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I'm writing a paper in school about paul revere and the Reveloutionary war and i cant find out what day he was born! I need a lot of help and this website kind of helped.
Savanna, minneapolis,minnesota [12-22-2005]

is there a list of the Hessians that were captured Christmas time near Trenton. Please reply at my home email
peg christensen [12-22-2005]

phaedra, 16 [12-22-2005]

bethany [12-22-2005]

actually, I have a small request if possible, or maybe you can start me down the right path. I have recently gotten in to the Revolution and would like to get my local history of the revolution. If there is any info you can send me or links they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Scott Richardson, jarrettsville, MD age 28 [12-22-2005]

The revolutionary war started at Lexington with the shot heard round the world
Anonymous [12-22-2005]

what types of medicine were used in the revolutionary war
anonymous [12-22-2005]

this page is..... useful....but i am writing a school paper on the comparisons of the american revolution and the war in iraq! i need to kno where the american revolution started and i cant seem to find that! i also need other things that i cant seem to find them either! please help me! K.Tacktikos
Kris Tacktikos [12-17-2005]

how many died during war
hello, age 10 [12-16-2005]

rebecca [12-16-2005]

its a question who survived the valley forge war
Ashley [12-16-2005]

Styenen [12-16-2005]

Im so excite to learn about the revolutionary War
Nate, 43,Toledo [12-16-2005]

i think you are a great web site for kids/
alysha, 13 year old [12-16-2005]

Madison Shamaka [12-16-2005]

you are all nerd so get a life
rich feeny [12-16-2005]

melissa burgos, ihave ten years old. [12-16-2005]

bob smith [12-16-2005]

Hi, great site, recently found my 2nd great grandfather was born in Philadelphia in 1807 and trained for his M.D. there, not sure when or where. I think his father or grandfather may have been a Regiment Physician and Surgeon during the war. I have found an E.Lyons and a Mrs Lyons working for the George Washington Household and being paid for there services is detailed in the Household accounts for 1796-97. My 2nd great grandfather, Samuel Thrasher Lyons settled in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia in 1846 and became a notable Gold Rush doctor. He chaired a meeting for American citizens in Australia to raise funds to beautify the birthplace of George Washington, not sure where it is. He named his son Horatio Washington Lyons and was a proud American citizen until he died in 1872 in Melbourne. Can anyone help me find out if the Lyons family were involved in the Revolutionary War in Philadelphia and if they trained there to be Surgeons ? Any help would be greatly appreciated and i have to visit Philadelphia next year. Thankyou, Peter Lyons Holt.
Peter Lyons Holt, Biographies of Surgeons in the War [12-16-2005]

i just need detailed info on the war, i dont need an e-mail
carlos, 13 [12-16-2005]

ok this sight is very interesting but your games could use some work. where is the excitement in moving around a pisture or guessing what something stands for.
madison, 14,trinity,texas [12-16-2005]

i need to go to the revolutionary war
lateefahwilliamson, 11 years old [12-16-2005]

sharay davis [12-07-2005]

the revalutionary war waz the biggest time in hitory i think
amber reynolds, age:10 live in missouri [12-07-2005]

Your website is good but u need more info. on the Revolutionary War, Why the U.S won, and the advantages/disandvantages of the U.S AND British
jaz, 13,orlando [12-07-2005]

It is so cool hwo they savd us for we can not be slaves for other people
abeline, 9,ca, [12-07-2005]

I love history and I'm just trying to find some interesting (acurate) sites about American history.
Leah [12-05-2005]

You should make some cool games! Got 2 go love ya, your mom
Megan Simmons, 121,Ghetto [12-05-2005]

Johnny G., No [12-05-2005]

Good web site. I use it in my seventh grade history class. Never take this off line, please! Can you add a map of the major battles and of the colonies? Thanks again!
Matthew Schneider [12-05-2005]

you should put stuff about the revolutionary war
skeeter [12-05-2005]

know about historyproject
nesiasi, warwar2 [12-05-2005]

Hey i'm in 7th grade and we got 2 pick sites 2 go 2 and i choose this site and i have learned a lot about my contry well thanx for haveing such a educated site bibi
Ceili Irwin, 12,Franklin park,illinois [12-05-2005]

this website is cool if ur lookin for a hard project..but it still needs something better
kaitlyn [12-05-2005]

You need information about Nancy Morgan Hart, she was also famous for what she did to, you know.
Nancy, i don't think so ! [12-05-2005]

you are as sum i love im goingto
BREANA R STEELE, 3332 nh1223 [11-23-2005]

i can't wait till i get your letter i just want to tell you i'm going to grow up and do what you do sign yours truely 11 year old miranda e messer well love you bye
miranda e messer, send me a letter to 150 river side loop lily ky 40740 [11-23-2005]

thank you so much for this valuble information! it really helped me prepare for a test all about thr revolutionary war! thanks again jess
jess [11-21-2005]

I'm looking for a source to obtain a print of the famous William L. Trego painting: "March to Valley Forge". Valley Forge Historical Society seems unavailable by phone or email. ANy suggestions?
Thomas Lincoln, Springfield, Oregon [11-21-2005]

This is a great website but you need more games
Aj Pyatt, 13 1/2 [11-21-2005]

i would like to know what kinds of medicine was used during the revolutionart war? email me back when u get this,please?
Kisha Owens, Austin,Tx [11-21-2005]

i well help you
Javier Vasquez, im am cool [11-21-2005]

hi i am only 11 but a sart person and i think you can fix your sight by adding more things about John Adams. thank you,vanessa
vanessa, 11 [11-21-2005]

so like yea u should totally put something about lexington on your site because like i need it for mr.sheps class my u.s history teacher
tiffanie, 14,killeen,tx [11-21-2005]

i like the website but i am doing a report about the sons and daughters of the american revelution,could you get some info plese!
jade thomas [11-21-2005]

I too, am researching the LeGore family line. I do not believe John LeGore was an aide to Washington, but I have found where we fought under Capt. Zebulon Pike and was at the battle of Brandywine and White Plains as well as some others. I am a direct decendant and would like to share information.
Sandra [11-21-2005]

I think that there should be a more verity of games.Like a maching game, with picturs of the important things,wars,typs of cannon guns,and other things thak you byebye!()9990909 lol
Miranda Shults, 12,The Colony,Texas [11-21-2005]

molly hays [11-21-2005]

Sam [11-08-2005]

there is a typo on part two of "The battle of Brandywine". At the end of the third paragraph it says:'IF was a formidable force', and I believe it should say: 'IT was a formidable force'. That's all.
anonymous [11-08-2005]

candis estes [11-08-2005]

What did children do in 1770 through 1783? Please email me back
ashley, nty [11-08-2005]

please try to put N things that happened in the Revolutionary War yes I typed N Words.
Taylor [11-08-2005]

not enough maps or pictures
Anthony [11-08-2005]

caroline [11-08-2005]

your website is great we used it on a school project thnx for the info jk jk jk lol
tyler, 13 [11-08-2005]

hello, you should incude more maps
Echoes, ???????????????????????????????????????????????? [11-08-2005]

maria [11-08-2005]

i dont have one
max, I am 8. [10-28-2005]

We want more games on this line.
Amber brown, 10 [10-28-2005]

i think george washington is very kind,well trained,and a good leader!
anonymous [10-28-2005]

I think George Washington is cool.
anonymous [10-28-2005]

i love it
nataliya [10-27-2005]

I think that war should be not in this world and I also think that bush should not be the presedent of the U.S.A.
jasmine rios, Iam 12years old and I live in CT [10-27-2005]

I think you should have a map of the March to Germantown
julie [10-27-2005]

I would like to get information from the Tomb of the Unknown Solider
Corbin Angus [10-27-2005]

emily malmstrom [10-27-2005]

sara [10-27-2005]

i love learning about the revolutionary war
David, 35,Philidelphia [10-27-2005]

My nephew and I have visited the G.A.R. cemetary in Omaha and wonder what the initials G.A.R. stand for? I use to live in Yankton, SD where there was a wonderful, preserved GAR Hall. Thank you for the information. This is a fantastic site.
Judy Johnson, Omaha, NE [10-27-2005]

Does a roster of Morgan's Riflemen from the 8th PA regiment exist? If so, where can I find it?
Bill Smith [10-17-2005]

jeremy wayne rock [10-17-2005]

I am writing a research paper on the iraq war, I am focusing on the death toll. I would like to compare the current war, to the war for our freedom. Can you tell me the time span, aprox. cost of the revolutionary war, as well as the aprox. death toll. Any information you could profide would be out standing. Granted I will site your page in the paper,Thanks Jay
JAILAH [10-17-2005]

Adam Flinchbaugh [10-17-2005]

Allison [10-12-2005]

Do you know if there was really a boy named Richard Lord Jones, who was a fife player out of Hartford Connecticut, that served in the Continental Army when he was 10 to about the age of thirteen. This was in a story I read and I wanted to know if it was true and where I could get more information on this boy if it is. Thank you.
Jennifer [10-11-2005]

douglas higgins, new york city [10-11-2005]

i need help on a study guide
ashley, 15/f/mi [10-11-2005]

bonqushia [10-11-2005]

noreen martin [10-11-2005]

lea lubiato [10-11-2005]

I have a history report and i need to look up info about what went on in the the winter of 1777 in Valley forge Pennsylvania, do you think that you can give me any information on that? - thanks!
Penny [10-11-2005]

Do you have any ideas about how to teach a SCIENCE lesson about the revolutionary war.. Topic suggestions would be appreciated
Scott Workman [10-11-2005]

I am trying to find a list of the role call for Lexington and Concord.A grandfather last name Fulham was supposed to have met the call and I would like to verify. Thank You, Kelly
J. P. Kelly Jenkins [10-11-2005]

where did peter francisco work
kristen coats [10-11-2005]

raul [10-11-2005]

I am wondering if there is a list of soldiers killed in the revolutionary was? I am looking for a Thomas Gallup who died in 1777. Thanks
barbara behler [10-11-2005]

Jennifer Schwartz [10-10-2005]

Bailey, 11 [09-30-2005]

I think that yoy have a better choice of music.
Cat [09-30-2005]

I like how you have everything in order
Kristina [09-30-2005]

tierra lee, 11 [09-29-2005]

Correction:Clark captured Kaskaskia in Illinois, not MichiganK. was a fort on the Miss River
Bruce Clarke [09-29-2005]

Jose Pena, Age13 [09-29-2005]

Eric Goncher, 10 jonhstown [09-29-2005]

hello my name is charlotte
charlotte [09-29-2005]

Tell me where was the last battle fought. I was told there was a battle in Petersham MA. Is this true? This is an informative site and very well done.
Karen Meader, Sudbury MA thinking of moving to Petersham MA [09-29-2005]

Do you happen to know any information about the African Americans role in the revolutionary war? I cant seem to find anything and I have a test tomorrow!
Kimmi Gibler, 16 years old [09-29-2005]


i luv this
nisha [09-29-2005]

this website is OK
ethan [09-29-2005]

i think you guys have fun games and you guys have a really good website
Rudy, coon rapids,IA [09-29-2005]

emily, phoeniz [09-29-2005]

trying to get info on holyfields from alabama.most living in choctaw,distric 18,precinct7
cynthia willis, holifield,holyfield [09-29-2005]

I am interested in becoming a Valley Forge Reenactor. Can you forward information or links that may be helpfull or contain information needed to join?
James Kanuck [09-29-2005]

i am lookin for leaders of the revoutionary war
Chris [09-29-2005]

I am very interested in researching information about a Colonel Willian Linnard who fought at Brandywine. Where can I look to find his involvement in the battle and the whole war.
Michael Linnard, I am from Wales originally and now live in New London, Connecticut. [09-29-2005]

nice website
lisa [09-28-2005]

Hello, I really like your site! I couldn't find a site but then, I came across this.
Andrea, Farmington, MN [09-14-2005]

deairia ball [09-13-2005]

John [09-13-2005]

I just wanted to say hi i figured not a lot of ppl do that. I'm currently writting a report on the american revolutionary war. Well thats all bye
Sarah Bankert, i'm 16 [09-12-2005]

you schould have little war vidoes.
tenisha [09-12-2005]

I think your web site is very informational and really cool.
Matthew Garcy, 10 Naples,Fl [09-12-2005]

i think the revoloutionary war is cool and the reason i think it's cool is that the way they fought for liberty was cool

I think this is a very educative website for all ages.Except for like 6 and under.Bibi.
Felicia, 10 and a half [09-12-2005]

how come they made tax
Kaycie Minni, 1 year old [09-12-2005]

I want to know how they made money to pay like taxes and things like tea
Nicky Sanabria [09-12-2005]

Squirt [09-12-2005]

Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me if there were any French ladies present in America during the revolutionary war. I'm going to be in a re-enactment of the war and i am going to be a French lady, the only problem is i can't seem to find any information about the french ladies in America. Were there any?
Michele [09-12-2005]

this website is cool. I use it for all my history research.
Miri [09-01-2005]

Why wasn't Philadelphia named the seat of the federal government instead of the new District of Columbia inh 1800?
Clint Johnson [09-01-2005]

Do any of the students writing to you understand the concept of looking up information for themselves using an actual book in a library? You have a very good site, I just can't believe you have the patience to answer some of these questions.
Kate, State College, PA [09-01-2005]

sheena hooper, 13/sr/al [09-01-2005]

hey howare you doing
dylan langley [09-01-2005]

I was wondering who might have the names of the dead and wounded for the following battles: Cooch's Bridge, Brandywine, Paoli, Germantown, and Forts Clinton & Montgomery? Is it possible if you could list them on your site?
Kevin Clement, Baltimore County, Maryland [09-01-2005]

sivaphop, the colonist [09-01-2005]

why does bush try to kill us. his own people
daquan davis, 10 columbia sc 29203 [09-01-2005]

Very interesting site. I am searching for any info on the family GRASS. Michael Grass fought in the American Wars as an officer and settled at Kingston ON CAN. I am interested in his offspring and their families, as we are directly related to him. Any help would be appreciated.
Shirley J Gerlock [09-01-2005]

Americans are fighting/dying for freedom for Iraq. People fought/died in Revolutionary War for our freedom. Where can the names of these heroes be found?
Rosemarie Lee [08-19-2005]

My name is Judith Yates and I am the lead Instructor for the Criminal Justice Dept. at Southeastern Career College in Nashville, Tennessee. I am teaching a "History of Criminal Justice" class beginning August 22, 2005 and I would like to have reenactors present in my class on the American Revolution. I am hoping you can put me in contact with reenactors (from both the American side and the British side) who reside in this area, that would like to come present to my class. It is a night class, held Mondays and Wednesdays 6 -9pm. I can adjust our schedule to accommodate your speaker's schedule and have PowerPoint and VCR available should they need visual aids. I hope you can assist. I want history to come 'alive" for my students and would love to have men in uniform tell the story of the revolution. Please contact me at the below number. Sincerely, Judith Yates 1-800-336-4457
Judith Yates [08-10-2005]

HIGH RISK OF DESTRUCTION BY DEVELOPMENT -- Native American and Revolutionary War sites, and environmental resources on The LaGrange (Barczewski) farm in Glasgow, DE Stephen J. Nichols, a developer in Glasgow, DE, has signed a contract to purchase by November 10, 2005, with the intent to immediately develop, the entire Barczewski farm (also known as the La Grange or Dr. Samuel Henry Black farm). Mr. Nichols wants to place 232 houses and a 5 acre commercial shopping center on the property. He also intends to allow the Friendship Baptist Church to purchase acreage to create a 300 vehicle parking lot and the Christina School District to buy more than 50 acres of the farm, including the historic manor house and granary, so that a public elementary school can be built. This property is crisscrossed by state and Federally recognized wetlands and over 1 mile of drainage, is in the Christiana watershed, contains part of the Glasgow recharge aquifer, and is bounded by over 3/4 mile of the Muddy Run Creek. The 136 acres of woods on the farm are in a US Department of Agriculture's local National Resources Conservation Service long-term tree management plan. The Barczewski farm's 236 acres contain two documented Native American Indian sites, earthen works from the British and Hessian occupation of Aikentown (Glasgow), a remnant of the Benjamin Latrobe feeder canal from 1804, and several structures on the National Register of Historic Places (Dr. Samuel Henry Black). Dorcas Armitage Middleton Black was the wife of Samuel H. Black. General Lafayette named the farm "La Grange" while a visitor there in October 1824. The Federal US Censuses of 1810 and 1820 for DE/NCCo/Pencader Hundred, show that there were three FREE African-Americans (unnamed - husband, wife, and daughter) who were part of Dr. Samuel H. Black's household. The farm is located near the northwest corner of Routes U.S. 40 and Del. 896 in Glasgow (New Castle County, Pencader Hundred), and is comprised of a single tract of 236 acres. Approximately 100 acres are pastures, and approximately 136 acres are wooded. The Muddy Run creek and some of its tributaries run through and forms 3/4 of a mile of the northern boundary of the property. This property contains the historic home and farm of Glasgow's early physician, University of DE trustee, and state politician, Dr. Samuel Henry Black. The land, however, had been farmed for over 100 years before Dr. Black acquired it. The property has a carefully restored historic home and preserved granary, each dating to 1815, and more recent barns and outbuildings dating to the property's days in the 1940s through 1960s as the West End Dairy farm. Other family names associated over time with this farm include Middleton, Frazier, Leasure, Congo, Cooch, and Veach. Dr. Samuel H. Black built the property's granary. The building incorporates consolidated storage and processing functions and wheeled vehicle access. This building is the earliest documented example of a drive-through granary of the type that was to become popular throughout the Northeastern U.S. in the mid-19th century. In July 1974, the large manor Federal period home and the granary were incorporated into the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places (NRHP #74000601). Areas of NRHP significance of this property include Health/Medicine, Architecture, Social History, and Agriculture. In 1985, the La Grange granary was incorporated into the highly selective Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) / Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) conducted by the US Department of the Interior and maintained by the US Library of Congress (Survey # HABS DE-216). In 1989, La Grange was designated statewide as a Delaware Farm of Distinction. There are two archeologist documented Native American sites on the La Grange farm (the Butterworth and the Barczewski sites). These sites date from 6,500 BC to 1,000 AD. Over 1,800 authentic Paleo-Indian, Early Archaic, and Woodland periods' arrow points, knife blades, and other stone implements have been found all over the farm's land. In the farm's woods there are intact remains of British and Hessian earthen trenches from the September 3, 1777, Revolutionary War battle of Cooch's bridge. The trenches run parallel to the remnants of a historic and ancient, but now abandoned road, of which the last remaining vestiges exist on the LaGrange Farm. The earthworks are also parallel Rt. 40 West from Glasgow, DE, to Elkton, MD, and face Iron Hill. There is also documented evidence on the farm of Benjamin Latrobe's venture to build a feeder canal in 1804 (New Castle County Historical Marker NC-59). The feeder canal remnant is intact. The canal was to be built from the Elk Creek to the Christiana River, with the ultimate goal of the canal connecting the Delaware and Chesapeake waterways. The project failed, however, because the state of Delaware ran out of money before the canal was completed. A remnant of the feeder canal runs from Rt. 40 West through the La Grange farm. On May 30, 1973, Anne Barczewski vowed that the 236 acres of her farm "will never fall into the hands of builders and developers." ("Threatened by Cloverleaf", The News Gazette, New Castle, DE.) In 1996, Anne Barczewski was honored with a prestigious historic preservation award from the New Castle County Historic Preservation Review Board. The Board placed a protective Historic Zoning overlay upon the entire 236 acres of the La Grange farm. In 1997, Anne Barczewski was recognized as Delaware's Tree Farmer of the Year. On June 27, 1997, Anne Barczewski told preservation advocates, "If it was my last word, my last breath, I'd say 'no' to a developer." ("Where Green Trees, Not Greenbacks, Flourish. Anne Barczewski resists developers' offers and wins the state's Tree Farmer of the Year Award." The News Journal, Wilmington, DE. Robin Brown, 6/27/1997, pg. B-3.) More over, there has not been a moneyman yet who has been able to persuade Anne Barczewski to part with a parcel of her land. ("Treasure in the woods. Delaware farmers learn there is good money, and environmental bonuses, in well-managed timberland. Bucking development." The News Journal, Business Monday insert, Wilmington, DE. Terry Conway. 10/27/1997. Section D, pages D10 through D12.) "I've had some very favorable offers over the past 20 years," said Anne Barczewski, an 87-year-old widow, in October 1997. "The developers keep coming and I keep saying 'No way.'" "She always wanted the farm preserved", said Dr. George Haenlein, who has known Anne Barczewski since 1951. ("Glasgow auction bids on history." Robin Brown. The News Journal, Wilmington, DE. 7/13/2003) If you would like to help protect this property from development and permanently preserve its historic, cultural, and natural resources for future generations, please contact The Friends of Historic Glasgow, ATTN: Nancy V. Willing, 5 Francis Circle, Newark, DE 19711. Telephone: (302) 366-1855. E-mail: A petition focused on saving the Glasgow Historic Area, including the Barczewski farm, is located at: The Friends of Historic Glasgow general website is located at: ity=950560750
Friends of Historic Glasgow, HIGH RISK OF DESTRUCTION BY DEVELOPMENT -- Native American and Revolutionary War sites, and environmental resources on The LaGrange (Barczewski) farm in Glasgow, DE [08-10-2005]

I am the Corresponding Sectary of the Friends of the Abraham Staats house which is located in South Bound Brook, Somerset County, New Jersey. The Staats house is circa 1740 and was the Headquarters of Baron von Stueben during the Second Middlebrook Encampment. We sponsor the Battle of Bound Brook every April, which has become a very large event. Please take a look at our website at We would be honored if you could include us in your information, and would be pleased to discuss any information with you. I look forward to hearing from you.
Jody Gibia-Miles, Bound Brook, NJ [08-10-2005]

Our Boy Scout Troop is hosting a Living History Camporee for Cub Scouts in grades 4-5. This year we are teaching them about George Washington. We will be rotating 8 stations-Baron Von Steuben military drill instruction, Prisoners Base period game, A&E bio video, hut building, fence building, flint & steel fire building & feats of skill & strength. Please email feedback of what you think we could add to our schedule to enhance the program. Thanks 1
Amy, Alaska [08-05-2005]

Discride the tactics the colonists used to fight the brittish
Tim Spence, 13 [08-04-2005]

if a soldier wants to fight for a country he loves,he should embrace the events that founded the country he loves
daniel barnes, 23, male, colorado springs,co 5yrs,us army,ssg [08-04-2005]

i think that washington was a great leader to represent the government.
lyndella tsaipi, 19 and native american [08-03-2005]

Intresting site
Ferdinand, 12 years old [08-03-2005]

the inner war
brusser [07-26-2005]

Do you have a VHS to sell to our DAR group to use for a Program? Thanks,
Juanita L. Boyce, regent-Lawton OK DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution [07-26-2005]

Thomas Payne "Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatique of supporting it."
Ramona kathleen Sweeney [07-26-2005]

Have a Bible printed in 1755 it has a histery of berths and deaths,the most ledgable is as follows. Tamuel Mowband Departed this life November 9th.D 1781 in the 22 year of his age Dyed in the army of the United (states?) of America.(last name may be Powband/Rowband.Any info please reply.
Ken Tierling [07-19-2005]

well, i'm doin a project on how the literature of the american revolution inspired the people to carry on with the war, any clues?
Josh [07-10-2005]

Why do you use so many different colours? Black print on white background is so much easier to read - am I the only one who thinks thus? In spite of this, I struggle to read the information you give because of my interest.
Rita Wood, retired [07-08-2005]

why is it 2 22 on the bell tower on the back of a$100 doller bill
aj, Pass and stow [06-28-2005]

I have read that Betsy Ross of the flag sewing fame was married during the Rev. War at a Tavern in New Jersey called: HUGG'S TAVERN. Does anyone know if this Tavern still exists as a Historical building? There were many people named HUGG in the Revolutionary War from the New York area. thanks for the great web link and help.
Judith Hugg Grimes, specialist in women's genealogy [06-28-2005]

travis [06-28-2005]

just looking for relitives in the war of revalution .there were four brothers in that war with two of them killed in action.there was a total of seven brothers i only have names of andrew. conrad,and george. i would like to have the names of the four brothers in that war. ken
KEN ROBERTS, hello [06-20-2005]

Did the Battle of Whitemarsh take place in present-day Montgomery County? And, would the Whitemarsh Memorial Park Cemetery have any history significance? I think they may call this area "Prospectville" I am studying US HISTORY in college this summer and we had not discussed the Batlle of Whitemarsh. I will also ask my professor. Thank you so much for any information!
Carol, Philadelphia [06-20-2005]

hi ppl! i dun get the time period between the begin of the american revolution and the endin of da declaration of long is it??!
zoe, im 13 yrs old [06-13-2005]

Yura Koh, Age: 39 City: Morganville [06-04-2005]

ok was godd
lauren, 14 [06-03-2005]

could you help me find some information on the revolutionary war. and could you help get some stuff to show me how to make a revolutionary war game board. THANKS Mackenzie Meyer
mackenziem meyer, 11 epworth,iowa birthday feb.9 born 1994 [06-03-2005]

Joyce Schanel, My 5th removed Gr. father was a Hessian soldier and Washington took him prisnor Dec. 25th [06-03-2005]

Kyra Braedt [06-03-2005]

well i just got to the website so i dont know how it is but, hello
JJ [05-27-2005]

i think this is a cool web site ok.
Jasmine, 10 [05-27-2005]

I am doing a test on the us history and i need to no when did the war really start what were the real dates for the louisiana purchase the texas independence the civil war the trail of tears and thats about it
Ashley, 12/orlando/florida [05-26-2005]

it was cool
migdalia [05-26-2005]

Would you know where I can find a list of the Patriot soldiers killed at the Battle of Brandywine? If on-line it would help. In particular I am looking for a person surnamed McDonald or MacDonald. I need to find his given name. I will appreciate any help you can give me.
Larry Dean, Vancouver, WA, USA [05-26-2005]

RaeJania [05-26-2005]

Noah!!!! [05-26-2005]

I am doing a huge essay on Bunker HIll (Massachusetts) and i need to know what the HIll looked like back when the battle happened and what it looks like now! please help!
Kristin, florida [05-26-2005]

i was just wondering what country did we fight during the revolutoinary war...thank you for your help.
summer payne, 16/n.s.b [05-26-2005]

george did a very wonderful job i thank him for doing good
addie, i am 7 [05-26-2005]

marie borden, 56, e.bridgewater 4th grade teacher, MA [05-26-2005]

hello [05-13-2005]

how many brothers and sisters does molly pitcher have?
mary hannah newsom [05-13-2005]

matyka [05-11-2005]

Matyka Inman [05-11-2005]

you guys are awsome
alexis klippert [05-11-2005]

hello [05-11-2005]

i think money smell's good.
louis [05-11-2005]

matthew lygate [05-11-2005]

need to find things to put in my report about the revolutionary war
jennifer, 11/taft/ca/ [05-05-2005]

kiera [05-05-2005]

My son is doing a shoe box time capsule project for school. He has to create memorabilia itmens like military orders, letters, toys, pieces of uniforms, wallpaper samples..etc. He also needs to invent a family history for each item. Do you have any suggestions on websites?
Karri Karnath [05-05-2005]

CHRIS [05-05-2005]

52 [05-05-2005]

OMG your site tells everything that happens in my town and it is soooo kool the way you do the site. Thank you very much for telling eveyone what it is like in my town. I heart you Byebye.
alex, i live in acient history [05-05-2005]

JOsh [05-05-2005]

victoria mirelez, i like your muics [05-05-2005]

JESSI [05-05-2005]

i have a revolutionary report due in two days and i need help i need to do facts about the revolutionary war in to alphebeltacal order will you please do that for me give me information please?
Krystina [05-05-2005]

hey hows things umm im searching for stuff on women involved in the revolution eg. birth certificates, medical records etc but cant really find what im looking for
nicole wright, age: 15, city: adelaide` [05-05-2005]

Samyria [05-05-2005]

I always have trouble with my social studies homework like on the reviews at the end of the lessons. do you have anything on this website that would help me?
Abby [05-05-2005]

This sight helped me a lot on my history fair project and guess what...I got second place!
DeAnna, My age is 11, I live in Falfurrias,Tx 5-5-05 [05-05-2005]

who were the most people that got killed.
Jordan Timmons, 11,OH 8010 Jamestown rd [04-28-2005]

How many Americans and how many British fought at the Battle of Brandywine? How many at the Battle of Germantown?
Tim Doran, Age 13 [04-28-2005]

i like the war bye.
Bhavin [04-28-2005]

Hello! I need some information on the revolutionary war
abby goll, 11 Brooklyn [04-28-2005]

I love your website, it has been extremely helpful to me. Right now I am doing a college research paper on the history of Philadelphia and I have found everything I am looking for and more! The only thing I need is I need to interview a historian for Philly, if you know of anywhere I can do an online interview that would be a great help to me. Thank You!
Elsa, Female, NYC, 18yrs old [04-28-2005]

i think it was right
steven [04-25-2005]

Who was the leader of the Boston and Washington armies in 1708.
connor brightwell, age 6 [04-25-2005]

connor brightwell, age 6 [04-25-2005]

Douglas [04-25-2005]

My daughter is doing a History project on Martha Washington. I was wondering if you had any information on her and what she did for the soldiers at that time. Any information would be helpful. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.
Lisa Meyers [04-25-2005]

Do u have any thing on Thomas Paine if u do then can u send it to me at my email address please? Thank You, Ashely
Ashely [04-25-2005]

jordan [04-25-2005]

hello [04-25-2005]

marisol [04-17-2005]

i was wondering facts on Lydia Darragh by april 15
Jessica, 11 [04-15-2005]

This site is so cool...and i think the war is very amazing about how everything happened. Right now we are reading a story called "My brother sam is dead" it is very sad...But it is very interesting!
Bethany, 13...Norton, Ohio [04-14-2005]

hello [04-14-2005]

What's up
anonymous [04-13-2005]

tia [04-13-2005]

More information on her.
Madeline Jolley, Lydia Darragh [04-12-2005]

i thought this web site would tell waht george washington did after he met with casmir Pulaski in 1777 and i was hoping this site would help for my school Pulaski projecy. Please and thanks u
stela, chicago [04-12-2005]

I think washington was a very important role in the revolutionary war.
kennesha lee, I'm 11 years old [04-11-2005]

I have a question. How many Captains of the virginia line fell or were wounded durring the battle at chadds ford. Pj
peter johnson [04-11-2005]

Bob [04-11-2005]

How many british and hessian troops did Lord Charles Cornwallis lead in the american revolutionly war?
Mikel, 12 FairField California Patwin Place 2312 [04-11-2005]

Kandra [04-11-2005]

The battle on June 28, 1776, an attack by the British on the Fort at the north side of the entrance to Charleston Harbor was won by the American troops and is more properly referred to as the Battle of Sullivan's Island. As far as the Brittish were concerned, the whole endeavor was a fiasco. Some tried to walk across Breach Inlet between Long Island to the NE (present day Isle of Palms) and Sullivan's Island. Many of them drowned. This inlet is still so deadly, that if you are caught in the water today (and survive) the fines approach $1000.00 for a 1st offense. The British firepower had no real effect on the Fort, which was made of palmetto logs, as the logs are spongy, and absorbed the cannonballs easily. The British ran at least one ship aground and destroyed this ship rather than let the American army possess a British vessel less than a year old. Winning this battle was a pretty good way to set the stage for the premier July 4th, yes? Also, this battle was responsible for providing SC with many of the symbols it uses in its Great Seal. The battle is represented as well by the Palmetto Tree in the state flag. The crescent moon in the flag may have been added by Col. Moultrie, for whom the Fort is named, to represent the moons on his men's caps. there are some other stories in SC legend about that moon. Thanks for reading. M Falk
Morgan Falk [04-08-2005]

javier, how are you guys or girls [04-07-2005]

wt [04-07-2005]

jessica, pihchtere [04-07-2005]

My son is doing a project on the revolutionary war. Is there any topic out there that begins with the letter U. My son found Z, Betty Zane. but nothing for the Letter U. Help!
Jeanmarie [04-05-2005]

You guys need more games like matchup with picturse of george Washington or Benjamin Franklin
Chris, 13 from gallia [04-05-2005]

I want to give a shout out to all my homegirls at Hedenkamp Elementary. Hey Justice!
Ashley, california [04-05-2005]

my family came to america 1734,two brothers and wifes,one brother settled ebenezer on savannah river here in ga, the other brother went on to adams co. penns.was there a RAHN in the boat with george washington at valley vorge?who do i find this info out?crossing the delaware river
james marcus rahn, my family came to america 1734 [04-03-2005]

omg iv got the same name as u! thats so awsome!
brittany guthrie, im 13?! [04-03-2005]

This is the best website ever !
Michael Stone, 12yrs.old, Moravia I.A. [04-02-2005]

Since my last name is Moland, I would like to find out if the John Moland who build the Moland House could be a relative or whatever. I am a history major and love history, so I enjoyed seeing and reading about the Moland House and George Washington, etc. Hope to receive some sort of e-mail about this. Thanks!
Carol Ann Moland, I 'm from DeKalb, Illinois, Dekalb, county, [03-31-2005]

I was lucky to find your site today as we are reading of the Revolutionary War, etc. You have really summed up the Battle of Brandywine in a concise and interesting way, and I will be sure to visit this web-site again. Thanks.
chris gorham, mt. valley high school U.S. History [03-31-2005]

patrick [03-31-2005]

Marty [03-31-2005]

I am looking if the colonist ever have a say in politics ( American Revolutionary War)
Katherine Aka, 12 years old; very cute [03-31-2005]

what was molly pitcher real name
jodi, new jersey [03-31-2005]

I am trying to find out any info I can on my great great great Grandfather captian John Bodine, He was from the pines iin New Jersey his land was located in Warton State Park, and today is called Bodine's Field, were Captian John trained his troops, but thats all I know, I need help, A som of the Revolution John Bodine
John Bodine, 47 Orlando Fla decendent of Captian John Bodine [03-25-2005]

cassandra [03-25-2005]

this website is so cool! Cause you can play games and find cool stuff about the rev. war!
holly, 9 fairfield CT [03-24-2005]

Zach [03-23-2005]

I need to find information on Native american's during the revalutionary war but i can't find any information.
Rachel [03-23-2005]

Hello washington my name is Teniah and iam intrested in hearing about the American revolution
Teniah, New york [03-23-2005]

waz up yo homies peace out dudes
anonymous [03-23-2005]

weirdo [03-23-2005]

Travis [03-23-2005]

i would say that this is an awesome website and that when i get bored that i would always come on to this website
jennifer waddell, johnstown PA [03-23-2005]

what new skills did the colonists learn.
anonymous [03-23-2005]

Just saw "The Patriot" movie with Mel Gibson and wondered if their really was a Benjamin Martin?
anonymous [03-23-2005]

Yosona, 10 years old [03-23-2005]

anonymous [03-23-2005]

a lot of dust & dead guys
Samyria Clark, 10 Clarksville,TN [03-18-2005]

hey hey hey waz up i was jus wondering how is it like to live and eat in the war ! wouldn't you starve to death write back soon taren
taren hendrix, broken arrow,ok age-11 [03-18-2005]

what is ben fraklin famous for
zach holmes, hello [03-18-2005]

A Philadelphia ancestor, Paul Cox, was said to have captained a Privateer, The Barclay, in the Revolution. I've looked at the Pennsylvania State Navy site, but found nothing. Does that ship's name ring a bell with anyone? Thanks, David Salyers
David Salyers [03-18-2005]

My daughters great grandmother was a member of the Daughters of American Revolution. are there scholarships for family members.
Harrison [03-18-2005]

Gianna [03-18-2005]

Actually, I'm hoping you can help me find some info. I'm looking for good source of sea slang or curses oaths, etc. from the mid 18th century. Any ideas? I found one site online but need more. Writing a period romance. ;) Thanks so much, Carol
Carol Stall, Austin, TX [03-18-2005]

they should have movies
cady, 10 Georgia [03-18-2005]

i think molly pitcher should be on here because i am doiung a project an i need information about her.
Megan [03-18-2005]

how is it out there
ciara [03-18-2005]

tammie [03-18-2005]

Greatly amused by your description of Paoli as a massacre and the hilarious reference to the British living in fear of American revenge. They were so afraid that the Light companies of the 46th Foot died their hat plumes red so the Americans should know who was there at Paoli. As for Americans viewing bayonets as barbaric utter rubbish. The Continental army along with eveyone else employed the bayonet. Paoli was a tactical embrassment for the Americans and particularly Wayne whose best claim to fame is massacring Native Americans in the decade after the close of the War. Who ever wrote this should really find out whether mel Gibson is interested in doing a sequel to the Patriot, maybe Patriot vs Godzilla.
Jonathan Smallbone [03-18-2005]

You need more info about Molly Pitcher
Amber Greenwood, Age 12 Indianapolice [03-18-2005]

I love American History!
Chelsea Phillips, 13, Attica NY [03-18-2005]

i would like to learn about president bush
jamellia [03-18-2005]

waz up dude!
cs, 11 [03-18-2005]

alisa, 16/morton [03-18-2005]

Gus Radki [03-07-2005]

Brad Watkins [03-07-2005]

william kirkland was from marshall county,al. fought in the revoluntary war, how can i find out information on him.
would like to know how to trace william kirkland,1762-1838 [03-07-2005]

I love the rev war it is awsome


I would like to know if your group has any historical documentation regarding the "Skirmish at Gray's Ferry" in 1777 in September. I believe it happened after Brandywine and Paoli Thank you

Hi my name is Lauren this is my first time on your site it's pretty good so far!
Corning,Ohio 11yrs. [03-07-2005]

Howdy,how ya' doin'?
age 11, City Twin Falls, State Idaho [03-07-2005]


I am very touched by this website! Thanks a lot!
Nampa,ID 83687 [03-03-2005]

hi! !
10 years old [03-03-2005]

I think that this website is good because it shows you history onthe revoulutionary war and different things.This website is very informinal.
aminata, york. [02-28-2005]

What at wonderful history of the American Revolution War. I would love to know if I had family who participated during this era. Any suggestions on how I would go about this project? Thank you for your time and what a great site.
Kathy (Dick) Johnson, 53 Yrs old, reside in Florida [02-28-2005]

i think that the american revolution was a very important thing to win, because i dont think that anyone should be dictated by anyone else. its just not the way god made this earth.
Maranda, age 14 [02-28-2005]

I think this is a very good website for kids that are doing Social Studies projects or reports. I bet this website would help me in reports or if I have to find facts on people, because this website has it all.
Savana, 10 [02-28-2005]

king gorge is crape
DELROY AND JORDY [02-23-2005]

beatrise, 99 years old [02-23-2005]

I think this website is great for kids who are doing researches! It has helped me a lot in my history of America. I suggest you should have a lot more information of the Declaration of Independence! Thanks a lot for your help. Ariel Fuller
Ariel Fuller, 9 years old [02-23-2005]

I think you choose a very wise music.
septemer graham [02-21-2005]

hello I think that your(play a tune) is very interesting to here.
meillesa [02-21-2005]

This sight is soo awsome great for school reports. Perfect.
hello [02-21-2005]

your web site is cool but why is goerge washinton in here.
brittany, age:10 city 6800 alma hwy [02-21-2005]

taurus [02-21-2005]

I am trying to get information on Robert Morris, was he married or have any brothers or sisters.
Linda Morris [02-21-2005]

tHIS IS THE BEST SITE EVER! i ALWAYS COME ON HERE. U need to make a magazine out of this site. I am on here 24-7. totally love u makers of this site BYE BYE
anonymous [02-17-2005]

It's cool duded
Keke, 14 f south carolina [02-17-2005]

I need to find information on the Revolutioary War and I need help.
Mercedes, milwaukee, WI [02-17-2005]

I think th e revolutionary war is fun to learn about!
Justin, I like pie! [02-17-2005]

History now stands as in what's left visionally. that would be our old buildings if we don't make a choice as to what is important historically,we would then lose a lot in idea exchange of education
louise A Saunders, send suervys for cash as related. [02-17-2005]

theres not much on the minutemen im doing a project and would like more info if u dont mind thank you
richard [02-17-2005]

i need help on the American Revolutionary War and if u can, e-mail it to me thanks bubbles
Amanda, i am 13 i live in hawkinsville ga and love hunting [02-17-2005]

I was wondering how to get the information on your "Your Ideas" page...i found the question i need, but i don't know how to get the answer. Thanks...
Beth [02-09-2005]

kaity [02-09-2005]

Didn't find any informations about Allies during the Revolutionary War! But I need it for Social! Can somebody please help me?!
Freddy, 14 years [02-09-2005]

hey i need to know 25 things about the american revoulution and i need to know soon the requirments are 25 things about it and short escription and yuo guyz r smrt so ya c yas
person who hates history [02-09-2005]

How did Americans win the Revoluntary War
Sanchez Hughes [02-09-2005]

i think this is a great site as a teacher it has great reserch areas. my class is now doing a report on the revolutionary war this site has givin me and my friends(that are teachers) all the resorces we need. but the only thing it is missing is the actual reason that the revolutionary war started that was because britain was trying to take over america that made us angry so we had a war. that lead to more britainas coming to america so that lead to more wars thruogh out ameica. then after that it lead to thomas jefferson to wrire the declaration of independence. which he sent to the british king. which lead to the day of independence.
bailey hull, i am eleven. [02-09-2005]

My great grandmother side of the family has the last name of read and that they have searched and found out that we are related to george read of the decleration of independance and i was wondering if you had any more info on his family tree or info on him him self my great grand mothers name was constance read before she got married and when she passed away her name was constance (connie) koep any info on this family tree whould be greatly appreciated Thanks Trevor Bassett
trevor bassett, hook me up with another contact you had about George read [02-09-2005]

I started doing genealogy last summer compelled by recalling stories my grandma had told me about a relative who had danced with Lafayette! Well, I started with the known and went back in time. What I discovered was that my direct ancestor was Abraham Dawes whose Quaker home was the site of Washington's headquarters when he stayed in Whitemarsh after The Battle of Germantown. I also found that his son-in-law, Robert Tuckniss fought in Robert Smith's Co. under Braddock. Can you tell me some more about The Battle of Philadelphia nd where there is a list of soldiers who fought?
Erika Hoffman [02-09-2005]

ok i got to tell you i am a teacher and i teach at benton elementry as a 5 grade teacher and we are studing colonial america and the revolutionary war and i was trying to find another web site for my kids to go on and learn a lot .i think this website is great and i think my kids will have fun
Salena MCclain, I am 34years old I live in columbia Missouri [02-07-2005]

I want to know about the Declerations of Independence and its writers.
Bob Elm, 12 West Bend WI 53095 [02-03-2005]

brendjene, i am 10 years old [02-03-2005]

I have to do a report on Lydia Darragh and i was wondering if u guys could get a picture of her and her family. i do know why she is famous.but i need a few things. Her family, husband and children. if she owned any animals. who her parents where. birth certificaTE and stuff like that.
angel Kamaka, Hawaii/ maui [02-03-2005]

i need to find info on the battle of bunker hill/the american revolution
kasifset, ??????????????? [02-03-2005]

Before joining the American Revolution in 1777, Casimir Pulaski struggled against oppression in his native Poland, fighting alongside his father and brothers to defend their homeland from Prussian and Imperial Russian invaders. Though his cause was ultimately overcome by those powerful forces, Pulaski was widely recognized for his courageous actions as a cavalry officer and leader of Polish forces. Benjamin Franklin lauded Pulaski as ‘‘famous throughout Europe for his bravery and conduct in defense of the liberties of his country.’’ When General Pulaski joined General George Washington’s staff, he immediately made important contributions to the war effort. He led a critical counterattack at the Battle of Brandywine that avoided a potential military disaster, earning him a commission as a Brigadier General. American leaders valued Pulaski’s experience in battle, his knowledge of military strategy, and his pioneering efforts that led to a recognition that he was the ‘‘Father of the American cavalry.’’ While leading cavalry forces in the Siege of Savannah, Pulaski was wounded, and died on October 11, 1779. Two hundred and twenty-five years ago, Casimir Pulaski joined forces with Americans to establish liberty and overcome despotism. That inspiration and solidarity is mirrored today as we engage in a war against terrorism. As part of a global coalition, which includes the government and people of Poland, we are working to ensure that our two nations remain strong friends and allies in our effort to build a safer, more peaceful world for all. NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim Friday, October 11, 2002, as General Pulaski Memorial Day. I encourage all Americans to commemorate this occasion with appropriate programs and activities paying tribute to Casimir Pulaski and honoring all those who defend the freedom of our great Nation. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand two, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and twenty-seventh. GEORGE W. BUSH
bob [01-30-2005]

I couldn't find any information about the Battle of Saratoga. I think this sight needs different coolers, rather than just red and white. The inormation is good though. You don't have to write back.
Ashley, 13/SavannahMO [01-27-2005]

why did the virginia colony join the american revalution war
anonymous [01-25-2005]

Where did the major battles happen? I need this information to make a Revolutionary War board game with all of the major battles. Please answer soon!
anonymous [01-25-2005]

this site is cool ilearned a lot got to go bye write latea.bye
Tiana Collar, 10yearsold im blck i live in Bellevue,Ne [01-25-2005]

i was just wondering why so many people would join the revolutionary war?
liz dean, i'm 15 years old [01-25-2005]

What is the meaning of the field on the American Flag?
Tj, im 13 California Fairfield [01-25-2005]

The time has come for all Americans to liberate themselves from the tyrannical rule of our government. It is the original "Declaration of Independence" that DECLARES our INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM from the restrictions of ANY government. We are all subject to "the common law". Not to federal or state law. We must fight to maintain our liberty. Thomas Jefferson once wrote, "When the people fear the government, that is tyranny. But when the government (and its empolyees) fear the people, that is liberty"! We must NOT back down from fear. We must question the actions of government employees and officials, even if it is the President of the United States. Especially, in fact if it is the President of these United States. It is OUR LEGAL DUTY. The US Constitution spells this out verbatim. Take a look. Freedom to the people, for that is where the power lies. anonymous
DJ Herich [01-25-2005]

History is something we sould never forget.
anonymous [01-19-2005]

I love american histere
jason, ar/12/ [01-19-2005]

i neen to know in what way did stephen f austin take place in the texas revalutionary war.
Savannah, 12 [01-19-2005]

what was the type of money during the american revolution?
mari albright, ca [01-19-2005]

I, like your others have a question. It was over 20 yrs ago my Grandmother gave me a fife that she told me was played at the battle of Bunker Hill by a relative by the name of Solomon (Piper). I have tried many web sites and I never get an anwser. Could you give me a lead as to where I can take the fife and or info on Solomon or perhap Samuel. The fife was given to me in Biddeford Maine and would like any information that you can give. Thanks a lot.fol/p
David Piper, I am 45 from Baltimore Md [01-19-2005]

the thing that i liked from this story,is that i liked learning about this story.i got a lot of imformation so i liked getting imformation from the revolutionary wars it talks about every thing that you want know.i like searching about revolutionary wars.thank you.sincerely maxallani

This is a great site!
Nicholas, Bostic, North Carolina [01-19-2005]

do you know why we fought
Thomas Lennon, 9 years old,Dalton, Massachusetts [01-07-2005]

Hi, My name is Mzoli. I have a map of General Washington, it's dated 1777. How can I sell it?
Ollie Howard, New York [01-07-2005]

did john adams lave through the revolutionary war ?
irving Briscoe, brooklin center, minnesota,13 ( Socal Studies Project ) [01-02-2005]

i need 20 t or f questions 4 my proj!
Lola, hi [01-02-2005]

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