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Source: Curious Theatre Company (Denver)
Date: March 13, 2007
Byline: Press Release

A House With No Walls

Listen to the opening of the show (created by Sound Designer Scott Anderson):

A secret buried for over 200 years...

Philadelphia -The City of Brotherly Love, 2003 — A bitter public battle erupts when it is revealed that the site of a new museum enshrining American liberty stands on the ground where some of President George Washington's slaves once lived.

This conflict is juxtaposed against the story of Ona Judge, one of Washington's slaves, as she struggles with the decision of whether to risk everything to escape her bondage. Moving in time between the present and the past, the play explores our relationship to troubling historical reality. How do we decide which elements of our history will be commemorated and which will be erased?

A Note From The Playwright: Thomas Gibbons

I was inspired to write the play by a real-life controversy surrounding the Liberty Bell Pavilion in Philadelphia. Although I've fictionalized it to a certain extent in order to address my own preoccupations, I've kept within the outlines of historical fact — particularly with regard to Ona Judge, a courageous woman whose story deserves to be much better known.


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