Paoli Battlefield
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Wayne Leads the Charge!


We have many volunteer opportunities; some are listed below. For more information, please complete the Volunteer Information/Application on this website or e-mail us at You can also call the Borough of Malvern at 610-644-2602 and leave a message to have Paoli Battlefield contact you by phone.

Planning and Development

A member of the PBPF Board of Directors will chair committees; co-chairs with specific skills also may be designated.

Teachers and Educators

A committee that includes elementary, secondary and post-secondary educators to recommend activities and lesson plans for the site.

Volunteerism & Fundraising

A committee to identify, recommend and support a volunteer organization and fundraising activities.

Events & Publicity

A committee to recommend, organize and publicize special events including involvement of Borough of Malvern officials.


A committee to research, recommend and oversee efforts to re-introduce indigenous species into the battlefield meadow and the riparian buffer (we are the headwaters of Crum Creek), trail maintenance and archeological protection or development.

Event Volunteers

Specific tasks and jobs are needed at Special Events. Special workshops, training and preliminary activities will be held for events.

Event Volunteer Coordinator

An event coordinator works with the Board of Directors and the Events & Publicity Committee to organize a specific event, including ensuring sufficient volunteers, adequate training, supplies, set-up and clean-up, coordination with re-enactor or other groups in the event.

Tour Guide

Conduct Tours of the Paoli Battlefield, recounting the actual events and interpreting the significance of this battle in the Philadelphia Campaign and the War for Independence.

Tour Guide for School Groups

Conduct Tours of the Paoli Battlefield and explain both the battle and the importance of this period in the Revolutionary War. Must be able to convey history in a clear, age-appropriate manner to students from Grades 1-12.

Event Assistants

Assist in set-up and clean-up activities, manning information tables, membership drives, event flyers and mail-stuffing, parking assistance, refreshment service, donations, and all-around helpers.

Preservation & Research

The PBPF works with the Borough of Malvern to protect and enhance the Battlefield site. The meadow of the battlefield had been in continuous agricultural use before and after 1777 however, invasive plants have taken hold. Efforts to re-introduce natural, indigenous plants and to preserve the natural landscape are underway. Historical research and archeological examination are other areas of interest were volunteers are invaluable.

Point Men (and Point Women)

Our front-line observers of the Battlefield who walk and watch over the site on a regular basis and report any observed violations to either Borough of Malvern officials or PBPF Board members. Help oversee our heritage while taking a fitness-walk!


Volunteers who like to work with their hands! Planting, trail maintenance and other tasks are constantly in need.


The Malvern Historical Commission and PBPF are setting up a visitor center and museum in the Borough Hall. Volunteers are needed to help review, organize and locate records, articles and artifacts that can be displayed and/or used in educational programs.