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The Philadelphia Campaign 1777 site has been an experience. Totally Awesome Dude! Last fall I was curious about the battle of Brandywine. I scoured the web, every keyword and search engine I could think of, and came up with squat. Now I'm right there along with the troops. I honestly think it's one of the best web sites I've yet found. The format and bulk of information is a bold departure from the conventional paraphrased web site. It's a real book. Being a picture person, I sometimes get hung up on the graphics. In this work, your words paint the pictures and play the tunes.
Allen P., Philadelphia [07-09-1997]

Nice site! Yet, I don't recall finding any other Rev War sites linked to you. Have you considered a links page? Truthfully, you have just about the best Rev War location out there and I know because I look constantly at other sites. Very professional and very organized. Sincerely,
M. Christopher New, author of MARYLAND LOYALISTS IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (Tidewater Publishers, Centreville MD, 1996)

Do you know of the location of Fort Pitt? We have ancesters, brothers who worked as scouts during the revolution. They give Fort Pitt as where they reported. Thank You.
Carolyn Wagner [09-01-1997]

Excellent site. Very enjoyable as well as educational. Since the anniversary of the Battle of the Clouds is approaching,I thought I would see what kind of information I could find, and your site really did a great job. Please consider adding some maps to show the deployment of the armies in the various battles. Something to show what is there now would really make it exiting.
George Schwartz [09-15-1997]

I have just began "searching my roots" and discovered that my fourth great grandfather, John Critchfield fought in the Revolutionary War. He was in the battles of Brandywine, Monmouth, the storming of Stoney Point and at Paulas Hook. All covered here and in great detail. It has been very interesting to go through the battles "with him" on your pages. It makes me appreciate the hardships he and many others endured so that we may enjoy the freedom that we now HAVE. Please keep more information coming. This is the BEST page I have found on the net. Thank you, Rolayne Kasmer Ohio
Rolayne D. Kasmer, New to genealogy [09-22-1997]

This was very interesting and held my attention. It flowed very nicely. General Francis Nash is an ancestor of mine and he was killed in the Battle of Germantown. Do you have any information on him?
Cora [09-24-1997]

The site is the best graphically that I have seen on the Revolution. It is ashame that graphics take up so much memory that not many websites can use them. I am curious if many uniforms exist from the war? Civil War uniforms are very rare and I would expect the original uniforms of the continental army extremely rare or non-existant.
Jim Gillgam, historybuff [09-29-1997]

WOW! Your efforts to produce this piece of work are really admirable! All Americans should appreciate what our forefathers did (and sacrificed!) 200 years ago. My 10-greats- grandfather fled Germany at age 18 (1764) to avoid some kind of war there - and ran smack into the American Revolution. My family records show he was a wagonmaster and died in the Battle of Brandywine. I know you must get lots of requests for specific info on the soldiers. How would I find out more about him? (His name was Bernhard Kuter [Cooter]).
Linda Lynch, Orlando, FL [10-03-1997]

The Philadelphia Site is very good. I like the layout and I especially enjoyed the moving maps. More maps would make it even better.
Sean Moir [10-03-1997]

Karen Moore [10-04-1997]

What a wonderful site! It certainly took much time and labor by real historians to prepare and write it. I hope it will prove useful to everyone who logs on! As one who has researched and written about the Philadelphia campaign, I have some historical suggestions and corrections to make. Please bear with me, and if you have skepticism, please contact me for the rationale and documents supporting my statements. Living in Wisconsin has not prevented careful study of original documents that earlier writers never had access to.

1. Paoli Massacre. While Brigadier General Anthony Wayne was indeed a young man, he was born in 1745; making him *32*, NOT 22 years old as written.

2. Paoli Massacre. The two anonymous British accounts quoted in your colored sidebars were made by two lieutenants of the 2nd Light Infantry Battalion officers in the advance wave that night, Martin Hunter and Richard St. George, both with the 52nd Light Infantry Company. Hunter's account comes from his own book, and St. George's letter was identified in 1988, and the evidence documenting this is on file at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

3. Paoli Massacre. The Pennsylvanians in the main camp at the time of the attack had been up and standing for nearly 15 minutes before the British loomed into view; they were in no way asleep. Some of the pickets may well have been dozing. The rest of the story about sleeping Americans was, as you know, American Anti-British propaganda.

4. Paoli Massacre. There in fact were a good many Hessians serving within British Regiments by May 1777. They were known as the Von Schiede recruits and had come to America in time for the 1777 campaign. Muster rolls show none in the Light infantry battalions. The Hessian letter, if genuinely written by a Hessian, probably came from the pen of a soldier in a hat company the 44th Regiment, which did mop-up duty on the fugitives and wounded.

5. Paoli Massacre. The full testimony of the Wayne court-martial (in the Peter Force Manuscripts in the Library of Congress) has never been fully utilized by historians; a real shame because the dispositions of the Pennsylvanians are described. It was half of the 7th Regiment, in Wayne's own 1st Brigade (commanded by Col. Thomas Hartley, that made the wrong turn. The rest of the troops got caught in several bottlenecks in the dark and were overrun. I suspect that most of the dead and wounded came from the picket guards.

6. Paoli Massacre. Wayne only deployed his extreme righthand regiment, the 1st PA, into position to repel the oncoming attack. The Pennsylvania Light infantry went into line at the same time, not later, as described in your account.

7. March to Germantown. The Liberty Bell was indeed removed to prevent its melting. However, the Bell being made of bronze, the British would have recast it as a piece of cannon, and not as a substitute for inexpensive soft lead bullets. No one in the 18th century wasted valuable bronze when lead could do the job. Besides, bullet molds were often made of bronze themselves.

8. Battle of Germantown. Amazingly short! I hope this is just an incomplete, temporary page? It is not necessary to print my corrections separately if you can work them into your text. Otherwise, leave them stand with the other letters. I can and will back up every statement with hard primary documentation and footnotes if necessary.
Stephen Gilbert, History Teacher, Rio High School, Rio, Wisconsin [10-07-1997] [Thank you Mr. Gilbert, our Research Coordinator has received your notes and we will make all the alterations that are needed --Webmaster]

I once heard a song called "The Blacksmith of Brandywine" I remember the chours, but the verses escape me. the chours goes as follows: Make it one, for Washington and all his gallant men. And one for the girl who once was mine, Make it one for the darling boy I'll never see again, and don't forget the Blacksmith of Brandywine! The song tells the story of a blacksmith whose family is killed by the red coats. The blacksmith in turn picks up his hammer and seeks vengance against the English. If anyone knows this song, and could send me the rest of the lyrics I would be very happy indeed.
Paul Koshiol [10-13-1997]

I like this !!!!! Can I get some more revolutionary war pamphlets and stuff
veronica wenn, 16, laguna hills [10-23-1997]

THis is so interesting, the games were especially interestng

This is a wonderful site. One of the very best I have ever found on the Rev War. Dr. Bodo Otto's name appears several times on your pages and thought I'd pass on to you the URL for the Dr. Bodo Otto Association Home Page.
Judith Hughes, webmaster Dr Bodo Otto Association Home Page [11-04-1997]

Iwant to find out about General John Stark and I could really use some help. I am also looking for a book by Howard P. Moore, A life of General John Stark of New Hampshire (1949), I would greatly appreciate any help.
karen phipps [11-04-1997]

Was reading some of my family's genological heritage and came across a man who fought in the Battle of Brandywine. I was delighted to be able to read more about this battle through your web site. You produced a very readable, informative and interesting record of this important era of history. THANK YOU! Ed Bryant
Ed Bryant, 43 yr old, Fellsmere, Florida [11-08-1997]

looking for any info on my distant relative Rev. John Wiseman who served with George Washington at Valley Forge.
Drew Wiseman, Nashville, TN [11-10-1997]

I am doing a research project about the supply problems at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778. I have been searching for copies of old maps of Valley Forge (177-1778) but have not had any luck. Do you have any I can purchase? Thanks!
John Kostelnick, Ames,IA history student at Iowa State University [11-18-1997]

Where can I get stuff on The Battle of Yorktown.
Alicia, Denver Co. 80220 [11-26-1997]

I lived in Philly back in 1985-6. I liked it so much because I had all my uncles there and I picked up my song writing there from my cousin. I also DJ'd with my cousin and started to rap and break dance. I go back every summer, to parties and friends. I miss my friends there and wish I could go back more often. Write me back with some more information about Philadelphia -- what's going on today?
steven dandridge [11-26-1997]

An excellent site, great substance, nice artwork. Why is there no direct link from home page? ( I happened to find this page from an altavista search )
George Breeds, age 39, denver [11-26-1997]

DC, I'M nine years old. Hi! [12-05-1997]

Your website is fantastic. I was a history major in college and I really enjoyed this. I have a request. My ancestor was a Hessian soldier captured at the Battle of Germantown. This is the information I have: page 1572 of the Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Vol, II: F - M". "HAWN, HENRY, OR HENRY HORN, CHRISTINA, R5226, PA LINE, SEE HENRY HORN. On page 1707 same abstract, Henry or Henry Hahn or Hawn or Hon. Christina, R5226, PA line, soldier married Christina (--) 4, March 1779, soldier died 8 March 1840, Widow applied 30 December 1840 York County aged 85. A resident of NEW MARKET, PA. Widow stated soldier was a Hessian Soldier & was taken prisoner at the battle of Germantown & later came to Berks County, PA & he enlisted there. The only child listed was Mrs. SUSAN MILLER with whom widow lives in York County, Pa." Fannie Hawn, widow of Harry William HAWN, Jr., grandson of William H. HAWN, gave information of Hawn's that were buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, New Market, PA. She said "HENRY HAWN, b. JUNE 15, 1755, d. MARCH 1840, Age 85 years. CHRISTINA HAWN, d. JULY 9, 1846, 84 years. These Hawn's were buried in lot 6-J. Anne Hawn Smith, Fernandina Beach, FL I need to get the name of the Hesssian regiment that was in the Battle of Germantown. If you don't have access to those records, can you give me an idea of who to contact? Thanks
Anne Hawn Smith [12-09-1997]


Kewl Webpage
Andrew Wilmot, 13-Chestertown, Md [12-17-1997]


How come you dont have any thing about the battle lexington where the whole thing began just dont make any sense you just about have everything else why not the beginning duh
Thomas Edwards [12-17-1997]

Recently visited the Brandywine Battlefield Park and the grounds were wonderfully maintained. The rolling hillsides and the lovely landscapes made for some great pictures. Tell your maintenance staff they are doing a SUPER job!
JAS, New Jersey [01-01-1998]

could anyone helpme locate any info on a john pawling or major john pawling who was supposed,according to family lore with Washington at Valley Forge Thanks
walter moehle [01-01-1998]

What an incredible site!!! I am blown away! I wish this had been available when I was in the classroom. Hats off to all of you for an unbelievable job in providing a truly educational but fun place for our students to learn about their history. Thank you all so much! Sincerely, Debbie Gates Miami, FL
Debbie Gates, former teacher of grades 7 & 8; now a computer consultant in schools [01-06-1998]

Hey whats up George Washington. Do you like Barney ? Your cool
Rachel Buker, Age 9 Snellville G.A [01-07-1998]

Hey, I liked your homepage about the Battle of Banderwine. I liked the Rebus game alot too. But I would like to find some more stuff about the battle of Bunker Hill
Marcus Wire, Age 11 city Atlanta [01-07-1998]

Hey, sup? answer one ?. What (or Who) in the world is Anthony Wayne named after?
Meredith, HANSON RULES! [01-14-1998]

I was trying to find out what would have happened if the Revolution War would have never happened? If anyone can help me please email me at
Montlee Keith Wickline, 15, Stanton, Kentucky [01-18-1998]

Looking for some background on [Molly?] Frazer (spelling?) who stood up to the British army at her farmhouse near Thornbury after their Brandywine victory. Fantastic history site. Thanks. I wish their was a search engine tied in.
Rich White [01-19-1998]

i think the site is really great do u know another site where i can get information on mr. ring the persons' house that george washington stayed in. it would be great if u wrote back! DEENIE
deenie [01-27-1998]

I have a Social Studies report to do on the Battle of Brandywine. This report has to be written in letter form to someone at home as if I was at the battle. The way the information is written at your site actually makes it easy to write a letter giving all important details and all not so well known fact. Thanks, you've been a real help.
Brett B, 14 yrs old, New York [01-29-1998]

I'm trying to find pictures of the War + Founding Fathers to download . Do you have any idea of where I could get them ? Thank you . Don PS Good site .
Don Walker [02-02-1998]

As the great-great-great-great-great grandson of John Stoker, private served in the Revolutionary War as a member of Capt. Peyton Harrison's Company of the 2nd Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. Alexander Spotswood, I wish to follow the foot step of battles and read more about fellow Virginians fighting for independence. I request a list of two or three books to read on this detailed/specific topic. I do research for others free of charge and hope some day to link and document someone to their Revolutionary heritage.
Billy James William Hermann, Salem, Marion County, Oregon [02-02-1998]

I am doing a timeline on the American Revolution and I can't find anything on: British capture Philadelphia, Battle of Charleston, Franco-American Siege of Savannah. I think you should put in information about these topics. But the rest is good. Thank you!
Amy [02-03-1998]

I need information on Ralph Mordan who lived across from the Delaware and was a Quaker. He helped his friend Robert Land escape to Canada and then was tried for treason and huny as a spy. His widow took the 8 children and went to Canada in 1857. I am writing a book on the plight of these misplaced widows (she was not the only one) but I would like info. on the Mordans and the Lands so that I will be accurate. Not haveing much luck so far
Linda Baldwin [02-03-1998]

I am constantly trying to find information about the revolutionary war that my students can read and understand. Some of the information here is understandable. Do you keep a younger audience in mind when you are putting information on the page? Do you know of other sites that is friendly to younger? audiences?
Mike Batten, Waterford, 5th grade teacher [02-03-1998]

Well done!!! You folks out did yourselves!!! I was hoping to find behind the scenes information as well. like who financed this war? beginning, during and end??? I think this would truly finish this grand story, having all the players! I think that would paint quite a remarkable picture... Don't you think?
vic [02-06-1998]

It's truly amazing that the first person to write history always get's the best position. Although some of our former citizens were not enamored the Canadians (who we term as loyalists) I don't believe we ever termed them as savages, even your first President would have made a fine Canadian if he would have chosen to better his position and become President of a tenuous republic, though not elected I believe. The lady with 8 children I must believe came north for many good reasons the least of them being the considerate, lovable, and yes humble people of this truly democratic land. Thank you for a very interesting page. G.A.(Sandy)Reid 658 Naniamo River Road Nanaimo,B.C. V9X 1E2 February 9, 1998
Sandy Reid, Sgt/Major 1st Div. Canadian Black Watch 1939-1945 [02-11-1998]

i would like to know how many (about) cannons would have been found on a British warship in the Revolutionary war........esp the ONEs that were on the way to Philidelphia. Thanks y'all!!!!!!
Jeff, boring fool on a quest [02-11-1998]

I was impressed with your timeline. I was also pleased that you included the events of the Battle of Oriskany. I was just wondering if you could fix the entry though. The Battle of Oriskany happened in Oriskany, NY, eight miles away from Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY. General Herkimer was wounded on that battlefield and later died of his wounds. It is considered the bloodiest battle of the war. At the same time Fort Stanwix was under seige. During this seige the new American Flag was flown over the fort. It is the first time that the flag was flown during a battle. Could you please change your timeline to reflect these events as separate events? The people of Oriskany and Rome, NY are very proud of their history. And they would like the world to remember them. Thank you.
Louise M. Grenier, Oriskany, NY (high school teacher) [02-16-1998]

I am looking for information on my GGGG Grandfather, William Brummett. Hw was in the 10th VA regiment. I think he was at Valley Forge and Trenton. He was born in Amherst County, VA in 1755-1760. Can you help me or tell me where to get more of his war history.
Rick Brummett [02-16-1998]

Hello, I am wondering if you can tell me the name of the painting of the American Revolution showing the drummer, floutist, and flag-bearer. Thanks for your help! Spike Albright
Spike Albright [02-17-1998]

I was a war reenactor i
Matthew Jarvis [02-19-1998]

I have a question for you on valley froge. What did kind of harships did they face and elaborate on it if u could. ANd is there any more sites for the battle of brandywine ?
ADAM, 14 /m [02-19-1998]

It's a very comprehensive site which fills a large gap which was on the net 2 years ago, when I last looked for Revolutionary information. You miht want to add the following link:
Ruben I Safir, Brooklyn NY [03-03-1998]

Do you know how I would find out information on the average soldier during the Rev. War? His age, his income, what he saw, how he coped, his relationship with God, etc.
K. Couture [03-04-1998]

This is a great page for adults who were not paying attention in high school and are now trying to find their Rev.War ancestors! Is there any possibility that the Head of Regiments and Companies that fought in these battles will ever be listed here? I am looking for Battles with Companies GIST, GRAYSON, and Capt. Peter MANTZ, or info about Flying Camps. TH
Tammi Hawk, Manhattan, Kansas [03-12-1998]

The site has good information. My son's class is creating colonial villages in the northern area and I am trying to locate pictures of bridges during that time period. Suggestions? Thanks.dkato
dkato [03-17-1998]

Your page on the Revolutionary War is great. I am writing because I am interested in knowing more about Count Pulaski and Vally Forge. Also, I read somewhere, that Count Pulaski raised an independent corps known as the Pulaski Legion, do you have any information on this? My ex-husbands ancestor, Daniel Hughes, was to have shared his tent with Count Pulaski. Also, Daniel's grandson, William Alexander Hughes, helped to name Pulaski County, IL after him, also named his son Marcus D. Lafayette Hughes after the Marquis de Lafayette. I am trying to find information on Daniel Hughes, did he indeed share his tent with Count Pulaski or was this just family stories. I haven't been able to find anything on a Daniel Hughes in the Revolutionary War. If you have any suggestions as to where I might be able to find such information, I would appreciate a reply. Thank you for your time and any help you might be able to give me. Brenda
Brenda Rubenacker [03-18-1998]

Enjoyed this site. I am helping a friend do some research on Patrick Ferguson and the Ferguson rifle. Can anyone point me to a site where I might download a picture of the Ferguson rifle. Thanks
Paul Remington, from Northwest Arkansas [03-19-1998]

I am Brigade Commander Florida Society,Descendanta of Washington's Army at Valley Forge. I can relate as i served in all five campaigns in Europe during World War 11. Wounded in the Battle of the Bulge & Rhour Valley in Germany,I served most of the war at 18 years of age One dollar per day plus 10% combat pay , I am grateful for the people that put togather the WEB sites to tell the STORY of what is behind the history of this great country. Thanks 644th Tank Destroyer Battalion Member.
William T Walker 11, Lakeland Fl /73 years young/Veteran of the Battle of the Bulge [03-23-1998]

Rachel Bowers, 14, Beach Haven, NJ [03-25-1998]

Formerly from the Valley forge area, I have always been enchanted with the surrounding historical sites. Can you tell me who rang the Liberty Bell? According to my in-laws family Bible, a Megargee (spelling may have been different)ancestor was the first to ring the famous bell. Do you have further knowledge on this subject? Your site is amazing! I now yearn to return to Philadelphia!
Vivian Macklin, Baltimore, MD [03-25-1998]

This is a cool site.I am doing a report on General Francis Marion I think he should be recognized a little more than he already is He was such a daring fighter.He had a cool nickname from General Tarelton when he complained that it was impossible to catch this"swamp fox"He did so much in the American Revoulution that I can't believe that not many people know about him.GO MARION
Brian Maloney Dublin,OH 43017, 11 SWAMP FOX FREAK LOVES SOCCER [03-25-1998]

more games now thank-u
john califf, age 4 [04-01-1998]

How many people died? How many people survived?

you have a very attractive and interesting site. i appreciate your links for geneology. it would be nice to see a physical map of the area involved in the war with the names of towns/counties then and what they are called now. it would also help to have a list of cemetaries and resources for verifying information.
nancy marsh [04-06-1998]

I am looking for photos and descriptions of the uniforms of Hessian troops. Any ideas of where to look?
Darrell Kersting, historical reenactor, buckskinner, black powder shooter, North Dakota [04-08-1998]

Great site. But, why is there almost no information on the Battle of Germantown?
Peter Neville [04-08-1998]

Very impressive. I read about Benedic Arnold. Your site is instructive and very well documented. Congratulations ! I will be back
Denis Clermont, Brossard, P.Q. Canada [04-21-1998]

i think there should be more pictures and better language and less language of that ok??
matt bensen, i am in 7th grade and at central middle school in wadsworth, ohio [04-30-1998]

this is cool. I like this alot!!
me [05-13-1998]

should include reenactors vide clips and pictures
anonymous [06-01-1998]

Im seeking an ancestor Elihu Mott who joined the aramy from Conn. May 26, 1777 and died or was killed in action July 26 1777 The best info I can guess was that he may have been in the Champlaign theater. Can any one help?
Monte F. Mott, La Quinta Ca. 9225 [06-08-1998]

August of 1777 Washington and 11,000 troops were camped at Crossroads (Hartsville) Bucks County. It was at Moland House where Lafayette and Pulaski joined the Revolution. In Lafayette own works "a great conversation" between the two was the start of a father-son relationship that would last the rest of their lives. It was at Moland that Pulaski reported to Washington and later at Brandywine saved Washington's life. It is said that the 13 star (Betsy Ross) flag fist flew over our troops at Moland House. Over the years the House has fallen into disrepair and is now in the hands of the Warwick Historic Society. Pennsylvania's last treasure of the Revolution is on its way to taking its place in American History. Our Web site is ( Please add it to your Pa. History. Lafayette, Pulaski, DeKalb and the flag got their start somewhere, and that place is MOLAND HOUSE! Thank You for your time, Peter W. Brunner.
Peter W. Brunner, Warwick Historic Society/Friends of Moland House [06-08-1998]

Great site! Get some more of those terrific troop movement sequences! Those are some animated things I'd really like to have - no figuring out what the map-maker meant! Descriptions are great, too - high detail for a web site. I do think more should be added to poor Germantown, but an ambitious task and well-done. Wish there were others like it for the rest of the war!
the Ol'Line Rebel, 29-Maryland [06-10-1998]

Hi, I really enjoyed your website, it has a fun side plus your educating at the same time. That's the way it should be. I came to this site to find information on Fort Washington. I was studying the history of the Levering family when I came across the fact that Johnathan Levering died in November of 1776 at Fort Washington. So I thought I'd try to find more info on the fort and possibly on Johnathan. Can you suggest a couple of places to look? Any help would be deeply appreciated. Keep up the good work.
SHELLEY HILL, Shelbyville, Indiana [06-14-1998]

I am looking for links for my holiday/seasonal page and will include a link to yours. I was going to look at the vrml hall but I don't have live 3d anymore. I think you should have a link so people can easily download it if they don't have live 3d. I didn't see any way to download it from your site. Also - maybe next year you can have info about historic Boston? Or maybe I will do that myself. Thanks.
Dan Frechette, Auburn,Wa [06-14-1998]

Very interesting I'll be visiting again. Thanks
charles cartwright [06-20-1998]

Your site is rich and full. I have an ancestor who was in the Revolution. He was John Clothyer/Clothier of the Conneticut Line,Captain Watson's Company,killed 14Nov.1777. My hunch is he was killed in the siege of Fort Mifflin. Do you know where I might find a list of those who died in that siege? Any leads you can give will be helpful. Thank you for a great website.
Janet Clothier Blankenship [06-23-1998]

Outstanding work. I'd like to see something as in depth about operations around Charleston and Savannah.
Rainsford, South Carolina [06-25-1998]

I love this site. I'm teaching summer school and my students will love learning about this historical time and what July 4th really means. Thank you for sharing!
Pat Little, Elementary teacher/language arts [06-27-1998]

I am looking for a distant relative that fought in the Revolutionary war. At one time he was in Henry Dickerson's command. His name was Timothy Sexton, and I think he was at Valley Forge also.
R Smith, Atlanta [07-10-1998]

i would like to get all of this site in hard copy. i don't care if i don't get the illustrations. how do i do this? thanks.
b z paulshock, i'm interested in a.wayne [07-15-1998]

I'm looking for information concerning one John Stoll, born August, 1788, in Philadelphia. Also any information concerning the family name of Greibe, Philadelphia. Thank you, very much. Sincerely, Charles Slavish, Jr.
Charles Slavish, Jr., Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 35yrs. [07-15-1998]

Help - my Dad who is 76 is coming for a visit the first wek in Aug - we are going to be in PA for a couple of days and he wants to find the grave site of General Francis Nash who died in the battle of Germantown and is supposely buried in a minonite cemetery - any ideas on how I can locate which cemetery and the address? your help would be greatly appreciated. I am not much of a history buff, but when I found your site, I couldn't help but keep reading it -I had forgotten how interesting this time period was! thanks for any help you could provide me.
Evans Nash, Richmond, Va [07-15-1998]

Dear Sirs: I would like to know the truth. I understand the Doane outlaws of Bucks county had a lot to do with Benedict Arnolds supposed idea & notifying the Hessian Gen. in trenton about Washington crossing the Delaware. As my wife is a descendant of the Doane or Doan outlaws of Bucks County. Also the Moland House which is only a mile or two away doesn't get much credit for being the first place the American Flag was raised. By Gen. George Washington nonetheless. Also Gen. Laffyette met with Gen. George Washington. Our Church played a big part, Neshaminy Presp. Church. Could you please respond? Sincerely, John P. Rousis P.S. Thank You Sirs.
John P Rousis, 931 W. Bristol Rd. Warminster, PA 18974-1008 [07-16-1998]

I have some muster rolls of the 1st Jersey Regiment under Colonel Matthias Ogdon (Ogden?) whereon a Moses Wilson (and Moses Willson) are listed as a private, then sick but present, and on the November-December 1779, there's a capital D with superscript small "o" in remarks. Now just above Moses' name is a solider with "Sick absent." Is the D small o shorthand for "ditto"? In Jan-Feb 1780, Moses is "sick present;" In Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 1780 muster roll, Moses Wilson is "sick absent/dead (can't read the rest. Where can I find records re this solider? My gr+grandfather was Moses Wilson who was said to have died the first day of the Battle of Brandywine, but this muster roll is three years later. DAR has no record . . . however, he died in the Rev. War. If you can't answer any of these questions, can you refer me to a good source? Thanks so much for your time. Peggy
Peggy [07-16-1998]

need directions from n.j. to visit Valley Forge sites. Please e-mail me.
Chris [07-17-1998]

I have enjoyed your web page immensely. I was thinking of writing a short historical fiction story about the battle. Your page has given me plenty of information to start with . Keep up the good work. Mike
Mike Barry, Marengo, IL. [07-17-1998]

I would be interested in hearing from anyone with info on Rev War soliders, Samuel Carter, or Peter Bacus. Thanks very much.
Beverly Brady, 62 yr old female, Arkansas. [08-15-1998]

I would like information on one of my relatives. His name was Jean Jacques LaValle, he was one of twelve French officers that came with LaFayette, he was a aide-de-camp. This is just about all the information I have on him do you have more. If you do please e-mail me.
Peter J. Himebaugh [08-24-1998]

jason stansill [08-25-1998]

I thoroughly enjoyed your delightful page-keeping alive this priceless history ensures that the people of the United Staes recognize its value still-against all odds. What a wonderful endeavor. Major Carol Lido Star Regiment 1 Peoples Militia of South Florida
Carol Lido, South Florida [08-31-1998]

I was wondering if you could tell me what is buried under the American flag at the main forts in the United States of America?
Campbell, Adam, 14 Carter Co. Kentucky 9-2-1998 [09-03-1998]

david wright [09-10-1998]

I Would Like Any Information Regarding The 2nd. Virginia Regiment (Company No. 2) And/or Information About Cap. Morgan Alexander, 1st. Lt. Marguis Calmes. I.E. Battles And Locations Of Musters Or Enlistments. Did This Company Of Troop Travel With Washington? All Information Is Welcome. Thank You
richard Trivett [09-10-1998]

I would like to get my hands on any historical information regarding the Battle of Charleston. Does anyone have any suggestions?????
M Wilkins [09-10-1998]

I was at a writer's group meeting today and one of the people there is researcing a book set during the revolutionary war. She asked if I could find a place on the web which might be able to answer a question for her. She remembers reading somewhere about George Washington appealing to the women of the country to make 4000 coats for his soldiers -- presumably because there wasn't any money in the budget for such things. She cannot find a reference for this bit of information. Does anyone else remember seeing it and if so, do you remember where you saw it? Since I'm trying to encourage members of this group to get online, I'd really like to be able to find the answer for her. Thank you. Barbara
Barbara Eberly [09-14-1998]

McClure was my grandfather who raised me. since I was from a broken home,Hugh(grandfather) taught me to fish,play ball and show respect to others,as I am doing just the same with my family. If it it were not for this family (McClure) showing me the interests in life WHO KNOWS where I would be at this time
Ronald Jaros Jr. (mcClure), birth 12-12-63 currently looking to find McClure's [09-14-1998]

Thanks for the wonderful site. I found it immensely useful in preparing to teach a class on American Military History at our local high school. It is one of the best organized and most thorough web sites that I have ever encountered. Keep up the good work and share your expertise. I do have two comments: At one point you state that Stirling's and Stephen's brigades covered "about three miles" to the area of the Birmingham meeting house in 30 minutes. Even in my running shoes on flat pavement, my best three mile runs was in 22 minutes. That number is highly unlikely given the terrain and equipment that they had to cover. At another place you indicated that the retreat from Battle Hill moves "southwest" to Dilsworth. I am not sure that that is correct.
MIchael S. Schmotzer, York, PA [09-14-1998]

Does anyone know of, or indeed have, detailed maps of the Battle of the Clouds terrain?
rodger williams [09-14-1998]

this is a pretty cool website and the tunes are kinda trippy
Amanda Smith, 13, Cottonwood, CA [09-18-1998]

We've been to Virginia Beach, Virginia. I really like Virginia a lot. I want to go there agian. It's one of my favorite vaction spots ever! Well got to go now. See ya bye! Have a very nice day too!
Rebecca Hultin, 17 years old, [10-04-1998]

I really like your site and my Town Paxton really has some neat history in it, it has been around for 233 years
MIke, age 9 Ma. Paxton [10-04-1998]

I'm doing a project on what the soldiers wore during the revolutionary war...Do you have any pictures of them..or sites that contain the pictures for both sides of the war? Thanks. Bye...Mark
Mark [10-05-1998]

i think your web page is interesting, educational and fun!!!
anonymous [10-07-1998]

We are doing a social studies project on Pennsylvania. If you have any information on Pennsylvania from 1700-1780, please email it to me. I am in the eigth grade academically gifted class, so any information you could send would be helpful. Thank you for your time.
Anna Dulin [10-09-1998]

First I really like the way that you have laid out your site and provided a breakdown of the Battle of Brandywine and associated events. Second, I was wondering if there is a place where one can obtain a listing of the various segments of Washingtons troops and of the individuals associated with them. Reason for asking is a story handed down through family lines about a couple of ancestors that supposedly fought in this battle and even did some special scouting and swimming/fording of the Brandywine to try and gain information on British Troops. So have tried some other areas but have not been able to verify their presence at the event. Thanks for any sources that you might be able to provide reference for.
Ken Coop [10-23-1998]

I haven't a thought, I am tring to get information on a grave that I found in the miidle of no where. It reads, Wm. Flood Morgan's Virginia I forget the date I am a positive that it is during the Revolutionary War, so could you please send me some information on how I could go abput getting some information on it?
Tom [10-23-1998]

I really like this page, but it won't let me search it...I am really looking for African Americans and their contributions to the American Revolution....Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jon [10-23-1998]

Kirsten Lindsay Bohme, West Virginia [10-23-1998]

Hello,Please can you send me something on Acts of the Britian,french,Indians because I have a report and it due thursday.
Takela Evans, 11 Baltimore [10-23-1998]

Zach [10-28-1998]

My comment is really a request for help. I am writing a history paper on the history of the American Long Rifle or Kentucky Rifle. My thesis is as follows: Still renown among historians today, the Long Rifle represents the character and history of it's era. I am having trouble coming up with great examples of how the Kentucky Rifle represents the charater of the era. For example, I am starting by drawing an analogy to how the gun, like the early settlers, was "Americanized" to fit the new and distinct needs of the new frontier life. This is the type of data I want to present to back up my thesis. The problem has been that I can't find any good web sites or even info in the encyclopedia that talks about how the rifle was an intriquite part of life on the frontier or how It helped shape history. Can you be of any assistance in pointing me in the direction of any web sites or other sources. I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer.
Tiffany Bagley, student [10-28-1998]

My son and I were looking for information on the weapons of the American Revolution and while we found the information on your site to be facinating, we were wondering if you had / knew of any site that might have pictures / illustrations of the weapons used in the war. Thank you.
JD McCarty [11-05-1998]

bigger pictures
anonymous [11-06-1998]

There should be more stuff about people, like Benjamin Franklin because I'm doing a report on him for school. Everyone is doing reports on something in the revolutionary war and I don't see anything on him. I really need info and our teacher said to come here.
bm lover, 8th grade [11-06-1998]

Phoenix Anderson, Dixie Student ! [11-06-1998]

more pictures instead of words
Valarye Akers [11-06-1998]

need info about fishkill encampment during rev war especially maps
ron berger, o.f. historian and armourer [11-07-1998]

Put a map of Breed's Hill on the site.
Chris Thompson [11-21-1998]

Great educational website, invaluble to anyone wishing to learn about the Revolutionary War and Philadelphia's history in that period. Thank You!
Dan, 29yrs, Philadelphia, PA [11-21-1998]

Nice site! as a child, I remember my mother showing me a local newspaper article about a John Swisshlem who was at Valley Forge. I don't have the article, but would love to share any info with my daughter, who is currently studying the Revolutionary War. Thanks!
Jerry Swisshelm, Charlotte, NC [11-21-1998]

What happened after the revolution?
Kati, 13 [11-21-1998]

Hey. Just woke up. Does any one know what happened after the American Revolution?
Rip Van Winkle, 221 years old D.C. [11-21-1998]

Don ATHELLO [11-24-1998]

I am writing a paper comparing the different tactics of both sides during the Battle of Brandywine. If you have any additional info. that would help me, please send it to me by e-mail. Thank you!
Joy Sunderlin, Student at Penn State [11-30-1998]

Sorry . . . your page on Commodore John Barry depicting him as "The Father of the American Navy" is not factual, not true, and misleading. Although the article is informative and captures the "essence" of the man, you need to get your facts straight. When the US Navy buries Commodore Barry's bones in the United States Naval Academy Chapel Rotunda, dedicates a museum to him, and then declares him the "Father of the American Navy" AS THEY DID for John Paul Jones . . . THEN you will have your facts right. Ron McGranahan US Navy, Retired
Ron McGranahan [11-30-1998]

I was happy to find this site. I have learned of relatives of mine being involved in the war of Brandywine and others.... I can not find reference to my HARTMAN ancestors in your pages. Major Peter Hartman is the one I would be interested in reading about. Also any info on a place called Yellow Springs where alot of activity took place. I want to share a caption of a book that was sent to me this year by a new found relative: During the terrible winter of 1777-8, when the sick and starving American Army lay at Valley Forge, only a few miles from the Hartman farm, Major Peter Hartman took his large farm team and scoured the country, begging food, clothing, straw or anything he could get for the distressed army. As soon as he had obtained a load it was taken to Valley Forge, and then on his return he brought a load of sick soldiers to the military hospital at Yellow Springs, now Chester Springs, near his home. General Washington thanked Major Hartman for this service. If you think this might be false/true please let me know! Thanks, great site!!
Marianne Hartman, Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada [11-30-1998]

please send more info on supporting the British side during the revolutionary war to my email
mike, 29 seattle [11-30-1998]

Great Site! Thank You very much. Looked for information on Joseph Plumb Martin all day and finally I found your site with it's excerpts from his biography. Wish the whole book was on line. If you send me a copy I'll type it and save it in any format you like. I believe it's a small book. I read all the feedback and questions and since I don't know if you are answering people's inquiries I'll answer a few regarding Officers serving in the Revolutionary War. •for Tammi Hawk (3-12-98) There are 4 Gist's listed as officers & 3 Grayson's. Peter Mantz (MD) is listed with the same basic info you already have. Don't know what a "Flying Camp" is but I've heard it before and will keep my eye's open. •Cora (9-24-97) Francis Nash (N.C.) Lieutenant Colonel 1st NC, !st Sept, 1775; Colonel, 10th April, 1776; Brig. Gen. Continental Army 5 Feb 1777; died 7 Oct 1777, of wounds received at Germantown,4 Oct, 1777. •Karen Phipps (11-04-97) John Stark (N.H.) Colonel 1st New Hampshire, 23rd April to Dec.1775; Colonel 5th Continental Inf, 1st Jan to 31 Dec 1776;Colonel 1st NH, 8 Nov, 1776 resigned 23rd March, 1777; Brig. Gen. NH Militia 1777. By act of 4th Oct 1777, it was "Resolved that the thanks of Congress be presented to General Stark, of the NH Militia, and to the officers and troops under his command, for their brave and successful attack upon the enemy in their lines at Bennington and that Brig. Gen.Stark be appointed a Brig. Gen in the Army of the United States." Brig. Gen Continental Army, 4th Oct,1777, and served to close of war; Brevet Major General, 30th Sept, 1783. (Died 8th May, 1822) •Meredith (1-14-98) Don't know what Anthony Wayne's is, a store, ice cream shop etc. ???, bet Anthony Wayne was a highly decorated officer who's bravery in the attack on Stoney Point caused congress to strike a gold medal, present it to him, promote him to Brig. Gen. and then later to Maj. General. He became the Commander of the U.S. Army, 5 March, 1792; died 15th Dec, 1796. •Beverly Brady (8-15-98) Samual Carter (VA) was a Pvt. & Sgt. in 1st Virginia in March 1776; Ensign in July, 1777. •Richard Trivett (9-10-98) Morgan Alexander (VA). Captain 2nd Vir, 27 Nov,1775; Major, 23rd Dec 1776; transferred to 8th Vir, 22nd March 1777; resigned 16th May, 1778; Colonel Vir. Militia, 1781-1782. (Died 1783) Marquis Calms (VA) 2nd Lt. 2nd Vir., 27th Nov.,1775; 1st Lt., 1st Feb. 1776; Capt. 13th Jan., 1777; was a prisoner on parole in Feb, 1779, when and where not stated; resigned 8 March 1779; Lt. Col., Vir. Militia 1779-1781. (Died 27th Feb. 1834.) Hope this helps a little. This may be the last time. That's as lot of work. Regards to all Joe
Joeph M. Roberts, Vancouver, WA [12-01-1998]

This site is awsome! I will definately get my kids on it. I found you searching for an ancestor who served with Capt. Sylvanus Shaw (2nd R.I.) who died at Red Bank on 22 Oct., 1777. Does anybody out there have any info. on this Regiment and the battle itself. I would be very interested. Again, great site.
Gregg Moon, Port Arthur, Texas [12-03-1998]

I am doing a report on Valley Forge and I need help finding some info about the results.
drew, 14 evansville indiana [12-03-1998]

Thank you for this info. I am doing a report and this helps me.
George [12-03-1998]

Great Job! I like it!
ashley wisniewski, age:11 city:Frankfort state:IL zip code:60423 [12-12-1998]

How did you find the Rebus puzzles? Why didn't you have more pictures?
Mrs. Maimonis [12-12-1998]

I am trying to find more information about an acestor. His name was William Wilson and he was born in Paxton Township, Lancaster Co. PA. He was a private under Capt. Crouch, then Capt. Whitney, and finally Capt. McClure. He was involved in battles on the Schuykill River(exactly where along it I don't know), and a place called Feather Bend Hill. If you know anything that can help me like direct information or other sites to look at please let me know. Thank you.
Barry Matthews [12-13-1998]

JESS, 13 [12-13-1998]


I think that why would there be wars if we got along idon't see how can just be friendy
Noel Thomas, 11, [12-13-1998]

Wow! What an impressive site. I really enjoyed the graphics. What a great collection of information also I am quite curious however, why don't you say anything about events that took place in Washington Square? Apparently it is the largest burial ground of soliers from the American Revolution in the Country. I would be curious to know more information about what took place at Washington Square during the Revolution (besides the imprisonment of soldiers at the Walnut Street Prison.) I have been unsuccessful in finding out much more. What do you know about this? my email account is Thanks.
anonymous [12-13-1998]

Just saw this site -- great things here! Thanks and keep going. Have worked and published mainly in U. S. Civl War, but have had live-long deep facination with American Revolution. Most academic work in Colonial and Revolutionary early on in my career. Am now trying to get back into it, though it's been many years. Am looking for some really in-depth, detailed studies (based on eye-witness accounts for Brandywine, Germantown and especially, Monmouth). Anyone have any suggestions? I have Ward's 2 vol history so looking for battle or campaign monographs with manuscript and other primary sources research. Am now disabled and homebound, so is hard to get out and see more recent historiography. Just got online recently, so also looking for good Revolution sites. Anyone know if Dr. David Martin's, "Philadelphia Campaign" is detailed, with primary source research and eyewitness anecdotes? Would help to know if anyone can confirm?? Thanks
TED MAHR, Military historian, former historian National Park Service, Civil War Parks, [12-14-1998]

Very good site. I am looking for all i can find on boston masacre and boston tea party. I have an ancertor who is supposed to have been in the party dumping the tea but i cannot find anything on who actually was involved. as is usual lotsa people try and calim the world but how to prove. Don
donald J Johnson, oceanside Ca [12-27-1998]

Hello i just have a few questions. I would love to know more information About the Valley Forge Winter wityh general George Washington. You can e-mail me at my address if you would like. One more thing do you think you could find a picture of general Cornwallis, comander cheif with the british in the battle of Saratoga. If you find them please e-mail me. Thanks!
Kristin McGlynn, I'm 14 years old, I live in Glen Mills and I go to Garnet Valley Middle School [12-27-1998]

I am so happy I have found your site. There is a site that is called the Town Crier and there you can give your stories that you might know about the Revolutionary War. I am from the Reading area and I had always been told the story about the almost battle near the Pottstown/Reading border where a storm had stopped the battle and sure enough it is right there on your site called the battle of the clouds. There is so much to learn about the Revolutionary War and thanks to people like yourself I hope more people can now take advantage of all your information. Thanks Again and please keep in touch.
Timothy M. Antosy [12-27-1998]

you should have more info. on Ben Franklin
J.G., 14 years old [12-29-1998]

Three huzzah's for your website!!! It's a great start to the most important, yet least advertised part of American history. I hope the other battles of the war (Lexington, Concord, etc.) will be added at some point too. I'd like to suggest a master bibliography list of Revolutionary War books (perhaps broken into sections such as battles, uniforms, tactics etc). Thanks for the work involved in making such a great site!!!
Jon Peck [12-31-1998]

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