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Qualifiers, National History Day Philadelphia 2006

Historical Paper
Michelle LawrenceBenjamin Franklin High SchoolSingle-Sex Education
Christina TrawickBenjamin Franklin High SchoolSingle-Sex Education
Bianka EvansBenjamin Franklin High SchoolLibrary company: Taking a Stand for Equality
Individual Exhibit
Taja HensonBenjamin Franklin High SchoolMalcolm X
Jeffrey SimonsCentral High SchoolTimes They are a Changin
Jareca DingleBenjamin Franklin High School 
Individual Documentary
Junard LaneNortheast High SchoolHuey Percy Newton
Malik NealWest Catholic High SchoolFounding Mothers: Women Who Raised our Nation
Bryant MorrisonNortheast High SchoolLeonardo DaVinci
Group Exhibit
E.Chen, Bin Chen, Lin Lin DongBenjamin Franklin High SchoolChinese Exclusion Act
Billy Myers, Amanda Hodge, Brittney Kohler, Brett FureyPhiladelphia Academy High SchoolThe Transcontinental Rail Road
Anthony Palestini, Danny Zembrowski, Zahir CarringtonJ.R. Masterman High SchoolFight for Equality at Girard College
Group Documentary
Nagee Briscoe, Frank Anderson, Demerties GriffenBenjamin Franklin High SchoolGenocide in Sudan
Haftom Khasai, Jichang NiWest Philadelphia Catholic High SchoolTiananmen Square
Ben Landau-Beispiel, Eric Augenbraun, Neil PetermanJ.R. Masterman High SchoolA Black Panther Speaks
Historical Paper
Alexandra GilliamNorwood-Fontbonne AcademySimon Weisenthal: Taking a Stand Against the Nazis
Marlene LurieC.C.A. Baldi Middle SchoolWallenberg Takes a Stand
Hunana ChandhryC.C.A. Baldi Middle SchoolMatoaka: Misrepresented through History
Individual Performance
Jordan KenellC.C.A. Baldi Middle SchoolChiune Sugiharai: Visas for Life
Individual Exhibit
Josh GoldbergC.C.A. Baldi Middle SchoolThe Media on Vietnam War
Michael ElmerC.C.A. Baldi Middle SchoolThe Hips, the Hair, the Man: Elvis Presley
Group Performance
Jamal Whitfield, John Kane, Steven Foltz, Jeremy Wood, Roby ThomasC.C.A. Middle SchoolSport Center Classic
Group Exhibit
Chelsea Raftery, Bianca Nigro, Colin MyersChristopher Columbus CharterTwo Women for All Women
Ryan McAteer, Farwa Ahmadi, Aliya AkbasheraC.C.A. Baldi Middle SchoolRock the First Amendment
Serlin Koshy, Michael Trang, Arun Abraham, Sherilin JoeC.C.A. Baldi Middle SchoolRoosevelt v. Polio: A Painful Struggle
Group Documentary
Victoria Myers, Annmarie GonzalezChristopher Columbus Charter SchoolFirefighters Taking a Stand Against City Cutbacks
Antoinette Hold, Mary Ellen Rubinski, Ariana Gonzalez, Christina PaviniChristopher Columbus Charter SchoolInnocent Victims of Terrorism
Michael Gorhovsky, Llya Braginski, Jaimy Joseph, Ruth ThomasC.C.A. Baldi Middle School1980 Olympic Boycott

Senior Division Honorable Mentions

Individual exhibits

Group exhibit

Group Performance

Junior Division Honorable Mention

Group Exhibit