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Qualifiers, Junior Division, National History Day Philadelphia 2014

Group Documentary
first placeProstitution in ThailandIndependence Charter SchoolAaliyah Johnson, Isabella Lentz, Ronald Magaņa
second placeThe Great Railroad Strike of 1877Independence Charter SchoolLuis Manuel Morales, Fernando Fonseca, Caleb Jackson, Tito Mazzucchi
third placeThe UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948C.C.A. Baldi Middle SchoolArmando Parra, Neel Patel
Group Exhibit
first placeMade in China One Child PolicyWoodrow Wilson Middle SchoolErica Chen (#1), Erica Chen (#2), Louise Lanzetta, Sharon Xia
second placeThe 1911 Triangle Shirt Waste Factory FireC.C.A. Baldi Middle SchoolMichelle Yuen, Laura Suarez
third placeThe Color of School: The Little Rock Nine and IntegrationAmy At James MartinJamiyah Lundy, David Reyes, Selena Holzer
Group Performance
first placeSuttee (Hindu Tradition)Woodrow Wilson Middle SchoolAnnie Lee, Persis Jose, Melanie Torres, Molly Chesterman, Nhi Nguyen
second placeThe Haitian RevolutionIndependence Charter SchoolHannah Cameron, Gabrielle Effendi, Anthony Floyd
Group Website
first placeJapanese-American Internment Camps During WWIIIndependence Charter SchoolNicholas Romano, Harrison Wellner
second placeClean Air Act of 1990Woodrow Wilson Middle SchoolLindsay Frost, Karen Li
third placeRight to Fight!Woodrow Wilson Middle SchoolMalenie Reyes, Jenna Misztuk, Komal Patel, Derlunchka Valmyr
Individual Documentary
first placeThe Hollywood BlacklistIndependence Charter SchoolLena Popkin
second placeThe New York Draft Riots of 1863Independence Charter SchoolSean Hackney
third placeWe Can't Stop: The Rights and Responsibilities in Women's SportsWise and Pure Junior High SchoolSarah Johnson
Individual Exhibit
first placeChina's One Child PolicyAmy At James MartinJennifer Rodriguez
second placeThe Wagner ActC.C.A. Baldi Middle SchoolCindy Mani
third placeVive la France! The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the CitizenAmy At James MartinMelissa Hoxha
Individual Paper
first placeJapanese Americans in Internment Camps During World War IIAmy At James MartinCassidy Smith
second placeFrom Failure to Success: The Development of the Constitution from the Articles of ConfederationAmy At James MartinNina Locke
Individual Performance
first placeThe SSA in the USAAmy At James MartinNathan Quiles