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Source: Press Release
Date: March 28, 2002
Byline: State Representative Michael Horsey, 190th Legislative District, Philadelphia County

Horsey wants slave quarters marked at future Liberty Bell site

HARRISBURG, March 28 - Thanks to a resolution from state Rep. Mike Horsey, D-Phila., the House of Representatives is urging the National Park Service to erect a permanent commemorative plaque recognizing the site of the slave quarters on the future site of the Liberty Bell pavilion.

Horsey's resolution unanimously passed the House on Tuesday. The representative introduced the measure after learning a portion of the site for the planned Liberty Bell Pavilion in Philadelphia is located on the historic grounds of the residence of Presidents George Washington and John Adams, which included slave quarters. The property, which was called President's House, was the official residence of the chief executive prior to the construction of the White House.

"History should not be lost and we should stand in reverence of our past," said Horsey. "This plaque is important to our history as an educational marker for each visitor to the Liberty Bell and all future generations.

"The Liberty Bell became famous when abolitionists fighting to rid the nation of slavery adopted it as their symbol and sounding inspiration," he said.

Besides calling for a plaque to be installed, the resolution requests that work continue to recognize the significance of this historic site in connection to the history of the city, state and nation.

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