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Source: Changing Skyline (blog)
Date: February 28, 2007
Byline: Inga Saffron

And This Just In...

Locals Kelly/Maiello beat out four other teams to win the commission for a memorial honoring the first American president's house and the slaves who were forced to live there. It was a nearly impossible assignment. But, given the complexities and rancor that has accompanied this patch of history, their memorial was easily the best of the five submissions, both in terms of content and design. Still, you have to wonder how those blank, brick columns, which represent the house's chimneys, are going to look to people approaching the mall from the west. They're meant to hold some of the video and audio equipment that will be incorporated into the memorial. In general, that corner is already pretty crammed up with stuff, so it's going to take some real finesse to make the memorial not look like kitsch.


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