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Source: Press Release
Date: July 9, 2002
Byline: Rebecca Kirszner

Fattah Law Requires Park Service To Pay Tribute To Slaves

Independence Park Must Commemorate Slavery

WASHINGTON, DC - The Appropriations Committee today passed an amendment instructing the National Park Service to appropriately commemorate the existence of the first Executive Mansion and the slaves who worked in it during the first years of our democracy.

Offered by Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA), this legislation also requires the Director of the National Park Service to submit a report to the Committee in less than a year that details the actions taken at Independence National Historic Park to properly address and resolve this issue.

"Today, Congress has called on the National Park Service to appropriately recognize that slavery did indeed happen at the Independence Park Site," said Congressman Fattah. "It is time to acknowledge what has happened in our Nation's past."

This morning, the entire Appropriations Committee voted unanimously for the Fattah amendment to the Department of Interior's 2003 Appropriations bill. The Committee oversees the National Park Service.


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