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Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Date: November 10, 2010
Byline: Rob M. Morris

Letter to the Editor: House's importance isn't about slavery

I have argued against the current interpretation at the President's House museum, calling it the Slavery Mall. I think the National Park Service should be teaching us about liberty, and refreshing our memory about the source of our bounty, the free-enterprise system. Philadelphia and the Park Service instead decided to teach about slavery.

Slavery is neither uniquely American, nor unique to the site. However, the powers that be choose to use the brief residency of slaves at this site to teach the version of American history that hinges on the exploitation of one class by another in what is known as a Marxist interpretation. In doing so, they rob the citizens of the unique attributes of this site and its role in establishing America as a free country, a freedom that African Americans share.

Rob M. Morris, Westtown

Rob M. Morris wrote directly to this website to request that we provide the third paragraph of his original letter, which was not published by the Inquirer.

It is, however, fitting for President Obama to dedicate this site, because by putting his stamp of approval on this Marxist interpretation, he is also teaching slavery. By elevating slavery over freedom the President is sending a message to all of us. While President Washington enslaved people whom he eventually freed, President Obama is symbolically showing the free people of America how he views them. When he takes billions from all to reward his friends and punish his enemies, and the citizens can do nothing to stop him; people see that they are slaves to his policies, to his taxes, and to his idea of social justice. The Presidentsí House memorial is a metaphor of what we have all become.

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