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Ed Bacon I am deeply disturbed by the hypocrisy of City Council. After decrying the drugs and crime of our young people, it then adopted legislation forbidding the one harmless thing that young people had developed strictly on their own, the wonderful national network of skateboarding focusing on LOVE Park.
Edmund Bacon (1910-2005)
Executive Director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, 1949-1970, who conceived of LOVE Park in 1932
[Source: Inquirer letter to the editor, entitled "On the Side of Skateboarders"]

Vincent Kling I built this place so that people could enjoy it. And that includes skateboarders.
Vincent Kling
Architect of LOVE Park
[Source: LOVE Burns Bacon]

Clarke But, at the end of the day, we're looking at a site that can accommodate only so many uses.
icon_thumbsdown Darrell Clarke
Councilman whose district includes LOVE Park, and who remains opposed to allowing skateboarders back into LOVE Park
[Source: A skateboard-themed eatery at LOVE Park?]

Steven Lassiter I run an organization called Educate-To-Skate. We provide skateboards to poor children in Philadelphia who cannot afford to buy their own equipment. Skateboarding helps children keep away from drugs and violence and gives them something to do that is healthy and beneficial, and that they share outdoors with friends. Mayor Street, please give us our park back. Think of the children you could save.
Steven Lassiter
CEO, Educate-To-Skate Foundation, Philadelphia
[Source: Urban skateboarding]

Daniel Keating [Skateboarding] created night-time life in the park. Daytime and nighttime. Ironically what I found is the people who are living in the Phoenix, young and older, thoroughly enjoyed seeing the activity there…I’m an advocate; I think it’s a lot of fun. It looks very hard to do. And my compliments to those of you who don’t fall down anytime you get on a skateboard.
Daniel J. Keating, III
Chairman and CEO, The Keating Group
[Source: YIP Forum]

Blondell Reynolds Brown "[The skating plan is] truly a fresh idea. I am in the process of setting up a meeting with the city planning commission to see whether they’d be willing to have an open mind and see this plan as doable."
Blondell Reynolds Brown
Council At-Large
[Source: Skateboarders draft a LOVE Park plan]

Stevie Williams I grew up at 21st and Diamond, 31st and Berks, 41st and that's the 'hood.' It sucks that I had to move. But I can't really afford not to skate, so I had to. For me to now own my own house in Hollywood, drive two Mercedes, own my label and distribution company? Philly really messed up man, cut off a lot of talent and cut off this avenue for success. But I'd give up all this s--- to come back home and be able to skate LOVE.
Stevie Williams
Professional skateboarder
[Source: Wheels of fortune shut out of LOVE Park?]

Philip Goldsmith A pimple on an elephant's hide.
(Describing the effort to return skateboarding to LOVE Park)
icon_thumbsdown Philip Goldsmith
Former Philadelphia Managing Director, opposed to skateboarding in LOVE Park, at Dilworth Plaza, and other public spaces!
[Source: LOVE Park remains a test case of Philadelphia's will to thrive]

Kevin Bacon As a native Philadelphian who has spent a lot of time traveling, I know that the perception of Philadelphia is often that it is a straight-laced city, steeped in history but with little to offer a hip young crowd. Of course anyone who has visited the city knows this couldn't be farther from the truth. LOVE Park was starting to change that perception. My teenage son knows the city as the home of his grandfather but also as the "LOVE Park city." Let's keep the city alive and vibrant and happening. Let's respect our history but embrace the future as well. Let's share LOVE Park with the skaters.
Kevin Bacon
[Source: Submitted to this website]

David Thornburgh I think that was an unfortunate turn of events. This was an attraction that was world-renowned, that was sending signals about Philadelphia as a hip, creative and diverse place.
David Thornburgh
Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Economy League
[Source: I Can Fix Your City]

Tony Hawk It's time to step up and realize what many other American cities have learned: Skateboarding is here to stay...skateboard parks garner more use than public tennis courts and baseball fields.
Tony Hawk
Professional Skateboarder
[Source: Wheels of fortune shut out of LOVE Park?]

Richard Mariano "It is my hope that you will recognize that LOVE Park can be shared by both the skateboarders and other users"
Richard Mariano
Philadelphia Councilman, in an open letter to Mayor Street
[Source: Mariano: Let the kids skate]

George Thomas I think when you've got life downtown and a national image and propose to throw it away just to upgrade a downtown space for old people like myself, you're missing the future.
George Thomas
University of Pennsylvania Urban Studies Lecturer
[Source: Philadelphia Puts an End to a Skateboarder's Paradise]

Richard Florida Skate parks are very important to young people, an intrinsic part of their creative culture, part of their identity. We should be expanding skate parks...To take the park away is to tell them that they are not valid. Big mistake.
Richard Florida
Professor of Regional Economic Development at Carnegie Mellon University
[Source: I Can Fix Your City]

Mayor Street I know a little bit about the sport, how popular it is.
icon_thumbsdown John Street
Former Mayor of Philadelphia, who opposed skateboarding in LOVE Park.
[Source: Street reaches out to skateboarders] homepage

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