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Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Date: August 27, 2009
Byline: Rob Morris

Letter: President's House isn't about accurate history

Re: "Historical accuracy should not be ignored," Tuesday:

Anyone who thinks historical accuracy is the point of the President's House project has been punked. This thing has been a political charade from Day Two. First, there was the theatrical protest and online petition of Avenging the Ancestors founder Michael Coard, followed by a walking tour of the trail of "blood and tears." Next, there were threats and accusations of racism leveled at anyone who did not toe the PC line. All of which led to an official proposal requiring that a "cultural value" called "identity" would be enshrined at the site.

Identity politics is the hallmark of Democratic Party values, not the values of all America. Additionally, Coard has linked the project to reparations. For these reasons alone, this whole effort should be rethought, because partisan politics are not allowed in a national monument, at least according to my understanding of the law.

It was particularly amusing to read the objections of Edward Lawler Jr. of the Independence Hall Association to the loss of historical accuracy. The result of his team's work was the removal of Robert Morris from the story of his own house. This is odd, considering Morris was the only famous Philadelphian to live there after 1776. The whole tribe of so-called "experts" has now provided Morris with the distinction of being the only signer of the Declaration, Articles of Confederation, or Constitution whose house is commemorated in a national park, and yet who is not an official topic of discussion.

Rob Morris, Westtown


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