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Note: The Petition has been discontinued. These are the 1,119 entries we received from March 31, 2002 through May 1, 2003
I have lived in the Philadelphia area for all my life, but it wasn't until recently that I learned about the President's House and the slaves that Washington held here. Surely the National Park Service should have informed the public of this. We should all write our Congressmen and Congresswomen and see that a proper memorial is built. And the bathroom should be torn down immediately! What a sacrilege that it was ever built on the spot where Washington and Adams had their White House. And that it's taken 50 years for the National Park Service to do something about it.
D.F. Holly, Trappe, PA [05-01-2003]

How can we promote freedom, justice, and LIBERTY without the truth? Leviticus 25:10 "Proclaim Liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." This means the end of the oppression ! For ALL ! I hope the truth is told to everyone so that everyone receives this overcoming victory. You have overcome!
staceymagill, dallasHow can we [05-01-2003]

I hate to think of Presidents house NOT being commemorated. The stories of our past give us insight into who we are and where we come from. They help us shape our futures. I am in favor of remembering the slaves that served Washington. They were people, and deserve to be honored for their role in our history. I am also in favor of telling the stories of the various other residents.
terri, lakeland FL [05-01-2003]

I see no negative comments about your cause which causes me to believe that mine would not be posted so why bother.
Laural averne [04-26-2003]

I would really like to know why the the primary focus of this landmark seems to have become the slavery issue? Why does the neccessity of creating a tribute to Oney and Hercules, individual victims caught up in an unfortunant moment, outstrip the neccessity of recognizing those individuals who's efforts would later allow the descendants of those victims live a free and prosperous life, such as Robert Morris and Thomas Jefferson. I think that the major focus of this house should be the historical figures who made a difference, and laid the groundwork for the great nation we are today, and I do not mean the imported labor.
anonymous [04-26-2003]

I OPPOSE a prominent incorporation of the slave memorial. I ACCEPT an ancillary slave exhibit/memorial. With race hypersensitivity today, I do not want childrens' first impression of the liberty bell/Washington to have negative connotations. We need positive symbols in our culture; we are ever more quick to cut them down these days. Pretty soon, we won't have any positive symbols or ideals. Sometimes full disclosure (at the outset) is counter-productive.
W Warner [04-26-2003]

Please make the history of the U.S. available without taking out God and our founding fathers' belief in God! Thanks in Advance.
anonymous, Kansas [04-24-2003]

Allison Davis, Gloucester, Massachusetts [04-24-2003]

Perhaps a recreation of the house inside the Pavillon would be the thing to do!
Eric Staudt, Bally, Pa. [04-15-2003]

Cyrena Terricone [04-10-2003]

Lauren [04-10-2003]

It is very important to preserve the history of Philadelphia- Please preserve.
Suzanne McCartney [04-10-2003]

Heather, Lenoir NC 28645 [04-09-2003]

kati [04-09-2003]

It just goes to show once again that mankind, no matter how educated he thinks he is, has no judgement between right or wrong. Modern day society has chosen malls to shop in as their priorty and public bathrooms for those shoppers as being worth every effort in taking their dollar. We have much to learn regarding why we are here on earth. It appears now, I hear, that Washington's picture is being removed from public buildings in favor of more "appropriate figures" of a more recent past.
Mike Lawerence, New York [04-09-2003]

I came across your site on the internet several months ago while looking up information on Philadelphia for a family trip. I was fascinated by the site and embarassed to say I knew nothing about the issue. After raising my children I went back to school to become a teacher. I could not believe someone who wanted to teach social studies was so ignorant. I learned so much from your site that I developed a series Of lesson plans using the letters to the editor on your site. This summer when I am interviewed for jobs I will take along my lesson plans on the President's House. I will endeaver to make sure the next generation of Americans is not as ignorant about this historical place as my generation is.
charleene martens, Harford Pa [04-04-2003]

jared [04-02-2003]

Katelyn [04-02-2003]

All Americans who played an important part in the shaping of our country, regardless of race, sex or status, should be honored.
Sharon M. Hayes, Lawrence, KS [04-02-2003]

I notice that the National Park Service's designs for the President's House do not show the slave quarters. How can they get away with this? The lives of the slaves are as much a part of that piece of ground as Washington's or Adams's. The National Park Service should be required to show the slave quarters, even though they're just outside the Liberty Bell Building. Why are they building this new building on top of the President's House anyway?
natalie shambaugh, Oakton, VA [04-02-2003]

I have been trying for years to get George Washington's "Urban Plantation" rebuilt. It is a cultural crime that this site that for the first 10 years of this Republic ( home to both President George Washington and President John Adams) is thought of so poorly by Philadelphians. Do you know what has been occupying this significant plot of American history for over 50 years? - this hollowed land now serves as the woman toilets for visitors to the Liberty Bell ! If this location were rebuilt, tourists would be able to see the original "White House" and the original Upper and Lower Houses of Congress (Independence Hall). Yes, of course the slave quarters should also be rebuilt ! Slavery was a part of American history. Though, it would be foolish to rebuild the slavery quarters without the Presidents' home - this was the first White House, the first Executive mansion. Thirty years ago, the Park Service rebuilt the Graff House at 7th and Market Streets, why shouldn't the house that served the first two U.S. Presidents be rebuilt? For those that believe that the United States' form of government is just and good, then the land where the First Executive Mansion once stood should be seen as sacred and the mansion should be rebuilt. People should begin to care about preservation of icons of our Constitution.
Douglas, Philadelphia area [04-02-2003]

Jordan Orosz [04-02-2003]

Stacie, Homestead,Florida [03-14-2003]

i am sure i am not the only one that is bothered by the fact that a toilet has sat on the first location of the executive branch of our government for the past 50 some years. this great city has plenty of interesting stories to tell regarding the early days of our nation's history. although i have some reservations about a rebuilding a replica, i think commerating the site is long, long overdue.
p. georgelos, broomall, pa [03-14-2003]

GOD Bless America
James Yeager, Louisville [03-14-2003]

i agree to the commemorate the President's House.
peter vacchiano, 1016 prince st., taylor pa 18517 [03-01-2003]

Who dictated the ill-chosen word "controversy" for this project? After ruling out replication of The President's House (inspite of replication of The Declaration [Graff] House nearby), you allow the patriot only ONE option--the "footprint". Comments reveal "we, the people..." and friends of our nation want a whole lot more--ALL aspects of our precious heritage preserved and the WHOLE story told. Indeed, these are stories that need to be told about those who lived at The President's House. Like the rest of us, theirs are as much about human foibles and failures as of human greatness, of choices good and bad, of matters that had no quick fix--and the young nation survived--because of them and inspite of them. It is AWESOME this system of government--it "works". EMBRACE it! EDUCATE those who come! ENLIGHTEN and EXCITE us! Back to your drawing boards, "the footprint" is lazy gesture. THINK ABOUT IT! A roller and paint,like striping a parking lot--to outline a site as important as The President's House and adjacent to a WORLD HERITAGE SITE! heritage and part of our national pride. It is the story of human foibles and failures as much as it is the story of human greatness. --and the nation survived. EMBRACE ALL of it, as here, with the people who lived in The President's House, are stories that need to be told. They underscore how truly great the system of government created at this World Heritage Site, that is our heritage! Your plan is pathetic, a mere "footprint"--what an unimpressive and lazy gesture! "Something is better than nothing", as the saying goes, but now that the truth comes to light, the LEAST (you think you can get away with doing)is not good enough. BACK TO YOUR DRAWING BOARDS! EDUCATE our present and future generations! ENGAGE their minds, their emotions, their hearts, and souls! The stories of the people who lived in The President's House need to be told, in such manner that history comes alive and is remembered. It is as much the story of human foibles and failures as it is of human greatness. It is intensely human (and in my opinion, no more so than at the site of the birth of our nation). Surely you can do a whole lot better than just a "footprint". The young especially, seem to need more visual, interactive experiences. For that reason I like the idea of re-creating the house, each room presenting a scenario of one of these stories--THINK what might have been said in each one. Live actors? Mannequins with audio/motion capability? Slide presentation w/audio? CONSIDER crowd flow in historical time sequence; i.e., Liberty Bell commemorating William Penn, to Independence Hall and the ideas and controversies leading to the signing of our most important documents, and then to The Presidents House and their leadership of the emerging nation, fraught with their own, very personal implications of how to live with and by what they created! IMMERSE the visitor in our history, FEEL it, EXPERIENCE it! Let them be AWED by it--awed that these colonists had their own foibles and frustrations, as human as you and I--and could still make this new government "work" for all--not perfect, but better than any the world has ever known.
Nancy Whitley, Arizona [03-01-2003]

We have lost too many important historical landmarks to threaten any more in the future, please support our cause for a piece of unknown American history which has been all but forgotten in the UK for 120 years. Our Website can be found at We need your support!
John Allen, Dallas [03-01-2003]

Please consider marking the footprint of the President's House including its slave quarters in the paving of the entrance plaza to the Liberty Bell Center.
Rosalie, New Jersey [03-01-2003]

Rev. Thorpe, washington state [03-01-2003]

It is so important to tell of diverse history. Our future depends on knowing the whole story, not just part of it.
K. Meyer, Denver, CO [02-24-2003]

Michael, San Francisco, California [02-23-2003]

Now is a time when we can affect the ability of future generations of Americans to understand better their history and the ideals for which their forefathers died as well as the future influx of generations of immigrants who will call this land home in knowing not only the scarce physical remnants of a time which shaped our country but in embellishing and re-creating the unfortunate loss, whether intentional or not, of invaluable landmarks to our nations heritage. Thus can we perhaps foster the understanding and yearning for LIBERTY which our forefathers died for and we are obligated to preserve.
Gregory Gibson, San Francisco, California [02-23-2003]

Let's not sweep history under the rug, or under the Liberty Bell Pavilion. It's important that Americans know about Washington's slaves, as well as the other occupants (GWashington, John Adams, B. Arnold, Gen. Howe, etc) of the Robert Morris House. It's also vital that we realize that our heroes had flaws, much like those who seek elected office today. Let's not make tourism more important than history, which is the reason that Americans want to visit Philadelphia's historic district.
Richard Cullen, California [02-22-2003]

We bring high school students to that very site every other year. I think this will be a great addition/improvemnt. we will be there next month (Spring Break 2003) and will inspect the changes since 2001.
Stu Burgess, Oregon [02-21-2003]

It just goes to show once again that mankind, no matter how educated he thinks he is, has no judgement between right or wrong. Modern day society has chosen malls to shop in as their priorty and public bathrooms for those shoppers as being worth every effort in taking their dollar. We have much to learn regarding why we are here on earth. It appears now, I hear, that Washington's picture is being removed from public buildings in favor of more "appropriate figures" of a more recent past. We would not have a "more recent past" nor any future without the original framers of country and government. We seem to be stomping on, grinding into and yes, forgive me, sh...... on all historical figures these days. You cannot erase the past regarding slave-holding, etc. because behavior and beliefs were of that day and over time have evolved into today's thoughts and beliefs. Education and an open mind has been the road to evolution. Future times will be able to prove and display our ignorance as well. Today's mentality is stuck on the individual, my rights, my share, my fence, my yard, my dollar and on and on. My faith is in the future generations but only if they are not educated by today's mentality. In the future, those folks will have awoke to the fact that it's we, it's ours, we are responsible for each other, we are all related. They will ask, "what's best for all?". All this being said, what folly or ignorance lurks in the minds of mankind to bury a national site, to ignore an extremely important site such as the original presidential home and slave quarters. Enlighten all of the historical significance of this site! Tear down the public bathroom and put the commemorative area there! If not done, we should surely be slapped into oblivion for our degrading ways. Having grown up in Chicago and witnessed the city, to my horror, tear down beautiful buildings of past distinction and replace them with modern day junk, I surely believed other cities had more foresight, especially cities much older than Chicag
Alma De Fina [02-20-2003]

Our history is special; let's not lose it.
N. Z., Philadelphia, PA [02-19-2003]

These quarters should be presevered if not for us then for future generations to learn the true and see it first had. I feel it will be another blow to us as a nation if still can't give credit where it is due even if it only for us to learn where we came from and to know where have to go.
Tasha, germantown [02-19-2003]

We need these historic sites to preserve our history and future!
Michael Banak, Pennsylvania [02-19-2003]

I lived in Philadelphia for 6 years. It is a very historic city that is a national treasure for the entire nation. I do not understand from the information here what is stopping the proper and COMPLETE (i.e. slave quarters and all) inclusion of this historic site?? Look at the modern building that houses the Liberty Bell today. It was not there in 1971 and now it will be removed for a better building! The modern building that will house the Bell they are planning will suffer the same fate. So we are to accept the loss of one of the most historic sites in our history for, what is at the end of the day, a very temporary building??? Do they really think this new Bell building will be there in 200 years? Let's balance the significance here, please. There must be some creative way to achieve all. Look to Williamsburg for the model that ignoring the African-American and slavery part of our history is telling a half-story, a Disney version. Williamsburg is finally waking up to this silence and correcting this. We cannot change the past but we can set the future. Please incorporate the slave quarters into the plan. They were there first. Thank you for listening.
Katherine Flynn, Loveland, OH [02-12-2003]

I wonder if "U. S. History" would be as anxious to commemorate the President's House if slaves hadn't lived there... Having read other items on their website, I doubt that we would have been made aware of the toilet vs. The President's House otherwise.
kelly bachman, south bend, indiana [02-12-2003]

Preserve this history. Tell the stories of the slaves as well as the presidents. This will be more meaningful to many people than the Liberty Bell!
Harriet H. Crane, Haverford PA [02-12-2003]

Shame on the NPS! Here is a prime opportunity to reconstruct an historic structure and provide interpretation with real people. Ditch the "modern" design! Begin with an archiological excavation {with interpretation} and proceed from there.
Sandra Wright, Hedgesville, WV. [02-12-2003]

This house should most certainly be commemorated, if not rebuilt.
G. Andrew Meschter, Germany [02-12-2003]

Preserve & Protect our national heritage.
Shane Morgan, Seattle, WA [02-10-2003]

Our nation's history is important because we need to know how we became a country. We must keep that history alive.
Jacob Kaminski, Milton,Wisconsin [02-10-2003]

Brett Hopkins [02-10-2003]

Fred Taylor, Kennett Square, PA [02-05-2003]

OK yeah sure I'll sign. I love History. And to me that sounds like a landmark. That's a shame that it is no longer standing. Hope that enough people sign.
Allyson, Houston, Texas [02-05-2003]

Preserve our history and perpetually bring it alive at all costs!
David A. Parmerlee, Maryland [02-05-2003]

Esther and Robert Berkow, Fort Washington, PA [02-05-2003]

As a historical interpreter in downtown Philadelphia, I strongly feel that the entire history of this site be honestly presented to the public for their understanding. It is an insult to think that the general public would not be able to "process" this information. The institution of slavery is as much a part of our history as President Washington was, and the full history of this particular site should be presented in the new interpretation.
William Ochester, Philadelphia [02-05-2003]

As a former resident of greater Philadelphia and now a United States history teacher, I would like to see the house recreated, much like the Graff House. I think it would be an important tourist destination for families from around the nation. I would like to see the lives of ALL its residents commemorated there.
anonymous [02-03-2003]

It's part of our history so it should be preserved.
Shanese I. Johnson, Esq., Elkins Park, PA [02-03-2003]

As a resident of the city that eventually became the capital of our country, I am shocked that a city as great as Philadelphia is ignoring one of the most historic sites in our nation's history. This should be an embarrassment for all those involved in the "hiding" of this American landmark. I beg of you, please, for the sake of my children and my children's children, allow this site to be recognized in future generations. How can we expect our children to respect and care about our past if we don't?
Charles Ludwig, Washington D.C. [02-03-2003]

If you tell the story of the President's house, please tell the whole story which should include commemorating the slaves who lived there.
Joann Cliggett, Rockledge, PA [02-03-2003]

Janette Finley Carr, Milford, PA [02-03-2003]

our history is important and should be pasted to all future generations.
james martin, phila. [01-29-2003]

The stories of the slaves, especially those who took action to improve their lot, and those who managed to escape must be told. The heroic stories about residents of the Presidents' house have been well publicized. It's time we heard "The rest of the story" to borrow a phrase from an old time radio commentator.
Burton Seiwell, Nuremburg, PA [01-29-2003]

Do the right thing. Why must we constantly deny who we are and our history? Owning it is the only way we will become reconciled.
anonymous [01-29-2003]

I am absolutely in favor of bringing to the light of day for the current and future generations the full story of the President's House! An outline of the footprint is necessary. The full story of life in that house especially of our first two presidents must be told! We must stop paving over things literally and figurtively! How could we possibly rebury the icehouse that we so recently uncovered?
Jay Buckwalter, Havertown, PA [01-26-2003]

It's our heritage and should be preserved. George Washington lived and worked in this house as the first president of the greatest country this world has ever seen. There is no question in my mind that it should be rebuilt.
Barry Virtue, Collegeville, PA [01-25-2003]

gigi boettcher [01-25-2003]

How sad we missed the opportunity to save this vital icon of our history in the 1930s due to sheer ignorance. To let it happen again through apathy would be a crime!
Mary Kivlin, West Chester, Pa. [01-25-2003]

This site is an important part of our nation's early history. It should be preserved as it was then, not as some revisionist (so called) historian would like to see it now.
Barry Elkins, East Brunswick, NJ [01-23-2003]

This home is an integral part of our history. We must not let it escape us.
Christopher S. Sells, Manassas, VA [01-22-2003]

John E. Davis, pHILA, pA [01-22-2003]

The footprints of the President's house and slave quarters should be preserved. That there still remains a debate regarding such preservation is to me unimaginable. How sadly ironic that those intent on preserving our nation's history would destroy the same in their efforts.
Rhonda Jones Levy [01-20-2003]

History has to be passed on or it will fade away. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. So much of it is already gone so I would like to see us save whatever is left.
Betty O'Haver, North Carolina [01-20-2003]

I feel that something should be done to commemorate the Presidents House.
Frank Eick [01-20-2003]

As a history teacher, I see that it is increasingly important to retain and preserve our actual links to America's past. My middle school students notice and question the ironic issues of "Liberty" proclaimed throughout U.S. history. Since the textbooks give little notice to these issues, a major public site accessible virtually, will be a critical step in acknowledging both the conflict and evolving definition of "Freedom."
Joy Catania, Erie, PA [01-20-2003]

Gary L. Stevens [01-17-2003]

I feel the preservation and telling of African American History as it pretains to the earliest days of the founding of The Republic is an important and vital activity which we should undertake. We need to heal past injustices and together build a better, and ever evolving American Democracy, for ourselves, and be an example to the World for true Liberty and Order. This would be a true testomony to the genuine Spirit and ideas of Washington. Next time you visit Washington DC pay a visit to the Capitol Building and look straight upward inside of the Rotunda. You will see an amazing memorial, The Apotheosis of George Washington in the eye of the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol painted in the true fresco technique by Constantino Brumidi in 1865. Let us honor Washington and hostory in similar way here in Philadelphia also!
J.G. Roberts, Suburban Bucks Co. [01-17-2003]

Alex Jarymovych, Philadelphia [01-17-2003]

It's a untenable that a public bathroom now occupies the location of such an historically significant location. The spot should be commemorated.
Paul Lamont, Lockport, NY [01-17-2003]

Darcy Ruby [01-17-2003]

anonymous [01-17-2003]

Including the history of the slaves' quartes being located at the same site of the new monument commemorating liberty will only add to the richness and significance of the monument.
anonymous [01-17-2003]

Both because of its importance to the history of the early Republic, and because it makes clear the troubling contradictions present from the very beginning in our nation's attitudes towards "liberty and justice for all", I strongly support the idea of commemorating the President's House and the slaves who lived there by marking the footprint of the house and its outbuildings. We have a unique and irreplaceable opportunity to incorporate this aspect of our early history into the ambitious building projects now going on near Independence Hall. The expense is worth it -- we should do this educational project right, while we have the chance, and show that Philadelphia once again can be pioneering in proclaiming equal justice for all -- in this case all parts of the historical truth.
Catherine Bancroft, Merion Station, PA [01-17-2003]

All of our history should be preserved for future generations!
Marilyn Christine [01-17-2003]

I'm not sure I understand resistance to marking the site appropriately. All other buildings that were part of the capitol complex are appropriately marked and interpreted. Perhaps the NPS fears that the inflamatory commentary written about the location of the slave quarters would incite rabble-rousers to choose to convert the site into a forum for civil unrest rather than patriotism. Wisdom would seem to indicate the opposite, that arguments against the historical account of the spread of American Liberty would cease to hold water if the site were appropriately marked. As it is, the site is notable as the only place swept not only under the rug, but under the toilet. Marking the site would be an opportunity to recount the Liberty Bell's most prominent role in history as the icon that inspired the abolition of slavery, even when the adopted Declaration and first Constitution failed to do so. It should be left to the individual whether to view our nation's record on slavery as irrevokably tainted by historic atrocities, or as an inspiring tribute to the first nation in history ever to end slavery. But what harm can be done by presenting the facts, explaining the controversy, and letting folks draw their own conclusions? It's time to stop apologizing for true history and start recounting how we as a people and a nation overcame the social evils of the past, peacefully when possible and violently, when necessary. Haven't we forgiven England's ancestors for oppressing our ancestors? Then why can't we forgive each other's ancestors for oppressing one another? Chattle slavery was an evil that has victimized all whom it touched, oppressor and oppressee. Our nation ended slavery long ago, but the wounds will never heal until we mature enough to stop blaming the living innocent for the sins of those long dead. The NPS has an historic opportunity to facilitate such healing by providing an explanation of the scourge of the slave economy at the site that inspired its abolition. Do the current conservators of Independence Hall still posess the idealism and resolve for which its other occupants have been so widely renowned?
Rich Hall, [01-17-2003]

Amy, Allentown [01-09-2003]

Cicely Jeffries, Voorhees, NJ [01-08-2003]

joy duckett [01-08-2003]

Ambrose F. Duckett, III [01-08-2003]

Amelia, virginia [01-08-2003]

too much of African American memory has been deleted. Don't erase our history that is now in our back yard.
Sharon Jones, Philadelphia, pa [01-08-2003]

Though having ancestral connections with Robert Morris, an owner of the building, my reasons for wishing the Park Service to commemorate the site of the executive residence on Market Street, and to publicise its history, are not purely personal. This country, especially in the aftermath of 11 September 2001, needs very much to renew its sense of history and, in doing so, to rediscover "the tie that binds." We cannot make good on all that was promised at the beginnings of our history unless we are always reminded of what those beginnings were. The Park Service should be much commended for the work now under construction, as I have very recently seen it, on both sides of Market Street. And it should be encouraged to do more. The cost of marking the site of the executive residence and of telling its story, a chapter in the difficult epic of our passage from bondage to freedom, would be as nothing at all compared to the value gained.
Jack Marler, St. Louis, Missouri [01-07-2003]

Those of us whose ancestral history may seem a little unpleasant to some, deserve to have that history preserved and accounted for as well as those whose ancestry is not as unpleasant. Perhaps guilt or maybe shame may be the otive for covering up the truth. Let us remember that the "truth shall set us free."
Adele Nutter, Philadelphia, PA [01-06-2003]

Growing up in Philadelphia, I have a great pride in the history of the city where our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were penned. I think that it is imperative for furture generations that all parts of the history of this Nation, and the City are preserved. We have gone to great lengths to preserve the home-site of Ben Franklin, even showing the archeological digs and preserving them in concrete viewing areas. Should we do no less for the first Presidential Mansion? Many probably still don't know that Philadelphia served as the capitol of the newly formed United States and this structure (foundation) should be preserved as a national treasure.
Richard C. Vause Jr, Philadelphia, PA [01-06-2003]

All parts of the countrys history should be preserved as much as possible
John Barnard [01-05-2003]

To ignore or minimize the history of slavery is to change the history of our country. Slaves help build this country and they deserve aknowledgement in the mainstream historical venue
dwight miller [01-05-2003]

It is very important for Americans of all races to understand it's history. The construction of Washingtons residence is instrumental in understanding the contradictions inherent in the ideals of freedom in America. Help with the understanding by constructing the Washington residence as well as the slave quarters.
J Beale, Philadelphia, Pa. [01-05-2003]

“One faith, one people, one struggle." Absalom Jones
Gregory J. Allen, Philadelphia, PA [01-05-2003]

As an African American I truly hope that the New Liberty Bell Pavillion will accomodate both sides of this story.
Samuel Barham, Philadelphia, PA [01-05-2003]

It is important to remember this American site in Philadelphia since it is part of our historical past.
Serline Lisondra, Philadelphia, PA [01-04-2003]

History that is not saved, is lost. Don't make the U.S. lose any more of it's history! Mary Rowell
Mary Rowell, Lake Mary, FL [01-04-2003]

It's a piece of our history. We must remember it. Please mark the footprint of the President's House.
Shirley Lisondra, Philadelphia, PA [01-04-2003]

Cindy, Las Cruces, NM 88001 [01-04-2003]

Tammy Jackson, Northeast philadelphia [01-04-2003]

Be American!..This is our beloved President's house! Cherish it, Love it, save it!......Pat Davidson
Robert Patrick Davidson, Ohio [01-02-2003]

I think that it's good what the people of Philadelphia are doing to save our history. THANK YOU!
David Townsend, Philadelphia, Pennslyvania [01-02-2003]

David Absher, Indiana [01-02-2003]

All facts about this great nation should be told, and remembered, good or bad, and let the people interpret them for themselves.
Kevin Evanski, Scranton, Pennslyvania [01-02-2003]

america, i hope you keep your part of the'd better make sure all these people keep liberty the way it's supposed to be and vice-versa without being cut down at any point... and ireally mean it,too!
james sperbeck, bay city michiganamerica [12-28-2002]

anything we can do to preserve our history and honor our forefathers whether slaves or soldiers is a step in the right direction
phyllis dyer, albuquerque new mexico [12-27-2002]

Shannon Lynn Sheehan, Philadelphia (kensington) [12-27-2002]

Mark the location historic!
Ed Battista [12-26-2002]

Eric Davidson, Miami, FL [12-25-2002]

Douglas Fetters, Los Angeles, CA [12-23-2002]

Vanessa J Morris, Philadelphia, PA [12-22-2002]

As a former tour guide in Philadelphia and someone who has studied the city's history for many years, I feel that the President's House footprint would be the least that could be done for visitors to the historic district. Philly is well know as a city that destroys its historical treasures. Let's try to bring something back for a change.
Robert J. Moran, near Tampa, Florida [12-22-2002]

How can you change the appearance of a piece of American History? I think it should be left the exact same way it has been for years
Anthony Hanifen, Sparks, NV [12-18-2002]

keep it the way it is
ryan, palm harbor florida [12-18-2002]

We the people of these "united states" would like to have the opportunity of interpreting history for ourselves. .Give us the facts and let us decide what is good, what is bad, what in fact did happen. Historians are like movie critics, they tell us what they thought of the event, this is their opinion of what we have yet to see.Give us the facts,let us go to the movies(historical sites),allow us to form our own thoughts. Too much history is destroyed in the name of progress, or is it in the name of embarrassement? Stupidity has a great deal to do with the destruction of history, as well as bribery and politics. Unfortunately history will continue to be changed, enhanced, or eliminated entirely because of someone's beliefs or embarrassements.General Douglas MacArthur was not the man of the hour,he did not earn his promotions his mother pushed others to give those promotins to him; the U.S.Cavalry were not always the good-guys and the Native Americans were not always the bad-guys. Give us the "Liberty" to form our opinion of the true historical facts or give us "Death" by covering up embarrassing incidents and non-truths. So much more needs to be said for all histories,for all peoples,for all time. True historians should speak-up for our future generations and preserve truth.And historical fact. Thank you for allowing me to say so little.
Warren Mac Donald, Los Angeles,California [12-18-2002]

Gregory R. Reed [12-15-2002]

I vote to acknowledge the location of Executive Mansion while this new contruction work is being done
Al & Dorothy Andrews, Ellwood City Pa [12-14-2002]

what were george washington's strenghts and time line
anonymous [12-14-2002]

Jenna Staggs, Dallas, TX [12-14-2002]

It maybe too late to save the building, but we may preserve the memory. As long as we remember, it lives.
Charles Garman, Jonestown, PA [12-14-2002]

This sounds like an inexpensive but expressive way to celebrate the first 10 years of the United States Presidency.
Ruth Brandt, Iowa [12-14-2002]

I was born in Philadelphia and have visited many times. I never knew where the Presidents house was located. Please do everything you can to preserve its memory in full. Liberty triumped over slavery. Why be afraid to point that out.
R Stephen Cramer, Zelienople, PA [12-14-2002]

Like everything in our history, good or bad, it can't be changed or ignored. It happened. Do the project as a learning tool for the benefit of all of us.
Barbara L Draper, Independence, Mo [12-08-2002]

I feel this project should go on. In the building of this country, good or bad, black or white, the history should be told for the benefit of all in this great nation.
Thomas J Draper, Independence, Mo [12-08-2002]

What occurred with our national government between 1790 and 1800 in Philadelphia is too important to be ignored. Asknowledging the location of Executive Mansion is the least that we can do to for that important period and location.
Michael E. Gherke, Ph.D., Glenville, WV [12-07-2002]

Robert R. King, Palisades Charter High School [12-07-2002]

Kirby Randolph, Philadelphia [12-07-2002]

We have a link to the enslaved people who served President and Mrs. Washington in Philadelphia. Martha's favorite servant, Ona Marie, escaped and lived the rest of her life in freedom, though still a fugitive, here on the coast of New Hampshire. We tell her story and encourage the National Park Service to include her and the other enslaved people in the story of America's first family.
Valerie Cunningham, Portsmouth, New Hampshire [12-07-2002]

I would hope that the Park Service recognizes the Exucutive Manner in a more meaningful and substantive way than just a couple of plaques and mark the footprint of the house.
Justin, Lexington, Ky [12-07-2002]

As long as there is an America we will be striving to understand how it was that such gifted men with so great a love for liberty committed such grievous an error as to found a democracy which embraced slavery. It is the great and enduring tragedy of America. The cradle of liberty is also the cradle of liberty denied. The mansion and quarters must be presented in an effort to increase public understanding.
Lacy Ward, Jr., tuskegee, al [12-07-2002]

Don't whitewash Washington!
Andrew Morris [12-07-2002]

I believe it is beneficial to us and our children to mark the footprint of the first White House in this way.
Kathy Ulisse, Readington Township NJ [12-07-2002]

I think that tracing the footsteps of the President's house is a wonderful idea. People deserve to look into their history as American citizens. We all should have the opportunity to feel what out ancestors felt all those years ago. It would be unfair for them to just forget the historical site and replace it with a new one.
Casandra Woolery, Tacoma, Washington [12-07-2002]

Save history for are children
Ashley, Georgia [12-05-2002]

The idea of inscribing slate paving seems to be non-interruptive of current construction plans, yet would provide more depth to the current "story" told by the Independence Park area exhibits. (I assume it would be similar to Franklin Court, which I love) Please consider this idea!
Anne Van Meter, Jenkintown Middle/High School (PA) [12-05-2002]

it should`nt have bend torn down in the frist place, that was piece of history . and they put bathroom on it how sick. to know that, it was land markfor are kids to see.
mary elizabeth corrigan, berklery, michigan [12-01-2002]

History needs to be preserved and this is important because it is the First White House.
Timothy Richardson, Lumberton, Texas [12-01-2002]

i think that this is a wonerful idea. i hope that everything works out for you.
ashley [12-01-2002]

Important historical testimonial forms as artitecture, natural venues, documents, memorabelia need scientific, archival and non-revisionist treatment. How can we know truth when it is transferred, removed, reconstituted or sanitized for popular consumption. We the people, I the individual want to know the when, how, where, what and reasoning for events. All facts when available must be included-even the unpalitable in order to be strong, compassionate, supportive and accepting of our own frailties and strenghts. We require this inorder to have a belief in: "We the People." I will be travelling to see the sites where this all began. Will I see what my forebears saw? Will my grandchildren and their great grandchildren be able to see the same?
anonymous [12-01-2002]

It is only in the preservation of our landmarks that we can share them with future generations. History is much better understood if one can actually witness first hand.
Nicholas Oranchak III, Johnson City, NY 13790 [11-27-2002]

madelyn keegan [11-27-2002]

it is disgraceful that they have gotten this far. stop them before the entire city is under concrete, and all we have is interpretation of history, not primary source history.
Beth Tischler, Cherry Hill, NJ [11-26-2002]

If the true request of this petition is to provide an "outline" and a description of the President's House in Philly - - this seems the easiest of many requests - - we don't need to rebuild - indeed, we cannot - - however, let us have a "full" rememberance of the role that Philadelphia played in the early/ beginning times of our country.
Dorothy Vaughan, Buckingham, PA [11-25-2002]

The city makes money, thanks to a slave headquaters, and slaves never made a dollar thanks to our "four fathers".
Terez Lee, Ft. lauderdale, FL [11-25-2002]

Jeri Kelley, Pleasant Grove, Utah [11-25-2002]

It is so important to keep as much of our history intact as possible. For us and future generations.
Bob Davis, Boron california [11-24-2002]

Kimberly Goring [11-24-2002]

Becca [11-24-2002]

Christine Sullivan [11-24-2002]

grandfather used to relate tales of a ancestor,who fought at tha Battle of Germantown!never was sure if name was johannes or nicholas
jozeph weierbach, New York State [11-21-2002]

Please recognize the historical importance of the Washington/Adams house foundation in teaching future generations about these men and their impact on Philadelphia and the US.
Deborah Austin, Taylors, SC [11-21-2002]

this is so cool
Brand mckenzie, grantsville md [11-21-2002]

Abigail Brazina, Philadelphia, PA [11-20-2002]

Jennifer Sollenberger, Mechanicsburg, PA [11-18-2002]

Lil Hendry, Stroudsburg, Pa message: [11-16-2002]

I think that all history should be kept standing.
Amanda, Florida [11-15-2002]

Mike Faris [11-15-2002]

I think you should do whatever you want but pay for it without using the peoples money. If you want it done then get the government to pay for it out of their own pocket.
forgot it, 16 of Ainsworth Nebraska [11-15-2002]

Please save our history!
Tony Peterman, Atlanta, GA [11-15-2002]

As a teacher, I find it extremely important that students (whom I often take on historical trips to Philadelphia) not be denied the full and honest extent of their nation's history. I present my students with an honest portrayal of their country from its birth to present day, and by not commemmorating the President's House and slaves who lived there, the city of Philadelphia is denying American citizens a tangible and honest tie to the city's and the nation's history.
Michelle Stanbro, New Jersey [11-15-2002]

Kelric N. jimenez, Colorado Springs Colorado [11-13-2002]

History will forever be history, you can not change that.
Derek, Minnesota [11-13-2002]

I agree completely. This house was very much a part of our early history and should be interpreted. What a shame that it had to be destroyed in the first place. 0
Margaret A. Anthony, Greensburg, Pennsylvania [11-13-2002]

Patriotism is the most important duty we have...
Mandy Nichols [11-13-2002]

History can not be remade
anonymous, Indiana [11-12-2002]

Patricia Baker [11-11-2002]

The mark left by the people who lived in the President's House is permanent, why shouldn't the mark left by this site be permanent?
K.L. [11-10-2002]

Great idea
John Montgomerie, Los Angeles [11-08-2002]

I would encourage you to take advantage of the knowledge of this historical sight, and memorialize it for future generations. The proposed memorial sounds to me to be practical and effective in giving joy and information to multiple thousands of people who love our nation and it's history. Thank you. Jone Branum
Jone Branum, Texas [11-06-2002]

They should have done this a long time ago!
Crystal, Elizabethtown, PA [11-04-2002]

When my fourth grade daughter was given an assignment on Pres. Washington, we began exploring the internet for info. I was amazed at the info on the "first white house"! Thank you for working on making this a historical site. It is worth doing.
Jamie Beam, Friendsville TN [11-03-2002]

i would love to sign the petiton to tell that as long as i have lived in philadelphia i have loved to stop and do down to old philadelphia and see all the cool and old things that are there
jamie c dougherty, philadelphia pa [11-03-2002]

We shouldn't cover up the fact that the "Land of the Free" was a Slavery nation. Show the facts!
Scott, Allentown, PA [11-02-2002]

If history is your business - make history your first business!
Sid MacLeod, Northern LIberties [11-02-2002]

I support the movement to make sure that President Washington's house in Philly is recognized and it is especially important that the Slave's quarters be recognized as such, and so noted in order to spur conversation about slavery during that time and its horrific nature,
Emanuel Johnson, Allentown Pa [11-02-2002]

This is definitely a very worthwhile project. Whatever money would be spent would be well spent. This would give anyone who visited a sense of what it was like back in the early days of our nation. I am looking forward to the completion of this project and visiting it myself.
Gary H. Krieger, Brockport, NY [11-02-2002]

Ken Budesky, Michigan [10-31-2002]

I care.
Lauren, Toms River [10-30-2002]

Sharon Clough [10-30-2002]

sounds like an interesting idea
matt [10-30-2002]

Why not use the motif used in Franklin's courtyard to mark the spot?
Donna Crum, Malvern, PA [10-30-2002]

Charles J Becker, Philadelphia [10-29-2002]

It seems that many things in the history of America have been forgotten, or ignored, in the fast paced society we live in today, many historic sites and documents are all too easily forgotten, please help our past be remembered for many years to come! Please visit my website for some interesting history. Many thanks, keep up the good work.
John Allen, Dallas, Texas [10-29-2002]

Great idea
Jule J. Szabo, Fairfax, Viriginia [10-27-2002]

sounds like a great idea. the site is one of a kind!
Michael Fitzpatrick [10-26-2002]

Alexandra M. Jalon [10-24-2002]

I think it is very important to preserve our national history. This home is a VERY big part of that. Would you consider tearing down the White house in 100 years when and if a new White House is built? NO. Becasue there is to much histort there..
Kimberly Redd [10-24-2002]

Washington's Birthday has already been forgotten due to the name change to "Presidents' Day". Let's honor the father of our great country! Too much of our history is being rewritten or totally ignored. Let's work to preserve our heritage accurately.
Rebecca Winebarger, Asheville, NC [10-24-2002]

Once the foot print is established, build the building! Take the money out of the Federal Arts program to pay for it.
Ron Feldman, Roselle, IL [10-21-2002]

Kristina Cleary-Cannon, Horsham, PA [10-21-2002]

save our history !!!
Jim Bobbitt, Atlanta Ga [10-21-2002]

I believe that the Park Service should consider rebuilding the President's house and making it a part of the Park.
Frank Eick [10-20-2002]

This house location could be lost again. And I don't like it that the park service can decide for us that a symbol like the bell is more important than the history of human beings who lived and worked at this site and is in real danger of being lost. Preserving the footprint of the building is a minimal step along with some explanation of the importance of the site. This is a spot where the lives of the powerful politicians came together with the lives of their slaves and servants. What a lost opportunity this would be if it is paved over again.
Kathleen M. Urban, Plymouth Meeting, PA [10-20-2002]

Mary, Hawaii [10-20-2002]

America must admit to the wrongs that HE has commited on the African Americans in this country!!!
anonymous, Stop this horrible act!!!! [10-20-2002]

The Park Service is to be commended for their preservation efforts which have allowed us to catch a glimpse of sites so important to the founding of our nation. The Park Service's decision, in 1951, to remove all visible traces of the First Presidential Mansion is regretable, but its current plan to build over any portion of the site is entirely unforgivable. Though the odds of ever rebuilding the Mansion are realistically slim, further hindering the possibility would display yet another example of America's neglegent disregard for the physical remnants of her past. Please alter the current plans to avoid disturbing the site of the United States' First Presidential Mansion.
Peter Dandridge, Memphis, TN [10-20-2002]

Birdie, Connecticut [10-17-2002]

Rebuilding the original White House is a great idea! History is inportant!
anonymous [10-17-2002]

I like the idea of marking the President's House in the paving. It would be nice to have an idea of it's former presence. KM
anonymous [10-17-2002]

As a tourist and a transplanted American...I do not want it to disappear...please marks its place in out history.
Suzanne Hughes, Northern Ireland [10-17-2002]

Being born in Philadelphia, I never knew about this house... Why not rebuild it so we all can see how poorly these great people lived???
Lucius P. Young, Blairsville, GA [10-16-2002]

The house should be restored, preserved and protected as any other historical places are. After all, it is a part of our history.
Doebley, Phila [10-16-2002]

Judy Campbell, El Cajon, California [10-16-2002]

Sam Lewis, Phila PA [10-16-2002]

anonymous [10-16-2002]

Andrea Barton, Almost Philadelphia [10-16-2002]

Was born,raised and lived in Delaware & Chester Cos., went to college and worked in Philly. As a child, visited the Liberty Bell when it was still in the tower
J. William Winter, Oriental NC [10-16-2002]

J. William Winter [10-16-2002]

I didn't know about the executive branch's history in Philadelphia. At least a footprint should be presented in a balanced view of history. The National Parks System was recently represented in US News and World report as intentional in its accuracy in representing ALL of history. They've failed to do so here.
Gene Ann Duyck, Wichita Fall, TX [10-16-2002]

C. Lawler, New York [10-16-2002]

it is an important piece of history.
Kathy, Elverson, PA [10-16-2002]

Identifying the place of the "original" White House is a Wonderful idea. As a former Philadelphian with 9 generations of Philadelphians before me, I applaud the efforts to preserve the city's remarkable history. Readers of McCullough's "John Adams" and other related books will certainly appreciate this project. Chapter 2 of McCullough's book begins with an excellent description of Philadelphia as a thriving city in the 1770s - p. 78 to 82. Well worth reading.
Marjorie B. Winter, Oriental, North Carolina [10-16-2002]

A recreation of the President's House (whether via footprint or building an historically accurate copy of what was torn down long ago) would add so much to the Independence Mall site. The footprint is the least that should be done to emphasize the role of the site (and Philadelphia) in all branches -- legislative, judicial, and executive -- of the US government. The presence of the slave quarters helps unify the site, housing as it does locations where debate over drafts of the Declaration of Independence addressed whether slavery should be outlawed, and the later executive mansion, where slavery was in practice. I, for one, would be very interested in a comparison of living and working conditions between slave and non-slave servants/laborers, or between the life of a slave in the President's House and the "average" slave. Even if you do not construct the footprint now, please reserve that option for the future by changing the plans for the current construction so that there is no overlap with the foundation of the President's House.
Claire Agthe, Lawrenceville, NJ [10-16-2002]

Please modify your plans and provide some way to mark the first White House in Philadelphia.
Scott Wagner, Newport News, VA [10-16-2002]

Our children and grandchildren need to SEE the actual places of history and not just read about them. It's their heritage.
Mary McKinney, Florida, formally of Philadelphia, PA. [10-16-2002]

It is important to preserve the memory of the President's house by marking its footprint in the paving. It is an important part of history and the memories should be kept alive. Children are very interested in knowing this, last night I told my 7 year old son that George Washington's house was right in Philadelphia. And he was thrilled to hear that. We need to keep history alive. Cathy Bonvicin
Cathy Bonvicin, Philadelphia, Pa [10-16-2002]

Travis Dieter [10-16-2002]

Part of Franklin's house can be seen, why not the first President's house.
Vince Doyle, Hoffman Estates, IL [10-16-2002]

PLEASE, for our children's sake, implement this plan!
Catherine Becker Wiest Desmarais, Vermont [10-16-2002]

Don't loose the opportunity to even mark the footprint
Jane McGuiness, New York [10-16-2002]

Michael Patterson [10-16-2002]

My Grandad always taght me the importance of learning and remembering your history. It would be a shame not to have this important part available for our children (and us) to learn from.
Sue- Ann Webb [10-16-2002]

The President's house in Philadelphia is a part of American history. History buffs like me are interested. Please save what's left of the house and build on to the house of what it looked like when our first two Presidents lived there.
Shelley Sabaugh, Albuquerque, New Mexico [10-16-2002]

it is the national park services duty to preserve anything of such great historical significance to our country. The presidential mansion in Philadelphia served as one of the greatest houses in the United States and be all means should recieve some sort of preservation or acknowledgement.
Adam Kohl, Rhode Island [10-16-2002]

We can save one of many toos used by a colonial American, but can't save the very house in which our founding fathers lived in? The house practically marked the beginning of our freedom as we know it. To destroy it completely, and let alone have a restroom on its grounds is horrible and entirely against our values as Americans.
Tom, Philly [10-16-2002]

I need some picture from philadelphia historic city, but I can not find yet, could yuo help me, please,my pleasure, thank yuo
blanca restrepo, palmdale CA [10-16-2002]

this is history and we should preserve as much as we can. I would never think not to preserve it.
Susan, North Carolina [10-16-2002]

Sean Murphy [10-16-2002]

I thank they should tell the complete story, let history speak for it self, it is what it is.
Freddy, Marsha @ Aaron Allen, Philadelphia Pa. [10-16-2002]

As a High School teacher, it is hard to convince students the importance of our past when so many sites are allowed to simply fade away. George Washington is still our most influential and cherished President. It is our duty to preserve the sites of his executive residences.
Marshall Davies Lloyd, Tappahannock, VA [10-16-2002]

greta, new jersey [10-16-2002]

Gina Doney, nj [10-16-2002]

I like your website.
Crystal Bautista Gabriel, 440 SE Windfield apt4 [10-16-2002]

It is very important for the future of this republic that the historic sites of its past be perserved. What better site to save than the one in which so many early decisions were made.. seems like a no-brainer to me.
Chris, New Jersey [10-16-2002]

Should be Kept and fixed up to the way it looked while it was occupied by Washington And Adams during their term as President. Part of our legacy
John SIMONET, Phila [10-09-2002]

Zack Zimmerli, houston, TX [10-09-2002]

You should preserve the house because it is a part of WORLD history. And because it is part of Penn State!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben McCullough, 277 Morgan rd. Beaufort, S.C 29904 [10-07-2002]

It is very important to keep all of our history alive and able for all generations to view it and to understand it.
Whit W. Grace, Tupelo Mississippi [10-07-2002]

gail kelly, hackensack nj [10-07-2002]

Lets keep History factual,not re-written in the schools!!
Joe Weierbach, New York [10-07-2002]

Dear Sirs: Why wouldn't you want to portray this area as accurately as possible? You are still in the midst of construction and you now have the opportunity to make it RIGHT. Why wouldn't you? Why? Please consider the President's House "footprinting". It will be good for all of us.
Harold Spence, Woodbury, New Jersey [10-07-2002]

I feel that we need to preserve all important historical areas. After all, they can not be replaced. Isn't the history of Europe what so many people go to visit. Let's do this now so our future citizens don't wonder why we didn't care enough to mark this spot.
pat wallis [10-07-2002]

Robert Welch [10-02-2002]

dis is kool
Tim, tx [10-02-2002]

brandon carrier, new york military academy [10-02-2002]

You better it it a US symbol!
Hicks [10-02-2002]

Elmer R. Noordhoek, Stilwell, KS [10-02-2002]

Let history stand!
Mary Miner, Georgia [10-02-2002]

how many decisions -crucial to our early period - were made on this ground! SAVE IT !!
steve marlatt, fontana high school, fontana CA [10-02-2002]

Please Years from now our children will little understand the great impact these Pillars of World Civilization had on our freedoms and liberties They need to be reminded through living and visible reminders Please save the house - It is America
Ira H. Somach, New York [10-02-2002]

I was not aware of the President's House nor slave quarters and I work across the street from it!! I am an African American and I want this site preserved just as other buildings are preserved, toured and celebrated!
Cyndi Lunsford, Philadelphia [10-02-2002]

Robert Welch [10-02-2002]

Ashley [09-30-2002]

Please preserve this historic treasure.
Bruce E. Allen, Omaha, NE [09-28-2002]

We all know that the footprint is the right thing to do. So just do it.
mike, San Francisco, California [09-28-2002]

save the hoouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RAY OF NJ [09-28-2002]

Mark E., Moody Al. [09-28-2002]

matthew wysong, florida [09-28-2002]

pam wysong, florida [09-28-2002]

mark wysong, florida [09-28-2002]

melanie wolcott, florida [09-28-2002]

It's very sad that our first president's home is no longer but please it seems almost sacrilegeous to have a toilet on this site. Get rid of it!!!!
Rhonda Field, North Carolina [09-28-2002]

Elizabeth Holle [09-28-2002]

Debra Burdick [09-28-2002]

Christina McCain, Shreveport, Louisiana [09-28-2002]

I believe the site should be preserved. At the least, the footprint should be marked. Ideally, the entire building should be reconstructed.
anonymous, Perkasie, Bucks Co., PA [09-28-2002]

eugene gregory shaw, monessen pennsylvania [09-28-2002]

i think that y`all are doing great. keep it up.
latasha shaw, columbus ga [09-28-2002]

Please preserve the foot print of the house and the stories of the people who lived there. Especially the names and stories of the slaves who lived there.
Curtis L. Hebron, Puyallup, WA [09-28-2002]

Curtis L. Hebron [09-28-2002]

The preservation and presentation of the original President's House is very important in preserving the origins of our American Government. Understanding why the seat of government was located in Philadelphia, where the buildings stood, what they tell us all a part of our American Heritage. Please preserve this important chapter in the on-going American Story.
Michael D. Sonntag, Cincinnati, Ohio [09-28-2002]

The house could be rebuilt to house the Liberty Bell and other memorabilia of the era.
Phoenix Roberts, Salt Lake City UT [09-28-2002]

I can't believe we need a petition for this. This is such an important part of history, especially for Philly. Please replicate the house and open to the public.
Jackie, philly [09-28-2002]

ronda haavind, Los Angeles, California [09-28-2002]

It seems now more than ever that we look to the past for guidence, preserving such a building where federal heros such as Washington and Adams worked is worth doing. thanks
Andrew Gordon, San diego [09-28-2002]

Melanie, san francisco [09-13-2002]

In a time when our country is grieving its losses, fighting a just war against terrorists and searching for the true meaning of the word, "Liberty", it seems fitting that we should truly memorialize those who gave so much to achieve it. Thank you.
Mark Storer [09-13-2002]

michael cuddy, Minneapolis [09-13-2002]

megan [09-13-2002]

The covering of this historic site is disgraceful. Excavation while the site was already unearthed would have been the most logical solution, and ultimately the best PR for the new center.
Beth Ilyssa Tischler, University of Delaware [09-13-2002]

Evelyn [09-13-2002]

Melissa [09-13-2002]

I think that it is a disgrace to just plow over the Persident's house. The Libetry Bell Pavillion should be moved, and work started to replicate the President's house.
Thomas C Porr, Bensalem PA [09-13-2002]

I'm glad that I read this and would like to respectfully ask that we do in fact recognize the house where two of this nations presidents lived and worked. Thank you for the opportunity in helping keep this nations history inyact.
Jeremy Boorde, Illinois [09-13-2002]

Preserve the location.
R. M. Elliott, Willow Grove, PA [09-13-2002]

Dawn Asure, Langen, Germany (military) [09-13-2002]

June P Rushmore, Hatfield, PA [09-13-2002]

norman t. glass, pa. [09-06-2002]

The "footprint", as in the Benjamin Franklin house, would be highly desirable and would keep a feeling of openness while marking an important place in history.
Hedy [09-06-2002]

carolyn c. rowe, Fort Washington Md [09-06-2002]

It sounds like a timely and important idea to present the ouline of the "old White House". I am visiting Philadelphia next week to learn more about the history of our great nation.
Sandra Hayes, Carlsbad, California [09-06-2002]

Save the house
Jack, nc [09-05-2002]

Preserve the history of the slave contribution to the country during the Revolutionary Period. Make history visible.
Debra Calhouon, Akron, OH [09-05-2002]

Paul Corbett, Ann Arbor, Michigan [09-05-2002]

William G Richardson, Cleveland, Ohio [09-05-2002]

Our Family's are the desendents of the first settler's of our country. It is very important to record the early history of our country so we will remember what America was at it's birth. We should never forget the vision of our forefathers Of One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all. Also we should never forget the price our forefathers paid with their lives and the lost of their fortunes so we can be free. As to the slaves we need to be truthful about what happened at that time in history. But it is also a wonderful declaration to the vision of our forefathers, that we had slaves but now we don't. This shows that the vision our forefathers had is working, also at that time women were not allowed to vote now women vote. See their vision is being fullfilled. They would be proud of us. We still need to remind each other that the One Nation Under God was very important to them they were willing to die for it. Let's made them proud of us in this too.
Robin & Nancy Reece, Everett, Wa [09-05-2002]

Pam Magoon [09-05-2002]

I have to agree that the cost of the changes to the plan are small in comparison to the overall plans and designs of the building. It also makes sense to represent the whole of the American public in the earliest of sites that interpret the U.S. government.
Michael Strutt, Austin, Tx [09-05-2002]

lauren [09-05-2002]

The full 17th century discussion of the institution of slavery should be made clear. It is not generally realized that if we had more people like John Adams, that slavery would have been abolished more quickly in our country, while the likes of Thomas Jefferson perpetuated the enslavement of race of people.
Michael Dreis [09-05-2002]

We have lost enough of our history already. Take this chance to preserve a bit of the past for the future.
Janet Rexroth, Syraxuse, NY [09-05-2002]

Remove the public bathroom and rebuild the house!There's money enough somewhere if God wills.
Roberta Lunetta, Washington State [09-05-2002]

So soon we forget how our forefathers fought and died for our Liberty and Freedom! Any way we can help people remember is needed!
George A. Rogers, Oakville, Mo. [09-05-2002]

Why only pay tribute to part of history. If you are dedicating an historic site it should present the entire story. This issue is the conflict at the root of our history as a nation. Let Freedom Ring by contrasting its highest expression against its darkest denial.
Eileen Mallette, Salisbury, MD [09-05-2002]

After reading most of the material in this web site, I believe the National Park Service should include much more extensive information about the role of slavery in Pennsylvania and, in particular, at the President's House. After all, the Liberty Bell would be a dusty relic if it weren't for abolitionists using it as a symbol.
Marianne Das, Philadelphia, PA [09-05-2002]

I write in support of marking the location of the President's House in Philadelphia and of interpreting the lives of the persons who lived as slaves there. Our family has been moved to learn of those who worked in slavery for President Washington. Let us honour their memory and use this knowlege to help us heal the wound still left by slavery.
Johannah Fine, Philadelphia, PA [09-05-2002]

Wendy Dunham [09-05-2002]

History is an important tool used for our better understanding of the past. A distrotion of facts would be a disservice to all future generations.
Mary Ann Blackwell, home [08-27-2002]

the place from which washington governed this country should not be forgoten. if this country had not had a good beginning we still wouldn't be here today. washington gave us a wonderful foundation on which to build.
BARBARA GIANCOLA, new orleans, la [08-25-2002]

"Progress" is not always a good thing!!
Bert Whalen, Milwaukie, Oregon [08-25-2002]

Def put a footprint here. Don't try to rebuild the house. But you have to acknowledge the history.
Julie, Philadelphia [08-23-2002]

Eleanor Ainslie, Swarthmore, PA [08-23-2002]

Clarity, honesty, and integrity about the past demand that this be done. Thank you.
Rev. Margaret J. Spring, Philadelphia [08-23-2002]

The footprint of the house should be shown; this would do so much and cost almost nothing. The problem with the old Independence Mall was that it looked too sanitary to represent the past. This is our chance to change that, and show where everything was about the "single best house in Philadelphia," including the slaves. If we can't take General Washington's word for this place's importance, whose should we take?
Matt Ainslie, Philadelphia, Pa. [08-23-2002]

we must preserve our national heritage
sidney feldheim, boca raton, fl [08-23-2002]

Once a historical building is destroyed, it cannot be recovered. This was one of the most significant places of Washington's many "slept here" houses.
KIM PATERSON, Aston, Pa [08-23-2002]

Zach Broome [08-23-2002]

i love everyones
kyle [08-23-2002]

Dr. Michael D. Yaffe, Springfield, VA 22153 [08-23-2002]

Please don't distroy it.Iam just a 14 years old. Histoy is my fav subjuct
anonymous [08-23-2002]

Lauren Chambers [08-23-2002]

The US, history is very important to all that live here. Expecially in these days recently. I hope you will think before you do anything that might start to destroy part of the US history
JoLee Wojciechowski, Florida [08-23-2002]

Richard Berger, Fairfax Virginia [08-23-2002]

It will always be important to preserve our history. I am sure there has been a great deal of our history that has been lost and will never to be recovered. Please preserve this for our children and our children's children.
Mattie L. Hopkins, Waycross, Georgia [08-23-2002]

Preserve our heritage, please.
Lisa Hairston, Lansdale,Pa [08-23-2002]

It is vital that we preserve as much of the nation's history as possible. This building is a large part of that history
Revin Devaiah, Bangalore, India [08-23-2002]

Only in Philadelphia does there exist the cradle of liberty marked by a public restroom. Please preserve and restore this important part of our nation's history for posterity.
Mike Fetrow, West Chester, Pa. [08-23-2002]

anonymous [08-23-2002]

Any chance to save a piece of our heritage must be taken!
anonymous [08-23-2002]

Right now I am taking AP U.S. History at my high school, and plan to major in History in a few years. All of this has made me see just how important is to have a great understading of our history.
Christina Hodges, Angleton, Texas [08-23-2002]

Please do not rebuild the house. Restore the house. It is a National Treasure!
Arick [08-23-2002]

I Am totally with all of ya'll
Ashley Brown, north carolina [08-23-2002]

It is very important to save all of our historical places, especially this one.
Bob Navarro, Bellevue, WA [08-23-2002]

anything that can be done to preserve our history is getting my support. out history tells us about our past and the the importance of the people who helped by the country we are now.
K.L. SOUTH [08-23-2002]

nicole [08-23-2002]

I am an American living in Wales right now and I say keep the house how it is now. Preserve history! I will have to go and see it one day!
Elain Johnson Owen, Cardiff, Wales [08-23-2002]

Georgia Virgina Jefferson, Farifax, Virginia [08-23-2002]

As a far decendant of the Late President Benjamin Harrison, I feel that this house should and shall be preserved. Not rebuilt but preserved in its natural state to reflect as it did once before.
Benjamin D Harrison, Currently Schofield Bks, Hawaii [08-23-2002]

we must preserve the old
randy l rohn, ohio [08-23-2002]

E. V. Holder, Jr. [08-23-2002]

Lynn Bozick, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [08-23-2002]

Karen Boruff, Hobart, Ind [08-23-2002]

Jacqueline Henriquez, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma [08-23-2002]

Preserve the house..
Della Smith, Walkertown, North Carolina [08-23-2002]

Peter Bevan, Swansea Wales UK [08-23-2002]

you must preserve the memory and the history of our nation for the future generations to come. The house must be restored to it's orginial and should not be rebuilt.
vivian brandal, michigan [08-23-2002]

I believe it is important to preserve for the generations to come, everything which will help them to understand where they came from and how our government started and how it has progressed.
Sandra Hollsten, Green Bay, WI [08-23-2002]

Terry S., Westminster Maryland [08-23-2002]

Preserve our histroy, especially now when we, as Americans, are fighting again for your beliefs! We must savour any connection we have to our past!
Diana Hansen, Turnersville, NJ [08-23-2002]

Thomas E McKean, ca [08-23-2002]

Ulycia Frazier, Georgia [08-23-2002]

The site is an important part of American History. Save it for us and all future generations.
Michael S. Albert, MD, Orchard Park, NY [08-23-2002]

Like history, the original condition should remain with restoration. Do not rebuild, restore....Annette Karlsson, New Jersey
Annette Karlsson, New Jersey [08-23-2002]

Tiffany, Upper Bucks county Pa [08-23-2002]

I dont have any really.
Kadie, Jacksonville, North Carolina [08-23-2002]

austin, sc [08-23-2002]

Ronny Brown [08-23-2002]

i want to join you
FAHEEM AKHTAR, islamabad,pakistan [08-23-2002]

Please preserve the memory of the President's House by marking it's footprints in the paving. Thank you, Monica
Monica Koler, Orlando, Florida [08-23-2002]

Mona Washington, south jersey [08-23-2002]

It's a scandal
anonymous, france [08-23-2002]

Preservation of all of our history is important.
William C Stahl, Windber, PA [08-23-2002]

Tony, michigan [08-23-2002]

Alan Hoffman, Glen Burnie, MD [08-23-2002]

We cannot build over history, in doing so we encourage new generations to forget.
Stephanie, va [08-23-2002]

I would rather have the house put in its original condition than having it rebuilt. I feel that if it is rebuilt it is no longer historical, it will be new...............Linda Glenn, TEXAS
Linda Glenn, Cedar Park, Texas [08-12-2002]

In studying U.S. History in college, I have found the importance of this and other colonial U.S.landmarks. It would be a disservice to all Americans to not preserve this important piece of our history.
Rene' Sullivan, Conroe, TX [08-12-2002]

This shouldn't even be an issue and will follow with a letter to the President who has respect for this nations history unlike the previous inhabitant of the White House.
Donald Castellucci, Jr., Apalachin, NY [08-12-2002]

Seymour Phillips, San Diego,CA [08-12-2002]

If American history were allowed to preserved in only one place it should be in the cradle of its independence, Philadelphia
Thomas Aldrich Patton, Williamsburg, Virginia [08-12-2002]

we should save history
emily [08-12-2002]

I think you should mark the footprint with first person inscribings
emily [08-12-2002]

Carl C. Miller, 3199 Lakeway rd, Akron, Ohio, 44319 [08-12-2002]

Please save this important piece of history. I am a seventeen year kid that learned a lot about this place. So, please save this piece of history for others to learn about.
Grace Grady, Hoboken, New Jersey [08-12-2002]

I think that such sites should be preserved and kept for our children to learn from.
Pamela A. byrd, Douglas, Georgia [08-12-2002]

This is a GREAT idea and would be a very good thing to do. How much could it cost????
Eugene A. Bella, South Bend, Indiana [08-12-2002]

C. Plata [08-12-2002]

Preserving our history enriches our future.
Thomas Renshaw, Newport News, VA [08-12-2002]

Dianne Noreika, Wisconsin [08-12-2002]

I think that marking the President's House footprint would add to the saving of Philly & American history for more to enjoy. I know that as a recent visitor to the city I would have enjoyed seeing this.
Carla McGarvey, Chillicothe, OH [08-09-2002]

The Presidents house Should be Re-Construted but for now a footprint would be nice. Park service Stop Ignoring History!
Robert Lockhart, Meriden, Connecticut [08-09-2002]

Please save this important part of history. The founding fathers helped to shape what this country is and preserving their steps through history should be our gift to future generations.
Francis J. Boettinger, 312 Westshire Road Baltimore,MD. 21229-2234 [08-09-2002]

Please preserve this important house. It is a part of our history. Much of our history has been lost please preserve what we can. I would love to visit this house and take a tour. Thank you.
Norma Jean Jennings, Miami, Fla [08-09-2002]

I think (but am not sure) that the Declaration of Independence was signed by representatives of all 13 colonies. Some of the colonies (I don't know how many) allowed slavery at that time. This is inconceivable to me today, but George Washington still owned slaves when he was President. I never learned anything in school about this aspect of the founders of our "of the people, by the people, and for the people" country doing anything so diabolical as OWNING other HUMAN BEINGS. Abominable! This should be made known to all USA citizens, and a good place to do it would be in the Philadelphia National Park.
George Hunt, Maple Shade, NJ [08-08-2002]

Why is the Park's Services so adament about ignoring history. Something as important and George Washington's House and his Slaves living facilities has to recognized in some fashion on this site. The best thing would be to build the house and slave quaters exactly as they were.
anonymous, Philadelphia PA [08-08-2002]

Angel Hinkley, St. Louis, MO [08-08-2002]

Jennifer Van Ekelenburg, 2213 Catharine St., Philadelphia, PA [08-08-2002]

V Clark, Boston, MA [08-08-2002]

liz, chicago [08-08-2002]

Anything we can do in Philadelphia to more cleary establish the realities of the found fathers' time would be beneficial to all Americans.
Michelle, Philadelphia, PA [08-08-2002]

Sheila, Pennsylvania [08-08-2002]

Christine Caraher, Bohemia, NY [08-08-2002]

I think this is a great idea. It's important that we start making an effort to show our predecessors' places in history-the good, the bad AND the ugly.
Kate S., Philadelphia [08-08-2002]

James Ault, New Zealand [08-08-2002]

I would love to see a reconstruction of the Morris House. Old Philadelphia ought to be a living history landmark like Colonial Williamsburg. Why not preserve this site with the eventual goal of reconstructing the President's House?
Alan R. Crippen II, Harpers Ferry [08-08-2002]

Liz Stanton [08-08-2002]

our historical lineage is being lost at such a rapid pace .Our children and their subsequent generations will be wo reference to their heritages if we allow it.This heritage is the basis of our identity and our ominous Pride that we as Americans hold, boasts of, and display so proudly.
Robert Burke, Baton rouge La. [08-08-2002]

Preserving a peice of History is something I firmly believe in. I would like to think that our History of this Great Country is what makes us all so unique and different from the rest of the world. And why our Nation Cares when others may not. It doesnt matter what race or religion we are all one people AMERICANS!
Ida L. Atchison New, Tennessee [08-08-2002]

The footprint of the President's House would be an addition to our understanding of the early years of our republic. I heartily recommend that it be done.
m neeley, Alabama [08-08-2002]

I was in the USA in 1998 and it was one of the highlights of my trip go to this location, very proud to have been able to see this in my life...from Australia
Velma Spriggs [08-08-2002]

A Dillon, md [08-08-2002]

Donald Luciano, Westport, CT [08-08-2002]

Jennifer Nicole Pruchnic, Montgomeryville, PA [08-08-2002]

We must always remember that if we do not treasure our historical buildings and places, we have little American History to be for future generations.
anonymous, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. [08-08-2002]

Joanna Grey, Matthews, NC [08-08-2002]

ALLEN F. FROST, coloradospgs.colo80910 [08-08-2002]

There is so much of our history that is lost due to carelessness and time distance. What we can preserve, should be preserved. Every year, historians seem to discover new information which adds to our appreciation of our heritage. This site is important to the United States and to Philadelphia, let us respect and preserve it.
Greg Bones [08-08-2002]

Paul Savidge [08-08-2002]

freedom and liberty
juares maya great thunder [08-08-2002]

As citizens of the United States of America,to whom the torches of Liberty and Freedom have been passed,we must, whenever possible, and at whatever cost, preserve the foot prints of our founding fathers for "OUR PROSTERIRTY" .
Scott Michael D'Addario, 46 Robinson avenue Valley Stream, N.Y. [08-08-2002]

Mike Blancett, Akron,Ohio [08-08-2002]

I would hope that the house would be rebuilt as it once stood.
Dona Kay Atkins, RN, Tyler, TX [08-08-2002]

I think you should keep any bit of history you have. We have a lot of history in England and most people love to look back in time, so it is very important for American future generations to be able to trace back where things happened etc.A footprint is a wonderful idea.
marcella head, sussex great britain [08-08-2002]

Oliver Ekmann, Germany [08-08-2002]

I know you're strapped for cash, but can't you at least paint the footprint of the house on the paving so tourists will have something to think about when they see an outline of bright orange paint and a plaque? It my look like hell, but I bet 99% of the U.S. citizens don't know that "The White House" was in Philadelhia and housed two presidents. And I bet 80% of tourists who visit Independence Hall don't figure it out either. I know I didn't even think of it when I was there. C'mon it's revenue neutral, just do it!
Michael D. McGrory, Washington, DC [08-08-2002]

An important piece of US history should be preserved for future generations
Geoff Muirden, Australia [08-08-2002]

the house is very important to our history.Andrew Jackson and Lincoln lived there so to me that house is worth saving.
lisa mills, alabama [08-08-2002]

Angela, nh [08-08-2002]

Dee Walker, usa [08-08-2002]

We must not destroy a part of history
anonymous [08-08-2002]

you should save this house it's We must preseave pieace of america!!!
citzen who cares in michigan [08-08-2002]

Paige [08-08-2002]

William Earl Pierce., Klamath Falls Ore. 97601 [08-08-2002]

it is cool sight...i enjoy..thx
Bharat Bond, India.Mumbai [08-08-2002]

I have been a devoted admirer of John and Abigail Adams for a great many years. I have read several biographies of John Adams, David McCullough's among them. I have also read a biography of Abigail Smith Adams. I wish people of their intellect and honor would occupy the White House again. It is important to preserve this national heritage.
Martha N. Fried, Rochester, NY 14610 [08-08-2002]

I grew up in Philly and would love to see this site marked. I would take my kids back to the city of brotherly love if this piece were marked!!
Joshua Horne, San Jose, California [08-08-2002]

wonderful history lesson!! ~a future history teacher
Rebecca Newburn, Lubbock, TX [08-08-2002]

Valentin Blatz, Sullivan, WI [08-08-2002]

Keep the President's House and slave quarters. It's a statement about Philadelphia's bright (Halls of freedom) as well as dark (governmental acceptance of slavery) historical past reminder that our government condoned slavery
James Rollins, Washington, DC [08-08-2002]

Just do it! Preserve our rich heritage.
anonymous, New York [08-08-2002]

Patrick Maguire [08-08-2002]

sandra dunne [08-08-2002]

If we have no respect of the past then we will have no respect for the future.
Debbie T, Demossville,Ky [08-08-2002]

Jackie Cissell [08-08-2002]

Please preserve the memory of the Presidents house. BY marking its footprint in the paving. Elias Boudinot was my 7th great uncle and I have researching family history for 26 years. This is very important to future generations. Chris Evans
Chris Evans, Williamstown, New Jersey [08-08-2002]

will taylor, indiana [08-08-2002]

In this day when a large effort is being made in our public school system to revise american history,it is important to take small steps like this one, to keep the dream alive !
Steven King, Burlington, N.C. [08-08-2002]

Paul Bartlett, california [08-08-2002]

Who is arrogant enough to think our country's history is insignificant! This is an outrage!
jane flathmann, Long Island NY [08-08-2002]

The President's House is part of our history, if new structures are to be built, then it would be a crime not to place down "footnotes" of how the house truly used to be.
Blake Muxo, Florida [08-08-2002]

robert koons [08-08-2002]

W. T. Bonine, Jr., Geneva, IL [08-08-2002]

We need to hold onto as much of our history as we can - as a nation, we already know way too little! I know from talking to students. Please preserve as much as we can.
Beth Jacobs, University of Illinois at Chicago [08-08-2002]

As a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, I believe it is IMPORTANT that the memory of the footprint of the President's House must be marked. My ancestors lived near by in Germantown and thwey would've known about this place. If you're intersted in marking the footprint of the Presidents House, I know the S.A.R and the S.R. would be intersted in helping out. Please do contact me, if intersted.
Craig Bathurst, Lancaster, PA [08-08-2002]

Martha, usa, nj [08-08-2002]

This is an important monument. I would like to. I am the great-great-great-great grand nephew of Benjamin Rush
David V. James, Concord, Ca [08-08-2002]

Jim Coyle, Palenville, New York [08-08-2002]

Jim Coyle, Palenville, New York [07-25-2002]

The history of the enslaved in Philadelphia is an important part of this nation's history. Obscuring the slave quarters with the Liberty Bell Center communicates a profound inability to engage this aspect of our national heritage, but there are many interested in learning more about slavery in the 'birthplace of liberty." Clearly, there remains much to be done to provide a fuller sense of the past in Philadelphia's Independence National Park.
Dr. Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Oakland, CA [07-25-2002]

We must preserve our national heritage
Richard Elorriaga, Los Angeles,,,Ca. [07-25-2002]

Mikell C. Bradley, Columbia Md [07-25-2002]

appropriate measures should be taken to preserve the president's house and the memory of this great nations history including our divine influence by god.
EUGENE FABRRETTA THORNTON, JR., mobile, al [07-25-2002]

Wake up America! Get a grip! A house is a house and history is just that. Write about it, learn from it and never repeat it! If we could use the money to feed the hungry that we would put into a "park" then surely the children would learn more. They would learn the importance of feeding people and the compassion of sacrifice to serve our fellow man. If we put all our monies in "parks" or other recreations, we are not teaching our children history but selfishness! Don't we have enough of that in the world already? If the building is no longer there, then put a historical marker and move on!
Brenda, Texas [07-25-2002]

holly [07-25-2002]

Rebuild the House, no footprint! JAA
Jmes A. Addy, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 [07-25-2002]

I support this all the way.
Dan Bollard, Utah [07-25-2002]

Bill, near Scranton PA [07-25-2002]

I love history and think it would be a very important part to put in to show accuracy.
Lee Bostwick, Mechanicsburg, Pa [07-25-2002]

Phillie was my birth place and hope to some day be able to visit and see the changes since 1958.
Robert Parker, Mount Vernon Ohio [07-25-2002]

George Cebulka, Pittsburgh, PA [07-25-2002]

We cannot afford to be shortsighted when when we are the caretakers of the present. Preservation of our past is the key to our future.
Joseph F. Baker Jr., B.G.S.U. Bowling Green, Ohio [07-25-2002]

people never plan to fail in life but always fail to plan in life - the harder you work the luckier you become.
VINAYAK SESHADRI, india [07-25-2002]

Let's do our best to be accurate and take into account the entire historical story.
Allison DeMatteo, New York City [07-25-2002]

It is unfortunate that a beautiful home of such historical significance has been lost. It would be a greater shame not to provide increased recognition of the first home of the executive branch.
Roger G. Rulong, Jr., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [07-25-2002]

Larry Coley, Oklahoma [07-25-2002]

Douglas Herzog, Glendora California [07-25-2002]

Lucinda Eileen [07-25-2002]

Herb Moskovitz, Philadelphia [07-25-2002]

please save the presidents house please
SUSAN CARTER, las vegas nevada [07-25-2002]

Sarah Clarke, 51 howland Terrace, Worcester, MA [07-25-2002]

Please do it - doing so would greatly assist those of us who like to recreate in our own minds the area around Independence Hall as it existed in the late 18th century.
eric craven [07-25-2002]

Please keep and/or restore as much as is possible. My family helped to settle this country (Patrick Henry) and I certainly don't want it covered up! Let our grandchildren and great grand children know the truth! Thank you for this chance to voice my opinion.
Dorothy Henry Barnes, Pilot Knob, MO [07-25-2002]

Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion. The history of my country is a very precious subject to me. I feel strongly that every thing relating to it should be preserved.
Queen Ruth, Pilot Knob, MO [07-25-2002]

Debbie Clark, Columbia Tn [07-25-2002]

Charlotte Porch, Maryland [07-25-2002]

I as an American citizen, find it just absolutely sad that we as American after being through everything that we as people have been through can even be thinking about destroying such a rich treasury of our American History. We fight everyday to preserve such things as whales,fish,birds,even rare insects. Our American children are suffering right now because we don't take the time out with them like other countries does and teach them about the rich history of our nation. We waste our times with other things like debating on the pledge of allegance. We as Americans should very ashamed of ourselves.
Rev. A.L. Owens,Sr., Jacksonville,Fl. [07-25-2002]

Anything that would help us to feel we are on the actual spots that our forefathers walked would be very inspirational.
Jo Ann Cannon [07-25-2002]

kristi bernardie [07-25-2002]

All history must be preserved for everyone to enjoy and understand.....especially for our young people....
Timothy Matlack Burris, Grayson, La. 71435 [07-25-2002]

Leslie Weddell, United Kingdom [07-25-2002]

A family relative, Abraham Clark signed the Declaration of Independence. Another relative, General George B. McClellan was the General in the Civil War. Yes, preserve ALL our national history and PROTECT ALL historic sites.
Clark c. McClellan, Orlando FL [07-25-2002]

Liberty or Death!
Andrew Evan Demers, Rochester, New York [07-25-2002]

Ben Franklin's house in Philadelphia no longer stands - unfortunately. In my view, it would be folly to destroy the President's House. The American Revolutionary War was about more than a bell - one, indeed, made in England!
Jim Walsh, Redhill, Surrey, UK [07-25-2002]

i think that that is a crock of boil because the home of our first and best president George Washington is important to our nations history and the liberty bell center is not going to replace the halls were two great men walked thankyou
anonymous [07-25-2002]

emma, staines [07-25-2002]

Don't tamper with history, as that is something to educate our future generations; Leave it alone please thanks Gary Sullivan
GARY, gettysburg, pa [07-25-2002]

Do it!
robert skimin, el paso, tx [07-25-2002]

Cristin, Fort Wayne [07-25-2002]

jacob, houston [07-25-2002]

Linda Davis, dallas, tx [07-25-2002]

Karen Pinson, Atlanta, GA [07-25-2002]

Wasthere ever a black presidebt of the united states of america
Britney Deanette Johnson, Virginia Beach [07-25-2002]

I agree that commemorating the area around the Philadelphia president's mansion as suggested by is a great idea and would serve to create an even richer interpretation of this unique historic area...
Harry Kyriakodis, Philadelphia, PA [07-24-2002]

mark cadima, cape cod [07-24-2002]

Maureen, Minneapolis, MN [07-24-2002]

Leslie Elliott-Aeten [07-24-2002]

sounds good to me!
anita, california [07-24-2002]

Sabrina, wv [07-24-2002]

this is a waste of money. stop it immediately.
anonymous [07-24-2002]

One of the things I loved while growing up in Philly was being able to tour all the historical buildings. It brought life to the history books we studied in school. Footprints? Not good enough! I say rebuild the house and continue to do all that is necessary to keep history alive in Philadelphia! A public bathroom? What a shame!
Renee Holloman, Georgia [07-24-2002]

We need to mark as much of the history under our feet as possible
Kara Lindstrom, Philadelphia [07-24-2002]

Bruno J Munizza [07-24-2002]

What a crime that the first white house is now a Urinal!
Michael diPilla, Philadelphia [07-24-2002]

Dr. Robert Alderson [07-24-2002]

stephen, erie [07-24-2002]

Anne, Phila, Pa. [07-15-2002]

Barbara Clark Braxton, Wyndmoor, Pa. [07-15-2002]

Do it! sts
Steffen Siegert [07-15-2002]

Jeannette Joseph, Shreveport, LA [07-15-2002]

Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it. We MUST preserve our history.
Carol Gehm, Pittsburgh, PA [07-15-2002]

kymy villalobos, az [07-15-2002]

lana Stover, az [07-15-2002]

An important site such as this should never be forgotten. Do whatever necessary to preserve the memory!
anonymous, Media, PA 19063 [07-15-2002]

As owner of the earliest illustration of a sport player in the New World, connecting to the Revolution, I feel almost on first name terms with those who were perhaps only a step short of demi-gods after seeing off King George and Lord George Germain and actually tried to write down some rules for living in the Constitution.My brass belt buckle shows a mulatto slave playing at cricket in Barbados in 1780 when secret stuff kicked off after the Saratoga news got to London and the Smithsonian and British Museum agree the young guy on the belt buckle is the earliest secular sportsman in the Americas!
clive graham williams, Sussex England [07-15-2002]

Save the historical house and mark the path. We in America need to preserve our heritage!
sandra barsuk, Glendale, AZ [07-15-2002]

It would be a terrible shame to destroy what little history you have. If you demolish your history today. Your children will not know their past tomorrow.
Caroline Harrison, Great Britain [07-15-2002]

We must preserve as much of our history as possible. Future generations MUST see these significant pieces of our history!
Evan Payne, Euless, TX [07-15-2002]

L. Phillips, DeSoto, Texas [07-15-2002]

History must be preserved!
C. Eecklor, Nevada [07-14-2002]

SAVE THE PRESIDENTS HOUSE!!! This is an incredible piece of our history and should be preserved at all costs!
Joseph P. Keefe Jr., Boston, Massachusetts [07-14-2002]

Anything we can do to preserve the history of our country whether positive or negative (through today's eyes) needs to be persuded.
Kenneth B. Burtch Jr., Midland, Michigan [07-14-2002]

We need to preserve all the history we can! Save the President's House!
Jamie Churchill, Texas [07-14-2002]

Joyce Akins, Houston,TX [07-14-2002]

I beleive all history should be kept well intact as this is how we learn how are ancestors lived.
Lucy E. Davis [07-14-2002]

Barbara Ragsdale [07-14-2002]

Christina [07-14-2002]

it would be a shame and disgrace to destroy such a historic part of this great country. james h.
james herring, silas al. 36919 [07-14-2002]

Joanne S. Scannell, 183 Stonebridge Road, Woodstock, CT. [07-14-2002]

A people need a history as well as a future. This is part of our history.
judith tuck, arizona [07-14-2002]

Too much of our history has been destoyed. WE NEEDTO PRESERVE WHAT WE HAVE LEFT.
Sharon Jones-Townsend, Ramseur, NC [07-12-2002]

charles fremont rush [07-12-2002]

History should be preserved at any cost. What is the condition of the New York White House?
Harry Funk, Maryland [07-12-2002]

Kerry Darnall, Kentucky [07-12-2002]

Greta Kiymaz [07-12-2002]

Peter Shaw, England [07-12-2002]

Rhonda Wallace, Austin, TX [07-12-2002]

S. Selmer, Seattle, WA [07-12-2002]

Please preserve the President's House.
Professor Peter Spang Goodrich [07-11-2002]

Please leave good enough alone...Dont mess around with our heritage.
John B. Ramey, Haysi,VA [07-11-2002]

i believe all our history, no matter how polictically incorrect it may seem to some it is still our history. it can not be changed,hidden nor removed. we should learn from it.
JOYCE HICKS, memphis, tn [07-11-2002]

This sounds like a cool idea. I totally support it!
Sara A. Blanco, Northern VA [07-11-2002]

I think that more should be done. They should rebuild the President's House and make a museum out of it.
Jeff, Tulsa, Oklahoma [07-11-2002]

Lucas John Hoage, n/a [07-11-2002]

AARON LARGE, england,manchester [07-11-2002]

Please preserve the Presidents house in Philadelphia. We must not forget what our founding faters did.
Daniel Davis, North Carolina [07-11-2002]

This is a fascinating and very important historical site which should be so recognized.
Samuel Wheeler, Devon, PA [07-10-2002]

While establishing convenience of modern facilities improves the comforts of tourists, respect and recognition of those who worked behind the scenes,(the slaves, servants and women)is important to note. As well as looking at the important men who helped found our nation, we must remember that these men had a lot of help from those unrecognized in servitude. If not for the "little people," the big men wouldn't be so big at all. They were able to take action and make decisions affecting the greater whole of mankind because they stood on the shoulders of the whole of mankind in preceding knowlege, example, and assistance.
Brandye Lynn Snead, Hot Springs, Arkansas USA [07-10-2002]

My home is Phila. even though I have lived in Ft. Lauderdale for 17 years. I think it so very important to preserve our national treasures in Philadelphia. Our city is always left out of history commentary. Philadelphia is where our founding fathers took their stand together and declared independence and FREEDOM. This is a fact that is so ignored. I see the ignorance everyday here in South Florida and in our young people who have no clue the meaning of what the people of that time fought and died for. So if we can save as much as we can, someone just might actually learn from it. The memory of the American Revolution is being ignored. We can't let that continue.
Pam Nolan, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida [07-10-2002]

CHARLES BENNETT, brooklyn, ny [07-10-2002]

the knowledge of one's history is a necessary condition to understanding the present .
alix-adrien mohsen, france [07-10-2002]

Laura Smith [07-10-2002]

I fully endorse the proposal to create a plaza marking the footprint of the first executive mansion or President's house. I will visit the site this summer and will take a copy of the proposal with me to try to reconstruct for my children the information that might be available one day through the actualization of this proposal. Thanks
A. Paul Kraintz, California [07-10-2002]

Please preserve "The President's House In Philadelphia." This great national monument should be preserve for all future generations to appreciate. Lets preserve the place where our founding fathers served so bravely our nation.
Miguel A Santiago, Hialeah Florida [07-10-2002]

Lets help perserve whats left of our world's history.
Prerna, Ontario, Canada [07-10-2002]

Catherine Burian, Hatboro, PA [07-10-2002]

Best of luck in your efforts
sean m kelly [07-10-2002]

Patrizia S., Orlando, Fl. [07-10-2002]

I love history And I Would Love to see the house but Im to young,so lets preserve our history,so every one can see.
Alison Newman, Jonesboro,Ar [07-10-2002]

Terry L. Wilson, West Des Moines, Iowa [07-10-2002]

A. Stovall-Williams, Baltimore MD [07-10-2002]

David Strausser, Pottsville, PA [07-10-2002]

Theresa silvabaroa [07-10-2002]

I am a U.S. History old-fashioned one. This makes my heart hurt. I weep for us all and for the generations to come which will remain ignorant of much of our history....because of reasoning such as this from the Park Service..."shameful" is the one word I can discern for this situation.
Denise, Vidalia, GA [07-10-2002]

Ted Beres, Philadelphia Pa 19135 [07-10-2002]

our heritage is important! Save it for the generations to come!
Vincent J. Garofalo, M. D., 19B Heritage Crest, Southbury, CT 06488 [07-10-2002]

We need to preserve our history. All historical buildings especially those linked to our war of independence need to be saved.
Linda Gibson, Dallas, TX [07-10-2002]

Ed Dzialo, Chicago [07-10-2002]

It is difficult to find information about the first seat of government. It would be of great interest to me to have that first location in Philadelphia marked.
K Nordstrom, Minnesota [07-10-2002]

Philadelphia played a very important part in Slavery - recreate the house - it's no wonder that everyone goes to Virginia for vacation - at least they have preserved their past, not replaced it with bathrooms! Who was the mayor when this happened? They are to blame!!!
brian camper [07-10-2002]

Let's preserve the sites! The city lets Edgar Allan Poe's house go to the dumps and lets councilman Angel Ortiz drive without a license for 3 years. Where is the justice for the common man? Every one is on the take up here!
thomas smith, philly [07-10-2002]

Any historical site that is not treated with the respect that it deserves should be seen as treason and those people in charge of the decision to alter it should be held accountable for their actions.
John Begley (of the rock band Live Not On Evil), Phila [07-10-2002]

Kayleigh Meade, United Kingdom [07-10-2002]

Were this house found in any other location, it would be fully restored by now. It would be a shame on our country to not even acknowledge the first Presidential residence -- and a public restroom on the site!!! Shameful.
Al Diamond, Cherry Hill, NJ [07-10-2002]

cheryl wobbecke, grafton, ohio [07-10-2002]

The memory of the President's House should be preserved. It is an IMPORTANT part of history.
Marjorie Leib, Canada [07-10-2002]

W.Stovall, Center City, Phila. PA [07-10-2002]

Please save the historical aspects aforementioned.
Regina A. Meacham [07-10-2002]

Please save this piece of history.
Barbara J. Owen, San Diego [07-10-2002]

melanie smith, harrisonburg, VA [07-10-2002]

I think our history should be preserved not forgotten. after Sept.11 America should keep there history alive not let it die.
Danielle, West Virginia [07-10-2002]

Please preserve such history!!!
Wyveta Kirk, Hollywood SC [07-10-2002]

i am in total argreement with the proposal. it can only enrichen our knowledge and understanding of the period.
chad ward, hamilton,ohio [07-10-2002]

grah pears [07-10-2002]

linda d myers, kings mountain,nc [07-10-2002]

progress n histery!we have to stop progress we can go back n feel another life.
tricia atkinson, owensboro,ky [07-10-2002]

Since I live in a very historical city I grew up aware of the value of preserving our past. It is imperative that we save as much of our history as possible for future generations so that will never forget the sacrifices of every citizen who has come before them. The building has very special childhood memories for me as my mother brought me there many times to view the Liberty Bell and to help me understand what it stood for, and to help me understand what a privilege it is to be an American!
Claire, Newport, RI [07-10-2002]

Very good.
Michael Tatum, Los Angeles Ca. [07-10-2002]

Sid MacLeod, Northern Liberties [07-10-2002]

The President George Washington House ought to be rebuilt as was the house where Thos. Jefferson rented a room and wrote the Declaration of Independence. All of the buildings of the first Capital ought to be identified and marked. A sincere patriot, Ricardo Ben-Safed
Ricardo Ben-Safed, 118 S 21st ST. Ap;t#1420,Phila,Pa.19103 [07-10-2002]

This site should not only be preserved, but totally restored to the as near the original as possible. This way the people will feel a part of the history of our great country!
Richard C. Baerlocher, Beaverton, Oregon [07-10-2002]

keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous [07-10-2002]

Thank you for your fine efforts. The lack of knowledge fo American History by the average American is a national embarrassment. How many Americans are aware that George Washington; upon his death, provided for freedom for all of his Slaves, as well as funds to care for their needs if they were unable to work or care for themselves. All we hear about is how the evil Washignton owned Slaves. It is far beyond the time for the Truth to be told. The Liberal Left are Liars, and their message must be exposed for what it is, A Big Fat Lie. Cordially yours, Robert D. Sergent
Robert D. Sergent, P O Box 491, Tualatin, OR 97062-0491 [07-10-2002]

Leslie L. Nye, Loomis, CA [07-10-2002]

The history of our country is so important for our future generations. This site should be preserved as it was the capitol of our country for many years.
Mary R Simmons, Montgomery, Alabama [07-10-2002]

Should have all ready been done
Maurice Whitney, South East Texas [07-10-2002]

Gregory J Ozorowski, Philadelphia [07-10-2002]

Patricia L. Betsch, Melbourne, FL [07-10-2002]

Don't arrange history. There's too much distortion in our history now. This would add to the growing circumspect regarding American history.
Granville V. Stallworth, Cincinnati, Ohio [07-10-2002]

Lets keep American history alive, not just you and me, but for the kids and the world. We are the great county because of our history!!!!
Kyle K. Crecelius, Bellevue Ohio [07-10-2002]

Steve,Adela,AnnMarie,Aurora Darrow, 630 Albemarle, CA 94530 [07-10-2002]

Marie McCarthy [07-10-2002]

Gail Boardway [07-10-2002]

John stevens, california [07-10-2002]

vicki joy [07-10-2002]

We need to preserve the past and be reminded that their are slaves today that are locked in the chains of the nwo, please help to set the captives free.
mark haley, ark. [07-10-2002]

I feel it is imperative that the President's House is marked, as well as the slave quarters, in order that all visitors to the Liberty Bell are able to fully understand this time in our country's history. Too often, the old are destroyed to pave the way for the "new and improved". Please do not lose this invaluable opportunity to preserve a very important piece of our heritage. It is our duty to ensure that the past is kept alive in order that future generations do not lose the chance to experience it. Think about it, marking the House and quarters will only provide additional incentive to visit this site.
Susan Young, LaGrange, IN [07-10-2002]

As Americans, we tend to understand and appreciate our heritage...after it's too late. Americans will rally to preserve the site...after it's paved over. Just like we'll build a monument on the National Mall to honor those who served in WWII...after most of the veterans are dead. Please preserve the site as proposed.
Tom Hahner, Pennsylvania [07-10-2002]

Elizabeth M. Crassweller, Philadelphia, PA 19102 [07-10-2002]

it would be a shame to forget this great house and landmark due to the Park Service not wanting to spend money!!
Ted Beres [07-10-2002]

To:Our National Park Service Dear Sir/Madam It is my opinion that we need to have the Park Service mark the footprint of the President's House with first-person accounts etched in the slate paving. This important part of our history and government appropriately marked, and interpreted in a way that is meaningful to every visitor. As a direct ancestor of our founding fathers, I urge you to not forget them and to honor their remarkable vision of freedom and equality. Thank you.
Janet Chandler Maylone, Washington DC [07-10-2002]

Mark the footsteps of the President's House so we can understand the true history of that site.
Faith Hochanadel, Oak Ridge, TN [07-10-2002]

why couldn't they have built the presidents house and use it as a museum?? park service needs a to get with the times!!! like when it was during the revolution!!!
mark fleischman, lancaster, new york [07-10-2002]

William A Gade, Easton, PA [07-10-2002]

It is of interest to all to see the progression of our morality. The greatness of our country is in the ability to change without slandering our past. We do that by putting the past in full view and compare it to ourselves today. We need to always have the courage to do that.
John C. Bennett, Charleston South Carolina [07-10-2002]

lets preserve our history - once it's gone, it may never be recovered, I think this can be a very good tool for learning
Ed, St Louis, Mo [07-05-2002]

Gail Franklin Johnson, 1201 Propspect Avenue [07-05-2002]

To preserve with integrity the memory of the American Revolution is a duty not only towrd the future generations of Americans but toward all the coming generations of liberty-loving human beings.
Viriato Soromenho-Marques, Setúbal-Portugal [07-05-2002]

It is truly a shame that our Park Service or any of our Govt. agencys,seem to forget the importance of acknoledging our Historical roots.
E Keller, Gulfport, Ms. [07-05-2002]

It is vital that we preserve as much of our nation's history as possible. This building is a large part of that history.
Liesbeth J. Stommel [07-05-2002]

Some great battles took place during the civil war where I live and we have done every thing we can in our community to preserve forts, battle fields, etc. This is America. The house that George Washington and John Adams lived in while serving our country should be rebuilt, not paved over. Please give our founding Fathers the respect they deserve. This is what America is all about. Thank you for this opportunity to say what I think. I have been there and was awed to be able to see the liberty bell and all the other wonderful historical places that hold so much of our history. I plan to bring my granddaughter there in a few years. Please let there be as much as possible saved and/or restored.
Cecelia Ward, Pilot Knob, Missouri [07-05-2002]

All our history and heritage is important to young, old and those to come.
William Miles, 1801 Brantley Rd Apt 714 [07-05-2002]

....from the Fitzrandolph and Harper line. We realize M Monroe gets more space in some history books than George Washington....however; let's start using some "common sense" about this history business. Footprints are very important....other than in "tinsel town".
Wm R & Mary Anne (Brooks) Pangburn, Georgetown, Brown County, Ohio [07-05-2002]

Please preserve our American History!
Karen Neely Jones, Mt View, California [07-05-2002]

Paula Mortela [07-05-2002]

GS Jade Barrett, Vancouver WA [07-05-2002]

Michele [07-05-2002]

We need to preserve historical sites. If we don't then my children will not have the opportunity to see them and that would be a lost to them and future generations. I am a historian and I collect many historical items. My children can see these items only because I have them. What would happen if I decided to destroy them. No one would ever be able to appreciate this small history that I possess. The same is true in the big picture. Please don't destroy this part of our history.
Gary Zink, P.O. Box 930401 [07-05-2002]

Joseph J. Millhouse, Houston, TX [07-05-2002]

James Werner, Reading, pa [07-04-2002]

Sirs, I am not from this area originally. Most of my adult life was spent in the great state of KY. But since my living here in Philadelphia for over 2 years now, along with the events of 9/11. It has just increased my patriotism that I have always had. Let me use a hypothethical situation of sorts. If this were to be the case in Hodgenville,Ky., the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. Would we be allowed to do likewise? We wouldnt dare pave over the location and we in fact have not done so. I have visited the site in Hodgenville many times. So please reconsider your current plans as they are for this location. Thank you Tony Harvey
Tony, Philadelphia,Pa [07-04-2002]

Every effort must be made to preserve our history and the memory of our beginnings. The President's House is one that must be preserved, and the Nat.Park Serv. attempt to destroy, deface, and remove from public view any vestage of our National Treasures is despicable!!!!
Foy C. Smith, America [07-04-2002]

k. Potter, mid-west [07-04-2002]

William B. Sebrell [07-04-2002]

Please mark completely and clearly the President's House where it once stood. I even challenge you to rebuild it where it once stood as a vital part of our beginning national history. Do not make light of where our first two presidents lived, worked, and established our independent nation. Thank you very much for your consideration.
Francie Gosslee, Mt. Juliet, TN [07-04-2002]

The historical sites surrounding the birth of our nation and the priciples it was built on should be preserved. As a child history did not mean much to me but as I grow older historical sites bring our beginnings to life. I am also amazed at the advances in technology and the quality of life we now enjoy in comparison with our founding fathers.
Jerry, Waldorf, MD [07-04-2002]

Bryan Blackmon, waco [07-04-2002]

god bless the u s a!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DRUSILLA SUMRALL, franklinton, la [07-04-2002]

John Hancock, uk [07-04-2002]

Others have eloquently stated the reasons for preserving these historic grounds. I join in asking that it be done.
M Welsh, Florida [07-04-2002]

KATHY L. LAIRD [07-04-2002]

Ray E. Erickson [07-04-2002]

John Homnick, San Francisco, CA [07-04-2002]

sabine kramer, den haag, netherlands [07-04-2002]

Reaffirming what William Know from Oklahoma said: Preserve history without putting a spin on it!!
KAJ [07-04-2002]

Preserve the history, not the government money!
Person, Valley Center, CA [07-04-2002]

I think it is imperative to preserve anything relatd to the history of our great country. I think the house and grounds should be restored to its former glory. The Park Service should spend more of it's time preserving our country than arguing about whther we had slavery or not and whether it was right or wrong. It ws what is was then and in those times. It wasn't right then but it still was part of the history of our nation. We should keep the information flowiong freely for all the children and their children. If we don't know where we've been we will never be able to maintain our liberty and freedom. A liberty and freedom which was fought for by many men who gave up their lives in wars to maintain that liberty and freedom. Also, what about the WWII memorial? Get off the diem with that too!
Nancy A.Morgan, Wayne, N.J. 07470 [07-04-2002]

To many of our historical sites are not being cared for. As a boy growing up in Bucks County, PA, there were more historic building open to the public. When I took my wife to Philadelphia last year I was surprised on how much has been cut back. The President's house is just one more thing we must preserve for our future generations.
Robert Grau, Norfolk, VA [07-04-2002]

goran2000 [07-04-2002]

In this time of great turmoil and threat to the American way of life, it seems mandatory that every portion of the history of those who have sacrificed their lives for our country be preserved. From the President's house to the World Trade Center, let no fallen American be forgotten.
Jerry H. Hall, Indiana [07-04-2002]

History gives us roots. What has occurred in the past helps us build our future. To obliterate the past leaves us with blank pages from which to draw our collective memories. Other parts of the world have thousands of years to base their collective identities on; we have only a few centuries. Do not shortchange the American people by depriving us of our ancestoral roots.
The Modesitt's, Ashland, Oregon [07-04-2002]

Any thing to do with real men like George Washington should be preserved for future generations!
Michael Crouch, Powell, TN [07-04-2002]

Colleen Malervy, Norristown [07-04-2002]

C,A.DUNLAP [07-04-2002]

John R. Shull Sr., Illinois [07-04-2002]

Stephen Anderson, 1820 E Garry suite 106 [07-04-2002]

Robert Voorhees, Home [07-04-2002]

Please don't destroy part of our history!!!!!
Chris Austin, Evansville IN [07-04-2002]

This definitely sounds as though it's a worthwhile project.
Mary Pedersen, Fairfax VA [07-04-2002]

Please properly mark the "footprint" of the President's House in a permanent way--so that visitors can "picture" the dimensions of this historic structure. THANKS!!
Ruth Esry, Illinois [07-04-2002]

A.J. Hillis son of Alan Hillis [07-04-2002]

Craig M. Williams, State College, PA [07-01-2002]

It doesn't make any sense to permanently let ANY historic site's grounds be squandered in any way. It's wrong and I am opposed and often appalled how so often it happens! They that have ears let them here: HISTORY MATTERS. Don't let this opportunity to mark the President's House pass just because it wasn't your idea, or in your budget, or whatever. It would be indecent for the Park Service to not MAXIMIZE the historic value of this site by not at least leaving the footprint of this gone yet not forgotten structure. Show your pride and mine in our hard-fought American freedom and not just your stupid govt paychecks. Be much bigger than that. Those who once called this area home did.
karen cross harmon, Arroyo Grande, CA [07-01-2002]

I agree with this project.
Tom LaGrega, Victoria Texas [07-01-2002]

As an editor of historical publications and as a genealogist, please do not shortchange future generations. Once a historical opportunity is lost, it is difficult to restore it later and more difficult to retore it with authenticity.
Fred J. Lauver, Harrisburg, Pa. [07-01-2002]

There are too many landmarks in our country which are being covered, torn down and in disarray to put up something that will never take its place. We must remember and revere our history so we may not repeat it. This is a time to gather and protect all our American landmarks. Our country is still young compared to the countries which try to bring us down. We must take care, nurture and feed our baby. It started here and was the first capital of our great country. God Bless Philadelphia and America.
sonya dailey, augusta, ga [07-01-2002]

avi [07-01-2002]

Preserve history without putting a spin on it.
William W. Knox, Tulsa, OK [07-01-2002]

does history mean nothing to the parks department? we must preserve everything we can from our forefathers. Please re-consider.
Pat revelle, missouri [07-01-2002]

As a native-born Philadelphian, I heartily endorse this proposal...Sure do miss that Italian water-ice out here!
Christine Patton, Concord, California [07-01-2002]

Important history such as this should preserved for future generations to understand where we are from.
David Priest, Garfield Heights, Ohio [07-01-2002]

Josh, blackwood new jersey [07-01-2002]

Edward Marino, California [07-01-2002]

timothy joseph blair, des moines wa u.s. [07-01-2002]

Our history is important to future generations. We can only secure our future by learning from the past.
Anthony and Patti Carter, Fayetteville, TN [07-01-2002]

marcus koniski, las vegas, nevada [07-01-2002]

Hailing from the Breadbasket of the Revolution that fed Washington's army during the War for Independence, and making my annual pilgrimage to the seat of origin of our American way of life, marking this hollowed spot is the least that should be done to memorialize these cherished souls, and to provide my son, and his children with the ability to touch the flesh to yesteryear. Bravo for this fine effort, a little more spirit from the park service and we are there!
Michael A. West, Schoharie, New York [07-01-2002]

I love history and geneology and have enjoyed this site immensely. THank You for putting it together. Warm Regards, ROberta H. LaForce (bobbi)
Roberta H LaForce, Kansas [07-01-2002]

I am a relative of Dr. Bejamin Rush. Please presevre all our national history.
Craig A. Soflin, Albuquerque, NM [07-01-2002]

American History needs to be preserved You learn half of what you read and retain 85% of what You see. If you can look at it and read it you have a better chance of remembering it.
Kathryn F Catena, Ohio [07-01-2002]

Randy Hyle, Illinois [07-01-2002]

Benjamin Franklin wrote an autobiography for his son, in order to preserve a piece of history -- offering a glimpse back to the trials and tribulations of our nation's founding days. I think we can take our cue from the actions of Franklin, et al, -- our founding fathers, who recognized the importance of preserving our past, so we might be wiser with our future. Reconstruct the house. Preserve our history. Send a message to the world that we will not forget our past, but build on it for a better future. It is right thing to do.
J. A. Schaffer, Texas [07-01-2002]

william d.morgan esq [07-01-2002]

Please save this part of our combinedhistory and use it to educate more folks about the role slaves played in early American history.
Peter Roop [07-01-2002]

Benjamin Francis [07-01-2002]

if the u.s. government can misplace over 17 billion dollars a year of hard earned tax payers money. there should be no problem here to do what is right with money they'v loose each year. send some here first before they lose it.
PAUL CONDE' BLAKE, paw paw, michigan [07-01-2002]

I was in Philadelphia 2 yrs ago and I did not even know their was a "President's House". Because it is so close to Independence Hall it just makes sense to include it as part of the overall area. It is important that this historical information be preserved so that visitors to the area will learn that Washington DC was not our only Capitol city.
anonymous, Connecticut [07-01-2002]

Curtis L. Rance [07-01-2002]

please do not lose the opportunity to preserve as much as possible of this important historical artifact.
ruth jileen porter, escondido, CA 92025 [07-01-2002]

alicia wilkes, sc [07-01-2002]

Danny [07-01-2002]

In his preface to The Gulag, Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote that those who live in the past see with only one eye...those who forget the past are blind. The National Park Service needs to remember that they serve the nation by stewarding our historical heritage...something that can be irretrievably lost. The President's House archaeological site is certainly an important case in point. God Bless America.
Douglas B. Swift, Midland (the proud hometown of George W.), Texas [07-01-2002]

I join those urging the National Park Service to consider the importance of the President's House site in its efforts to expand and improve this important block. The suggestion made to mark the house's footprint in paving seems a respectable, common-sense method to accomplish this.
Thomas Palmer, Galion, Ohio USA [06-27-2002]

matthew politees [06-27-2002]

Esther M. Senft [06-27-2002]

thomas lee eichelberger, sidney.ohio [06-27-2002]

I am agree with this proyect. We should preserve american history.
Jorge Uribe, Houston, TX [06-27-2002]

mary ellen beers [06-27-2002]

I think that the park service should NOT proceed with their plans. That is all.
Mercedes [06-27-2002]

Our history is very important especially in these days when many want to erase all traces of it. Our founding fathers are the most important parts of our history and it is important that children are able to feel, see and touch the past. Save all the old historical homes so each generation after this will have the opportunity to experience the goose bumps from standing in the same room as one of our founding fathers or presidents. Margie Daniels
Margie Daniels, Tennessee [06-27-2002]

We were in Philly in late October after 9/11 and were horrified by the overall condition of the historical district of that city. It was filthy, cluttered and oppressive. There is no continuity to places, people and events. Preservation is DEFINITELY needed! It was extremely difficult to find anything. The district is so overcome with TODAY. Is there any way that history can be more prominently put on display? I agree with others that it would be nice to have the President's House, slave quarters reconstructed, not have something built OVER them, or just outlined. Thank you.
anonymous, Arkansas [06-27-2002]

Lean, Missouri [06-27-2002]

Sandra Baucan, Cleveland, OH [06-27-2002]

Thouse must be saved. Its our history
REV. PHILIP GERACI, interlarchern [06-27-2002]

Of course, the history of this house, and its historical value, predated its use by Washington and his household. The Park Service has an opportunity to demonstrate that our history is far more complicated, wonderful and horrible, than the way it is normally presented. The last remains of the structure were destroyed relatively recently. The NPS can demonstrate that it is better than previous stewards of our past.
Joseph V. Tyrrell, New Jersey [06-27-2002]

Julia Anne Rowe, 1242 south 46th street phila. [06-27-2002]

I am a former resident of Philadelphia, having lived there till I moved overseas then Texas (which sometimes seems like the same thing - but I digress). I was at Independence Mall on New Year's Eve 1976 - when the bell was moved to its current location. While I am glad that the Bell is being moved to a bigger more educational facility, we should not ignore the history of that location. Living here in Texas where the history is recent and mostly bulldozed (heck, even John Neely Bryan's cabin - the first settler of Dallas - may not be the real thing), I miss the history and traditions of the East Coast! Can someone send me a cheesesteak!!
Avi S. Adelman, Dallas TX [06-27-2002]

Unfortunatley, we have a past that would show where someone kept their slaves. We can not remove the memories of the past by tearing down to build something new, we must retain the past so that the same mistakes will not be repeated.
SOKOYAH OLUFEMI IFASOLA, dallas, texas [06-27-2002]

I agree full-heartedly with this petition. Do as the petition writers wish, please.
Justin Wiese, Randolph, Nebraska [06-27-2002]

I am a 9 year old girl and this is one of my favorite websites. The Liberty Bell is fine where it is! Leave the Liberty Bell alone! It has been moved too many times!!!
Ashley Guyer, Lake-in-the-Hills, IL [06-27-2002]

Patricia E. Archer, Richmond, VA [06-27-2002]

To preserve the foundations of American liberty we must preserve our heritage. It is through these landmarks, the symbols of freedom, that our children learn the value of liberty.
Roger W Hancock, Auburn, WA [06-27-2002]

Preserve the memory of the president's House by marking its footprint in the paving. Do not let this historic area slide unnoticed in the spans of time!
Barbara pengelly, Hagerstown, MD [06-26-2002]

My 5th great grandparents are said to have attended a partyat Gen. Washington's in Philadelphia. Grandmother wore a "fine, padded petticoat". They were mr. and Mrs. John Dietz, and they lived at 408 Sounth Second Street. I'd like to see something reminiscent of Geo. Washington's house on the site.
jeanne burke, clark county indiana [06-26-2002]

I think that there should be world peace and we all should make this world a better place for you and our childrens children.
Jessica Cacia, South Philly [06-26-2002]

Preserve history.
Carla Warriner [06-26-2002]

We the people have the right to have our authenic history preserved for future generations.
Lois Charles, King of Prussia, PA [06-26-2002]

I agree that we must mark the site of the President's House in Philadelphia with appropriate markings showing locations and events.
Cary Feld, Syracuse,NY [06-26-2002]

As a H.S. teacher, I realize the benefit in educating people about history. We need to remember our history in order to progress and go forward. We cannot simply ignore it or cover over it! Please preseve this nation treasure. I feel marking this treasure in the paving is invaluable! Thank you, Karen Edery
Karen Edery [06-26-2002]

chiquitte williams [06-26-2002]

Please preserve the memory of the President's House by the footprints in the paving.
paul w. schwartz, pensacola,florida [06-26-2002]

I feel that not only should there be footprints, we should excavate the site. What a learning experience for those who could come and watch an archeological dig right here at home! WE need recognize that we too have a history worth probing, preserving and REMEMBERING.
linda banks, houston, tx [06-26-2002]

don't cover up history. Preserve it. Let our children know the truth.
tina dambach, philadelphia [06-26-2002]

You are right. The nation's places should be recovered. Even the nation is only two hudred years old. But now, without joking! Keep your mind and keep your willing to order anybody else to keep the memoraises. In Poland we do the same. That is why we have "Błyskawica" destroyer of WW II as a remembering park. She was fighting in the West, was hated in the East, but we preserved her! Be so solid!!!!
Ryszard Czyszkiwicz, Poland [06-26-2002]

I had always been told that the National Park Service's main goal is preservation. Just look at the National Parks. Why would this be any different?
Cindy Rogowski, Naperville, Illinois [06-26-2002]

Why would you want to eradicate our history?
anonymous [06-26-2002]

Wayne Rosentreter, Mechanicsburg, PA [06-26-2002]

Tom Powell, Louisville, Kentucky [06-26-2002]

Please provide for marking the footprint of the 'President's House' in Phildelphia in the paving.
Michael Walker, Brentwood TN [06-26-2002]

andrewsetterfield [06-26-2002]

Restore the house from the foundation. It was done in Williamsburg and has been very successful. Leave the Bell where it is.
Allen Southall [06-26-2002]

I would like to see the Park Service mark the site of the President's house with a foot print large enough to include the story of the occupants and their contributions to the new nation. We have an important need to remember our heritage in these times. Adults or children, we never lose the magic of being transported back to the actual spot where our evolutionary War heroes lived, worked and fought.
Mrs. Joan M. Hayes, Feasterville, Pa. [06-26-2002]

History is to be preserved. Once you destroy it, it is gone forever. Let us remember our past.
Lucie C. Fainsbert, Somerset, NJ [06-26-2002]

Jamie Brooks, Rochester, New York [06-26-2002]

Judy, Portland, OR [06-26-2002]

Let remember the truth
Derrick Piper, Texas [06-26-2002]

I think that it is essential to preserve the President's House because it plays an important role in our history. Philadelphia is the birthplace of independence, and I think that the President's House should have a home in this city.
Andrea Alvarez, King of Prussia, PA [06-26-2002]

Hakim Hudson [06-26-2002]

i am in favor of what Edwin Wilson had to say.
michelle bell, enterprise, kansas [06-26-2002]

Please preserve this national treasure by marking its footprint in the paving!
Russell S. Pickett, Dover, Delaware [06-19-2002]

Catherine Johnson, Wisconsin [06-19-2002]

I think Bush is doing needs a litle help running the country. That's what I think
victoria [06-19-2002]

I think that this site should preserved. Putting footsteps on the ground isn't good enough. It seems as if the Park service is trying to build over this site to cover up the TRUE history of America and its Presidents. Slavery was a reality and placing the Liberty Bell over the Slave quarters and Washington's home isn't going to make it go away. We need to preserve this site so that we may learn about our history.
Amanda DeLoatch, Philadelphia, PA [06-19-2002]

I think it would be a great injustice to our children and the history of america. If you cover it up as if it didn't exist it is more than likely going to repeat itself. Maybe that's what you want.
kia pierce [06-19-2002]

I would like to see the Park Service preserve the memory of the Presidents House by markign its footprint in the paving.
Joyce Wilson, Silver Spring, MD [06-19-2002]

PLease sign me up
Christina Martin, Home [06-19-2002]

I am in favor of our slavery past being recoginzed.
Edwin Wilson, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 [06-19-2002]

My daughter and I are taking our first trip this month to see the Liberty Bell. I know that the events of 9-11 have raised our awareness of what a wonderful land we have the privilege to live in. Please preserve our history!!
Avis Aho, West Bloomfield, Michigan [06-19-2002]

Jean Meaney, Hilton Head, SC [06-19-2002]

donald brake, Burnside,Ky [06-19-2002]

As a former Philadelphian, I support remembering these important parts of our nation's founding.
Michael F. Bruno, M.D., Smithfield, VA [06-19-2002]

Please don't destroy a part of our unique history. At least lay down a brick outline of the foundation like they've done at Jamestown, VA. Give us a chance to walk in the footsteps of our forefathers.
Sarah Kucsma, Bound Brook, NJ [06-19-2002]

lets preserve our history - once it's gone, it may never be recovered...
John Martin, ct [06-19-2002]

Being a frequent visitor to Philadelphia, I find the Park Service doing a great injustice to the city and its residents by not preserving our history.
Paul Meacham, Washington, DC [06-19-2002]

I think that it is a disgrace that the National Park Service, which are in place to preserve our history and national parks, would even consider sending these findings of "The President's House" in Philadelphia into obscurity. It should have the same attention and dedication to the preservation of history as the "Ghost House" of Benjamin Franklin(a prime example of having the history of Philadelphia preserved even though the full structure is not there).
Lois Koelle, Telford, PA [06-19-2002]

God save the republic and it's historic buildings.
Edward G Romano, Helmetta, NJ 08828 [06-19-2002]

Wendy Madison, Marietta, GA [06-19-2002]

Im only doing this because I love Philly!
Anna Watson [06-19-2002]

There is nothing more important than the beginnings of this great nation, its papers, its action, its buildings and the people who inhabited them - among them, the Predient's House in Philadelphia. We are one-of-a-kind and set an example for the rest of the world and should be proud of those beginnings, cherich them, and preserve them.
Lee Dimin, Albany, NY [06-19-2002]

While more money may be gained through the building of a fancy new visitors center, I agree with the idea that it is more important to preserve what IS. I support the proposition about telling the story with words spoken by real people of the time. What a way to tell a story! A person could walk their way through history and right up to the iconic Liberty Bell, itself. Preserving a sense of place and a sense of real people will help visitors relate to the history better than a nice, new building (which would NOT be respecting the history it is supposedly trying to inform people of) and "full-color interpretive panels." By the way, I've never seen the Liberty Bell, but I may have a chance to this summer. I'd like to see it in as 'present' a setting as possible - not removed and isolated and decorated and described in full-color. I want as authentic an experience as is possible. To me, that would not include new architectural design. Although, I'm sure the plans are beautiful and exciting...they just don't serve the purpose for which they are intended with integrity.
Sammy S., Washington State [06-19-2002]

William Bentley Ball, former chairman of the Federal Bar Association Committee on Constitutional Law (1970-74)comments, "Our problem consists also...of more general constitutional concepts. Let me refer to but two: the unconstitutional delegation of legislative power and ultra vires. The first is where the legislature hands over its powers to agents through the conferral of regulatory power unaccompanied by strict standards. The second is where the agents make up powers on their own - assume powers not given them by the legislature. Under the first, the government of laws largely disappears and the government of men largely replaces it. Under the second, agents' personal "homemade" law replaces the law of elected representatives of the people." Several years have passed since 1942. The purpose of the creation of Independence National Historical Park was to preserve American history. I genuinely believe that Martha Aikens behavior is confusing rather than revelatory. The purpose of the park is to preserve history and her position is to superintend that purpose. I was told that originally a small group of ladies preserved Independence Hall from destruction. Perhaps I was misinformed. I know that a small group of partiotic citizens attempts to save the Moland House. I applaud Nancy Gilboy and her associates. There is a subtle conspiratorial movement to destroy and revise American history. Yes, the building in question was the residence of Presidents Washington and Adams. But it was the home of Robert Morris. February 6, 1781, Congress establishes a Department of Finance, and appoints Robert Morris as superintendent. Perhaps the youth of our country should learn of his contribution to help create our nation.
Clinton R. Maust Jr., Warrington, PA [06-19-2002]

Please preserve!!!!
Donna Jinka [06-15-2002]

Great website!
Ray F. Mihulka III, Omaha, Ne. [06-15-2002]

What a perfect Opportunity to add to the historical legacy in Philadelphia. We should "REBUILD" the property so that the Presidency and Slavery can both be viewed together and studied. By rebuilding the structures we can add to the 18th century atmosphere we are trying to present here in Philadelphia. The history of slavery is a great reminder of liberty and freedom that all Americans enjoy today. Covering the slave quarters and Presidents house will hide our past. We shouldn't hide the past—we should learn from it. I thought patriotism was on an incredible upswing since 9/11, but it seems things are back to "business as usual." I believe this building should be rebuilt, and the grounds surrounding it be excavated for potential archaeological finds. As an African-American born and raised in Philadelphia, this is a terrible slap in the face to me and all people that have ancestors that were enslaved along with all the people that fought for freedom and continue to fight for every ones Constitutional Rights.
Karen DeLoatch, Philadelphia, PA [06-15-2002]

h.l. collins, flossmoor, illinois [06-15-2002]

it nice to see that the national park service is listening too its owners,we the people!.
THOMAS JOHN PRITTIE, sacramento,california [06-14-2002]

great site glad i found it. keep up the good work.
duane williams [06-14-2002]

I just finished reading *John Adams* by David McCollough and then visited Philadephia. I was thrilled to see the first Presidents' house. Please preserve its memory.
Drew Blankman, Suburban Chicago [06-14-2002]

I believe that these historical buildings should be noted in some important way. I really like the footprint idea and believe it should be incorporated into the plans if the Liberty Bell must be moved yet again. The President's House and Slave Quarters should not be paved over as though they never existed. They are both an important part of Philadelphia's and the nation's history and should be embraced and remembered.
K. Denniston, Lafayette Hill, PA [06-14-2002]

John Griswold, Philadelphia PA [06-14-2002]

restore the presidents house in philadelphia
ROBERT CAMPBELL [06-14-2002]

Kelly Peters, Dallas, TX [06-14-2002]

I think it importent to tell the slaves story because they are apart of the history of the Liberty Bell.
Jerry B. Wicker [06-14-2002]

The Rev. Judith A. Meier, East Norriton, PA [06-13-2002]

Glenda Barnes [06-13-2002]

the house should never have been torn down in the first place. I imagine that the black graves they excavated across the street for the new center were probably some of his slaves, a fact not mentioned anywhere.
Rosalinde Weiman, Bala Cynwyd,Pa. [06-13-2002]

As a historian and as an architect I ask you to please help preserve the memory of the President's House by marking its footprint on the ground.
Henry E. Lares, Miami Beach, Florida [06-13-2002]

The footprint of Ben Frankin's house and a skeleton of its structure has been preserved and erected. Why not at least the footprint of the President's house?
Patrick C. Baker, Malvern, PA [06-13-2002]

Yes, the President's House in Philadelphia should be appropriately marked, renovated/restored where needed, and on the tour. It's an important piece of socio-political history. How many people even remember that before the White House and Washington DC, there was Philadelphia?
Cynthia Phillips, Texas [06-13-2002]

The fundamental contradictions and twisted roots of this democracy should be acknowledged and recognized
Horace Coleman, Long Beach, CA [06-13-2002]

For the sake of history, it should be done...
Acacia Reed [06-13-2002]

Cheryl Wyant, Sioux Falls SD [06-13-2002]

Elizabeth Foley, 15th & Cherry [06-13-2002]

steve may [06-13-2002]

The Presidents' house should be interpreted and its location should be identified to provide a richer and more thorough interpretation of the history of Philadelphia as a cradle of independence.
Peter C. Brown, Phoenixville, PA [06-13-2002]

It seems that this request to honor not only an important landmark but also honor the memory and contributions of African Americans to our history is a workable compromise. I have not been to Philadelphia but can imagine that it is not practical or even possible to preserve every stick. This 'outline of history' approach seems an excellent idea and I urge you to consider it.
Susan Sandy, San Jose, California [06-13-2002]

Jennifer, Philadelphia [06-13-2002]

This is a vital part of our history and we should do all we can to preserve our heritage!
Beverly Ejsing, Philadelphia, PA [06-13-2002]

Rebecca Cox, Lexington, VA [06-13-2002]

I think its a great Idea to save a land mark.
Joyce M. Wright, Newport Pa [06-10-2002]

chiragh kazi, ca.91320 [06-10-2002]

Jessica Marvin, Ohio [06-10-2002]

Tamara Hamel, Illinois [06-10-2002]

I say we preserve the monement. It's great for educational Purposes.
Kat, Washington [06-10-2002]

Terrye Lynne Lenzini, Riverside, CA [06-10-2002]

Yo wazz-up!?
kirby, Maine [06-10-2002]

George Washington’s Presidential House should be restored and commemorated the same as our other 18th century National Landmarks located in Philadelphia. I can’t imagine the Park Service utilizing the present site for a public bathroom. That is so disgusting and disgraceful to such an important piece of our early history. After restoration, the President’s house would provide an excellent place for educational exhibits showing the workings of a young government struggling to hold onto it’s newly won liberty. Let’s not let this opportunity to save a piece of history benefiting our younger generation and future generations to come, slip through our hands as we have often done before. We should never let history die!
Jake Jacobs, Arizona [06-10-2002]

Clinton Brockington [06-10-2002]

I have been there and I believe that the location of the Executive Mansion should be part of the walk. It would enhance the richness of Philadelphia's historical significance.
Brett Millan, Texas [06-10-2002]

American society suffers from emotional anemia.Americans today can not be oblivious either of George Washinton or of John Adams.The preservation of the 'House'will build a bridge between thier past and present.So they will reward themselves if they can beautifully preserve the 'Liberty Bell'.
Mr.Ajay Bhattacharya, BA4/7 SaltLake,Kolkata 700064,WB,India [06-10-2002]

I would appreciate that you preserve the President's House by marking the footprints in the paving. If it doesn't happen people won't remember the history of the house itself. Thanks!!
anonymous [06-10-2002]

i love history!
AUGUSTA SOUTH, New England, East Coast, USA, North America, Western Hemisphere, Planet Earth, Our Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, AUGUSTA'S AMAZING UNIVERSE!!!! [06-10-2002]

I think that it should be footprinted bacause it is a large part of our history and should be noticed.
KFoster [06-10-2002]

I was not previously aware of this program. sounds interesting. have ancestors from New York's Mohawk Valley area dating well into 17th century. would like to learn more.......
joseph macks (wemple) benson, 626 mockingbird drive, brookhaven, ms 39601 [06-10-2002]

If presidents lived in the house It shouldn't be kcnocked down
brian Failing [06-10-2002]

Paget [06-10-2002]

We, as a people, don't do enough to save the history that brought this country into existence. Keep fighting!
David Ward, Maryland [06-10-2002]

I urge you to preserve the history and heritage of our nation.
John C. Calhoun, Oklahoma [06-10-2002]

I fully support the proposal to preserve the history of Philadelphia and America by re-creating the President's House through a "footprint" project. This is both the "least expensive" method of re-creating history and is in keeping with the concept exemplified by the Benjamin Franklin "footprint" already done.
George Bauder, Dover, Delaware [06-10-2002]

Save all of our history that you can. To do less is making the area "just another roadside attraction."
Ralph Terrell Marston, Norristown, Pennsylvania [06-10-2002]

Alexandra [06-10-2002]

Please, identify the former location of the Morris president's house as this site is part of history in the making.
Richard Parent, Mont St-Hilaire, Québec, Canada [06-10-2002]

Preserve History and Historical places!
Linda Thompson [06-10-2002]

I am always in support of preserving our national treassures for future generations.
Paul V Beetz, 9200 New Haven Road Harrison Ohio 45030 [06-10-2002]

America is th GREATEST PLACE I would want to be. Nurture it not nurture her not destriy her. Our time is precious treat her wisly.
anonymous [06-10-2002]

Through the recognition and study of our history we can be guided in making good choices for our future. Our Presidency is one of a kind in the world.
George Curtis Crosss, Camp Hill, PA [06-10-2002]

Justin Buddy [06-10-2002]

Because our school systems do not cover American history now as they did fourty years ago it is important that our children and grandchildren etc be able to visit these historic locations. For them to know who was there and what impact that person or persons had on the shaping of this nation. How many people realize or even knew of this site. Lets continue to do what will maintain and/or preserve our history for all generations to come. "Build it they will come".
Roger Bauder, Marshalltown Ia [06-10-2002]

The history of slavery is a great reminder of liberty and freedom that all Americans enjoy today. Covering the slave quarters and white house will hide our past. We shouldn't hide the past—we should learn from it.
anonymous [06-10-2002]

I agree to it and we should do somthing about it. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
Micheal Jackson [06-10-2002]

God Bless America... let's hope they get this right.!.!.!
Leonardo Garcia, Ca. [06-10-2002]

keep it dont forget your heritage
Samantha Neubeck [06-10-2002]

i think you should save the prsidents house because he was an important part of histiory and everyone should know that and we should all appercate it. if we bring it down ours kids, kids wont know and see what we saw.
amanda sullivan, pa [06-10-2002]

As American citizens, we should remember what our forefathers faught for. Our country is truly blessed and if we destroy our own heritage what will there be for the generations to come?
Travis Freed [06-10-2002]

I would like to see it one day. Although this country was inspired by the imagination of some men with reasonable forethough, it was built with the blood, sweat and tears of slaves and immigrants - THIS truly deserves recognition. Please preserve the house as it once was.
Diana Daniels, Far Rockaway, New York [06-10-2002]

I believe it is very important to preserve our heritage in all it's aspects wherever and whenever possible, especially The Revolution and the early days of this country
James Thomas, Maple Glen, Pennsylvania [06-10-2002]

Nancy Arndt [06-10-2002]

Shae Correia [06-10-2002]

I think it is important to preserve the White House because really it is a part of America and some people would like to keep it that way.
Jennifer McCaffray, Arbroath, Scotland [06-06-2002]

This is an important monument and we should preserve it for educational purposes. Let's not forget our heritage.
Millie Mann [06-06-2002]

Allison Harte, new jersey [06-05-2002]

V.J.L. [06-05-2002]

I think it is important monument and we should preserve it it's the first "White House". If we destroy this house we would be destroying the heratage of America and what our forefathers faought so hard to get from England
ROC [06-05-2002]

i think that we should presreve the artifacts of our forefathers. i think it is a shame for so many people to be so eager to tear something down that has a value beyond priceless.
ren [06-05-2002]

It should be there and it will be educational
Dagnis Skurbe, Latvia [06-05-2002]

Jeff, Mountain Home, Idaho [06-05-2002]

I am no too familiar with this site as a historical monument but I do respect the historical value of the liberty bell and its preservation. I believe this site should be erected and maintained for its well being so everyone can witness the bells beauty.
Dillon Dwyer, Auburn [06-05-2002]

preserve history as much as possible before it's gone for good
Jeffrey Lephew, Galax, VA [06-05-2002]

Please preserve John Hart and other signer of the Dec of Independance legacy
R C Hart, Atlanta [06-05-2002]

Stephen C. Restelli, Barre, Vermont [06-05-2002]

As someone who loves American history, and particularly the history of the Presidency -- and as someone who has enjoyed visiting virtually every presidential site in the country -- I urge the National Park Service to mark and interpret the site of the President's House in Philadelphia. It is a vital part of the story of Philadelphia as our national capital and of the Presidency itself.
Frank Gulino, New York, NY [06-05-2002]

Wathira Ng'an [06-05-2002]

let's keep history alive for our children and the next generation to come .
edward, philadelphia [06-05-2002]

Jeff Mohr, Iowa [06-05-2002]

I love america!
jennifer, illinois [06-04-2002]

David F. Morreale, 50 Newport Ave. Buffalo, NY 14216 [06-04-2002]

anonymous [06-04-2002]

Val [06-04-2002]

Derek Scheuermann, Anoka, MN USA [06-04-2002]

I think there is many monuments we should have preserved in the past more.Like the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. I think that in memory of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon we should preserve our history more. I ask you would'nt you preserve something if you knew that in the future it would be worth a lot of money. Than let's not make this any different instead of preserving this for money preserve it for our history. So I finish by asking you please preserve the president's house. I assure you many of us will be gratefull. Thank You for giving us the chance to give our opinions!! Thank You!!
Melissa, Massachusetts [06-04-2002]

Laura Frazier, Rhode Island [06-04-2002]

amy, California [06-04-2002]

Please preserve the house as it once was. I would like to see it one day.
Brian, Rhode Island [06-03-2002]

help save our history dont distroy it we need it .to think of what happen back then.footprint are not enough and that is a fact
erica .m.flint, hornell newyork [06-03-2002]

I think they should save the footprints as it is a historical monument and i am learning about this in social studies.
Nauma Haider, New York [06-03-2002]

I also agree that the Presedent's house should better acknowledgement. They should respect it.
Scott Cunningham [06-03-2002]

kristin oconnor [06-03-2002]

Sergio, Cinnaminson, NJ [06-03-2002]

I am very historically minded and enjoy to know our heritage is being looked after.This is a worth while project. There is one house in Wash. D.C. that I'd like to see preserved. Thatis the Mary Eugenia Surratt House on 541 H Street. It is steeped in Lincoln History and is stillin good basic structure except for the Chinese Shop in it's ground floor.
H. E. Butler, US citizen in New Zealand [06-03-2002]

HI Everyone!
Lisa M. Damesworth, Redford,MI [06-03-2002]

I think that it should be there and it will be educational.
Bianca [06-03-2002]

Yes, I'm with you 100%.
Jack Bennett, Phoenix,Az [06-02-2002]

Margaret T. Hassan, New Jerdey [06-02-2002]

joan shannon, bayside,n.y. [06-02-2002]

I agree that the location of the President's house deserves better acknowledgement. In fact, a plaque and a "footprint" are not enough. A project to rebuild the house is the only fitting treatment of this important historical building. The importance of Philadelphia as the Federal capital in the early days of our republic cannot be properly recognized unless the house is rebuilt.
Donald E. DeLancey, Buena Park, California [06-02-2002]

As an avid supporter of our nations history I support all attempts to keep this memory alive.
Martin Negron, Northeast Philadelphia [06-02-2002]

John Roe, San Diego, CA [06-02-2002]

Help save our history.
carter patryn, chicago [06-02-2002]

I have been to see the Bell & do agree it needs a new home. But to disturb the fondation of the first President's House seems unAmerican to me at a time when we need to cling to the hope of our founding fathers. If the term "slave quarters" is a problem--WHY at this late date? Washington didn't consider it a crime & don't you think it's time we admitted that we all know it was wrong to keep slaves & accept that it is no longer going on & move on? Please save the foundations & footprints of the site. Mrs. Linda Cabaness, Paragould, AR
Linda Cabaness, Paragould, AR [06-02-2002]

Marisa A. Albanese [06-02-2002]

John Shapard, Pisgah Forest, NC [06-02-2002]

Dani [06-02-2002]

Lakeisha Parker, Newark, NJ [06-02-2002]

Hey, Philadelphia! We're an Historic city for our state and country. Why aren't we doing everything you can to deliver the message of our importance to the timeline of our people/history ? Beloved and ever recognized George Wahington's house! Why wasn't this recognized/rebuilt a LONG time ago? Get on the stick! Are we content to allow outsiders to think that as a whole we are just a has-been/declining/dying city? America's history is IMPORTANT. Other cities have Historic development money and researchers. Let's build our historic neighborhoods UP. Maybe, just maybe, we'll rebuild the whole image of this town while we're at it.
Faddis Family, Suburban Philadelphia [06-01-2002]

Amanda Chamberlain, New Jersey [05-31-2002]

Im glad Im doing this please come visit me
Laura Peters, Portland ME Munjoy South [05-31-2002]

don't destroy our history
Mary B. Smith, Denver, Colorado [05-31-2002]

please save the president's house
Jerry L. Smith, Denver, Colorado [05-31-2002]

Show the footprint.
Gary, Philly [05-31-2002]

God bless America
John Armstrong, Texas [05-31-2002]

Keep The House Where It Is
Jr, Santee [05-31-2002]

Alexandra Fine [05-30-2002]

Amanda Brown, New York [05-30-2002]

Charles Minor, san francisco [05-30-2002]

Save the building!!!!!
Kaleigh Embree, N.S. Canada [05-30-2002]

i am deeply disturbed, but not surprised, by the refusal of The Park Service to either preserve or reconstruct "the 1st white house" & its slave quarters. It is an insult to the intelligence of informed citizens, it is an atrocity against promoting a truthful accounting of this country's history, it is a failure of public trust, and it is a major blow against the integrety of The Service for the Park Service to try to bury this history. How can this country ever live up to its ideal if agents of the country are allowed to deceive its citizens?! Is it possible to file a class action suit against The Park Service? What can be done to place a moratorium on the construction?
Dr. H, Camden, NJ [05-30-2002]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and lived there till I was 44 years old. We must preserve every bit of our history to remind those in the future of all the sacrifices made to create the United States of America
Howard J. Freas, Las Vegas, NV [05-30-2002]

i compeletly agree! stop stopping children from learning!
Mary Loi [05-30-2002]

I think it should become a Landmark
Rashawn Alexander Stevens, East Cleveland Ohio [05-30-2002]

I think you should be stoped
beth [05-30-2002]

Kim Eldred, Red Bluff, California [05-30-2002]

i think it's good that you do this!
RACHEL [05-30-2002]

you should go for it.
anonymous [05-30-2002]

"Hey I ove you all"
Alanna Evans, oakland [05-30-2002]

I think the park is a good idea we all need something to remeber who it was and what it was about
candy, delaware ohio [05-30-2002]

several of my ancesters stayed in the presidents house,and I like the idea of preserving it's memory. John Richardson,Il.
John S. Richardson, Illinois [05-30-2002]

Tara Tiede [05-30-2002]

Kristina, pocatello,IDAHO [05-29-2002]

nick [05-29-2002]

Robert Morris, Benedict Arnold, John Penn, General Sir William Howe, George Washington and John Adams - all lived there! With a pedigree like that, how could they not make a reconstruction? Even an imperfect one? Such a site would bring major revenue. It begs to be done.
Douglas Deese, Philadelphia [05-29-2002]

Please preserve the location of the President's house with the slave quarters and reconstruct them both. We need to have our history clearly displayed so we can truly think about our beginning as a nation with its horror of slavery and its grand dream of freedom for all. Thinking and feeling deeply about these issues will enable us to start seeing how our past affects our present and it can aid in dismanteling racism that is so palpable in our society. We can't afford to sweep our racism under the rug and pretend our past didn't exist.
Geraldine Perkins, Fort Washington [05-29-2002]

Selective history is distorted history.
James P Wynn, Philadelphia PA [05-29-2002]

Please leave the Bell where it now is located. Moving it would create more havoc and hurt feeling!!!!
Rev. Kenneth Macari, 45 Stony Road, Edison, New Jersey, 08817 [05-29-2002]

Ryan B. Weddle, Columbus, Ohio [05-29-2002]

I think they should etch historical comments in the stones on the way to the new house for the Liberty Bell.
Lisa, Connecticut [05-29-2002]

jim freeman, alabama [05-28-2002]

William Shipley, Malvern, PA [05-28-2002]

Philadelphia should get on the stick and be proud of what our city's history has to offer the world. Clean it up, and give proper respect to all the various aspects of birthing a nation that our Founding Fathers struggled to complete. All the history should be represented, not just the parts you read about in 5th grade.
Carol Bollinger [05-28-2002]

This is the only reasonable solution I have heard. Our children's children are counting on it!
Melissa Bleam, Harleysville, PA [05-28-2002]

Vernon Johnson [05-28-2002]

Malia Phillips, Downey, California [05-28-2002]

I agree that they should have a more appropriate way to memorialise the one time home of Washington and Adams. Although, I used to tell tourists that when they went home they could say they used the Presidential Restroom.
Shari Pletz, Elizabethtown, PA [05-28-2002]

It is not okay to send the bell to a different state.
Jerelyn, Dublin Ca,94568 [05-28-2002]

I think it would be a good idea to mark the floor plan in the paving of the plaza. Please comply with this request. Thank you.
Jo-Anne M. Wilson, Trenton, NJ [05-24-2002]

lauren [05-24-2002]

The more I read about how the foundations of the President's buildings, including slaves quaters are to be commemorated with a plaque and that a public bathroom is currently on the site, all so that tourists may view the Liberty bell in a new location, I have to ask myself, "Why would anyone be more interested in the Liberty bell than a Northern residence of George Washington?!"
anonymous [05-23-2002]

Although this country was inspired by the imagination of some men with reasonable forethough, it was built with the blood, sweat and tears of slaves and immigrants - THIS deserves recognition....
anonymous [05-23-2002]

Slavery is the history of the Presidents' home; It should be recognized, recorded and brought forth. Slavery was a product of it's time, and as a white woman, I am ashamed. However, history teaches...dig, find artifacts if any and tell the story.
Karen Katz, Bridgewater, NJ [05-23-2002]

pppplllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaasssseee preserve the President's House. It's such a part of our nation's history and an even bigger part of the city's history. How could a mere sign replace such a landmark?????
alexandria, Philadelphia [05-22-2002]

will there be any plaque reminding visitors that blacks also owned slaves in america. and that tribes(blacks) in africa also were involved in selling an
jb [05-22-2002]

It is extremely important to preserve the history of African-Americans, as well as the history of our first President. Please be sure to post information about the President's House, as has been done at Franklin Court. Don't ignore our past!
Diane Cameron, Horsham, PA [05-21-2002]

Too often our history of slavery is pushed aside, often to make our "heros" look better. The truth of the past if untold continues to do harm. We have to face the truth of slavery in order to dismantle the racism of today which is its legacy.
Virginia S. Cameron [05-21-2002]

Katie, Indiana [05-21-2002]

alllyce Johns [05-19-2002]

As a former Independence employee, I ask the Park Service to take up the challenge of presenting a history that is complex and contradictory. The Liberty Bell on a slave site must cause "dissonance" to the visitor - it is an opportunity to be embraced, not avoided. This contradiction is at the core of who we are as a people - our future lies not in ignoring the dissonance, but entering into it.
Jill Ogline, Amherst, MA [05-19-2002]

As an historical site the President's House has a unique historical integrity and should be maintained as a distinct cultural and social artifact,denoting it's relationship to our first two presidents and the social history and implications of slavery in the United States.
stan bukowski, durham, North Carolina [05-19-2002]

At the very least an outline of the building footprint should be put in place. At most a recreation of the house as it once was acording to the information available.
Roger Johnson, St. Paul, Minnesota [05-19-2002]

We need to preserve as much as possible of this historic site. C. Fox Collins II (04-10-2002) says it very well!
MARJORIE MARINOS, marietta, georgia [05-19-2002]

Jennifer L. Breier, Mantua, NJ, USA [05-18-2002]

Stephen Holly, Collegeville, PA [05-18-2002]

At LEAST show the building(s) outline(s) in their original location(s) in the area.
Ann [05-18-2002]

The Governor's Palace (residence of the British-appointed governors of Virginia) in Williamsburg, Virginia was reconstructed from the ground up, why not the President's House in Philadelphia? Certainly the place where our first two, duly-elected, Presidents lived while in office deserves as much!
Judith D. Brittingham, Dunwoody, GA [05-18-2002]

As far as I can tell, there is no reason the Liberty Bell should be moved at all. Removing the public restroom should be the first project, outlining the President's house the second step. Most important project for the the NPS is to leave the history of this country to stand alone, not with their rearrangement.
Duren Daniell, MD, St. Simons Island, Georgia [05-18-2002]

I think the Liberty Bell should remain where it is...The public restroom should be REMOVED...The President's House should be given a "footprint", as well as a display depicting the orginal floorplan...I feel very strongly that the early history of our country should be preserved as closely as possible to actual fact, and not rewritten to satisfy a certain segment of the population...
Marye D. EDaniell, St. Simons Island, GA [05-18-2002]

LINDA [05-17-2002]

Dont murder our history,but preserve our memory!!!!
anonymous [05-17-2002]

Honor this important site, it is our history and should be treated with integrity, respect and imagination.
Adam Glassman, Philadelphia [05-17-2002]

K Armstrong, Raleigh, NC [05-17-2002]

dont do it. leave our history alone
Annie [05-17-2002]

This is a monument dedicated to FREEDOM itself and the world's first democracy...TREAT IT WITH RESPECT!!!
Andreas Paulsen, Denmark [05-17-2002]

You shouldn't destroy a piece of history like the Presdent's House.
Ana Diego, 325 Holt St. PA 18042 [05-17-2002]

save history! We need all that we got!
RAY Clarke, North Carolina [05-17-2002]

Lets not destroy or hide anymore of US history.Our children are already having difficulty understanding their heritage as Americans.
Twyla [05-17-2002]

don't let this happen
Jeffery barrett, philadelphia pa 19123 [05-15-2002]

Don't do it!
Whitney Williams, Phila,Pa. [05-15-2002]

This should not be allowed to happen.
Cheryl Wiggins, 58 E. Clapier Street [05-15-2002]

Evelyn Burton, Philadelphia,Pa. 19122 [05-15-2002]

making paveing markers is a great way to give pedestrians an insight into the way our forefathers lived.
stevie webb, seattle washington [05-15-2002]

I was born, and, grew up in Washington, DC. I hope we can preserve all of our early American history!
Tom A. Mallon, Magalia, CA [05-15-2002]

leave one piece of history where it stands! god bless america!
MRS. ERICA BARNES, bloomsburg, pa [05-15-2002]

I may be young, but i think history is a very important part in our society today. If it wasn't for making historical places a memorial or whatever, today's society would not know what it was like for people back then. They would not understand how they lived. Thanx to my social studies teacher, Mr.Sawochka, he helped me understand that when you are given a visual aid, or when you get to actually participate in an activity, then it helps you understand it better. I believe that this is a part of history and we need to keep it that way. I would hate to see it go. thanx for asking for opinions... ~*!Sheila!*~
Sheila Thompson, Indiana, United States [05-13-2002]

the confederacy white house is a memorial why not this house?
michael, saudi arabia [05-13-2002]

The Park Service should mark the President's House with at least an outline and perhaps a floor plan. This house was the site of the first executive office in the US Government, the Office of the Superintendent of Finance. Robert Morris lived and worked at 190 High St in that office. He was not a "major" slave trader. In 1762, when he was 28, his company sent out one slave ship and brought in 170 slaves. After that he worked to pass the non-importation act of 1766 which stopped the slave ships from entering Philadelphia. Morris owned a minority share in a privateer ship that "took" a British Slaver on the high seas and the slaves were sold in New Orleans. The money was used for the War effort. These 2 episodes are the source of all the wild claims about Morris being a "major" operator in this nasty business. During and after the Revolution he and his friends worked to better the lives of Africans in America, from helping Richard Allen start the AME Church, to financing Forten's sail making business. Morris worked to pass a law forbidding slavery and to protect the rights of Native Americans in the new territories, and he argued in the Senate for payments to non-white sailors.
Robert Morris, Pa Suburbs [05-12-2002]

Jonathan Dahl [05-11-2002]

As a tour guide in the area I think it is important to recognize the importance of Washington's house, especially as a part of the history of slavery in Philadelphia. Our founding fathers owned slaves, a fact that is too often ignored and I think it is important to recognize that fact now. There are too few historic sites in this city immortalizing the stories of the African Americans who also helped build this nation.
Deirdre, Philadelphia [05-11-2002]

I think it would be a crime, to desicrate the history of America. The problem here is we have so few historical icon's to remember the past. Why would anyone want to destoy something so important. My great, great, great, great, great grandfather was John Stow, on my mothers side, and i think it would be an in justice.
Patrick Sargent [05-11-2002]

Curtis & Betty McKay, Newark, Delaware [05-11-2002]

Constance Badger [05-11-2002]

As a newspaper columnist, orator and college instructor, I urge you to provide a full and unbiased account of slavery inside and outside any exhibit associated with the Liberty Bell site. That account must include various media, including the re-creation of work areas and the slaves' likenesses via statues, pictures, computer-generated images, film, audio presentations, the Internet and other mediums. Ignoring how slavery was practiced by George Washington, Robert Morris (a major slave trader who used funds to finance the American Revolution) and others who lived in the "President's House" directly relates to how those men closed their eyes to the hypocrisy that nearly destroyed the country during the Civil War. Covering up and ignoring such information is beyond ridiculous. It's a travesty.
Don Scott Sr. [05-11-2002]

RAMIRA MORALES, lantana [05-11-2002]

I would be very interested in seeing precisely where Mr. Adams lived while President, since I just finished the excellent new biography of his life.
Nikki Dooner, Philadelphia, PA [05-11-2002]

Stripping the United States of its historical treasures would be a MONUMENTAL mistake. Please don't diminish our history. "Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed."--Abraham Lincoln; Lincoln-Douglas debate at Ottawa"
Brandon Bijeaux, Seattle, Wa, United States [05-11-2002]

do not replace the liberty bell! that would be a tragedy!
John Hancock V I, Pittsburgh [05-08-2002]

Diana Wolovnick [05-08-2002]

Wesley, Louisville [05-08-2002]

We must do everything in our power to keep our history alive and save historic landmarks.
Nonnette Cyd Wiernik, Philadelphia, PA [05-08-2002]

Such a site should be left with as much as an easily interpretive marking as possible.
wes carlson, seattle [05-08-2002]

sean waller [05-08-2002]

It is a shame that so many historical sites do not get preserved and as a student majoring in history, it is extremely important to me to save such an important component of history. Living in Virginia, just 45 minutes away from Jamestown, Yorktown, and Colonial Williamsburg, I know the importance of preserving history.
C. Kight, Norfolk, Va [05-06-2002]

Just recently I visited Philadelphia and was at awe at the City's well preserved historic beauty. Don't destroy the few pieces of history that are left! Once they're gone...that's it!
Natalie Sorrey, Canada [05-06-2002]

Preserve our heritage for our children and grandchildren and theirs also.
Gary Billig, Erie, Pa. [05-05-2002]

To omit or diminish the importance of the fact that our presidents were slaveholders--and went out of their way to have accomodations built for their slaves--is to diminish the ongoing struggle of African Americans to have their painful history acknowledged. Not only should the house be marked off, but the history of the slavery should be highlighted. Most people do not even know that Washington was also a large slaveholder, and I think this information would go a long way to having Americans who visit this great city understand that its history, and the entire country's, is much more complex than the glorified stories and paintings make it out to be.
Rachel Prescott Roberts, Philadelphia, PA [05-05-2002]

This would be a great addition to historic Philly. Please make this happen. The place where George Washington and John Adams served is a treasure.
Teri Fischer [05-05-2002]

I strongly support this petition
michele malone, kansas city mo [05-05-2002]

James Thomson, Philadelphia [05-05-2002]

I sure hope somthing is done to preserve our history. I'm quite saddened at the fact the house was demolished all those years ago. What a grand historical site that would have been to visit.

ian [05-05-2002]

We need to explore the whole history of an individual and a place, not just those parts that are comfortable or easy.
Patrick McMahon, Baltimore, MD [05-05-2002]

philly has more historic significance than D.C.
Andrew H. [05-05-2002]

P.Meola, Pennsylvania [05-05-2002]

Save what is left of history dump the asfault some place else
Nathan Book, pa [05-05-2002]

Marking the footprint is the least we (as a nation) can do. Ms. Mainella, I ask you to do the right thing, help keep our history alive.
Diane, Washington, D.C. Metro Area [05-05-2002]

Glendel J. Marwitz, Green Cove [05-05-2002]

What a travesty in the heart of democracy of the United States of America!!! The White House is a international institution, the easily recognized house of the President. The only other recognized structure to house the President (other than the house Truman lived in) would be the house in Philadelphia. They are not asking to rebuild it (although it would be grand if they did). They are only asking for a little more signage and to engrave the location on the floor. Definitely not too much to ask for. DO IT! What a joy to see the Liberty Bell in the new structure and then see where the first presidential home, the ONLY ancestor to the White House, was located!!!!
Patrick O'Neill, Burke, VA [05-05-2002]

Erica Seppala [05-05-2002]

Amy Nichols, Lincoln, NE [05-05-2002]

Tim, Trevorton [04-29-2002]

Tom Peske, Alexandria Va [04-29-2002]

i live and work in this magnificent city where our country was created...i work in the historic district, driving my horse and carriage past this spot every day, telling people from all over the world about the liberty bell and independence hall....i would love to be able to show these people where our first president lived, with his slaves....and then to tell them about our second president, who fought to end slavery......all this history is part of our culture, and lest we forget who we can be, we need to preserve it.
mari johnson, philadelphia,pa [04-29-2002]

The Presedent's House laid out on the grounds where it once stood! Huzzah! I am a Horse Carriage Operator in Philadelphia & have given out that information for years. Marking it's spot would give the tourists a better view into the lives of colonial Philadelphians. I approve of the new Independence National Park layout, although the Work Ed Bacon did should not be completely distroyed. I do have one suggestion for maybe another petition, & that is to mark the birthplace of John Nixon on the north east corner of 3rd & Pine Sts. May the site of the house Robert Morris rented to Washington at $2600 a year be preserved.
Abe The RockstARR, Philadelphia, PA [04-29-2002]

Please involve as many in the local community as possible when considering the best interpretation strategies for the Morris House and the slave quarters. This is a chance to get Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley engaged in the resources of Independence Park in a way that the people have not been.
Lucy Beard, Mt. Laurel, NJ [04-29-2002]

Tracia Griffith, Mahwah, NJ [04-29-2002]

History only dies when we let it. The plan to show out line of the President's House can only benifit the country. What a small price to pay for a greater understanding of our past. And shouldn't that,truly understanding our past, be the goal of the National Park Service?
Jeffrey B. Taylor, Haddon Hieghts, NJ [04-29-2002]

kevin arsenault, salem, ma [04-28-2002]

Debra Dragon [04-28-2002]

Laura Winkelbauer [04-27-2002]

Daniel Mims [04-27-2002]

One of my greatest joys in visiting historic homes is to know that I am walking where an important person in history once walked. I often ask the tour guide if the floorboards are original. I realize that I cannot literally walk where Washington and Adams walked, but I can certainly see the outline of the house and stand in the same area if you mark the footprint as several historians have suggested. Please give "voice" to this part of history.
Arleen E. Talley, Columbia, MD [04-27-2002]

Born and raised in Philly- have loved the city and it's rich history. We must when preservation is no longer possible, at least do more than simply place a sign. The Franklin Court outline seems like a good solution.
Pat Raspa, Cape May NJ [04-27-2002]

Patricia Williams, Conshohocken, PA [04-27-2002]

Save our history, we have lost too much of it already
Ryan Winkler, Rittman, OH [04-27-2002]

I don't think you should move the Libertey Bell
Lauren, Pennsylvania [04-27-2002]

Let us in America begin to spend our money more wisely, and preserve our history for our future!
D, Missouri [04-27-2002]

preserve our history and its landmarks
linda, levittown pa [04-27-2002]

Malia Phillips, Downey, California [04-27-2002]

Please mark the footprint of this building. It is important to fostering full understanding of the Philadelphia that Washington knew and an invaluable teaching aid.
Thomas A. Shessler, Cincinnati, OH [04-27-2002]

Keep the Liberty Bell where it is and proclaim freedom throughout the country.
Tyler, Ohio [04-22-2002]

James F.Kelly, Edison,NJ [04-22-2002]

The foundations should be saved in the same way the ones at Franklin court have been.
Hans C. Brolinson, Bristol, Pa9007 [04-22-2002]

Please do not destroy such a important part of our history, at least maintain as much of the reality that was our history.
Debra Hays, Oregon [04-21-2002]

This is one of the greatest opportunity the park service will ever have to show the inextricable links between slavery and freedom. Lets see if we can prevent them from missing this opportunity.
Max Page, Amherst, MA [04-20-2002]

yes, you can learn new facts about an area but you can't change the fact- the liberty bell belongs were it is. if you move the bell, you are changing the history of the bell.
anonymous, jackson, nj [04-20-2002]

Slavery was a major ingredient in the crucible that resulted in our freedom. Perhaps it could be said that it was the 'secret ingredient' That these few white firebrand patriots could conceive and then forge into being a viable free state while at the the same time buying and incarcerating people into servitude is stunning in its mystery. This new monument should be a metaphor for that fabric of time and place where the two vividly contrasting concepts of freedom and slavery are woven and braided together. The resulting cloth should allow the beholder to experience the incredible mix of nobility and humiliation, virtue and cruelty that resulted in the gift of freedom given to us by our forefathers and the men and women they enslaved.
Kenneth Dahle, Kansas City, Missouri [04-20-2002]

president washington was the first preesident of the united states of america
joel sowder, 1303 cherry st [04-20-2002]

The house was the main center of gravity for the history of this country, it is very important to keep our history alive for the future generations, the President's house should be the main theme of protection to visualize our past history.Thanks
Alfredo M. Diaz, Miami, florida [04-20-2002]

katie hanauer [04-20-2002]

Talk about a self-inflicted blackeye! How could the Park Service have made such a colossal blunder? Shouldn't interpreting the President's House be a vital part of their mission? Whether the Park Service was aware of the location of the President's House and its slave quarters and they made a deliberate decision not to tell the public, or whether they chose the location for the Liberty Bell building without having made a thorough historical study of what had been there before, really doesn't matter. Deception or incompetence, both are a betrayal of the trust of the American people.
D. Shambaugh, Virginia [04-18-2002]

I thought patriotism was on an incredible upswing since 9/11, but it seems things are back to "business as usual." I believe this building should be marked, if not rebuilt, and the grounds surrounding it be excavated for potential archaeological finds before paving over begins...
Holly, Yardley, PA [04-18-2002]

I'm only 14, but I think, that we should preserve as much history as possible. I want to learn as much as possible about our nation. So leave the president's house there.
anonymous [04-18-2002]

Please save the slave quaters and keep the area authentic.
Timothy M. Brown, Ballston Spa, N.Y. 12020 [04-17-2002]

There should be a interpretive glass walkway over the slave quarters site through which all visitors to the Liberty Bell must pass.
David Glassberg, Chair,Dept. of History,UMass Amherst [04-17-2002]

Robert Piccoletti, Taylor, PA [04-17-2002]

LeiAnne Piccoletti, Taylor, PA [04-17-2002]

Please preserve the Pres. Home for posterity if nothing else.
Marie Ray, Columbus, OH [04-17-2002]

I believe that we should fight for what we believe in
Samantha, 722 W. Beech/Chanute Kansas [04-17-2002]

We need to preserve sites of historical value for the children now and in the future. We can all see pictures in a book, but the point of going to the site is to see what it was really like. We are such a throw away society, do we have to destroy everything?
Melissa Fry, East Moline, IL [04-16-2002]

I lead tours of independance hall and if the Liberty Bell is to be moved please make it clear to public where it could be found. Boston paints a yellow mark leading tourest to the important historical sites, perhaps the city can do the same. The Liberty Bell is one of Americas most beloved symbols.
richard wheeler, texas [04-16-2002]

We need to save the Presidential residence’s site in such a way that we remember Philadelphia as more than just the Liberty Bell.
Jon Yuengling [04-16-2002]

ryan, olney IL [04-15-2002]

Kerry Litwinski, Michigan [04-15-2002]

Beryl F. Price, 124 Forsythia d.n. Levittown pa 19056 [04-15-2002]

I lived in Philadelphia for many years. The motherhouse of my religious congregation is in Philadelphia. I really do believe that the president's house should be preserved. Enough old buildings have been torn donw in that area.
Jean L. Olmstead [04-15-2002]

The first Presidential House should be comemorated as all our other National landmarks! I think it's quite distasteful to maintain a public urinal (restroom) on the site of President Washington's formal home as first President of the United States! The site shouldn't even be re-used to house the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell should be moved back into the courtyard behind Independence Hall - closer to its original location. The President's House should be rebuilt from the original plans and turned into an educational exhibit in the same way Independence Hall is today.
Alexander Mastrando III, New Jersey [04-15-2002]

Lynda Ferrell, Cary, NC [04-14-2002]

Elaine Grumbine [04-14-2002]

V. Courtney, Maryland [04-14-2002]

Annemette Ditlevsen, San Ramon, California [04-14-2002]

anonymous, washingotn d.c. [04-14-2002]

I think we should preserve as much as we can of our history, especially in light of recent events. Let's save what we have.
Retired History Teacher, Florida [04-14-2002]

What is this all about? We tried to ignore history in the war of 1812 and now the bloody Americans are doin it! WHat is this world coming to!?!?!
Aurthur Eny, England [04-14-2002]

I think we should leave everything the way it is because if we try to "play" with the stuff it might not be there in the future for other kids and people to see.
Myriah, Colorado [04-14-2002]

The area must be preserved as the Historical site it is. If we continue along the path we are currently on, we as a nation, and a people,will have no National Monuments to enjoy.
Jim Gooss, Las Vegas, Nevada [04-14-2002]

I am very disappointed in you - the NPS. We, in Philadelphia, should be taking a page out of Williamsburg's book. We need to recreate as much of history as possible. This is the first presidential mansion. It deserves more than a sign. Do the RIGHT THING
Susan Price, Philadelphia [04-14-2002]

Where is your patriotism this is how our country was founded what are you thinking of May you rethink what you are about to do.I have had five of my family fight in the american rev. I for one will not support the NPS if this site is not marked and restore the Presidents House to what it should be
Tom W, Coatesville,PA [04-14-2002]

I think the President's house should be outlined and not just ignored.I have just become aware of this and would like to know why the Liberty bell is being moved. I visited as a child about 1947 and my father pointed out 3 pictures of relatives there. What will happen to all the pictures?
Constance Reynolds Pool [04-14-2002]

I am of the opinion that the Liberty Bell should be displayed, as it was for me, a child of 7 in 1949, in or in front of the State House aka Independence Hall today. And that as to the President's first House of 1790 should be reestablished with all out buildings in its historic location. It's a matter of keeping The Nation's History for the generation that pass after us. Because we are only here for a short time and should not interfere with the history of this land and its people.
Howard D.Pepper III [04-14-2002]

Julie Pavlovic, chico ca [04-10-2002]

Gerald Fill, las vegas [04-10-2002]

To act as if there is no past is to guarantee there will be no future.
C Fox Collins II [04-10-2002]

I would like to urge the National Park Service to reconsider, and to give thought and money to providing a thorough and truthful interpretation of the President's House.
D. Liberg [04-10-2002]

please make sure the former presidents house is marked at its former location and outlined, so it is not lost.
francene rasmussen [04-10-2002]

I wholeheartedly concur with your efforts to recognize this important location in Philadelphia. One might also ask why the NPS has not considered putting the Bell elsewhere on the Mall and possibly reconstructing 'the Philadelphia White House' for all visitors to visit and see. This would enable further focus on slavery as it existed in Philadelphia and the North in the 18th century.
William Parker, Jeffersonville, PA [04-10-2002]

Jim Coyle [04-10-2002]

Given the historical importance of this site and the City of Philadelphia itself, I strongly urge the NPS to "go easy."
Sandra, Doylestown [04-10-2002]

Let's make it a national historic site. It is a shame to see it as a public washroom.
Joe Sherman, Berlin [04-10-2002]

The Presidents' House played a critical role as a stage for political and diplomatic events during our nation's formative years. It's absurd that the National Park Service is willing to dismiss it so thoughtlessly. Unfortunately, the NPS seems concerned with the quantity of visitor experience and not the quality.
Pete Lamb, Virginia Beach, VA [04-08-2002]

I'm a serving member of the Army national Guard and a trained historian. This plan, as it stands, is, in any way you wish to judge it, wrong. The National Park Sevice needs to review their purpose and rethink their course.
Robert White, Dallas, TX [04-08-2002]

locate the artifacts and mark the site for furture generations.
Renee Mallog [04-07-2002]

locate the artifacts and mark the site for furture generations.
Emma Lane [04-07-2002]

Rebuild the house
Eric Lane [04-07-2002]

Philip Edwards, Oxford, PA [04-07-2002]

Annette Geil, Pascagoula,Ms [04-06-2002]

As a teacher of history in the Philadelphia area, it seems our duty to be honest with our children and our children's children. It is also our duty to preserve as much of our significant historical past as possible. This site is certainly one of the most historic places in our country. It must be clearly noted and saved.
Claudia Carlsson, Glen Mills, PA [04-05-2002]

I think we should preserve as much as we can of our history especially in light of recent events that tend to make our history much more important to me and maybe others feel the same. Let's save what we have.
anonymous [04-05-2002]

For several years now Park Service guides have noted that it was the antislavery movement of the 1830s that defined a miscast mostly dysfunctional bell in the Pennsylvania State House as the Liberty Bell. Its identity as such is thus indissolubly linked to American slavery and the then unpopular struggle against it. The recent discovery of George Washington's slave quarters on Independence Mall makes the link between white freedom and black bondage in the forging of this nation not only undedniable but downright palpable. For the Park Service to plan on using the slave quarters as nothing more than a doormat to the Liberty Bell pavilion is not just insenstive, but downright obscene. Christopher, Molly, Austin, Hercules, Richmond, Paris, Giles, Oney and other blacks held in bondage across the street from the Constitutional Convention by this nation's first President deserve better.
Phil Lapsansky, Library Company of Philadelphia [04-04-2002]

History must be preserved & we have to take the bad with the good. Covering up the past only does a disservice to us all. If the Park Service proceeds with its plan, then the Liberty Bell and other items like it will lose value in my eyes.
Bobby Keller, Philadelphia Area [04-03-2002]

This area must be preserved as a historical site for all time. The ground is sacred to the memory of slaves who obtained freedom after living in bondage in this house on this site in Philadelphia.
ML Hines, New Jersey [04-03-2002]

Jacquelyn Shambaugh, Oakton, VA [04-03-2002]

It would be such a shame to destroy part of America's history like this.
Sarah Smith, New Mexico [04-03-2002]

se jones, philadelphia, pa [04-03-2002]

I just returned from a family weekend trip to Philadelphia where we spent a great amount of our time site seeing. I apparently grossly underestimated my children thinking that parading them through historical landmarks would bore them to tears. In fact just the opposite happened and they both (ages 12 and 7) became quite interested in the history of Philadelphia and the American Revolution. I think that effectvely removing all visual references to the Presidents House in Philadelphia would be doing a quite a disservice to the historical significance of this property. Delinating the walls of the house would, in my opinion at least give perspective and understanding to the house proper. This is a significant and important property that should be remembered properly.
Anonymous, Syracuse New York [04-03-2002]

What a tragedy if we were to cover up this integral piece of our history.
Lisa Franklin [04-01-2002]

As a former Philadelphian, I feel that the park service should show the markings of the house outline as was done with Ben Franklin'/s house.
Karen Rakowitz, Tucson, Arizona [04-01-2002]

This is an important step in preserving an accurate portrait of our nation's history. Please mark this site with a worthy architectural representation of the executive mansion and slave quarters. Thank you.
Judith Parker, Montgomery County, PA [04-01-2002]

Did you know when you visit a plantation in the South none of them have the slave quarters, they tore them done, they'd like to forget their history. The North instigated the Civil War against the South to free the slaves. Let's not be embarrased of our past, we have a chance to discuss this part of history and educate people. I mean heck the Bible encouraged slavery, who knew it wasn't such a nice thing!!
H. Dillon, Philadelphia [04-01-2002]

Francis Volpe, Carlisle, PA [03-31-2002]

After reading Ed Lawler's article I am convinced that some action must be taken to memorialize the president's house in Philadelphia in a way visible to everyone who visits the site.
Doris F. Zimmermann (Librarian Emeritus Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia), Narberth, PA [03-31-2002]

I guess this is what it all comes down to for doing away with slavery.
Thomas Achord [03-31-2002]

Don't ignore history! Hitler tried that.
Al Schoch, Minneapolis, Minnesota [03-31-2002]

A marker just isn't enough, they always leave you wanting to know more. A visual (such as marking the footprint)is more rewarding to the visitors senses.
Joseph Posner, NE Philadelphia [03-31-2002]

I commend your wonderful efforts. We have lost an opportunity to do more with this site, thanks to the overzealous plans of the NPS, but your idea of marking a footprint would, at least, make somewhat tangible the extraordinary history of this site.
Page Talbott, Bala Cynwyd, PA [03-31-2002]

earle hunter, st. petersburg, fl. [03-30-2002]

If by burying a foundation they are trying to cover slavery it won,t work. We need to see all of history, not selected parts.
Gene Dyer, ca [03-30-2002]

The location of the President's house deserves proper acknowledgement; a plaque will not do. A simple outline in the pavement is not a difficult thing to arrange. The historical interpretation of Philadelphia as Federal capital in the early American republic demands that the home of the President be designated, and explained to those who do not realize the important role of Philadelphia, not merely for the Revolution, but as the setting for the creation of the institutions of American government.
Albert Louis Zambone, St. Cross College, University of Oxford [03-30-2002]

President Washington's house seems at least as important as the Liberty Bell, being as it was the place where decisions were made.
David Hyer, Kansas City [03-30-2002]

Keith Reed, wv [03-30-2002]

This is a wonderful opportunity to address the importance of this great site and in a very small way atone for its loss.
Paul McGlothlin, Highland Lakes, NJ [03-30-2002]

Since we don't have the original building to use as a museum, marking off the foundation, as with Benjamin Franklin's house, would augment the Independence Square historical aspect. Thanks
Larry Groff, Pottstown, PA [03-30-2002]

History cannot, however painful it may be, forgotten.... To do so, for any reason, is horrific, as it helps create a sense of a utopia that never was... Our history is wrought with painful episodes. From this pain, we learn and grow... To hide it, we learn nothing!
Larry Morris, Bensalem [03-30-2002]

I believe it is essential that the Presidents House and the associated slave quaters be marked in such a way that their location is readily noticed by the public. In my mind an outline of the house (as done with the B.Franklin house) be erected so that Philadelphians as well as visitors can see and learn that real estate property of such sigfnicance once stood on that spot.
Raymond Jeffries, Philadelphia [03-30-2002]

John & Janet Messer, West Virginia [03-30-2002]

Matthew Decker, New York, NY [03-30-2002]

i am a former member of the 6th pa. regt., a revolutionary war reenactment group from allentown, pa. even though i am now here on the west coast my true love is still the 18th century history of the united states. we need to preserve any and all sites we can to show the good,( and the bad ), of this great nation so that we will not forget what we have and how we got it. this site being assosciated with " his excellency, g. washington " makes it even more compelling to save and share.
DAN ENRIQUEZ, oakland, ca. [03-30-2002]

MarkD. Hammonds [03-30-2002]

Please indicate,to all future visitors to Independence Hall,the site of the Presidents'home, not with a mere plaque,but with a true indication of the building.
Linda Dyott, North Wales, PA [03-28-2002]

mike reilly, Boston, MA [03-28-2002]

I have been a resident of Pennsylvania all of my life. When I heard that Washington's home used to be so close to Independence Hall, I was dumbfounded. Although the city has done a wonderful job preserving Independence Hall, it is a shame that the President's House no longer exists. Philadelphia used to be the capital of the United States; we should make sure each branch of its government is preserved and properly represented.
Rebecca Dyott, North Wales, PA [03-28-2002]

I believe that to ignore history is to censor it. Let's acknowledge the role of the President's House.
Lana Dorman, King of Prussia PA [03-28-2002]

Rachel Fitzgerald, New York, NY [03-28-2002]

Please do not make a mistake that future generations will regret. Please place some kind of perment structure to let people know that the president of the United States once worked and lived in Philadelphia Pennsylvania I am 39 years old and this is the first time I have ever heard of this. I love history and am really glad that I live so close to so much history. PLEASE DO NOT DESTROY A PIECE OF AMERICAN HISTORY. PLEASE PERSERVE IT FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.
MARY R TAYLOR, Delran, New Jersey [03-28-2002]

Ann Upton, Lancaster PA [03-28-2002]

As a college student of American History and an employee of a historical organization devoted to preservation and public education, I find it distressing that the NPS would overlook the opportunity to educate fellow citizens about the role that the executive branch played in the development of the United States while it was in Philadelphia from 1790 - 1800. Please let there be representation of this branch of government so that it may increase the value of INHP and the City of Philadelphia. An outline of the structure and a plaquard explaining the site's significance would not be unreasonable to impliment under the current plan for the Liberty Bell Pavilion.
Jonathan Parker, Philadelphia [03-28-2002]

Andrew Clark [03-27-2002]

Melinda Schorr [03-27-2002]

I think the Park Service has a duty to preserve as much of our history as possible, even if it means changing current plans. Don't be short-sighted about this. Think about how future historians will reflect on today's decisions.
Karen, Mt Laurel, NJ [03-27-2002]

Michael A. Zawojski, Oaklyn,NJ [03-27-2002]

Only a very foolish country throws away it's treasures.
Ben Holub [03-27-2002]

Why is the true history only important sometimes???? Dont cover over the truth, seek it out!!
John Ferguson II, Arlington VA [03-26-2002]

What a perfect Opportunity to add to the historical legacy in Philadelphia. We should think about REBUILDING the property so that the Presidency and Slavery can both be viewed together and studied. Just move the new pavilion (to the 5th street side). By rebuilding the structures we can add to the 18th century atmosphere we are trying to present to the world. Where can I Contribute?
Patrick F. Conville, Philadelphia, Pa [03-26-2002]

Please, properly restore this area, to tell the story the way it should be.
Michael McKeough, Glenside, PA [03-26-2002]

It is important to preserve the memory of this residence in a more appropriate manner than planned by the parks service. Changing plans will will add another site of interest for tourists, too.
Julie Van Schaik, Columbus, OH [03-26-2002]

Any time an opportunity presents itself to uncover and discover the history of Philadelphia and our country, we should take it. In this case, the house of our first president should be both archeologically investigated and then preserved in some meaningful way. It symbolizes both the grand and the shameful beginning of who we are today.
Leslie Greene, Philadelphia, PA [03-25-2002]

We should preserve our historical sites accurately for future generations. It is their heritage.
Kathie Dickson, Chandler, OK [03-25-2002]

Patrick McMahon, Jamison PA [03-24-2002]

I'm in favor of marking the footprint of the President's House at Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia. It only seems to make sense.
Tim Carroll, Bucks County [03-23-2002]

Ed Lawler should be applauded for his masterful explication of one the most complicated site histories in Philadelphia. His unraveling of two hundred fifty years of misinformation is a great service to the city and the nation. For the last fifty years historians and preservationists have maligned the creators of Independence National Historical Park for overseeing the wholesale demolition of hundreds of nineteenth-century buildings because they didn't fit the Park's narrow interpretive themes. Ed's research and the bulldozers have now uncovered a treasure that clearly falls within the Park's themes. A fresh opportunity to reasonably interpret what is clearly one of the most important sites in America is at hand. How sad it would be if the Park Service, City and Commonwealth repeat the mistakes made half a century ago and once again ignore this treasure.
Bruce Laverty, Athenaeum of Philadelphia [03-21-2002]

The first presidential homesite should be preserved & interpreted to the public. Both of the homes President Washington lived in in New York are gone & Philadelphia has a priceless opportunity to interpret something which is largely unknown to the public.
Mary V. Thompson, Virginia [03-21-2002]

Great page. The American people can do no less than to preserve this historic site. Once its gone its gone.
Wm Seale, Texas [03-21-2002]

Sharon Ann Holt, Philadelphia [03-21-2002]

What a pity that this historical site is being further destroyed for the sake of a "historical park." Why can't the renovation process include an opportunity for qualified academics to view the remains of the site, and then provide reference material about the President's Mansion (plaques, diagrams, written materials) that would be available to all who visit the Independence Hall area.
Bruce Nutting, Glen Mills, PA [03-21-2002]

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