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Source: ATAC
Date: April 22, 2010
Byline: ATAC

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President's House/Slavery Memorial
April 23- May 3, 2010
Independence Visitor Center (Northeast Corner- Sixth & Market), Philadelphia, PA
North Wall

President George Washington enslaved 316 Black men, Black women, and Black children at his Mt. Vernon, Virginia plantation and enslaved nine of them right here in Philadelphia at America's first "White House," which was officially called the President's House and which was located at the current site of the new Liberty Bell Center at Sixth and Market.

Since 2002, Avenging The Ancestors Coalition (ATAC) has been fighting relentlessly for a memorial to honor those enslaved and heroic African descendants. That fight has finally been won!

And now the City of Philadelphia will have the proposed exhibit plan of the President's House/Slavery Memorial on display from April 23-May 3 at the Independence Visitor Center (located on the northeast corner of Sixth and Market- across from the Liberty Bell Center).

This proposed exhibit plan will present the imagery and other visuals that are intended to make a powerful impact on the President House/Slavery Memorial's visitors.

The purpose of this proposed exhibit plan is to gather opinions from the general public. Comment cards will be available to fill out and submit. ATAC encourages you to support this historic President's House/Slavery Memorial by submitting written comments. For more information, call ATAC at 215/552-8751.

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