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Available Tours

You can choose any of the tours shown below, or feel free to contact me with your specific needs. I would be happy to research and present a customized tour to meet your needs!

For a taste of what's in store for you, read Taverns on the Green: Drinking in 18th Century Philadelphia

Romancing the Cobblestone

Love and liaisons in the City of love: Benedict Arnold's recycled romance, Ben Franklin's "Kissing Machine" and the love letters stashed in the President's desk. As you stroll the charming sidestreets of 18th century Philadelphia, you'll hear about our first Rambo, the bachelor tax, the singles scene, and the indiscrete reverend (it's not the sex but the bragging). The latest dirt on romance in colonial America's No. 1 Party Towne.

Exercise Your Rights (Conservatives Tour)

The best, worst, and firsts in colonial politics. Take only RIGHT turns on this walk through the birthplace of Capitalism. An insider's look at Ben "Way to Wealth" Franklin and Stephen Girard, the Revolution's (ad)venture capitalist — pirate, hero and financier. Return to the good old days of swift justice, family values, and NO income tax, social security, or nosy national government. See our first corporation and stock market as you stroll through "Millionaire's row" and visit the grand house where schmoozing was invented.

Exercise Your Lefts (Liberals Tour)

The best, worst, and firsts in colonial politics. Take only LEFT turns as you walk a colonial city planned by pacifist William Penn who wanted government to attend to the "softer things." Hear how the great social engineer Ben Franklin and his "Dogood press" pushed for health care, prison reform, and equal rights. Find out about the "strolling poor," Jesuit's Bark, Helltown and the Three Jolly Irishmen, where Cock Robin and his wives engaged in not-so-free enterprise.

Franklin's Philadelphia

See the Colonial City through Ben's bifocals: homes, churches, taverns and the teeming marketplace. As you stroll the cobblestone streets paved by Mr. Franklin's efforts, you will find his accomplishments at every turn — fire protection, insurance, medical care, public safety and busybodies. Hear about his Tippler's Dictionary and the Kissing Machine that won the war.

Colonial High Life

"Another sinful feast..." wrote John Adams after only a week in town. See how the uppercrust lived in America's most successful English colony as you walk along the elegant streets of Society Hill. Tour our finest townhouse — where Jefferson fiddled, Washington danced and Adams did indeed sin.

Women in the Colony

What Philadelphia woman held special influence over George Washington? Find out about her and the other great women who led the early movements for abolition and women's rights. As you walk through Philadelphia's first neighborhood, you will hear about Dolley Madison, the "rule of thumb," Silence Dogood and the inside story about the Betsy Ross House.

Saints and Sinners

Riots, fraud, howling dogs, ante-nuptial dalliances — the churches were busy places. Pirates, dodgers and smugglers — the taverns were busier still. See where the colonists ate, drank, shopped and sometimes prayed and discover why Pennsylvania was "heaven for farmers and artisan and hell for politicians and preachers."

Four Funerals and a Wedding

People died from walking barefoot, cooling off too fast and "being driven mad by Methodist preachers." Discover where the colonists loved, lost, danced, fought, mourned and triumped. From the biggest funeral procession in 18th century America to the high society wedding of our traitor-in-waiting, you will see their sites and much more.

The Quack and the Dead

Purging, cupping, bloodletting — it was a painful proposition to stay alive and healthy in colonial Philadelphia. Bodysnatching made even staying dead a tenuous prospect. See America's first hospital, oldest operating room and the home office of our first great surgeon. Visits to the churchyards of the patients also included.