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Places to Visit

Pennsbury Manor
The recreated country home of William Penn in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, provides a peaceful contrast to the hurry of modern American life.
Penn Treaty Museum
In 1682, along the banks of the Delaware River, under the shade of a great elm tree in an area then known as Shackamaxon, William Penn is believed to have made a Treaty of Friendship with the Native Americans.
Arch Street Friends Meeting House
Step into this meeting room and take a seat on original benches. One of our guides will engage you.
City Hall Tours
Take a virtual tour of City Hall. Centered in the heart of downtown Philadelphia stands the nation's largest municipal building (larger than the U.S. Capitol)
American Swedish Historical Museum
The American Swedish Historical Museum in South Philadelphia is the oldest Swedish Museum in the United States.
Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia
The gateway to Philadelphia history.
Lower Merion Historical Society
Photo Collection, Library Materials, Burial Records, and more.
Christ Church
Known as "The Nation's Church" because of the famous Revolution-era leaders who worshiped here, Christ Church was founded in 1695. It was the first parish of the Church of England (Anglican) in Pennsylvania. It is also the church where the American Episcopal Church was born.
Stenton is known as one of the earliest, best-preserved and most believable historic houses in Philadelphia. Its distinguished Georgian architecture, its outstanding collection, and its superb documentation combine to create one of the most authentic house museums in the region.
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania with The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies

William Penn Resources

Penn's Holy Experiment: The Seed of a Nation
From Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Philadelphia: Cradle of Religious Liberty
Old Philadelphia Congregations brochure
"For the like Uses, as the Moore-fields": The Politics of Penn's Squares
by Elizabeth Milroy, from the July 2006 issue of PMHB
The LIFE of William Penn
by M.L. Weems, 1829
William Penn in Pennsylvania
Dr. Paul A. W. Wallace and James P. O'Brien (PHMC)
William Penn, Visionary Proprietor
by Tuomi J. Forrest, at the University of Virginia
William Penn
by Bill Samuel
Hidden London
Penn in the Tower
Many links on Quaker subjects
Pennsylvania's Anarchist Experiment: 1681-1690
by Prof. Murray N. Rothbard, excerpt from Conceived in Liberty
Early Quaker writings
Several documents by Penn and his wife
A Key


Erik Burro
For over 30 years, Erik Burro has made appearances as Penn at historic and cultural sites, regional and national conventions, as well as local and national, radio and television.

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