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1890 1892

Philadelphia Timeline, 1891


  • January 16. The main building of John and James Dobson's carpet-mills at the Falls of S Schuylkill destroyed by fire. Loss, about $1,000,000.
  • January 20. The contract between the city and the Philadelphia and Reading Terminal Company signed. The company entered a bond of $1,000,000.
  • January 23. Three floors of a building on Willow Street, occupied by the John Y. Huber Publishing Company, the Bunting Iron Car-Seat Company and A. Falkenau, machinist, fell through to the basement, owing to a heavy weight of paper on the upper floor.
  • February 5. Market Street Elevated Railroad ordinance passed finally by both branches of Councils. The mayor signed the bill on February 16.
  • February 25. Lewis E. Pfeiffer pleaded guilty to a charge of re-hypothecating stocks and securities in connection with the failure of the Bank of America, and took the witness-stand against his coconspirators, George F. Work and James S. Dungan. The latter were convicted of the crime on February 27. Pfeiffer was sentenced to two years' imprisonment. Work to four years' imprisonment and Dungan to three years' imprisonment in the Eastern Penitentiary.
  • March 5. The J. O. Schimel preserving Company's building, Eighth and Berks Streets, burned. Loss, $125,000.
  • March 20. The keystone Bank closed by order of the Controller of the Currency. later investigation showed gross frauds by the president, cashier and other officers.
  • March 24. Dr. Edward Brooks elected Superintendent of Public Schools by the Board of Education.
  • March 28. Reading Railway offices and station at Kaighn's Point destroyed by fire. loss, about $80,000. Cresswell's Eagle Iron Foundry, 812-820 Race Street, burned. Loss, $75,000.
  • April 9. Bids for the removal of the islands in the Delaware river opened. The lowest bid was $2,229,220, made by James A. Mundy & Co.
  • April 23. Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan's steel yacht Corsair launched at Neafie & Levys yard.
  • April 26. The National Publishing Company's five-story building at Eighth and Cherry Streets, destroyed by fire. Loss, $200,000.
  • May 3. Joseph Beusher, who shot and killed Dennis Crowley at Fourth Street and Girard Avenue, convicted f murder in the first degree. Sentenced to be hung. Afterward sentenced to life imprisonment. After a lapse of about four years pardoned.
  • March 4. Gideon Marsh, late president, and Charles Lawrence, ex-cashier, of the Keystone National Bank were arrested. charges accumulated against them and they finally pleaded guilty of charges or fraud and conspiracy.
  • June 9. John Bardsley pleaded guilty to charges against him. He was sentenced on July 2 to fifteen years solitary confinement at labor in the Eastern Penitentiary, and to pay fines aggregating $237,530.
  • June 14. Martin Fuller & Co.s abattoir at the Philadelphia stock-yards, West Philadelphia, destroyed by fire. Loss, $373,000. Charles Hocke fatally injured by an explosion.
  • June 24. Mayor Stuart signed the Northeastern Elevated Railway ordinance.
  • July 24. Campbell & Elliott's textile mills, Twelfth and Washington Avenue, destroyed by fire. Loss, $750,000.
  • August 1. The permit for the construction of the Reading Terminal Depot at twelfth and Market Streets, issued by the building inspectors.
  • August 15. A. G. Elliot's textile mills, Twelfth and Washington Avenue, destroyed by fire. Loss $60,000.
  • August 17. Francis W. Kennedy, president; H, H, Kennedy, cashier, of the Spring Garden National Bank, and Charles Lawrence, assistant cashier of the keystone national, pleaded guilty to the charges against them. the latter was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment and a fine of $100. The Kennedys were each sentenced on September 15 to ten years' imprisonment.
  • August 28. Guano & Raggio's macaroni factory. Seventh and Marriott Streets, burned. Loss, $35,000. Two firemen were severely injured.
  • September 25. International cricket match between Gentlemen of England and Gentlemen of Philadelphia begun. The Philadelphia won the first game, the visitors the subsequent game.
  • September 28. Phillips & Cunninghams's oil warehouse, the Jessup & Moore Paper Co.s warehouse, and other buildings on Water Street near Race burned. Nine firemen were injured during the fire. Total loss $220,000.
  • September 29. The commission appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury to recommend a site for the new Mint reported in favor of the block bounded by Walnut, Sansom, Sixth and Seventh Streets.
  • October 3. School-ship Saratoga arrived in port, after a journey to Madeira and the Azores.
  • November 7. Inter-collegiate football match between the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton College. the latter won, 24 to 0.
  • November 9. Lippincott, Johnson & Co.'s cloth warehouse, Market Street below Seventh, destroyed by fire. Loss, $300,000.
  • November 23. The Mayor approved the bond presented by the Northeastern Elevated Railroad. The Board of Highway Supervisors granted the company permission to begin work on the public streets on November 25.
  • December 2. The new armored cruiser New York launched at Cramp's shipyard.
  • December 6. William F. Shaw's music publication house, Vine Street Below Eighth, destroyed by fire. Loss, $2,00,000.
  • December 15. fire caused by an explosion of benzene destroyed a large building on Delaware Avenue near Fairmount Avenue, occupied by several firms. Aggregate loss, about $50,000.
  • December 16. The Associated Alumni of the Central High School gave a reception to Dr. Edward Brooks, the Superintendent of Public Schools.
  • December 29. Policeman Elmer E. shot and instantly killed by Robert j. Cascadem, aged eighteen, whom he detected in the act of breaking and entering a store. Another policeman was shot in the arm by the youthful desperado, who was shot in the arm by the youthful desperado, who was, however, captured.

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Excerpted from "Happenings in ye Olde Philadelphia 1680-1900" by Rudolph J. Walther, 1925, Walther Printing House, Philadelphia, PA

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