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Taramarinina [12-22-2002]

i like the site but when i looked up revolutionary war i got really confused. i think you should just have a timeline, major battles or events happening during the revlutionary war, and informartion o the revolutinary war.!. P.S~ WRITE BACK A.S.A.P
giana, AGE:12 GENDER:girl NAME:giana [12-22-2002]

cyndi, 15, valpo, IN [12-22-2002]

I think you should give more information about the Americas
Ashleigh Meyers, none [12-22-2002]

i love your sight. you helped me a lot with my projects. i also like the timeline that you guys made. p.s. wright back.
shaun baker, 13, woodstock, Illinois,male, north america [12-18-2002]

like the site
allie, 18 years [12-18-2002]

Dear UShistory, you have helped me do my report on the Rev.War Thanks Kenny
Kenny Brown, UpperDarby [12-18-2002]

My 8th graders are writing a newspaper during REV.War times. Part of their paper is to write sports articles and they would like to know what sports were played during this time period. thanks
Lynnor Holoder [12-18-2002]

we are writing a report on valley forge and i need more information or more help!
jade, 11years old brookport il [12-18-2002]

lynn dolbeer [12-15-2002]

How does the movie: THE PATRIOT, explore and utilise the techniques which apply to propoganda, patriotism, manipulation and the fact that it is 'good' and 'noble' to die for your country?
nina [12-15-2002]

I really don't like homework but have to do it.
spiderman, 10 yrs. santa teresa new mexico [12-14-2002]

i think personally you need to include more about what the americans gained and lost in the war and what the british lost and gained in the war! and the treaty of paris that really ended the American Revolutionary War
jessica [12-14-2002]

I have a question and I would appreciate it if you write me back. Everyone has always said the Revolutionary War was a good thing and I agree. But has anyone ever said it was bad and if so why? Thank you for your time!
Matt Stiers, 17,cincinnati Oh, St. Xavier High School [12-07-2002]

I would like to ask you if the Revolutionary war was and offensive or defensive war. The reason Im asking it's my agrument that no war can be won by just a defensive strategy, that some where someone ie troops will have to go on the offensive. The only two times in history that I know of where a nation try to you a defense strategy was the America Civil War, and Vietnam. To the best of my knowledge no one has ever won an defensive war, Im I wrong in arguing this perspective. Thank you,please inform . Respectfull yours ML Smith
Michael lee Smith, Barstow Cal age 54 [12-07-2002]

hello i'm a mexican
xose [12-07-2002]

austin [12-07-2002]

i need some help me and my partner are doing a project and we need too do and ABC book on the american Revolutionary war. We are stuck on finding words can you help?
Elisa [12-07-2002]

i am doing a project can you hlp me with it
phong [12-07-2002]

i am seeking any information on a captain john kyle who was a member of the pennsylvania militia and was part of barrs detachment of westmoreland. or if anyone knows where i can find access to rev. war military records. thanks!
kim kyle, from ohio [12-07-2002]

Ilike it
The One, Kooooooooooooooool cite [12-07-2002]

cool waz^
Joel Wasson, 14meridian [12-07-2002]

I really like what you people have writen. It is very interesting. My teacher will probobly really enjoy reading this stuff to tell her class.
Keegan [12-07-2002]

I need facts on the revolutionary war of 1782-1785
kiesha [12-07-2002]

Ihave a question. I'm doing a project over the American Revolutionary war and I have to have a name of a famous person for all the letters in the alphabet. PLEASE HELP
Cassandra Ross, 13 years old [12-05-2002]

I think it is cool but you should put more facts about the Battle of Philedelphia
anonymous [12-05-2002]

I was wondering if you could give me any sites to visit to find out more about the R. war.
Nikki, 9 wilmington nc [12-05-2002]

i am looking for information about the spyies during the Revolutionary War!
PREDATOR [12-05-2002]

I want to tell you that i like what you are doing with this site because i have to do a 600-1000 word paper on Valley forge of 1777-1778. I attend Eisenhower Middle School. I would like to thank you for this and thats it. Keep up the good work. Holla bAck early!
T'Aira Ni'Quelle Wright, 13,Norristown,Pa Iam a American indian mixed with black,white,and asain. [12-05-2002]

I'am looking for information on the following Revolutionary Forts. Fort Cox (mouth of Cross Creek on the Ohio River above Fort Wheeling. Fort Wheeling and Baker's Fort (up the Ohio from Fort Wheeling. My Great(6)Grandfather servered at these Forts in 1777-1778 as A Wood Ranger, 1st SGT. I'am a member of the SAR. Thank you!
James C. Arnold, U.S.ARMY Retired, Ellettsville, Indiana [12-01-2002]

Does anyone know of a revolutionary military ball?? We could have great fun.
amy fox, new knoxville. ohio [12-01-2002]

I like the web and all, but you should have a place where kids can ask questions and you peoples gives them the answers. I have a question 4 u... what happened the them (the americans government and way of life) after they won the war? How? When? Where? why? Who? What? I need these answers. Love, peace, and hair grease!
Jasmine Smith, 14 yrs. [12-01-2002]

i think you should put more stuff about laffyettehe is so cool!
mary kelton, im 11 yrs. old romoland ca 92585 [11-27-2002]

tyler [11-27-2002]

Supposedly my ggggg-grandfather, Thomas Green, was a wagonmaster at Brandywine. He was killed while moving horses and supplies when the horses stampeeded overturning the wagon. His brother, John, was wounded but survived. My question is, does anyone know of any way that I can confirm this story?
Betsy Groh, Atlanta [11-27-2002]

valley forge is the bomb it has a lot of history and it is cool
marcel carroll [11-25-2002]

Your website is great you can find everything you need.
lori, 11,Louisiana [11-25-2002]

this website is da bomb! (it haz a lotta info ya know)
taka wata [11-24-2002]

it is kinda cool
christie lee hamilton, iakharbor wahington i am 17 [11-24-2002]

Hi, My name is Kristina. I attened MJHS. The game is wonderful and all the information you have put into these pages are great! Kristina
Kristina, 13 marshwood jr high school [11-21-2002]

I am looking for a battle flag for Brandywine, PA. Is there a seperate one or which one was the country using at that time. Is there any history behind either?
Marty Pendergraft, Stanley, NC [11-21-2002]

i am doing a 1000 word eassy on valley forge and i need to know certian info about it. but no matter what web page i go to i can't find info about the activities soldiers and military officers participated in during there stay @ valley forge. i am also looking for some of the soldiers names.
kim, 12, 7th grade, irvine,ca [11-21-2002]

I normally hate social studies and all, but this was a really great site. It had tonz of colorful pictures
Kaylah, Illinois, 13 [11-21-2002]

I am looking for some information about the battle of Kettle Creek that took place in Wilkes County Georgia in February of 1789. Aslo I need some information where I might find detailed color drawings from the internet of Georgia and South carolina Militia and loyalists. Also some information on a colonel James Boyd who was an English colonel
Drew Scoggins [11-21-2002]

i need help,i need a copy or the words to the starspangled banner and info about the war and the guy who wrote it1
SARAH [11-21-2002]

I am looking for a battle flag for Brandywine, PA. Is there a seperate one or which one was the country using at that time. Is there any history behind either?
Marty Pendergraft, Stanley, NC [11-20-2002]

yankee, 11 [11-20-2002]

henry mickliyurt, i only 10 [11-20-2002]

Is there any reason why Anthony Wayne is referred to as homeboy, in your article on the Paoli massacre. (See excerpt below) Is this an historical term? thanks -------------Midnight. Paoli. Hidden deep in a forest, homeboy Anthony Wayne, a 32-year-old Division leader, plans a surprise attack on the rear column of the British army. Around him, shadowy campfires dimly illuminate a meadow encampment of 1,500 soldiers under his command.
Martin Pearson [11-18-2002]

Thank you for having this page i had to do a report and this website made it very easy.
Laciunaga Pittman, 18 Waynesboro MS [11-15-2002]

patricia, forth worth [11-15-2002]


This website was extremely helpful to me. I am writing a report on Valley Forge. However, I do have one small question for you. I could not seem to find it on this website. I was wondering if the 1st Conneticut Regiment of the Revolutionary War was present at the Paoli Massacre as well as Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-78. Please e-mail me soon; I do not have much time to wait for your answer.
Kate [11-13-2002]

I think that the battles were very brutal and bloody . I am very sorry for all the people and families who lost a loved one.
Crystal Tarjick, 12 Pittsfield Ma 01201 [11-13-2002]

I liked the tunes you played on this web site and I really hope that I can find some more imformation on the thirteen colonies. Who knows, I might have to write a three page report! Anyway,I really like your web sight and I have to go now. Bye! Thanks,Sephra
Sephra Hochstein, I am 11yrs. I live in Luling TX [11-13-2002]

I like the tunes that you played and I found a lot of information on this web page. I hope I find a lot on this webpage. First of all, I need more information about Thanksgiving.Thank You Thank You Very Much Your Friend Elvis
Amanda, 11yrs. lulingTx. 78648 [11-13-2002]

kellie [11-13-2002]

i would like detailed information on the minuteman of the revolutionary war thankyou
matt small, 13 claremont ca [11-13-2002]

The American Revolution is fascinating! If you were to live in those times then you would most likely look down upon America for trying to revolt. However that war gave us this freedom. So many people don't realize just HOW free we are! In China they aren't allowed to have more than one child. (One of their new laws) There are countries allowing slavery and some that jail people for not having the (sarcastic like) right (normal voice) religion! When you think about all that then you REALLY start to apperciate the American Revolution!
Lamain, Kansas City, MO [11-11-2002]

How come all these people on here can find great information on this site when I don't even know where to go?I think they are weird!!THANX A HEAP!!
Cambrian, 13,Gate City,BIG MOUTH!!! [11-11-2002]

I would like some help for school.On the war in 1777 branywine,pennsylvania.To find the people in that war. thank you!! P.S. your sight is helpful(and cool)
Adele Hymel, '' '' [11-10-2002]

can you please give some information about the war(valley forge). that is if you dont mind.also can you please type it in this little box thanx, Mari Turner
Mari Turner, no thanx [11-10-2002]

Please add important events to Time Line: 1776 British occupy Newport, Rhode Island 12/8 1778 Battle of Rhode Island 8/29 1779 British evacuate Rhode Island
Lee [11-10-2002]

hey! this is an awesome site. I am doing a report on this, and ur site was the best site i have looked @!(i have looked at a lot, so that's a big compliment!) But i need 2 know some things. Like who ur webmaster is for "The Philedelphia Campaign" and what year it was made. That would be terrific if u could get back to me ASAP! Thank u soooo much. -Emily
Emily, age 12 [11-10-2002]

i have a project on benjaman franklin, and i thoght this selection was a good to do it on thank you for eletricity or i couldn't be doing this right now!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRITTANY HOMITZ [11-08-2002]

I love this site. I found all my info for my research here. Thanks a bunch!!
slim, 17 [11-08-2002]

I am doing a DAR assignment and I found EverythingI needed right here!!!! Thanks!!!!!
Logan [11-08-2002]

Question: Were there prisoners of war? For example, after a British defeat, what typically happened to all the British soldiers? The Americans did not have the manpower or prisons to hold them, did they? I am most curious. Thank you.
mari siegel [11-08-2002]

I just need some help with American Revolution Book report! I know some body can help me to.
Dera, Colubia, Missouri age10 [11-08-2002]

anonymous, 12 PdC WISCONSIN [11-08-2002]

I believe you should share some poems that might have been writen during this time or between the people that were involved at this time. Thanks!
mandy, 13,pdc [11-08-2002]

hey i think that you should like give more detail on valey of battle forge because i have a dar due like weds and i have like no info and i think its still a great site but u need more on valley of battle forge
jasmine [11-04-2002]

I don't have any thoughts
Hannah, 13 [11-04-2002]

Hey! I just wanted to tell you how neat I thought this site was. I have to do a DAR. it's on A Winter at Valley Forge and you have to pretend like you are a soldier and you have to write a letter to your family and tell them the conditions and what it's like. Thank You for your great help with this site!! Chelsea
Chelsea [11-03-2002]

To say what the Philadelphia Campaign is!
Kell L [11-03-2002]

I am doing a project on Marylands role in the Revolutionary War and I saw that this is one of the major battles they Maryland Regiments fought in, could you give me any information on Marylands Regiments that fought in this war...
Travis Dillinger, Pella,Iowa [11-01-2002]

Hopefully someone can help me out there for I've not had much success on the topic from other onlne resources. I'll be giving a group presentation on Military Communication in a few weeks and I've elected myself to cover the period from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War. Naturally there's volumes to be read on current military communications online as well as elsewhere, but very little concerning how wartime communication was carried out during the dawn of our country. Any relevant information or direction would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ron
Ron, I'm old but I'm still learnin' [10-31-2002]

hi i am doing a project on the revolutionary war it has to be done by this friday and i would like to know where i can get the timeline on what happen at cetain days on deborah samson was in the war without anybody knowing. did her father know anyone in the family. did she have kids at this time or any imformation you can give me before November the first thanx
joevon, 14,whiteville [10-30-2002]

chris [10-30-2002]

i need to know what side General von Steuben fought for in the Revolutionary War for a German-American internet scavenger hunt. Thank you for helping.
anonymous, Charlie Kendrick,14,Florence,S.C. [10-30-2002]

I was wondering if you knew how the Stamp Act was a cause of the Revolution. Your thoughts are apprectiated! Thanks
Jenn [10-30-2002]

Why did the rebel Americans win the war and what were their strengths and weaknesses during the course of the war?
Tom Radcliffe, 19 [10-29-2002]

Lexie, Age 10,city Baltimore MD [10-29-2002]

Dear webmaster I had 2 sign-off 4 a second. I have some more questions 2 answer; please B patient. Response 2 TOPHER who wrote in on 10/16; What a GREAT question!!Who did light the lanterns in the " OLD NORTH CHURCH" in Boston? I think that somewhere in my readings I saw this name, but I can't recall it right now; should U find the answer please let me know!! You also ask, along with many others, about the names of soldiers wounded and caputured at the battles of Brandywine and Trenton, My friends, I really don't know this information but I recommend that U contact the local Historical Societies, they may have the records that U desire; also try your local ethnic socities. Response 2 David C. Westmoreland posted on 10/24; My young friend, I can understand your frustration with the lack of information that most history books contain, please understand that history is a changing subject; there is so much infornmation that these books wish to tell that they tend to skim over somany major issues. My young friend, do these books discuss HALF of the history of African-americans or the History of the FIRST PEOPLES?? I will B posting answers 2 your other questions 2-morrow, it is a bit late right now.
Andrew of Philadelphia [10-27-2002]

IT has helped you and a student today in that you are free from british command. If it wasn't for the battle or saratoga in the american revelution you would most likely not be free. This battle was the turning point in the war and was crucial to the independance of the United Stated of America. The heros of the battle of Freemans Farm were very important. Benedict arnold was a traitor but without him we could not have won the war. He led a phonomonol charge on the british and laid wounded. His leg had to be amputated, and there is a monument on the battle field today of his boot. "the only loyal part of his body left". This was said because he turned into a traitor. He felt bitter after the war that he wasn't recognized enough and just a year and a half he offered his services to the british. He planned to hand ober the keys to West Point. This was a crucial fort on the Hudson river that Arnold commanded. But it cannot be said that he was a bad man his whole life! If it wasn't for him we most likely wouldn't be free today. "The traitor who saved America." There were 5 key Us leaders in this war. They were Benedict Arnold, General Enoch Poor, Ebenezer Learned, Horatio Gates, and Daniel Morgan. My History teacher loves to talk about this battle. thankyou and bye.
Ken, everything [10-25-2002]

Help me with this question. how did the American revolution war help me and a student today?
joel, 13 [10-25-2002]

Eric Santapaula [10-24-2002]

Dear Washington,DC, I like this web site a lot it helps me to learn more about the history of America Back then.I think this website have a lot information for young kids to learn about. I think Kids would think about that too, if they are doing a report about the american revolution.Ben franklin has a good idea about the electric invention.I wond did he ever die by getting shock by electricity, or it was only a tale that people said for kids to have an idea. diad U made the show Americn Revolution On television?,or did someone else? i like to wath that show. It helpes Me learn a lot abuot hte history. P.S. What does Maerican Revolution really Means? Your Advice, Hung Nhu
Hung Nhu, 13,Camden, NJ 08105 [10-24-2002]

Dear Ma'am/Sir, My name is David Charles Westmoreland. and a few of my student collegues and I are doing a repot on the battle Of New York. the battle consists of Washinton and Howe. things seem a little vague where we look in our history books. it only gives us about a paragraph. the page we find it on has a picture that takes up half of it and another paragraph that is of another battle.. it seems to me that the history books do not want us to find out all we need for some reason. is ther any way to make them bigger, and or give straight answers in them instead of " beating aorund the bush". I am sorry to speak so of this schools history books but it is true. everything we read is very vague about things. they dont go in to detail of anything that i would deem important..Thank you for listening to me whine. -David C. Westmoreland
David C. Westmoreland, age:16 City: LasVegas State:Nevada School Bonanza High School [10-24-2002]

ceciolia colon, tracy cali [10-21-2002]

dana0. [10-21-2002]

hi my name is margarita this web site is so helpful for my essay that needs to be 1000 words long to be entered in a contest about valley forge **thanxs! bye bye
margarita [10-21-2002]

hey im thirteen and my teacher is teachen us about this kinda stuff and I think its really cool that you have a web site about it!So i just want to say thanks cause I get a lot of information from this site!Like the time line has a lot of things that really interest me so ya thank you very much!and your web page is really cool
sarah childers, Tracy California [10-21-2002]

Is there a list of those who fought and were wounded at Brandywine?
Mavis [10-20-2002]

I was wondering if there is a way I can find names of Hessian soldgers captured at Trenton NJ ...
chuck Matoush, Danbury WI [10-20-2002]

you have very good info' this info' it helps out a lot to many students and adults thanks 4 the info on amrican revolution bye-bye
karla [10-16-2002]

I think you should put a serch bar, i am a student looking for an answer for a class and was not able to find what i was looking for. I am looking for the person who hung the lanterns in the window of the church when the british came by land, or sea
Topher [10-16-2002]

this web site is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
jessica wolford, age 15 adderess 104 vilas st grayling MI 49738 [10-16-2002]

Tyler Waston, hi [10-16-2002]

Tyler [10-16-2002]

Does anybody know the name of the person who owned the land that the battle of Brandywine was fought on?
mike [10-16-2002]

Can you find the acts that took place in Great Britain while King George was ruling it?
Armine Garibkhanyan [10-16-2002]

I need to do an essay on the Republic of Texas Flag. Please help!
karina, 9 years old, the 4th grade [10-16-2002]

i was just looking for pictures for a school project any info you know of
anonymous [10-16-2002]

Dear Amanda, You ask for info but you don't say WHAT info you want. My young friend, what are you looking for? Write back and I will try to help you. Andrew
Andrew of Philadelphia [10-09-2002]

hello- iam interested in the men that carried the 13 starred flag in the revolutionary war. i understand that if the men survived the war they got to keep the flag. is there any history on these men and how where they choosen to carry the flag? thank you for your time. audrey
AUDREY, p o box 1702 kenai alaska 99611 [10-09-2002]

The website is great. Do you have or Know where I could get more information about Valley Forge? If you do, may you please give me the addresses? Thank You
Monil Patel, 11 years old [10-09-2002]

This is going to be a bit long and MAY upset some people. Those that are familiar with my little notes should know what I feel about this GREAT nation that we call America, but are you willing to accept ALL that there is concerning our history? I just saw a LOVELY programme on the HISTORY CHANNEL about HISPANIC recipients of this nation's HIGHEST HONOUR, the Congessional Medal of Honour. It has only been in the past few years that African-Americans have been awarded the CMoH that THEY deserved for actions dating from the 2nd World war back to the Indian Wars of the late 1800's. WE MUST REMEMBER THAT people of ALL backgrounds makeup this GREAT nation!!!! Some words which describe people of minority background are NOT RIGHT!!!! I was going to include words that would spark debate; but I just can't find it in myself to type such HATEFUL words; the "N" word, the "S"word, the words that I am sure MANY people use; the WORDS that we as AMERICANS SHOULD NEVER USE!!!!! WE ARE AMERICANS!! WE must remember that this nation was, and is, made up of the peoples of other nations that were considered "REFUSE". WE ARE a nation of outcasts and the dregs of society out of other nations, and THAT IS WHAT makes this land so great! Remember what "LADY LIBERTY" says, "GIVE ME YOUR refuse, your tired poor". I don't think that's right, but you get the point, right? During the Second World War we sent Japanese- Americans to "CAMPS", yet many fought for this nation with many earning our highest honours for valor. WHEN can we become a nation of AMERICANS???? Undivided by race or background we can lead the world to the realization of the "HOLY EXPERIMENT" that William penn saw in the creation of the colony of Pennsylvania. Yeah, I know that it is a bit impossible, but we should at least STRIVE in our hearts to reach this goal.
Andrew of Philadelphia [10-07-2002]

i really need some info for 5th grade 4 history buffy.......a thing in ourweekly reader! NEED SOME INFO AMANDA
Amanda, 10 and 41 days [10-07-2002]

i really liked the info that u gave. thanx
BECCA [10-02-2002]

I give tours almost everyday, and everyday I remember those that provided the liberties that I enjoy. Freedom is such a SWEET thing, and I can never say enough about the debt that WE owe to those who died to provide US with this special gift. To my friends across America remember THEM!! The fine young men and women who DIED to give US the freedom to worship anyway that we feel, the opportunity to question our government, the FREEDOM to speak freely our thoughts, and to LIVE as AMERICANS, seem to be forgotten. THEY MUST BE REMEMBERED!!!!!!! To all my young friends, you may in the future be called upon to defend these freedoms. Freedom is precious, freedom is special, and FREEDOM HAS A PRICE. Other nations do not have these freedoms that we enjoy; it IS OUR DUTY to make sure that anyone that wishs freedom has support in their struggle for liberation. GOD BLESS THIS NATION!!! You may NOT agree with me, but I WILL DEFEND with MY LIFE your RIGHT to disagree. My young friends, understand that my being able to say what I FEEL on this web-site is a special gift from people who DIED to create, and preserve, this country that we call AMERICA. My young friends, NEVER take your freedom for granted.
Andrew of Philadelphia [10-02-2002]

who is a genral in the american revlotion who surrenderd.
tiffany, 10,Reedly [10-02-2002]

Jordan, Fort Pierce Florida &18 [09-30-2002]

Hello~I think this is a great site! WE are doing a report and it has helped me a lot!! Ok~thankx~ Bye bye**
Jackie [09-30-2002]

An answer to Sheldon S, Henderson. My Young friend, you should NEVER,EVER, give more info on an internet site then you really need to. Now, to answer your question. Where was independence fought and won? EVERYWHERE!!!! It was fought at Freeman's Farm in New York, it was fought at Cowpens in the south, it was fought at Yorktown in the middle. LIBERTY AND FREEDOM were fought for, and won, everywhere in the colonies. Also' freedom was fought for and won on the seas. To really answer you, FREEDOM and INDEPENDECE were WON in the HEARTS of the soldiers that fought and DIED in the war to win us OUR freedom. Enjoy the liberties that many have DIED to give YOU!!! My young friend, this nation may not always be right in certain things, but IT IS the best that exists in the world today in MY opinion.
Andrew of Philadelphia [09-30-2002]

Response to refence librian, I wish to say SORRY if my e-mail seemed a bit harsh, I never meant that. TOGETHER we can raise the learning level of young friends seeking info on American history. Remember that Franklin learned almost everything he knew from READING: and who else would be considered the most learned man of the period?? R I F !!!!!! Reading Is Fundamental!!!!!!!!!
Andrew of Philadelphia [09-29-2002]

hi im bob he he
daniel, hi [09-29-2002]

Its a pretty good website just need a litlle more info
Triple A, Texas [09-29-2002]

I was wondering if you had any diagrams of an american solider from the revolution. I want to be one for halloween and need some reference for the costume. Or if you know of any other websites with this information.
William Labus [09-28-2002]

to name some soliders in the winter of valley forge in 1777.
kellie todd [09-28-2002]

I'm attempting to find out how to get involved with these reinactments. Has anyone got an idea?
Cindy, New Jersey [09-28-2002]

your music is should add more to it......
Josh, im 13 from pittsfield Mass. [09-28-2002]

I stumbled upon your site while researching Gen.Cadwalader. I'am also a Cadwallader(the Bucks Cty lineage), and although I'am not the same line as the general, I was just curious because I'd never read anything about him. After having grown up west of Philadelphia and having familiararity with the place names, I became intrigued by your site and ended up reading all of it. It's spurred an interest in me. It makes me think of what my ancestors did and thought at that time. Whether as quakers they just prayed for peace or what they really thought about while all this was happening.
Roger Cadwallader, recently retired wildland firefighter in Ca. [09-28-2002]

I am just trying to help my lil' bro w/ a report and help get cool stuff for a scrapbook. But, as I look through diffrent site's I find this all to be alittle intresting.
Beth, Chicago [09-28-2002]

Where was The independence fought at?
Sheldon S, Henderson, 11 age [09-28-2002]

i need to know the point of view of a revalution soldier i have to do a essay on the song mama look sharp

I don't know if anyone ever responded to your request on info on drums of the 18th century period. I will tell you what I know about drums based on MY experience as a drummer in the bands. The heads of the drum should be animal skin for the period we are talking about; if it is a snare drum the snares should be made of animal gut, most used was cat if I remember right. The tension on any drum of the period was done through rope and leather straps. The most important identification would be the paintings on the shell of the drum. Regiments display the regimental crest and battle honours on the front of the shell, at least in the British Army. Your request for photos should be the other way around; given a photo of the drum we might be able to determine it's use. This question interests me, let's find out more about it. If I can be of help PLEASE contact me.
Andrew of Philadelphia [09-28-2002]

Annie Jones, Do you know where I can get a copy of "Women Patriots of the American Revolution" by Claghorn? [09-28-2002]

Reply to Andrew of Philadelphia: It is good to see someone who is taking the time to respond to questions posted on this site. Keep up the good work. As to your question on public libraries, yes,my library has these books you mention and the majority of libraries can request copies of books that they do not have on their shelves, through the inter-library loan system. No library is too poor that they cannot borrow books for their patrons from other libraries. The majority of children who ask questions on this site are not going to get answers,unless someone like you generously volunteers to supply them. The public library is still the best source.
anonymous [09-28-2002]

I am doing an essay about Valley Forge and this web site has been very useful it is the BEST.
GABRIEL [09-28-2002]

I know that the new world is lately discovered but however,its hitory sees as it is discovered since long time it due to the milty events that take place there ????????????
seddik, 30 years old [09-13-2002]

i need to find out the name of the luntienit, that cornwallis surrendered his sword too. im getting a grade on finding this out AKA extra criedit. plz help me `
nulltank [09-13-2002]

Does anyone know where to find a reporter. That reported on the events leading up to the Revolutionary war.
Crystal P., Agua Dulce, Ca [09-13-2002]

A response to anonymous, Reference Librarian I doubt there is anyone who says that libraries are NOT worth visiting, but many libraries are not really up to date. As examples, does YOUR library contain the John W. Jackson book WITH THE BRITISH ARMY IN PHILADELPHIA 1777-1778? How about the story of the African-american experience during the 1790 Yellow fever epidemic; YOU have heard of that haven't you? Does you library even have the latest biographies of Franklin and Adams? Brands and McCullough respectively. In my experience many libriares still have books that say that WASHINGTON designed the flag and BETSY made it. Don't be anonymous in something that you believe in. HISTORY is constantly changing as we learn more; especially concerning Women and people of color. DEBATE TIME!!!
Andrew of Philadelphia [09-13-2002]

The G.A.R. was created as an organization of the veterans of the War between the States that fought on the northern side. If I recall correctly GAR post # 1 is located here in Philadelphia; BUT I HAVE been known to be wrong!!! GAR markers are not placed on ALL veteran graves, you had to be a member of a GAR post, it's like the VFW. Look here for more info; CIVIL WAR LIBRARY AND MUSEUM, 1805 Pine St., Philadelphia,Pa Phone# 215-735-8196 PLEASE let me know if I am wrong in any way.
Andrew of Philadelphia [09-13-2002]

Dear Joshua, If you look at any of the battles that were fought between the NOrth and the South between 1861 and 1865 you will see that there were NO WINNERS. What I meen by that, my young friend, is that this was a war between AMERICANS and the country suffered greatly because of it. To answer your question; General George Gordon Meade, of Philadelphia, had just days before been named the new commander of the Army of the Potomac. He is credited with the victory,for the North, at Gettysburg. However, this victory would not have been poessible were it not fot the meritorious acts of such commanders as; Buford, Reynolds, Warren, Champerlain, and primarily Winfield Scott Hancock.
Andrew of Philadelphia [09-13-2002]

HEROS We speak so commonly of HEROES, especially as the anniversary of 9/11 draws near, but do we remember the REAL HEROS? I speak of those who fought and died to give US the freedoms that we enjoy; we must NEVER FORGET the sacrifice of those who gave the " last full measure of devotion " to create this nation. I ask all Americans to remember THEM as we remember those that have continued the tradition of this great land. I don't remember the exact quote, but I believe that Jefferson said that freedom was something that had to be paid for in blood from time to time. God bless you "WILD BILL"; I remember BASTOGNE!!
Andrew of Philadelphia [09-13-2002]

YOU NEED MORE PICTURES OR DRAWINGS DONE AT THAT TIME!!!!!! ( no offense or anything, but I really need pictures for projects and stuff.)
shortstuff [09-13-2002]

Slawomira Ameryk, my great great grandfather Kazimierz Kozlowski took place in one of the battles with Pulaski. I am trying to find out which battle it was. [09-13-2002]

My GGGGGrandfather Judge John Allen Wakefield's Father, Brothers, Uncles,and Cousins fought in the Revolutionary War. My Question is can You find anything on the Black Hawk War of the 1830's?He was A Medical Assistant at that Time. It Took place on the Mississippi. Thank a lot!
Penny Rucker [09-05-2002]

In gettysburg who won?
Joshua Blackmer, Age11 Jackson ville NC [09-05-2002]

i like this place i guess where the world am i
maria [09-05-2002]

I'm trying to find a source which would list the American military units by Number, Name, State which were involved in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown.
Rev. Dan Gates [09-05-2002]

I am looking for information. Specifically about Cornwallis. Relatives have told the story about Corwallis taking over the family gris Mill in Snowcap, North Carolina. Family Name Dixon. Truth of fiction? If anyone knows or can direct me to a source, I would appreciate it.
Ron Burton [09-05-2002]

A small disagreement has come up among genealogical researchers that perhaps someone can settle. Many graves in both PA and NJ are marked with G.A.R. plaques. Now some of the folks say that the initials stand for Grand Army of the Republic and marks the grave of Civil War servicemen. However, some say the G.A.R. started earlier and also stands for Guard of the American Revolution. Can anyone shed any light on this topic? Thanks for any insight you can provide.
JayCee [08-27-2002]

I have to write a letter for Am.History class.I can be anyone during the Rrevolutionary war.I want to be the wife of a soldier,but I don't know what went on,on the homefront.Did they rob and rape the women,and burn the houses like in the civil war?Please help me.I have some good ideas but i want it to be accurate.Thank you
Michele, age29,college student [08-25-2002]

I am of the 7th Generation of John Georg Losch Powdermaker for George Washington and his troops. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. He and his Brother are buried in Germantown. Philadelphia I am also a decendant of the pennock Family on my Grandmothers side. Thank you this is a great site.
joseph D Losch, age 69 Malabar Florida Born Juniata County Penna [08-23-2002]

I am trying to verify if a relative by the name of Charles Richard was present at Valley Forge. Any ideas?
Alan Richard, Downingtown, PA [08-23-2002]

i am looking for someone who was a sgt. at brandywine, valley forge. and one who was to go with 13 others to take mrs. washington to saftey. and how might i find info out about capt. haywood's roll for bunker hill? any help would be great. they are william wood sr. and jr.
andrea kelly, fenton, mi [08-23-2002]

I am a reference librarian seeking pictures of the type of drums (instument0 used during the Revolutionary War. I have a patron, who owns a drum which she thinks was used in the Revolutionary War and so she is seeking pictures. Would you be able to help us or refer us to another possible source. Thank you. Bonnie
Roos, Bonnie [08-23-2002]

How many troops were killed during the "Civil" war? Too many!! Over 1/2 million Americans were killed, or died of wounds and sickness, during this period. More Americans died during this war then all the wars fought before. What was "Civil" about it ? Let us remember the last full measure of devotion. Captain, my captain.
Andrew of Philadelphia [08-12-2002]

How many soldgers were killed in the civil war. Is their any other US. war that had more killed. If so which ones. Thanks: Greg
Greg Stevens [08-08-2002]

Perhaps Southern commanders during the revolution are not remembered as much as the generals of the north because of the letters to the Continental Congress at the time sent by the generals in command in the north. I admit that there is more that I need to learn about the revolution; but I know that there are some things that are not factually reported. Case point is that Valley Forge was a tragic winter for Washington's Army. Morristown was even harder for the troops. SAVE MORRISTOWN
Andrew of Philadelphia [08-08-2002]

I am doing a reseach paper can you give me any more info on the first continental congress.
Shanna Marshall [08-08-2002]

To All Elementary School Children: If you want answers to your questions on the American Revolutionary War, you should visit your local public library. The great majority of them have an extensive collection of books on the war,covering all phases, military, naval and political. The library staff will gladly help you to locate a book that will help answer your questions.
anonymous, Reference Librarian [08-08-2002]

My husband and I are planning to visit Valley Forge sometime dirung the week of August 11th through the 17th. What I was wondering was if you could send us any information on what may be going on that week or what is the most interesting place to see. I've lived in the Hazleton area all my life and never had the chance to visit Valley Forge. I am very interested in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. My husband is originally from Levittown, Pa. So he knows basically how to get there. I am just interested on points of interest. Although I'm very sure it's all very interesting. Can you help me in any way. Thank You Judith Collingwood
Judith Collingwood, I come from Freeland PA. It's a small town near the Pocono's [08-08-2002]

I am looking for information on captain or corporal John Watson born in Connecticut in 1740 and fought in the Revolutionary War.
sarah, ky [08-08-2002]

There was also a bit of the war that was fought here in the South. This is where the War was won,by men like W.R Davie,William Bratton,Lacey,Hill,sumter,Marion,Shelby,Morgan,and many many others and yet I see very little mention of the men who changed the course of this war and gave evrything they had,some their lives,to win liberty here in America. The south has been very busy making history,and has had little time to write about it,but then the north has been very busy writing about it and has had very little time to make any.
james Stevenson, 63,Monroe,NC [07-24-2002]

Ben Franklin died? He lives forever in Philadelphia. As lomg as there are the various things started by Franklin, he lives.
Andrew of Philadelphia [07-24-2002]

My GGGreat Grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War. He was in the Continental Army and also was on the Ship of War, Queen of France which sailed from Boston Wtih the Ship Ranger under John Paul jones. Does anyone have any info on him.
Frank Stillson, Mashpee, Massachusetts [07-24-2002]

My wife, member of the DAR and Washington Association of New Jersey, ancestral grand-daughter of Revolutionary war patriot/General Josiah Quimby, and I beg your assistance to help spread the word, regarding the immediate destruction at America's FIRST National Historical Park. The Morristown National Historical Park/Jockey Hollow Unit. An immensely wealthy private developer is in the process of forcing through a "spot zoning" change for environmentally sensitive land that borders this pristine area that will permanently damage our Nation's FIRST National Historical Park. Our National Park is threatened with destruction of its view-shed,the old growth forests and pristine aquifer/US-EPA certified wetlands/ FW-2:C-1 trout breeding streams, endangered species nesting sites and steep slopes that are the headwaters of the environmentally fragile, Whippany River in NJ. * This destruction of Historic, Extremely Environmentally Sensitive land "PA5" * environmentally sensitive designation of the NJ State Plan is terrible land use. *This proposed project will destroy our National Park's view-shed FOREVER*. All that I ask is that you send the word around regarding the fate of our nation's FIRST National Historical Park, the steep slopes, endangered species, and pristine, old growth forest. (that hasn't seen development of any kind-it is completely forested... since before George Washington spent the winter during the Revolutionary War.) Here is our Action Alert from the Sierra Club, and .... thank you.
Jockey Hollow Activist, Morris Township, NJ [07-24-2002]

Hi my name is Ryan Jackson and well I will get right to the point.I am trying to make a good web page that kids can learn about history and school stuff.It is 4:00 a.m. and I just had an insperation to make a page but I don't have any ideas on what to put on it and I just thought it would be a nice page to have around when ever some one would need it.If you can help me e-mail me.
ryan jackson, 14 ohio wellsville small town [07-14-2002]

I am taking a political science class. One of my study questions is: George Washington was definitely NOT the first President of the United States. He was the eighth. Can anyone help me solve this.
Colleen [07-11-2002]

To maggie..if you have a signed picture of Ben from 1814 or soo, bear in min d that Ben died in 1790 in Philadelphia. to Andrew of seem to be very learned. I need infoo on British Prisoon ships during rev war. California Ben
california Ben, Historical-reenactor..Ben Franklin and Patrick Henry [07-10-2002]

Please HELP ! looking for an old fashioned traditional American flag maker. Purpose is to make top quality Betsy Ross indoor familey airloom. Some one that cares. Hope you can refer me. Montie Charles Plyler Plyler family bought property in the Landcaster area in the Carolina’s, 1722 One Plyler wounded in American Revalution One Plyler Killed in was between the States
Montie Charles Plyler [07-01-2002]

Hi, I'm looking for a website that lists the units and info on the units that fought in the American Revolution. I have found several ancestors that fought and would like more information. Thank you.
Coletta, Virginia [06-26-2002]

I'd like to know more about Andrew Stowq (or Stough) aka John Andreas Staugh. He is my great-great grandfather's wife's grandfather. I have been searching all night to find something on him and I am yet to find anything. Please inform me about him. Thank you.
susan, stafford, va [06-26-2002]

George Washington had woodin teeth.
Kimberly, 7/tn [06-26-2002]

Does anyone have any info on the American General Nathanael Greene and the battle he fought?
Jackie Andrew, Scotland [06-26-2002]

what is the name of the picture of the 3 men who are playing a flut, a drum, and carry the flag? I think it had somethin to do with the end of the Revolutionary War.
MICHAEL HOWELL, 41, washington,dc [06-26-2002]

FREEDOM LIBERTY INDEPENDENCE These would be words, and only words, were it not for the sacrifices made by many thousands of people who believed in this NEW NATION. We today take our liberty for granted. Since September 11 this nation has seen a new spirit of patriotism; but we still tend to forget the past. This past Memorial Day I saw hundreds lined up to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, but I saw only ONE person at the grave of the Unknown soldier of the Revolution. We tend to forget that were it not for the selfless sacrifice of these young men the Bell and Hall would be meaningless. I urge all Americans, actually ALL the WORLD'S PEOPLE, who visit Philadelphia to remember the inscriptions on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution; "Freedom is a light for which many have died in darkness" "Here lies a soldier of Washington's Army who died to give YOU freedom" Not asking for territory, not trying to impose an ideology; HELL, not even asking for money, these fine young Americans gave the last full measure of devotion at a time when they were not even "Americans". We, the generations of today, owe so much to them yet we tend to forget them. I salute all veterans for the service they gave to our nation and to the cause of FREEDOM. In the words of Decatur; To our country, I hope that in her intercourse with foreign nations that she always be right; but our country RIGHT OR WRONG. WE are so damnned lucky to be citizens of this great country, I'm not a Democrat or Republican; I AM AN AMERICAN
Andrew of Philadelphia [06-26-2002]

You would not believe how much research I have done to get this far. When I saw the Rebus letter I was so excited. Someone I know found a Rebus signed by Benjamin Franklin. It is entitled 'The Art of making money plenty for every man's pocket' Are you familiar with this writing. They also found an old article with a picture of Benjamin Franklin sitting at a desk as a youngster. This one has N Y c G S written on it. Benjamins outfit is red. Dated 1817-or 19. If I am correct both are signed Dr. Franklin. The Art of Making Money one is in Rebus words and pictures. There are a couple of towns on it also. Please e-mail your comments and I thank you for any information you can offer. Maggie
Maggie, over 29 years of age visiting Indiana [06-26-2002]

I enjoy your web site very much. I do have a question. When was it actually decided where the capital of the US would be located? I grew up in Havre de Grace, MD, and was always told that it almost became the capital of the US, missed by one vote. I cannot find any documation on this. Do you know anything about this? is this true? I was told that it was between Philadelphia, PA and Havre de Grace, MD, and then it was decided to be in Washington, DC. thank you for your help. I would appreciate you sending me an e-mail. thanks again.
Pat Little, grew up in Maryland [06-26-2002]

To my good Scottish friend Jackie Andrew, Here is a start for your search. There are over 3000 sites from which to choose from. Remember that the French were always willing to help anyone fighting the English, our own Scottish history saw at many times the assistance of the French going back to the times of the wars against the English King Edward "Longshanks". I find your guestion very interesting coming from someone in the "old country". Here in the United States there were differences of opinion about independence; many Scots still felt that the House of Hanover was NOT the legitimate ruling House of Great Britain; THAT title was reserved for the house of STUART. Prince Charles, "Bonnie Prince Charlie", was considered the rightful King by many Scots who had been sent to the colonies because of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. So many Scots fought not so much for INDEPEDENCE of the colonies but for the restoration of the rightful king. There were on the other hand some Scots,(probably Lowlanders with connections to the Crown), who fought to maintain their positions and possesions. America and Scotland have so much in common, much of the history of America involves a Scotsman. Good Luck in your search. Yours Aye, Andrew P.S. My grandfather came here in the 1930's and he hailed from Stephenson, just outside of Glasgow. 16 years I spent as a drummer/drum major in pipe bands.
Andrew of Philadelphia [06-26-2002]

Does any have any information on the French General Rochambeau? He fought in the Rev. war and his name was often pronounced 'Rush on, Boys!"
Jackie Andrew, 15, Scotland [06-15-2002]

In an age where my country was just begining to develope, with the approach of the industrial revolution and the increasing use of trade and diplomacy in Asia and Europe, I consider it a fatal and mis-guided policy of hostillity to it's colonies, with it's Amercian colony many thousands of miles away a sense of arrogance and invunerabillity blinded them to the fact that they were vunerable and this was soon shown in the the Amercian war of independance. Pride before a fall.
Ross Anthony Wolverson, Age - 17 Country- England [06-13-2002]

I will be taking AP history this year.. we have a summer project which is to choose a topic to write a annoated bibliography.. I am not sure what exactly to chose for my topic got any ideas?
stacey diaz [06-13-2002]

Here is a web-site for you to start your search about the three minutemen, also known as "The Spirit of 76". Regards, Andrew
Andrew of Philadelphia [06-13-2002]

I need a picture of the three minutemen I think, that played the drum, the flute and the one that carried the flag. If you have such a picture please e-mail it to me. Thank You.
Penny L Plumley, Cheyenne, Wy 82007 [06-10-2002]

this will be helpful for kids who need to do a report or just learn more about their history
josh, 11 franklin [06-10-2002]

Answers to "M", You must first understand the limited military power that the colonists had. The majority of our troops were untrained, or very poorly trained, militia units. These units were almost totally uneducated in the tactics and style of "modern" warfare of the mid-18th century. The majority of our forces were untrained farmboys and city apprentices, actually the farmboys had a better chance having spent more time hunting with their muskets. It was from these raw recruits that we were to make a "Revolutionary Army". THIS was a disadvantage. To compensate this "disadvantage" was the determination of these men to win their FREEDOM. In terms of quality of land troops there is no way that we could ever hope to match the British Army, it is only because we were fighting for a principle and not the " KING'S SHILLING" that our forces were able to overcome through simple determination. Let us now discuss the maritime situation. The ROYAL NAVY was the "Super Power" of the world; undefeated and unsurpassed, how were we going to stand up to them? The colonies had developted a strong maritime tradition; many of our sea captains were sucessful smugglers, privateers, and in some cases, outright pirates who could take the fight to the Royal Navy in a way the Navy was not accustomed to. There would be no great fights of ships-of-the-line but rather the smaller fights of frigate on frigate, and it was there we saw the better construction of OUR ships, and again the DETERMINATION of our citizens. Finally, we must NEVER forget the contributions made to this young nation by many military officers from other countries. Some were dedicated to the cause of freedom, some were seeking glory and honour, and some were just seeing an opportunity to fight the English; but regardless of the reason, their contributions did help us to create a "modern army" of the 18th century in terms of engineering, cavalry, and artillery. If there is anything else you need to discuss e-mail me. Ansrew of Philadelphia
Andrew of Philadelphia [06-05-2002]

i need help on the american revolution. what are the advantages and disavantages of both sides?
m [06-04-2002]

DEBATE. Please understand I voice my opinions to stimulate debate about history. We have not learned, or written, everything there is to know about our history. Debate; if you disagree with me PLEASE respond. History is constantly changing. New ideas are important! How much is written about the contributions of women and people of colour in our struggle for independence? Many students use this site, I urge you my young friends to use your imagination. Ask questions! Think independently! Be curious about things, not just in history but in all you learn.
Andrew of Philadelphia [06-03-2002]

id like to see if you or another web page may have pics of soliders in the war im looking for my great gggg grandfathers pic "bennett hargrove"
CHRIS, tn [06-03-2002]

I really have to differ with you about the statement made in your web-site that the "United STates" was born in July of 1776. WE declared our rebellion against what WAS still our lawful government in July of 1776. The successful conclusion of this revolt was not guaranteed. It would take YEARS of our rebellion to WIN, and Britain recognize, our independence. Even after our victory I feel we were not "UNITED"; we operated under the "Articles Of Confederation" which were pretty much useless. It was not until the ratification of the Constitution of the "United States" that this nation was really born, June of 1788.
Andrew of Philadelphia [06-02-2002]

I just finished learning about the revolutionary war and i found it very interesting. You know If you think about it Britain shouldn't of had a war with Franca known as the French and Indian war especually when they were just building a nation in north america. They should of thought about making peace with France because that was the conntinental army used against France besides their intelegence. Thank you for listening to my opinion.
Spencer, 12 NJ GO Nets!!!!!!! [05-30-2002]

i am learning about the revolutionary war in school.i am in 5th grade. there is only 1 thing i don't get about the revolutionary war.that 1 thing is how did the first generals get picked(who picked them?)please write back with an answer to
Anthony, age:10 [05-29-2002]

I was wondering if there is a wayI can find names of Hessian Soldiers that were here during the war,I am looking for my ancestors, two brothers by the name of Brenner and also family named Ludwig. Thanks
susan brenner, 37, Michigan [05-29-2002]

Good e-mal thing
Bethany [05-28-2002]

Wondering if anyone knows what Washington was doing in Bergan County - Ramapo (NJ) on September 13, 1780??????
CATHY SYKES [05-28-2002]

I was born and raised in Chadd Ford,PA, and your account of the Battle of the Brandywine is the finest iv'e ever read...It's simply the best most informative Iv'e ever seen !!!! Thanks, keep up the great work!!!
Raymond J. Uleau, Chadds Ford [05-24-2002]

I used this imformation for a wax museum and found a lot of imformation. It is the most imformaton I have ever found.You need to say more about the stamp act and all the pther acts "BY"
Sara Bruewer, 11years old Ilive in Ross,Ohio [05-22-2002]

did he say dont shot until you see their white of their
april, 11,liver [05-22-2002]

Hi I live in Chester County (Martin's Corner) and after reading your web pages, I see that a lot of History took place all around where I live. Do you know where I can find detailed maps of troop movements etc. Thank You ~ Mike ~
Mike Morris [05-22-2002]

MY thoughts of "BENNY". Benidict Arnold proved his skill as a leader of men on many occasions during the war. His heroism at Freeman's Farm should have been enough to earn him reward from the Continental Congress, yet the Congress refused to honor him. I doubt that he acted just for rewards from the totally ineffective Congress that existed at the time, he acted because of his dedication to the cause of liberty. Political underhandedness of the time, and jealosy of other commanders, resulted in the Continental Congress not advancing Arnold to the rank that HE felt he deserved; which I think he WAS entitled to. His feelings were It should also be remembered that he married a beautiful Philadelphia woman named Peggy Shippen when he was serving as military governor and she was a dedicated loyalist. How hard would it have been for her to talk her new love-struck husband into seekingout a new way of reaching fame and fortune? In addition to this, it is recorded fact that Peggy Shippen and Major John Andre, who was hanged for his part in the Arnold affair, knew each other before the West Point Affair.
Andrew of Philadelphia [05-22-2002]

I am interested in finding out any information on my great grandfather Walter Anthony.He was in the Spanish American War.He was wounded during the war.After the War he commited suicide due to his wounds from the war.Any information would be greatly appreciated.
kim Davis [05-22-2002]

Could you give me more information about the author Dorothea Jenson who wrote the book "The Riddle of Penncroft Farm? i like your site
Rose Tuesday [05-18-2002]

I beg to differ with you about the general stratagy of the war in 1777; it was Burgoyne's idea to separate the New England colonies from the mid-atlantic. "Johnny B" wanted Howe to advance north along the Hudson to join his troops moving south from Canada. It was Howe's search for glory and an end of the war that lead him to move against Philadelphia; remember also there is the possibility that Howe was in support of the rebel cause; that is something we can talk about in the future. Johnny B was hoping to get some relief at Saratoga but all he got was "Benny Arnold". This now brings up another point; Benedict Arnold was one of the greatest generals that the Continental Congress had fighting the British. Had the Congress seen fit to reqonise Arnold's skill he might have remained loyal, ( I believe it was PEGGY that led him to his treachery).
Andrew of Philadelphia [05-17-2002]

General Washington was successful in his attack at Trenton. This attack was accomplished by separation of his forces into, if I recall correctly, 3 columns advancing along 3 roads in unison. A GREAT victory at Trenton!!! Is it possible that this thinking influenced his tactics at Germantown? His decision to attack with, if i remember right, FOUR separate columns at Germantown was a major mistake. Lack of communication, lack of training of the troops, and poor weather combined to prevent a coordinated assault of the British positions and resulted in the defeat of Washington's Army. This defeat insured the British occupation of the city of Philadelphia. DON'T FORGET FORT MIFFLIN!!!!
Andrew of Philadelphia [05-17-2002]

i need to know about any acts of rebellion that happened during the revolutinary war.
Danny, i am 13, i need this information for 8th grad final exam [05-17-2002]

This is the coolest. This site helped me the most on my project about The Revoulitionary war flags. Once again, It is the coolest site thanks for helping me with my project.
Lathanial Berkel, 11,Elkhart,IN [05-17-2002]

Was there really a British prison called Lambert Prison? I gotta know for English class so anyone who knows PLEEEEEEEEEEZ email me and tell me k?????????
Sasha, Age 13 [05-17-2002]

To all students looking for information about the early period of this country should use this website, it is one of the best for info.
Andrew of Philadelphia [05-15-2002]

General Howe's campaign against Philadelphia was perhaps not the best idea. Had he moved north along the Hudson River to join the British Army moving south from Canada under "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoynne{is that spelling correct, I doubt it}the war may have had some very different results. General "B" was of the mind that separating the New England colonies from the mid-atlantic region would hasten the end of the war. Howe's decision to attack Philadelphia was really a meaningless victory; Washington's army escaped total defeat while occupation of the rebel capitol was only a symbolic gesture. Yet, at the same time the army moving south from Canada suffered the greatest defeat that the British Army had seen in,I think almost over 100 years? Howe never separated Washington from his main source of supply, the central portion of Penna.,and never made any attempt to disrupt the winter encampment at Valley Forge. The results; after the defeat of the British army at Saratoga the King of France finally agreed to assist the American cause,thanks to Franklin,and the winter of 1777-78 saw Von Steuben train Washington's army into a force capable of standing up to the British army. Without doubt, the fall of 1777 was THE turning point of the War. In addition, let us not forget the heroic defence of Fort Mifflin after Philadelphia was captured by the British.
Andrew of Philadelphia, A tour guide in Philadelphia; come see me sometime. [05-15-2002]

This is a great thing
Bethany, 11, [05-15-2002]

I want to know about the Revaloutionary War please! thank u!
Emily, 10 years old in 4th grade [05-12-2002]

Hay peoplez i am doin a report on a methematician adn i neede 2 find a important event in his life i found the revolutionary war. i need 2 kno y this event was so sighnificant!! it is do tomarrow !!!!PLEASE HERLP ME~~!!!~!!~~!!~~!~!~!~!~!~!~!!~
Sheryl Manson, 13,bradenton, [05-08-2002]

I am trying to find a listing of American Soldiers killed in the Battle of Germantown. Can you direct me to a source? Thank you very much. Tom ryan
Thomas J. Ryan, Born Brooklyn, NY, 1930, genealogist now in Texas [05-08-2002]

Me and the class of Mrs.geogeff are studing to war of 1777.we are asking for all info for this war.
Calleigh Fisher, 10,Mi [05-08-2002]

I think people should be nice to another and stop fighting! I a kid lol raise the roof!! hahaha
starkisser, i dont no [05-08-2002]

does any one no a web site that has a map of the winter at valley forge
aakil, 10 [05-08-2002]

How man years ago did Bengaman Franklyn invent electricty
rendon Simons, 11 w.w. [05-06-2002]

Just wondering if you can tell me if there is a list of the soldiers who fought on the American side? I found out a few days ago that a direct ancestor, one of the first of our family to come to America was wounded at Brandywine. Thanks for any help.
Terrill Williams [05-06-2002]

I think that there should be colonial maps of the sites of the events. We are doing a project in history and I need specific informaton on the daily life of a character.
Frances [05-06-2002]

i'm doing a project on the texas revalution and i need more info please help asap
KALEIGH [05-06-2002]

i think the war was stupid and smart i think the people that faught was cool
brent, 21 richmond va [05-06-2002]

What exactly were the Sugar and Townsend Acts?
Jackie Andrew [04-27-2002]

I am doing a progect on the revolution
ME [04-27-2002]

I think this is a great site for information!!!!
Mandy [04-27-2002]

Can you E-mail me LOTS of pictures or painting of American Revalution. Iam doing reports. I need lots of info!!!!!!!!!PLEASE
Megan Wardell, Iam 9 [04-27-2002]

do you have any records of rev, soldgers namely pa dutch henry snider/ thanks sdjh do you have list of rev patriots namely pa dutch
SUSAN HARRIS, albany ga. [04-20-2002]

i need pictures tonight on how goerge washington dressed when he was a genral!
LEE [04-20-2002]

lindsey miller [04-20-2002]

Fantastic Website! Keep up the good work!
Jackie Andrew, I'm 15 years old and I live in Scotland [04-18-2002]

Hey! This is a very nice site, anytime I have to do another History repot, then I will come here!
Wendy, 14, from Maryland, and realllly needs information on the Revolutionary War! [04-18-2002]

Kristina [04-15-2002]

I wanna know why the soldiers went to Valley Forge
Kelsey, St.Regis Montana [04-15-2002]

you shuld no have fought about the land
Joe Smith [04-15-2002]

you should not have faught in the french and indian war
Tyler cox, 11/ Gillette wyoming [04-15-2002]

You should'nt have faught for the French and Indian War that you did.
April White, 11,Gillette,Wyoming [04-15-2002]

hi, i was wondering if anyone has any information about the american flag before, during, and after the revolutionary war
Corinna [04-15-2002]

Your wed site is really great and has a lot of information. The only thing is we need to here about Knig Henry and people who were on his side. Ihave a history project in my class and we need to know information about them too.
Kristina [04-15-2002]

What happen in the sugar acts?
Lesley [04-14-2002]

I'm looking for info about a group of 90 or so Americans herding cattle north to feed the army who were attacked and defeated by 13 Indians. Anybody know anything about this? thanks
Dan Magrew [04-14-2002]

Can I please have an essay on the "Revolutionary War," papers on the "Revolutionary War" and in them (include any famous people, When and were it took place, who was in the war, who did what,what food they ate, what they slept in and etc.)
Amanda, 11 [04-14-2002]

Your visitors might like a link to our website,, which is all about Washington's Ten Crucial Days Campaign--from Washington Crossing the Delaware to the Battle of Princeton. I'd also recommend a visit to the Old Barracks Museum, or in person!
Cate, Trenton, NJ [04-14-2002]

Jeanne Lanham [04-10-2002]

Can you please email me an essay on the battle of valley forge and bunker hill
shana [04-10-2002]

alex [04-10-2002]

Was looking for the colored portrait (Artist Rendering) thats showing the tax collector literaly "tarred and feathered" - he's not happy, but our forefathers due to taxation without representation are laughing, enjoying the moment. I need to locate where I may purchase this as a reminder that we still as citizens have a direct voice in how our money is collectted and spent. Some public officials need this ominous reminder. thank you.
Dave Falknor, will be 48 in December, live in Yuma, AZ [04-10-2002]

Tyler Berres [04-07-2002]

i was just curious as to the amount of espionage done by both sides during the revolutionary war.
matt, 19/m/wi [04-06-2002]

I need to know about what betsy Ross did to help people fighting in the revolutinary War.
Kiley, hey Taylor [04-06-2002]

History is weird ya know
dude [04-03-2002]

I think that this website it really good. But i think that it should have some more pictures. I have learned a lot of stuff about the revolutionary war and i really wanna know more about it. I was just wondering if you can send me some pictures of the trenton field as soon as possible. can you also send me some info about the trenton field? i just wanted to know, why didnt these people just sign a contract ine=stead of having a war? I know but iam kind of fuzzy!!!!! If anyone is intrested in talking about it or telling me stuff about it my screen name is:-> iseg28
Ivan Segarra JR, I'am the man at all sports! i can play really good and mt best is soccer!!! i go to the school I.S89 and i really like it [04-03-2002]

I need info on the experiences of soliders that were in the Revolutionary War. Also what civilians were going through during that time. Thanks!
Ceray, from Phila. PA [03-31-2002]

i think that Washinton was the best choice for the war because He had exsperiance because he had fought in the French and Indian war. Washingon alsowas soon to become the first president of the soon called UNITED STATES
Hunter Vaught [03-27-2002]

I just would like to say that I am very much satisfied with your website. It's one of no other and has any history information that you need to know about. It's very exquisent. Theres other types pf websites that are very porpostreous and you don't have not one clue where this site has brought you. But, this website is sort of like no endin such as no ending in the sky. I am very much satified. Thank you!
Larry, Any [03-27-2002]

i think we should save our history mostly valley forge they should try to preserve it i get so mad when they try to destroy it when they want to build on it
FLORENCE MAY FOX, i'm very intrested in amercian history [03-27-2002]

This has bugged me for a long time. Actually, since that terrible Mel Gibson movie came out. I was always under the impression that a Patriot during the Revolutionary War referred to someone loyal to Britain. After all, there was no American country at this time in which to be patriotic. To be called a patriot at that time, wouldn't that have meant that you were loyal to your country--that country being Britain? Anyone know the answer?
andrew [03-27-2002]

I am a second year history major and I foundthis site to be most impressive and helpful
Liz, 20 [03-24-2002]

We're researching for a fictional story. The main character is from Boston. We need suggestions for a REGIMENT for him. He should be in Light Cavalry or artillery. He was at Valley Forge. His rank is Captain. A second character is African-American and would be serving with the main character.
JA & M Fisher, aspiring author [03-23-2002]

i likeyour webbbbbbbbbb siteeeeeeeeeee
stephen jennings [03-23-2002]

can you guys put up stuff about the acts
ausha [03-23-2002]

I would very much like to see maps regarding the war, showing the battle sites, areas controlled by both sides throughout the conflict, that sort of thing. It's really great to find such a well-organized and resourceful site which has contributed greatly to my interest in this subject. Keep up the good work!!
T.H., n/a [03-21-2002]

I Would like you all to help me think of ideas for a project i need to do for my history class. I have to pick a county...(NasH)in north carolina and find something really intresting about it! Can anyone help me? Thanks
Joelle Densmore, I'm 16, I live in North Carolina [03-21-2002]

Trying to trace down any history of them Name was Nevel came from Salem or Salem Country NJ
JOE GURECKI, Looking into my Mothers side for her ggg uncles who were on both sides of the civ. war, they were from Salem NJ [03-21-2002]

i would like to know if you could send me a letter that a women that was a loylist and wrote a letter about the war
olivia [03-21-2002]

i want to know all about the war
Keysha, 16 [03-14-2002]

warrenton warriors are the best!! the high scool is too!
lauren, warrenton mo. 15 years old,5'5, brown hair, green eyes,tan, 50% italian and the rest i dont know so i am a good cook [03-14-2002]

I like this web site send me email's
casey anderson, 12/kincaid 62540 [03-13-2002]

Iwant to learn more about the BATTLE OF YORKTOWN
John T. Simanski, 18 years woodstock GA. [03-13-2002]

I want to learn more about the war
Eric M. Bowlby, 19 years woodstock GA. [03-13-2002]

I am interested in this material
John T. Simanski, 18 years woodstock GA. [03-13-2002]

saado2wski.0 [03-13-2002]

aaroni, 11,sulphur,ok,male [03-13-2002]

I want to learn so much on american revalution
Scoot, Age 12 [03-13-2002]

I have a Revolutionary War Brown Bess Musket with " H.D.N.L Militia " inscribed on the barrel. Can anyone help me find the name of the military unit this musket was issued to ?
William Stilson [03-13-2002]

hi, i'm a 5th grader learning about the american revolution and i was wondering if you could send me some info on the american revolution.i'm really interested about learning how we got our freedom. thanks
bri, march 7,2002 [03-07-2002]

GGGG Grandfather Robert Morgan Roberts fought at Germantown, Brandywine, and was said to have been at Valley Forge. How can I confirm his service, records show he was with Maryland unit, but no details. Will be visiting Battlefield end of March.
M. P. O'Loughlin, Maple Lake, Mn [03-06-2002]

while traveling in the area, we found information on a battle where 7 Colonial troopers captured 120 British and 5 ships by deceiving them to think they were sorrounded.Yet there is no marker or plaque at the area. Who could be contacted to see if this great story can be presented in a plaque at the area?
Doris Peters, battle of Kings Crossing@Richmond Hill,Ga. [03-03-2002]

this is a good resource.
WILLIAM, 13,ehc [02-28-2002]

Sombody please email me about the fair well address of george washington tomas jeferson inagural address and john Q adams 4th or july 1821
matt zero [02-28-2002]

Question: Wasn't there a ballad or a rhyme the rebels gleefully sung about the relationshp between General Howe and Mrs Loring? As I recall the implication was that Howe passed up a chance to defeat george washington by staying in New York (Philadelphia?) to dally with Mrs Loring. True?
anonymous [02-27-2002]

jason [02-27-2002]

I like your website
anonymous [02-27-2002]

i think wars are very scary but if we did not have them we might not have our freedom today I wish things could be peace.
Lisa, I am 13 [02-27-2002]

Is there a Claudius Boatman who was in the Revolutionary War. My family says that we had a family member in the revolutionary war and there is a monument. I am just wondering if this is true.
Timothy Boatman, I am 17 and looking for information on my family. [02-27-2002]

what would happen if the British won the Revolutionary War
jeo [02-27-2002]

i love the part on homework help......
nora, age: 13 [02-27-2002]

who come you have nothing on bunker hill peac out
dakota estep, 16////checota oklahoma [02-14-2002]

Hi, I grew up about 1/4 mile from the site of the Paoli massacre and never knew what happened there and why. Thanks, Tom G.
Thomas Gregory [02-14-2002]

Want full scollership on life science
Md. Salah uddin khan [02-14-2002]

i'm writing a screen play about the american revalution and needed more information about it but this is one of my favorite time periods
Rachel [02-13-2002]

i thought this sight was kool
vicki, 17 blonde hair blue eyes 4'11 and 89 pounds staples mn [02-13-2002]

julio [02-13-2002]

HI mom i love
Joshua [02-13-2002]

I think war's are scary because you could get hurt are mabye die
Jade, I'm 11 years old [02-13-2002]

I think this is a great website for learning(even better for 5th graders I think this is a great web site for Learning things on the Revolution.
Justine [02-13-2002]

Kennath Lee Jones, age 12 birthday August 25, 1989 height 5'4 [02-13-2002]

Jacob Danile Cline [02-13-2002]

I think the winter of Valley Vorge is full of information to share with someone who is in the fith grade because kids in fith grade learn about the revolutionary war. -Danielle Fortner
Danielle Fortner, age 10 almost 11, birthday on March 19, grade 5 [02-13-2002]

Our class was reading a Dear America book and it was called "Winter of Red Snow"it was a very good book.
Ashley Morgan, Indiana 5th grade Oaklandon Elementary [02-13-2002]

I feel the winter at Valley Forge was very sad. The people who risked their lives were very brave and belived in what they were fighting for
Chelsey Gosman, age 10 [02-13-2002]

I am very pleased with the information on all the sites at It appears to have changed and added much information since the last time I visited. I will encourage my students to use this site as a resource for study and projects. Thank you for helping to bring history alive!!! Kathy Kelly
Kathy Kelly, Teacher [02-08-2002]

My mother has info that her great-grandfather and three of his sons(surname: Johnson) were killed in the Battle of Brandywine. Are there rosters of the caualties available?
Bobbie Stevens, Katy, TX [02-07-2002]

I need to find out about Revolutionary War Losses
Sami Landers, age10, city Johnson Creek [02-07-2002]

This site rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristin Bohler, Age:12 Cortlandt Manor New York [02-07-2002]

I love this web site. my class is learning about the revolutionary war.
Katelyn, 8,taylors [02-07-2002]

Life in the colonies pre-1776 seemed decent.They were some of the most prosperous peoples in the world,the tax burden impossed on the colonies was light,many colonies experienced political freedoms such as elected representitives,very few laws were vetoed by British Boards.With these favorable conditions I would like to understand colonial desision to fight for independance.Was it simply an awareness of their own identity as Americans?
jamaise wilson [01-30-2002]

what is the point of the wars that gose on in the world ... I think that every one should have some respect for our world today... just like the thing that happen with the WORLD TRADE CENTER a.k.a. TWIN TOWERS.well that is my though of the day... one more thing what is going on with the world today well now that is my though of the day...
AMIE, 13 Roanoke AL [01-26-2002]

did we almost lose the war?
Anthony [01-26-2002]

John Deppen was mustered into the Revolutionary service Dec. 13, 1777 in the vicinity of Valley Forge to Germantown, Pa. Private in Capt. Philip Filbert's Company, 2nd class, under Col. Jacob Weaver, also in Spycker's Battalion, consisting of 361 men. On page 322 of the same he was a private, 2nd class, in 1780 under Capt. Filbert
Dave Deppen, Looking for info.onG.G.G.Grandfather@Valley Forge and Spycker's Battalion [01-26-2002]

Katie harshman [01-26-2002]

I am told that my Great-great Grandfather fought in the Battle Of Germantown and the Battle of Brandywine....His name was Ebenezer Flanagan....Do you know where I could get information, verifying this?
Bettie J. Bloomfield, I am 66 years old [01-26-2002]

Neat stuf! More info!
Emm [01-26-2002]

Response to Milton James of Royal Oak, MD: I have the information you seek and you may have additional information that I would also like to have,if you are a descendent of Jacob James. Please provide me with an contact address ( post office,e mail, fax number, phone number etc) so we exchange information.
anonymous, Historical researcher on American Loyalists [01-26-2002]

Dear Phelidealphea1777, I was wondering. How many people died in the war? James Sticler
James, Age 9 [01-26-2002]

hi im a girl from willow river minnesota i love my history class my teacher is miss oseland she is cool i wish i was a history teacher well i better get back to my homework goodbeye peace out omboash in german
Maegan Rose Crider Salmela, im age 13 my address is 22889 jones rd magratf M.N 5506 [01-26-2002]

ummmmmmmmm can u give me information about when the british invaided NYC? Thank SOOOOOO much
LaUrEn [01-26-2002]

hey, im liz, just wonderin, if you guys know anything about the revelutionary war that could help me make a creative time line.... well, that would be great! if so please e-mail me at thanx! a lot! -Liz aka Laney
anonymous [01-26-2002]

I used to live in Germantown....325 West Seymour Street... between Pulaski Ave. and Morris St. I lived there for 20 years..(1962-1982)...I would like any information about this street and that house... any history...any history about the former residents of the house before would be helpful too.. thanks.
Teri, Philadelphia [01-13-2002]

marquise womble [01-12-2002]

Is there a list of Bucks Co., Pa. citizens who became loyalists and fought for the British in the Revolution? I am looking for a Jacob James who married a Christina Ryan
Milton James, Age 81 Royal Oak, Md. [01-12-2002]

JUSTIN [01-12-2002]

Amana [01-12-2002]

I thought that George Washington was an exellent general because he never surendered and i wish i could meet him today. hey g2g c-ya later, shane hess
Shane Hess, 14, blue eyes, brown hair live in lancaster PA [01-12-2002]

why didnt you guys mention Brigadair General Casimir Pulaski (Count Pulask) of Poland
mollie, nah [01-12-2002]

kool but more info
racheal, ineed 2 know some names that start with the leter u,x,y,z an fast thanks [01-12-2002]

i think that the war was cool. so many men risked their lives to fight for america. washington was a powerful man and a great leader!!
alexis pastor, nothing else [01-12-2002]

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