September 12-16

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Battle of the Clouds

Quick Overview
After being defeated at the Battle of Brandywine, Washington and the Americans needed to regroup. First, he moved his army away from the British. Then he placed his troops in such a way that they could protect both Philadelphia and Reading, an important supply city.

British General Howe, instead of following up on his victory and throwing a decisive knockout punch at the Americans, instead remained encamped on the Brandywine battlefield. Four days after the battle, Howe learned that the Americans were 10 miles to his north. He sent his army to meet them.

Washington learned of Howe's plans and readied his army. On September 16th, the two armies stood on opposite sides of a valley ready to reprise the Battle of Brandywine. All of a sudden a torrential downpour burst from the skies. In essence, the battle was called off due to rain.

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