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Source: The Philadelphia Tribune
Date: June 22, 2007
Byline: Robert Hightower

Journey to Freedom

Note: These paragraphs relating to the President's House are excerpted from a longer article.

One of most important exhibits not just to Philadelphia, but the world at large is the erecting of the President's House Commemorative Site, which will be on the Corner of Sixth and Market St

The President's House, that once stood at that location, was inhabited by George Washington along with as many as nine slaves who worked and toiled on the property and was the country's first White House.

Recently, the site underwent an archeological dig to check for artifacts that may still be in the area dating back centuries.

What archeologists found was the actual foundation of the house that can be viewed by visitors.

Cheryl Janifer LaRoache, who works for URS Archaeology, is the lead historical and archeological consultant.

LaRoache said because the memorial will accent the fact that Washington owned slaves, some feel his image will be defamed.

"Some say that we are trying to besmirch Washington, but we reporting history," she said. "It will let it be known that those nine slaves were enslaved through the duplicity of our first president."


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