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I would like to now all the things about American History.
starr, 16 [03-14-2008]

Could you put some facts about bakers on this site? Because I'm doing a report about them and I can't seem to find anything on any other site and i've tried google.So, you can just send it to my e-mail, okay? thanks! Lyndsey
Lyndsey Walker [02-26-2008]

Zantarious bynum [02-25-2008]

anonymous [02-25-2008]

Which american revolutionary battles took place in North Carolina?
Kelsey, 13 [02-22-2008]

all about heros
dylan, 14 gufport [02-20-2008]

i love ypou
anonymous [02-19-2008]

cc [02-14-2008]

can you give something for Patrick Henery
Michael Jones [02-13-2008]

hi how are you today!
samantha, butler pa 13 yrs old [02-12-2008]

A project for cultrual the studies of The American Revolutional War
Diamond, Brockton 12 [02-11-2008]

:) OMG, this site is AWESOME! I have to do a poem about the Revolutionary War, and I love this site! Thanks a bunch! <3
iluvshoes101265607 [02-10-2008]

go, 111111111111111 [02-08-2008]

isaac, 11 [02-08-2008]

karen [02-07-2008]

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yah! yah!!, 106 [02-07-2008]

make some more games!
caroli, 94,hena, [02-07-2008]

anonymous [02-06-2008]

I am interested in the armaments of the Revolutionary War, especially long guns with rifled barrels and fowling pieces (shotguns). Does anyone know of a good resource?
kfrancher [02-03-2008]

this site cant help me at all with my project but it keeps cuming up under google!
anonymous [01-31-2008]

i dont understand history i have a D in S.S. i need to do better in it. what do i do to make me understand it better?
Brie Grosse, 12 ct. [01-28-2008]

oscar is smart
anonymous [01-24-2008]

i like ur site
sarah [01-23-2008]

I luv me !
Jade [01-17-2008]

I think this is a great site.. I was third generation raised in Germantown Philadelphia.. I love that section of the city and wise the people who lived there now would respect the history of the Area.. Mad Anthony Wayne is in my Family Tree and I love reading about history. Great site keep up the good work.
E Graham, Born and Raised in Germantown [01-17-2008]

brittany [01-16-2008]

I droped out of school
Chris Brown, I am famous for singing [01-15-2008]

you have to help out
patricia torres [01-11-2008]

tata, it was crazzy [01-10-2008]

Last time there were 2 games and there are still 2!
Mike [01-08-2008]

kenia [01-07-2008]

anonymous [12-31-2007]

I belive the Campaiggn was both interesting and usefull
Keith Whitaker [12-21-2007]

Hi what's up with this website?
Annika, Jonseboro,AR [12-18-2007]

hi people!
Destiny, 13 [12-17-2007]

I am 98 Years old.
Adam, 98 [12-17-2007]

Artemis Fowl, 13 [12-17-2007]

whats up peeps!?!?!?!?
James Fowl [12-17-2007]

more games
Geovoni, 12 [12-17-2007]

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Nick [12-17-2007]

kaitlyn [12-17-2007]

Hi people!
Bob [12-13-2007]

shelly davignon [12-10-2007]

ron [12-10-2007]

katie, hi [12-05-2007]

If the Tory's didn't like the patriotism, and if they had enough money, why didnt they leave? Why are they called Torys?????
Cruisemissleking, 633 Crew [12-04-2007]

I want to know why they were pooor?????
Dez'jhanae, I want to know what they ate and what they lived in ??? [11-30-2007]

Really interesting articles - some good information, but very Americanised! Interesting how the authors continually refer to the practice of commanding Generals habits of giving incorrect casualty figures and then continually refer to Howes figures as being too light whilst the official american figures are accepted (or even questioned as to possibly being too heavy). All those 'dead eye' american shooters I expect, makes you wonder how the Brits won so many battles! Now the French, thats a different case!
Mike Biddiss [11-28-2007]

hi [11-26-2007]

hi [11-20-2007]

susan [11-20-2007]

I've found this site to be well written and very informative; however,I don't believe that lately you have been screening your entries in your guest book as stated below. I also suspect that many of the kids who posted here were encouraged to do so by a teacher or teachers; why else would so many post as they have below? Please, all you are doing is showing the world how apathetic and functionally illiterate we have allowed ourselves to become as Americans. Please- you are better than that. Let's remember the sacrifices that were made on our behalf by those who came before us and show the world that we really understand where we came from. Get off your duff, take some pride, use your brain and rock the world! Thanks for a great website. Matthew Rozell History Teacher Hudson Falls, NY USA "Life is tough- tougher if you're stupid."
Matthew Rozell [11-19-2007]

nick [11-17-2007]

I just wanted 2 say hi from an old woman.
jayna, I'm 94 yrs old [11-17-2007]

the revolutionary war was a sad time especially since everyone was getting hurt, but if they weren't they will soon. i just feel bad because people are fighting for something stupid and you are all stupid for fighting for something stupid!
candace, i'm 18 [11-17-2007]

I just want 2 say hi so, hi peoples what up with you.write me back please. bye peoples.bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye
jayna, I'm 13 yrs old [11-17-2007]

Hi this website was really boring lol.
deandre law, hellow my name is billy im 14 [11-17-2007]

My ancestor, Anne Justis Morton, widow of the John Morton, one of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, experienced their plantation being "despoiled by the British" during the Battle of Brandywine. I am creating a historic character portrayal of my ancestor Anne Justis-Morton for my local Skagit County Genealogy Society. Your website was most helpful in supplying me the exact details of this battle. Thank you for the thorough presentation of the facts. Sincerely, Margaret Rummel-Wilson
Margaret U. Rummel-Wilson [11-15-2007]

This website helped me pass social studies
faran chaudhry, Age 13,Crofton.MD [11-15-2007]

I need help i have history fair its my first year in it. Its worth half of my sememster grade :/ . Its very important that i get the information, but i'am haveing truble gathering the information :(. Its on the entire American Revolutionary War. Please help me. Please E-mail. :) thanks- rosy
help :/, 15,houston,tx [11-14-2007]

vicky simerly [11-12-2007]

If we didn't have the Revolutionary war would we be the United States today?
unnone, none [11-09-2007]

Ellen, nothing [11-08-2007]

i thought it ws a great website
heather, conneaut [11-08-2007]

james, idk [11-08-2007]

Yo people
Mimi, poosjqiduewghwuio23y [11-05-2007]

I am a spy!
Diane Walterson, 14 [11-05-2007]

Kafryn [11-05-2007]

I just spent long hours preparing my kids for a prgram for International day at their international school here in Delhi, India. I had a great time remembering interesting facts I hadn't revisited since high school. The Patriot is one of my favorite movies; please let me know of more interesting and engaging movies about American history. I am an American and I've lived in India for more than 7 years now.
Laura Gillette [11-05-2007]

Kristine, 13, LaPine, Oregon. [10-31-2007]

this is a very informative site
maj [10-30-2007]

can u tell me for how long did the revoulutionery war lasted like ixample how many months or years pleasee its ergent
jenny, help me pleasee [10-25-2007]

i love history.<33
anna, my hair iz sweet [10-25-2007]

If it weren`t for the revolution we would not be here today!
Keith, 49, Gadfsden, Al [10-18-2007]

nalissa [10-18-2007]

hi i am against the war in every way
Charlotte [10-17-2007]

omg, this site is sooooooo helpful. but how do i know if its credible?!? anyone?!?
Olivia, i live in washington d.c. [10-14-2007]

word up dawg
anonymous [10-12-2007]

hi peoples how r ya?
anonymous [10-12-2007]

anonymous [10-12-2007]
kaitlyn [10-11-2007]

Nine generations back my grandfather, Benjamin Mendenhall was a captain in the revolutionary war. Would like to more information on him
Janet Lee [10-11-2007]

I have to learn this in school. It's interesting.
Kayla, 12, chocolate colored, big pretty brown eyes. long dark brown hair, I'm a model, and a singer [10-11-2007]

Allison, I like b-ball [10-09-2007]

Jerry King [10-07-2007]

I like this website but yall need way more info on the cities where this stuff happens!
Emma, im 13 adn i live in powder springs,GA [10-02-2007]

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natalie, 9 yrs. [09-29-2007]

bob [09-28-2007]

i need to know ALL o fthe information that Lydia Darragh said in her intelligence letters and why she beccame a spy BY TONIGHT!
mary p. [09-28-2007]

I love this website. I am a history buff when it comes to US History, in particular the Revolutionary War. This web site is extreamly informative and great fun.
Margot Lucas, Concord, NH [09-17-2007]

i learened this in school!
Danielle, 12 [09-14-2007]

WHY DOES CONGRESS INSIST THAT IRAQ BECOME A DEMOCRACY OVERNIGHT? It took our Nation 12 years to gain our independence. Benjamin Franklin was approached by a woman as he came out of the Colonial Congress and asked what type government did she have. He told her she had a Republican Form of Government - IF SHE COULD KEEP IT. Without the sacrifices of our brave military, our very democracy would be challenged on our very soil. support our troops; g on line and learn how to send a package with goodies to them.
Jerry King Weston, 30 years mililtary retiree USAF [09-05-2007]

Jerry King Weston, 30 Year US [09-05-2007]

there is nothing on the Battle of Yorktown in here and it is an important part of the war
Alexandra [09-04-2007]

I notice many are looking for information relative to the American Revolutionary War. Most libraries are loaded with diverse books on the subject; check them out!
anonymous [09-01-2007]

bob [08-30-2007]

you helped me on a test ttttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssssssssssssss
cj, i am 12 i livr in knoxville [08-21-2007]

I would like to find out more about history in general.
Nancy Reinders, 47, Bellevue, NE [08-18-2007]

IF the Jabez Nye listed as being killed during Rev War (buried in PA) is the one from wareham, then he married Molly (Mary) Fuller in wareham ma 18 Feb 1768; wife 2 Mary Churchill Dec 1802. First wife died Feb 1802. I am having a hard time trying to determine who the Jabez nye is that is buried in PA. Is there any additional information available? Thanks so much for any info/clarification you can provide
Jerry King Weston CMSgt USAF (Retired), spouse of jabez nye [08-16-2007]

Nelda, you are a great web master for John Merz and his dedication of this research. I am sure that everyone that reads this enjoys it greatly. Thanks from the heart of one looking for her german anceston Sleger/Sliger who I beleive was one who came to fight and stayed. Johnnye
Jjohnnye Carlson [08-15-2007]

I'm related to Nathan Hale and would like to learn about him .
braden, Lake Charles LA [08-09-2007]

arthur dodge [08-01-2007]

There is a Jabez Nye born Apr 12749 Sandwich MA and one born Jun 21749 Hardwick MA. There is also a Jabez Nye who (m) Mary (molly) Fuller in Wareham Fedb 1768. Purportedly the Jabez born Jun 1749 was killed in Rev war and buried in PA. I cannot determine this. Can anyone provide information on all Jabez Nye folks and their parents, bonuses, etc? Home bound so appreciate any info. Jerry King Weston CMSgt, USAF(Retired).
JERRY KING WESTON, Jabez Nye in Rev War [07-19-2007]

My great grandfather was born 1833 somewhere in Pa. but I haven't found him or his father Isaac I love Pa. as that is where I met the love of my life Merrel V. Jones
Donna Decker Jones, Lived in Forty Fort [07-12-2007]

Sally Colwell [07-01-2007]

the war is evil!
megan, hi [o6-20-2007] [06-19-2007]

the war is evil!
megan, hi [06-18-2007]

Its a great site. I really enjoyed reviewing for my finals and I learned that George Washington's picture doesn't look right rightside-up
Swift,, sweet site coming soon! [06-12-2007]

I just found out my 4th generation grandfather was a captain in the U.S.Revolutionary war (through a family history letter a distant relative had)This site has been most helpful for me.I have gone through every battle on every page and my nest project is to visit every site. I am so grateful to have this insite provided here of the conflicts which formed out currant great nation. Thank you for providing this site.
Jane G.S., age 50 city Abington [06-10-2007]

PilliParka [06-09-2007]

anuj, kolkata [06-08-2007]

what happen in the revolutionary war?
araceli, hi my name is araceli and im 11 years old [06-07-2007]

nevermind! thanks!
anonymous [06-06-2007]

uhh... do you have any good websites to learn about the events leading up to the REvolutionary War? I need help with my book report and all I can find is a load of...well...nothing...plz help me!
Vica B. (6th grade) [06-06-2007]

anonymous [06-04-2007]

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Abby [06-04-2007]

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Kaily [06-04-2007]

Hellow Great To Meet You
Austin [06-04-2007]

I like the site
Ann Tintly, i'm 11 [06-01-2007]

A sad war kin against kin almost a civil war really.
Tony Dines, Enfield,Middlesex [06-01-2007]

This site is the best for Revolutionary war projects. and i say hi
Brandon, Sammamish [05-25-2007]

deion lane, none [05-23-2007]

Tiara [05-22-2007]

wow I never knew that the revelution war can be so interesing
kendra, age of 13 [05-18-2007]

"enemies in war friends in peace"the declaration of indipendence is regarded by british people as one of the greatest written acts of sovranity and democracy I would like to remind my american cousins( or bretheren)of our "mutual consanguinity" and hope that the they might recognise that together we remain the same people. sovranity is something that belongs to free people and not to beligerent or tyranical authority.therefore was it our forefathers who were the tyrants or the authority that represented the country at the time?Britain is now a free and democratic country but most probably due to the strenth of americans who at the time defied a brutal and cruel regime giving hope and leadership by thier example to the entire world.indeed it was the actions of the same tyranical authority that also caused the jacobite uprising in which im proud to say my family were involved. hello to everyone over there kind regards Adrian M Riddick
Adrian Riddick, Banbury Oxfordshire England [05-18-2007]

Ya think? I don't like Abby too much any more. But, I like you because me and you BOTH live in Washington D.C. I mean, I still kinda like Abby. OMG!
PilliParka [05-17-2007]

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Abby [05-17-2007]

kendra, age of 5 [05-17-2007]

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Abby, Oops! [05-16-2007]

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Kaily, omg [05-16-2007]

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PilliParka, cool [05-16-2007]

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Abby, ohio [05-15-2007]

Yeah guy, I see you know. OMG! Kaily, I live in Washington D.C., too! Hey Abby, where do you live?
PilliParka [05-15-2007]

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courtney, 11 years old [05-15-2007]

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Julio, used to live in mexico, now in america i visited paris, france before cool, huh? [05-14-2007]

Alissa, 9, Sacromento [05-14-2007]

I think the games are pretty cool, but you need a little more.
Deanna [05-14-2007]

Allie [05-14-2007]

I like your website a lot.
Katheryn [05-14-2007]

Oh my Gosh, Pilliparka. It's what it means. "OMG".
Abby [05-14-2007]

I think "OMG" mean "Oh my goodness" or "oh my god!" Am I right? Where do you live, Pilliparka? I live in Wasington D.C.
Kaily [05-14-2007]

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nichole, nope [05-14-2007]

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nicole, portage michagan [05-14-2007]

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nicole, portage michagan [05-11-2007]

It needs more info on after the war get help!
asdfgh, sdffhfh [05-11-2007]

"madac" means "Mom And Dad Are Coming." Okay, Kaily and Abby? Guess what "OMG" means?
PilliParka [05-11-2007]

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Abby, 12 [05-10-2007]

What does "madac" mean?
Kaily, Hi [05-10-2007]

Hi. I love this website.
Mandy, I'm 14 and I love monkeys and gorillas and community service [05-10-2007]

PilliParka [05-09-2007]

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Kay [05-09-2007]

hi, hi [05-08-2007]

The North Carolina Continental line played an interesting role in the Philadelphia Campaign. Their plight would make a good movie. They traveled hundreds of miles to fight and amazingly had an extremely low desertion rate of 10%. Not bad for an army with an average of 18%. North Carolina had it's own troops of Light Dragoons in the field. Serving widely in the Northern Campaign area. They were also serving combined with other troops of dragoons. The NC Light Infantry corps saw action defending Chadd's Ford at Brandywine. The NC Continentals and corps of Light infantry served as the rear guard and were in the thick of it at the Chew House. This battle was extremely costly for the North Carolina troops. Their General, Francis Nash and many of the officers were killed or wounded. They were noted as capturing 16 British artillery pieces, but being unsupported had to leave them. The Brigade also saw action at Monmouth. The NC Light Infantry companies were part of Wayne's Light infantry assault on Stony Point in the frontal diversionary attack. The NC Brigade was then assigned to WestPoint and the Hudson Highlands while enduring constant skirmishing with the British. These guys were pretty worn out by this time when they are ordered South November 1779 to defend the Carolinas. It just happens to be the worst winter of the war and they march South hundreds of miles in snow 3 feet deep in some places only to be captured the following months by the British in Charleston.
Jim, Revolutionary War buff [05-08-2007]

i would like to know if you konw anything about the constitutional issues. my specific question is What issues were the framesrs of the new state constitutions concerned with?
wendy, none [05-04-2007]

Several members of my family served in the Revolutionary War...Captain Michael Bowyer, General John Bowyer, and others.
sheila bowyer kline, I am a descendant of Captain Michael Bowyer [05-02-2007]

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anonymous [04-30-2007]

zayna [04-25-2007]

anonymous [04-24-2007]

lainey, 10 years old city of edmonds [04-24-2007]

bri [04-19-2007]

I am a former resident of Reading, Pa, and lived in the state for almost 30 years....West Chester, Reading, Wilkes-Barre, and did not know the extent of the rich history of the area. Thanks so much for your site informing me of such! I have been doing genealogy research, and have learned of my Bowyer family's role in battles such as Germantown, Brandywine, Monmouth and Waxshaw, and that Adam Bowyer...I am a direct descendant...was once a blacksmith for George Washington. Your site has indeed opened my eyes to many interesting facts about our country's rich heritage! P.S. If anybody reading this has info about Captain Michael Bowyer, Attorney Luke Bowyer, Adam Bowyer, Sr., or John Bowyer (was perhaps a General who lived in Lexington, VA area at Thornhill Estates, please contact me at Thanks!
Sheila Bowyer Kline, Bluefield, WV/Researching family members who fought in the Revolutionary War. Captain Michael Bowyer /member of 12th VA Regiment, and Atty. Luke Bowyer who married sister of Patrick Henry-Mary Jane Henry. [04-17-2007]

cool love this site... cool the history...bye
anonymous [04-16-2007]

Mariah [04-13-2007]

I like history, but what starts with "E" need help TODAY!
anonymous [04-13-2007]

Blah blah i hate history
anonymous [04-13-2007]

perla [04-13-2007]

wut up ppl
ks [04-13-2007]

A very interesting site. My 5x Great Uncle William Farnaby fought with the 17th Regiment of Foot at Brandywine. He survived the whole Revolutionay War, but was captured with the others at Yorktown.
Barry, England [04-13-2007]

nice site man
alonzo, 12 [04-13-2007]

I need pictures on jobs in the Revolutionary War.
Samantha Ward, Moriarty [04-06-2007]

jessica [04-06-2007]

I want to know who fired the 1st shot! Hi! ~Hope~
Hope koerperich, age: 11, city: Dubuque, state: Iowa [04-06-2007]

i just need to tell you that you need more games! The games you have now no one gets it. like the game you have to read the signs kids cant figure out the photos there. but the rest of the web site is ok.the only thing i have to say is to get some new games and you will see lots of people will log on your web site thank you and have a nice day.
Allison Garcia, i am 13 years old [04-06-2007]

Very informative and well-presented site. But what is all this nonsense about Howe "under-estimating" his casualties? The British casualties were clearly recorded, unit by unit, in the British casualty return. The total comes to 3 captains, 5 lieutenants, 7 sergeants and 78 rank and file killed; 49 officers, 40 sergeants, 4 drummers and 395 rank and file wounded; 6 rank and file missing. This was an official British Army internal record - not an "estimate". Calling Howe a liar on the basis of some wild propaganda claims about British losses made by American Patriots is silly and childish. All you seem to care about is pretending that The American Soldier was some kind of superman who always managed to out-fight the redcoat hireling even when the battle was lost. This is the worst kind of pathetic, fantasy-land Sunday-school "history". All serious historians accept the British casualty return as fact. Why can't you? I would also remind you that since Washington's Army furnished posterity with NO CASUALTY RETURN AT ALL (!), British historians would be free to propagate any exaggerated British claims of Patriot losses if they so wished. How about the officer of the 2nd Light Infantry Battalion who reported that "The Enemy had 502 dead in field"? How's that for proof that Nathanael Greene's estimate of 1,200 total losses is the work of a liar. Why don't you grow up?
Purple Alexander [04-06-2007]

I switched schools in feburary. But at my last school i started to learn abouyt the american revolutionary war. I did a play i was i think john adams s wife. But now im doing a report at my new school and i choiced to do my report on the revolutionary war!
kaila johansen, age 11 applevalley mn [04-06-2007]

Oscar Thrasher [04-06-2007]

I love history
Jake Money, 10 Kalamazoo Michigan [04-06-2007]

okema wagoner [04-06-2007]

i like it
Alfredo Rico [04-06-2007]

This website is very useful, thanks.
Samantha B., From Idaho [04-06-2007]

I think that british deafaet franch
anonymous [04-06-2007]

what does indepence hall half 2 do with the american revlution
Tina [04-06-2007]

laura r [03-07-2007]

Mari [03-07-2007]

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Maria, i am a girl [03-07-2007]

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Hillbilly Bob, I like to eat cheese [03-07-2007]

I thought that this was a great site. At school we have take home tests sand one problem was name the following events in the order they happened and the timeline really helped me answere the question and i would not have been able to do it without the timeline. SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE VERY COOL SITE IT HELPED A LOT.
May lake [03-07-2007]

what were some of the names of wars
jerry perez, 18 [03-07-2007]

Macarena, 52 [03-07-2007]

whut up yo?!
anonymous [03-06-2007]

This is very nice but you should have a picture of him and say where he was born.And have a picture of what he's town looked liked and otherthings in his town where he lived. And you should put stuff in order by A's B's C's or by his age.
Tiffany Gunlock [03-06-2007]

Was there anybody that was famous for the American Revolution that had a last name that began with the letter "E"?I need the information by March 4.
Bugar [03-02-2007]

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jenny, im 28, i live in the bronx [03-02-2007]

jj [03-01-2007]

hi. do any of you guys have any facts?
Em [03-01-2007]

I need to get some information for US History of battle field of the revolutionary war and any othe information would be good too. But i need the battle field. I need the information before the end of February. THANK YOU
Josh Werner, Acworth Georiga, 30101 [03-01-2007]

dakota [03-01-2007]

I love history!
Nichole [03-01-2007]

fennan [03-01-2007]

this place looks cool
ema, new york [03-01-2007]

what day did the revolutionary War begin
Marcus Golding [03-01-2007]

hi [03-01-2007]

AMANDA AND JOSH, houston, texas [03-01-2007]

tell me about when the french joins the war i nees it help !
noodlebug, 10 [02-13-2007]

april, ngfhb [02-13-2007]

Awesome account of this time in history. I grew up on a property in the Meetinghouse Corridor, between Meetinhouse Road and Wylie Road, but until now, I never really understood the magnitude of what took place on September 11th, 1777. I knew that many soldiers on both sides lost lives, but the details regarding the cast of characters and military tactics are just amazing. After reading this, I'm motivated to find out exactly where 'Plowed Hill' and 'Battle Hill' were in relation to the Birmingham Meeting house. Keep up the good work here on this site. I'm very thankful for the knowledge...
Cory Biggs, West Chester [02-13-2007]

yo so does any one knowanything on french joins the war it was in like early america time i guess
noodlebug, 10 [02-13-2007]

dod [02-13-2007]

Does anyone know how many British soldiers died in the Revolutionary war?
anonymous [02-04-2007]

may, hiyou!me [02-04-2007]

Richard, I am 14 [02-01-2007]

Kimblery [01-31-2007]

Danae', preston [01-31-2007]

steven gibson, 40yearsold [01-31-2007]

i want to know more on the war for indipendence.
Maggie Harte, 9 years old,i live in Phila,PA + i'm awesome [01-31-2007]

anonymous [01-31-2007]

Brianna Carmichael, 13 years old [01-31-2007]

mckinley small [01-31-2007]

Great site, keep up the good work
Tom Ciprano [01-31-2007]

hi dude i like to eat pizza with my pastor his name is Jack Dodge
Maggie [01-31-2007]

anonymous [01-31-2007]

Who was in the committees of correspondence
shannon [01-31-2007]

I need pictures from the Revolutionary War for a project that my daughter is doing for school. She is doing the abc's of the Rev. War. Can you please help me?
Lori [01-31-2007]

Alonzo Smith [01-09-2007]

katelyn gaskins [01-09-2007]

lauren, 17 [01-09-2007]

i think that we should have faught the american revolution. the american armies fought to protect their families and homes
genesis, im 12 i live in new york. [01-09-2007]

bob, 12 [01-09-2007]

looking for family and friends of jeremiah burns land grant in greenup and early setterler to eastern kentucky and or western virgina. served in revelouitionary war.
LORD JOHN GREER BURNS III, burns family of lawrence county, ky [01-09-2007]

Love it
robert queequon, 52.5 [01-09-2007]

julie [01-09-2007]

The site was great.
Heather Howard [01-09-2007]

Haley Way, 18 [01-09-2007]

i think you should put up a spt that peopel can know everything we know about the revolution
jerry anderson, 10 [01-09-2007]

HOWDY! I have to do a dumb revolutionary war project and this site helped me.
Emily, I'm 13 and live in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Woohoo go cheese heads! [01-09-2007]

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