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Source: Painted Bride Art Center
Date: October 17, 2012

The President’s House Site and the Arts Sunday, Oct. 21st at 3pm

Dancer/choreographer Germaine Ingram and composer/saxophonist Bobby Zankel and their colleagues will continue their reflections on the practice of slavery at the President’s House at an event this Sunday, Oct. 21st at 3pm at the Painted Bride Arts Center.

Their performance is followed by a conversation with humanities scholars and arts practitioners. Panel discussion topic: Contemporary political rhetoric and the history of American slavery. Panelists:

This panel will focus on the contemporary implications of the terms “slave” and “slavery”, and other language associated with enslavement, and their use and meaning in contemporary political rhetoric—from labor disputes to debates over tax and economic policy, to characterizations of homosexuality. We are interested in exploring what this might mean for how America’s experience with slavery is understood and remembered; whether it enhances or muddles understanding of the wrong that was perpetrated and suffered; and how descendants of enslaved people feel about these appropriations of the terms. Finally, the panel will be asked to reflect on what is remembered and what is forgotten about slavery in the US and elsewhere and its implications for contemporary political relations.

FREE but Registration REQUIRED.

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