This Year's Theme

Previous Years

This page is an archive of the results from previous NHD Philly competitions. After many years of not participating, we began again in 2005!

Theme: "Taking a Stand in History"
Theme: "Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History."
Theme: "Leadership & Legacy in History"
Theme: "Rights & Responsibilities"
Theme: "Turning Points"
Theme: "Revolution, Reaction, Reform"
Theme: "Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences"
Theme: "Innovation in History: Impact and Change"
Theme: "The Individual in History: Actions and Legacies"
Theme: "Conflict and Compromise in History"
Theme: "Triumph and Tragedy in History"
Theme: "Taking a Stand in History: People, Ideas, Events"
Theme: "Communication in History: The Key to Understanding"