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History Day, Pennsylvania Standards, and the PSSA Reading and Math Anchors

PA Standards for History

By doing history, students become engaged, empowered and excited learners. As students participate in the research process, they practice the historical analysis and skills listed in the Pennsylvania Standard for History 8.1 Historical Analysis and Skills Development including:

PA Standards for Reading, Writing, Thinking and Listening

Learning and Reading Independently

Reading Critically in All Content Areas

Types of Writing

Quality of Writing

Revise writing to improve style, word choice, organization, rethinking logic and rechecking central idea, content, paragraph development, level of detail, style, tone and word choice;

Speaking and Listening


**Whether or not a student demonstrates proficiency in the standard depends on the presentation format.

PSSA Anchors in Reading and Math

"The Assessment Anchors are one of the many tools the Pennsylvania Department of Education has developed to better align curriculum, instruction and assessment practices throughout the stateÖ.The Assessment Anchors clarify the standards assessed on the PSSA and can be used by educators to help prepare their students for the PSSA. We used the metaphor of an "anchor" because we wanted to signal that the Assessment Anchors would anchor both the state assessment system and the curriculum/instructional practices in schools."

"The Assessment Anchors were written with the intent of having interdisciplinary discussions about how the Mathematics and Reading Anchors can be taught in Science, Social Studies, the Arts and other content areas. The intent of the Anchors is not to narrow the curriculum, but to focus teachers on the essential skills and knowledge in Reading and Mathematics that must be taught across the curriculum, given the limited amount of time teachers have with students."

History Day projects** require student to practice the following mathematics and reading "anchor" skills:



**Whether or not a student uses and/or learns the anchor skill depends on the presentation format.