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My son is looking for anything to do with the American Revolution starts starts with the letter X Can you help?
john [12-27-2006]

SYLVIE [12-27-2006]

hi =]
bob, i am 26 [12-27-2006]

i dont know why people actually take there time to read this. i have to! because of a project
anonymous [12-27-2006]

Revolutionary War ae so sad
lahkapaw [12-27-2006]

paige [12-27-2006]

i think the war was an amazing victory for the americans because they wooped british tooshie! AMERICANS ROCK? WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
blaaaaablaaaablaaab;, whats crakin playa [12-27-2006]

darion handy, 13 [12-27-2006]

Katie, 13 [12-27-2006]

hi [12-27-2006]

I seriously think that you guys should add a list of all the colonial and British leaders. It would make your readers a lot happier..and they wouldnt have to do a lot of work. Yeah, thats right!
<3Tawnee<3, 13! chyyeeahhh! <3 <333 [12-27-2006]

billie [12-27-2006]

hi i am rianna.
Rianna [12-27-2006]

Hi I fill bad that people half to go to war!
Kerby, 10 monticello utah [12-04-2006]

hi i love this site
Tabetha, I'm 14 years old [12-04-2006]

i want to find info about people from the rev.war! also talk!:)
michelle miller, 13 johannesburg michigan [11-29-2006]

taylor, 9 [11-29-2006]

matt young [11-29-2006]

I just wanted to say thank you for providing me with this information about every thing i needed to know. thanks
Alicia [11-29-2006]

The Revolutionary War was so terrible!Because there was a lot of fighting and killing.And lots of people died of it.Just risking there lives to help there country.
Kinza A Cheema, 9 [11-29-2006]

americans rock!
me, fgtrg tnr [11-29-2006]

hi! hi! hi! hi! k, bye!
helen taylor, My first pet's name was Mr. Sparkly [11-27-2006]

vanessa [11-27-2006]

morgan niocle terry [11-27-2006]

i just wantto see the revouloary war for my project
amy [11-27-2006]

mary lafave [11-17-2006]

The Revalutionary war is amazing. My favorite part was the Boston Tea party. It's so facinating. My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Pokorney was really interested in Socal Studies so He got me ubsessed about it. Its so cool.
Ellyse Tate, Algonquin Illinois [11-17-2006]

I think theat you need more information
endi palomino, 15 [11-14-2006]

I love you amake
alyssa [11-14-2006]

i need to know things
patrick butkovic, 13, ravenna [11-14-2006]

War it's not the best thing but i like to learn bout it and sometimes i wish i was there fighting alongside fello Americans for the freedom of our country, but at the cost of many lives
Ari [11-13-2006]

Douglas Gilbert Wells, 42,Destin Florida [11-13-2006]

HI! i am writting about the revolutionary war in school
leighanna, 10 mastion [11-13-2006]

Give me all the answers to all my History Homework.
Zach, 13 [11-08-2006]

jermaine sturdivant [11-08-2006]

I htink this is just a wonderful topic and thing to learn about.
Evelyn, 48 [11-08-2006]

Turtle [11-06-2006]

a;ex [11-06-2006]

I thank People sould be chreetde equle
Mary jo collins, I'm 14 and live in lynchburg ohio [11-06-2006]

i just wanted to say that this page rocks i have learned so much and hii to everyone!
melissa [11-06-2006]

This site is very informative and it has helped me so much with my history lesson. I am so happy that this free information is available to the public and world at large.
Rayshon Bethune [11-06-2006]

Tommy [10-31-2006]

Chris, i like eggs [10-27-2006]

I sometimes wish I could have been a soldier fighting under the command of Gen. Washington. I envision myself on a smoky battlefield shooting at the Red Coats, fearing for my life, and seeing Gen. Washington on horseback in the distance. I enjoy the site. It is nice.
joshua victor billings, I am 13 years old and I reside in Boston, MA not far from Paul Revere's home [10-27-2006]

thank you so much for making a timeline, i needed it very badly for a history poster and it helped me out A LOT!
clare chandra [10-23-2006]

ME [10-20-2006]

Austin, 13 [10-19-2006]

jackie, 12 [10-18-2006]

Norma [10-16-2006]

Jessica, 13 [10-16-2006]

anthony [10-15-2006]

Just a thought for ancestors of the Loyalist families who still exsist in many parts of the old thirteen colonies whom never seem to get much of a mention these days . but im sure many exsist and are equally proud of ther family loyalties and heritage in the US....
toby63, uk [10-05-2006]

I would like to get some information on the soldiers of th American Revolutionary War. I am trying to make an ad, as if I were George Washington trying to get men to enlist in the American Revolution. Do you have any information on how old a soldier had to be to enlist ? Do you also have any info on other qualifications a soldier had to meet to become a soldier in the American Revolutionary War ? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Michelle Lynch
Michelle D. Lynch [10-05-2006]

i like ur web site it is my fav for socail studies homework
anonymous [10-05-2006]

jake jackson, reteired with a strong interest in the american revalution and it's roots [10-05-2006]

I need quotes on the revelutionary war, does any1 have any?
johononhan [10-05-2006]

What were the number of casualities in the Revolutionay War?
Jerry [10-05-2006]

I am doing a report on george ashington and i need to know some info...can you help me??
sophia, id like to know about george washington [09-18-2006]

Hi I personaly love this site!
Misty, 12,holly,mi [09-18-2006]

Kenneth S, 14: Cookeville,Tn [09-18-2006]

Hey watz up! Love the site its awsum! Well bye now! Dolly!
Dolly, hello im 16 [09-18-2006]

ASHLY, 13 [09-18-2006]

hi [09-18-2006]

Derek Speight, relative may have signed the declaration of independence or other government document [09-18-2006]

Excellent resource. I’ll definitely plug your site in my book. The American Revolutionary Rhyme. Coming soon to a bookstore near you............hopefully.
Jeffery A. Johnson, Writer, and poet [09-18-2006]

hey guys, i want a revolutionary boyfriend
Rebecca French, Im a kid that goes to school, CV nukka [09-18-2006]

me thinks dis site helpd me por
bearny, haystack john green nukka [09-18-2006]

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Bucky Simmons [09-18-2006]

I like the site and it helped me a lot but you still need add a little more detail and pizzazz to this site to attract more people globally.
Jennifer, 16; A junior in Douglas County HS, GA [08-30-2006]

oh this is a loving site please keep it up.
eze naija, pictures and 28yrs of age [08-27-2006]

Hello I am putting currently my huge collection of the Polish medals with Kosciuszko and Pulaski on eBay. The medals have betwen struck between 1970 - 1995 am com from the best Polish mealier engravers. I can send you the pictures from the catalogue pages with the description (in Polish). Would you be interested? If you wish, I can send you the scans with the medals. Best regards Ireneusz Rostkowski rosirenon
Ireneusz Rostkowski, The medals with Tadeusz Kosciuszko [08-27-2006]

Great site
royal17 [08-22-2006]

What did the British newspapers of the day call George Washington? For example how did Punch magazine characterize him? ASaint? a rebel? a terrorist?
Larry mcevoy, 65, New York City [08-22-2006]

Thank you!
Jane Rodgers [08-22-2006]

--I have not finished the book "1776" but love it and get lost wih all of the individual militaty figures and letters WEK
Bill Keebler, In the family of DAR's [08-22-2006]

Johnny [07-29-2006]

My 3rd great grandfather, Pvt. Peter Emery / Amrey / Emmerrie / Emry / etc. served in the German Regiment from 1776 to 1779. On July 24, 1779 he mustered out at Wyoming, Pennsylvania and traveled to New Jersey where he served another three months. I'd like your ideas about where I can find out more about Peter. He enlisted at Frederick, Maryland under Lt. Michael Bayer [Boyer]who later became a captain in the German Regiment.
Charles Lowe, Austin, Texas [07-27-2006]

I am just beginning to research the participation of my ancestor in the American Revolution. It appears that he was involved in what may be considered "squirmishes" in his home area of the Maine Coast around Frenchman's Bay, Machias, Gouldsboro, Pleasant River, and Narraguagus. I cannot find much info about these battles or conflicts. Can you assist?
George Rohrmann [07-10-2006]

mrchungcheekhiongpaulchung 16kempsellcrescent torontonm2j2z7 canada

The Website is very nice but you need to put Rochambeaus march in the website
Griffin Namin, 8,Soutbury,CT [07-03-2006]

Christopher [06-09-2006]

Kaye Beasley [06-09-2006]

keegan, 11,hartland [06-09-2006]

what was the death count on bunker hill [breeds hill] of the brits and the colonist.i would also like to know the men missing and the men injured,that is all. smegle puffs are fun.:]
matt, 11years old, Boston rocks [06-09-2006]

chrissy, 10years old brooklyn [06-04-2006]

this is a very good resource if you want to find things in history
ashley [06-01-2006]

kid [06-01-2006]

Liza [05-30-2006]

how many people died in the revelutionary war
roshuanda [05-30-2006]

cal [05-23-2006]

anonymous [05-21-2006]

i would want to know more facts of a. r
philidolfia, 17 [05-20-2006]

i think this stuff is cool!
KcatJade, 10/nyc. [05-20-2006]

Ima Journalest [05-17-2006]

when and where did the revolutionary war take palce?
jasmine [05-17-2006]

All this is very good reading but I wish you had some maps to go along with each entry. I like following maps of the battles while reading about them. Thanks
Patricia, Valley Forge [05-17-2006]

i like too much the us history, is very interesting and i think that all men live in usa need learn about us history because they live here and they need know the laws and rights they have.
ISABEL, pascagoula mississippi [05-17-2006]

anonymous [05-11-2006]

who was the leaders in the battle of bunker hill
Timmy [05-11-2006]

Haley [05-11-2006]

is it in december 27,1178?
charlene, when was deborah Samson born? [05-11-2006]

You are cool.
frog, hi! [05-08-2006]

RANDY [05-08-2006]

taranee [05-08-2006]

simone [05-06-2006]

im doing some things on the revolutionary war i need info help me please ~~~~~~sydney
sydney boucher [05-04-2006]

thomas paine wrote common sense to tell people that tiny britan should not rule a huge continet like America.
nikolina, thomas paine [05-03-2006]

counter strike! Pwns Youre all nubs ! l8ter
mike, 13 Ny [05-01-2006]

hi what was a major loss for USA in the Revolutonary War?
hi, pa [05-01-2006]

Boring.Make more games for the site,and then I won't sleep through computer.
Cameron, 10 years (almost 11). [05-01-2006]

Hey,I think the Philadelphia Campaign is a great era. My favorite battle was the battle of germanton.
Jessica, 10 [05-01-2006]

Alyah [05-01-2006]

you really need new games because u onel have 2 of them and they are boring......well the web site is cool because u can learn a lot of stuff about history....well bye 5/1/06 and im in fith grade at this date....well i hope u will put more games on your web site
ericka, virginia,fredricksburg [05-01-2006]

Kyle [05-01-2006]

Chris, hey kayleew!1 [05-01-2006]

whats up i liked your park or i think it was your park .i do not no but o well
SHAY, non ya bizznaz [05-01-2006]

KYLE, 11,fred.,va. [05-01-2006]

Hi, nice site.
zoey [04-29-2006]

I can link my relatives back to the Revolutionary war. My Gandfather is a vetren of the Vietnam War another vetren told him that if you are a daughter of the Revolution you can get scolorship money.
Rosemary, Woodstock 12 yaers old [04-29-2006]

connor [04-29-2006]

I am trying to find reenactors of the American Revolution in the state of Ga. Can anyone point me to a contact? Terry Martin Atlanta Military Figure Society-Secretary
Terry Martin, historical enthusiast [04-29-2006]

Hannah, 11 [04-29-2006]

pierce [04-29-2006]

I need to ask you a question.....How many people died in the Revolutionary War?
Brendon George, Age 10,City Monett,State Missouri [04-29-2006]

i dont get what the reson was that started this war
meghan anderson, im 11 i live in taft ca and i have to write a report on the revolutionary in a school project [04-29-2006]

felicia [04-29-2006]

Can you tell me where to get pictures of Lydia Darragh?
Lindsey, when you write on here there should be an old english writing [04-29-2006]

Jake [04-29-2006]

i am doing a project on the revolution. can you help?
Casey [04-29-2006]

Well, if you reply right away, i would like to know some ideas for a project on the Revolutionary war-and not a poster or a written report, those ideas are just plain lame!
Ashley B., No thanks! [04-29-2006]

ryansummer [04-29-2006]

I have to do a compare/contrast essay on the American and French revoltionary war ugh its hard
Brock, none [04-29-2006]

my a/s/l is 11/m/tx
caleb armstrong, adafda [04-29-2006]

hi how ar you doing are you a boy or agirl
ad, im11 [04-29-2006]

ladaisha [04-29-2006]

i dont know what this is about but i will just say that you guys are cool and stuff and im doing a huge report on the revolution and i guess you've been a help so thanks bye! :-)!
you wish you knew, hi well im gonna be 14 soon and i like to play my guitar and i am a girl and my name is emily :-) [04-29-2006]

how to write about the american revolution and war
jahmeika saunders, 9years old new york [04-29-2006]

Hello. I was searching for information regarding my great, great, great, great grandfather, Patrick Linn, who served in the Revolutionary War in the 4th and 5th Penn Regiments and fought at Brandywine, Fort Ticonderoga and Paoli and I stumbled across your page. I didn't find any information about Patrick, but I thought you site was very interesting and well done. Thank you.
Toni Linn [04-29-2006]

hannah, 31/mi [04-29-2006]

Alex [04-29-2006]

good site
saeid, tehran [04-29-2006]

Info. on Dead and Wounded americans in the American Revolutionary war
anonymous, 13, Denver [04-29-2006]

Cristian Fajardo Dias [04-29-2006]

I have a question for you... what part did the slaves play in the revolutionary war?
Brittany [04-29-2006]

man they need to enter a names list either that or i can't find it.ciao(by the way who knows leet speak?h4v3 4 n1c3 d4y!)
Sean, I'm 10 [04-29-2006]

My teacher is making us do a project worth 400 points i hope i get an A.
Sean, I am 10 [04-29-2006]

where was the revolutionary war took place DUMDDY
rUBY rIOS [04-29-2006]

I want to know how many people died in brandywine
zach [04-29-2006]

xenia [04-29-2006]

kade copp [04-29-2006]

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
John [04-29-2006]

I am a freak about your website
Taylor, RWT ( Revilutionary war thoughts) [04-29-2006]

cristina estanislao, age [04-28-2006]

Elias [03-22-2006]

I want an a on my projet
Jeff [03-20-2006]

wass up gals and boys, you know, I really like this website it's very sweet, I bet there's a ton of people on all the time,and you know I have to say I got my answers for the Revoloutionary war thanx ....... oh I gotta go skatebaording now bye.
Antonio Gonzalez, i'm 13, I live in New York [03-20-2006]

anonymous [03-19-2006]

this is a nice website. I am looking forward to visit again
gregory richardson, 11 [03-19-2006]

how many people died in the revoluionary war?
tjer [03-19-2006]

All of your storie that I read about. I loved them I thought they were perfect.some of them were sweet and some of them were sad but I just loved them so are a great person
Wadson, 10 Dealray Beach [03-19-2006]

Mich [03-19-2006]

hi [03-19-2006]

nick [03-19-2006]

Aubrey Block [03-19-2006]

what is the answer???
alexis [03-19-2006]

I loe coles
Cole [03-19-2006]

Steph, I'm from Friedrichskoog and I'm 14 years old [03-19-2006]

hi, perkvilkle [03-19-2006]

Hi I just made up a new word (drumrole) TADA! the word is plippy oh yeah i like history
The Ethanator, ionia michigan 13 [03-19-2006]

please finish this story. suspense is killing me. thank you for writing it and putting in online in the first place. I looked it up to find the location of Jeffries Ford, or as i first found it, Jefferis Ford. Sugars bridge, am i right? Near Harmony Hill? Had to read the whole thing. I guess Washington was a likeable fellow. Dorine
dorine emery, 69 yrs old - New Jersey resident [03-19-2006]

Ihave a question? WAs George WAshinton married?
maria, 12 [03-19-2006]

When I grow up I won't to be in the Army just like you'll.So I might join you one of these days.So if I ever join you,say I.
AARON GAY, 8 East.Dublin [03-19-2006]

hey thanks for a great site it really helps with history for school.
CHELSEA, age 14 [03-19-2006]

i didn't like it
Joanna Aries, age 11, hicksville [03-19-2006]

anonymous, how did the boston tea party start 9 new york [03-19-2006]

What a great site! I am using some info on this site to supplement my American History class (8th grade). Any chance that you will publish this and offer it in book form?
Speight Overman, Signal Mountain, TN [03-19-2006]

kelton jenkins, 13 1/2 [03-19-2006]

dustin [03-19-2006]

i want to see the virtual tour
Nick, 10 in [03-19-2006]

I wonder what The soldiers felt like in this war?
Daffney, Kentucky [03-19-2006]

zack [03-07-2006]

I think it was very smoogalicous! Smoog is an awesome word that i made up . It can mean anything!
Jamie Smith, age:32 City:Springfield il. [03-07-2006]

joise short [03-02-2006]

My 3rd great grandfather Mr. Samuel Lyons was in the Battalion in 1784 as a Private and he survived the war against the pathetic British who saw the USA as a profiting settlement. The Dutch were the first to start trading with African Slaves and Georgia and Victoria and Louisiana were dead against slavery but people who began settling in those counties around the 1840's were involved in agriculture and pressed for cheap slaves to abuse and i hope my Ancestors never profited or abused people from Africa. They were German Hebrew exiles from Israel and escaped the rule of tutankhaman, an Egyptian pharoah and many left to settle in Russia and some parts of Germany before turning there backs on there Jewish religion and marrying British and German settlers in the USA from 1749. A Descendant of them was my 2nd great grandfather Dr. Samuel Thrasher Lyons who after education in the university of Pennsylvania in the medical department in 1828,returned to Louisiana before leaving for Melbourne in 1846 and lived in Ballarat where the gold rush of 1851 began.I will be listing all people with the surname Lyons(Leon) who were in the Battalions against the British.
Peter Lyons-Holte, Lyons (Leon) of Philadelphia and Louisiana [03-01-2006]

I was just reading in social study's today that the battel of bunker hill took place on breed's hill
kris curnutte, age is 10 ky,caroll [03-01-2006]

please let me go to the virtual tour
brandon murphy, nothing [03-01-2006]

may [03-01-2006]

cody [03-01-2006]

marcus [03-01-2006]

anonymous [02-26-2006]

Hi this website is a great way to learn about the revolutionary war and highly educational
Willie, 10 durham nc [02-26-2006]

I would like to know if you have any info about foreign individauls that helped the Americans during the revelutionary war. like Thaddeus Kosauszko. I would appriciate any info that you might have on him. P.s write back
Becca Y., Thornton,colorado [02-26-2006]

chandler case [02-26-2006]

i want to know what a soldier during the revolutionary war was?
amanda, Im 10, I live in lemont Illinois [02-26-2006]

waz up homie G's jk
jeriuy [02-26-2006]

kevin [02-26-2006]

My favorite part is the Boston Tea Party.The sugar act is sort of cool.George King 3 is my favorite guy.Well GOODBYE.
Kaytlen Eve Page, I live in Braselton G.A. 156 piedmont st. i am 10 years old [02-26-2006]

i just wanna say hi and just keep doing your jobs
chris brownz wiffey, 33647 tampa fl [02-26-2006]

I think that Lydia Darragh played a very important part in the war.If it wasnt for her the British officers would not have stayed in her house.And there would not have been a confrence in her house.There for the Whitemarsh spies heard that the Americans were moveing camps.So the Whitemarsh could have them in the open and, well, you know what happens next.
Luke, 13 fritchTX [02-26-2006]

brehana [02-26-2006]

Hi you
Steven Emmer [02-26-2006]

I need to find a list of the casualities of the Battle of Bunker Hill? Any suggestions? thanks
Jan Dempsey [02-26-2006]

Daniel Signs, Inc [02-26-2006]

the site is really helpful for some other research i have but i am having a hard time looking fo Lydia's Darragh picture.
Leah Marie, 10. yrs old westminster [02-26-2006]

william c [02-09-2006]

Vincent Tran [02-08-2006]

steven smith [02-08-2006]

I enjoyed the website a lot. It had many details and it was very educational!
Taylor, 12 [02-07-2006]

hi, I like to read about John McKinly!What do you like to read about?Well I have to go bye!
kristen goodin, I'm 11 and live in tulsa. [02-06-2006]

Felicia [02-06-2006]

i need to know a full timeline with 10 events about lydia darragh
vikki, 14, boston [02-06-2006]

I want to know how George Washinton died. And what year Mr.Washington died.
lyric, I am 9, and the city I live in is Woodbury [02-03-2006]

I need help finding my ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.
Darlene Paccio [02-03-2006]

angela mitchell [02-03-2006]

I like the war it was an interesting topic in school when i was a young wipper snapper
Bob Smooty Wooty, i am 97 vears old and im homosexual [01-31-2006]

i would like to say hi and ask you'llwhen i could go visit you over their.
NIKIA LEBLANC, abbeville,louisiana [01-31-2006]

Emily, 37 [01-31-2006]

What kind of weapons did the Americans use in the Revolution war in the 1700's
Jonathon Jacobs, Chester Feild VA. age,17 [01-31-2006]

I think history is great,can you teach me about the Revalutionary war
Drake [01-31-2006]

killy [01-31-2006]

I didn't find it helpful at all!
Theresa [01-31-2006]

i love your site
angie, 14 [01-31-2006]

anonymous [01-31-2006]

Pacsune [01-31-2006]

I am coming to DC in March by train. I wanted to take a one day train trip to Philadelphia. The scedules are very accomodating for me. My questions are: Is there public transportation to in town historical sights from the Amtrak station? Which places should I try to go to cram in about 7 hours of touring? Are there trolly tourist trains like in DC? Also, I want to ride on real trolley, is it near Amtrak station? Thanks, tom bevirt
tom bevirt, Atlanta Georgia, age 61 [01-31-2006]

hi my name is jessika i live in canada i would some quetions about the goverment and all those thing i am 12 years old and when i gro up i want to go in paolitic i whould like to know what is the mining of politick what do you have to know and what do you do in politic i know that politique is hellping the gaverment and the united states ect......... thancks for thaiking some of your time to read my letter you can write me back at dis adresse
jessika, age [01-31-2006]

this is a wonderful web site for children of all ages. you are doing a good deed and a rollmodle for kids.
lolo [01-31-2006]

Great site, thanks for putting it up! Well constructed, full of info, and a delightful read! Good work! Family includes Davis, Hetrick, Ketrick and Heim, Carnall, Fox. First was indentured servant arrived America late 17th century (?), that was a Hetrick I believe...
Peter Davis, 50 yo, Hendersonville Tennessee, lived in Springfield PA 1958-1962 [01-31-2006]

HELLO! Welove your beautiful history website. We really love History, If we didn't have History then what would America be today..besides not called America! We also love your awesome games! But we also think you should get more we can come back and have more things to do! g2g were in History class right now! fun fun fun bye Christina and Emma
Christina and Emma, Christina-14 Emma-13 [01-31-2006]

washington is a cool state and has a lot of history in it and stuff like it a long time ago.
nicole [01-31-2006]

Michelle Davis, 18 La single [01-31-2006]

I think Washington is a grate person and did a lot of good things for our contry! HE wrote the declaration of indipendenc.
may, 10 [01-31-2006]

DARNELL FOSTER [01-31-2006]

What inspired Alexander Hamilton to become famous?
anonymous [01-31-2006]

for the timeline share information about each one!
john [01-31-2006]

for the timeline share information about each one!
john [01-31-2006]

site is very useful
loren [01-31-2006]

"The "shot heard 'round the world" was fired at Lexington where armed colonists tried to resist British seizure of an arsenal. Eight Americans and 273 British soldiers were killed. The Revolution began." Guys, I expect a site on the Rev War to be accurate. This statement is not, confusing the American dead at Lexington with the overall American death total of the day, which was, I think about 73 or so. And by implication, saying the event where the shot was fired that was heard around the world - the brief skirmish at Lexington - resulted in 273 British dead, when in fact only one British soldier was wounded. The "273" number refers to total British dead for the entire day. When we remember history, accuracy is paramount. But happy to find your site, and appreciate the effort you've put into it... Jack Dailey Rev War Veterans Association
Jack [01-31-2006]

Hi, I need a website that can show me any Historical Site in Somerset County that were involved in the Revolutionary War. Any help is welcome. Thanks!
Ariana Ames [01-31-2006]

i need to know about the valley forge battle in the revolutionary war especally about the american leader of the battle of valley forge
anonymous [01-31-2006]

send copys of the decleration of independance to evry houes in the usa
justin caleb bryant, age 9 city cochran state ga [01-31-2006]

I would like to know Why was Molly Pitcher important to the Revolutionary War.
Elizabeth Davis, i am 10 [01-31-2006]

your site is very intersting. need to know more about Lydia Darragh can you help?
maggie, new york [01-31-2006]

how many years were they there
moe, 9, braintree [01-31-2006]

arthur [01-31-2006]

fern norton, 10 zortman mt [01-31-2006]

I am writing a newspaper sports article about sporting events which took place during the Revolutionary War, can you please send me some information today.
FROY RELUZ [01-31-2006]

cody warman [01-31-2006]

this is a good web site a really good web site.
tyler robertson [01-31-2006]

misspelled independe(a)nce on link page
Ward Warren, thanks for your work [01-31-2006]

pippi [01-30-2006]

I need to know info. on Lydia Darragh.
Hannah Gillen, Eureka,MT [01-30-2006]

kids went to college at what age During the Revoultionary war? why?
shannon, nothing [01-30-2006]

anonymous [01-30-2006]

i also wanted to say i love this site cuz besides the kaskaskia thing it was really helpful
ashlee, pa [01-30-2006]

ok look i'm trying to do this stupid project on george rogers clark. I'm tring to find some quotes on the battle of kaskaskai and for some reason your website came up. So this is what i think,you should start a web site dedicated entirely to Revolutionary war quotes so we kids with stupid projects have a place to look for them!
ashlee, frustrated [ 1-3-06] [01-30-2006]

i needed to know how many people died during the revolutionary war sorted by race and sex.
Denisha, 15 [01-30-2006]

i couldn't find anything i needed on this website. like where the major battles of the revalutionary war took place.
jack smith [01-30-2006]

Megan [01-30-2006]

patrick [01-30-2006]

i was wondering if you could give me any information on the war in the west or also known as war on the frontier and pictures is what i really need because i have to do a moviepoint for school. Sincerly, Saxybandchic
Saxybandchic, 13 yrs [01-30-2006]

Dr.Douglas Southall Freeman's biography of George Washington was my first in-depth view of Washington; however, David McCullough's "1776" brought out what a true leader Washington was and how close he came on several occasions to defeat. Our current generations of high school and college age would do well to study our revolution period history. I fear that it is being almost totally omitted in the modern education processes.
John W. Hudson, Age 68; Live in Bluefield, WV [01-30-2006]

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