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I think the American Revoultion rocked because we fought for freedom!
Elizabeth, 9, s.c. [12-27-2003]

I would like to know if there were any North Carolina troops in the battle of Bandywine? Thanks, Cindy Alderman
Cindy Alderman, Lexington,NC [12-27-2003]

I have a commet, You should have a trivia. I LOVE trivia's! My mom say's I'am a history buff!
Kayli [12-21-2003]

Gerard Roane [12-21-2003]

How many people died in the Revolutionary war of 1776 in America
Tyler [12-21-2003]

you need to have famous quotes said by Sybil Ludington, and other revolutionaries. i couldn't find quotes on Sybil anywhere, you were my last hope, but you didn't have it. :( please help!
Amanda [12-21-2003]

anonymous, age100citycleveland [12-21-2003]

Iwould like to find info on the battle of brandywine
Kevin Malak, 11 cityChesterland,OH [12-21-2003]

this was a cool website
kaylee, 13 marysville wa [12-12-2003]

Nice site, but you might like to know, there is a typeo in the articul about vally forge, the word "The" is spelled "They" (5th paragraph)
Annika [12-11-2003]

hi i am new here and i wanted to know what its all about i read some entries and it sounds cool so i thought i should join.
Irina, 14 tacoma wa [12-11-2003]

doing a report=)
tess, hey hey [12-10-2003]

(American Revolutionary War/Cattle Rustling/New England)/vt/mass/General Rufus Putnam/My brother sam is deadAndrew Harris [12-10-2003]

please have more information for the Revolutionary War.
Joshua Villasenor, Fontana CA 92335 age 10 [12-08-2003]

I have a question. Is there a list of the american dead from the battlr at Brandywine, how can I get it?
Thomas Della-Penna [12-08-2003]

I am trying to find information for a term paper on How Contemporary Europe Viewed the American Revolution. . .can you help?? Thanks, sandy
Sandy Marcucci [12-08-2003]

please send me facts about the first Continental Congress and the views of the Partiots on the five proposals. I need information like the number of war ships britain had at the time and the amount of money they spent on tea taxes. Please send to me asap! Its due tomorrow!
anonymous, I'm 13, from Boston [12-08-2003]

i think that who ever don't want 2 go 2 Iraq 2 have a war they shouldn't go because what if they have a family and stuff huh r they still going 2 send them!
Jessica, 16 years old [12-08-2003]

I think that this web site is full of useful information. It's a very fun way of helping kids learn about the Revolutionary War.
Ana Richards, 13 years old south lake tahoe [12-08-2003]

I really like your entries. I printed out the timeline. It will really help me for school.
nick, 10\il [11-27-2003]

How about showing the Hispanic contributions to the American Revolution, such as the Ladies of Havana financing the Battle of Yorktown, when other nations couldn't help anymore?
Ernesto Figueroa [11-27-2003]

deborah sampson info needed please
Alexis, I am 11 yrs. and live in Porter, Texas [11-26-2003]

i think u should have a lot more information on George washington ! buh byez
........, florida [11-26-2003]

Could you add a section on how to load the "Brown Bess" the commonly used gun in the revollutionary war? i have to write about it for a report due in 2 weeks... please, PLEASE HURRY
alex, 13yrs. old san mateo, CA [11-25-2003]

You should make an entry on the battle at Kaskaskia!
Kevin, 10, Pawtucket [11-25-2003]

i was wondering where can i find things on Tomas Paine
Ashley White, age 13 pascagoula,MS [11-25-2003]

why did the people need to enlist at the revoluionar war? ( american history project)
tiffanee fitzhugh, 14 willis tx [11-25-2003]

i need information on the differences between the contenental army vs the british army. can you help?
lisa, femont [11-25-2003]

hi and hello i would just like to ask if you could help me out on my project on the battle of lexington and concord
grielyn peter, 14 [11-25-2003]

hi and hello i would just like to ask if you could help me out on my project on the battle of lexington and concord
grielyn peter, 14 [11-22-2003]

go lockport
courtney [11-22-2003]

I need to khow more about Debra Sampson and it takes 4ever to read through your lists. Summerize this site more or put it in order of the topic.
Crystal, Gillette,Wy. I am 13 [11-22-2003]

need more info on bunker hill
anonymous [11-17-2003]

hello, im currently doing an independent study unit and we have to trace where our sirnames came from. im having a little bit of trouble with this assignment. we have to find out as far back as we can. stuff about wars, royalty etc. i was wondering if you could help me and send me some information about my request. it would be greatly appreciated. my name is Brooke Noddle and im serching for the name: 'Noddle'. my e-mail address is: - this assignment is due in January. thank you for your co-operation. Sincerly, Brooke Noddle
Brooke Noddle, im 16 and i live in toronto canada [11-17-2003]

michael taylor, 13,chedar hill Tx [11-17-2003]

very many facts in your information.
Dustin Elliott, 14 [11-17-2003]

i hope this works my project is due tommorow
max, i need a map of the battle of king's mountain ASAP! thankx [11-17-2003]

I would like to know the route and other encampments of the Continental Army's march from its camp at Whitemarsh to its winter quarters at Valley Forge.
William Lincoln [11-10-2003]

hi you should have some learning games so we can learn and have fun
jordan, 11 years old forks washington [11-10-2003]

your web site is sooooooooooooo cool! you did a great job with the military terms but you should interview military personnel! you site would be more accurate.
keri ann copeland, 13 / monroeville / my dad is in the military [11-10-2003]

blake, 22 [11-10-2003]

I need two flags one is the American's and one is the British's- but from the 1770's... if anyone can tell me where 2 find those that would be awesome! ~thanx!~
Anna Frantz [11-08-2003]

I was wanting to know if yall had the Revolutionary War? THE MAP!
Margaret Hamer, no [11-08-2003]

your site did not have any thing to do with the rve. war
luice lou, don't email me [11-08-2003]

i really need some information on mercy otis (ottis) warren i cant find a good site with the information and i have a reseearch paper counting in language arts and social studies so i need help please this is a huge grade! email me back really soon! thanks for your help
Sara, 13 [11-08-2003]

I think that you people are very cool. Also I wanted to let you know that I fell in love with your history, so did my fith grade teachr, Mrs.Ruby.
Jordanis Ramos, age:10 city:orlando state:Florida [11-05-2003]

D.E.W, age 10 city orlando [11-05-2003]

Jordanis Ramos, age [11-05-2003]

can you add more games, please?
Ashleigh Diaz, 10, orlando, florida [11-05-2003]

Who won the revolutionary war?? what was the war about??
simon-e hansen [10-31-2003]

brittney [10-30-2003]

jack, 9 milford [10-30-2003]

sam, 13 [10-30-2003]

Hey I need to ask u some questions Who were the major people involved before the Revolionary war?What role did they play? What countries were involved in the Revoloinary war?When did each enter that war? Where did the revolionary war take place?what were the major areas for the battles...please show or send me a map of it. What changes took place as a result or the revolutionary war?i mean locally and in realation to the world. please send back answers fast pleasepleaseplease
Allison, South Carolina [10-30-2003]

its not a thought i would like to know if u can email me a picture of a shawnee indian chief thank you
jim [10-30-2003]

Sho [10-30-2003]

i need to know names of people in the revolutioary war that start with the letters a-z of the alphabet by october 30 2003! thank you sincerly, Derek
anonymous, I am 13 and I live in mansfield tx [10-30-2003]

I need to know what strategies were used during the Battle of Bunker Hill.I'm doing a report on the the battle so if you know a website that will tell me this please email me.Or if you already know the strategies will you please email me because this report is due tomorrow.Also any extra information would be greaty appreciated. This is a good site besides u need to have some stuff about the American Revolution on it.Thanks!
Tiffany Towslee, 13,Cartersville,Georgia [10-19-2003]

Marina [10-19-2003]

i need help on finding roger sherman i need to know what happen to him during and after the revolutionary war not about his life so can u help me thanks
tien nguyen [10-19-2003]

well i think it is good that we have us history cause we can learn about the war and how it happen
Nesha Rene Taplin, Temple tx, [10-16-2003]

when did the revilutiunary war begin?
anonymous [10-13-2003]

hi my name is Sally Dunn thankyou for the hiseory facts!
Sally Dunn, my age-10 city-zipcode G.R.-49505 [10-12-2003]

Why can't I find any information on how many people died during the Revolutionary War?!?! It is aggravating! any help, any one??? *THANK YOU!**
Katie, 16, Nevada [10-12-2003]

The material about Washington's campaign in 1777 is outstanding. I hoped it would continue at least through 1952. When will 1778 and beyond begin to appear? What is the source of your funds?
Jim Sitton [10-12-2003]

On the section about Conway Cable it reads:A plot to remove George Washington from power was "quashed" for good.I think you ment to say "squashed".
makenzie, decatur [10-12-2003]

this website is the best website to find all my answers i have got. it help me in my tests and quizzes. it help me to do my homework and i gave this website to my teaccher and she said it is cool and good for her students. it help me a lot and thank you very much for having this such cool websit
abdallah hadid, 13 [10-12-2003]

I think that this was I good page but hter should be more picture for students who need pictures for project of some sorts.
Amber Emery, 13 [10-01-2003]

The those British Narcissists who can't get over that their empire is no more you are not nor ever were the invincible palidins you claimed to be! Most of your empire was won against people with lesser technology than you; and a few, like both the Zulus and the Boers, gave you quite a few good whippings before you wore them down.
Robert K. Hackney, Wilmington, Ohio [09-29-2003]

Well I actually don't have any thoughts to share but I would like to know if possibly you could email me back with info on all of the countries involved in the Revolutionary War! PLEASE! I have forum in my history class and I can't find anything on the countries. So Please! Try to email them to me tonight if you can. THanks so much. P.S Your site is terrific just add a little in fo on the countries you know! Thanks again bye.
Zuri Gebert, 12 [09-29-2003]

You guys should have a search engine for your site to make findin information much easier. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
Nick [09-29-2003]

ok wow history is so fun yeah uh.huh...and i am a little bit on the special ed side
MyCaLaNn, 14 tennessee [09-24-2003]

What about John Locke he did some stuff for the colonist were is he on your web site? Also what about the colonist from 1760's - 1770's aren't they as important to? I also think that you should put stuff in like how the others felt what about the slaves and colonist! If all of that stuff is here, well it's really hard to find every thing.
Angie, Latina [09-24-2003]

Hey! I think this is a very cool site because i just was playing around and i just came to this!
Catrina Levario, I am 18 yrs. Hanfod [09-24-2003]

i need to find out who the "father of the American Navy. can you help me?
michelle maag [09-24-2003]

I really like this site it has very useful information and it is very easy to navigate.
Mr. Aguilar [09-13-2003]

Your "Timeline" is one of the best i've ever seen. Unfortunately, like most PA websites, you ignore the importance of what happened in New Jersey; YOU DON'T EVEN MENTION THE OTHER FORT (MIFFLIN) ON THE JERSEY SIDE THAT WAS EQUALLY IMPORTANT TO HOLDING Gen. HOWE BACK, at least for a while.
bill mason, Haddonfield, New Jersey [09-10-2003]

umm were doing a report on battles sites n stuff! n ur info really helps me but i need info on like the massacre of jane mcrea! or somethin like that! so if u could add that i think it might help more people other than me n mi friends! thanks!
LiNdSeY! [09-08-2003]

how do i volunteer to join the brandwine battlefield re-enactments, i would love to participate... jon
Jonathan M McDonald, 13, chadds ford, live near the brandywine battlefield [09-08-2003]

I'm doing an essay on the revolutionary ideals of the 1770 how they were good then but today are often criticied as radical. Can you give me some incite on the difference of revolution today.
Debbie, Albany KY [09-08-2003]

I need to know a lot about James Otis Jr. You really should put him in there. You don't know what you are up agenst do you? So make sure you put him in there will you?!.
Brittany, 13-Haverhill,mass [09-07-2003]

abotu the revolutionary war
queen palmer, 13, belhaven,cedar village 798 [09-04-2003]

hello, i am doing a webpage on us history and i would like to use some of your pictures that u have on your web site. Would that be ok. I will give u credit! yours truely Ellie
Ellie, 16 [08-27-2003]

I would like to know the route Washington took when he marched from NY to Cambridge to set up his first command post: names of towns he passed and other interesting things like taverns where he may have stayed enroute. Is there a book or other source for this info.
rick [08-26-2003]

1. I really like your web site. Since you describe it as "a work in progress" I'm looking forward to learning more. 2. Are you planning on adding material on the army's stay at Camp Pottsgrove? 3. In early Sept. 1777 the PA government arrested about 40 men in Phila.--most of them Quakers--and confined them in the Masonic Hall. Can you tell me where that building was?
michael snyder [08-25-2003]

i like this ws a lot u guys! thanx. i made an !82! on a test in civics and needed extra credit thnx 4 the info
jeff moore, age,17, gas house nc [08-25-2003]

yall dont have any pictures but i quess its okay:(
#1, 13 [08-21-2003]

This website should have more than one song. It should have things with good charlotte.
Brandi Bernal, 14, fontana,ca,woo hoo! [08-18-2003]

I am looking for a collection of the most famous quotes from the Revolutionary War. I teach academics as therapy at a forensic hospital, a maximum securtiy institution,in Florida. I want to do a comparison between what one says and the action the person takes, and how it affects others. Do you have a resource or another site I can try?
Phyllis J Martin [08-09-2003]

I'm looking for information about the Battle of the Nettles 6 August 1777 for an historic quilting class I'm teaching. Please send any information you might have. Thanks ever so.
Linda [08-08-2003]

Your information on the action at Paoli is incorrect in several ways. The Rebel troops did not consisder a bayom=net to be anything but a "normal" waepon of war. (Considering the bebels scalped Red Coats! The casualtied inflicted by the composite LightInfantry Battalion was some what larger than you have indicated! As for the British being "scxared", that is total rubish! The Light Infantry troops involved deliberatly died their white feathers red, so the Rebels would know who beat the hell out of them at Paoli! My regiment wear a red becking to their cap badge to this day and still offer the chalamnge - If you want us, come and get us! One of the two battalions of the regiment is at present in Iraq. Please get your facts right, and don't follw the myths! Oh, see "Rebels and Redcoast" by Hugh Bicheno ISBN 0 00 715625 1. The author is a former intelligence officer in the USA.
Jim, Military Historian [07-26-2003]

Battle of the Brandywine I am a descendant of Capt. Thomas Butler and have been researching his life. Would love to hear from other descendants. Thomas was an Original Member of the Society of the Cincinnatti from Carlisle (3rd PA). Alexander Hamilton conveyed to Thomas on the field the thanks of Gen. Washington for his bravery at the Battle of the Brandywine. He is not mentioned on the website as having been there. You can find the ref. in Veritatis Praemium published by the PA Society of the Cincinatti. Thomas was called the "Henry of Navarre of the Revolution." Some of his letters have been preserved in the Library of Congress manuscript room.
Jean Rawlings Meaney, 59, Hilton Head Island, SC; descendant of Capt. Thomas Butler [07-25-2003]

I'd like to know if a bibliography of your sidebar sources are available-- those quotes from Britisha rmy soldiers on the march, and inside Philly, etc Thanks
Eric [07-19-2003]

To the Brit that stated that US has not won any wars on its own. Just remember you were very glad to have us with you in 1941-1945. Gob Bless America
Ruth, lived through many wars, police actions and Iraqi wars [07-11-2003]

Enjoyed your history no end
Dan Anderson, I am now 83 years young lving in Nclean Va just outside of Washington--writing Military History I was raised until the war came over in Haddonfield a block from the old Indian King tavern [07-11-2003]

i will like to recieve a copy of us history books from ypou. i am a ghanaian asylum seeker in detroit michigan
forster amportey moore, indiana, virginia [07-10-2003]

i would like to say that i am very interested in looking up the american revolutionary war. i say this because i can find more information about it.
INDIA MCCAIN, 16 years old, greensboro [07-10-2003]

ROSE ABRAM, 12,.cornwall [07-10-2003]

Hey, love the site. You are a total lifesaver, I really needed to get this report done for American History (Summer School, hehehe) and you helped a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOU DESERVE AN AWARD!
Jeremy Lehman, 13, York Pa, USA! [07-10-2003]

THE SECOND ENGAGEMENT OF THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR Forty days after the Battle of Concord and Lexington, the second land and first naval, conflict of the Revolutionary War was fought in Chelsea Creek on May 27, 1775. After the battle of April 19, 1775, the British troops were driven back into Boston. The Patriots put the British and Boston under siege by completely surrounding the town on the land-side denying General Gage access to hay, fresh provisions and other supplies. With the arrival of additional British troops to Boston, came an additional need of supplies. With a determination to completely isolate General Gage's army the Massachusetts Committee of Safety, advised that all animals and provisions be moved further inland beyond the reach of British foraging parties. Henry Howell Williams was lessee of Noddle and Hog (East Boston) Islands comprising a farm and pasture. Williams did a profitable business with the British prior to April 19th. After April 19th his situation became perplexed. If Williams continued to sell to the British, he would be compromised to the Patriots, and if he refused to sell he would be subject to foraging parties. On May 27, 1775 Colonel Stark of New Hampshire, received his orders to go to Hog Island and remove all animals in the vicinity. Colonel Stark with three hundred New Hampshire men, joined by volunteers from Chelsea and other towns of Massachusetts, crossed to Hog Island by way of a ford in the creek. Over four hundred sheep were removed from Hog Island plus a number of horses and cows. Thirty volunteers crossed the Hog Island-Noddle's Island inlet, known as Crooked Creek (which was knee deep at the time) and made their way to the Williams Farm. The Williams home and two barns were set afire to prevent use by the British. Many stacks of hay were set ablaze in the field. Horses, cows and beef cattle were moved to Hog Island. What could not be moved, was destroyed to prevent the British getting them. A number of British Marines stationed on the Williams Farm charged Stark's men and a short skirmish ensued. General Gage had sent four-hundred British regulars to reinforce the marines on the island. The British heavy fire forced the Patriots to retreat to a ditch in the marsh. The British advanced slowly in drawn-up lines until they were a few feet from the waiting Americans. The entrenched Patriots opened with a deadly fire, killing and wounding a large number of the British. The British were forced to retreat. The Americans taking advantage of the break in hostilities, withdrew across to Hog Island. The British Regulars on Noddles Island began firing by platoons across the creek at the fleeing Americans. The Americans hastily cleared all animals and themselves from Hog Island across to Chelsea "Neck". In the meantime the British schooner "Diana" firing her six 4-pounders and twelve swivel guns,was sent up Chelsea Creek to cut off the American retreat from the island. After the Americans were forced back to the mainland the "Diana" tried to put about and head for deep water but the wind had died. The "Diana" found herself in a precarious position, the wind had died, she was in shallow water, the tide was going out and the sun was setting. An attempt was made to tow the schooner by marine barges. About three hundred Patriot reinforcements arrived from Cambridge with two cannons. The Patriots subjected the British Regulars and the "Diana" to heavy musket and cannon fire. Shortly after midnight, the "Diana" was pulled solidly into the mud near the Winnisimmet Ferry. The schooner could not get herself loose no matter what means was tried. The exchange of musket and cannon fire continued. At 3:00 A.M. the schooner rolled on her side, the British crew unable to work her guns, or even stand upright on her deck, abandoned the "Diana". The Americans boarded the "Diana" took her 6-four pound guns, twelve-swivels, contents of the sail locker and what ever else was valuable. Hay was piled under the schooner's stern and under her deck; the schooner was set afire. A ship of the King's Navy was burned and destroyed in Chelsea Creek, under the nose of the British fleet. This was the first capture and destruction of an enemy war vessel by the Americans in war.
Jim Tanner, This is from the Chelsea Historical Society web page [06-23-2003]

Two of 13 (colonies) toasts at George Washington's 60th birthday celebration in New York city, 1792. Source: a newspaper in my collection, the New York Journal & Patriotic Register: Pennsylvania "May the oppressed sons of libery, in foreign climes, ever find a peaceful asylum in this, our land of freedom." New Jersey May the genious of freedom accompany athe American stars to the utmost regions of the earth and under their influence, proclaim the rights of man." Virginia May the eagle of liberty hover over the world,and grasp all tyrants in its' talons. AND THIS FROM the July 4th celebration inh Philadelphia, 1798, as reported in Dunlap's: "To the brave heroes who died for the Declaration of Independence. May we never surrender the freedom purchased by their blood." I have newspapers available (reasonably priced from $20) from this and all eras in american history. email me, please. thanks.
Mitch Marner, Aurora, Colorado [06-22-2003]

Old and rare newspapers are a great source of information on the Rev War. If interested in more info on these newspapers for purchase, on the Rev war or ANY subject, Billy the Kid Jesse James, Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, Paul Revere to George Washington, slavery, Titanic, sports, all wars, and ON AND ON please contact me. Thanks ! Collecting these newspapers is a fun hobby and a good investment ! Mitch
Mitch Marner, Aurora, Colorado [06-22-2003]

Outstanding and informative site! Obviously a tremendous amount of work has been dedicated toward compiling data and development. I noticed that the fatality figures reported for the Battle of Bunker Hill on the “Quick Revolutionary War Tour 1765-1777” ( are high. American fatalities are variously reported at somewhere between 100 and 140, with 271 to 276 wounded and 30 to 36 missing, putting the total American casualty count between 401 and 452. Sources are less ambiguous regarding British casualty figures ­ likely a result of better record keeping on the part of the British Army. General consensus puts British fatalities at 226 or 228 and wounded at 828 or 826, (perhaps two troops succumbed to their wounds and were subsequently reclassified) for a total casualty count of 1,054. It appears that your author’s figures reflect total casualty counts (all combat losses) not just fatalities (KIA’s).
Terry Gile, MA (Secondary Ed--Soc Studies), BA (History), US Army (Ret), JROTC Instr -- 1991 - Present. [06-22-2003]

I am looking for info on a John Legore or Jean LeGore born appox.1755. Family Stories have him being an Aide de Campe to General Washington. Is their any truth?
Tim Legore, pa [06-18-2003]

love davy crockeet
Davy Crockeet, rember the alamo [06-15-2003]

I was wondering, I recently toured Edinburgh castle in Scotland and learned that our prisoners of war from the Revelutionary war were held there. Do you know of any more information about that? Thanks
Linda [06-10-2003]

i dont think the usa as won a major war on its own usa as achive no where near as much as great britain past and preasant god save the queen wht can u say god save hollywood or g bush wht a joke of a country
red coat [06-08-2003]

do you have an pictures of Patrick Henry
Sarah [06-03-2003]

All of the information is all good buti don't really like to read that much information,The really important questions are Why? When it started? When US involve? Why? Timeline, Countries/Leaders, Important Battles and rsults of the War. I know some of the information are there but you have to right straight to the point. But I still learned something out of this information even though i don't really like to read. Thanks for the info!
Andrea, 17 years old Honolulu,HI [06-03-2003]

i think the war was very boring and they should come on out with better books
ashley, 13 [05-29-2003]

looking for any information on capt.jacob bauer, who commanded the forth independet company of foot under major ottendorf.
a.j. scungio, 34 johnston R.I [05-27-2003]

i would like 2 knw how many americans would still like 2 have a king or queen a dont forget we have had the greatist empire the world as ever seen we civilisd the world god save the queen
andrew middle [05-22-2003]

i think that this site is perfect for kids because they can learn a lot from this if they have reports on the revolutionary war. i think kids all ages should start learning about the past so what i am getting to is that you guys should keep this site on here for as long as there is computer....but you should add music or like,revolutionary war music site,you know because it would also teach us what kind of music they had back then if you had that kind of site, and you would also make lots of money! well g2g bye bye
Stephanie, 11, crandon, wi, [05-22-2003]

i think the revolution war was a writew thing to due so we with wth not have to listen to englad...
melanie, i'm 12, i live in ma,new bedford [05-15-2003]

i wold like too talk abou the battle of bunker hill
ashley, 11/or [05-15-2003]

Yo this site is nice. It is better than the ones i saw on the revolutionary war. except i can't find no pictures of William Howe. peace!
Enock Gonzalez II, 15 [05-14-2003]

I am currently researching Deborah Sampson, a woman who dressed as a man and fought as a soldier in the Revolutionary War...If anyone out there knows of some good resources for me to look into please let me know...
Debra [05-14-2003]

hi its taryn and i just wanna say hi.bye bye
taryn mansfield [05-14-2003]

I'm am working on project. Can you tell me where I can find any other rebus games? Nick
nick larson, age 10 [05-14-2003]

looking for any revolutionary information which begins with the letter X and Z.
richard m [05-14-2003]

why dont you have any info on lexington and concord or the battle of monmoth
matt sullivan [05-14-2003]

I think that the war was really great becuase we got free and have our own contry and nobody ruins the United States Of America
miranda [05-03-2003]

I thought the war was scarey because we neeed to know who is the best and the country that has the well trained.
Amber Burris, 11,Iowa [05-03-2003]

Hi my name is Nick for short.I would like to ask you if you could make some educational war games please.Thankyou!
Nicklas Adam Clever, age:11 favorite to do:vidio games [05-03-2003]

school is ok. Igot animals . has a friend come over all the time
Brittany Ice, 8727 Kuhn Rd Pa 17225 GC age12 [05-03-2003]

Looking for information regarding Commodore John Barry, other" father of the US Navy".
carol park, 67 live in Carson City NV [05-03-2003]

Who was Paoli, for which the town was named? If you know, please e-mail me at Thanks!
Cliff Schwaertz [05-03-2003]

As a newly accepted member of the D.A.R. (817740),I can truly appreciate my ancestory and what my 7th great-grandfather,Balthezar Bumgardner endured so that I have the life I do now, God Bless America and our Patriots!
Jeannie M. Sullivan [05-03-2003]

Dear revpeople, I am very interested in your website but what I would like to see is more information and games about the war and for the games only two of them so i am doing my project and it is due Apr.29 about it and i looked on every website that I know and i am just asking you to please help real qiuck so if you can email me till sunday that will be great thanks and I will try to give you support to your company God bless.
Mariam Are, 9&half turning 10 july 5 brooklyn, ny 11216 [05-03-2003]

Thank you for having this site it will really help with my test tomorrow!
Gretchen [05-02-2003]

Hi, I am doing a reseach paper on the British capture of Philadelphia in 1777 and the events that occured at Valley Forge. I was wondering if you had any priliminary sources, diary's or letters written home from soldiers during those events. If you could please write me back.Thank you, yours truly, Sarah
Sarah [05-02-2003]

This is a fantastic site, it is so difficult to get much information about this conflict here in England, I think becasue the period is so overshadowed by yet another war with France. I will visit again and again. Has anyone anything specific on the actions of the 10th Foot?
Deano, Lincoln England [05-02-2003]

I think you people should have more information on the Revolutionary war. I mean I'm doing a report on Sybil Ludington and she isn't even on here!
Becky, 13 [04-24-2003]

i think this is a graet site needs more info though
tc hilton, 15 springtown [04-24-2003]

hi i need some information on rev war please
Erika, age 11 [04-24-2003]

Darrel E. Lee, This website can probably tell you if your ancestor was at Valley Forge or not. I hope you find what you need, Sorry I can't be of more help to you.
anonymous, age 14 [04-24-2003]

Why did you stop the website at Valley Forge? This was not the end of the war!
anonymous [04-24-2003]

I really found your website helpful:-) thanks!
anonymous [04-24-2003]

I have some information that my ancestor and his brother were at the battle of Brandywine. My understanding is that they were in the 8th Pennsylvania Infantry. I don't know whether it was militia or not. Can anyone help me with what American units were in the battle and/or does anyone know the history of the 8th Pennsylvania?
Darrell E. Lee, Issaquah, WA [04-19-2003]

desiree [04-15-2003]

what am i
priscilla ruiz [04-15-2003]

even though this website may not help you try hasrder and think of reality!
Angela Vela, 14/f/san antonio texas [04-15-2003]

Is there any truth behind the story the White was originally burnt by the British, then painted white, hence the name?
Chris Fewtrell [04-15-2003]

I'm trying to do a comparison between the French and American war. What do they have in common and what made them different from each other?
Dewanda Coleman, 27 years old, Greenwood MS., college student [04-10-2003]

do u have any thing on james armistead
victoria sibley [04-09-2003]

hi my name is raven and i need iformotion about mecry otis warren who was a women who lived doring the rev.war im doing a bio. in school about her so can u please e-mail me back with some information on her thanx!bye
raven, people [04-09-2003]

1.Apparently Squire Cheney lived or was staying at Centre House in Marshallton prior to providing Washington with the information regarding the British Troop movement across Trimble's ford. Question is.. IS Centre House still in existance? and where might it be? 2. Spear travelled from Martin's Tavern (again in Marshallton), south down Northbrook Road which was the exact route that Cornwallis later traveled north on toward Trimbles Ford and eventually crossing the East branch of the Brandwine creek. Question is... Is Martin's Tavern still in existance? THNX, Joe
Joseph Weber, Marshallton, PA [04-04-2003]

the only resone iam here is my teacher is making me
bob [04-04-2003]

your games are really rubbish thats what me and my class thinks you could inprove, the info is okay for history
sarah, spalding [04-04-2003]

hello, you might remember i put a message on this site a while ago and got a very nice reply from Jonathan Schmalzbach. i tried to reply to the email address but my messages were all return with one of those "failed to deliver mail demon" things. so i thought i would post a reply here instead. As i am sure you remember (well i hope you do anyway) i was posting that i thought calling the paoli massacre a massacre was unfair. I have further evidence to back up my case! in the reply i was told that the attack was an ambush against troops who could not really defend themselves and they were not given the chance to surrender before it started. By these criteria, surely that attack on the hessians (another dreadful miss spelling from daniel) after george washington did the whole crossing the delaware (sorry if i am mixing up details, you know the battle i mean!) would be an ambush too? the hessians were taken by surprise and so mostly did not have their weapons or even their uniforms. they were not given the chance to surrender until a large number of them had been killed while they were unable to defend themselves. now to my mind this is reasonable, the hessians were there to fight a war and got caught out and so lost, but if you insist on calling paoli a massacre, then surely this attack is just as much of massacre? you can call paoli what ever you want, but i think you should try and be consistant in the way you describe the actions of both sides. despite all the amubushes and surprise attacks they performed, i am willing to bet you dont ever call one of them a massacre of british soldiers. thanks for your time! ps- in your reply you said you were delighted i was british, why are you delighted? i dont get it.
daniel, evil red coat (boo hiss) in Britain [04-02-2003]

hi im your big fan
michael flores, im 11, national city, [04-02-2003]

If you will,can you send some information on the Revolutionary War.I'm doing a report on it and I would appriciate if I can get more information
Grace Hernandez, age 11,National City 1121 Est 6 street #2 [04-02-2003]

The colors on yhe pages don't match
joanna [04-02-2003]

HEY!I love your website!It helped me a lot on my report!~*
Hannah Frye, 11 years old/pineville la/ [04-02-2003]

I need pictures for the American Revelution
Angel [04-02-2003]

Well look what I stumbled on. Hello.I'm from England. Americans are too fond of pointing out that they " Kicked our Asses" in their little war of independance. But do they know that England was at war for most of it with both France, Spain and Holland, and were it not for direct French support they would have lost it. That we had to simultaneously prevent French and Dutch militatry take over of our possesions in the West Indies and India as well as put a stop to an invasion of our country by the combined French and Spanish fleets. America has a long way to go yet before it even comes close to the glory that was the British Empire. Yours humbly, V.V
Victor Vitol, England [04-02-2003]

Could you possibly tell me who owned the land that the battle of Breeds Hill was fought on. I am doing my husbands family tree and I was told that a family member of his owned the land. Thanks, I love your site.
Tammy [04-02-2003]

once i used your website it helped me get a 100 on my american revolution priogect
Amanda Asselin, I am 11 years old [04-02-2003]

Does anyone know the percentage of British & Patriot soldiers that were killed in the Battle of Brandywine? If anyone knows you can contact me by sending the info to the following address:
Raychell kirklin [04-02-2003]

Hi, I was wondering if you could send me a brochore for more information on The Battle of Brandywine. If you have brochores, please e-mail me for my address because we need a brochore for a report in my Social Studies class. Thank you, I would appreciate it a lot!
Brittany [04-02-2003]

You should like make the tunes longer than they are and more about the revolution war
Lenora Miller, age 12 at Point Lay Alaska [04-02-2003]

ToHERYL DREWITT, nofolk,Va 23 [04-02-2003]

Can you tell me where to look for good approximate numbers of women who actually fought in the Revolutionary War? thanks.
Maggie Smith, 7th grader [04-02-2003]

Am doing an A-Z book on Am. Revolution War and need an entry for X and Z -- any ideas? Do you know of an Xavier or Zachary that did something to write about?
Connie, Georgia [03-18-2003]

thanks for the great web i come here when i need something about the rev. war i come to this great web site. your freind, miah-lyn
MIAH-LYN, salida,colorado my age is 11 [03-18-2003]

I need like some Revolutionary questionz...exactly 8 because i got to make a game for class thanx u! :-D
anonymous, 14, Maryland [03-18-2003]

anthony [03-14-2003]

I am working on a project and need a rebus for the word truth. Got any ideas? Thanks.
jen [03-14-2003]

Just wondering if you have plans (timeline?) to finish the story of the war. Unless I'm mistaken, it ended with the encampment at Valley Forge.
Jim, age 46; Clementon, NJ [03-14-2003]

does any body have info about americas revelution
frog a.k.a pamila, 13 of texas (03-08-03) [03-14-2003]

I think it is fun
Kristen, i am 9 [03-14-2003]

I love this website! I need some extra information -- I am taking a graduate course & doing a Unit on State Admissions (joining the union) & Commemorative State Quarters. Thanks!
Linda Brown, Atlanta, GA [03-14-2003]

I think that this website is very funny by chance iam going to tell all my friends because this is tight.
Kyle Murphy, 14 Inglewood [03-06-2003]

i dont have e-mail
jesus bastida, 10,mecca [03-05-2003]

I need some pictures of the americans and the british.
anonymous [03-01-2003]

I need to know more on the battles leading into the war{ex:Lexington}
~~Allison; ), I love cute boyz! [03-01-2003]

I really enjoyed this website and got a lot of neat info! There is so much stuff about the American REvolution I didn't knowW
Kelly [03-01-2003]

all info on the revolutionary war
kiki, 16 [02-24-2003]

Wow... unactive are we? Interesting...
paintedtherain [02-24-2003]

HELP<, I need info about the supplies and dress of the Revolutionary War Soliders. If anyone has pictures on this please send them to me, I need this for a 6th grade school project. Thanks
Nina, Virginia [02-22-2003]

This web site helped me in my social studies it's a LOVELY Program and probley helps every bodey uses it of the REV-War Thanks to this web site.
Brandon Keeling [02-21-2003]

Does anyone have info on General Henry Knox of Revolutionary War fame?
Dodie [02-20-2003]

darminquell brown [02-20-2003]

i was reading the bit on the paoli massacre where the british bayonneted the american soldiers. I think your coverage of this was a bit biased. why was it a massacre? i mean the americans were armed soldiers, it was a war, and they got taken by surprise. Do you call it a massacre in battles where the british were ambushed? I'm a peaceful soul, so the idea of bayonneting people and getting blood everywhere is gross to me, but its just a battle, not a massacre. I understand that american properganda at the time may have used it in that light. but ambushing soldiers is not a massacre (if it is the rebels did a hell of a lot of massacring!) please email me with your thoughts (also, sorry if i spelt massacre wrong, i can think of these things, but i cant write em down very well!)
Daniel, British dude, but dont hold that against me! hear me out! [02-19-2003]

i have an imrtant report,i need a guy for a topic
Moe [02-19-2003]

anonymous [02-19-2003]

i loive my history tooooooooooooo!
dawnyelle, i love boyz! [02-19-2003]

talk to me please
Kevin, 10 [02-15-2003]

no homework!
Kevin, 10 looking for someone to talk to [02-13-2003]

how do u set up a letter during the revolutionary war time periode
bebus [02-13-2003]

i need rev war info
ben [02-13-2003]

i need more stuff on George Washington
kevin [02-13-2003]

you have the nices sites here
misheala, 10y. spring creek,nv [02-12-2003]

I want information about the Frigate "Boston" and any information on Joel Philbrook
Kenneth MacGregor, descended from two revolutioary war soldiers.44yrs,formerly from N.J.,now from Iowa [02-10-2003]

i would like to have more on the revelutionary war and signers of the decleration of independance!
Ariel miller, age 11 city cullman state alabama [02-10-2003]

i need to know when and where the first battle of the Revolution was fought~ ASAP!
anonymous [02-10-2003]

would like very much to secure established facts regards to french military assistannce on the battle front, no. of french troops used, burial sites of french forces on american soil. i'm weary of this old about lafayette battle cry in view of the french cooperation we get in today,s problems in iraq.advise were i can obtain info that is proven & accepted as factually true.
richard w. heater, 81 yrs, my father served in france in '17 & '18 under the rally cry of lafayetter,we are here, in '41 we repeated the same cry. [02-10-2003]

I need a picture of Nancy Morgan Hart. [02-05-2003]

Do you have any information on Margaret C. Corbin? [02-05-2003]

McKenna, Southport [02-05-2003]

send me an e-mail 4 the heck of it!
bigbob [02-05-2003]

I dig learn'n bout war and that kind of stuff You know what that war is called the civil reveloutinary.
kasandra, I'm 15 live in wahidi and speak english as a second language [02-05-2003]

I thought I might find this info the easy way and ask someone who might know. My GGGG grandfather John Emery enlisted in the Revolutionary War as a private, on January 20, 1777. he served in Captain James Moore's company commanded by Francis Johnston. His name last appears on the rolls of Sept. 9th, 1778, which shows him sick at Yellow Springs. He lived in New Jersey but joined a Pennsylvania regiment. Does any of you know anything about the company her served in and where Yellow Springs is located? If you know any good reading material on the Fifth Pennsylvania Regiment, that would be some help also. This is a great site and I hope a lot of young people come here to learn something, just like this old guy. Thanks ahead of time. Steve
steve, I'm a young 56 [02-05-2003]

I just watched the Patriot on TV. The star of the show was Ben Martin. I noticed that they used a lot of real names in the movie of people who were in this war. Is Ben Martin a real person? Was this movie based on a true storie?
Cindy Rowe [02-03-2003]

What a great site for history lovers! I'm looking for some detailed information about the Commitees of Correspondence circa 1776. Do you have some add'l info or websites I can check out? Thanks!
Dana [02-03-2003]

Heyy y'all! SUPP? well since no one really knows about the spies during the revolutionary war i figured id write a lil about them well one spy named 355 (woman) spied on the british for the americans she was part of the famous Culper Ring her name can not be revealed because of the life she led she did many great things for the culper ring and was said to be able t outwit them all! she married some guy (i forgot his name) and became pregnant. her husband told her to quit but she wouldnt give up on doing the thing that she loved and.... was captured and put on a british prison ship and died giving birth to her son no im not a geek, i juss had t do a termpaper on women who were spies in the revolutionary war
Alessandra, 12, ny-islip, i attend islip middle school right now in 7th grade [01-29-2003]

Seesa [01-29-2003]

I need info on the green mountain boys, the navagation acts, reactionary{what it means}, and radical
Kaitlin [01-29-2003]

I need any websites or info. on the battle of Yorktown A.S.A.P! =)
claudia, 13 [01-29-2003]

kiana washington, age [01-29-2003]

I really enjoyed your site. Several years ago, I worked at Kings Mountain NMP as a part-time reenactor. I played both a Mountaineer and a British regular. Unfortunately, I couldn't get hired on permanent. Part of my Graduate Research is acquiring information on the economic and visitation impact created to the local communites by reenactment activities Any information regarding these numbers or other organization contacts that could assist with this research would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike Smith
Mike Smith, Graduate Student, NC State University [01-29-2003]

My birthday is on febuary 22,1994.Anyway like learning about Martin Luther King Jr. because I like the way he freed the country.I like math because it is fun mysterious.
Monique (Angelina) Castillo, My age is :08 My city is : Manteca,CA [01-29-2003]

like to know about some sites about the rev war. P.S.: send it to me
Josh, Hi mom! [01-29-2003]

sup ya'll? im from Canada and i jus' wanna say this website is da best. it tells me what i need 2 know 'bout the revolution. i know it was an important battle 2 ur freedom. well if the war wasn't faught then it might've been different.
Kailee Webb, age 15, Langley, British Columbia (Canada) [01-29-2003]

Well im impressed on how this site is set up. i've been 2 several other sites as well, and this one takes the cake eh. a little canadian humor(eh). thanx 4 the info! even as a canadian i see how this battle was important 2 ur guys' freedom.
Cindy Eng, age 14, Richmond, (British Columbia, Canada) [01-29-2003]

You need more facts about the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence,the Civil War, and the Constitution of the United States of America.
Ramu V., 10 years old, Georgia [01-26-2003]

i love this website i hope you keep up the good work also i was wondering bout the revolutionary war can u explain more about it ?
SHANEKA, 13,illinois holla at ur girl [01-23-2003]

Im doing a report for my history class and i cant find any info on Abigail Adams and her role in the American Revolutionary war if anyone knows anything about abigail adams please send it to me at
Roger Krieger, IM 13 and i live in eau claire mi [01-23-2003]

I was wondering if u ever saw the film the patriot and if you that the prtrayal of the french was reasonable and fiar and if they were poortrayed differently from the english and is the comparison of the french to the english fair thnx
Amanda [01-22-2003]

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I would like to know how diseases(ex. smallpox) effected the war! *anyone please help* email me... ! thanx! ~Chelsea ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Chelsea, *i love buttercup* .:Age: 13:. [01-22-2003]

i like the website it explains a lot
tasha, 14,from chi town luv cute boys who keep it real [01-22-2003]

Can someone please get me a picture on the revoluntary warin the U.S
Margaret Diggs, I am 17 yrs old live in Arlington [01-20-2003]

You need more info on battles and people,and a longer list of battles.
Dean Asbury [01-20-2003]

wow this is the best web site ever.
sophia, 10 years old, [01-20-2003]

I thought this web site was good.
goo goo face, 10 years old [01-17-2003]

I thought this web site was good.
Kelly Stanley, 10 years old [01-17-2003]

Why don't you include a section on Washington's encampment around Fageleysville from Sept. 20-26?
michael snyder [01-17-2003]

howdy i just stumbled on this site and thought i'd say
B Rog, 14 [01-17-2003]

steven [01-17-2003]

i need to know about the american rev.war just the war. nothing else but the war
~*~*~*ASHLEY MCCONNELL~*~*~*~, 12,sunland, cali, luv boyz, have the hottiest boyfriend/& my b-day is dec.29 [01-17-2003]

Your site gives lots of information and tells a lot history to help students with reports or other activities.
Jammer, Bell City [01-09-2003]

Only the yanks can make a meal out of a mole hill,The royal berks new how to keep you in tow,and still do
GNR chaston, b.a.o.r. [01-09-2003]

I have a letter from President Andrew Jackson To may SIXTH GREAT GRANDFATHER Ninian Beall. Is it possable to find out what battles he was in. As I am a great history buff. But this is an inportent one to me and may family. I looked in your site in hopes that I might find a list of all the brave Americans men that fought for our (freedom) Independance.
Gary West [01-09-2003]

ur site well.....!I love it!
hi hi, Im 19 [01-08-2003]

when i looked at this site, i realized that all you offer is a timeline. a timeline is great to have, but it doesnt provide you with enough information, persay to write a report. you dont have pictures or anymore information outside the dates of the battles and so forth. i think that would be a helpful addition to this site.
jenn [01-08-2003]

i think this page is da bomb
Tia Mowry, im 13 yrs old [01-08-2003]

This sight didnt help me much but thanks anyway
brittany [01-08-2003]

I'd like to see the story of Chiam Solomon on this site. I've not been able to find it.
Robert Moore, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 [01-04-2003]

Stephanie Moreta, no [01-03-2003]

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