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Source: Press Release
Date: May 7, 2009
Byline: City of Philadelphia

Information Meeting for Construction Opportunities

President's House Commemorative Site

Date: May 7, 2009
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Location: Community College of Philadelphia
Bonnell Building (17th Street at Spring Garden) Small Auditorium BG.11

Please confirm your attendance or request more information as follows:

Phone: 215.564.6151
Fax: 215.564.6154

The City of Philadelphia will host a public information session for minority, women and disabled firms and minority and female building tradespeople interested in work on the historic President's House site. The President's House project is a permanent, outdoor commemorative installation, to be placed on the footprint of the President's House, immediately adjacent to the Liberty Bell Center. Through architecture, landscaping, imagery and interpretive text, this installation will tell the story of the birth of a free nation and indefensible slavery existing side-by-side.

The historic significance of this project is great. While enslaved persons of African descent toiled in the construction of our nation's capitol as envisioned and planned by George Washington, free Blacks in Philadelphia were actively engaged in the traditional building trades of carpentry, masonry and plastering. In acknowledgement of this history and in furtherance of City policies of fairness and equity, the City of Philadelphia, as project owner, is committed to ensuring that businesses owned and controlled by minority persons, women and the disabled and minority and women tradespeople are given fair opportunity to participate in this project.

The original President's House will not be rebuilt; construction encompasses excavation of the 12,000 square foot area, concrete paving, specialty metal fabrication, electrification and erection of video screens, and landscaping. Design and construction of the project has been awarded to Kelly/Maiello Architects and Planners and D. J. Keating Co. The Project Team will solicit bids for the following:

Construction work is scheduled to begin on or about May 25, 2009. The projected end date for construction work is March 2010. The project's construction budget is $3.5 million. Kelly/Maiello Architects and Planners along with D. J. Keating Co. will be present to provide project details.


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