Arent i so lucky?
Soldier: Kill Him!!!!!
[Sarah, age12 Kwajalein Marshall Islands] 02-06-1999

George: It's to cold out here!
Soldier: Bring me my cocoa!
[jazmine] 02-06-1999

Soldier: YES SIR

Soldier: " RIGHT ON "
[ADDIE JONES] 02-06-1999

George: charge!
Soldier: I can't I don't have any feet
[anonymous] 02-06-1999

George: no it is my horse
Soldier: let one of us have a turn on the horse
[mike hartford, I am in 4th grade. I live in Gorham, Maine.] 02-06-1999


George: I am the honorable George Washington!
Soldier: Yeah, and I'm Madonna!
[Clara, In computer class doing a project...] 02-04-1999


George: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: dddon't fffal aaasleep aat tttherrrains sssir wwwere ssstilll cccollld
[anonymous] 02-03-1999

George: Hi. Are you cold?
Soldier: Ohhhh yeah.
[A.A.A.] 02-03-1999

George: Is that gun loaded
Soldier: Lets see........gun fire.....medic
[john doe, 99] 02-02-1999

George: Someone call hair club for men,This wig iches
Soldier: I will get right on it sir,ya right
[john doe, 99] 02-02-1999

George: I will kill the stupid King Goerge lll
Soldier: You can do that after eating that George Soup
[Minhaj] 02-02-1999

George: let's go fight for our country and freedom
Soldier: yes sir, we'll win this war
[melanie kebler, 6, chino hills, california] 02-01-1999

George: dag gone it's cold out here are you guys cold
Soldier: yeah! it is cold sir can we go now please!!!
[debby jenkins, northeast philly,age 42] 02-01-1999

George: "Where's the restroom son?"
Soldier: "Across the street at the Seven-Eleven sir"
[Bettio, 12, Layton,MA] 01-28-1999

George: This looks like a good spot to camp.
Soldier: I'm sure glad he didn't pick Gettysburg!
[L Shields, cub scout leader] 01-28-1999

George: Has anyone seen Benidict?
Soldier: No sir, i think he is joining the British for tea
[annoyamous] 01-26-1999

George: The name's General Washington U?
Soldier: Bond, James Bond
[annoyamous, stupid quotes, but i couln't think of anything] 01-26-1999

George: Where are you guys going? We have a war to fight!
Soldier: We are going to 7-11 to get a turkey big bite and a cup of blueberry coffee. Sorry, Mr. W, that stuff you like to call coffee just does not cut it.
[Amy, um.... you will never see me eating a turkey big bite (oh yes i am 11)] 01-25-1999

George: Freedom
Soldier: Let it ring!
[Nikki DeLong, age:14 location:CJHS-Charlotte, Mi] 01-19-1999

George: Hey you scragley people, out of the way
Soldier: Well, we're just waiting for light to change
[Jenny Jackson] 01-19-1999

George: Bill Clinton is coming Bill clinton is coming
Soldier: Thats why Monica and I are running
[Eric Cahill, (Age 10)] 01-19-1999

George: Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an English Mon
Soldier: Yes! You go sniff it out and we will stay here and watch the fort!
[Jessica Gostch, I am a snob and a blob] 01-14-1999

George: Wait! Where are you going?
Soldier: Into the Delaware River! I am taking a dip. Do you mind?
[Unknown, nothing] 01-12-1999

George: Why are you running?
Soldier: Ken Starr is coming!
[anonymous] 01-11-1999

George: Where's the other side?
Soldier: Shooting at us! Run!
[Jessica Salisbury & Orion Wingfield] 01-08-1999

George: We will now procede into the battlefield
Soldier: we are not going in
[Dawn Zeller & Richard Flach] 01-08-1999

George: Ready Aim fire
Soldier: Run Away Men
[Ashley Wurtz & Mitch SCHUETZ] 01-08-1999

George: Freedom!
Soldier: Let it ring!
[Nancy, New Haven, Indiana] 01-08-1999

George: This is time men that we show the british want we are made of.So let get out there and fight for freedom!!!!
Soldier: You know he is right. We sould get out there and fight for our freedom.YYYYYEAAAAHH!
[Simeon Bennett] 01-08-1999

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