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2005 National History Day Philadelphia Winning Projects

Senior Division
  • History of the Computer
  • You're on the Air: History of WDAS
  • Marian Anderson
  • History of Hip Hop Sampling
  • Let the Words Lead the Way
Junior Division
  • Women Speak Out
  • History of Communication through Music
  • Jane Goodall Communicates
  • Walt Disney Animation Entertainment
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Flapper Culture
  • Media and Itís Impact
  • Communication through Walt Disney Animation Entertainment
Senior Division
  • Payola and the Radio
  • Philadelphia International Recording Studios
  • Communication through Rap Music
Junior Division
  • Communication in the Black Community
  • Songs of the Enslaved
  • Navajo Code of WWII
  • Past Time, Life Time
Senior Division
  • My Life As Helen Keller
Junior Division
  • All that Jazz
  • Sports Center Classic