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George: I'm the new King!
Soldier: Why not me?
[James Liska, 13, MI]

George: It's the time no one wanted to happen!
Soldier: What, LUNCH!
[Skinny Banniny]

George: You soldiers ready?
Soldier: I think I need a nap!
[Amber, 5th grade class]

George: Where's my horse?
Soldier: Ah! Does anyone know where his horse is? He's sitting on it!
[Brittany, 5th grade class]

George: I don't like this horse. Get me my car.
Soldier: Uh, I don't have the car. I sold it for gasoline money.
[Alex, 5th grade class]

George: Hold your horses, we're almost there.
Soldier:'re the one with the horse!!!
[Patrick, fifth grade class]

George: How long is this going to take? I'm tired.
Soldier: We don't know! You planned this.
[Craig, Fifth grade class]

George: Men, we will atack from the east.
Soldier: First let us load up our guns.
[Cassandra, 5th grade class]

George: "What's up troops?"
Soldier: "Nothing but trouble."
[John, 5th grade class]

George: Men, let's set up camp.
Soldier: I forgot the tent.
[Richard, 5th grade class]

George: The British are coming! The British are coming!
Soldier: Ah, isn't Paul Revere supposed to say that?
[Veronica, 5th grade class]

George: I'm bored. Let's play gameboy!
Soldier: I forgot the batteries.
[Alejandro, 5th grade class]

Soldier: Where are you going?
George: To find my long lost wife.
[David, 5th grade class]

George: Are you ready men?
Soldier: I don't want to go -- I'm afraid!

George: Soldier, there is your mom.
Soldier: George, should I go ask her if I could go with you?
[Jorge, 5th grde class]

George: Hey, you guys hungry? 'Cause if you were, you'd be paying.
Soldier: I was going to say yes, but never mind now, you're going to make us pay.
[Nicole, Fifth grade class]

George: I think the soldiers are frozen.
Soldier: Of course we are frozen. Don't you see that we don't have any clothes.
[Fredy, 5th grade class]

George: I'm hungry
Soldier: Then let's go to McDonald's
[Kimberly, 5th grade class]

George: Is it true you're the father of this country?
Soldier: In that case, who's the mother?
[Ronnie Lott, Mr. Hahn is the best teacher in the world]

George: Let's get a Big Mac at McDonald's
Soldier: Good idea!
[Sam and Kyle, We live in Landisville]

George: Hurry! To the nearest Red Roof Inn!
Soldier: Hey! Who's paying?
[James Liska, age 13, Northville, MI]

George: I wish we were at Burger King
Soldier: I could sure go for a Whopper right now
[Sam and Adrian, We love Netscape]

George: Hey, are you guys going to the sale at Sears?
Soldier: Why? Do they have coats and snow shovels on sale?
[Joshua Marugg, Age 8; Pocatello, Idaho]

George: Everybody get back to work now, stop standing around, come on now.
Soldier: Not until we all get horses. It's not fair we walk and you ride a horse!!
[Anonymous, 11/17/96]

George: Men, we are fighting for freedom
Soldier: That's cool.
[Matt Wickman, 8 yrs., The Woodlands, TX]

George: Why don't you soldiers have automatic guns?
Soldier: What's an automatic gun?
[Bob Cornolio]

George: Now's not the time to be chicken, men!
Soldier: Boy that sure sounds good, though!
[Liz and McKenzie, PAL 5 Reading Highlands Elementary]

George: Go out and get those Redcoats!
Soldier: Speaking of coats, mine is kind of itchy. Can you scratch my back.
[Tim and Matt, PAL 5 Reading Highlands Elementary]

George: Let's go to Burger King
Soldier: Yeah! I'm hungry
[Sam M. and Kyle S., 10 and 10 Landisville EL PA]

George: Let's go get the Lobsterbacks!
Soldier: Red lobster does sound good right now.
[Lauren and Jenny, Pal 5 Reading Highlands Elementary.]

George: We can't quit now, men!
Soldier: Why not?
[Laura and Melissa, Pal 5 reading, Highlands Elementary School]

George: I got gas, man!
Soldier: Well, you ate too many beans
[KYLE AND SAM, We live in landisville PA!]

George: Hi!
Soldier: Long time no see

George: This isn't Burger King ... and you can't have it your way!
Soldier: General, we're starving. How about a burger and fries? Hold the pickle and mustard.
[Cary Ann Adams, Irmo, SC]

George: Alright men!!! Let's go get those Lobsterbacks!
Soldier: Sure thing sir! Mmmm, we'll eat 'em up!
[McKenzie Pal 5 reading, Highlands Elementary La Grange, IL]

George: All for one and one for all.
Soldier: Is that a fair trade?
[Matt and Tim PAL 5 Reading, Highlands Elementary La Grange, IL]

George: Soldier jump off the cliff now!
Soldier: Sir,yes sir
[Andrew Teixeira, 5th grade St. Joseph's]

George: You men go to Valleyforge
Soldier: ok sir if you say so.
[Nadine Balagot]

George: Soldier, what's your problem?
Soldier: Sorry sir, my pants fell down on accident.
[Eddie Tai, 5th grade St. Joseph's school]

George: Life is like a box of choclate you never know what your going to get.
Soldier: Run Forest Run
[Kelly O'Rourke, St. Joseph's School]

George: "Do you have Grey Poupon?"
Soldier: "No sir, we're in the middle of nowhere"
[Shana Bliss, 11 California]

George: Okay men, March!
Soldier: I thought it was December.
[Margaret Glass, Age 11, Fremont CA]

George: Stupid is as stupid does
Soldier: Like you
[krista martin]

George: Swing your partner dos-a-dos
Soldier: Hey, this is fun!
[Anonymous, 12/5/96]

George: Take some Bud back to your pad
Soldier: Bud wei ser [Great pun! -Webmaster]
[Kelly O'Rourke, 5th grade class]

George: Okay men, march!
Soldier: Don't tell me what to do bossy kid!
[Kate Thorman]

George: Your rifle is your partner, Sergeant
Soldier: OK sir, so please don't tell me to fire it!
[Meggie Poo, 10, Saint Joseph]

George: Get out of here!
Soldier: !re we there?
[brenton dedrick, age 11]

George: Move outT!
Soldier: Sir, Yes, Sir
[Sam myers, age 10 from landisville]

George: Hay guys; are you hungry?
Soldier: Ya! And that horse looks mighty good right now!
[Hannah K., NPHS age 15]

George: Men never forget what you're fighting for, now let's show Briten what we got!!!!
Soldier: Briten going down!!!!
[Jayson Reed, We kick England's butt!!!]

George: Hey guys, can't we all just get along?
Soldier: Yes sir, but can I eat my Kix first?
[Bo Belmont, age 13, Califorina]

George: Do you smell something?
Soldier: Sorry, Sir
[joey sisson]

George: Where is the tent? I told you to pitch camp!
Soldier: UH-OH! When you said to pitch camp, I threw it in the lake
[Anonymous, 12/20/96]

George: Yes solider.
Soldier: Get me a Big Mac or else
[elephino, totaly faboo]

George: On to Valley Forge!
Soldier: But I thought we were going to the North Pole to see Santa!
[Anonymous] 01-12-1997

George: Come on, let's keep moving!
Soldier: But sir, it's cold.
[someone in Landstuhl Germany 1997] 01-14-1997

George: Drink Bud ice but beware of the penguins
Soldier: Yes sir!
[John-O] 01-17-1997

George: You must buy me a shrubbery. A nice one, too. Not too expensive
Soldier: Oh yes, of course
[ZERO C5504, 18\Saginaw, MI] 01-18-1997

George: Bow down to the horse almighty!
Soldier: NA!
[Anonymous] 01-18-1997

George: attack the redcoats!!!
Soldier: AHHHHHHHH! I don't want to
[Bob, 10] 01-19-1997

George: Which way to the King of Prussia Mall?
Soldier: Just down this road. We're going to Nieman Marcus!
[Tom Manley, historical satirist] 01-22-1997

George: we can do this!
Soldier: you mean us, sir?
[Michele Downes] 01-23-1997

George: It's time to rock n roll!
Soldier: Let's get busy!
[Anonymous] 01-24-1997

George: who are you, sir?
Soldier: i am sir, nuts and cannot understand your inquiry
[reginald fruitcake, 111rd] 01-24-1997

George: We are in a very tough situation right now. Lets go get a hot dog!
Soldier: I want a BIG MAC Mr. Washington!
[Graham Radman, 10, Dallas, Tx.] 01-26-1997

George: Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!
Soldier: Why don't we just throw snowballs at them???
[Mrs. Grigsby's class 4D, Dallas, Texas Fourth Graders] 01-29-1997

George: Are y'all sure we're not in Alaska?
Soldier: Retreat!
[Anonymous, Greenhill, Dallas, Texas] 01-29-1997

George: Let's go get some redcoats!
Soldier: Great idea, I hear they're on sale at Macy's.
[Greenhill 4A, Fourth graders, Dallas, Texas] 01-29-1997

George: It's getting a little hot out here.
Soldier: Then give me your coat and earmuffs.
[Social Studies Class 4E Greenhill School, Ages nine, ten, and eleven.] 01-29-1997

George: Lions, tigers and British
Soldier: Oh MY!!!!!
[Greenhill School 4C, 4th graders, Dallas, TX Lions] 01-29-1997

George: "Ok men we're going to take a polar bear swim."
Soldier: "It's too cool to swim. Can't we snuggle up by the fire"
[Debbie, 13, California] 01-29-1997

George: Wuz Up
Soldier: Nothin Much Here
[Anonymous] 01-29-1997

George: Anybody have life insurance?
Soldier: We have Century 21.

George: Stop poking me.
Soldier: I'm not doing it. Its that red coat.
[Shawn Hiner-Leamon, 10 Dallas, Tx. :) ;) ;( ] 01-29-1997

George: Men, lets get to work,you go get me a Quarter Pounder, a large Dr. Pepper no ice and a large fri. Got that?
Soldier: Yes sir, but sir I WANT a Quarter Pounder with cheese and WHAT ABOUT THAT WAR?
[Jill Larsen, I like SOCCER and ALL OTHER SPORTS!] 01-29-1997

George: Keep moving solgiers just a little further and we can start our camp.
Soldier: But George my feet are frozen I can't move another inch.
[Jennie Butler] 01-30-1997

George: well this is fun. any one for tacos?
Soldier: OK!

George: Do you have any Grey poupon
Soldier: No sir, we're in the middle of nowhere
[Shana Bliss, 11, St. Josephs] 01-30-1997

George: Onward to grandma's house. She made cherry pie for everyone.
Soldier: Captain, are you sure it's over the river and through the woods?
[Kristina Howlett, Teacher] 02-01-1997

George: ATTACK!
Soldier: Run for your life!
[Alexandra Shiman, 9 years old] 02-01-1997

George: Now where did I put my gun? Doh
Soldier: I see a Redcoat running off with it saying, "woohoo"
[Philip Kafka] 02-01-1997

George: I never knew we had white uniforms!
Soldier: We don't Sir. This is natural camouflage!
[Julia Gatten, 10, Dallas, TX] 02-02-1997

George: What are you doing here?
Soldier: Ahhh ... we don't know. Come on, Beavis, let's go home
[ana] 02-04-1997

George: This is a test soldiers! We're going to cross the Delaware, what should we do!
Soldier: Get on the boat!
[Michael Clark, Greenhill School, Dallas, TX Grade 4] 02-05-1997

George: Which way to McDonald's
Soldier: Follow the Yellow Brick Road
[Norine R Cohn, Michael's Mom] 02-06-1997

George: IT IS COLD
Soldier: NO DUH!!!
[Amy Long, 12 Cool place Mrs. Doren] 02-07-1997

George: Forward march!
Soldier: Yeah, let's go get some Redcoats!
[Anonymous] 02-09-1997

George: We want peace
Soldier: That's ok with me
[Anonymous] 02-11-1997

George: Hey man, do you have a map???
Soldier: Yeah, but where is it exactly on the map?
[Anonymous] 02-11-1997

George: I'm going to blow your brains out!!!!
Soldier: No, I'm going to blow your brains out!!!!!
[Anonymous] 02-13-1997

George: Hey soldier what do you think?
Soldier: I think it takes an awful big dog to weigh 300 pounds!
[michael] 02-13-1997

George: Your teeth are yellow
Soldier: Who cares? your face is yellow!
[commer] 02-13-1997

George: Ok men, ATTACK!!!
Soldier: Santa, I want a dog, and a choo-choo train, and a bee bee and ...
[Amanda Retherford, age 11] 02-13-1997

George: Let's go to battle...
Soldier: But we're afraid...
[TJ Brown, in Cuba IL, age 8] 02-15-1997

George: Did you bring us any food?
Soldier: No sir. We could not find the cornmeal or johnnycake.
[Robbie Dakin, 9] 02-16-1997

George: Are we lost in this Valley?
Soldier: Not yet, General. But we are doing a great job at it.
[Samantha Kim, 10 years old, 5th grade at Palm Crest Elementary, La Canada, CA] 02-17-1997

Soldier: Help I'm falling and I can't get up
George: I'll help you sonny.
[Jimmy Davis, age 10] 02-19-1997

George: Help
Soldier: I will get you
[Chad Bettinger, 9] 02-20-1997

George: bowowowowowowowowowowowoowow!
Soldier: George Washington's a dog!
[Shawn Hiren-Leamon] 02-24-1997

George: Let's go to the mall.
Soldier: It's going to be a long ride but we needed shoes anyway.
[Adriana Ontiveros, 10 years old] 02-25-1997

George: But honey I promise I'll be back in time for dinner
Soldier: Don't bother - we're eating out!!
[Anonymous] 02-25-1997

George: Which way?
Soldier: I thought you knew!
George: Let's go north.
Soldier: Which way IS north?
[Johanna Schnell, age 9, I like to read and play kick and baseball] 02-25-1997

George: I'm glad I took winter survival in fifth grade.
Soldier: Why can't this be Valley Forge, Florida?
[Bill] 02-25-1997

George: C'mon guys, we gotta win this war so I can be President!
Soldier: All this so he can rent out the Lincoln Room?
[Mrs. Shepard's Fourth Grade] 02-27-1997

George: The best web site I've ever been to is <1 href=""> go to it and that's an order!
Soldier: Yes Sir, we better go. It sounds good. All you better go, too!
[Philip, Texas] 02-27-1997

George: Retreat!
Soldier: I thought you wanted to win this war.
[Jo, I'm 9 and fun] 02-28-1997

George: Let's get out of here, so I can go to Mt. Vernon
Soldier: Why do you say that?
[Becca] 03-01-1997

George: Let's win this war men!
Soldier: Yes sir, we will win this war!
[Danny Martin, 7 1/2] 03-02-1997

George: Men I know it's cold but we must keep strong!
Soldier: For how long?
[nacho] 03-05-1997

George: Hurry up! You're so slow
Soldier: You're the one on the horse
[cool] 03-05-1997

George: Why don't we go to Red Lobster and eat?
Soldier: Let's just shoot some redcoats instead?
[Mrs. Crotteau's fifth graders - Earlysville, VA] 03-06-1997

George: What do you mean the sign says "walk"?
Soldier: Father Smather! I don't care who you are ... you gotta wait for a green light!
[jeff, um...hehe huh uh huh] 03-12-1997

George: I don't care. You better get a move on it.
Soldier: My butt is frozen and I can't go on. Are you crazy?
[Priscilla Salazar, Im 14 and live in lancaster] 03-12-1997

George: Come on! We're almost th...
Soldier: Shut up George! You can fight your own war!
[Jamie] 03-12-1997

George: Does anyone know where I can get some sleep?
Soldier: You're asking us? We should be asking you, Mr. Slept here first.
[Mike K, lived in Valley Forge, PA for 18 years, Great Place!] 03-13-1997

George: Redcoat, Look There's an alien!!!
Soldier: Baw haw ahw haw!!!
[The best basketball player at Greenhill, S H-L, 10 all the way from the internet] 03-14-1997

George: She turned me into a newt!!!
Soldier: Well, you got better!!!
[Sarah Z., California, age 11] 03-14-1997

George: How are you doing?
Soldier: Fine and yourself!
[alan, 11] 03-14-1997

George: It's cold
Soldier: So what's new
[aa] 03-14-1997

George: It's super cold.
Soldier: What do you mean? We aren't at the Superbowl.
["Deion Sanders, I play for the Dallas Cowboys."] 03-14-1997

Soldier: How about a popsicle, General?
George: No thanks, I just had a snow cone.
[Melissa Carter, I am 11 years old] 03-14-1997

George: How bout we take a mud bath at Yellow Springs?
Soldier: My feet have not froze off yet, that sounds delightful, sir.
[Anonymous] 03-15-1997

George: Can I get some?
Soldier: From who, Sir? I'm hungry.
[Danielle Hill] 03-24-1997

George: Are you babies or men? Then let's win!
Soldier: Sir, we are babies! You go first. We be there in 18 hours!
[Alex Balk, 11, Port Hueneme, California] 03-24-1997

George: I wish Bill Clinton was here to see me fight these Redcoats, man!!!
Soldier: Who is Bill Clinton, sir?
[Bill Clinton, 11, Port Hueneme, Califorina] 03-24-1997

George: What do you mean you don't want to walk behind me?
Soldier: It's not you, Sir, it's your horse!
[ZEEDEE3] 03-24-1997

George: I'll buy you 40 tacos if you win.
Soldier: All Right man, you got yourself a deal.
[NWO FOREVER BABY] 03-29-1997

George: Okay men let's get the Redcoats!
Soldier: I hope they're wool. I'm really cold
[Deirdre Lyons] 04-01-1997

George: I wish I could walk. Damit! My foot fell asleep!
Soldier: Not fair. They get to ride on horses, and my feet hurt!
[Brenda McFadden, 11 years old, at school now] 04-02-1997

George: Where's my dog soldier??
Soldier: I don't know. I didn't even know you had a dog.
[alice] 04-08-1997

George: I believe I can fly
Soldier: I believe I can touch the sky
[Clarissa, Sophia, Robin, 5th Grade Richland Elementary ages 11 and 10]04-10-1997

George: West Side!!!
Soldier: What are you talking about? We're on the East!
[Beatles, Richland Elem. 5th grade Rayfield] 04-10-1997

George: The Dallas Cowboys rule!!!
Soldier: No, the Patriots are better!!!
[Beatles] 04-11-1997

George: Guess what! We're having a slumber party tonight!
Soldier: GREAT! I'll make the smores!!
[Shawana McCoy, 8/TN/F/ I like riding horses] 04-24-1997

George: Retreat!
Soldier: You have got to be crazy!
[Allison and Jackie] 04-26-1997

George: Just a little farther men!
Soldier: He said that an hour ago

George: We may be a little late tonight.
Soldier: Great. And I was gonna go skiing
[Melissa Smith, Age 13, Orem Utah] 05-02-1997

George: I think I have termites in my teeth.
Soldier: Try brushing with terminex
[Joe-Dude, New England] 05-04-1997

George: I have to go to the bathroom
Soldier: you should have gone before we came.
[sambob smith] 05-06-1997

George: Ok, which one of you left the map in the river!
Soldier: I did, but what good would it do? We're lost anyway!
[Matt Brown, age 11, grade 5] 05-07-1997

George: We want "No taxation without representation."
Soldier: But we need food and clothing.
[Haugen Elementary, Grade 5] 05-09-1997

George: Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?
Soldier: But of course!
[Katie] 05-12-1997

George: Men, go and fight those people
Soldier: No, I want to eat and get shot
[Sarah Wright, age 9 school Bay Point state Fl] 05-13-1997

George: O.K., men, if we win the beer is on me!!!
Soldier: All right, and we thought we could have had a V-8!
[Pat, 29/Phila] 05-20-1997

George: Hey, did you see the license of that Brit?
Soldier: No, but let's all go to my house and have Sunney D
[Ty Samples] 05-28-1997

George: HEEEEE!!!
Soldier: Oh no, he's lost it
[Sara Lotzenhiser, I'm 11] 05-28-1997

George: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Soldier: Uh, it was stapled to the soldier.
[anon] 05-28-1997

George: So, are we going to Valley Forge or McDonald's?
Soldier: McDonald's. I heard on the news that Valley Forge is going to have a bad winter and McDonald's has more food!
[Natalie, I am 12 Years Old I live in Oregon in 6th Grade] 05-29-1997

George: Hi, soldiers. Is there anyone who have seen my camera?
Soldier: Sorry.
[pelle scwarzenegger] 06-02-1997

George: 0-1. Who do you think is going to win??
Soldier: That's easy, the Flyers are going to come back and kick some butt!
[anon.] 06-02-1997

George: Who are those punks?
Soldier: We are your worst enemiesss!
[nikki, 11/f ga.] 06-14-1997

George: y'all really need to get some new clothes
Soldier: well, which way is it to JC Penney's?
[Tiffany Becker, Age 10 Columbia, SC] 06-20-1997

George: Are you wearing boxers or briefs?
Soldier: Neither!
[Kelly] 06-30-1997

Soldier: Why do you get to ride and I have to walk?
George: Because I'm the big daddy, that's why.
[Trisha McKnight] 07-03-1997

George: I don't know where we're going, but we're making great time!
Soldier: Great, we're lost again! I knew I should've packed my long johns.
[Mike, Malvern, PA] 07-06-1997

George: Did you see which way that pink bunny went?
Soldier: Yes sir, we've been after it all day. It went that way!
[kim hess, 30something] 07-09-1997

George: Have you seen Lord Stanley?
Soldier: I know he's not in Philadelphia!
[E.B.Sacks] 07-10-1997

George: How come you men are leaving? We have work to do.
Soldier: We're off today. It's Washington's birthday.
[jessica] 08-03-1997

George: Come on men! We're fighting for freedom from the British!
Soldier: At least the British don't freeze us to death
[Richard Beck, I'm 10 years old] 08-08-1997

George: What are you men waiting for?
Soldier: Sir, there is but one Johnny-on-the-Spot
[WJOSSK] 08-08-1997

George: Hey! I'm going on a Taco Bell run. Want any?
Soldier: Yeah -- And make mine with extra hot sauce, it's cold out here!
[Sally & Cody, Cody, age 6 -- Grandma age -- nevermind!] 08-08-1997

George: We'll cross here!
Soldier: Right! He gets to ride all day, now he wants us to row. Hey! What did I just step in?
[John W. Petsinger, Center City, Philadelphia--which RULES] 08-13-1997

George: Hey Benedict? Do you have a light?
Soldier: No man, I left my lighter back at the camp.
[anonymous] 08-13-1997

George: Men, we must take a picture of this!
Soldier: We can't sir! We will freeze to death by the time they invent the camera!
[k. norris, santa fe, n.m. born in philly] 08-24-1997

George: I'm George, George, George of the jungle
Soldier: Watch out for that tre...whack.
[shmoo, too much free time on my hands] 08-24-1997

George: Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
Soldier: He's lost it. I'm out of here.
[marissa -- I learned to ride my bike today] 08-27-1997

George: I love you guys!!!
Soldier: I love you too!!!
[Chucky2000, I'm the bomb!] 09-08-1997

George: Are you sure you guys are hungry?
Soldier: We ran out of bear 3 weeks ago.
[Elvia N. Chauvin, 44m New Orleans 1 son age 10m Div.] 09-09-1997

George: Did you hear the one about...
Soldier: I never laughed so hard, sir
[snow, 40 something, philadelphia pa] 09-19-1997

George: Have courage men. Supplies are on the way.
Soldier: But, General, you said that weeks ago.
[Anonymous] 09-20-1997

George: My horse ran out of gas.
Soldier: Sir, why isn't your horse walking?
[5th Grade Class, Whitman School] 09-23-1997

Soldier: We are so hungry we could eat a horse!
George: Whatever you do, don't eat mine!
[Whitman Grade 4/5B] 09-30-1997

Soldier: We must go back
George: NO, we can't!
[Andrew snowman, age 8] 10-04-1997

George: Look men, there's the enemy. ATTACK!!!
Soldier: Oh sure, and my name is Jolly Roger.
[Tyson King] 10-05-1997

George: Where is the washroom?
Soldier: George, you're in the forest!
[Whitman 4/5 H] 10-06-1997

George: Hi, my name is Hobo Bob. What's yours?
Soldier: Ouh, hello Hobo Bob. My name is Side-Show Mel!
[Jason Kintz, 10/Male] 10-06-1997

George: Mind the f22s
Soldier: But they havent been invented yet, sir!
[Will and Amanda] 10-13-1997

George: Better get moving men before we freeze
Soldier: Sir, we are already freezing.
[WhitmanS 5th Grade] 10-15-1997

George: I just read a book last night on fighting were the Generals stayed on their horses and the soldiers stay in the snow during the rest of the war.
Soldier: Ahahahah!!! Run for your lives!!!
[T. Smith] 10-20-1997

George: Is the grass kind of cold?
Soldier: Not at all. Do you want to change places with us?
[Brazilian Guy] 10-26-1997

George: We have help from God.
Soldier: We're going to win this war!
[Sam, age 9, Vancouver,WA] 10-29-1997

George: Charge!!!
Soldier: But we forgot our credit card.
[Chris Rice, 13 Greenville, South Carolina] 10-31-1997

George: what do you want?
Soldier: they are coming from the north, Sir!
[Scot] 11-05-1997

George: Okay men! Clean up and put on fresh underwear.
Soldier: We've run out, Sir! Two weeks ago, because the animals needed some!
[Mark, 13 TN USA] 11-11-1997

George: Ok Kids! Story time! Once upon a time long long ago, there was this big bad wolf ... blah blah ... blah ...
Soldier: Oh man, not ANOTHER story! I think it's time for your medication, Mr. Washington.
[Jennefer Cade, I love Marcus! Detroit, Michigan] 11-11-1997

George: "Stop"
Soldier: "Why, only because the signs says it dosen't mean you have to wait any longer hoping it will turn green!
[Karl Banker, 13, Beloit, WI] 11-17-1997

George: There is no such thing as the New Jeresy devil and if there was it wouldn't be here.
Soldier: Look behind you and say that again
[Anonymous] 11-23-1997

George: Fire the CCMs!
Soldier: The what?
George: The Continental Cafeteria Managers! We don't want what they turn out
Soldier: Right away, sir! YES, he's finally sane for at least a minute
[Anonymous] 11-23-1997

George: It's so dry and HOT here!
Soldier: Yea right where do you think ya are?
[Gray MacKenzie, Age9 union city pa] 11-25-1997

George: Men, as you can see this is going to be a harsh winter with many hardships.
Soldier: Yes, sir I say we take it to the redcoats hard and stronger now.
[Drew, 15 love to skate and snowboard] 11-28-1997

Soldier: NO!!!!
[Tim Leach] 11-29-1997

George: Hey, let's get this battle on
Soldier: why should I?
[Megan] 12-01-1997

George: Hurry your butt up!!!!
Soldier: I would, George, but mine froze off a mile back.
[Zachary Joe Northrop, age 13] 12-02-1997

George: We gotta win this war!
Soldier: We can't! We're too tired!
[Stephen Kuhl, age 9] 12-04-1997

George: Are we there yet?
Soldier: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Chris Guderian, 13,Gainesville, Fl] 12-04-1997

George: Boy, I'm glad I'm on this horse and not down in that cold snow!
Soldier: Hey, George! You're so brave to lead us through the war ... so self-sacrificing.
[Anonymous] 12-10-1997

George: Only one more battle and the Budlite's on me !
Soldier: You da man, George, you da man !!!
[Ace Hamilton, 11 yo, Yellowspot, Alaska] 12-13-1997

George: you killed kenny
Soldier: good i hated him any ways
[phil tomis] 12-17-1997

George: you meany
Soldier: I'm not mean
[ashley Trautmann] 12-17-1997

George: you killed kenny
Soldier: oh my god
[tommy bond] 12-17-1997

George: you killed kenny
Soldier: i'm sorry i didn't know he ment that much to you
[tommy bond] 12-19-1997

George: Let's go south.
Soldier: Is south that way?
[Ebony, Age 10, Silver Spring, MD 5 grade 12/19/97] 12-20-1997

George: "Hey what time does SouthPark come on ?"
Soldier: "I do not know I'm eating cheesepuffs."
[Josh, 10,MD and I like to watch Southpark.] 12-20-1997

George: Let's get some tea.
Soldier: You're crazy let's get the British.
[Greg] 12-20-1997

George: Leave me alone men.I'm busy chatting with my horse.
Soldier: Did he tell you how to win this war?
[Ricky, School Name Harmony Hills Elementary Silver Spring, Maryland] 12-20-1997

George: It looks like you're having fun marching1
Soldier: O.K. You march. I'll ride!

George: "Hey where is my favorite TRT teacher Mrs.Chizever?" But why did she leave she is the coolest teacher in the world?"
Soldier: " I do not know ,but I think she lefted ."
[Josh, 10,MD, 4 my favorite TRT teacher Mrs.Chizever] 12-20-1997

George: Your Laptop order is here. Here you go.
Soldier: What no Netscape? I am going to sue the company.
[James Smith] 12-28-1997

George: Lassie!!!Oh Lassie!!!!!!
Soldier: um,sir?Dont they miss you at the place with the padded walls.
[Evan, Age:11 Location:Friends house] 12-28-1997

George: I found your Bayonett It's stuck in your back!
Soldier: I think it sliced my Spine in 2.
[James, Age:10 Location:My house] 12-28-1997

George: Recola!!!!!
Soldier: Recola!!!!!
[James] 12-30-1997

George: By george what are you starring at?
Soldier: I'm sorry captain but I do believe you have something between your teeth!!
[Missy, 13] 12-30-1997

George: Anybody seen my rifle?
Soldier: Ya, It's right here. *Gunfire*
[Brent Beckert, 10 years old. Greenhill School] 01-07-1998

George: We dont have any food!
Soldier: I am now joining the redcoats whare I will have food!I will rebel from the rebels!
[James Smith] 01-08-1998

George: I need some SuGaR to be able to fight!!!!
Soldier: :::gets sugar gun out::: :::aims::: ::fires::
[Laura, 14,NYC.School....Academy Of American History] 01-11-1998

George: Left,left,left,right,left,men is it fun walking
Soldier: No sir!
[James Smith] 01-11-1998

George: I say ATTACK!
Soldier: Are you sure Captain?
[Nicole Schuch, 11 Ferson Creek Miss Thompson] 01-15-1998

George: Oh My Gosh! Soldier You Shot Me!!
Soldier: I"m sorry sir it was the slip of the gun!
[KW, 10 Ferson Creek Ms Thompson] 01-15-1998

George: I am tired, na come on!
Soldier: Come on, is right
[Jacob, Brooklyn, NY Age 6] 01-19-1998

George: I didn't know my horse was white!!!
Soldier: He's not, sir, he was rolling in the snow!!!
[Tracy, age:11] 01-20-1998

George: What are you men doing.
Soldier: Picking our wedgies sir.
[Tracy] 01-21-1998

George: Run! They are coming!
Soldier: No, we need to frighten them!
[jadewalls, colp il] 01-22-1998

George: hi
Soldier: are you the red coats
[jamesp] 01-22-1998

George: Why did I get women instead of men?
Soldier: Uh Sir, we are men.
[Heather Cashion, 11 school library] 01-22-1998

George: We need to get armed for attack ,men.
Soldier: Sir, they already attacked us!
[Lana Weiss, Age:10 Herrin,IL] 01-22-1998

George: It is cold !!!!
Soldier: no duh
[Brooke] 01-22-1998

George: Even a monkey knows not to get on my land now get off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: I am not moving my monkey said I should
[Brittany Newman, 10 years old] 01-22-1998

George: Let's go ATTACK!!!!!
Soldier: No!!! I'm still frozen!
[Laura Taylor, 11 Herrin IL.] 01-22-1998

George: Oh no! The British are comming
Soldier: They are not George
[Kyle brooks] 01-22-1998

George: Ahhh! It's Lobsterbacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: Where, we are hungery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Heather Cashion, I'm 11] 01-22-1998

George: Charge
Soldier: Here's my credit card
[Lee Perkins, 12 Herrin IL.] 01-26-1998

George: Charge!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: do you want Visa or Master card?
[Brittany Newman, 10 years old Herrin Elementry] 01-26-1998

George: where is soldier
Soldier: right here squash
[alex copaken] 01-27-1998

George: you never told me you were alergic to horses
Soldier: its not my fault I rode into the tree
[alex sokolovsky, 11 years old. 15607 barkley overland park ks 66223] 01-27-1998

George: hey soldier
Soldier: hi how are you.would you like to have some tea,coffe,cupcakes?
[holly, age 11] 01-27-1998

George: go team go fight team fight gee I hope we look allright
Soldier: ahh are you okey sir?
[molly mcclure, 5th grade,11yrs old] 01-27-1998

George: Do you now where the closest Jenny Craig is?
Soldier: It was on the map before the Redcoat shot it.
[Chris and Ziv, Chris-11 Ziv-11 Tarzana, CA USA] 01-27-1998

George: Well then, paint the snow black!
Soldier: Are you crazy, it will take us all day!
[Michele (10), Carrie (10), Wilbur Ave, Tarzana, CA USA] 01-27-1998

George: Onward, men!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: No sir, it's backwards
[Amanda (11) & Katie(10), Wilbur Ave. School, Computer Lab, Tarzana, CA USA] 01-27-1998

George: George W, You are the best man
Soldier: You;ve got alot of guts
[Tal (12) Tiffany (10), Wilbur Avenue, Tarzana, CA USA] 01-27-1998

George: We're here to kill you
Soldier: You and what army?
[Talia(10)& Kimberly (10), Wilbur Avenue, Tarzana, CA USA] 01-27-1998

George: Lets kill each other. We're going to die!!!
Soldier: But first let's watch the super bowl Man!!!!!!!
[Jeremy (11) & Monica (10), Mr.Cohns Class 5th GRADE, Tarzana, CA USA] 01-27-1998

George: We must Trudge on.
Soldier: But we are Nakid & Starving
[Avery, age9] 01-27-1998

George: ZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZ
Soldier: Captain ,Captain. Wake up Sir.
[Samantha, 11] 01-27-1998

George: We Must Truge on
Soldier: But we are Nakid & Starving
[Avery, Age 8] 01-27-1998

George: Those bloody Red coats are trying to shoot us.
Soldier: Thats why I am running!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Alex Bown and Will Wallace, Alex age 9 Will age 9 Charlotte, Vermont] 01-27-1998

George: My wig's falling off.
Soldier: Don't worry, I've got a spare.
[Stew Crew] 01-28-1998

George: monkey see
Soldier: monkey do
[Brooke Jackson] 01-29-1998

Soldier: Charge, men, charge those credit cards. Here's my card, sir! What do I do with it, sir? Charge -- do you hear me? No!
[James Peters, my age is 10] 01-29-1998

George: Bill Clionton is comming!! Bill clinton is comming!!
Soldier: Who is bill clinton sir.
[Aaron Brooks] 01-29-1998

George: fire at will!
Soldier: You heard him, men, go get them!
[Gabriel] 01-29-1998

George: Hi my name is george what is yours?
Soldier: are you the red coats!
[James Peters, my age is 10] 01-29-1998

George: CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: I can't I left my visa and master card in my other pants!!!
[Laura T., 11 HerrinIL. 62948] 01-29-1998

George: Lets wait for the British to attack us!!
Soldier: We are going to attack them,not them attack us!!!
[Lana Weiss, Age:10 Herrin,IL 1-29-98] 01-29-1998

George: Look, a burger stand!
Soldier: Where? I'm so hungry!
[Nicholas Sanders, age 11, Herrin, Ill.] 01-29-1998

George: Come on lets go get them!!
Soldier: What are we getting,hamburgers from McDonalds?
[Kaci W.] 01-29-1998

George: We can't leave until i get my wig back on
Soldier: i have some tape
[Brownswirl, Age-11] 01-30-1998

George: Two hundred years from now they won't even remember what we do here today.
Soldier: I'm not sure I'll even live til the morrow. God but it cold.
[Chris Pedersen] 01-30-1998

George: I've been shot HELP ME
Soldier: I'm coming
[jeff isbell, age: 11 herrin elem] 01-31-1998

George: WCW 4LIFE
Soldier: NWO 4-LIFE
[Victor Shea, AGE 27] 01-31-1998

George: Nooo! Don't shoot it is just my wig!
Soldier: Who cares it is just something to do.
[Joey Reigel] 01-31-1998

George: Kharma Kharma Kharma Kharma Kharma Chameleon...
Soldier: I think we're following the wrong George!
[Tracey, Guess what!... I'm a chic!] 02-02-1998

George: What is this thing i am in fron of how do you use it .They didn't have this in 1778
Soldier: Sir we are looking at a so called"Computer"I know how to use do this and that and blah blah blah blah were done sir...sir sirrr .someone come here george has fallen asleep !!!

George: We're off to see the wizard...
Soldier: Um. I thought we were off to kill the British.
[Zak Jacobs] 02-03-1998

George: I wonder where we are on this blasted map?
Soldier: I don't know but somebody find out quick!
[Donald, Age 10] 02-04-1998

George: Get on your feet men. And I mean NOW!
Soldier: We can't, our feet froze off two miles back.
[Kristen, Age 8 with help from donald age 10] 02-05-1998

George: I see them just over that hill.
Soldier: Come on men!
[Jordan] 02-05-1998

George: I can't find my gun booooooooooom fooound it
Soldier: mr.washington are you all right
[sam] 02-05-1998

George: Soldier, give me some bullets for my gun.
Soldier: They're all gone, sir.
[Samantha] 02-05-1998

George: RED ANTS SHOOT !!!! ( Red Coats)
Soldier: HUH, I thought we were supposed to fight the Red Coats
[Kristina Maxwell Sam and Laura Wiese, Sam 11 Kristina 10 and Laura 10 Cordova Alaska] 02-05-1998

George: Where is the closest Jenny Craig ?
Soldier: It was on the map before a Red Coat blew it up.
[Chris (11) & Ziv (10), 5th Grade, Tarzana, CA,] 02-06-1998

George: Smithers,get my wig.
Soldier: Yes sir Mr. Burns.
[James Smith] 02-07-1998

George: round up the troups
Soldier: okay whayever you say
[golly] 02-11-1998

George: Babybop, which way to the nursery?
Soldier: Duhhhhh, I don't know Barney???
[Rory, Pauline, Jordon, 10,10, 11 Cordova, AK Mt. Eclles School] 02-11-1998

[MAT, SM FIFTH] 02-11-1998

George: Come on men let's go get some McDonalds!!!
Soldier: Naw we prefer Burger King!!!
[-------, 12 years old] 02-13-1998

George: Men, My briefs are killing me.
Soldier: General, You need "Boxers".
[Robert Szot, 11 years old] 02-16-1998

[DAniel nevins, i am 9 years old.] 02-19-1998

George: Before we leave, does anyone need to use the bathroom?
Soldier: I thought you'd never ask.
[Timothy Dodd, Elementary Teacher] 02-19-1998

George: I spy something red
Soldier: "That redcoat over there"?
[Anonymous, 12, Buffalo NY] 02-24-1998

George: Why didn't the lobster-backs cross the road?
Soldier: Because they didn't have the the backbone!!
[Spencer Mabrito, 9 YEARS OLD-SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS] 02-25-1998

George: boy, I am hungry!
Soldier: Yo querro, Taco Bell?
[Heidi and sherri, U of M Graduate program We are hungry] 03-02-1998

George: Where did soldier #23 go?
Soldier: Uh..... I'm right here sir.
[Anonymous] 03-02-1998

George: Let"s go to Washington D.C.!
Soldier: Washington D.C.??? Where is that?
[Sandy Cosgrove, West Chester,PA] 03-02-1998

George: Get walking, slow pokes.
Soldier: My feet are tired of walking, sir!!
[Justin Simmons, I love your kids site!!!] 03-02-1998

George: Soldier,Where are my expensive false teeth?
Soldier: The horse ate them, sir.
[Katlyn, 14, Wisconsin] 03-03-1998

George: Forward, March!
Soldier: We're off to see the Wizard!
[Zack McDonald, 11, Colorado Springs] 03-04-1998

George: Hi ho, Hi ho, its off to attack we go!
Soldier: What?
[Nick Neville, 10, Colorado Springs] 03-04-1998

George: Get Your Weapons Loaded!
Soldier: Yes, SIR!
[Kevin Fields, 11, Colorado Springs] 03-04-1998

George: Listen up you lowlifes! I'm in charge now.
Soldier: Can we call you daddoo?
[Paul Villeco, age:10] 03-07-1998


George: DON'T FIRE
Soldier: AT WHAT
[CLARISSA] 03-12-1998

Soldier: How much farther?
George: Why do you ask that soldier?
Soldier: Because I'm naked!
[Mark Spidle, Beach City Elem. 5th] 03-12-1998

George: Where the heck are we supposed to be going?
Soldier: If you don't know sir then we certainly don't
[M.J. Stevenson, 11, Massachusetts] 03-16-1998

George: Do you guys have a sweater it's freezing!!
Soldier: No Mr.Rogers took them all.
[Anonymous] 03-23-1998

George: oh my god!!!!!!!
Soldier: they killed kenny!!!!!
[becky, 14, cherry hill nj] 03-23-1998

George: I think it's about time to do it, boys!
Soldier: Oh, wait a moment, I want a hamburger first!
[Zach Horvitz, age 8, Paris, France] 03-23-1998

George: Onward to slavery!
Soldier: George, we are trying to get to freedom.
[Peyton Tata age 9] 03-23-1998

Soldier: Why do you always wear a white wig, sir?
George: It's good camouflage in the snow
[Anonymous] 03-23-1998

George: Let's win this war!
Soldier: Yeah! Let's go!
[Amber Torrey, date 4-3-98] 04-06-1998

George: Are you going to win.
Soldier: Let's win the war.
[Antwan Bruce, I hope we win the war.] 04-06-1998

George: let win
Soldier: you win it
[Karmen] 04-06-1998

George: Men it's time to go home, it's been a hard day.
Soldier: General sir are you sure you're alright? This is a war not a print shop. We don't go home after a long day
[Allyn Glenn - Burns, 9,Cedar Falls IA] 04-06-1998

George: I paid good money for these horses, soldier!
Soldier: Why is it George, that you are on horses?
[Amy Robinson] 04-08-1998

George: Which way to McDonald's?
Soldier: Follow the yellow brick road!
[Nicholas Dillon, age11,HoustonTx] 04-08-1998

George: Forward March!
Soldier: Um, Sir, I hate to tell you this, but I believe it's April now!
[Laura :), Cedar Falls, IA] 04-09-1998

George: Where are the Red Coats?
Soldier: Who knows?
[Kaydee] 04-13-1998

George: I could use some Starbucks coffee right now.
Soldier: Mocha or Latte?
[Dan M] 04-13-1998

George: Casper, the friendly ghost.
Soldier: The friendliest ghost I know.
[Mrs. Dickson's class] 04-13-1998

George: O.K.
Soldier: Turn on the T.V.
[Michael S] 04-13-1998

George: Hurry, It's cold.
Soldier: You're the one taking forever.
[Courtney L.] 04-13-1998

George: Men, we're crossing at the Delaware River
Soldier: It will be a "COLD ACT" moment to remember.
[Rachel] 04-13-1998

George: A mac-a-baby's got to do what a mac-a-baby got to do.
Soldier: Yehaa. Let's go get them.
[Ashley M] 04-13-1998

George: I.. don't... Know.
Soldier: Uhh.. which way do we go George, which way do we go?
[N-C EKIM] 04-19-1998

George: Okay men... CHARGE!
Soldier: Okay sir, but where are we charging to?
[Jen, Age-12] 04-19-1998

George: Okay men charge
Soldier: Okay sir but what will we charge it to Visa Or Master Card
[Bratt Travel, 565] 04-22-1998

George: Lets not fight I love ya guys
Soldier: us too
[Anonymous] 04-23-1998

George: Go find some food, I'm hungry!
Soldier: Okay, I'll just wander around for a hundred years untill I find a McDonalds.
[Elena, age 11, St. Paul Minnesota] 04-23-1998

George: I'm sorry we don't have good unfiorms for you men.
Soldier: That's okay, Sir. We don't need uniforms to fight for our country.
[Charlotte Saint, age 10] 04-23-1998

George: Get up and walk faster
Soldier: Shut up i'm hungry
[Paul Miller, I am 11 and live in nevada city] 04-24-1998

George: Ha Ha I get to ride a Horse...
Soldier: Ha Ha We hid your Hemorrhoid Cream...
[Gerry] 04-24-1998

George: Did you discover any thing yet?
Soldier: Yes,sir we discovered a Burger King
[Erin, 9 years old] 05-05-1998

George: Oh Shutup!Go get your own horse losers.
Soldier: Yo,George.Why do you get the horse and we are stuck walking all this way?
[Amanda, 10 Reading PA] 05-05-1998

George: Go Win Boys!!!!
Soldier: You have got to be kidding
[Stephanie] 05-06-1998

George: where did the road go???
Soldier: we lost it!About a month ago!!!
[cammie mills] 05-06-1998

George: Get off my back!!!!!
Soldier: Could we Go home now I'm really cold
[Chelsea, age 11 , Michigan] 05-06-1998

George: Attention!!!!! Forward march!!!!!
Soldier: budum budum buddddddummmmm (drum beat)
[Ashley] 05-06-1998

George: 3 blonds walk into a bar. The 1st blond asks for an R.C. The waiter says whats an R.C.? She anwsers back a Roman Coke. The 2nd blond walks into the bar, the waiter asks what do you want? Blond says she wants a B.O.J.The waiter says whats a B.O.J.? She says a rootbeer & orange juice. The 3rd blond walks into the bar and says she wants a 15. Waiter says whats a 15? BLOND anwsers back, duh!! Seven and Seven.
Soldier: hahaha!!! Great joke George ha!!!seven and seven haha!!!
[Carol, 12 years old] 05-11-1998

George: Charge!
Soldier: No Charge - just cash!
[Zachary Moylan] 05-11-1998

George: Lets go get those coats!
Soldier: Which ones sir.The red ones or the blue.
[Jason Clark] 05-12-1998

George: Forward March.
Soldier: I'm fed up with this, Backward March.
[Ryan, I'm tired and I'm sleepy] 05-13-1998

George: Hey! Where do you think you're going?
Soldier: To go get a Big Mac! We're starvin'!
[Erin M. Perkins, 10 years old 5/14/98] 05-17-1998

George: men why are we here?
Soldier: i dont know you told us to come
[lisa, buffalo ny] 05-18-1998

George: "Men, where are you going?"
Soldier: "We're going to Disneyland!"
[SBQT] 05-20-1998

George: were going to win this war
Soldier: but we cant go on
[kyle] 05-20-1998

George: I'm going out for pizza. Any one interested in coming along.
Soldier: you buying
[Tom&Jason, Phila.Pa.] 05-21-1998

George: Men, this is serious. We barely have enough clothes for 11,000 people. That means 1,000 of you have to go naked!
Soldier: Not me!!!!
[anonymous] 05-22-1998

George: Ye must fight the British, and have a flawless victory!
Soldier: We will stand by you every step of the way!
[Adam Bortz, Age:10 1/2, Mertztown] 05-27-1998

George: Are we there yet?
Soldier: Ahh shut up at least you have a ride.
[David, age 9 Barrie Ont.] 05-27-1998

George: The Patriots are coming,the Patriots are coming
Soldier: Sir we are the Patriots
[James Smith] 06-18-1998

George: all this for a cheese steak and a pretzel ?
Soldier: ya but they use cheez whiz sir
[anonymous] 06-22-1998

George: What do you want from me?
Soldier: We want to go home and eat supper!
[Malini P., age 10, California] 06-24-1998

George: You guys can't leave, we have a war to fight!
Soldier: You fight it. We have a bus to catch.
[Randi E. Ash, 19/Female/Philadelphia,PA] 06-25-1998

George: Are you sure you don't want to put on your thermal underwear before we go off to war?
Soldier: We're sure...let's go..
[Nikki] 06-26-1998

George: OK , Men it's time for lunch.
Soldier: Lunch !!! how about that cold beer?
[Demo, Micro-beer lover.] 06-29-1998

George: Are we there yet?
Soldier: No Sir, We were waiting for you to go first, Sir.
[Billie, in he heart of Dixi, sweating it out.] 06-30-1998

[Retired Esquire, Philadelphia,Home of the Liberty Bell,Pa.] 07-06-1998

[Douglas MacArthur, Philadelphia,Home of the Liberty Bell,Pa.] 07-06-1998

[Winston Churchill, Philadelphia,Home of Independence Hall,Pa.] 07-06-1998

[Arthur King of the Britons, Philadelphia,Home of Ambassador THOMAS FOGLIETTA,Pa.] 07-06-1998

George: Alright men, let's carry on
Soldier: WHat, you mean you want me to start crying and whining?
[Bridget, 10, Philadelphia, Pa.] 07-06-1998

George: We need more gunpowder,men!
Soldier: For what, fireworks?
[Sage, in the heartland, 9 yrs. old] 07-06-1998

George: Four score and seven years ago........
Soldier: Hey! That's Lincon's line.
[Michael Zimmerman, Houston, TX.] 08-06-1998

George: O.K. stop me if you've heard this one.. two british guys walk into a bar and ......
Soldier: uhhh excuse me Mr. Washington but uhh the guys and I saw that the other night on Seinfeld
[Matt Couch, I'm 15, 6'1'', I work at Sonic drive in, I enjoy long walks on the beach, my favorite color is fucshia, my mothers maiden name is Kay, and I have brown hair. and that's all the information you're gettin' outta me!!!] 08-15-1998

George: I need my power Scottie!
Soldier: Captin' I'm givvin her all shes got!
[Hilary Haynes, 14] 08-24-1998

George: This line is pathetic!
Soldier: Its hard to dig porto-poties in the ice, Sir.
[Jim Kang, Andrew Jackson Elementary, 4th grade] 09-18-1998

George: they say my wig makes me look manlier.
Soldier: you should really stop wearing your wife's clothes.
[Aaron......the incredibly manly 16 year old., i am a genious and i think that Cornwallis was a looser.] 09-22-1998

George: Oh for heavens sake, we forgot the gunpowder.
Soldier: relieved 'cause he doens't have to fight, "Well, we have to go home then, BYE!" he quickly runs away.
[Sonia, 12 California.] 09-27-1998

George: Let's fight for our country and our family's freedom.
Soldier: We don't have the proper equipment, how can we fight?
[Miss Moran's 4/5 Class] 10-01-1998

George: How are we going to win?
Soldier: We are going to fight and try our best.
[Mrs. Manley's 4/5 class, We are excited about stuyding the Revolutionary War.] 10-01-1998

George: Lets fight for our liberty.
Soldier: Yeah- Lets really show them who owns America.
[Mrs. Burke's Class] 10-05-1998

George: To war, to war, we must win!!
Soldier: Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!
[Joey Cochran, 6 years old.] 10-05-1998

George: Press on! We must get there by night!
Soldier: Easy for you to say!
[AS if!] 10-14-1998

George: Tell us where we are, soldier.
Soldier: I can't, sir. I can't find us!
[I'm not going to tell you, I'm 12] 10-14-1998

George: You guys look like you're freezing. Keep walking.
Soldier: Hark!!! Here comes our L.L.Bean order by pony express!!!!!!!!
[Neataspin, Why didn't DuPont invent Gore-tex for the solders back then?] 10-15-1998

George: lets take a break for some tea
Soldier: yes lets drink our tea indoors its mighty cold out here
[brian] 10-15-1998

George: Sing with me now! You ain't nothin but a hound dog...
Soldier: Lying all the time! You ain't nothin but a hound dog...
[Christopher Ashworth, 14, Cary NC E-Mail me!] 10-22-1998

George: Where's the nearest McDonalds
Soldier: I'll go ask a red coat one of them has a Big Mac
[Krista Phillips, Age 12, Las Vegas, Nevada] 10-22-1998

George: Where did they say the party was?
Soldier: Across some river.
[Samantha, 22, @ Penn State] 10-22-1998

George: Hey soldier what's your name?
Soldier: John Jacob Jingle Himer Smith!!
[Mikaela .S. MJHS] 10-22-1998

George: Come on soldiers, let's fight with pride
Soldier: We'll fight with all our might
[Mrs. Schlender] 10-22-1998

George: What time is UNC playing FSU
Soldier: I don't know. I think at 5:00 pm.
[Christopher Ashworth, 14, Cary NC E-Mail me!] 10-22-1998

George: Why is the weather soo cold???
Soldier: I don't know...Ask Dave Kallaway....He'd da bomb....
[bla....bla....BLA...] 10-23-1998

George: Shoot when I say!
Soldier: Then run!
[Gena, MJHS ILL] 10-23-1998

George: Letts go fishing
Soldier: we dont have enny TNT
[Lee] 10-23-1998

George: Can I get some peace I['m trying to find my gun!
Soldier: Your enemy has it on the other side!
[Molissa] 10-23-1998

George: Why DID the chicken cross the road?!
Soldier: He's cracking!!!
[Bryan M.] 10-23-1998

George: If you die it's not my fault
Soldier: Oh, shucks!!!
[Cassie Riggle, history is great] 10-23-1998

George: Let's go to TARGET to get the new toys of the Century!!
Soldier: Uh...Which century!!!!
[ditto dally] 10-24-1998

George: Hey is it Saturday today??
Soldier: Yes...hey let's watch ONE SATURDAY MORNIG!!
[PSYCO] 10-24-1998

George: Men-Let's go home and take the cold ones!!
Soldier: AH-what was that?-Shoot at all the soldiers!!?!? alright!!!
[Michelle Dawson, Hello to Mrs. Saukkola and Mrs. Esparza!] 10-24-1998

George: come on men leys beet em down
Soldier: im scared can we go home??????
[maggie, 14] 10-24-1998

George: OK..three blondes walk in to a bar and.....
Soldier: Wait...Sir...I think I know this one...Sorry sir....!!!!
[Selena Fan!!, Viva Selena!! Hola..Como estas?? Hasta Manana!!] 10-24-1998

George: Soldier...I just heard that your wife had a bouncing baby boy! Contragulations!
Soldier: I am so proud! Men we must win this war for my baby boy...Geogie!
[Bubble gum, I love bubble gum...I live in the woods of the middle of..{ I'm not telling you..}] 10-25-1998

George: Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Soldier: I think so,General,but do the redcoats taste like lobster?
[Desiree Green] 10-29-1998

George: Hey you, lets attack those English guys!!
Soldier: Why, don't we always loose
[Mariana] 10-29-1998

George: Aww, come on !! It's not that bad!
Soldier: Ewwwwww.. Man, your breath stinks!
[Jennifer Kunde] 10-29-1998

George: Ok why did the chicken cross the road
Soldier: Hmmm thats a toughy
[Brett Meulmester] 11-03-1998

George: Follow those men!
Soldier: Are you coming with us?
[Brittani, 7,Brandon] 11-03-1998

George: To be or not to be... That is the question...
Soldier: Hurry... I don't think he's payin' attention to us
[David Muņoz, Sorry... I can't do that `,;^)] 11-06-1998

[JOSH, AGE 7] 11-06-1998

George: Do you have a clue where we are going?
Soldier: No not really
[Old Mcdonald] 11-06-1998

George: A victory is right around the corner
Soldier: you've been saying that a month ago
[Old Mcdonald] 11-06-1998

George: Men, I am regretful to announce that I have become completely frozen to my horse and must use your pay to get myself surgically removed.
Soldier: Well, whoopedy-freakin-doo, Your excellency.
[anonymous] 11-08-1998

George: what's our cheer?
Soldier: Washington, Washington, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!
[Rory Eberly, I Love the revolutonary war! Age fourteen] 11-08-1998

George: My hair hurts!
Soldier: peace out son!

George: We need help.
Soldier: Speak for yourself.
[anonymous, milton] 11-10-1998

George: Attack!
Soldier: What are we going to do?
[anonymous] 11-11-1998

George: No really, the 5 day forecast only said snow on Monday-
Soldier: but this is Thursday!
[anonymous] 11-11-1998

George: I love you you love me were a happy. .....
Soldier: Shut up shut up ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Aaron Collins, Indianapolis,Indiana] 11-21-1998

George: Boy, I sure could use a bath...
Soldier: All you have to do is spit in your hand and wipe your face sir.
[Alexis Wade, 17,North Carolina,J.H Rose High School (Junior)] 11-21-1998

George: Hey soilders, get some butter to get this ring off my finger!
Soldier: No thanks, just use butterfingers.
[Alison Yum] 11-21-1998

George: I need an eye because my eye is gone!
Soldier: Oh, just get a snowball, draw an eyeball and stuff it in that eye socket.
[Alison Yum] 11-21-1998

George: Hi!!!
Soldier: My name's Bond, James Bond
[anonymous, 15 michigan] 11-21-1998

George: I Want My Mommy.
Soldier: So Do I So Be QUIET.
[Ben Forth, age 10] 11-21-1998

[BRITTANY] 11-21-1998

George: I`m too dang hungry
Soldier: Shut up!
[Bryen Warfield, age 10] 11-21-1998

George: Got Milk?
Soldier: ok...take anything you want! anything!
[carrie, 21...Portland,OR] 11-21-1998

George: Excuse me, what was that again?
Soldier: Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon??
[Dave "Doctor" Gonzo,] 11-21-1998

George: Hup, two, three, four! Pick up the pace, men!
Soldier: That's easy for you to say. You're the one on the horse!
[Elizabeth] 11-21-1998

George: How many toes do you have?
Soldier: Do you mean before or after the amputations.
[Kimberly Sterrett, Indianapolis, IN, 5th grade] 11-21-1998

George: Just Do It!
Soldier: Do What?
[Marie Palmquist, Age 13] 11-21-1998

George: Where are the four wisemen when you need them?
Soldier: In with Jesus.
[Paul Garden, age 15] 11-21-1998

George: Is my wig on straight? Soldiersays = I'm not going to tell you because it's cruel!
[TOM] 11-21-1998

George: Did we win the battle?
Soldier: Yes but we lost the other.
[TOM] 11-21-1998

George: My fellow Americans...
Soldier: Uh, sir, we haven't won the war yet.
[Michael Tang, 14m, Cerritos] 11-30-1998

George: Lets go fight the French!
Soldier: WHY!!!!!
[mo, TX,16,] 11-30-1998

George: "Space the final frontier these are the voyages of the starship enter......"
Soldier: OH sir I'm sorry I'll tell the men to keep the gun fire to a minimum while your watching tv
[anonomyous] 12-03-1998

George: "Charge"
Soldier: "Sir there's a river in front of us"
[M&M, 13] 12-13-1998

George: Lets go!!!!!
Soldier: Where to sir?
[anonymous] 12-13-1998

George: Let's get some TACO BELL !!
Soldier: All right captain.
[Kelsey Palmer, Age 9,St.Paul M.N,12/10/98] 12-13-1998

George: I've had it!
Soldier: Sir, we've had it too!
[Carina Rittener] 12-13-1998

George: Buuuuuuuurrrrrrrrpppp!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: It's Washington, he's destroying the earth!
[Michael Stampone, Age 8 yrs.] 12-13-1998

George: i have a dream
Soldier: cool man
[beth scott, i am 16 years old] 12-14-1998

George: RETREAT!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: we never treated them in the first place!
[a.m.d] 12-27-1998

George: Duck,men!!!!!
Soldier: Where's duckmen,I've never seen them before!!!!
[Alissa diekemper] 12-27-1998

George: Bill Clinton is coming, Bill Clinton is coming!!!
Soldier: Hide Monica! Hide Monica!
[BIG SIS, age 13] 12-27-1998

George: any of yall see my horse
Soldier: your sittin on it sir
[Brandon Detmer, New Baden,IL] 12-27-1998

George: I want my mommy
Soldier: Now that is the only thing he has said in weeks
[anonymous, Valley Forge PA] 12-27-1998

George: Where have you guys been? The Revolution is over!!
Soldier: Well, there wasn't decent chili stand for miles, so it took a long time to find it!
[Erika Roth, I am12!] 12-27-1998

George: Hi ya folks doin
Soldier: We are doing just great
[Jill Alemond] 12-27-1998

George: All right men let's go
Soldier: Uhh...... NO!!!!!
[kellie T, 13 chicago il] 12-27-1998

George: where did you getyour clothes mine are from my mommy
Soldier: mine my wife made
[Lisa Koerkenmeier, age 12] 12-27-1998

George: I need some REAL entertainment.
Soldier: Thomas, where did you put the TV?!?
[Samantha B., I'm 13 and doing this at school for S.Studies] 12-27-1998

George: Waz up Dude?
Soldier: Nothing Much Dude
[Shane Leary, 12 New Baden,Il] 12-27-1998

George: We will now proceed onto Dairy Queen.
Soldier: Dessert men! Dessert!
[Alice Flanders, Pretty funny as far as puns go don't you think? 14/f/MA] 01-07-1999

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