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Source: July 3, 2003
Date: July 3, 2003
Byline: Michael Coard

Black Independence Day Flier and Position Paper


JULY 3, 2003
4:00 P.M.

For more details, call or e-mail ATAC AVENGING THE ANCESTORS COALITION) at 215/552-8714 or

And for background info, please read the Position Paper on the other side:


What ATAC Wants:

ATAC (Avenging The Ancestors Coalition) wants a culturally dignified, historically complete, physically dramatic, and timely installed and/or timely presented commemorative project, as well as other permanent memorializing acknowledgments- with substantive and ongoing input from the African American community- to honor primarily the eight Africans who were brutally enslaved by President George Washington at America's first "White House," which was located in Philadelphia near the current Sixth and Market Streets site of the new Liberty Bell pavilion.

In addition to honoring those eight, the installation and other acknowledgments are to honor all Africans who contributed mightily to America. Moreover, ATAC wants Independence National Historical Park (INHP) to formally and assertively petition Congress for the total funding necessary for the entire project and acknowledgments. ATAC also wants INHP to incorporate into this project the fundamental story of the indigenous people (i.e., the city's original inhabitants) as told by historians selected by the indigenous people themselves.

Why ATAC Wants It:

ATAC wants the commemorative project and other permanent memorializing acknowledgments because justice demands that. Justice demands that because our ancestors died for America in all of its wars, because our ancestors contributed to America with hundreds of indispensable inventions and discoveries, and because our ancestors had their culture, religion, language, families, homelands, lives, and even status as humans ruthlessly, violently, and viciously stripped from them for three centuries by America (and other European-based slave trading countries) in a manner that no other ethnic group has ever experienced in the entire history of humankind.

ATAC also wants that project and other acknowledgments because they are an essential part of the history of the Liberty Bell, which, by the way, did not receive its worldwide acclaim until the anti-slavery forces in the 1830s adopted it as their symbol.

What Is ATAC:

ATAC is a broad based coalition of African community activists, elected officials, historians, civic leaders, religious leaders, media personalities, lawyers, businessmen/women, and other tax-paying voters who are the descendants of the victims of the greatest holocaust in the history of humankind.

ATAC is the coalition that spearheaded the ongoing letter writing campaign of more than 1,000 letters to INHP and that led the ongoing petition drive of more than 2,000 signatures. ATAC is the coalition that organized more than 700 protesters at the July 3, 2002 Liberty Bell demonstration and provided substantial information to the House Appropriations Committee that helped result in a congressional amendment to the Interior Department budget calling for the "appropriate commemoration" of the aforementioned enslaved Africans. And ATAC is the coalition that has the active support of the Legislative Black Caucus of PA and the Black Elected Officials of Philadelphia.

For more information, contact Michael Coard, Esquire at The Bowser Law Center at 215/552-8714 or at


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