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I think there should be more pictures and also more web sites on this topic.
crystal [12-20-1999]

Two years ago I visited the east coast. I fell in love with all of the history,especially the American Revolution. I have been studying it every chance I get. Your web site is fantastic! I shall learn a lot by using it.
mike jones, Houston,Tx. [12-15-1999]

need info!!!!!!!!!
ace, 12 [12-15-1999]

you need info. on other wars of the revalution
Ryan [12-14-1999]

hi this is kurtis fom grenville michigan and i think this page is very cool and very edgucational so i thankyou for making this
kurtis [12-14-1999]

I'd like to know about the Battle of Bennington and how it effected the whole war. Please Help
Beef, Help, school project!!!! [12-13-1999]

hey nice site, it has exactly what i need to do my report. there is only one problem i have though. i dont have a printer so i cant print any of your guys' info. to bad
Jazmyne, 14/f/Wa [12-13-1999]

You saved my butt on a history Paper bye.
kori hanson, 18 [12-13-1999]

All you yanks are just a bunch of immigrants and are nohing compared to us English for whom you would never of been...Rule Britannia !!
anonymous [12-13-1999]

I am trying to locate any graves that may exist for American dead at the Battle of Brandywine, but do not see any reference to any. Are any known to exist?
anonymous [12-07-1999]

HI, I am a high school student doing a project on Valley Forge and I was wondering if you could send me any and all other information you have on this topic of the living conditionds during the battle and the battle conditions. Thanks in advance for your cooperation...Lisa
Lisa, 14-Washington, DC [12-07-1999]

I like your website but I wish there was something on Patriots
David Fischer, 5th grade research [12-02-1999]

i did not read it i did not have time to read it all but i am sure it was good but some people wrote more than you saying how they like it so much well i am doing a report on it and now i have to finish
mel, fl [12-02-1999]

Please download any pictures or portraits of mrs. loring who was, i believe, a close friend of sir william howe
fred dugan [12-02-1999]

great site can you get someinfo on what life for the girls who where left behind while the men fight in the revolitionary war i need info. for school hurry its almost due
joanne vanholstyn [12-02-1999]

I was wondering if you could offer me information on The famous Molly Pitcher?
Kate, Winsted, CT [11-30-1999]

kevin skattebo, 14,dixion [11-30-1999]

I am interested in map(s) of the Battle Of the Clouds and more accurate locations of it.
Brad Upp, age 30, Bala Cynwyd Pa. [11-30-1999]

Great reading! I need help. I've been assigned the project of building a model of the soldiers'quarters at Valley Forge. Any pictures sent would be appreciated. Thanks.
Jon, student [11-30-1999]

Donna Gardner Miller's post of 01-07-1999 mentioned a sermon by Joab Trout before the Battle of the Brandywine. I would very much be interested in obtaining a copy of this sermon. Can you give me her email address? Or, do you have a copy of this speech? Sincerely, Noel Trout
Noel Trout, Los Angeles, CA 90016 [11-30-1999]

troy fulton [11-30-1999]

I think this is the best darn website ever.
Derek Adam Krogh, 10,Renton,Wa.,I like sports,history,and reading [11-29-1999]

I want information about the Intolorable Acts. I also need to know the name of the man that did what Paul Revere coulden't. ? Prescott
Keith Carlsen, I am a thirteen year old boy. I love to learn about history [11-29-1999]

I need some help,please. The British played a song called "The World Turned Upside Down" I cannot find the lyrics. Would you have any ideas as to where I could find them? We had "Yankee Doodle"
Vivian Couchenour, Really Old, Knox, PA [11-24-1999]

BRANDON, 10 catlin il [11-24-1999]

An excellent site. Many sites ive come across are full of anti british slogans and such i was quite pleased to find one that deals with facts and not about the Americas been won at the battle of Yorktown. The french Indian war cost Britian a lot of money and i believe it was fair to tax the colonies. However British policy has changed very little in the past few hundred years and the way my goverment goes about its business is some times embarrasing. This country still will not allow a simple person from some back street to become prime minister or such. I believe thats wrong and it shows just how pathetic a class system is. In America anyone can become president. Its a shame we cannot follow suite. The revolution brought humiliation to the empire of old and if it were not for other European powers intervining then the outcome could of been drastically different. With the exception of our incursions into Afghanistan (thats another story) the colonists of America showed great cuorage and determination whilst opposing a better trained army. Whith the victory at Saratoga the French decided to lend a hand. From that point on the future for America was set. Poular opinion at the time from thje citizens of britain voted to stop the war with America, Finally this voice was heard and we did give it up (our Vietnam perhaps). Some historical documents portray this been the first world war. Indeed this can be seen as true from a British perspective. Virtually every british outpost or garrison around the world was under siege be it by the French, Spanish or whoever else had a grudge with Britain. All in all it was a good read.
Mark Ibbotson, Im English i live in Leeds and im 28 [11-23-1999]

very interesting articles.
betty hanson , would like any information i can get on the family of phillip fulkerson who was from kentucky in later years but he fought in the revlutionary war and was wounded and received a pension wich went to his wife eizabeth in about the year l812. i would like the names of his children and maybe where they are no if that is possibe to find out. i know that is a lot to ask but i am searching for information to apple for a schlowship from the D>A>R> any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks. [11-23-1999]

this is a great web site for a report i will tell all of my friends and i have one question to ask you if you find any more information on the war could you e-mail me back thank you joel carman
joel carman, 14 illinois virden [11-23-1999]

I just wanted to say that I love your site and appreciate the effort that has gone into creating and organizing all the pages of information into an attractive and easy-to-use format. If I could offer a piece of constructive criticism: Please edit your pages more carefully - I'm thinking specifically of certain areas in the Brandywine sections, but there were others, too. I sometimes found as I was reading through your pages of beautiful biographical and historical detail, that the occasional misspelling, unnecessary punctuation, use of modern slang grammar and general awkward word choice and usage (i.e. using "anxious" to describe the American troops' attitude after the winter at Valley Forge...isn't "eager" what you mean to say?) caused me to hesitate and stumble. I know it is difficult to monitor so many pages of type (as a writer, I often cringe and brace myself for the task), but please carefully consider your editing process. Such important information de! serves to be presented with pride and clarity, don't you agree? Thank you again for providing this wonderful tool and service! :-)
Angela L. Meier, Trumbull, CT [11-23-1999]

I teach 8th grade language arts and social studies and teach u.s. history. Does anyone out there have a study guide for this great site. I would like use on site for students to get information and then ask them what was missing from the information provided by the site. Some of the information I feel is missing is regarding the treatment of indigenous peoples.
Susan Tuzzolino, Olympia, WA [11-23-1999]

I haven't checked out your whole site yet but in the list of people I didn't see any women. I'm writing a search paper on women's roles in the American Revolution and I wondered if you could send me some info.Thanx.
Kristine [11-23-1999]

Help I'm trying to find charts, graphs and tables on the revolutionary war. PLEASE HELP!
LIz Almand [11-23-1999]

I just need to know a few things (this is for a Govt. project). l need to know about what it was that Washington needed and why congress couldn't get it to him. I have a feeling it's because some people in congress were still loyal to the Brits and were re- luctant to deliver him the goods because of that. Then again, if I was sure, I wouldn't be asking you, would I?
Jerry Henson, I'm 19 and in Hell, I mean Indinanapolis. [11-23-1999]

I need info on General Putman
MIKE449, 16 Falls Church [11-23-1999]

Get Battle of Saratoga!!!!!
anonymous [11-23-1999]

What role did Martha Washington have in the Revolutionary War??
Nicole, 12,la,ca [11-23-1999]

I am preparing a report on the Revolutionary war. I would like to use the style of English language in common use at that time. However, I can find no useful reference. Can you help thanks Andrew
andrew krulewitz [11-23-1999]

Do you know anything about the Intolorable acts or the Quebec acts?? -Jennifer
Jennifer , Age 14 8th grade Manhattan [11-11-1999]

Excellent, highly informative site, cleverly linked together - and beautifully illustrated ! I hate to introduce a note of whingeing pedantry - but I did spot one apparent misconception. In the section headlined "British Casualties" it is stated that "Howe clearly underestimated" his losses in the report sent to Parliament. These figures were not based on an "estimate" but on the official casualty returns made out the day after the battle, copies of which (giving a unit-by-unit breakdown of killed, wounded and missing) are still extant and kept the Public Record Office in London. More controversial are the precise nature of the Patriot losses that day. An officer on General Howe's staff mentions in a letter that British burial parties had interred more than 400 American dead. Other bodies were buried by local people. In addition to nearly 400 severely wounded Americans left on the field for the British Army to take custody of, wagon-loads of others were brought by the Patriot army to temporary hospitals at the towns of Trenton, Allentown and Bethlehem. These serious cases, along with the dead, probably made up the 1200-1300 men lost by the Continental Army on 11 November. It is unlikely that General Greene's estimate ave included the wounded men who remained with the army,whose numbers would have been difficult to gauge without compiling a methodical return. These men would have fallen into two categories: those whose injuries were serious enough to warrant their removal from duty but did not necessitate their going to hospital (who stayed in camp with their units, being counted as "convalescents" who did only light work); and those whose injuries were not serious enough for them to be removed from their normal duties. The British Army of the period put anyone who was treated for a wound - even a moderate bruise - down on the casualty return as "wounded", whereas the American Army did not include men who did not have to be removed from duty until the time of the Mexican War. The change in practice may have been the result of experience in the Seminole War of 1835-42, when jungle conditions led to many apparently trivial wounds becoming infected. In the absence of any surviving casualty returns, 400 to 500 dead and about five times as many wounded ( i.e. between 2500 and 3000)is about as good an estimate as can be made of General Washington's losses on 11 November 1777 on Brandywine Creek. According to historian David G. Martin in "The Philadelphia Campaign" (Combined Books, 1993), there were also some 315 Continental troops who "deserted during this stage of the campaign".
Rob Johnston, From deepest Limeyland [11-11-1999]

Hi, I need help like on the Revolutionary War , for like our school project! Put like more info! Thanxs!
Elice C., 13,Leesgurg,Fl [11-11-1999]

Good Day! I'm doing a paper on the history of Germantown. Can you e-mail me some links, pages, and/or leads to information about the origin of Germantown. For example, the founders, the history, and key players in today's Germantown. In other words, how Germantown came about. My address is: Natisha Arnold 406 West Walnut Lane Apt. #2 Philadelphia Penna. 19144 Thanks a million!!!!
Natisha Arnold [11-11-1999]

I'm trying to locate any maps of the battles fought at Fort Ticonderoga. If anybody can help I would appreciate it .
Steve, W.Babylon NY [11-11-1999]

This is a good site.I have to come back soon.This site has made Scince much more fun.
Nichole, !0 [11-11-1999]

Wonderful site! I have an easy question, the answer to which I am embarrassed to admit I cannot remember, despite being raised in the Phila. area. In the courtyard behind Independence Hall, there is a statue of a man with his arm raised. Who is it? Any help would be appreciated!
Betsy (Riley) Brumfield, Sonoma, CA [11-11-1999]

Either you don't know much about the Rev. War in South Carolina and Ga. or you know and choose not to list it.
Jim Roberts, Niceville, Fl. 32578 72 years old six ancestors in Rev. War. Member of SAR [11-11-1999]

I wonder if anyone knows what ever happened to the Vulture. It was badly damaged at Croton by cannon and moved down river, but you never hear any thing else about it. If you know anything I would appreciate hearing from you, Thanks
Joyce Finnerty, Croton-on-Hudson NY 10520 [11-11-1999]

this is a very valuable's shameful how little emphesis our local schools place on the significance and varied historical importance of the historical sites that are found here in philadelphia county.there's much more to philadelphia than indpendence hall and the liberty bell.
HABIB KHALIL ABD AL-HAQQ, born in philly 1949... [11-11-1999]

I am a woodturner and I am interested in producing replica Treen Ware from the colonial period but I am not able to find much info. Treen is Wooden plates,bowls flatware for those who do not know. If anyone has a source for examples etc. please let me know.
Richard Olexa, Newtown PA [11-11-1999]

where can i see or praticipate in a rev war reinactement in the los angeles, ca area?
sk baratta, los angeles [11-11-1999]

Just a tid bit on the war... It took me many years to learn what the Revolutionary War was about, amazin', huh. I found out that Britain at one time controlled us, they gave us taxes and rules, policys, which were not logical. These people lived across seas, yet they were telling us what to do. Our ancestors did the right thing. The told them what was wrong, and when the British failed to comply, we fought and we won. This is why we are free, the people that died, the people the lost their loved ones, did it so we could be free. I think we owe them a thank you, so next time you here the star spangled banner, put your hand over your heart and by God, sing!
Josie, 15, Alaska [11-11-1999]

i am writing a report on the revolutionary war can you help?
buttercup, na [11-11-1999]

you need more cool games please.thak you
Homer Simpson, 23 [11-11-1999]

I am doing a History Day project on Valley Forge and I was wonderign if you could tell me if you believe Valley Forge was a turning point and why. Thank You.
Aaron Kohr, 14, Pottstown Pa, State History Day Champion [11-11-1999]

Thanks for developing this great educational tool. As a homeschool parent I am always interested in more fun ways of learning for my kids and me! Keep up the good work.
Susan Arciero, Chester Springs [11-11-1999]

I think you should give more info. on the data on the time line.It is a great web site.bye:)
jennifer, 14/sugarland/8th grade [11-09-1999]

This is for anyone that reads this.......Does anybody know what the British and the American soldier wore in war??? Please e-mail me with the answer.
Jessica, I'm 13 and I live in Van Nuys, CA [11-09-1999]

I would like to know where I can find info on Col. Jeromus Remsen who fell during Battle of Long Island and buried in Forest Hills , N.Y.
Richard Renz [11-09-1999]

I was wondering if you know any field music played in the revolution war?
Forrest Heyman, 12,Paxton,IL [11-04-1999]

I am curious if you know of any historical reinactments of the colonial era to the revolutionary war in the U. S. I am interested in reliving the experience and don't know of any available. Can you help?
k. p. r., kcmo [11-04-1999]

ok now i need to figure out information on each and every american war in usa history exept for indian wars so i can use that info for my book report this month
tommy, 12 [11-04-1999]

please sensend me info on hope lodge ans its connection with the revolutionary era (whitemarsh)
mukund patel [11-04-1999]

This is one of the best web sites I've ever seen. Congratulations! Would someone tell me how I can obtain information on the 4th and 11th Pennsylvania Battlions that served at the Battles of Long Island and Brandywine, and then the encampment at Valley Forge? I would like unit histories, and names of officers and men mustered in those Battalions between December 1775 and June 1778. Thanks for your help
duane bickings, Graduated from West Point 1974. Now work at Bank of America in Little Rock, Arkansas [11-04-1999]

This is interesting
Kristin Edwards, 14 [11-04-1999]

I like to read as much as I can about the Revolution, but one thing keeps evaiding me. What was the medical treatment like? I am a nurse, and I know that things were crude then, but what existed? What was available? How available were physicians? Thanks. Diane
Diane Mitchell, Acton, CA [11-04-1999]

I need 50 facts about the revolutionary war can u help me?
Eli Graham [11-04-1999]

I need info on Valley Forge HELP!!!!!!!!!
Robert Smith [11-04-1999]

i have an interest in the signers of the declaration of independence. i have obtained bits of info from world book deluxe, comptons, groliers and even purchased a book published in 1858 published by applewood books. can your association assist in locating additional information on most of the 56 forgotten men and their families?
mike m. [11-04-1999]

Hi! I am doing a report for a debate 'conducted' by Cornwallis and Lafayette. I think that it would be really convenient if you would perhaps create a links page for famous people and events of the Revolution, so people wouldn't have to conduct innumeral searches and the like. I would appreciate it if you would think it over!
Hannah, Bernardo Heights Middle School [10-30-1999]

Hello, My name is Evan and I am doing a project for National History Day (the topic is turning points in history). My project is about the Paoli Massacre. It would mean a lot to me if someone sent me infomation telling me where you recieved the personal quotes and descriptions from the people involved. And if you would, give me your opinion on why the Paoli Massacre was a turning point in history. Thank you, Evan R.
Evan Rhoads, 14, Pottstown, PA [10-30-1999]

Very interesting,Iam following the battles as a former soldier from the 23of foot. The royal welch fusiliers who fought in the war.many thanks
R.B.Donovan. [10-30-1999]

I think you should have more about the women involved in the revolution.Such as Betsy Ross.But other than that its a good site.
cej, Montana [10-27-1999]

Jeremy Rodriguez, I am 12 [10-26-1999]

Hello, Can you help me find any info about LT Caleb Furbee, I think sevred under a Colonel Pape and was in the Battle of Brandywine. Thanks Don Furbee
Don Furbee, 44 years old, Baltimore MD [10-26-1999]

I am doing a project for the battle of Germantown and I can't find the following information anywhere: Percentage of Patriots Killed % of Patriots woumded % of British killed % of British wounded and who was considered to win the battle. PLEASE HELP me because I need to have this information in a couple of days!
Casey [10-26-1999]

my thoughts are u dont have enough info yeah ok thats it
forgot, ummm [10-26-1999]

john handcock rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
danielle sager, 13yrs granite falls wa [10-20-1999]

All of this charging people with taxes is rediculous no one ever thought about how it would affect the future of the years to come .
Toni Landry, 16 Burlington Ma [10-19-1999]

Toni Landry, 16 Burlington Ma [10-19-1999]

is there anywhere to find specific info about weapon used during the American Revolution?
Jolette Boyer [10-19-1999]

Hello, I am Charles rick from the pottstown High school, in pottstown PA. I am doing a project on Valley Forge for National History Day this year. The topic is turning points in history. I would liek to know if you would be able to supply me with any help. Could you please answer a couple questions? Thanx 1) What do you feel was the turning point of the Revolutionary War? (details please) 2) Why was Valley Forge so important in the America's confidence in the War? Why? 3) If Valley Forge didn't happen, do you think the war would have ended differently? Why? I would also like any additional comments or information about the encampent at Valley Forge.
Chad, Pottstown, PA [10-19-1999]

Is there a second page for the Valley Forge section? I can get only one page. I would like more information about Washington as President? Can you tell me where to look. You pages are very well done Thank you.
Diane Brownback [10-18-1999]

I think that this website is a good one but you need to make it easier for people looking for info. to find it faster. Sorry, my opinion...
Amanda Lassor, I'm 16 yrs old, I live in Maine, and have used this website once! [10-18-1999]

Hello, my name is Mark Vinet. I will be traveling to the Charleston and Savannah area from November 12 to 22, 1999. Are there any Revolutionary war round tables or groups or associations in that area activities I could attend during my stay? Best Regards, Mark Vinet.
Mark Vinet. [10-18-1999]

Greatx5 grandfather,Frederick Bingman, was wounded at Brandywine under Genral James Potter of the PA militia. Trying to find info on Gen Potter, or what militia unit Bingman was in? email is Thanks
Rich Zellers, Selinsgrove PA [10-18-1999]

I am in the midst of writing a fictional story about the British occupation of Philadelphia. I have enjoy your web side.
Angela Bayne, A long-time resident of Philadelphia and Bucks County. [10-14-1999]

I am researching information for my daughter's school project, and I came upon your very interesting and informative site. Specifically about her project, we're trying to find more information about the forms of recreation that people engaged in during the American Revolution period. Your Rebus game/puzzle was a help, but I'd like to find more. Can you help? Thank you.
Bryan Shinholt [10-13-1999]

I want to ask a question to who can answer. PLease if you can send me and email about it. the question is : How revolutionary was the American Revolution? Thank you for your contributions. Sincerely, Asli
asli [10-13-1999]

i really think your sites were grest. it helped me a lot in my history project(about Philadelphia's history-revoutionary war). i've got so much info in your site thanks. i liked the way how you had the little "play a tune thing it was awesome. i really enjoyed it. well, gotta go, bye!
Aesel Chang, freshmen in high school [10-12-1999]

How many people fought in the Revolutionary War on the American side and what was the death toll?
Howard Ziegler [10-12-1999]

Could u pleas tell me who Johnathan Harrington was and what was his role during the Revolutionary War..I have been searching everywhere...Thank you
Kyle Atkins, 12 yrs old....King William Va [10-11-1999]

My husband's gggg grandfather was "sick at Pumpton" 31 August 1777 from his Rev. War records. Any idea where this is?
Linda Sartin [10-11-1999]

Just found your site Saturday and spent hours reading and enjoying. Thanks for the site.
Ronnie [10-09-1999]

I think you have a great web page, but I was looking for some information about one of my relatives who fought in North Carolina. I was wondering if you could help me find some information. His name was William Taber and he was in the LightHorse Company under Captain Alexander Ervens which was commanded by Colonel Charles McDowell. I am pretty sure that he only was a private and was in for two weeks. I do not know what he did or why he was only in for two weeks. Please help me. Thanks, Ed
Ed Kellum [10-08-1999]

Trying to document the service of Nathaniel Newman Hylton (Hilton,Helton, Healton) in the American Revolution. He claims to have volunteered his services to the United States in 1780 in Bedford County, Virginia. He claims to have fought under the commands of John Trigg, Clarles Lynch, Jerry Early, John Callaway and William Callaway. I believe the Bedford Co. Virginia militia were in the 14th Regiment. I have a listing of the soldiers of Bedford County, but his name does not exist there. His brother, Bryant Hilton is listed in the 14th VA Regiment, Continental Line, in the Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution 1775-1783 page 378 by John Gwathmey. Do you have any suggestions as to where I could find more information on the Bedford Militia?
Joann Caravito, Family History Addict [10-08-1999]

can u quickly send me a sight or pics of the victory at yorktown is for a school assiment
Courtney [10-04-1999]

thanks for a great site which i have used to "turn on" my nieces to the history behind the revwar re-enactments we have started doing recently, beginning with williamsburg and now head of elk and brandywine. they are really getting into it thanks to your lively presentation. thanks again!
anonymous, marylanders [09-28-1999]

I have an important research question for the author/administrator of this site. I'm looking for information on Lieutenant Colonel Ludwig Johann Adolph von Wurmb. A web search brought me to the "Brandywine Campaign" page 4 of 9 where LTC von Wurmb is quoted. I'm trying to find out any bibliographical information I can regarding his journal. There are no footnotes on this site, but I would like to find out more information, perhaps from the author of the narrative. I appreciate any help you might give me. I'm currently writing my senior thesis on Washington's Intelligence operations during the Yorktown Campaign. Thanks, Robert Sammon USMA, West Point, N.Y.
Robert Sammon, age: 23, Cadet, USMA at West Point, NY [09-14-1999]

I like your show
Bershamar Bocestcol [09-10-1999]

William Hamilton was in the battles of Cowpens. I need know were I can get a list of the people in that were in the Battle of Cowpens. I need prove that he was in the battle. John Sievely service in Va. Just anything on him would help janet
janet ariciu, I am looking for two people William Hamilton and John Sievely [09-06-1999]

Does anyone know of The Battle of the Great Meadow?
ted manning [09-06-1999]

Nice site!! I am researching my 6th GGrandfather, Preston Goforth who died @ the Battle of King's Mountain in NC. He was either killed or killed his brother John Goforth (serving w/ the British) there. I would be interested to find out more about this battle.
S.L. Calmes [08-30-1999]

I'm looking for info on the Eighth Virginia Militia Know as the Geram Regiment Looking for any info on a Abraham Hogmn? Thank you
Becky Morris [08-30-1999]

I am trying to find info on the Committee of Safety in NYC during the Rev War. According to family writings, my ancestor, Nicholas Bogert, was a member of this Committee with a price on his head by the British. So far not been able to locate info.
Pat Chubbuck [08-22-1999]

It's a great site! My 5th Great-grandfather, George Hutton from York Co., Penn., served as a private in Colonel Hartley's regiment, in the company of Captain Forrester. According to his pension papers he was in the battles of Brandywine Creek and Germantown, the massacre of Paoli, the skirmish at White Marsh, then "marched as a guard to Congress to Little York", also "at Monmouth" then on a compaign up the Sesquehannah against the Indians where we destroyed Three Indian Towns. His brother Charles Hutton, also my 5th Great-grandfather, may have also been with him but since he never applied for a pension we will never know. There is a family story that a brother was killed at Bunker Hill. Which seemed a little far fetched since the Hutton's were in York Co., Penn.. I read some place on the net that the first volunteer group to respond to the battle in Boston was volunteers were from York Co., Penn. I have never been able to find the site again. Is this a true fact and if so is there any information on who went to Boston? This may give me a clue as to who my Hutton's are and where they lived in York County. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Hallie Hutton Martin [08-16-1999]

I was wondering if anyone had any information on something called the BRITISH STANDARD. I believe that it had something to do with Loyalists moving to Canada after the war, but I am not sure. Any information on this subject is greatly appreciated.
Ryan Davis [08-16-1999]

James McLaughlin was in the Rev.War. He was a Private under Capt. Lockart's Company in Chester Co. PA. I am searching for more other informaiton.
Linda, James McLaughlin [08-16-1999]

bobby larkin, 13,san diego [08-13-1999]

Somebody scoffed,"Oh,you'll never do that;at least no one had ever done it!" So he took off his coat and he took off his hat ,and the first thing we knew he'd begun it!
Garrick Sullivan, 37-Wilmington,Delaware-history buff [08-12-1999]

This is Larry Rowland (, writing on behalf of Mr. de Lis. He needs a Patriotic Wallpaper,Revolutionary times, for his web site. We are having no luck finding one for him. Free is best, thank you
Bruce S. de Lis [08-12-1999]

Sue Russell Philipak, Huntsville, Arkansas [08-12-1999]

Do you have info on Michael Hilligoss, the first treasurer of the United States? I am looking for some historical data on him. Actually, I am a descendant of his, and I have a really old book that contains letters from various revolutionary leaders. I'd like to know more. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Ginny Stull
Ginny Stull, Sanger, CA [08-08-1999]

Ancestor William Adams served 3 tow month hitches in the Revolution. One during the battle of Long Island fired on the Britsh Ships from Paulas Hook. Served under Col Francis Holton of York Co. PA. Second service under Capt. John Caldwell of York Co. marched to Seven Stars udr command of Gen. Patter. Was chased to White Marsh by British. Third service was guarding prisoners at Cookoo's Nest. Would like to hear from anyone reguarding these locations.
Chuck Milligan, Matthews NC (Charlotte) 70 yr old male retired firefighter [08-08-1999]

opal nojunas, are you sure about the head of the elk landing, im from cecil county maryland near north east , near elk neck where the y say howes landing was is that true and where abouts exactly, do you know the sure or more acurate directions other that elkton, or head of elk [08-08-1999]

Someone told me of a museum in the historic district of Chattanooga that features a reenactment of the "Battle Above the Clouds", with lights and everything. We are planning a short stay in Chattanooga on August 14, 1999 and would like to visit this musuem ... if we can locate it. Please send replies to Thanks in advance.
Debbie Gallo, Damascus, MD [08-06-1999]

needed info on John Ross fought in Pa. Rev. War under Capt. Uriah Springer, also fought in a Va. unit was discharged in 1783 @ Richmond Va. lived in Monongalia Va. near Pricketts Fort. owned land there & also in Brown/Clermont Countys Ohio. believed born in Scotland abt 1750 died after 1824 Ohio? facts needed to finish history of family. R/S/V/P/ to e-mail.
julie halloran, dublin, ohio [07-29-1999]

It would be interesting to have you post answers to some of the questions that are posted. Also, I'm interested in getting further information on Bernhard Kuter who is mentioned in several of the comments that have been written.
Mike Roueche [07-27-1999]

Am looking for info. on Henry Hahn Died about 1822 wife Chrisitna Simmons In N. C. Son was Martin Hahn-wife Eve kimmer ? I think Henry or his father-unknown- came to N. C. from Penn. Thanks !
Mary Elaine Crow, Shadyside, Ohio [07-23-1999]

I would like to know if there is a master list of those who served int he Rev. War ...the list that could say where the guys from NY and NJ are buried?
Nancy [07-19-1999]

Am looking for information on Col. John Nixon who read the declaration of independence at the liberty bell in 1776. Is there any info on his family and descendants available. I am a genealogy nut.
Marilyn Millsapps, Kennesaw, Ga [07-19-1999]

HI..... I just want to say that your page was very interesting. This year I'm doing a historcal project on Valley Forge, and I was wandering if you could help me by sending me pictures or anything! Thanks for your time!
Samantha Moll, age: 15...City: West Lawn [07-19-1999]

I am trying to put together a short programme of battlefield tours for a group of friends next year. I should like to include Germantown and Brandywine. Are there any plans to have a reenactment at Germantown next year?
Sean Holden [07-14-1999]

I am seeking info on the Regulators of South Carolina. I have found where some of my ancestors were pardoned by the king for their theiving and stealing, because they must have been misled, but cannot find anything about them in the Revolution. They were pardoned in 1768 and it was signed by all in October of 1771. Can anyone help me with this history??? Thanks for any info you can send.
Jo McAdams [07-11-1999]

hawn [07-04-1999]

The "Appo-Mattox" River Treaty signing, information please on this item, also anything about Nathaniel Mattox who was responsible for that Treaty signing. During the King George 111 time in the Revolutionary War.
anonymous, N. Mattox is my great, great, great grandfather, need info. [07-03-1999]

Nathaniel Mattox,British, getting the Treaty signed for the British At the "Appo" River, also renaming the River the "Appo-Mattox" in honor of the Treaty with the Appo Indians. He was made Territorial Governor, & faithful to King George the 111 until Nathaniel Mattox was killed during the Revolutionary War. Nathaniel had 6 sons who were driven west, one of them is my ancestor Benjamin Dewberry Mattox, I'm trying to find out all I can about Nathaniel Mattox, so far I haven't seen his name here, but your site is wonderful & informative.
Dolores E Frye, Nathaniel Mattox, served with the British, maybe with General Howe [07-02-1999]

I am a minister at the Sunset Church of Christ. I am speaking Sunday July 4. I am looking for information about the number of casualties in the Revolution. If it is possible, could you please E-mail me any information that you might have on this? It would be greatly appreciated.
Ryan Wright, Springfield, MO [07-02-1999]

I think this www site is great. Question: Do you know where Pillsbury, PA is located? It is not on any current maps, and may be close to Philly. Any help will be appreciated.
Ken Salkeld [07-02-1999]

I have been to Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia... is there a visitor schedule and perhaps a reinactments schedule for the rest of the year? If so could you advise where I may find this information??? Thank you for your assistance....
Deanna [06-21-1999]

Thanks for this opportunity & for a wonderful site. Six of my LANNING ancestors, all from NJ, served in the Rev.War. Would like to know how to get info (1st Reg. & 3rd Reg., Henterdon,) or to hear from anyone who might even have some info on these ancestors. Thanks, Arlene.
Arlene Sampson [06-21-1999]

My great uncle handwrote a history of Bernhard Kuter's descendants, which I have. I found the name, but I am unable to find it here. Any information, anyone?
Alice Levine [06-11-1999]

I am taking a group of Boy Scouts and their dads on a 50 mile trip on the Allegheny River at the end of June 1999. We are going to be camping on Thompson's Island, which I am told was the site of a Revolutionary War battle. Would you have any information on this topic which I could pass on to our Boy Scouts? Thank you for what you are doing to help keep alive our heritage. Hugh Daly
Hugh A. Daly [06-08-1999]

Does anyone have any information about the following individuals from the 8th Co. 5th Batt. of the Northampton County Militia: Abraham Arnold, John Arnold, Jacob Arnold, Martin Arnold, and Conrad Arnold?
Stephen Sanders [06-05-1999]

Great site, I need Help. I've looked everywhere I can think of to find out where Tarlton's defeat was. I don't even know which side Tarlton was on. One of my ancestors volunteered just after this event. Please email me if you know anything or can direct me to a source.
Carolyn [06-04-1999]

how didyou get this?
michael mellon, 9 N.J. [06-03-1999]

I'd like to know where I can find some information on abattle known as Muddy Creek in Pennsylvania, New York County. Is there a list of all the men who served in Washington's army.Thanks
sharon Wright [05-31-1999]

I am a member of the Columbus Muzzle Loading Gun Club and at one time I read a poem about the last relay. I don't know who wrote it or even if this is the title, but it is about a final tribute of a fellow member passing away. Do you have any idea of what I'm talking about. I sure hope you can help, I know it exsist, because I have read it.
Judi Jones, age 54 Columbus,Ohio [05-31-1999]

I would like to know if you could send me some information on what in was like fighting in the American revolution The life of a rebel soldier. If you could. Thanx
Matthew, RI [05-27-1999]

I am looking for information on Capt. Herman Stout CO. 8 10th PA. who was with Gen. Wayne at Paoli. He helped to save the men and canon at Paoli. With Gen Wayne. I would also like any other information on Capt Stout. David Prager email
David Prager [05-24-1999]

I think your site is excellent and feel it contributes much to education about the history of the Revolutionary War. I am interested in the Continental Army Regiments and Battalions that participated in he various battles. I am trying to trace the travel routes of the 6th Massachusetts Regiment commanded by Col., John Nixon and his brother Lt. Col., Thomas Nixon. My ancestor Daniel Stearns was a member of the light infantry that fought at Stoney Point with General Wayne. I am trying to determine if he was in the Philadelphia area at the time of the Battle of Brandywine. Where can I find a list of the battle groups that were in action in these battles? Thank you, Howard Stearns
Howard Stearns, Abington, PA. [05-22-1999]

I have an old small mouth pottery jug appr. 1 gal. It is light brown with leaves painted on it, the face of the jug is sanded and there is an inscription scratched into the sufrace, it reads as follows verbatim; Geo Tucker VIII II 1777 Bermuda, Phidelphia in Delaware Chased by british corvette fire o* yard arm broke *e*s hocked in sea floated jug day **pht to sand worked to hill no water ***boh e out leg *
Tony Scalzo, Mesa, AZ [05-22-1999]

Can you direct me to any information on gunpowder mills on the Hudson River during the Revolutionary War?
Mary MacKenzie [05-17-1999]

This is a great website. My family & I are history buffs & looking forward to visiting your area in June, 1999. Is it possible for you to let me know of any reenactments you'll be holding in June, 1999. My little boy would love to see one. It would be our vacation highlight. Please help. Thank you.
Anne L. Tucker, Dayton, OH [05-14-1999]

Hi. What a wonderful site! I am looking for info on The Old Buck Tavern. I'm told it was used as a camp for awhile before the battle of Germantown, I think. Also would like to know if anyone knows the battles the 1st Militia of PA fought in.
Amy Murphy-DeMeo, Ormond Beach, FL [05-14-1999]

I am looking for a link to the names of the "53 killed" and "100 wounded" and "71 Captured."
Howard M. Gabbert, Tucson, Arizona [05-14-1999]

I am seeking information re: Capt. Thomas Stokely of Pa. at the massacre of Paoli. Where might I locate sources of information on that subject?
Robert A. Stokely, Bouton, Iowa [05-08-1999]

I'm looking for photos of Edward Rutledge and Admiral Richard Howe for a project on the Conference House\Billopp Manor in Staten Island, N.Y. and its' role in the Revolutionary War. I happen to live in Tottenville, Staten Island where the conference house is located and find it personally \ historically interesting. Do you have this on your sight? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
Charles Berolo, Staten Island, N.Y. [05-07-1999]

Captain Johann Ewalt was NOT of the 42nd Regiment (G.B.)but company commander of the 1rst Koy Jaeger (Hessen-Kassel). Except for annoying minor errors, such as the above, I find your site quyite good, well-written, and quite good for the general American reader. If only you could control your partisan urges and write objectively! You speak of the British "provision-stealing" and "cattle-rustling". How do you think an army, any army, ate? How do you think the rebels fed their troops? due to the inadequacies of 18th Century transport and spoilage, there was no other way to feed an army but to feed from the land. I also find it interesting that, when done by rebels, a two-mile retreat is termed, "a spirited attack".
warren norton [05-07-1999]

le brilliant un exqusate. No bette.
Mercy Cuay, ciege 11 Paris, France [05-06-1999]

This website is the bomb. I agree with Jess this website makes learning history so much. I am related to Marcque de Laffayette. I never knew this much info about him before. This is the best thank you so much I'll be visiting soon for the fun of it!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!! Keep cool.
Mary Angolou, age 14, Haddonfield,NJ [05-06-1999]

iam so happy i found this i can look up everything i need 4 school.thanx
anonymous, dara amy ny [05-04-1999]

jose [05-03-1999]

Is there any specific cemetery where those killed during the Battle of Germantown were buried? I am specifically interested in the burial location of Captain Moses Hawkins, Captain of one of the Companies of the 14th Regiment of Virginia.
R. W. Nance [04-29-1999]

Our fourth graders are reading a Revolutionary War historical fiction book titled The Riddle of Penncroft Farm by Dorothea Jenson. Your site has been invaluable in preparation of this novell.Brandywine is part of the book as well as mentions of Germantown, Fort Mifflin, Whitemarsh,Philadelphia, and of course, Valley Forge. My students' interest was intensified because of all the background information found here! Many thanks for such a comprehensive website!
Kathy Gruden [04-29-1999]

This really is a stellar web site. It is so hard to find anything comprehensive and accurate on the web...I do commend your efforts! I'm working on a study of the 1777 campaign, so when I find I need some clarification of campaign strategy, your site usually fulfills my needs. Many, Many thanks!
K., Harrisburg, PA [04-26-1999]

I am looking for information about Ethelbert Lyon, born April 13, 1744 in Woodstock, Connecticut. He marched from South Brimfield on the Lexington alarm and in 1777, he served two months under Capt. Nehemiah May in expedition to Ticonderoga. He may have died in Holland, Mass. in 1787 and may have been married to Marry Fuller. Any info you can provide would be welcome. He is a paternal great grandfather, obviously several times removed. Thank you!
Wendy Weir [04-25-1999]

trying to find information on john vancleve who fought at the battle of germantown. he was with the new jersey militia.
bonniequick [04-25-1999]

Hi! I am a writer for a scrapbooking magazine called Memory Makers. We are doing an article on rebus storytelling and I am interested in finding out where you got the rebus letter included on your website. Do you know where I could find it or similar information and examples of rebus stories? For the magazine's purposes, we are interested in obtaining a clear copy of a old letter we could scan in. Any info you could give me on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Lydia Rueger
Lydia Rueger, Denver, Colorado [04-23-1999]

i really need info on independance hall so send it to me! Thanx!
no response [04-21-1999]

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!! History is fun for me now!
Jess, age 17 [04-19-1999]

I go to Immaculata College, and there is a sign on campus commemorating the Battle of the Clouds. I'd always wondered about it, so I thought I'd look it up. Thanks for the info about it. I was also looking for some maps of the battle and the area; do you know of any?
Andrea P, 20 yrs old, Philadelphia [04-19-1999]

Well, I'm really delighted by finding this website cause I can read very useful information that derives from secoundary resource that I can use in school and things you got to know about our country. Thanks and very radial websti
ALEX FALCON, AGE:14 CITY:San Yisdro CA 92173 [04-18-1999]


I enjoy this excellent site.
David Schmit, age [04-16-1999]

Kyle [04-12-1999]

I am a decendent of Capt. John Huston, who fought with General George Washington at the Battle of Brandywine.
Robert G. Huston, Cincinnati Ohio [04-08-1999]

Iīm sitting here in a small town in the middle of Sweden,doing a historyprojekt about the american revolution, and wishes that someday all the countries in the world will speak swedish... you are lucky you know! but, I love this page because you have an easy language so we with only english at school also can read about your interesting history. just donīt sheck my spelling!
Anna, age 17 arvika,sweden [04-08-1999]

Adrian Gutierrez Jr. [04-05-1999]

this web page is interesting, but has no info!
Julie Fisher [03-30-1999]

I am doing a report on Sarah Wister and can not find information on her. Can you help? You can email me.
Alyssa Janick, Age 10; 5th grade; From RI [03-29-1999]

I have spent hours and hours on this site. Totally captivating. I am still not finished with this little known history.
Perry S. Wilhelm, Age:38, Wilmington, DE [03-29-1999]

I live by Federal Hill, where Washington had two soldiers hanged, and their unmarked graves are somewhere up there. They apparently camped up there and used the mountain as an alarm beacon. They are know trying to build 360 town houses on this beautiful Historic land. I enjoyed seeing all the information on this site. I was looking for something to help our fight against the builders, so we could possibly save a piece of history.
Susan Smith, Bloomingdale,nj age 34 [03-23-1999]

i was born at roxborough memorial in 47, lived in manyunk and moved to germantown/mt airy in 50. i always played "in the woods" in the vicinity of Valley Green/creshiem valley that whole area. it was especially beautiful in the winter when it snowed. it was so quiet it hurt your ears. haven't found any reference to anything connected with that beautiful place. i have some wonderful memories of the three lakes, devil's pool, valley green, the indian statue and other places. i remember riding my bike from mt. pleasant and lincoln drive all the way downtown and back. sometimes, i'd just ride to where i'd reach ridge ave. and visit my grandmother in manyunk. used to go swimming somewhere around there at what used to be a city swimming hole. can't remember the name. anyway keep up the good work and good luck. joe
joe janisheck, el paso, tx [03-22-1999]

I'm writing this as a complaint as so maybe you could fix this problem to keep from inconveiniencing others. I am doing a Social Studies report on Thomas Paine, and the Georgia colony.You don't have the information at all to my knowledge.Just because they don't have one of the biggest roles doesn't mean people don't need to know about them. Sincerely, Christina Cravens
Christina Cravens, 13yrs. old, Marion IL. [03-19-1999]

CAROL [03-16-1999]

i was wondering of anyone had some good web sites for the year 1777?? If so...e-mail me PLEASE!!
Molly, 13.....N.V....clueless [03-15-1999]

Is a list of the killed or wounded available, particularly on the British side? We have an account that places an ancestor of ours on both sides during the fight. The one on the British side was reportedly killed. I'm trying to trace him. Can you help?
John D. Hopkins [03-15-1999]

I think Washington is weird. The philidophia campan is really weird(I can't even spell it right). This website is kinda cool. Hello.
Michael Schneider, I am not going to share this with you. HAHA [03-05-1999]

You have a lot of info please write more!!!
Burkely [03-05-1999]

LAUREN [03-04-1999]

Mark S. Miklos, Designer: SARATOGA - TURNING POINT OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION by GMT Games, Hanford, CA [03-04-1999]

Awake, Arose, Sir Billy there is forage on the plain, so leave your young Philly and open the Campaign. I remember reading this poem in 1976 in A NEW AGE NOW BEGINS by PAGE SMITH. It is the best 2 Volume History of the American Rev. ever written.
Guy R Groza, Hudson Highlands [03-04-1999]

Hi I think that this is a very good site for kids that want to leartn about what happend in the many diferent kind of wars like The Revolutionary , Gettysberg and much more. This a site that I really liked because it told me about the wars and what happend and why they were started.I also liked this site because it had games we could play even though it washard to understand it was cool. My teacher was right this is a really cool site. Thank you for making this site and for giving me a chance to learn about the war. Our books don't tell us as much as you do now I know , I know about the war. Please write back my adress is 19155 Etonon Ct. My Email is Hrdprcnt
Mark Vilione, age11 Brookfield [03-03-1999]

I think this web page is good for kids and adults. They can learn a lot, just like I did. My favorite site to read was the Polio Massacre. Not just because of the blood, also how they attacked each other. Right now we are learnig about the Revolutionary War. So far I think it is cool. You people should put together a much bigger site. It would be fun.
Thomas Young, age 12, Brookfield, WI, 4585 Wessex Dr. [03-03-1999]

I am looking for informaton on Sally Townsend. Her family housed Major Andre and Lt. John Simco while they were stationed in Oyster Bay, Long Island. Sally and her family were loyalists - outspoken ones and that's why the British chose to billet with them. She was instrumental in informing Washington of Andre's spy activites regarding West Point. Do you know where I can get more information on her? I am writing a book.
Angela Moody, Burlington, VT [02-26-1999]

Angela Moody, Burlington, VT [02-26-1999]

I like your site exept you don't have anything on The Intolarable Acts!
Havilah, I am 10 [02-23-1999]

This place is okay but i think you should add more games!!!!!!!!!!!!!
unknown, I am 11 [02-21-1999]

I am seeking biographical infomation or web sites on General Sir William Howe of the British who fought in the revolutionary war for a fourth grade report.
anonymous [02-21-1999]

well I was using this info for a school project and I noticed that you dont have a few years for some of the things I needed! BUT, I have them and I would like to give them to you just in case someone else is doing the same thing! those events and years are "Paul Revere's Ride, 4/18/1775, and the Declaration of Independence was adopted and signed in 1776" !
Tony, 13 years old [02-17-1999]

I would like to know web pages where I can download Revolutionary War Fife & Drum midi music. Please email me if you know where. Thanks, Rob
rob [02-13-1999]

I'm trying to get information on the Son's of the american revolution in the denver area. If someone could pass that along so I could call. I recently found info. on my Great Great Grandfather's aplication to join.
C Wright [02-13-1999]

I am looking for political cartoons that deal with the Revolutionary War for a school project. Any Ideas? Thanks.
Greg York [02-13-1999]

Can u give me some info. about George Read if you have any because I have to do a history assingment about him and i cant find any info. about him at all anywhere. Mark,Lambert Thank You
Mark, George Read info. [02-10-1999]

Do you have any articles about Light Horse Harry Lee
Jean Anne/Brandon, 54 years old, Centerville N.B [02-04-1999]

Dear Sir What a wonderful site!!! I had a relative who fought (and died) with the British 15th foot regiment during the AWI. I was hoping you could provide some information as to his final fate and/or campaign experience. His name was Theodore Anthony Frederick, an officer of the 15th. Thank you very much for your help. Regards
J. Deacon [02-01-1999]


I really enjoyed your website, especially the maps, the tunes, the personal touches and the descriptions of the battles. I am searching information on an ancestor of mine-William Crawford--born in Berkeley county Va., fought in the French-Indian wars in 1755 as an enseign in the Va.riflemen (under Braddock),1/1776 was lt. col. 5th VA. militia, 10/1776 col. 7th regiment Va. battalion. Fought on Long Island, was purported to cross Delaware w/Washington, fought at Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine and Germantown. Can anyone give me more info. on him-parents names, places of birth and dates, siblings, wifes name,(etc.), childrens names (etc.) Thank you very much.
anonymous, Kaneohe, HI [01-28-1999]

I have to do a report on Molly Ludwig Hays (McCauley),a/k/a Molly Pitcher. Can you send me information on her or where I can find some. Thanks.
tina coccaro, 9years, Port Reading, St. Cecelia School 4th grade [01-28-1999]

I love your site. Thanks for constructing it.
Brian William, North Bend WA [01-22-1999]

I have visited numerous sites in search of appropriate material for my 5th Grade class research project. After previewing this site I must say that I am very impressed. My class is currently researching the Revolution and we will be visiting this site later in the week. Job well done!
Mrs. Ward, 5th Grade Teacher [01-19-1999]

I am searching for information on the Non-commissioned Officers corps and its role in the revolutionary war. I appreciate any help that you could give me. Thank you.
Jerrme Moore [01-19-1999]

I think that this page is great and I am glad that it is here because I had to use it for a report in my history class. Thank You.
Jessica Ayers, I am 14 and I live in Jackson, Mississippi. [01-12-1999]

im sitting in school at the computer class it is realy good its the best bit of school.we have just did are iq test i got 102 i dont think thats good for a 13 year old.
Gerard bradley, Aged in Dundalk co,louth Ireland Europe [01-11-1999]

Congratulations on a comprehensive site. Can you direct me to more information about two Revolutionary War periods that supposedly concern my ancestors? John Mackey was associated with the Battle of Ramseur's Mill, NC. Joseph Elliott of Bradford Co. PA was a hero in Indian encounters, and supposedly received a ceremonial sword from Gen. Washington for his action at Trenton. How might I research these events and men? Thanks for your assistance.
Sue Martin, Chicagoland [01-11-1999]

I am looking for a speaker on Valley Forge encampment and Washington's activities. I found your web site in a scan. I found it very well done.
Bill Herbsleb, Royersford, Pa - 8 miles north west of Valley Forge [01-11-1999]

This is an absolutely wonderful web site. Hurrah for you. I am a member of the DAR and this site is the very best. Thank you very much. Jo Ann B. Schmidt
Jo Ann Brant Schmidt [01-08-1999]

I am in posession of the original sermon that Joab Trout wrote that he delivered on the eve of the Battle of Brandywine, Sept, 10, 1777. It is unfortunate that you did not publish the whole sermon, as there is so much history in it. His phase, "They that take the sword, shall perish by the sword," has been famous forever, yet he never received the credit due him. On the last page of his sermon, he writes, "And in the hours of battle, when all around is darkened, lit by the lurid cannons glare, and the piercing muskat flash, when the wounded strew the ground, and the dead litter your path, then remember, Soldiers, that God is with you. The eternal God fights for you-he rides on the battle cloud, he sweeps onward with the march or the hurricane charge-God the awful and the infinite, fights for you and will triumph." "They that take the sword shall perish by the sword." You have taken the sword but not in the spirit of wrong and ravage; you have taken the sword for your homes, for your wives, for your little ones. You have taken the sword for truth, for justice and right, and to you the promise is be of good cheer, for your foes have taken the sword in definance of all the man holds dear, in blastphamy of God-they shall perish by the sword. And now, brethren,and solidiers, I bid you farwell. Many of us may fall in the battle tomorrow. God rest the souls of the fallen- Many of us may live to tell the story of the fight tomorrow, and in the memory of all will ever rest and linger the quick scenes of the Autumnal night." This is only part of the last page,,,the sermon itself is heartwrenching........I have several letters from my ancestors that were at the Battle of Brandywine, and would be willing to share them with you. How such under-eduacated men, could write such realistic letters has always amazed me. Altho the spelling was not perfect, the stories were.
Donna Gardner Miller, Newfane, NY 14108 [01-07-1999]

I think you really need more information about the actual forts like Mifflin. I have strangely become a fanatic reasearch of old military fortifications. Mifflin is an amazingly built fort that today is in jeopardy as the Philadelphia International airport is threatening its existance. Years down the road this landmark may not exist anymore.
Joanna Swank, 26 Southern New Jersey [01-07-1999]

What is 'THE SNOWEY CAMPAIGN'(lasted 9 months); ancestor McKINLEY from N.CAROLINA was a LIGHTHORSEMAN who referred to this portion of the Revolution (suffering from cold, etc.) ANY information on SNOWEY CAMPAIGN or LIGHTHORSEMEN is appreciated.
Marsha Dardenne [01-03-1999]

Where can I obtain information about Maj. General William Alexander Sterling .Fought in many battles with G. Washington .Camped at Valley Forge with George Send E Mail
JWS., Reading ,Pa. [01-01-1999]

According to family legend, my paternal 4th g.g. grandfather was killed at the Battle of Brandywine. Is there any published roster of American soldiers who served in this battle or any listing of those killed or wounded?
David L. McMonigle [01-01-1999]

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