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I found your website very informative.
Frank Feola [12-18-2000]

What was the Philadelphia Assembly? How did it differ from the Continental Congress, esp. during the American Revolution? I have what amounts to pay slips to those who attended these meeting. These papers are signed by John Bayard!. Did this assembly meet in Carpenter's Hall or elsewhere. What connection did they have to what was happening in the Continental Congress? A great site. Thanks, Jimmy
Jim Old, Maumee, Ohio [12-14-2000]

I think the Revolutionary war is pretty cool because you learn how we got indepedence in the U.S and why New York is still here.
Angelo Gonzales, weve learned strategies that the British and the Americans used to defeat each other. [12-14-2000]

I think this web site is coll it helpped me with my S.S.project.
Morgan P., age 10 [12-12-2000]

Felicia Schlegel, 13 years old. [12-12-2000]

hello. great website
deb [12-12-2000]

Though I enjoyed your site it failed to answer a question which has plagued me since my childhood. Who are the 3 individuals (and who painted the original) in the famous Revolutionary War painting, depicting 3 injured volunteers, one with a fife, another with a drum and the third with the Stars & Stripes? I have searched for years but have never been able to get an answer to this question. Though it may not be a service you provide, I would be grateful if you could at least point me in the right direction. Many thanks.
Zach Ryan, Dublin, Ireland [12-12-2000]

Cute site!!! =) I'm just starting a unit on the Revolutionary War in Social Studies, and this was a good source of help to me. Now I'm AHEAD =) =) =) =) HI MISTER D IF YOU COME BACK ON THIS SITE!! ~me~
Angela Mary, I'm 13 years old, I live in NY, and I go to Elizabeth Blackwell Middle School 210!!! [12-12-2000]

Molly pitcher was a courageous woman who I studied in my fav.class social studies.
Kimberly Bennett, 13, Grants Pass Oregon [11-30-2000]

My Great, Great, Great,Great, Great Grandfather, Samuel Meredith, was the first Treasurer of the US under the US Constitution. Before that, however, he was at the Battles of Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine and Germantown. I am trying to write his history. Any info that anyone has would be most helpful. Thanks
Rick Reynolds, upstate New York [11-30-2000]

Get lots of pitures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it is a good site and keep downloading Info Bye
Jeremy North, I live in Ely Mn. [11-30-2000]

A good Social Studies project for school.
Justin Ward [11-27-2000]

This web site is great!
Rinata Krel [11-27-2000]

I thought this site was way informative. Thanks for helping me with my project.
Kelly Adams [11-27-2000]

I am interested in the revolutionary war.I am thinging about writing a book on it.I am also looking for a computer game on the revolutionary war
stephen, 12 [11-27-2000]

Enjoyed your site and would appreciate it if you were able to provide me with any information on an er..ancestor of mine... John Chilton a planter from Virginia who was a captain in the Continental army and was killed in 1777 apparently in the Battle of Brandywine many thanks john chilton
John Chilton [11-27-2000]

Is anyone here a decendent of Hamilton or know of anyone, please send e-mail. Thanks
anthony z [11-27-2000]

Brandi MArcum [11-20-2000]

Your web site is so moving. I had a ggg-great grandfather who was in the "Paoli Massacre" he was one of the ones that was able to escape his name is Patrick Board. I was wondering if i could get more information on the names of the men who were in his brigade. Thank you for this site it makes you feel like they are beside you as your reading.
Deanna Porter, Torono,Ohio [11-20-2000]

I think your website is fabulous! I was wondering if you could help me find Family Tree info...I'm related to General John Stark....I've yet to find a very complete tree...any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Tracy Summers [11-20-2000]

I think George Washington was and is cool
Michelle, 13 [11-20-2000]

I found your site to be very informational, but a better designed index would have made it easier. I had to read a lot to find exactly what I wanted. A lot of people could probably benefit from a well designed index. thanks for all of the great info, Spencer
Spencer McLeod, 13 [11-14-2000]

I thought that this is a good web site for my project and it gave me every thing I needed. This site is also packed with info that can be usefull to other people. I really liked thas site!
Kyle [11-14-2000]

How was America built based on the Revolutionary war?
Kayon, 16 [11-14-2000]

i need to know the assending order of events on the movie the patriot! n/e one know?!?! e-mail me at
Leighanne [11-14-2000]

i'm looking for information about the daughters of the american revalution
nick silva [11-10-2000]

I found your web site to be very informative and easy to read...I enjoyed it very much...I hope to read the rest of your works now in progress in the future...Keep up the good work.
Robert Casella [11-08-2000]

I am doing a report and would like to know the roles of women during the revolutionary war period compared to the roles of present day women
kara malvaso, 9yrs old balto md [11-08-2000]

Nothing is better than finding everything you need.I had a couple glitches with finding a small amount of things,but my sentiment is that this is a debonair site.So far, all that I have read on this site has not became languished and has not had controversy information.If there is any money being spent to hold this site up its a frugality.I am satisfied that I have found a well educated historical site.Thank you so entirely much!
Candi Grindle, Florida , 13 [11-06-2000]

I want to no how i can find out if i had Family in the Revolutionary War. and how do we be come a Daughter of the Revolution?
Brenda (Godbey) Houston, Oklahoma and Missouri [11-02-2000]

Wilham Heyser, Captian, Continental Army was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine He commanded a german regiment of 87 men from Hagerstown, Maryland Do you have any information on him or his german regiment?
Steve Delaney [11-02-2000]

First of all, thank you. This is a thoughful and informative site that was very well composed. I can't wait until you finish more. Please consider listing recommending readings for the American Revolutionary War.
peter welsh [11-02-2000]

id like to no the old cemetarys in new jersey whare the solders lay to rest civl revolution wars the names if posabile
nick genovese, 34 union new jersey [11-02-2000]

i think the Philadelphia Campaign was very cool i like these thing. LOVE ALWAYS SONDRA RIOS
anonymous [11-02-2000]

GREAT SITE ! Working my way through it. Please keep going. By any chance would you know where I could find the Valley Forge Loyalty Oaths signings for the 9th/13th VA ? A guide at Valley Forge said that they are all over the Country.
Glenda Nighswonger, La Verne, CA [11-02-2000]

Mapping is absolutely vital, narrative is pointless if we cannot visualise the battlespace. UK readers will find it a lot easier to absorb the action if they can put it in spatial context.
Chris Tomlinson, From the UK [10-28-2000]

I need info on Marquis de Lafyette. If you have any, send it to me. Thanx
Josie, 16, mn [10-28-2000]

I like your site
Rickey Dale Rose or Winky, age.10,El Campo,Texas [10-28-2000]

Rickey, 11 [10-28-2000]

I like your site
Jake McCarthy, 89 [10-28-2000]

YO WUZ UP PEOPLE!!!!!! This is me. I think this website rocks the world!! It is totally awesome!! I am so gonna come back here!! Bye i love this site :)
Kitty, 10 [10-28-2000]

Have you ever read the book Johnney Tremain? I am reading it right now. Can you tell me things about The American Revoulution?
Sarah M., El Campo,Texas [10-28-2000]

Have you ever read the book Johnney Tremain? I am reading it right now. Can you tell me things about The American Revoulution?
Sarah M., El Campo,Texas [10-28-2000]

Kaylan Gangl [10-28-2000]

i need info onthe american revolution - patriotism of the rosses and the american revoultion - washington concerns
JASON FUHRMAN, [10 - 24 - 00] [10-28-2000]

hey Ineed some info on swords in the revolutionary war period for school can anyone send me something?
knight campbell [10-23-2000]

No battle was fought at Valley Forge. Yet, it was the turning point of the Revolutionary War. It was here that the Continental army was desperately against the ropes -- bloody, beaten, battle-weary -- and ready to quit. Even General Washington conceded, "If the army does not get help soon, in all likelihood it will disband." The question must be asked, "Why didn't they disband?" We know what happened here. Early into the six-month encampment, there was hunger, disease, and despair. Raw weather stung and numbed the soldiers. Empty stomachs were common. Cries of "beef" echoed throughout the camp. The future promised only more desperation and starvation. Some couldn't take the cold, hunger, and uncertainty any longer. There were dozens of desertions. Disease debilitated. Death descended in droves. Charles Willson Peale, 1781-82, Portrait Gallery (Second Bank) Baron Von Steuben -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But by February the weather eased somewhat -- moving from brutal to merely miserable. In March, General Nathanael Greene was appointed head of the dismal Commissary Department and magically food and supplies started to trickle in. By April, Baron von Steuben, a quirky mercenary who was not really a baron, began to magically transform threadbare troops into a fighting force. Also in April, the Conway Cabal, a plot to remove George Washington from power, was quashed for good. May, brought news of the French Alliance, and with it the military and financial support of France. On June 19, 1778, exactly six months after they Americans arrived, a new army anxious to fight the British streamed out of Valley Forge toward New Jersey. They had been transformed from Rebel into a Mature Army. At Valley Forge, we read of words like "sacrifice" and conjure up images of bloody footprints, but the concept of suffering for freedom isn't easily to understood. What kept these men going? What happened at Valley Forge?
Kyle Ellenburg [10-18-2000]

What are some technologies and some good idea made during the war
Brian [10-18-2000]

I need some help here. I am doing a major research paper on this and I need pictures of the weapons that was used in the war. If you have any pictures or you know where I could find pictures please email me back at
Andrew Wright, 16 years old. Conn. [10-18-2000]

We have a proposed strip mall that has been stalled because there was a battle in this area I can't find any information regarding this on your site, The battle was June 27, 1777 If you have any info that could be of help, Please respond, Thanks!!!
Rod Endicott, Battle of Oak Tree Pond or Short Hills, NJ [10-09-2000]

I am former military,with a great interest in history,particularly mil.hist,along with period music.I am just getting started in this program but it shows great promise!!so hello-more later.
anonymous, Tom Gamble,age53,frmr military,Floral City,Florida [10-09-2000]

Pam Wisniewski [10-09-2000]

Looking for Information on Ralls Regiment captive at NJ under Mccullough. Looking for information on a Corporal Brisky who was captured with ralls Regiment. Anyone having any info on help links would be appreciated.
Sandel DeMastus, 54, Seattle, Washington [10-09-2000]

i would like some opinions of the British towards George Washington about the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. thanks
josh goldbeck, elroy, WI [10-09-2000]

I think you need a lot more information on people and battles. The Battle of Saratoga is nowhere to be found! I think you should add.
Christina, 13 [10-09-2000]

When you add up the Stamp Act tax and other taxes that incited the American Revolution, what was the total imposed tax as a percentage of income for the "average American" of the day? Today our own government's taxes are about 40% (city + state + county + federal) for the average income.
Mike Pietraszak, Seattle [10-09-2000]

i thought thisweb page was helpful.i am doing a project on the revoultary war for civics.i just need to find a map on the 13 colonies and a few other things like crops .anyway thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
ammie frank, 12 [10-09-2000]

having a printable version would be great, do you study questions that can be used for students (for homeschoolers this is a great site); do you have a list of Revolutionary sites that can be visited - its a great site
Sherry Duval, Baltimore, MD [10-04-2000]

I think this site would be greatly improved if at the end of a battle, you would tell who the victor of it was. WHO WON THE BATTLE OF BRANDYWINE???????
Frizzen [10-04-2000]

I really enjoyed your site however, I noticed a absence of any reference to the Battle of Yorktown. Prehaps I overlooked it, but could you possibly shed light on this momentous battle?
Ron L. Gaines [10-04-2000]

u should have stuff people wore in the revolutionary war
yasmihn, 13/bridgeview/ 7th grade [10-04-2000]

Are there citations on Pennsylvania troops associated with Brandywine engagemnts, esp. any under a Capt. John Rutherford, Penn. Liberty Associater? Also, any references to a Robert Gray, also of Penn.
suzan [10-04-2000]

I need help finding the pics of the way peoles clothes then...
Dianai E., 16-il [10-04-2000]

What a wonderful site for Revolutionary War Studies! I wonder if anyone has suggestions, names, sites, concerning this War in western Virginia (now West Virginia) I need to give a program to our local DAR, and would like to offer some local historical information. Thanks. Eric
Eric Faust, Clarksburg, WV , Presbyterian Minister [10-04-2000]

I just want to say that this is a great site. Thumbs up! Bravo. I am doing a project with my educational classes and this site was the most useful of the web sites I ventured into. Thanks so much for putting so much detail into it. Are you working on putting more battles up, because that would be interesting. I was looking for casualty and wounded rates in particular. I was glad to see so many listed. I thought that I wouldn't be able to find as many as I did. I will definately suggest this site to others trying to get information on the revolutionary war. Thanks again.
Kim, iowa city [10-04-2000]

it would be helpful if you would add pitures of the revolutionary army please send some today because i need them for school
Theresa Brill, 13 Alb. NM [10-04-2000]

Kristy, 16 [10-04-2000]

Our family is searching for Abraham Clark's son, Andrew, who was 19 when taken captive on the ship Jersey. (Abraham had signed the Declaration of Independence. His three sons were all captured and given harsh punishments by the British.) One site I found said that it was BELIEVED Andrew died on the JERSEY. Our family said he escaped and went out "west." We believe he married (?) an Indian woman. His son or grandson would have been David Moses Clark. We are trying to find the connection or records. Can anyone help?
Barb Baltrinic, Ohio [10-04-2000]

please send me information on George Washington.
Flukie [09-27-2000]

i need info on the war and music was used in it
josh, st.charles Il [09-27-2000]

im doing a project on the american revolution and I am doing the science part and i need to find new technologies, and ideas. can you help me
Brian [09-27-2000]

I'm looking for information on a Major James Scarborough who served in the American Revolution.
Brenda Prochaska [09-27-2000]

Great site! Does anyone know where I can find a list of casualties from the Paoli Massacre. I'm interested in the names of both the dead and the wounded. Thanks
Bob Devaney, Chester Springs, Pa [09-21-2000]

I'm making a request concerning the the last battle of the Revolution, which is the Battle of Yorktown.
Maahhammeddouya Z. Asada-Shinte, 17, Memphis, TN [09-20-2000]

Maahhammeddouya Z. Asada-Shinte, 17 [09-20-2000]

Can anyone tell me about "salt and pepper shot" that was used in muskets during the Revolutionary War?
Cathy [09-20-2000]

Interested in finding decendents of Roger Sherman of Connecicut, b1721 - 1793
Roger Sherman, Treasure Coast Chapter, Florida Society, Sons of the American Revolution [09-14-2000]

Anyone interested in the Queens American Rangers who fought with the British at Brandywine, drop me a line at I have a great deal of information on this loyalist regiment which participated in every major campaign from the Battles around NYC to the end at Yorktown. I also have information on Banastre Tarleton and the British Legion. They and the Q.A.R. above. were the two best Loyalist outfits of the American Revolution. The fictional British Cavalry Colonel in the movie "Patriot" was based on Tarleton. Tarleton did not like to take prisoners but there is no historical record of him actually killing any prisoners. Both the Q.A.R. and B.L. surrended at Yorktown.
dgara [09-14-2000]

Is the Lafayette Cemetery on Birmingham Rd next to the Friends Meeting the burial site of the Marquis de Lafyette? There is a very large memorial with his name and info on it, but it also says he died in France. Did he die somewhere else and have his bones transferred as did Anthony Wayne? I appreciate your help. Jim Haas
James Haas [09-06-2000]

I am doing genealogy on the Davenport family. Thomas Davenport was born June 4, 1749, he and his wife Charity had property in Plymouth, Luzerne County, Pa. I have been told that he fought in the Revolutionary War. I have two listing of Thomas Davenports, one said served as Matross in the 2nd arty regt of cont troops, the other said served as Pvt. Sgt in the 3rd NY regt. How can I find out where my Thomas Davenport actually served??? Mary
Mary C. Boyersmith, Thomas Davenport 3rd regiment [09-06-2000]

Dear Sirs and Madams, I have sat at my computer reading for most of the afternoon. Your site has kept me from yardwork and housework. I'm not sure whether to thank you or not. My dog has been after me to go for a walk, but I was too engaged with The Battle of Brandywine! So now I tear myself away but not without putting much blame on your very interesting site. Finally, I could picture the movement of the troops in my mind and sit in awe of what the Patriots did for me and my country.
Julie, St. Louis, MO [08-22-2000]

I am a direct descendent of General John Stark, New Hampshire, who fought in the Revolutionary War and won the Battle of Bennington (VT). His ancestor was a John Muirhead, originally form Scotland. The family name was changed to Strak by a German King whose life John Muirhead saved. I am looking for more information about the Muirhead/Stark family - where in Scotland did they come from, what religion were they?, etc. Thank you.
H.S. Armiger, Baltimore, MD [08-22-2000]

I'm looking for information on a CORPORAL BRISKE who was with Regiment Rall captured at Trenton and under McCullough. Is there anyway I can find out his first name? And info about him. I believe this may have been my Gr gr gr grandfather Nicholas or his brother Charles. Any help appreciated.
Sandel DeMastus [08-18-2000]

an ancestor of mine, arney biddle, died in the battle of brandywine on 7/11/77. is anyone aware of records that would tell me more about this such as the unit he fought with, when or where he died in the battle and so forth?
RAY PATNAUDE [08-18-2000]

Is there anyway I could learn the names of the 53 people who died in the Paoli Massacre ? I would like to know if there was a Holliday, Webster, or a Bond who died there. It may help my research of my ancestor Paoli Holliday Bond. Thank you, Linda.
Linda, ancestor named paoli [08-08-2000]

Looking for more info. on the 8th. Penn.Regulars 1777 as i belive i had a decendant serving under Capt. Daniel Morgans Sharpshooters at Valley Forge. Where can i find muster rolls , to confirm this? Thank you
Dennis Dickerson, Colorado [08-08-2000]

Please put "battle maps" with your various battle descriptions. I find it almost impossible to follow your narrative, since I do not know the geography.
Jim Forcum [07-31-2000]

Your site is excellent,congratulations for your results.We have just seen "The Patriot", is their a book on the actual history of this war? Also who was the person that the British built a monument in Liverpool England, who was involved in this war. Thank you, John Elston.
John ELSTON, Age 69, Live in Adelaide South Australia [07-31-2000]

You have done an outstanding job with the Revolutionary War. I enjoyed and read most of it.We have a gggggrandfather that served in the Revolutionay War and have hunted info on him. The last info I found he was ranked Col. John Donaldson Would love to know if he survived the war or where he is buried. The last info that we have was early in 1773. He had a son born in 1771 and a daughter a little later. Any help would be appreciated. Madge Donaldson
Madge Donaldson, 74 years young and love working on Genealogy. [07-31-2000]

I am trying to organize a demonstration for a house that was built in 1760 about horse care in the 1700's. If anyone has any information or sites that I could have I would be very happy. This can be anything about horses in the American Revolution or during that time. Thanks
Katharine M. [07-31-2000]

Looking for real history concerning the Gray Ghost. How history & the movie Patriot are similar.
Will Grifffin [07-22-2000]

Can you tell me where to find a copy of the Article of War from the Revolutionary War period? I am doing some research on Lewis & Clark and need to find a copy. By the way...a very nice site! Thanks! Gary Lentz Lewis & Clark Trail State Park
Gary Lentz, Dayton, WA [07-17-2000]

Very impressive site! My daughter and I just saw "The Patriot" and she asked me how much of the British aggression against civilians was true. Specifically, the burning of the church congregation - is there any truth in that? I have read that some early English settlers burned Native American Indians in a structure that way.
Laura Wakefield, That first character is a lower case L [07-15-2000]

Have just found out that I had an ancestor wounded at the battle of Peck Hill. Do you have any information of that battle?
Doug Bell, Boring OR [07-14-2000]

jennyzoer [07-12-2000]

I just saw "The Patriot." It raised several questions. Does anyone have statistics about casualties among Americans, British, French, Hessians? I have been searching for data, but haven't seen any yet. Also, to what extent did the British commit atrocities, such as the shooting of prisoners, civilians, etc.? This is a great site. Thanks!
Mike [07-10-2000]

looking for someone interested in buying for display at a museum a christopher saur book, 1770. very good shape. whole book intact. please contact if interested, or know of anyone who would be. thank you
JIM FLADDA [07-07-2000]

I would like to hear from people who are interested in discussing the history of the Queens American Rangers (Loyalist Unit). I have assembled a great deal of material on this unit.
D. GARA, Resident of Northern New Jersey [07-07-2000]

Great website. thoroughly enjoyed it and will come back many times. It would be interested to add the rosters of the men who fought in the various battles.
Diana Sjoberg, Las Vegas, NV [06-28-2000]

Still looking for a reply about celebrating America's birthday (250 years July 4, 2001.) Please share what your city is doing. Send reply to Thank you, Virginia Nelsen
Virginia W. Nelsen, 427 North Main Street, Valentine, Nebraska 69201 [06-28-2000]

I was looking through the site and found that there was no map to show the scope of the campaigne. I am particularly interested in the Battle of the Clouds. Where did it happen? I live near there and am interested in finding out all the details of the campaigne from the Battle of Brandywine up to the Valley Forge encampment. Does anyone know a good book that covers all the specifics, with maps included. If so, please email me at Thanks.
Paul Knight [06-27-2000]

While researching my genealogy, I found a diary entry that said a Colonel Willis was in the Revolutionary War from the beginning to the end. Col. Willis also had a brother Ned Willis who was also in the war. Can anyone verify that this is true?
Joy Carpenter [06-27-2000]

Please, direct me to Info. about the Clergy in The American Revolution i.e. Reverend Joseph Thaxter and Rev. Emerso
Barett Bilotta, Westford Ma. [06-25-2000]

This site has helped me tremendously in finding facts concerning the American Revolution. I would, however, be interested in learning more concerning the Battle of Point Pleasant fought between Colonel Lewis and Shawnee Chief Cornstalk. Helpful hints?
Nancy [06-19-2000]

I would like to note that I found your website very factful and clear. Keep up the great work. Also, I would like it if there were some more interactive games. Thankyou again!
Joshephine, 14 [06-13-2000]

fantastic site! I am looking for visuals on ad valorem taxation in the usa for a cable tv project. please help
Michael, clearwater, floria [06-13-2000]

i like your website because it has interristing facts about the revoulotion
alejandro vera, 11,lodi,nj [06-13-2000]

my ancestor was James Morgan. There is a James Morgan listed with DAR on the roster of soldiers from North Carolina. He was born1732 in North Carolina, married Mary Davis there in 1755 and died there in 1791. How can I find out if the DAR James Morgan and my ancestor are the same?
Judith Jones, Spokane, Washington [06-11-2000]

This weekend I was told that a mountain peak seen from my front porch in Delanson, NY looking south was known during the Revolutionary War as Boucks Zoer (not sure of the spelling) and was a lookout point. Where might I find stories relating this mountain peak?
Kathy, Delanson, NY [06-09-2000]

I found your web site very well formulated and presented in such a way as to be interesting and informative
eugene j mchugh [06-08-2000]

George WAshington was included ion the revolutionary war. Thus, I think you should write about it.!!!!!
michael howard [06-08-2000]

I found more quickly than having to go to the library.. Keep it up.
Calvin Putnam = posterity of patriots [06-04-2000]

I'm trying to find out how far (approximately) a wagon train could travel a day. No rain, no raids, just fairly good roads. I have an idea it was at the most thirty miles a day but I'd really like to make sure. Research hints would be welcome. Haven't hit encyclopedias yet but what I have browsed don't really tell distances. Got any ideas where I should look?
dianeb [06-03-2000]

I'm trying to untangle conflicting information on the date and death of David Goodrich, Sr. of Sharon, CT who is recorded in Sedgwick's History of Sharon as being killed at the Battle of Brandywine. But his tombstone reads 6-17-1777. How early were the skirmishes there?
Linda Rae Lind [06-03-2000]

why was everyone acting so supid?why couldn`t everyone get along.
Jen [05-30-2000]

Estle Denny [05-30-2000]

I am trying to find info on Sally Wister, can you help me by telling something about her and telling me how to search for more info thru the internet. Thank you. Thank you.
Sara Hostalet, 13 years old, Illinois, USA [05-30-2000]

I'm trying to get a brief bio on Mary Pickersgill for a school report (4th grade) but I can't find anything anywhere. Can you help?
chris titterton [05-28-2000]

this site as a lot of imformation. this helps me get information on what i need to know about for my project. thank you for the information.
Alyson Szeto, 10 years old San Francisco [05-28-2000]

I love your web site. Those looking for information about women in the revolution should find Heroines of the American Revolution a Bellerophon coloring book 21307 santa barbara ca 93121 1 800 253-9943 a short bio of about 25 brave women. I recently read that Molly Pitcher was seven months pregnant when she took over the cannon for her husband. Another excellent resource is Women of the Revolution/Republican Mothers Volume III by Valija Rasmussen and J. Diane Cirksena from the Upper Midwest Women's History Center in St. Paul Minn. 612 644-1727 Now to my question, and i hope someone can help me. I want to put together a spectacular celebration of Independence Day in 2001. That day our country will be 225 years old. I won't be around for the 250th and I want to do this one right; so my children will know how to do the next one. Is our government sponsoring any special celebration? Or am I the only one that cares about this? Thank you for any help or comments. Sincerely, Virginia W. Nelsen
Virginia W. Nelsen [05-28-2000]

Alyson Szeto [05-28-2000]

i really like this tour it is really nice.i hope to see your sights again.the reavouloution war was really intersting.penns landing was a wounderful sight.
Angel Lightfoot, 11,Cedarvlle N,J 08311 [05-28-2000]

thinks for the great web site how do you get your own web sites i need to know wite me back please sincerly douglas jackson
douglas jackson, no [05-28-2000]

can you tell me what four word warning appered on many colonial flags in the revolutionary war? a)sea to shning sea B)dont tread on me C we sure hate tea
karen scudder [05-28-2000]

Please find any info. on the Kaskaskian BATTLE! Send it to me as soon as posible!
Kelsea Graham, Kaskaskia [05-28-2000]

My grade is doing a reenactment of te battle of brandywine. To move up in rank or get an equipment/uniform upgrade, we have to earn merit points by stumping our trainer. Not really trainer, but the guy who is teaching us all te stuff. Could you send me some really hard questions about the Revolutionary War? Thanks.
anonymous [05-28-2000]

Info about the chain that spaned the Hudson River at Fort Montgomery N.Y. Request any may have on this subject,thank you.
Tom Rundell [05-28-2000]

I am doing a history project where I have to construct a solider encampment in the civil war, my teacher told me that I could find information on this web site, can you direct me to this information. I would really appreciate it as soon as possible.
Felicia, 11, Torrington, CT [05-28-2000]

I am interested in the Spies for the Revolution. Is there any records? I would like to know more on Isaac Barker. He lived in Newport, Middletown Rhode Island. Would like to add any information that is available. Thank You
Howard E. Bell, Descendant of Isaac Barker Patriot [05-28-2000]

i am doing a project and i live in abington pa i understand there was a battle right here called edge hill can you give me any information on it(particapants,strategys,maps) thank you very much tim mcnees
ti mcnees [05-02-2000]

I like the sight, but maybe there could be a little more information. I had a hard time finding some of the information that I need for my essay. I also have a test over the Revoutionary War on Wednesday May 3rd and I need to finish a packet by may 1st. Thanks, Christen
Christen, 14 years, Portland,Maine [05-02-2000]

does anyone have amap of the route Henry Knox took from New York to Boston with cannon from Ft.Ticogdiroga
carole deluca [05-02-2000]

I think this site is good! But i would suggest some like historical games, that would be really tight! And to say the truth, I only came here to research, not cause im a freak with this was or anything, that would never ever heppen in my life!!
Jazzo (nickname), 10 years old [05-02-2000]

I think your website is cool. I enjoy listening to the tunes!
Mary [05-02-2000]

you need more info on this web page
rachel [04-16-2000]

I need informason a bot the brandywine can you help me?
J.R. hess, no [04-16-2000]

HEllo every one i need some info on this stuff so if ya know somthen please send me info thanx
Ryan L, 11years old Brantford Ontario [04-16-2000]

I know that your states motto "THE OLD LINE STATE" came from General Washington compilminting Maryland's tropes on thre conduct in battle. Witch battle and where did this happen? Thank you for the info! Chris McDermott
Chris McDermott, Johnstown,PA [04-09-2000]

need more info about valley forge and other.
Esther Drake, i not want share. [04-09-2000]

Esther Drake [04-09-2000]

I needed to find out the weapons used during this time. I was unable to find any of this information. Please include to your list of information
anonymous [04-09-2000]

Please tell me how many American casualties there were in the Revolutionary War. Thanks.
jeff denhoed, Aurora, Colorado [04-01-2000]

just plain curiousity: Why was the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) such a long War?
T. Parsons [04-01-2000]

Hello there, well I was wondering if you could help me out. I have had a terrible time trying to find any information on the actual battle strategies used by the Americans and the British during the American War for Independence. If you have any information on this topic or a site where I could find some it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Heather [04-01-2000]

Your site is okay but it should have more games(I can't find them). I think the whole site should be history games. I also think you should have more games.
quatro MAJI, ages 9 through 11 [03-27-2000]

trio MAJI, age 9 through 11 [03-27-2000]

My ancestor was a Lieutenant that was in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Was at the the Battle of Bunker Hill. Could you tell me how to find more information about him? Thanks!
Bernice Dean [03-25-2000]

I am so obsessed with the Revolutionary War!!! We are doing a weeks worth of lessons on it. Your website is a treat for my curiosity of history. I would eat it up if it were pie. Especially cherry pie. My mom makes good cherry pie. I wonder if Mrs. Martha Washington made good pies! Anyway I was pondering for a certain answer. What were the huntsmen (also known as greencoats) who performed spying missions and harassed americans were called? Thanks!!!
Meridyth, i'm eleven [03-23-2000]

I think that maybe you should answer the questions that appear in the American Revolutionary War - Philadelphia Area Campaign Cross Word Puzzle openly on the first page of your web site. This has caused me great pains and an extreme amount of time and anguish because i couldnt find 9 down and 2 down - please take this into consideration. Thank you very much. -MC
MC, adsfg [03-23-2000]

Yours is the best web site of its type. Congradulations on the success of your hard work. I can't wait to see what you add next.
John Leo [03-17-2000]

Our class is planning a debate on The Revolutionary War. Our patriots side can find a lot of material, but the loyalists are in need of good reasons to support their side. Can you help with info or references?
L. Andrews, 4th Grade Teacher [03-17-2000]

Help--I'm looking for art work of any rev-war British army camps.I have seen a drawing of Capt. Patrick Ferguson's (of Ferguson Rifle fame)camp,that had tents in the background---this is the one I would like to see again,or any that would show a four sided one pole officers tent.Thank You
Tom Ewing [03-14-2000]

You´ve got an unbelievable rich was so interresting, to read all these things about your past! Quiet good page at all... greetings from Germany
florian, Germany [03-14-2000]

There is a small map on the left side of the page for 'Head of Elk', I was wondering if there is a way to get a copy of this for my use in my notebook for the Revolutionary War. The map looks very interesting. If there is a charge for that map I would gladly pay it if not terrible expensive. Your site is just terrific and full of info, I just spent hrs. in the Rev. War Soldiers Pension site and that was a eye opener and got good info. I love reading about the TRUE happenings of our nations struggles and not some text book that some man decided that is what we need to know,our history books are biased because of they wanted us to know only certain happenings at any time in our settleing of this country of ours. Thank you for such a beautiful site and all the very interesting information. BJ
Billie Jean Reese, I have become a thursty sponge for our nations early history [03-14-2000]

What a brilliant site! I am doing research for a novel re. the Revolution and, in particular, the situation in Philadelphia, and have found this very helpful. Many thanks.
L Corbeil [03-14-2000]

The really didn't help me at all! But it was still good
Jenny, il 13 [03-07-2000]

Hello i was wondering how many troops from the British remaines after the battle of Brandywine??
Jim [03-07-2000]

I was just told that George Washington fired a bullet in my house and left a hole in he fireplace. It is on Ridge Avenue in Roxborough, between Whitemarsh and Germantown and was built 1717. I have lived here since May. I was told by an old woman that it is documented in the Phila. Library. Does anyone know about this shooting incident? In what book?
John M. Johnstone, Roxborough-Philadelphia [03-06-2000]

In my history were are discussing George Washington. I would like to know about his pray that he made at valley forge Penn. in winter of 1777? also I would like to know what was the actual word (document) when he prayed about? Thank you. rakesh patel
Rakesh patel, 21, katy [03-03-2000]

I would just like to bring up the fact that often enough, especially on the net, sites don't talk of the Loyalists that migrated during the independence war. I think this is a shame because if this is how children are taught, it means they are taught to conform to the main current's ideology instead of believing in their own faith. Also, in the same way we don't read a lot about how people lived it. I am writting a story which occurs at those times, and i have no controversy because I can't find documents which relate to the Loyalists or any people who were against the war.
tanya [03-03-2000]

I really like this web site. Children can learn a lot from this web site, espesly about the war it is very enteresting.
Rebecca Smokoff [02-25-2000]

I am trying to find a list of civil union solders and officers can you help?
amy [02-23-2000]

My ancestor, Josiah Monroe, died at Valley Forge on February 19, 1778. Are there rosters anywhere that might tell me more about him, and the circumstances of his death?
Carol Jones, Horsham, PA [02-23-2000]

I am interested in reading a book about General Mad Anthony Wayne. Can you tell me if there is a book about this general.
Janice D'Onofrio, West Haven, CT [02-21-2000]

this is a cool site
BOBBY HOTTE [02-18-2000]

you should have more games
Scott Thomas, 55, Arlington Hts. [02-18-2000]

If anyone could send me info, or a site address on the goverment of colonial times, I would be very grateful. Thanx
Simon Hammer [02-18-2000]

Would you consider the Revolutionary War as a rebellion against the British Empire?
Shamekia Berry [02-18-2000]

I am doing a report on Sarah Wister and I can't find anything about her. Can anyone help?
Steph, Age 9 [02-14-2000]

In my American History class, we're doing a debate. My project, along with other girls, is to find why we think the American Revolution should not have happened(no, this is not my thought, just my assignment!) Well...any help we can find...we need it! Almost everything on the net about the war is positive, and we need some cons! Thanx!
Brittany, 13/f [02-11-2000]

i would like to get a A on my project and i need to know who the last amercian was that was killed in the revolationwar?
Ricky, 12 [02-08-2000]

I would really like it if you could send me some pictures of Washington in War and casualy Thank-You! Amanda
Amanda Davis [02-07-2000]

I liked your website, but you should have some stuff on the Southern Campaign. Also, if you could send me some information or links or experts on the Southern Campaign, I would appreciate it. Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor, age 14 [02-07-2000]

Stephanie Thomas, 32 Arlington Height [02-07-2000]

i need some pictures of rebels or the british . its for my book report so please help
ashley, 14, wa [02-03-2000]

great job on the site
caitlin, clinton central elementary [01-26-2000]

Was Baron von STeuben a wealthy man originally?
Ashley Reed, 12 years old [01-24-2000]

Im trying to find information on one of my ancestors Col. James Mayson - Do you have any information on what he did during the revolutionary war. My wife is due to have our first child in march and we are going to name her Mayson elizibeth jones
Steve jones [01-21-2000]

Children are preparing a public speaking presentations on the use of horses in American History. They desperately need info. on the use of horses in the American Revolution and are having a hard time finding it. Please respond ASAP with info, or where to find this info. Really hoping to find some stories of "famous" horses - like Washington's horses - any stories of famous/critical rides officers took to get them where they needed to be to guide their troops, etc. Please help. Must get info. ASAP. THANK YOU! The Niles Family
Ann Niles, Travis (12) and Hollie (9) [01-18-2000]

I was wondering if you could tell me about the costs of the revolutionary war?
marcus m [01-18-2000]

kierra prewitt, 10 years old [01-18-2000]

This is an excellent site to gather historic information. I was wondering if there are any good sites or books you could refer me to regarding the loyalist movement in the Carolinas, especially anmy concerning the North Carolina Highlander Regiment and the Battle of Moores Creek. Any info is greatly appreciated. P.S. Thanks for a web site well done!
M. McDonald [01-11-2000]

I believe there was a question about medical treatment. To answer your question field surgery at the time was very bad. There was no annesthetics except drink or conceivably opium. A man hit in the body was written off, while a hit in a arm or leg cost the arm or leg, because the smallest wounds led to infection. Many were simply left on the battlefield. For more information, use Napoleanic or Civil War histories, and even some reliable fiction of the time. The surgery did not change much for a long time and there is plenty available.
no name given [01-11-2000]

i just want to know about revolutionary war games.
a guy, nothing [01-10-2000]

You may want to review the url entitled America's Beginnings: The Real Story for inclusion in your postings. The description is as follows: Abandoned and abused, America's divine heritage is rediscovered in this well-written and well-rsearched book focused on the American Revolution, Founding Fathers, and George Washington
Norm Morris [01-10-2000]

Am seeking information source describing method (s) used by General George Washington on night of Dec 25/26, 1776 to move horses across Delaware River to New Jersey
John Contrady, Muskegon, Michigan [01-10-2000]

This is a great website. I have to write a report on the Revolutionary war, and I got most of my info hear.
Charlie Mientkiewicz, Cuba-Rushford Central School [01-10-2000]

Please help I need info on how the French Indian war affected the colonists
Joe, Age10 [01-10-2000]

I am looking for pictures of the Revolutionary War and I was hopin this site could help me.
gwen, age 14, San Fransisco California [01-10-2000]

Great site. There is a lot of good information. I had an ancestor who lead a batallion in the Battle of Brandywine. His men suffered a lot of casualties. He also served at Germantown and was in the Continental Congress. He was appointed to the committee to acquire blankets during the winter of the encampment at Valley Forge. It must have been an interesting time trying to lead a colony that was by nature, anti government.
David West [01-10-2000]

After reading Danske Dandridge's Historic Shepherdstown, I am prompted to write about a great-great-great-great-great grandfather who is mentioned in her book. His name is Daniel Hendricks and was born in York Co. Pa. In her book she described Morgan as being nearly 7 ft. tall and Hendricks, another "Agamemnon". According to Miss Dandridge, Morgan and Hendricks led these troops of 1400 men who were the first to answer the call from the South. Is there any way to find out more about my grandfather Daniel Hendricks? Records are sketchy but I do belong to the Daughters of the American Colonists and Colonial Dames of the 17 th Century on Daniels ancestors. I have become very interested in this man, what roll did he have, rank, etc. I do know that he died at an early age and that he is buried here in Jefferson County, WV. How may I find more on his Revolutionary War record? Thank you very much for any information you may have or any suggestions as to where to look.
Mary Anne Jackson, Summit Point, WV(VA) near Shepherdstown, WV and Charles Town, WV [01-10-2000]

Please help I need info on how the French Indian war affected the colonists
Joe, Age10 [01-05-2000]

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