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Are You a Descendant of a Member of the Washington or Adams Presidential Household?

Who Has Responded to This Page?

  • A descendant of Washington Custis (who lived here with his grandmother Martha Washington and step-grandfather).
  • A woman who believes she is descended from one of Washington Custis's slaves.
  • A man who believes that he may be descended from James and Fanny Hurley (footman and housemaid) — who met in the New York presidential household, married, and continued to work in Philadelphia.
  • A descendant of John Adams.
  • An elder of the Potawatomi tribe, whose direct ancestor was entertained by Washington at the house.
  • The historian for the Chickasaw Nation, who allowed us to post his article, Chickasaws Visit President Washington (1794)
  • Descendants of residents from the house after the capital moved to Washington, D.C.
  • No descendants of the 9 enslaved persons of African descent or the indentured servants have written, although Mount Vernon knows of several.
  • And, three descendants of Robert Morris.

The Independence Hall Association (owners of is assembling a list of descendants of the members of the Washington and Adams presidential households (1790-1800): office staff, household staff, indentured servants and the nine enslaved persons of African descent in Washington's household. If you are or think you are a descendant, we are eager to hear from you. The President's House commemoration project is underway and we would like to speak to as many descendants of the households as possible.

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