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Source: KYW Newsradio
Date: February 27, 2007
Byline: Paul Kurtz

Plan Unveiled for President's House Project Near Independence Hall

Another milestone has been reached in the President's House project on Independence Mall. Architect Emanuel Kelly has unveiled his team's vision of a 12,000-square-foot outdoor installation to be built at 6th and Market Streeets, right in front of the Liberty Bell Center.

The facility will utilize videos on flat-panel screens to tell the story about the building that was home to presidents George Washington and John Adams from 1790 to 1800.

Mayor Street says it's a story of contradictions:

"You know, the first great president of our country, sitting here and working on our freedoms, at the same time being served by these slaves. And people don't tell that story. That's a story that has to be told."

The $4½-million project is about two years away from completion. It will begin in the next few weeks, with an archeological dig at the site to find out whether any artifacts of that era may still be around.


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