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Late and Former Names of Streets of the Old Districts of Northern Liberties, Kensington, Port Richmond and Spring Garden

The streets west of Broad Street, running north and south, were numbered from the Schuylkill, which was very confusing to strangers.

On December 8, 1853, Councils gave them new names. Schuylkill Eighth became Fifteenth Street. Schuylkill Seventeenth Street. Schuylkill Fifth became Eighteenth Street. Schuylkill Fourth became Nineteenth Street. Schuylkill Third became Twentieth Street. Schuylkill Second, and Ashton Street to Twenty-third Street.

In popular language High Street was always called Market Street, Mulberry was known as Arch Street, Sassafras as Race Street, and Cedar as South Street. In deeds and in ordinances they were invariably designated by the ancient name. After 170 years of attempt to bring the legal titles into common use, Councils abandoned the contest and gave to those streets their popular names.

Here is the list and where they were located

Current LocationFormer Name
Adrian Street, west of Frankford RoadAmber Street
Amber Street, west of Frankford RoadWaterloo Street
America Street, west of Second StreetWashington Street
Belgrade Street, north of Thompson StreetWest Street
Berks Street, from Front to Broad StreetChatham Street
Berks Street, from the Delaware River to Trenton AvenueVienna Street
Bodine Street, east of Third StreetAdams Street
Brooke Street, east of Third StreetRose Alley
Buttonwood Street, from Second to Third StreetTammany Street
Buttonwood Street, from Old York RoadButtonwood Street
Buttonwood Street, to Ridge AvenueTammany
Callowhill Street, from the Delaware River to Fourth StreetNew Street
Canal StreetCohocksink Creek
Columbia Avenue, from the Delaware River to Frankford RoadHanover Street
Crease Street, below Shackamaxon StreetCrown Street
Dana Street, south of Green StreetArtillery Lane
Darien Street, west of Eighth StreetClinton Street
Day Street, below Frankford RoadDean Street
Dilwyn Street, west of Third StreetKunkle Street
Edgemont Street, north from Gunner's RunBrown Street
Eighth Street, north of Callowhill streetGarden Street
Ella Street, from Emerald to Amber StreetPrice Street
Fairmount Avenue, from the Delaware River to Old York RoadCoates Street
Fairmount Avenue, from Old York Road to Ridge AvenueHickory Lane
Fifth Street, from Green Street to the Cohocksink Creek (at Thompson Street)Old York Road
Frankford AvenueFrankford Road
Galloway Street, west of Third StreetWinter Street
Girard Avenue, from Gunner's Run to Frankford RoadPrince Street
Girard Avenue, from Frankford Road to Sixth StreetFranklin Avenue
Hackley Street, east of Fifth Street, above Berks StreetWager Street
Hermitage Street, from Green Street to Coates Street, above Third StreetSmiths Alley
Jefferson StreetSage Street
Julia Street, Coates Street to Brown Street, above Front StreetJones Alley
Kensington Avenue, northeast from Lehigh AvenueFrankford Road
Kiehl Street, east of Amber Street, north from Clearfield StreetRandolph Street
Laurel Street, from Delaware Avenue to Second StreetMaiden Street
Lawrence Street, east of Fifth StreetApple Street
Leithgow Street, west of Fourth Street, north from Poplar StreetMechanic Street
Lynd St., north of Green Street, from Fourth to Fifth StreetPaschall's Alley
Mannikin Street, from Norris to Diamond Street, near Fifth StreetLittle Perry Street
Manor Street, north of Montgomery Avenue, below Germantown AvenueClymer Street
Marlborough Street, between Hanover and Shackamaxon StreetsCrown Street
Marshall Street, west of Sixth StreetJohn Street
Mascher Street, west of Front StreetClinton Street
Master StreetTimber Lane
Meetler Street, between Fifth and Sixth StreetsLittle Poplar Street
Megary Street, east of Hanover Street, above Girard AvenueMorris Street
Melvale Street, north from William Street, below Richmond StreetLarch Street
Memphis Street, east of Tulip Street, north from Norris StreetLemon Street
Mercury Street, west of Montgomery Avenue to Palmer Street, Monrow Street
Merino Street, from Second Street to Germantown AvenueLittle Green Street
Minerva Street, north of Spring Garden Street, Seventh to Franklin StreetWistar Street
Montgomery Avenue is composed of Cherry Street from Richmond Street to Germantown Avenue, and Mud Lane west of Germantown Avenue
Moyer Street, above East Girard AvenueBrown Street
Neff Street, above Ann StreetMaple Street
New Market, from Vine to GreenCable Lane
New Market, from Green street to Cohocksink CreekPitt Street
Noble Street, from the Delaware River to Ridge AvenueBloody Lane
Orkney Street, east of Fifth StreetOrchard Street
Otis Street, from Wildey Street to Frankford AvenueSavery Street
Oxford Street, from Girard Avenue to Master Street, east of Second StreetPerry Street
Peel Street, from Van Horn to Lydia Street, below Germantown AvenueRose Alley
Percy Street, west of Ninth, north from Poplar StreetTyler Street
Perth Street, east of Eighth Street, from Thompson to Jefferson StreetRobinson Street
Poplar Street, from the Delaware River to Front StreetMarsh Street
Randolph Street, west of Fifth Street, north from Brown StreetElizabeth Street
Richmond StreetPoint-no-Point Road
Queen Street
Sartain Street, west of Eleventh Street from Poplar Street to Girard AvenueMargarette Street
Savery Street, east of Marlborough Street, from Wildey Street to Frankford AvenueUnion Street
Sophia Street, from Otter to Edward StreetWilliam Street
St. John Street, west of Second StreetAnn Street, from Vine to Willow Street
Susquehanna Avenue, from the Delaware River to Front StreetOtis Street
Sutton Street, above Master Street, west from Fifth StreetSummit Street
Thompson Street, from E. Norris Street to Frankford AvenueDuke Street
Thompson Street, west of Frankford AvenuePhoenix Street
Toronto Street, from Ann Street west of Larch StreetPalm Street
Twenty-Seventh Street, north of Coates StreetBush Hill Street
Van Horn Street, from Hancock Street to Germantown Avenue, below Girard AvenueRose Alley
Warnock Street, north from Poplar Street, west of Tenth StreetLewis Street
Wildey Street, from Frankford Avenue to Columbia AvenueBedford Street
Willow StreetPegg's Run
Wood Street, west of Second StreetBrewer's Alley