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Sky View High Rules!!!
Meghan, 17 [12-22-2001]

Can you have more info about blacks or foriegners,and more pictures about them
Derek Devoe, 13,oh,wellington [12-22-2001]

I think this site is cool and all but ya need more topics on the revolutionary war at sea. Otherwise your site kick a**!
Tina, 13 [12-17-2001]

This web site is a good way to learn a bit about what you don't know. My class is doing a renactment of the revultionary war for the play I'm betsy Ross this is what I have to say "Even though the american flag was designd by Fancis Hopkinson my uncle Geoge Read thought I could make it.I agreed to sew the flag and I even suggested some parts of the design. the flag was adopted by congress on June 14, 1777 and know this day is flag day.I know a lot about George Read because I'm related to him. I though it was hard to belive to until my grandpa gave me my family tree.
Katie L. Martiney, age 10 B-day_1-13-91 12-15-01 [12-17-2001]

I need to know abot the Olive Branch Treaty so if you hove any what so ever i mean any e-mail me
Confused Student [12-17-2001]

Carrington High School Rules
Steven R. [12-17-2001]

Steven regal [12-17-2001]

i need help on finding info on the battle of concord. if you have a website or any info please hook me up... A.S.A.P!!! THANKS =)
ian walton, i live alaska, love soccer, snowboarding, poetry [12-17-2001]

JOSHUA DAVID PADDOCK, (13 utah hyrum) [12-10-2001]

I was wondering if anyone out there had information about the battle of new york city. ANY information would be a big help. Thank you!
Catherine, uuummm...Michael Jackson fan ;) [12-09-2001]

Great website! My GGGGG-grandfather, Thomas Blitch was a private from Georgia, and was killed fighting in the Battle of Brandywine. I'd really be interested in finding out more info about how Georgia soldiers were fighting in PA, and anything else about him! Thanks
Barbara Watkins [12-09-2001]

Ican't find the information i need on the rev. war
Ashley Rogers, 13 Sch. [12-09-2001]

hi, this is a great web site. i really appreciate people like you who take time to share much-needed info with everybody else and get nothing for it. keep up the good work!Also, im doing a project on baron von steuben and this was a great help- you should do a whole page on him, because he was a very important character influencing the Revolutionary war.thanks again!!!
jordan fowler [12-09-2001]

I was wondering if anybody had any info about Shay's Rebellion after the American Revolution. I need help ASAP! Thnx
Marlei [12-08-2001]

I need information on the British's point of veiw in the Revolutionary War.
Elissa Peterson [12-08-2001]

I want to know if there is a place to research old military field commands. I am looking for a command that meant "Get out of the way or you will get shot". I also need to know who uses that phrase today. Know where I could find this kind of information? Please help!
Micki Morrison, Southern California [12-08-2001]

i would like to say hi
jessica [12-08-2001]

Where was the declaration was written at
Bethany, 14 SA Tx [12-08-2001]

Does anyone have any infomation on the Battle of Princeton on January 2-3, 1777 in Princeton, New Jersy? If so email email before or on 12/7/01.
Courtney, 13 [12-05-2001]

you guys are so cool
anonymous [12-05-2001]

Do you Have any Primary Sources of or mentioning Molly Pitcher? I have a project on her do very soon and I need one. If you don't have any you should deffinitley get some. Its a big help! -Jessie
Jessie [12-02-2001]

courtney, 11 [12-01-2001]

Was the gettesburg battle field fought on during two different wars.
curtis [12-01-2001]

How long did the Revelutionary War last?
Heather, I attend Congress Elementary School. [12-01-2001]

What was the true reason for the start of the American Revolution? Was it just for freedom or was it a statement to the whole world?
Heather [12-01-2001]

I really like this web site and I think that you should have a list of events and people in ABC order for people like me who have to do projects like that.
janae walker [12-01-2001]

I would like to know about the Torries in the War for Independence
Bryant Attaway, 14 & 8th South Carolina [12-01-2001]

I liked your site a lot. Thanks! Bye!
Lexie [12-01-2001]

um do u have anything on yorkton ?
Trisha [12-01-2001]

Looking for information (map) regarding the Military Road from Skenesboro (Whitehall, NY) to Fort Ticonderoga, NY.
Bernie Denno [12-01-2001]

can you tell me about plAces in connecticut thAT where nAmed After importAnt revolutinary wAr figures ?
glory [11-28-2001]

whear is debrtry65
morgan [11-28-2001]

I love amercian history!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mostely wars.
Amber Johnson , Bartonville IL [11-28-2001]

Chelsey Sunderland , Bartonville ILL [11-28-2001]

I would like to know how the war started.
Kirstin [11-28-2001]

We are searching and researching one Joseph Pheland who was an officer in teh war. We have not been able to find specific information about him. My wife is former Phelon. We understand that Joseph Pheland 's name was changed by accident to Joseph Phelon during the war.
Tom McPeak [11-28-2001]

Was there really a Benjamen Martin in the Revolutionary War as depicted in the movie, "The Patriot" Thank you.
Roger Lamborne [11-28-2001]

I need info on Col. (General?) John Glover! I can't find a picture or any battles he was in other than trenton!! Please email me and help!!
Need Help!! , Please?!?! [11-28-2001]

Apparently there were 50 battles during the American revolutionary war. Where can I find this info and who won each.
Gary Silverthorn [11-22-2001]

kRISTIN PRATT , age:14 city:kokomo [11-22-2001]

I am doing a project and was very facitinated on the Revolutionary war and was wondering if you could send me inporent pictures and info. I would realy appreciate if you send me this info. Thanks a lot. P.S. I would like to no 6 imporent events that lead up to the Revolutionary War.
Henry Tracz , I live in CT and i am 12 [11-22-2001]

Why were the revolutionary ideals of the lateral 1700's good but today considered irratical?
mechelle [11-22-2001]

i need to know how the americans we able to get so many countries to help them, what did they supply and what did the countries get in return?
travis [11-22-2001]

how many people died in the revolutionary war?
kate , student [11-22-2001]

Here, in central PA, we are bombarded with nothing but the civil war. This site is wonderful for a history teacher, because I can show my students that Gettysburg, Camphill, Carlise, and so forth, are not the only historic battles that took place in Pennsylvania. If you could send me more information about the area (for field trips) and/or your lesson plans, I would really appreciate it.
Sheri Fnk , Lancaster,PA [11-22-2001]

Is there a roster available of the men who died at the Battle Of Brandywine in the Rev War? Thanks, Judy (in Ks)
judy whisler [11-22-2001]

I would like to know what were the two sides nicknames during the Revolutionary War (British/American)?
Ircania [11-22-2001]

I am looking for information about genral anthony wayne and some property he owned on thomas road.
Daniel Fuller , Erie, Pa [11-08-2001]

I was reading through the archives and I found where a Peter J. Himebaugh was looking for information on Jean Jacques LeValle. This is my husband's Great Great Grandfather and he is interested in hear from anyone that might have more information on him. Please e-mail. Thanks.
Lee LeValley , Germantown, OH [11-07-2001]

The wars of this time is so intersting to me and I wish to learn more about it if they could make up a site for just about wars than that would be a heaven for kids with questions about the wars.
Amanda Harris , 14,Ga [11-02-2001]

Kayty , I play Basketball for 3 traveling teams i swim on a USS swim team [11-02-2001]

steven m [11-02-2001]

This website is really cool
Anesha Roberson , 14. Louisiana [11-02-2001]

What is it like to be you tell me ok bye
Bria Harris Michelle , St.Louis 10years old [11-01-2001]

Ilearned abot the BostonMassacre.
Jalesa Watpol , 10/St.louis [11-01-2001]

When did General Gates take over the Northern Army during the American Revolution?
Mike [11-01-2001]

Just discovered your site; looks great. I am a history buff particularly the French & Indian War, American Revolution (ancestors were loyalist), War of Northern Agression (Civil War - ancestors were Confederates). Special interest in naval history especially Marines.
mike hearne , Former Marine Sgt., Viet Vet (2 tours) Retired [11-01-2001]

I am looking for information on the scholastic scollership that I have heard about througth The Daughters of the American Revalution Any informa- ion to me out for my son to attend collage. Thanks
nancy wage [11-01-2001]

you should put up some information about Thomas Paine, his stuff si being quoted now because of the tragedy of sept. 11th
Lauren , 16 [10-28-2001]

I am appeciative of this website although I would like to see more maps on where the battles took place and the territories in which both American and the British may have had a victory. I really need pictures for a paper I am doing. Thanks and could someone WRITE ME 535 Church ST Dawson Ga Iris Marshall
Iris Marshall , I am Fifteen Years Old Dawson Georgia 31742 [10-28-2001]

You did a nice job with this website, but why didn't you tell about the colored men that helped in the Revolutionary War. Such as Crispus Attucks, James Forten, Peter Salem. Tell me, what happen to them. George Washington and Paul Revere weren't the only great people of the war.
Britney C. , 13 Decatur, GA [10-28-2001]

ERIC GRAHAM , 9 years old [10-28-2001]

Can anyone tell me how many total US troops were killed in the Revolutionary War?
Douglas Greenlaw , westboro, ma [10-25-2001]

i love the american revolutionary it is so cool
jamie , im14 phila pa [10-25-2001]

Your webSite is fantastic! However, what you show is a picture of the Northern scene-- Massachusetts to New Jersey. True, New Jersey was the scene of the most Revolutionary War battles, but, Gentlemen, there was a Southern scene, i.e., Guilford Court House, the Battle of Cowpens, the Battle of King's Mountain, etc. When may we expect coverage of the Southern scene? In any event, this website, to quote from IHA, is "...a very auspicious start to an ambitious Virtual Marching Tour of the entire American Revolution."
Sir Richard A. Wright, KtB , Ballwin, MO [10-22-2001]

Hi there, Does anyone have information on Haym Salomon?? Email adress if you do!! Many thanks, Bob Cornell
Bob Cornell [10-22-2001]

I think for every battle u should just give a quick over veiw of the basic facts....who lead each army, who won, what were they fighting for, how many died on each side, the date, and ne thing else really significant all together in a short paragraph...for those who don't want to go into detail
Don Cedar [10-22-2001]

I thik that should make a Revolutionary War Game where they show the whole United States and a page showing how you can get allies, but you start with your troops inthe original places. Whe you came to a battle they zoom in.It woul start in the French and Indian Wars and end in the War of 1812. I would really like that game I think that it should hve extra detail.
Guhir Ghulam , 10 Northumberland, NY [10-21-2001]

Just wanted to say hello
Jessica [miss georgia] , 13 yrs old, Georgia [10-20-2001]

Hey Holly and Cortney!!!!
jessica , 13 yrs old, Georgia [10-20-2001]

i just poped in to say "hello"
Jeremiah Jamrom [10-17-2001]

is there any girls out there prettey
donte daniels , im10 years old new york [10-17-2001]

put more information on acts and put it clear
Angela Guttmann , I am 12 years old [10-17-2001]

I am looking for an engagement ring/wedding band set that would have been used durring the rev war period. Can some one send me a place to get either of these? Thank you. Kevin
Kevin [10-14-2001]

I am a direct decendant of Isaac Harmon, who fought the Revolutionary war. Does anyone know who he was? What effect he had? And where he was during all of that?
Douglas Sherwood , A native Californian and a decendent of Isaac Harmon of the Revolutionary war [10-13-2001]

Were there any battles in Kentucky? Do you like the rev war? How many people do you think died in the war?
Sam Byrd , The rev war happened due to taxes. [10-12-2001]

My 4th Great grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War. William Scarbrough. Aslo My 4great grandfather on Mothers side was a Thomas Randolph & his son Peyton, May have also fought. Need to know where i can find this war list for Randolphs
Loretta Free [10-12-2001]

Hi I am kind of scared about the terroriists are you?Tell me.
Danielle Drab , I am 9 years old and I am a girl. [10-10-2001]

waz up
dustin [10-10-2001]

Amanda Jackson , I am 9 years old and i live in willis texas AND i'M A GIRL; [10-10-2001]

Hi I love the Flag!!!
Yndy Thomas Blanchette , Age: 10 [10-10-2001]

I have a question, i want to know of any place on the internet or from someone who thinks he can help regarding the oppression that the British forces (goverment) did against the american people which led to the revolution
tj , 20 yrs ,Baltimore MD [10-08-2001]

Is there a reenactment program for the battle at Whitemarsh? Where can I find any details?
Peter Gardner [10-08-2001]

I have to do a MAJOR report on Independence Hall and I am havign a very hard time getting very much information on it. Most books only have a very short paragraph about it ... does this mean it deosn't have a very long history? I sure could use some help!! Thanks.
Kyle Armour , I'm 10 years old & live in California [10-08-2001]

I wanted to know what was the last battle of the revolutionary war. Please inform me about this battle
linda [10-08-2001]

i need ideas to write a paper about i am an american and i was wondering if you could help me? i need it by tuesday the 8.
michelle [10-07-2001]

I am interested in any info I can get [books, movies, papers, etc.] on the Battle at Cooches Bridge. Thanks!
mike , wilmington de. [10-06-2001]

I just finished watching a movie called "The Crossing" which I found incredibly interesting. Unfortunately it also pointed out that I am fairly ignorant on American history. Could you please tell me who the "Hessiens" were that helped the British during the war? Thank you, I hope I am spelling this right.
janice hamilton [10-01-2001]

I am told I had relatives in the Battle of Brandywine there a roster of men...thanks.
Alice Halderman [09-30-2001]

I guess my thought is more of a question, give me 10 facts on military and american revolution
aj nguyen , 15, aurora co [09-27-2001]

This site was great for helping me ace my research paper.
George Selvage [09-26-2001]

Since all of this is over FREEDOM then they should have bomb us in a earlier time. Thats why I think that it is so stupid.
Samantha Carter , 15/Mississippi [09-16-2001]

its webs like this that makes one proud to be american. its time that people of modern day understand the true cost of freedom ! to love your country. when one complains about taxes, laws,etc... just look at what thease people went threw and be dam thank full !!!
larry pollotta , 39 yrs old fairport n.y. [09-11-2001]

good site. Needs more games!
Craig Dunny , Freedom PA, Beaver Falls PA, or Enon Valley PA [09-11-2001]

It is said that Washington and his staf occupied a hall called maln hall on sept,14 1777 and soon after washington left malin hall the british general howe arrived and made it his headquarters having knowing the malin family in england. Can anyone help me bye sheding some light on this event. thank you
robert Malin , 26,michigan [09-11-2001]

I am looking for specific information on the Seventh Pennsylvania regiment in the Revolution. The reenactment group I recently joined would like to portray this group. I believe they were at the Paoli massacre with Anthony Wayne and caught the bulk of the attack. Does anyone have anymore info? Thanks! This is such a great site!
Kerry Johnson , RevWar enthusiast [08-29-2001]

Message to Editor: This reader response site would be greatly improved if had links to specific topics discussed by readers (e.g specific battles/skirmishes; specific british and american colonels and generals; specific british and american regiments etc). Some reader may ask a question the answer to which may be found in some earlier message posted in some prior year.
anonymous [08-23-2001]

Reply to Charles Silsbee. Posting dated 7/1/01 Only info I have is that it took place sometime between 4/17/1783 and 4/24/1783 at Fort Carlos III(Arkansas Post)
anonymous [08-23-2001]

Would like info on the 3rd Ct Reg of Foot under Capt Warner's Co under the command of Co. Samuel Wyllys and the battles that company engaged in.
Dorothy Foster [08-22-2001]

I truly enjoyed reading about the Revolutionary War period, that I must admit, slept through when I was a youngster in school. I need your help to find out if the ship Lyons was the first ship to carry the American Flag at sea. The ship was sunk by the British, where I don't know, but it was raised from the deep 112 years later, according to the sketchy facts that I'm able to find. Correct me please if I'm wrong, but there couldn't have been an American Flag until after July 4,1776, or until after the first flag declaration in 1777. Would this be correct? I am having trouble finding out what year and where the Lyons sunk, and if she was in fact the first ship to carry our flag to sea. I have a cane that has been passed down through our family over the years, that was made from the deck planking of this ship, and I wish to know as much as I can on her history.
JON DEAN , from Arlington, Va.....age 58 [08-12-2001]

Eric Chan , 12yrs old, Brooklyn, NY message: A week ago my teacher told us to do a research and write anessay about the American Revolution. I came to this site and recieved an award for writing such a good essay. Actually, I think you should recieve an award for being such a good site. However, I think it would be a lot better if this site add some more cute images. Anyway, thanks for the help!!!!!!! [08-09-2001]

Request any information available about a minor engagement at Cooches (spelling uncertain) Bridge, New Castle County, Delaware. I believe it involved a New Jersey miliia company and some detached troops from the main British column.
George H.Meier , 54 year old, Knox, Indiana [08-03-2001]

Can anyone tell me when Cornwallis came to America? He was at the Seige of Charleston, SC. in June of 1776. Did he fight the French and Indian War? Was he at the Battle of Lexington & Concord?
PFTaylor [07-31-2001]

I would like to see something about Hayes Station and King's Mountain. Ancestors killed at both.
Donald Goodman [07-27-2001]

Is it true that more French soldiers died during the American Revolution than did American soldiers????
Mark Ward , Alabama [07-27-2001]

Is there a list of persons that signed the PA Militia Act of 1777? If so, where would a person find it? Thank you. Great site.
Elaine Mellott [07-27-2001]

sir need the information about the Madel Please help this (the cornerstone of the national war college was laid by president theodore roosevelt february 21, 1903. the bullding was dedicated as a national historic landmaek June24, 1974 (United States) NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK nATIONAL WAR COLLEGE WASHINGTON DC.
esmatullah S/o nak Muhammad , Tarbeala daem Ghazi Pakistan [07-26-2001]

They couldnt have done it without the French, Washington cared for his soldiers more than Cornwallis cared for his. And I think either way the war was inevitable
JJ , sb [07-26-2001]

I have been enjoying your page for some time as you add to it. Thanks for the service you have rendered. How long before you can give us a list of the names of the regular troops, not just the officers, who fought and who died in this battle? Is there not a local graveyard for the men who fell in battle, with their names? I'm interested in family history and locating two ancestors who supposedly died at Brandywine. Were there no records kept of the men who fought there? Surely they weren't phantoms but real flesh and blood men!
Billie Leclerc [07-19-2001]

I'd like to know if there are books I could find about Jews who served in the Revolutionary War. Also, besides the New York Historical Society, are there any other sources for detailed information on Captain Allan McLane?
Drew Golden , Ambler, PA [07-19-2001]

I want to join the Daughters of the American Revalution as I qualify. Can someone tell me where I can get the information needed to join. Thank You
Colleen [07-19-2001]

Two years ago this month, my wife and I drove two grandchildren on your battlefield tour. That was a really great way to appreciate the battle ( and how far the soldiers (especially the Brits) had to march. For the first time, we learned about the main battle near the Birmingham Meeting House, and then found the big monument to Lafayette etc. At the time, we also found some small errors or misleading statements in the directions, but I think you have corrected these in the meantime. I know that perhaps for commercial reasons, the Chadds Ford site of the Knyphausen feint or demonstration receives most tourists' attention, but believe me, there's something magical about following the Brit flanking maneuver and learning that Washington was humanly fallible. You have performed a wonderful service to the amateur historians that abound in this country.
Scott Kimmich , 71, Norwalk, Ct. (also a former resident of Haverford, Pa.) [07-15-2001]

Scott Kimmich [07-15-2001]

Would like info on the 3rd Ct Reg of Foot under Capt Warner's Co under the command of Co. Samuel Wyllys and the battles that company engaged in.
Dorothy Foster [07-10-2001]

I am very intrastid in the bullits and the cons and the guns . I also like the people and the clows they were. I would like to say that I wounder how they billd there bases? Where do they get all there suplis?
STEVEN , I am 8 years old! [07-10-2001]

Would like to see some information on Seth Warner's command.
Ann Parker Babyak , 5th gr grandfather fought with the Green Mtn boys [07-03-2001]

I am a researcher at Arkansas Post National Memorial and am seeking information on the Colbert Incident that took place in 1783 in Arkansas. It is supposedly a Revolutionary raid and the only one in Arkansas. I also need information on those killed in that incident. Need this for our file at Arkansas Post.
Charles Silsbee [07-01-2001]

I need information on a William Damone (not sure of the correct spelling of his last name). I will appreciate any help(s)...
K. [07-01-2001]

getting into geneology is fun huh
george a sargent , jeremiah sargent served at brandywine was wounded 9/11/1777 he was part of va 12th regiment COL JAMES WOOD COMMANDING and a part of cpt. Waggeners co my tenth gen gfather seeking his fathers name any ideas [06-28-2001]

I make scenarios for a American Revolution game called "Campaign 1776" and I am needing maps of the Battle of the Clouds, detailing terrain, positions things like that, If someone can help me let me know. Thank you.
Sean Coffey , Cambridge, Ohio [06-28-2001]

Only wanted to say this is great, anything I can do to help, please let me know.
William E. Popp , 60 Philadelphia [06-17-2001]

I'm trying to find out just how far Baltimore Pike/Nottingham Road (as it was known then)extended at the time of the Battle of Brandywine. For instance, after the battle, during their retreat, the Americans followed it to Concord, and from there took Concord Road to Chester. My question is, could they have followed the pike further, say all the way to Philadelphia? Or was Concord pretty much its terminus? Washington and company having to go to Chester because that was the only road, or best one, to draw nearer to Philadelphia? Question 2: Street Road: Did it exist at the time of the battle between Darlington's Corner and Jones' Ford in any shape or form. Thank you in advance for your attention to these questions.
Ed Wimble [06-17-2001]

Julia [06-13-2001]

I have half a picture that says" ?nson's Hill taken a mela,------- Philada Regiment fired upon each other Sept 30. I can't find what hill it is talking about or anything on the Phila Regiment. Do you know where I can find something or can you tell me what hill they are talking about. Thanks
Dolly Roberts [06-06-2001]

June 2, 2001 I just wanted to say 'hello!' and to tell you what a great website you have constructed around the American Revolutionary War. In addition to 2 Barrs ancestral grandfathers, I had 2 Bell grandfathers, 1 Greene grandfather, and 1 Morgan grandfather who served in the Militia and Continental Army. Most were from North Carolina. I have the units the Barrs and Bell's served in but not the Greene and Morgans. I am working on those connections. Plus, I had 2 Barrs, 2 Bell, 1 Morgan and 1 Greene ancestral serve in the War Between the States. They all served in the CSA. My G-G Grandfather James C. Barrs served in the Georgia State Guard Calvary and Infantry. He was captured at Ft. McAllister Georgia when General Sherman's army over ran the fot in 1864. He was imprisoned in Fort Deleware Military Prison until his release in 1865 and was assigned to barricks 14. Keep up the good work... Al Barrs END<<<
Al Barrs , 62, Greenwood, FL recently retired education/training administrator/director [06-06-2001]

Reply to Bill Home, Largo Fl, 05/28/01 Go to hit list of leaflets hit american revolution Also try
anonymous [06-02-2001]

Reply to Leanne Brown 5/30/2001. Consult the US National Park Website for historic places and events.
anonymous [06-02-2001]

Response to Cora 09-24-1997 For the past twenty six years, My wife and I have been living in, and paying for, the privilege of maintaining the house in which your ancestor, General Francis Nash, spent his final hours. Except for an addition and some modern conveniences, the house and barn are not too much different from their original form of 1777. There are many short comments and texts available regarding General Francis Nash. However, the best documentation that I have run across was published by the Historical Society of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania - Volume XVIII, No. 3, Fall 1972. The 71 page article, " The Tragic Sword" by Mr. John F. Reed is exceptionally well written and detailed. If you can locate a copy of the entire booklet, it should be well worth your effort. David Lawler Kulpsville, Pennsylvania
DAVID LAWLER , Kulpsville, Pa [06-02-2001]

I need your help in planning an educational trip for a nine year old to study the colonization of the American revolution. What areas are the most important for us to visit?
Leanne Brown [05-30-2001]

Is there any info available on British Units & rosters that fought in the American Revolutionary War? Thanks Bill Horne
Bill Horne , Age 70- Largo, Fl [05-28-2001]

thankxz 4 the help
gia [05-26-2001]

To whom it may concern My name is Blake Stough, and I trying to save one of the country's most valuable historic landmarks.  Camp Security, located east of the City of York, in Springettsbury Township, York County, Pennsylvania, is the last remaining prisoner-of-war camp from the Revolutionary War.  It housed British and Canadian POW's during the war. The camp consisted of a stockade prison and a village area.  This village area was where model prisoners and their families were located.  Prisoners were able to work for local residents, due to a "parole" program.  This reduced the need for camp supplies. Sickness spread through the camp in 1781, and many prisoners perished as a result. They are buried somewhere in those fields, but it is unknown where. Tim Pasch, a local developer, would like to purchase this site to build $300,000 homes.  While a small portion of the site would be undeveloped, it would be surrounded by homes, and under control of the homeowners association.  This would make it impossible for any future study of the site. In 2000, Camp Security was listed as one of Pennsylvania's most endangered sites by Preservation Pennsylvania.  The story of the camp is kept alive by local legend and written documents.  There was an archaeological study done at the site in 1979, which resulted in the discovery of domestic and military artifacts.  Archaeological study's were also done in 2000, which revealed earthworks associated with the camp.  This study also showed how large the Camp Security site is.  This evidence proves Camp Security has local and national significance and meets requirements to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Camp Security has all the means to tell the story of Revolutionary War prisons, and also York County's role in the war.  One thing we can learn is how the prisoners lived and interacted with the local residents.  The artifacts found to date, and the others that still lie in the ground, can be studied and used to tell the story of the war, as well as the lives of the men that lived there. My ancestor, John Andreas Stauch, more commonly known as Andrew Stough, was a guard at Camp Security.  His pension records document his service, as well as his duties at the camp.  I was not an active part of this fight until just recently.  There are no buildings or related landmarks to see anymore, and that causes people to forget what was once there.  I was one of those people, but realized how wrong I was. I recently met with Ron Bissett, who also had an ancestor at the camp.  Ron traveled to the area from his residence in Canada.  He came to see the site where Camp Security stood, and also see what can be done to save the site.  Ron and I have many things in common when it comes to this topic.  Both of our ancestors were named Andrew, as well as our 5th great-grandfather.  They were also at the camp at the same time, mine as a guard, and his as a prisoner.  We walked the site together as friends, while our ancestors did the same, as enemies.  This made it very emotional for both of us. I am asking for your assistance in saving this historic treasure.  By developing this site, we will be destroying part of our nations history.  We currently have support of members and officers of various chapters of the Sons of the American Revolution, and would love your support as well. Your assistance with this matter is needed.  I will gladly forward all emails/letters of protest to the Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors.  You may send letters to me via email or my mailing address.  Feel free to contact me at any time.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Blake Stough 227 Rockdale Ave. York, PA 17403 (717) 848-4073 Email:
Blake Stough [05-26-2001]

Reply to Mary (Lexington,Kentucky) 1-20-2001. If you want information on Banastre Tarleton, consult the following website:
anonymous [05-24-2001]

Reply to Linda Hoffman 4-1-2001 Men in green coats in S.C. were loyalists. Members of the British Legion led by Banastre Tarleton.
anonymous [05-24-2001]

i can't find any thing on the battle of yorktown, whats up with that
anonymous [05-21-2001]

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hsvdkaewh, rgkktddjkfrkk [05-18-2001]

Hello... I was curious if you could help me out with this thought I had. When do you believe that the American colonists began viewing themselves as OTHER than British subjects? When did they really begin to Denationalize? On the same note, when and why do you think Colonists began to conceive themselves as Americans? Any thoughts on these questions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance MIke
Mike [05-18-2001]

im looking for the role in which spain played in in the american revolutionary war
Stephanie, im14 i live in connecticut [05-18-2001]

I would like some information on James Riggin and the battle of Dallas Ferry. It was fought along the Maurice River about a mile from the Deleware Bay. The name of the town is now Port Norris, NJ. Any information would be helpful in my research. Thank you !
Darlin Riggin [05-14-2001]

Grandpa Mike and I were thrilled to discover this this very interesting American history site. I would like to hear more music from the American Revolution era while reading the information at this site. We will pass our discovery along to our history-enthusiastic friends. Thanks for an enjoyable trip back through time. Grandma Dottie
Dottie Wyatt, I'm a grandmother age 52. Portsmouth, VA [05-14-2001]

you should put Genral W. Howeon you site
Charles [05-11-2001]

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niky, 2o [05-11-2001]

I understand I am distantly related to Commodore John Barry. I know he did not have any children, but that he and his second wife, Sarah Keen Austin raised Barry's sister Eleanor's 2 children. I do not know what Eleanor's married name was. My grandparents were James Harper and Jennie Boyle, both born in the 1890's and lived in West Conshohocken, PA. I am not sure which side John Barry is related to, but thought if I could find out what Eleanor Barry's married name was, I could go from there. Thank you!!!
Karen Ames, Harleysville, PA [05-11-2001]

I am interested in knowlege of the allied countries for both sides (England and the United States) during the revolution war.
Thomas E. Ellwanger, 43 Years old live in Rochester, NY [05-10-2001]

would like help on obtaining info on general lafyette. ancester fought under his command. trying to find rosters of his soldiers and units for genealogy. thanks
RON [05-10-2001]

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we r the Titans, mighty mighty Titans!
Helan Whitehead, age:16 alabama, madisan [05-02-2001]

who was the people at Valley Forge in 1777?
Christy, 10. People call me crisco! [05-02-2001]

I am looking for a Johannes Trushel, later known as John Drushel. He was in the Rev. War serving with Wash. frm 1776-1783. I am looing for a book or reference with him listed as a soldier. We also think he served in the battles of Long Island, White Plains, Trenton and Brandywine. He was a blacksmith and shod Washington's horse. Can you tell me books that would have this information to back up my information? Thank you.
Barbara Halpin [05-02-2001]

ashley, age:10(almost 11)in2months from [05-02-2001]

we r the Titans mighty mighty Titans!
we r certy, hi Im 14 years old alabama mt.Gomery [05-02-2001]

Priscilla Najera, 11years old Texas [05-02-2001]

"Make it one for Washington and all his gallant men,
One for the girl who once was mine,
Make it one for the darling boy I'll never see again,
And don't for get the blacksmith of Brandywine.

As we rode down to Brandywine it was a sight to see,
A giant man with a hammer in his hand beneath an old oak tree,
And all arond him on the ground in fabled disarray
A score of men who'd never fight again nor travel on the King's Highway,

We dug his grave and covered him o'er and sadly wept a tear,
And passed the day and went on our way 'til we met with a musketeer,
From him we learned the story of a brave and angry man,
Who undertook the British enemy with a hammer in his hand.

There lived a man in Chestertown away from the cannons' roar
Of manner mild his woman and child no man could ever love more,
But the Torries spoke a plot one day to waylay Washington
He left his home and family alone to the General he did run.

His errand done he journeyed home, but sorrow there he found
By British his wife and son lay still on the cold hard ground.
The blacksmith reached for his heavy sledge and he gave a practice swing
Next day on the line at Brandywine you could hear his hammer sing,

I hope this helps you-I just thought you might still need the lyrics. I looked for 2 years to find the album it came from. (I did find one) It is "the Land of Giants" by The New Christy Minstrals
Eric West, Pampa, Texas [04-26-2001]

I think this is a great site because i use this site to teach my grade 8 class about the american revolution.
Lisa, age-25 years old a teacher in Manitoba [04-24-2001]

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scott [04-24-2001]

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Wesley Graham, 12,lima, [04-24-2001]

William Glendy, pvt in eighth Pennsylvania regiment under Co. McCoy was wounded in the shoulder at Germantown and the ball was never extracted. He later was at Brandywine and Valley Forge and received a pension for his service.
Marlys Matthews, 4 great grandaughter of a veteran of Germantown [04-17-2001]

I need some help about the effects on social and economic life becuase of the American Revolution..maybe some pro's and con's of it also would be of some help.. THANK YOU!!!
ALI [04-17-2001]

could you tell me who won valley forge!?
Erin Walsh, I am 11 [04-17-2001]

Tirza Tetteh, 10, Montclair, Lindero Ave. [04-16-2001]

I am interested in Captain William Tuttle and General St. Claire. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I would also like for you to include the female patroit of the Revolutionary War. Her name was Tempe Wick. If you would like information about her, let me know I will be happy to provide you with all I have. Thank you.
J.Wick Parker [04-16-2001]

I think you should put more picture in so evveryone could copy the pictures for their book report or something else.
Andreana Simon, Once I went to Japan [04-13-2001]

I am attempting to find a list of British prisoners who were captured at Yorktown. If such a database exits I would appreciate any information on how to access it. Thanks.
Stephen J. Samples [04-13-2001]

mekids [04-13-2001]

im in 5th grade and we're learning about the revolutionary war and u don't seem to have anything on the battle of Yorktown and that is were the war ended so that would ba a important thing to add
kelsey, 10 and in 5th grade [04-11-2001]

when and where was the first battle of the revolution fought
ben [04-11-2001]

can anyone send me information on or links to sheys rebelion or shay's rebelion he fought against dept
dave williams [04-11-2001]

the war is cool we
anonymous, im 10 [04-11-2001]

Is there anyone who has information about General Benjamin Taliaferro of Virginia? What were his assignments during the ARW?
Leigh Johnson, Atlanta, GA [04-06-2001]

I am a republican, as are the majority of Australians. I have recently become interested in comparing the history of our two "colonies" to try to understand why our countries took different paths. Your web page is an exceptional source of information-beautifully written, and, as other correspondents have remarked, we visual people don't need pictures- your words bring history to life.
Maureen Lum, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia [04-06-2001]

I was just in S.Carolina doing a war study. At the capitol in Columbia there was a picuture of the war and it showed the Red Coats, American men dressed tatteredly (is that a word?) and men in Green Uniforms. The guide didn't know who the men in green were. I've been hunting through my history books and I think they are either French or they are Patriots. Do you know for sure and could you let me know? Thanks!
Linda Hoffman [04-01-2001]

i would like to know if you have any information on francis marion? if so write back and tell me.
AARON [04-01-2001]

BEN RAGIN, pine street [04-01-2001]

Lauren Ginder [04-01-2001]

Serving as the rear guard were the 71st regiment. If was a formidable force.
anonymous, ex-Grade 5 teacher! [03-28-2001]

Does anyone know the Lady's name who was a spy during the American Revolutionary war who made sculptures of soldiers and put informative messages inside them for spying?
Michael Mirisciotta [03-19-2001]

I would like to commend you on having at least two women that were active during the American Revolutionary War. However, there were many, many more women who fought in battles for the independance of our country. There were more that worked behind the scenes as housewives, campfollowers, and messangers and spies.
Danielle, 16- pa [03-19-2001]

bobby [03-15-2001]

I think you are the coolest website ever!I also think you are da' bomb!!!!!!
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I am looking for information on a special regiment, Massachusetts Grand American Army of 1775. If you have any information or ideas on ways I coudl find this informtion please e-mail me back. Thank you
none, none [03-11-2001]

hi! sup! if u want info go to it has lots of info!
Lisa, 12 montgomery ,al [03-11-2001]

I am Secretary of the Warwick Township Historical Society, Bucks County, PA. We are restoring the Moland House, an 18th century stone farmhouse situated on a 12 acre park site -- our architect is John Milner & Sons, inc. The Moland House was George Washington's Headquarters from August 10 to 23, 1777. Here, Lafayette was sworn in and, as his first official act, participated in a Council of War. Pulaski also joined Washington here, after arriving in Philadelphia. He brought with him a letter from Lafayette's wife. During his stay at the Moland House (referred to Camp at Neshaminy, Camp at the Crossroads, Headquarters Farm), Washington awaited news of Howe's intentions, uncertain if he and his men would have to move north to protect the Hudson or south to protect Philadelphia. Once word arrived that Howe had landed at the Head of Elk, Washington and 11,000 men marched south to Philadelphia, Washington stayed overnight at the Stenton House and his men marched thru the City Philadelphia the following day to demonstrate to Philadelphians that the Continental Army would protect them, but ultimately meeting defeat at Brandywine. Please add the Moland House to your timeline, it has national and international significance. This is an important part of the history of the Campaign of 1777 -- including the story of French aid and international volunteers as well as the campaign itself in the Delaware Valley. Let me know if you would like further information. I would be happy to send you a short history. You will find a notation in Washington's expense report of his payment to Mrs. Moland for the use of her home. For tours, information, contributions or membership: Warwick Township Historical Society, P.O. Box 107, Jamison, PA 18929; (215) 343- 6852. Thank you.
Clare Reilly, Secretary, Warwick Township Historical Society, Hartsville, PA [03-10-2001]

Hi, My name is Kelsey. I think this Inernet Site is kind of cool. The music is really cool. I really like the music whitemash. I am going to make a suggestion for the games. They really stink. People do not like them so I would suggest taking them away from the site or making the games more fun. Sincerly, Kelsey P.S is much better than this
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I'm just wondering where the section on foreign intervention is. Surely such a huge factor can't be neglected.
Andrew [03-06-2001]

I was told that most of the british solders in the revalution where convicts and fought to be out of prison i would like someone to e-mail me back to tell me if im right or wrong because a got in an argument with my history teacher about this. Thanks
Andrew Adams [03-06-2001]

I think this is a great site and it would be even greater if it put more females and african american troops.
nichole, philadelphia,Pa [03-05-2001]

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kim and steph [03-05-2001]

I really think you guys did a great job on this web page. Keep it up and youl find it helpful
Kevin, George Washington survived being shot four times in the coat by a miracle. [03-05-2001]

Although I do believe you need some more information about battles of the revolutionary war. And I hope that the information your website gave me will help me out with my school projects.
Amber, Age:11 Southwest Minnesota (country), USA [03-02-2001]

please send me information on General Cornwallis during the american revolution. and background information too.
craig o'brien, 13 CT 8th grade report. HELP!! [03-01-2001]

a wassssup im a boy who loves history i cant tell my age but im a 6th grader ive never a got a B on my report card sence 3rd grade i am a qb for my f-ball team and im a piont guard for my b-ball team i can tell you that you have nice site. but if you need more info write back i can tell you a buntch im a history fanatic u need to write a bout the sevan year war and the months and years after it ok write back. walch history channel ok see ya.
anonymous [03-01-2001]

Hi, I need right now, weapons the peeps used in the revolutionary war! helow!!! what is our 1st prority? it helpin me!!!! ok, your site is cool, but i dunno i need more info, thanks anyways!!!!
Jamie Norton, I am 11, from livingston, NJ and I am cool! [02-25-2001]

Hi, This is Jamie, and I really liked this site because it helped me pass socail studies, and save me from a load of troble!!! Thank you so much who ever made this terrific website!!!!
anonymous, I am 11 years old adn I live in Livingston, NJ. [02-25-2001]

I am writing a short essay on "british inefficiency rather than American Patriot principles was the dominating factor in its loss of Colonial America? Any suggestion on books or websites that specifically adress this topic? Thank you.
Janet Tye Wenger [02-25-2001]

I am not much for history ,however I surely enjoyed your presentation. I am very interested in the men came from North Carolina and fought in the battle or helped in some way being a patriot. I have heard that Adam Brower from NC, had a mill in Randolph or Guilford county and it was burned and he was left for dead. I would be interested where if could find that information. Thank you and do some more of these hisorical battles. Sparrow
Sparrow, from North Carolina [02-24-2001]

alecia epps [02-20-2001]

Carl Fredrick Greywacz [02-19-2001]

i love learning about the revolutionary war and weapons that were used during it
Peter Dichello, 12 years of age [02-19-2001]

if you're interested in American History word searches please visit my web page: thanks!
jake mcraven, las vegas, nv [02-17-2001]

I thik your site is great but you need to put more pictures in because i have been working on a socil studies project that has to do with making a timeline and i have looked everywere and website has it so i encourage you to be the one who has it all!!!!!!!!!!
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I think that the revolution is one of the mist exhilarating wars in History!!!!!
Corey [02-15-2001]

molissa, i would like to have information,on the effects of the american revolution and how it affected the american society? [02-13-2001]

I think you guys have an awesome kick-ass site, but you need more, better games
haley, 15, I live in Edmonton Alberta [02-12-2001]

im think your sight is great.i am a big revolutionary war fan.i like the you know what web sight i could go to to get my little brother a revolution soldier costume? -jess
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BMM [02-07-2001]

I realy like your website I am doing a project on the saratoga war i've got a lot of information from your website please send me more information about the saratoga war
Tommy blizzard [02-07-2001]

It would be nice if you would lose the red bar to the right of center. It's shaded side is just dark enough to obscure the print there, and thus sometimes bring into question the meaning of the sentence. Otherwise it is a wonderful site, one where I'm sure I will spend much time. By the way, each day on my way to and from work I drive by the Three Tuns Tavern and throught the site of the Battle of the Clouds. It is difficult to do so without giving some thought as to the significance of the place, especially when it rains. My route also brings me to within 1/2 mile of the Paoli Massacre. It runs a chill down my spine to know that so many honorable men passed this way, giving all for our independence.
Robert Good, Downingtown, PA [02-05-2001]

This website is great! It's the best one I've seen so far.
Carrie, 14 years old [02-05-2001]

I am looking for information on James Armistead for a school project. can anyone help me. thanks
Janet Berry [02-04-2001]

i have a ? when was it faught?
anonymous, 11/ft.walton bch., florida [02-04-2001]

I didn't search that thoroughly, but I didn't find any material on my special interest at the moment, which is Henry Knox"s trek to Fort ticonderoga to retrieve the cannon used in the bombardment of Howe in Boston. Does anyone know where I might find lists of troops who accompanied him?
David Pierce, Baltimore, Md. [02-04-2001]

please help me with sources where i can learn about the role of spain in the independence of america (lafayette´s fleet departs from spain, the money for the cathedral in malaga is sent to the americans, etc) thanks
Martín Barandalla-Roncal, London [02-04-2001]

Your website is wonderful. So much information and so well done. You have done a remarkable amount of work. Want you to know it is greatly apprediated. Thanks!!
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I think this website has everything you need for a report on the American Revolution or something about the American Revolution. It gives a lot of information and pictures. It also helped me a lot on my school project. Thanks for the website!
Dude Jock, age-11 [02-04-2001]

Where Can I find information on the number of men serving the American Rev. in the 8 years? Where Can I find their names?
Colleen [02-04-2001]

My class is doing a project on the Revolutionary war.We have separet groups, which are doing a certain person.My groups doing Abigail Adams! My group can't find any info on her so I was wondering if you could send me some info on her? Sincerly, Chelsea Thank you
Chelsea, My age is 10,grade 5, and Mis.Leary's class [02-04-2001]

Brandon Barr [02-04-2001]

Go Eagles!
jimmy, 18 bridgeton nj [02-04-2001]

What kind of education did Lydia Daragh have? I need this information before feb.5th please send it to me asap! thanks!
Kelsey, 10 [02-01-2001]

Dear US history, When are you going to get battle maps? I am a Meigs student and my teacher gave me homework for the Revolutionary War, and she wants me to print out battle maps. It's due pretty soon. Hopefully, Raymond P. S. Please don't send me other things besides an answer to my question.
Raymond [02-01-2001]

i think the patriot was a great movie
edder [02-01-2001]

adam [01-29-2001]

I have recently watched the film THE PATRIOT and thought that the way the British were depicted was shocking and that as usual the British were made out to be war loving criminals and that the Colonials were made out to be heroes, does anyone else think the film is very historicaly inaccurate.
Gordon Scott, Age 26 City of Newcastle, England [01-28-2001]

This is an excellent website on the American Revolution!!! The historical information presented would take weeks to locate in a library. My family and I are doing research on our Revoluntary War ancestors that served in the Maryland Line under General Smallwood and part of that research needs to cover the battles that they may have fought, so we can begin to understand what they faced during the war. My Gr, Gr, Gr, Grandfather George Walls enlisted in Annapolis Md. on July 21st 1776 and mustered out in December 1781, so through your website we are able to study the battles matching his service time. Thank you again for a terrific website giving us modern day ancestors a chance to experience the victories against all odds are forefathers endured in the persuit of freedom!!
Lonnie Walls [01-27-2001]

Julian [01-25-2001]

Hi! I found this website from searching for the battle of brandywine because i had to do a report on the battle. and i love this it has like everything i need for my report. thanks for the great website.
Kelsey, 11 [01-24-2001]

Its not so much thoughts. I have a question, that i would like you guys to anserw, by e mailing me. How did the French benefit the colonists in the Revolutionary war? I would love to be sent this information. Thanks
Kaylon Ross, 21, college, BYU Idaho [01-22-2001]

GORDON SCOTT, age 26, city of newcastle, england [01-22-2001]

This website is great and has a lot of information.. but I'm doing a research project for my Social Studies class and i was looking up the topic "The Revolutionary War Moves South" I was wondering if you could help me to find some information on the following dates and people. The Moore's Creek Bridge/ capturing Savannah, the Battle of Cowpens, the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Francis Marion, Peter Francisco, Salem Poor, African Amerian's, and women.. Thank you very much. Richard
Richard [01-22-2001]

This site is awesome! it was great help on my research paper.
Courtney P [01-21-2001]

the site is cool but you forgot about FRANCIS MARION
amber [01-21-2001]

Can you show me photos on the battlefield of brandywine creek or even maps because i am doing a project of brandywine creek?
Andrew [01-20-2001]

First I want to tell all the kids seeing this site that as a mother I am very proud of you for your studies. Keep up the good work! Second, I am researching my family history of which one relative came over as a member of the french army and fought in the revolutionary war. I am trying to find out where his unit fought. I have the name of his ship, commanding officer and the dates and location, but would like more information proving what I have. If anyone has information that would be helpful, please e-mail me at Thank you! Lisa
Lisa Schweiger, mother in St. Louis, Missouri [01-20-2001]

Your website is very informative. I am trying to find out at which battle Daniel Morgan would have ended his "reign" Can you help me. Thanx nancy
nancy wheat [01-20-2001]

Hi hey great site just wonderin that did the battle of the clouds take place after the revuolution because i was speakin to a professer at my university. a nd he believes thyat it did
george kent, 24 usa [01-20-2001]

I like history. That way I'm here.
Clint Herron, I'm 15 years old. I live in Myrtle, Mississippi [01-20-2001]

Hi there. I am planning on writing a special paper for may English class having the title "How revoutionary was the revolutionary war". Maybe you can give me some clues how do start off with that, and how to structure my work. I'd really appreciate an answer. Thanks so much
matthias Müller, 18, Germany [01-20-2001]

Could you help me out? When did these events occur? Navigation Acts* English Bill of Rights* Sugar and Mollasses Act* Pontiacts Rebelion* Proclamation of 1763* Sugar and Mollasses Act~ enforced* Currency Act* Quartering Act* Sons and Daughters of Liberty* 1st colonial boycott* Declaratory act* Townsherd Acts repealed* Committee of Correspondence began* Tea Act* British leave Boston* Intolorable Acts* Olive Branch Petition* Treaty of Paris 1763* Closing Boston Port* thanx for all these i need the day, month and the year please help =(
Piglet [01-20-2001]

I liked youre sight very much and am a keen wargamer on the A.W.I period. It is a war which the loser seemed to win most of the battles but lost the war.I dont understand how Americans say they ALL wanted revolution when only 1 in 12 fought for it. I think the French coming into the war and later the Spanish and Dutch had a great effect on the British people at home during the war in that they were fighting for a colony that was 4000 miles away. I think its good that the people of the colonies at that time dared defy a country (England) which at that time was considered the most powerfull of the European countries and that they won. Hope you E-mail back. Thanks again.
Gordon Scott, age 26 Newcastle, England. [01-20-2001]

Hi I'm very interested in the Rev. War especially all information on Colonel Banaster Tarleton as I am a decendent of the Tarleton Family. Any elso in the Tarleton Family are welcome to write me. Mary,Lexington
mary, lexington,ky [01-20-2001]

I just finished watching "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson. Was there really a Colonel Benjamen Martin?
Danette Kendrick, 39 y.o. female [01-20-2001]

I guess my "thought" is more of a question..When my 3rd gr.grandfather applied for a Rev. War pension he said he had no plate and very little of anything else. I thought it strange that a person had no eating utensils until I recently heard of a couple more that asked the same question..I believe it could have possibly meant something else such as a bank account. Does anyone out there have any ideas on the subject?..Would really appreciate to hear some input on this
Myrth Sunday, wi [01-20-2001]

I am doing a report on the Revolutionary War. I need help. I am oing it from the British point of view. Can you send me any info. Thanks
Bruno Morais, 13 years old [01-20-2001]

I was searching the internet for info on the Revolutionary War. I came to this site and got info for my U.S. history project. I got an A+ on my project. Thanks for the help. Julie
Julie, Age 14 City Greensburg State Indiana [01-20-2001]

I need information on swords or weapons of the Revolutionary War... Someone PLEASE send me something.
Brian [01-20-2001]

I think that Revolution War was a great success and that if it did not happen then than it would of never happen.
Brandy Jennings, 16 Vineland,New Jersey [01-20-2001]

Your site is interesting but not very useful until it has an index which can lead one to information related to specific revolutionary war individuals, battles and events. I urge all readers to request that this be added to the site. The site has a great deal of questions but very few answers and the answers have no tie in to the questions.
dgara [01-20-2001]

I am looking for troops size figures for the Revolution. My son and I got into a discussion about whether the bigger army always wins. I told him that I thought that the US forces were smaller than the British during the Revolution. Was I right? Thanks. Susan Harris
Susan Harris, Question prompted by my four year old son [01-20-2001]

howdy, yall sup?!?!? well, i just wanted to say that your site dont have nothin bout famous people before 1860 and yo I NEED INFO!!! yall, please help me!
amy martin, texas [01-20-2001]

I found a record of reparations for plantations destroyed near Santiago during the Spanish American War - names in the handwritten record are Walter Christenbury or Christenburg, Howard M. Riley and William H. Ludmann or Luckmann. These gentlemen were in the 5th U.S. Regiment, Company Y. Would appreciate any help.
Katherine Anderson [01-20-2001]

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