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Source: KYW Newsradio 1060
Date: November 21, 2008
Byline: Karin Phillips

Construction Preparations Underway at President's House Site

Those walking by the "President's House" historic site on Independence Mall might see some digging going on during the next week or so.

The viewing platform overlooking the now-covered remains of the President's House site will be closed until about December 5th — depending on the weather — until the latest round of work is completed.

Roz McPherson is on the advisory committee of the President's House site:

"People can still see what's going on from the mall. It's just that because of the nature of the work, it would not be safe to have the viewing platform open."

She says six excavations will be dug down about 25 feet down through the fill dirt that covers and protects the historic remains. Then, geotechnical work will be done, including soil sampling and collecting other data:

" make sure that the foundation will be secure and to also prepare to see where the actual foundation will be laid, as well as how this whole vitrine system will be set up so that people will be able to view some of the remains that we uncovered last year."

McPherson says there is much behind-the-scene work underway to prepare for the exhibit's expected opening in 2010:

"Some of the more exciting stuff will begin to occur in the spring. At a certain point, we will uncover the things we buried."


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