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Source: The Bulletin
Date: July 16, 2008
Byline: Robert M. Morris, Descendant

Letter: Remember The Forgotten Founding Fathers

Philadelphians overlook both Robert Morris and James Wilson because their political party, the Federalists, lost the election of 1800, and the Jeffersonians were not interested in remembering them. The modern Democratic Party, which currently dominates city politics, and most university history departments, is the descendent party of the Jeffersonians, and they think the same way. That is why Independence National Historical Park, in coordination with the city, has kicked Morris out the story of his own house in a favor of Martha Washington's maid.

Clearly, when the powers that be are compelled to remember the Federalists, the effort becomes twisted. For example, the travesty that is the Presidents' House Memorial is an attempt to shift the blame for racism in America. They do this by confusing slavery, which is an economic system, with racism, which is a mental disease. While they say that Washington signed the Fugitive Slave Act, they will not say that Jefferson's pal Edmund Randolph, was the cause of the legislation. They will not tell you that the Jeffersonians spread slavery to hold their power by using the 3/5th clause, or that the Dred Scott decision was made by Democrat judges, or that the KKK was an unofficial branch of the Democrat party that killed over 4,743 people, and while 25 percent of the dead were white, almost all were Republicans. You see, for a long time the Democrat Party was known as the Party of Slavery, and they desperately want you to forget that and to blame Washington, Adams or Morris instead.



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