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Qualifiers, Senior Division, National History Day Philadelphia 2014

Group Documentary
first placeLangston HughesScience Leadership AcademyAmani Bey, Thomas Jeffcoat
second placeDakota WarCentral High SchoolAavo Reinvald, Albert Tanjaya, Ben Greeley, Ashin Saju
third placeCivil RightsCentral High SchoolBakary Samasa, Shanique Mattis
Group Exhibit
first placeDon't Forget the Little OnesNortheast High SchoolLily Tang, Connie Ren, Melisa Zeng, Jenny Yim, Xiao Yeung
second placeFirst, Do No HarmPhiladelphia Academy Charter High SchoolSamantha Frost, Laura Smith
third placeNo Longer an Equal AmericanPhiladelphia Academy Charter High SchoolCaroline Debellis, Dana Deemilio
Group Performance
first placeThe Triangle ShirtWaist Factory Fire: Rights Born of TragedyConstitution High SchoolMizani Neal, Quamier Bennett, Ranisha Hanner, Imani Kemp, Aliya Williams
second placeThe Fight for What's RightConstitution High SchoolJasmane Harvey, Michelle Walter, Siani Madison
third placeMOVE and the Rights of ManMasterman High SchoolFiona Tagliente, Siduri Beckman
Group Website
first placeConfronting BombinghamMasterman High SchoolKevin Liu, Kevin Yang, Carmen Li
second placeThe Tuskegee Airmen: Flying Into Hostile SkiesMasterman High SchoolShinryu Aoyama, Joel Chacko, Manfred Thomas, Valentino Papa
third placeThe Fight for the Right to FightMasterman High SchoolAnni Zhang, Jane Xu, Catherine Huang
Individual Documentary
first placeLabor Rights: Responsibilities Born of TragedyConstitution High SchoolRaymond Yuan
second placeInterracial Relations from 1960Central High SchoolNori Helem
Individual Exhibit
first placeHeed the Abomination: Confessions from the Tuskegee Syphillis ExperimentMasterman High SchoolAlexandrea Gosnell
second placeStrange Fruit: Theme Song of a MovementMasterman High SchoolTyiana Combs
third placeKhmer RougeCentral High SchoolSandy Hang
Individual Paper
first placeSleeping on the Edge of Vesuvius: The Haitian RevolutionMasterman High SchoolAlisa Landers
second placeThe Anti-Lynching Campaign: Saving Those Who Couldn’t Save ThemselvesMasterman High SchoolMaria Britt
third placeHarlem Renaissance Writers: Respect or Realism?Masterman High SchoolAnnika Nordlof
Individual Performance
first placeThe Fight for Sex: The Margaret Sanger StoryConstitution High SchoolKyah Hawkins
second placeWhen Ethiopia Shocked the WorldConstitution High SchoolBersabeh Tekle
third placeQueen Elizabeth and Catherine the Great: Women MonarchsConstitution High SchoolAvigal Kaminsky
Individual Website
first placeBut We Have No Country: The Christiana Riot of 1851Masterman High SchoolPhineas Shapiro
second placeSoul WoundScience Leadership AcademyRubyjane Anderson
third placeNo Child Left Behind Act of 2001Constitution High SchoolNiayla Murray