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Source: MyFox Philadelphia
Date: July 31, 2007
Byline: Bruce Gordon

History is Becoming an Easy Sell!

The archeological dig at 5th and Market — site of the nation's first presidential mansion — has turned out to be the surprise tourist attraction of the year.

Over the past four months, nearly three hundred thousand visitors have come here to peer into the foundation of the home where George Washington conducted the nation's affairs...while nine African slaves tended to his every need.

Irene Coard visits twice a week. So what goes through her mind when she sees the site? "Well, that the truth is now out," she says.

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The 'president's house' was ceremoniously closed on this day — the site will be covered to protect it, and later reopened as a permanent attraction of its own.

Yet another reason for tourists to come to Philadelphia, and stay awhile.


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