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I'm looking for information on Peter Kerlin who served as a Patroit. The information I have reveals that the soldiers he worked with were a contributing factor to the movie the Patroit. Out family originated around Mifeltown, Germantown and had a close association with the Quakers, Thanks Peter Kerlin
Peter Kerlin, Age 55 from Jacksonville, Fl [12-29-2004]

I understand that several wagonloads of wounded soldiers Colonial soldiers were brought from the Battle of Brandywine to the Cloisters at Ephrata. What would be a rough approximation of today's routes for the routes the wagons would have follwed, traveling from Brandywine Battlefield to Ephrata Cloisters? Thank you for any response.
Flo Horning, Ephrata, PA [12-29-2004]

hi i am really intersted in history
hannah, 11 [12-29-2004]

I would like to see some nicknames of the battles during the American Revolution for a school project. Thank you!
Jeanine, 14 [12-29-2004]

I'm looking ofr the 6th regiment of the Connecticut line in the revolution. Can't find a thing. Where should I look?
gbowski [12-29-2004]

I want to know where the last battle of the Revoulutionary War was fought
Babe Williams, 19 Louisana [12-19-2004]

whom it is! was looking here on your site their about the battle of brandywine their . i,ve got a couple of ancestors that served in the battle of brandywine their by the surname mcgough here on my dad side of the family ! was wondering if you could make me or send me some info on the battle of brandywine their if possible ? thanks
barry barnett, the battle of brandywine copys [12-19-2004]

nikah [12-19-2004]

I really like your web site it helps me a lot with me school work becouse i an studying the u.s. war and it gives me a lot of information <;).
Karl Ochs, age11 [12-19-2004]

u.s.a. rocks we are the best nation in the world we rock!
Karl [12-19-2004]

Hello, I want to thank the organisation incahrge of this website for making out their individual times to make out such a nice work of Art like this one, I will also like to commend the initiator(s) for this, and wish them more power to their elbow. Please I want enqure from you people if there is a site related to this or if you can help people like me who are much interested in the History of the THIS great Country, United States Of America by sending through my E-mail Address the Pre-colonial,Colonial and Post Independence Era of U.S.A. This is because of my interest in the politics of my Country Nigeria. Furthermore,I will like you to also send works that has the names of Presidents of America,How they come into power, their duration,achievements and failures while in power. Thanks as I hope to hear from you soonest GODWSILL
GODSWILL, enquiry [12-19-2004]

Hi, you have a nice website, but you need to have more on how the casualties came to be. Like medical care and diseases ect. I am doing a report and I could use a little help.
Mufassa [12-19-2004]

hi! I like this website so much! It si fun to learn from.
nastacia page, 12=agenorfolk virgina 12-14-04 [12-19-2004]

How many casualties were there in the Battle of Yorktown??
Mim, 13/Nashville/TN [12-19-2004]

i like the website but it needs something for 5th graders because we have sciece fairs to that is what i think about
tynequa young, 11 greensboro [12-19-2004]

kyle, i like basket ball [12-19-2004]

Well what I thick about this stuff is that well there nothing About Santa Anna, Stephen F. Austin, Jean Liffee so what is the point of looking at this web site I was looking for some stuff about these Famous People I have a test on this stuff next week I didn't get a review sheet. So what I think about this it sucks.:)
Stefanie, 13 years old waco school Aquilla [12-19-2004]

I would like to find information on the Ferguson bayonet that I purchased years ago. Were they reproduced? I understand that perhaps 100 were manufactured in the late 1700s. Thanks & God Bless: John
John Walker, Ferguson bayonet. [12-19-2004]

ok im doing a progeckt for my class at hanshew and i realy nead to know your age im not tring to be mean it is gust for my progekt i would really apresheat it if you can tell me your age that would be grat thank u very much
Brittany Guthrie, 13 years old i live in anchorag alaska [12-19-2004]

Brittany Guthrie [12-19-2004]

bobbo, 963258 [12-19-2004]

lisa, i like ur web site [12-19-2004]

angelita [12-19-2004]

Can I get my site added to the links page? Thanks
Brad Miller [12-19-2004]

when was this site last updated?
Amber [12-09-2004]

My sister would like to know if you all have anything on the battle of Princeton?
Christina Rowland, Knoxville 16 1/2 [12-09-2004]

I love the "loads" of info I can find on yur site, however, in using the timeline to help show "cause and effect' in the classroom, I found a problem. I did a lesson on the Boston Tea Party and wanted to show on the timeline the British response by passing the Intolerable Acts. Those acts are NOT on the timeline. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work. Nadana
Nadana Maddox [12-09-2004]

1775 wow! that's cool between charlstown and boston
anonymous [12-09-2004]

ithink u should make this web site have pictures on Benedict arnold thanks for reading.
Nikki, Louisville,Ky [12-07-2004]

i did to find something about jefferson davis and robert e. lee
Mehreen [12-05-2004]

i think u should tell about somthing thats starts with aan i because i am doing a projeccct
jessica guedesse, none [12-04-2004]

I can't find a picture of Rebecca Sitwell!
annonymous [12-02-2004]

I was thinking how was the war when we went to war
TYRONE HAMILTON, 16, daytona baech, [12-02-2004]

hey everyone, if anyone has info on news paper articles from the batle of lexington and concord i'd really appreiciate it if you'd share your info. thanx a bunch.
Katrina Nichols [12-02-2004]

The revalutionary war is so cool.
gerald williams, 16 hernando [12-02-2004]

i hate this site there is nothing about Charles cornwallis . put something about him on the site . PlEASE
Angela Jarvela, batavia N.Y. [12-02-2004]

i want pics!
Gedney, 11 [12-02-2004]

hello this a great website.
aaron, navada [12-02-2004]

I think this is a very good website because u learn about what happend long ago!
ashley brown, im 15 tennessee [12-02-2004]

Breanna Miller, 14/Ramer/ [12-02-2004]

i love logan r. he's sooooo sweet! 2 weeks and 1 day
Allyssa, 13 awsome whatever [12-02-2004]

Hey everybody!1
Lindsey, i'm 13 [12-02-2004]

pretty good site
bob [12-01-2004]

Hi! Man some of these people in this entries can't spell! Oh well. Yeah I love Paul Revere, he's on of the most intersecting American Revolutionary heros. Okay well, by I need to get some info on him.
Anna, 14, New York [11-28-2004]

hi ilikey us historea i have some wrei tamay histera the amrecaen histere is good u s is good becise may first love is in united state
virat, atlaticty [11-28-2004]

Could you please send some stuff about th Revolutionary War. Like little things, like a fire or something? I need it for an essay.
Jean Marie [11-28-2004]

im doing a report on the revolutionary battles north Carolina do you have any info?
anonymous [11-28-2004]

I am trying to get information on Colonel Thomas Nixon. He fought in the revolution. If anyone has any information please email me. Thanks!
Ted Stewart, LOUISVILLE, kY [11-28-2004]

i need more first sources like letters from soldiers and journal entries
samich [11-28-2004]

I need to find some fighting teqhniques and medical care info. on the battles of CAmden,yorktown,bunker hill,brandywine, and Lexington and Concord.
anonymous [11-28-2004]

I've looked and looked for info on Martha Washington because i'm doing a project at my school on her and we have different people to research on and it hass to be in alphabetical order about that person,and what they had to do with the revolutinary war.
Tiffany [11-28-2004]

Nick, il [11-28-2004]

I need a picture of Peter Francisco quick!
Josh Dressler, I Love Jessica Flougher [11-28-2004]

I think your web site is ok, but you need to add an,"what's the date" colum. So people can just punch in the date and the information they need about that date. Well Igot to go to another web site to see if they have better information.bye
Victoria Staples, Age 16 11/17/04 [11-28-2004]

thanx for for helping me with a very hardassingment. it is a journal on valley forge and i didn't know anything on it till i got this site! thanx agian
eryca, 13 [11-28-2004]

can u tell me what's revolution and explain what happen between the british and the indian with the taxes? thanks
kristal lewis, new york [11-28-2004]

I don't know why but i'm interested in the american revolutionary war era. I do keep myself busy and updated with what really happened. Eventhough I haven't been to the USA, it's so nice to be briefed abt the history and to see the old colonial houses/attractions in related websites...
Millicent Marcelo, manila, philippines [11-28-2004]

are last names important in 1777?
f, g [11-28-2004]

U need to have moore pics on here of the battles. i am doing a report and i need them. thanks
Aubree Martini, 14 okc [11-28-2004]

I think that this web site gives very good information and will be recommending it to other people because I liked it so much. I had to do a timelime om The American Revolutionary War and this information was everything I needed. Thank You
Justin L. Harwell, 14, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Humboldt Senior High School [11-28-2004]

Well i am doing a report for the battle of yorktown and i didnot see nothing on it so i apoligise if there is but you should make it more noteicable!because i need it bad and + it is one of the last major battles of the revolutionary war.
jessica [11-08-2004]

I think that Bosten sucks
Juan Chavez [11-05-2004]

I need pictures on were on the battle of princeton during the revolutionary war.
Ahley Brusca [11-05-2004]

hello dude
anonymous, zach wymer [11-04-2004]

anonymous [11-04-2004]

Do you have any information on the battle of monmoth and molly picher?
aleany, 14 [11-02-2004]

okay...i went on this website to find info on Lexington and Concord. I found nothing really on that, i mean what kind of website on the American Revolution has nothing on Lexington and Concord.....That was a major event in our country's history. If I am wrong and you do have something on this topic i apologize but if you do definitly make it more noticiable. thanks
Jen [10-31-2004]

i want pics
anonymous [10-29-2004]

Your website is cool.
Jed Lad, Ferdinand 14 [10-29-2004]

I need a map on the princton battle grounds to show were the britsh attacked and were the americans attacked
sara, 13 [10-29-2004]

i think that this website is very helpful and gives really valuable information.
Brittanie, sacramento,california [10-27-2004]

I think that this website really help me with a lot of my school work. Thanks,to who ever owns this website
Bianca Bass, 16years old Det,MI [10-27-2004]

i hate bush cause he lied to people
anonymous [10-24-2004]

i am doing a project on the revolutionary war adn need to now nine locations that are associated with the war/ or helped lead up to the war?? can anybody help me? I only have boston.
Nikki [10-24-2004]

Where can I find the only photo of Abe Lincoln taken on his campign in Feb. 1861 at Independance all in Phila.
fjMary Lou Eagleson [10-24-2004]

I heard somewhere that George Washington was not the first president. I think that the vice president was sworen in before the president making him first president. Can you help me on this. If so thank you Larry
Larry Phillips [10-22-2004]

I like this web page.
kayla castorina, i am 10 my city is roslyn [10-22-2004]

I would like you guys to read his correspondence (charles cornwallis)letters, and thoughts and you would get a better view of him considering the Marquis cornwallis voted against the stamp act that kicked off the war! He was an amazing man who served his country well even after his defeat at yorktown. He was not courtmarshaled and became viceroy of both India and put down the Irish rebellion of the end of the 19th century!
rohan grey cornwallis mcculloch, i am the present Lord Cornwallis' grandson [10-22-2004]

Goycelyn, The us history [10-17-2004]

Is there a chapter still in existence?
Lillian M. Parent, My grandmother was a member of the Daughters of the war of Independence. [10-17-2004]

danielle blunt [10-07-2004]

the sugar act is before the stamp act your back ground page is incorrect. stamp-1765, sugar-1764 just thought you should know. (we are studying it) + ur site ic cool
tara, age 13 (10/30/90) lonedell [10-07-2004]

jeff williams [10-04-2004]

I need help with my us homework for U.S.History.should I leave the legense alone or chang it tell me should I.
Daniel Guzman, 16/Las Vegas/NV [10-02-2004]

Hello, Friends of Historic Glasgow (DE) National Park would like you to visit the following online campaign, by iPetitions: Message: new iPetition: We, the undersigned, petition our Federal, Delaware, and New Castle County leaders to do all that is within their powers to preserve the Glasgow National Historic area, the site of Delaware's only Revolutionary War battle, the running skirmish from Aikentown to Iron Hill, called the Battle of Cooch's Bridge. The properties now threatened are the Brooks/Middleton house, the Barczewski farm (West End Dairy), and the Rte. 72 / Old Baltimore Pike frontage near Cooch's Bridge. HEAR YE! HEAR YE! ALL OF AMERICA The Developers are coming! The Developers are coming! Join in the effort to preserve the lands now at risk which encompass the Revolutionary War Battle of Cooch's Bridge in New Castle County, Delaware. The running skirmish between Aikentown (Glasgow) and Iron Hill was our first defensive action against the Red Coats' late summer 1777 advance from the Head of Elk to Philadelphia. The Patriots succeeded in stalling the British and Hessians troops and inflicting a great many casualties. A history park will boost tourism in nearby counties of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Three key properties in the Pencader Hundred, New Castle County, DE, are now threatened: * Royal Farms plans to develop the corner of Rte. 72 and Old Baltimore Pike on the gateway of the historic battle grounds at Cooch's Bridge, even as the surrounding lands are safely under state control. * Walgreens had planned to demolish the colonial Brooks/Middleton house and barn at 2314 Glasgow Ave. to develop the corner of Rte. 40 and old Rte. 896, a property which anchors the Aiken's Tavern National Historic District. * Developers are trying to purchase the neighboring farm (the Barczewski property; West End Dairy), 240 acres containing two documented Native American Indian camps, earthen works from the British occupation of Aikentown (Glasgow), remnants of the LaTrobe feeder canal from 1804, and several structures on the National Register of Historic Places (Dr. Samuel Henry Black). General Lafayette named the farm "La Grange" while a visitor there in 1824. What you can do: << Sign our petition at << Write to your governmental representatives. << Come to the Friends of Historic Glasgow group meeting When: Wednesday, October 6, 2004 at 7:00 PM Where: Pencader Presbyterian Church 2303 Glasgow Avenue Glasgow, Delaware 19702 Please see the Current Community Calendar Events section at: for information on additional key meetings. N.B.: The Friends of Historic Glasgow will meet the first Wednesday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at Pencader Presbyterian Church, Glasgow, Delaware. << Volunteer to help Friends of Historic Glasgow National Park. Friends of Historic Glasgow National Park P.O. Box 42 Newark, DE 19715 e-mail: ____________________________________
Friends of Historic Glasgow, Newark, DE [10-02-2004]

you need mor pictures non this web site
rebecca [10-02-2004]

how do you remeber the 13 origonal colonies in order from north middle and south.
anonymous [09-29-2004]

I am interrested in the primary sources for the section on the Battle of Brandywine concerning Conflicting reports. Can you give me the specific references for this section? Kristen Cheyney (ancestor of Thomas)
Kristen Cheyney [09-29-2004]

ivan [09-29-2004]

Hello everyone. I just want to provide for the desired American point of view. I am not very old, and I have not long been interested in the revolutionary period, but I think I know a little bit. In My history class at the college I attend, the teacher taught that the support for the war was more like 1/3 of the people. Also, 1/3 didn't care, and 1/3 did not support the Revolution. He also taught that basically no revolution has ever (I should never say never - I know) had popular - as in majority - support. However, my teacher is only one source of this information, and more would be required to confrim it (yet there is still the fact that he has undoubtedly read and learned a great deal more information on the subject than me, which makes me inclined to trust his judgements). There is also the Quote from John Adams (Signer of the Declaration and Second President) that says, "But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American wars? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people." This assertion is supported by the fact that, as Adams traveled from town to town in the time preceding the War, he overheard, in taverns, conversations amongst "common men" that were highly in favor of Independence for the colonies. There is also the factor of "the Sons of Liberty" that must be accounted for. They were involved in spreading propaganda - if you will - that served to enflame the blood of the colonists. The Boston Massacre is a good example. The incident was portrayed by Paul Revere as the cold-blooded slaughter of some upstanding Colonists. In reality, however, the group killed were rebel rousers who provoked the soldiers by pelting them with rocks. Also, whoever it was that uttered the word "fire" to the soldiers is unknown, and, interestingly, John Adams defended the soldiers in court - for the sake of fairness. War is definately a tragedy, but that is not to say that those in war that are fighting for a righteous cause are somehow guilty in bringing it about. England, I think, was tyrranical. The long list of grievences outlined in the declaration of independence is testament to that. One of the best examples comes from an ommited portion of the document where slavery is mentioned. It says something to the effect of "He [the king] has waged war against humanity itself," in that, even though England had no slavery, it fully supported slavery in the colonies, and even undertook to prevent the colonies from passing legislation to ban the "buying and selling of men". There is no realistic way that America could have existed in the form of colonies of England for any length of time, and not be under tyrrany. Even if delegates were sent to parliament, it would make little difference. The colonies would have no power anyway. In addition to that it would be laborious to communicate across the Atlantic, considering that it took somewhere around a month to sail the distance. With regards to France and Spain, it is true that America could not have won the war without their help. From such foreign powers, America received loans to help pay for the war. Also, France provided us with their naval vessels - something America did not have. France wanted Britain out of North America just as much as we did, and their intentions were not so pure. They ended up wanting to call the shots and wanted to have America in their debt. I cannot say this with unwavering surety, but I am sure that France helped America for its own interest. Another large factor of Americas success (besides the favor of Divine Providence, I like to think) is that we chose our battles. General Washington did not fight battles that he could not win. This, combined with the complete lack of respect -and the the arrogance - of the British (like attacking the Contenental Army UPHILL) led to the defeat of the "greatest" military in the world by a bunch of farmers with pitchforks. I hope that this sufficiently addresses all of the subjects. I repeat that I am no scholar, and I pray that this has shown nothing but amiability toward the readers. Thank you.
Patrick Lewis, 19 yrs. old. Livermore, CA [09-29-2004]

please send me some information
Nadria elmore [09-19-2004]

you really need some more games and ones that work! i tried those 2 and they dont make sense!.luv allison:)
allison hess [09-19-2004]

General John Stark gggggrandfather. Looking to connecting the dots for family lineage & tracing it back to John & Molly Stark, thru Sur names of Butler & Tisdale.
Mary Snope (Butler), Born Seattle, Parents' Ancestry New England Area [09-19-2004]

hi! i;m learning about the revolutionary war and need to know what types of games the militia of england played for fun in their free time. Can anyone help?
anonymous, age 12 [09-19-2004]

Looking for Daniel Pennington,Revolutionary War, lived in Butler, outside of Baltimore 1767 To 1789.
Donald Malone [09-19-2004]

I find this website to be very informative.If anyone needs in information on the AR this is the place to go.
Tiffany Conley, 25, Houston, TX [09-19-2004]

I was looking for info on the battle of "Kings mountain" in South Carolinia. My first ancestor (John Murphy) to the USA had fought in that battle for the colonalists. Any info would be appreciated. S.T. Murphy
Steven T. Murphy, 39 years old, Joliet, IL. [09-19-2004]

i was just wondereing what role the french actually played in helping the americans in the rev. war, i am having trouble finding anything.
Cole Wadsworth, the sites sweet [09-19-2004]

i think that the black people should have more credit
lucy [09-19-2004] drugs
j flash, new hampshire [09-19-2004]

I need to know who was the " other " American who helped Paul Revere warn the colonist " the british are coming "
kim, 13 [09-19-2004]

Please for school I need to know who was the first man killed during the Revoultionary War?
travis white [08-26-2004]

I am currently studying the War of independence and form what i read, its seems to be more of a Civil war than a fight for freedom, it states that about 1 in 12 people wanted the war, i dont think this seems like a war against tyranny. I think the war is a tragedy which ever way you look at it, a lot of the things that happened during the conflict were tragic and a lot of young men lost their lives fighting for something they believed in. It seems that the British are easy targets in making them the bad guy. Can anyone realistically tell me how the COlonies could have sustained the war without the aid from both France and Spain, i think if you look closely at it, the main reason that Britian lost the war was she had other intereste elsewhere that were threatened and she simply couldnt fight wars on every continent. A Reply would be great from and American point of view on the war.
Gordon Scott, 30 years Old, Newcastle, England [08-26-2004]

I need to know a little about Mercy Otis Warren, John Hancock, and Paul Revere
Siedah, no [08-25-2004]

I recently acquired an American militiaman's belt w/scabbard and cartridge box attached(sewn on) with the bayonet. It came out of kent,Connecticut and was in the Pratt-Northrop family. Quite a nice piece of history! On October 17th,1777 George Washington wrote the President of the continental Congress insisting they re-think the design for the cartridge boxes. He felt an extra flap for the cartridge box top would be sufficient to keep the weather from getting to the cartridges better. G.Washington insisted they be made of a fine heavy leather. Just thought I'd share some history. Thanks folks and keep up the great website! It's enjoyable. Take care.
Richrad Bray [08-07-2004]

Where was the first Capital City of America? Where did Williamsburg, Virginia fit in?
Gwen Berth [07-25-2004]

I have two ancestors who fought and died in the war. Joel & John Studivant, both brothers from Virginia. One Joel was a ship's captain and John a Lt. in the Marines. I am trying to find out the ships they served on. So far I have had no luck.
Nancy Studyvin-Warren, Joplin, MO [07-25-2004]

Is there a source that lists names of males who served in the revolutionary war? Would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jerry Mulford
Gerald Mulford [07-25-2004]

annae-kay greenfield, 22, poughkeepsie ny [06-10-2004]

~What does any of this have to do with the American Revolution?!? Well a little information is not enough. I'm sorry I'm being 110% honest I don't like your website it's no help I hate it so bad. I would rather use something else like GOOGLE or ASK JEEVES that are 100% better than this and that gives me actual INFORMATION! If any kid would use it they would fall asleep~ Sheez! :(
Jasmine, Massachusetts [06-10-2004]

My husband may have relatives that are noted to be at Freeman's Farm in 1777. They may have been Loyalists with General Burgoyne. Does anyone have any information on : NAMES: Heinrich Ernst Giesser from PA 2 sons of Phillippe Maton or Wiltz from NY
Carol Shiels [06-10-2004]

For a free brochure of my books and school presentation, email me your US mailing address, thank you. I write nonfiction for adults and illustrated historical fiction for youngsters, all on the Rev. War.
Gregory T. Edgar, author and school presenter on Rev War [06-10-2004]

joe jones [06-10-2004]

you have a grate site
mckenzie, 11 [05-31-2004]

I was wondering if anybody could recommend a bood giving a good,in-depth look at France's role in the American Revolution. I have been searching for something like this for several years. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - AFH
Andrew [05-31-2004]

My mother was born there Anna Jane Crossland She married William Flowers. I don't know if she was married in DE or PA Her daughter married William E Lloyd who was killed near Millville NJ. The man who killed him was jailed because he couldn't make the bond. He was guilty of manslaughter and reckless driving. My father was a father of nine childrenI was 10 yrs. old when he died. the driver of the other car was J DeRocco from Washington DC I would appreciate any information concering his parents. They were Lloyds, but thst's all I know about them. I want to know my paternal grandparents names and futher back in his family. I'm so desperate to know. I'm not getting any younger. He was killed leaving 9 childre at home. He was Constable of Chester Township. I don't know much more than what I've told you. Please no jokes or false information. It is so important to our family.Thank you for reading this and God bless you if you know something I don't. God bless you . Evelyn Lloyd Gland My mother's name was Isabella Flowers Lloyd
Evelyn Lloyd Gland, I am 60 yrs. old.I would like to know about residents of Cooches Bridge [05-31-2004]

My ancestor was a Bristish soldier in the Niagara area. We have documented information about the hardships of his family during the war and the Hungry Years 1787-1789 and on through the War of 1812. This has been a strange twist to say the least. I have had to try to understand the 'American War' as it is called by loyalist from the prespective of land owners loyal to King and England. Do you have more on the battles in this area? He was under British officer's Col. Butler, Col. Johnson, General Clinton, and General St. Leger. I wonder about his possible greater loyality to Col. Wm. Johnson. He gain passage to the Americas under Johnson's patronage. One more question: Do you have any information about a Samuel Cox?
Susan, Michigan [05-31-2004]

i think ur website is GREAT! I LOVE IT
jenna, high bridge NJ [05-30-2004]

How many people died in battle of yorktown
jay blount, age 13 [05-30-2004]

I need to find a site that quotes Patric Henery's famous speech. Can anyone help me?
austin [05-30-2004]

Nice site! It really helped A LOT on my Revolutionary War paper! Thanks!
nelly [05-30-2004]

nice website.
Danielle, 11 years [05-30-2004]

Hello,what's up. Me just chillin.
Gitianna, 10 San Antonio [05-30-2004]

I have many. I will put them down later . Please let me know if any of you have any detailed information how the soldiers and settlers got up the Beaver River, Pennsylvania,thus the Shenango, thus the Mahoning, and any river for that matter. Some individuals claim it was not possible for settlers to go up the Ohio,which I do not believe. More on this.
ralph a. applegate, 1544 Zettler Road,Columbus,Ohio 43227 [05-30-2004]

Aubrie Freeze [05-30-2004]

what common books did the revolutionary thinkers read before the revolution besides the Bible?
steve a., age 49 and still facinated by the war of ideas [05-13-2004]

join the gam plz
na, na [05-13-2004]

I need to know why the valley foreg was important
Amanda Brandt, I do yoga !1 [05-13-2004]

What battles were fought in the winter of 1770 in Philadelphia? (Britian vs. Colonists)
anonymous [05-13-2004]

I am the current owner of the Three Tuns Tavern listed in the Battle of the Clouds. Do you know any additional sites to gather historical information on the properity.
Ted Roberts [05-10-2004]

hey this is a great site for help with homework and other info that u might need later on so if are looking for answers then u have come to the rite place
Chanel, i have nothing i want to share with u [05-08-2004]

Why don't they tell the story of the colonial times from the point of view of a loyalist?
T.J. [05-08-2004]

i think your ideas for the campaign are pretty cool rock on
magen preston, 12 crosby texas [05-03-2004]

This site is wonderful and the games and links keep me interestd for hours. I would like to suggest that the music be available as one long medley so that it would not be necessary to keep going back to restart it. Music sets the stage for much of history and leads to better understanding of the times. Thanks
Chuck Boyer, Teacher, Ft Worth Texas [05-03-2004]

Dannie [05-01-2004]

anonymous [05-01-2004]

mom wants to be president she wants to legalize illegal alien and drugs to tax them, she also wants everybody to get equal pay, and bring disability and social security and medicare up to the right amount of living because for over 50 years the congressman and presidents have been addin math wrong cost of living goes up yearly by 50% to 100% not 1% or 5%, and it is impossible for any senior to pay a $300 gas bill and nearly $200 light bill . face the peole driving limos and bullet proof cars, are not giving a car about working or disable or homeless, mom says if she would be president even all congress salaries would be slice in half providing homes for the homeless, Do you have any viedo on the civil war please mail me some free ones and all paper work on the civl war, especillay one with black soldiers, I am forced agaisnt my rights to tell all about african American soldiers, and I need a viedo no one will forget and give me a white southern bell veido too, Do you have the vieod of the wild boars eating the soldier off the battlefield that is the one I would really like to show, a veiw of the real world thanks angel stevenson 3105 delowe dr atl. ga 30344
Angel stevenson, help my mom wants to run for president [05-01-2004]

we need help looking for a time line oh yeah tell George Washington I said what's up. Leticia said hi
Angelica & Leticia [04-29-2004]

Personally, I think the way we're learning Colonial history is really cool! I mean, it's way better than text books I think! :)
Christine, age 11, city Shoreline, state Washington [04-21-2004]

I love myself!
sky, 13, shoreline,WA [04-21-2004]

I think revolutionary war is amazing. It was a very kooli unit 2 study! I personally luved it! But I need information on lexington and concord, cowpens, bunker hill, sartoga, trenton or yorktown. If u kno any good sites email me! k
jessie, 11yrs. (Shoreline, WA) [04-21-2004]

Could you please tell me what the First Light Dragons of the Revolutionary War means. I am working on family histoy and have two brothers that are listed in this group. Thanks for any help, Pam Bell
Pam Bell [04-21-2004]

My class is reading "My Brother Sam Is Dead" and "The Riddle Of Penncroft Farm" they are both revalutionary war books! I'm so interested now in they war (Valy FOrge and Brandywine).
Jen, 11 stl [04-21-2004]

I was wondering if you know anything about the Green Monutian Boys that fought in the revlution War. Where they came from and who were enlisted my gr gr gr Grandfather was supose to been in this regiment and I can't sem to find anything on them. Thank you. Kathy
kathy Dyas [04-21-2004]

I have to do a HUGE project, and I have to talk a little about Mercy Ottis Warren, but I just can't find a good webpage about her. If you know anything you think could help, please help me!
Isabel [04-21-2004]

youi have the best website!
patti piekarski [04-08-2004]

hi i waant to know were to find some pics. of the yankes at war
cari, 14/mablvail/female [04-08-2004]

My class has a project on The Revolutionary War and we would like to use some of your information an put it in a Power Point presentation to show parents. We would, of course, give full credit.
Mike Noone [04-08-2004]

I am doing a project for school and your website has helped a lot.
Peyton Retherford, 10 F'burg, Ky [03-29-2004]

I would like to have or read the letter Ben Franklin wrote about the decoration of Independents based on the ten commands
Gladys Hubarth [03-29-2004]

George Washingtion was a great leader of the revultion war.he was a very wise man too.
military_brother, im 13 from Louisiana and go to South Beaugard [03-29-2004]

Can you answer these queatons please? name 3 loyalists, who were the loyalists, did every loyalists take speeches aganst indeprndence, who were the 2 loyalist governer and what was their role?
Caitlin Nicodemi, I am in 5 grade, I am 10 years old [03-29-2004]

bob [03-29-2004]

To Karrie Downs on this post --- I am also a decendant of Adam Linn (1740-1810) Please help me with more information. Email me please!
Mark Oster [03-29-2004]

In reading these posts it's been asked why we fought the Brits. A sub tone of this is why we are in Iraq. Perhaps the following will provide a bit of a hint about freedom and what it is to be an American.
Laurence [03-29-2004]

make a game to play that has information and you are fighting for america as a colonist and you can win or lose and if you win you give them a trivia about the information to the people who played the game [Call it the never ending battle]
stephen watt, games [03-29-2004]

Anmol, i'm 10 [03-29-2004]

Hi, I need help. I am starting a revolutionary war Fife and Drum Corps and need to know what the marching commands where in the revolutionary war. Can anyone help me? Please email me a
Amber [03-29-2004]

I remeber that George Washington was the commander of chief of the commander armony.Anyway I want to say" hello".
Caroline, 11,Cleveland,Ok [03-29-2004]

I need some info. to do a report for my S.S. project and I need a brochure on the battle of Germantown. So if you know any sites where I can fined a brochure can you e-mail me back telling me them? Thank-you so much!
Heather Laughman, 15; York, PA [03-29-2004]

Need info on the battle of gettysburg soon! school project! plz help! thanx
Rashell [03-29-2004]

i think u should have a game were there is a race to see if you can beat paul revere in race to tell the colnies the british will atack
corey bogdan, jericho 10 [03-29-2004]

This site is so helpful! I'm in 7th grade and I should know about these events already, but I had forgotten and this site just refreshed my memory.
Annabelle Esteban, 13/ Peoria/ I never grew up to be mature yet/ I get all A's, so MUAHAHAHA! ^_^ [03-12-2004]

The preamble to the constitution... We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defece, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to oursleves and our posterity, Do ordain and establish this constiution for the united states of America for anyone besides me who has to memorize it for School! Youw welcome to anyone who wanted it!:)
Stephanie, California [03-12-2004]

Uh.. kewl sitey! I had some relatives that had g fought in the Revolutionary War back in the late 1700s. Uhhh... I'm actually her ein computer class and we are currently studying this period of time. We just did a test not to long ago, about 34 minutes ago, in class. So now I'm just researching to see uf I got any of the Questiosn RIGHT. ^^
Classified. w00tness!!, Crazy California [03-12-2004]

Hello! your website is really cool.. I like the tunes, but some of them are sort of depressing.. ya know.. but war was a ver emotional time.. so i totally understand! :-D.. im at school right now.. Computer lab.. wekinda have to look at these sites but its cool. I like yours the best.
Jordan Lexie, California! [03-12-2004]

Nice site. It rocks, History is fun but the games are weird here. The one with the sliding pictures, its just weird to me but kind of too easy. I liked the music samples though. Keep up the good job, nice lay out to. I wish I was able to make layouts like that. Do you guys use a program( Most likely you do) Or is your html coding done manually? Nahra
Nahra, cabesa de vaca [03-12-2004]

hey yall dis is a kewl site! you shood get mo games fo us kidz ya kno?
Katie Rosario [03-12-2004]

You need more games on your website, they help kids have more fun while learning! trust me i tihnk more than one person has said that
Stephanie, California [03-12-2004]

ramon lopez [03-12-2004]

hey wus up dudes ?
leaann, im 13 years old [03-12-2004]

Sammi, age:11 love to watch T.V [03-12-2004]

thanks for the site, my 5 year old Dominic is interested.
Tom Dybala [03-07-2004]

ok i have a tech app project and i need the origanial 13 states of the us and one revolutionary war hero from each state
audie [03-07-2004]

hi, do you how many wars were there and how many people fought and you know I like wars and pizza, what did the first gun look like. send me a picture. p.s. I only use my code name.
pizza MaN, I am 11 years old and live in anacortes wa [03-07-2004]

you need more movies and games!:(
Jordan, potmac, MD 11 years old [03-07-2004]

Its nice!
KLasharine Rudolph [03-04-2004]

You cannot have things about people without molly hays mccalley.
India Washington [03-04-2004]

i need to know more about William Howe it's a school project.
Tori, age 12 kansas city missouri [03-03-2004]

I am slightly older and taking Advanced Placement US History. I choose to do my research project on the siege of Philadelphia. I found this site and love it, but I also need more in depth information about the actual siege. If you know of any sites with more in depth information or any books, even those that you used to form this site would be extremely helpful. Thank you for having all of the information available. Possibly adding a link page would enhance your site. If possible please e-mail me with any information you have. Thank you very much.
Katie, 17 [03-03-2004]

this is a good site i give a special thanks to who ever mad this site.P.S. thank you you gave my child a lot thanks anyway.
heaven, 9,bayside,nyc thank u [02-25-2004]

this is a good site i give a special thanks to who ever mad this site.P.S. thank you you gave my child a lot thanks anyway.
heaven [02-25-2004]

I think you shuld have pic of presedents
Brianna Reynolds [02-25-2004]

i think the war was a good fought war. i think the part i liked most was how the minutemen attacked the red coats.
andi, not typing [02-25-2004]

I thought that your site was a good resource for kids you need information on the American Revolution. I had fun reading it and enjoyed your games. But, did Paul Revere really reach the Minutemen in time to warn them? Or did William Dawes do it? -Chelsea
Chelsea Anne, Yanbu, K.S.A (Suadi Arabia) [02-22-2004]

I like your site but some of the games are boring. For your games try something more animated and exciting like a virtual war where you are a soldier trying to win.
Eric, Yanbu, Saudia Arabia [02-22-2004]

Your sight is very informative specially about the valley forge, this is a very awesome sight for our age and to find about the revolutionary war. Also wish that you can tell about other revolutions in your awesome sight. I also think you could add more games and right biographies about people who played an important part in the revolution.
Musad Rehan Afzal, 10,Yanbu Saudia Arabia, [02-22-2004]

I was wondering if you have a better graphic of the rebus letter. We had a copy of both letters purchased in Williamsburg. Alas, my daughter gave them away. I am broadband so sending e-mail .jpg .gif.tiff etc is fine. Site is WONDERFUL!
Jamie, Mom of 9 yo studying Revo war [02-20-2004]

send me an e-male about any history
tori, 10 /oldmonro [02-18-2004]

I really like your site it's fun and it has cool games my freinds think it is kind of lining towards them what do you think. signed confused thinker and writter
Sean Solomon, age 14 city Lansdale [02-18-2004]

I think your website is awesome! It has everything you need to know about the American Revolutionary War. I think you should put up as much as you know on this website. If you already have all you know about the American Revolutionary War than that is ok because this website is already awesome! Keep up the good work! Talk to you later. See ya!
Danielle [02-18-2004]

this is a great site:) there is a lot of information about all types of history here. thank a lot for all of your help
heather, 13/pittsburgh/pennsylvania [02-18-2004]

Plese get better games! I was bored, angry, and confused.
Qazah, 11, Yanbu,Saudia Arabia [02-18-2004]

Musad [02-18-2004]

I am doing a report for school and had a question about your website. You answered so quickly that I could keep going on my report without any trouble! Thanks so much for your wonderful help!
Simeon Purkey, Salem, OR. [02-18-2004]

washingtons hot email me
chaunsee [02-14-2004]

its fun to learn history here
hotshot, 19 [02-12-2004]

I Think this page needs fun games because the ones you have now are not very fun
Jim Trussfall, none of your buisness [02-12-2004]

Why do we celebrate the Revolutionary War?
Ashlynn [02-11-2004]

i'm going to visit Phi soon and i've become intensely interested in where the British stayed and what "changes" they made. is there a map or guide of some sort that might help me?
Dwight Leo [02-11-2004]

I like History it a gog way to now all about the past and the presint????
Sabas villarreal, Hoopeston [02-09-2004]

When President Washington won the war, did they immediatly make him president, or did they wait longer?
Mike Pemberton, 10yearsold, Hoopeston il, and I love history [02-09-2004]

Caroline Martin, 11years old,Hoopeston IL, History Alive is so so fun [02-09-2004]

you need cool games on here
morgan duncan, 11 il. [02-09-2004]

I am attempting to find information reguarding Jonclepe A Lorient What it means? Who this is? If there is significance to our American Revolution? Any assistance would be appreciated...Thank you,,,,,,,Larry
Larry Brooks, Warren, Ohio [02-08-2004]

make a serch engine so people can find a certen battle faster. It took me a mimute or two to find the battle of Trenton. You have a great website!
emily, 10 [02-07-2004]

Why is the Revolutionary War so important?
Ashley [02-07-2004]

my thoughts are that washiting was a great leader and never let his troops down
devon, 10 ny [02-07-2004]

I have found papers that trace back about six generations. My great*6-grandfather, Adam Linn, served in Capt. Thomas Buford's Company of Bolunteers at the Battle of Point Pleasant. I'd like to know how to get more information on his military career, and maby some proof of it. Thank You.
Karrie Downs, I am a decendent of Adam Linn [02-07-2004]

Your website is so big. I need to know some Revolutionary War fighting techniques for a school project. Thanks
Sarah [02-07-2004]

This is a cool website,but it needs games.
Joe Davis, 10 Indy,IN [02-07-2004]

we are doing a report on the war. i am supposed to be a journalist writing a newspaper article and need to now what good info i need to make it a good prject
bradly elliott, 10 grade anderson mo [02-07-2004]

Hi, I am doing a report on the Revolutionary War. I am in the 5th grade. I was hoping that you could let me know the last battle fought before the firs ring of the Liberty Bell. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank You, Richie
RICHIE [02-03-2004]

I think the Revolutionary War was good because George Washingtion was the general of the Americans and we were fighting for freedom from the British king. King George 3
Huck [02-03-2004]

your site is awesome
chelsie, morsville [01-31-2004]

shannon, 9 years old,richmond virginia [01-28-2004]

I have heard that there is a historical restaurant in the Trenton area or thereabouts which honors when Washington crossed the Delaware, captured Trenton and went on to Princeton. Would you know of such a restaurant and where it is? My friend and I would like very much to visit it. Thank you. This is a very cool website.
Leslie, from Phila [01-28-2004]

What importance did the following people have in the American Revolution? Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams and General George Cornwallis?
Claudia Aguilera, 17, Weslaco, Tx [01-26-2004]

Where can I find a quote by Deborah Sampson?
Kendra [01-25-2004]

Query: searching for awilliam reynolds from PA. who was with Washington at Valley Forge...
john sweitzer [01-25-2004]

i found your website by searching for revolutionary war journals on yahoo, and enjoyed the accounts very much. as you may notice, my last name is the same as one of washington's generals, tho i don't know if he was one of my ancestors. i was sorry to find the end of theses accounts, and would like to know where i may find the continuation, or when it will be available. thanks, and keep up the good work!
james david smallwood, pensacola, fl [01-25-2004]

Hello, My name is Kahiiloany Berrilo whats your name? I'm in college I'm studing US history. How does it feel to be dead? I hope to see you In heaven soneday soon. Have fun without me, gtg (got to go) BYE!
Kahiiloany Berrilo, 20,Philliphens,blond hair turquoise eyes, I am half mexican and I am half hawaiian I am 6ft.3" I am married to Ryan Nash! [01-25-2004]

Ithank you verry much for helping me on my history report.If it wasn't for you Iprobably would get an F.The point is your probably helping others like me everywere. Sincerely, Casey
Casey, 13 [01-25-2004]

I thought the thing about Rebus was totally awesome. Like I did this thing in spelling and it was sort of like that. Like yeah I think you probably know what I'm talking about. So yeah... ok well I'm gonna go now so thanks. -Natalie
Natalie, I'm 13 and I live in Springfield, Ohio [01-25-2004]

Hey! this website is great but it needs more games!(educational of course!)
Elizabeth Mulkeen, 13 [01-25-2004]

i think they were w i love him to they should not do that
sarah [01-25-2004]

this site is awesome
Dana J. Smith, i'm 14 [01-25-2004]

information on: Allan McClaine and Peter Francisco (spelling?)
william disney [01-25-2004]

i need you to send me all the information that you can find my paper is due in 2 weeks
anonymous [01-25-2004]

I need a lot of help in Social Studies and I was hoping you would help me in it that is why I asked you for help in Social Studies
casey mocarski, I am 9 years old [01-25-2004]

I need a lot of help on sosial studies and I need to no more websites that I can go on .
cassie rice, I am 9 years old,I live in rixyville and the state I live in is virginia [01-25-2004]

I have this thing to do for social studies but I can't find a picture or enough info about this lady Rebecca Sitwell. I looked everywhere! I thought she was famous or something but, it seems to me no one really cares or Knows about her. and so far i no is if she didn't exsist, we'd all be probably British
Dahlia, age 10,New Hyde park, Ny [01-25-2004]

Hi! My name's Melissa. I'm doing an ABC report on the Revolutionary War and I'm on O. Could you help me find some names,words,places,etc. that begin with O?? from, melissa
Melissa [01-25-2004]


Hi cool website, but it needs more games!
Ashley, 10 [01-25-2004]

I love your site it gives a lot of cool information, but I wish that you could put the winner of each battle. Please
Scott, History Class is Fun [01-25-2004]

erinn burke [01-25-2004]

To Lisa Femont please contact me
Frank Femont, geneological info [01-25-2004]

The Battle Of Fort San Carlos occurred in 1780, just after a series of British victories devastated the hopes of colonial forces. The Brits were about to pincer the colonials by capturing St. Louis and winning control of the Mississippi River, thus being able to march east, regaing control of Charleston, New Orleans and the river meant easier build up of force, exclusion of Spanish and French before France could join the fight in strength. The Battle was the only time French, Spanish and colonial forces fought together to hold a common position. About 1000 fighters were involved and cannon was used. the Battle lasted most of the day. Its THE forgotten most important battle of the Revolutionary War. Lose that battle, we talk like hockey players. Win it, we regain direction after the loss of South Carolina and associated ports.
tipledan, The Battle Of Fort San Carlos [01-25-2004]

I think you should explain more eazilly about the Revoluitionary War.
Farrah, age:13,city:Chicago,il [01-25-2004]

six of my ancesters fought in the war, two of them with Col. Blackwell at Black Swamp. I am searching for descendants of other militia who fought alongside mine.
laurie wicker proctor, florida [01-04-2004]

From On a related note: Yesterday I had lunch in Malvern, PA. and afterward took a half hour extra to ride over to the Paoli Memorial Grounds. It's funny how you always see something different, or view something differently depending on how you've changed since your last visit. At the entrance to the little grave plot there are two cannon. I never really paid attention to them, thinking like most of the ones marking Am. Rev. sites these were deemed obsolete at one time or another and donated by federal arsenals to whatever organization would come and cart them away before being turned over for scrap or river fill, and thus had no relation to the period or event (for instance, Cooche's Bridge has some 20 pd. Parrots, and Brandywine has a bunch of long 18 pd. fortress guns marking significant locations.) However, these two guns were cast in late 76 or 77 at Warwick Furnace (hex 4820), and abandoned in French Creek (dumped) to avoid capture, supposedly when Howe foreyed east from Paoli, between the time of the Brandywine battle and the crossing of the Schuylkill River. They were later dug up, but not till the next century when, of course, they were obsolete. Now, they are also interesting because they are short 18's (the barrels only about 6 ft. long). Which means they were for fortress use or mounting on ships. Now a short 18 wouldn't be optimum for use in a fortress because of the diminished range, or in a ship with more than one deck (the short barrel would make their use dangerous in the lower deck, and their weight too much for an open upper, or weather deck (at least for the ships being fitted out then by the colonials). But, one of these would have been just peachy on a row galley. Contrast these to the long 18s that I believe were salvaged from the "HMS Augusta" and are on display at Fort Mercer. At Ft. Mifflin is a cannon or two (I forget) that were recovered from a creek on the grounds of Church Farm School in the Chester, or Great Valley (see game map). These were abandoned by the Continental Army as it
Ed Wimble, 1777: A Great Game that people interested in the Philadelphia campaign of that year should check out. [01-04-2004]

You have an email from Ed Kellum [10-08-1999]making reference to Captain Alexander Ervens - I am trying to trace the Ervens family, in particular my grandfather - William Edward Ervens born 27 March 1903. Could you advise whether the info could be obtained re Captain Alexander Ervens? Thanking you
Karen Ervens, Cape Town, RSA [01-04-2004]

I really need help on writing an essay over the Revolutinary war. The topic is: did the British loose the Revolutionary more than the American won it, support your answer by specific details. I would really appreciate it if someone can help me out!
Ruksana [01-04-2004]

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