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August 7-October 2, 2004

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what is dont hurt us...just let skate it
Matthew Barrett, Langhorne [10-02-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK !, let us skaters skate ! well i never skated love park before but i wanted to for 6 years when i first saw what it was in toy machine heavy metal when jamie thomas was skating love park and i looks like a dream to skate there .
zack, Baltimore Md [10-02-2004]

Alright. Those Philly city officials should stop being so negative about skateboarding and go see it from the millions of skateboaders views. They place is the most perfect place in the world to skate. and its not like it will make the park all trashy becuase you got money offer to keep the place clean. Love will make the city so much more money for the city then you would expect. More coverage in news. magazines, tv, videos So just give the citizens a chance and re-open love park. Even jsut on weekends. or anyting. As long as skateboarding is going on in Love...Its all good...Free Love
shah mateen, London ontario [10-02-2004]

Since I turned 16 I wanted to drive out to LOVE park and skate because I saw it in a number of skate videos and it seemed to be the best and closest place on earth that I could go and meet my role models (famous pro skateboarders). Next thing I know, I have all the money saved up to get out there, and I find out that it's illegal to skate there. This is ridiculous; people have already been skating there forever, why not just let them keep doing it? The benches look ridiculous with skate stoppers, and there's no point in taking LOVE away.
Chris Ashton, Auburn, IN [10-02-2004]

brandon, Missoula MT [10-02-2004]

thetford ghetto represent. world for the uk crew Love park rules i should be open for when i come over to phiily
lee triggs, england [10-02-2004]

hello to all i think ita shame that our country can go to war but at the same time close our love park please reopen love park to our skaters and our children .....thank you all shelly
shelly, phila,pa [10-02-2004]

I skated LOVE park at the end of the summer and it was the best place Ive ever been to.... Now back home where I live all the skate spots seem old to me and in my town you cant skate anymore with out getting arrested so now I have to go all the way down to Albany wich is not to far and the skating is fun but its nothing compared to LOVE park...... Luckily my brother live just out side athe city and I can take the train from his house to Market East and take the short walk to LOVE PARK.... and soon Im planning to go back down this time with a bunch of friends because they want to experience LOVE also Im going to keep skating love park whenever I get a chance..... no matter how hard people try to stop skateboarding they wont stop us because we can always find a way around the skate stoppers or think of new things to do and just stay clear from the cops because from the couple times ive been to LOVE the cops just sat on there asses around there van and I didnt get caught..... KEEP SKATING AND BRING BACK THE LOVE
Ben North, Schenectady NY [10-02-2004]

YO! Just let the kids skate in the freakin park! I mean God, its only a park.
Zach Czerw, Amsterdam NY [10-02-2004]

love park was one of the best spots in the world at one point.
David Hatzmann, Brewster NY [10-02-2004]

let the skaters skate!
amy, torrance, CA [10-02-2004]

Adam Young, Salisbury NC [10-02-2004]

i never riden the park but i wanna have the chance to.
sean anderson, alexandria, va [10-02-2004]

I have never really skated love park but ive drempt of skating there for my entire life. Now I just wish I could.
Mike Pearson, Invermere, BC, Canada [10-02-2004]

It has its on movement, it is trulely the life of all skaters to this day i have skated there it was truley amazing.
Robert Lintott, England, Hampshire [10-02-2004]

Ed Tertel, warminster, PA [10-01-2004]

plese free love park and let us the skaters skate, if you did, then we wouldn't end up destroying anybodies properties, so please, please! FREE LOVE PARK TO THE SKATERS!
aaron palmer, haddonfield, New Jersey [10-01-2004]

HEY, LO VE is an awsome park, its better then most skateparks designed to skate. KICK MAYOR STREET!
sam, Lebanon, CT [10-01-2004]

I skated love once and it was better than any other park
John Harley, woodbridge virginia [10-01-2004]

wildfire, Caney Kansas [10-01-2004]

I was going to go skate LOVE this up coming summer but now I can't, and I'm not going to le some political pig tell me I can't, and I'm going to fight the city.
Shaun Reed, Gahanna, OH 43230 [09-30-2004]

i skated love once, it was totally rad and every skater should experience it
john gadbery, west lafayette Indiana [09-29-2004]

Let the kids skate, at least they have a spot down here there is none!
Diego Troya, Lincolnton, NC [09-29-2004]

I've never skateboarded. I have no affiliation w/ skateboarders. I feel it's a perfectly legitament activity. I'm confused about what the perceived problem is. Let the skaters enjoy the park with the rest of us. Thank you.
Jon Humphrey, Oaks, PA [09-29-2004]

FREE THE LOVE PARK FOR SURE! the love park is for sure a special thing in my age im 12 and i think its totally crazy for philly to ban skateboarding from there im young and we need all this to practice to have fun to let out our youth
Alex, Vienna,Austria [09-29-2004]

Mark Montoya, Tolleson,AZ [09-29-2004]

Dee Kalcich, Nothumberland, PA [09-29-2004]

I love to skate and I love Love park so don't be weird and stop this. Who are you? What is this, China???? This is a free country and you are being greedy
Aneta Sokolowski, Lake Zurich [09-29-2004]

I think it's so stupid that they can just take something away that has been there for so long. I mean just think how many kids depends on LOVE Park for something to do. I guess the city would just rather have kids smoking weed then just having a good skate session.
Josh Papandrew, Rye, NH [09-29-2004]

our city is ridiculous they dont understand at all, but when love does come back the LO VE gap better watch out
Mo, drexel hill PA [09-29-2004]

Free Love Park!
Andrew Schetter, Mt. laurel NJ [09-29-2004]

i would like you to free love park
Ian McConachie, toronto ontario canada [09-29-2004]

i think that skateboarding it just like anything else. its like biking. its like roller blading, its like basketball and baseball. its a sport and if you ban skateboarding why dont you ban baseball, or soccer, or football. they like to practice there sports. so let use skateboarders practice ours. open loves park for practice.
sean booth, machesney park, ill [09-29-2004]

i absolutly LOVED skating at love until i got kicked out
marc manner, levittown PA [09-29-2004]

here are some reasons LOVE park should be put to good use by skaters, a WORTHWHILE purpose; *rule of thumb ; in this case, skateboarders are like opressed poor, needy people 1. He who oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker, But he who honors Him has mercy on the needy (Proverbs 14;31) 2.Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor Will also cry himself and not be heard. (Proverbs 21;13) As for corrupt government that RUTHLESSLY fines $300, God is not mocked! *****With many prayers, GOD bless ALL skateboarders!****
Chris, nj [09-29-2004]

love park is the best i always wanted to skate there but i am not that good but it doesnt matter what does matter is that they need to keeep love park for all skateers who go there and they really need it to keep filming skate videos there because they stuff is the shiz
cody, houston texas [09-29-2004]

meg negard herrera, bandera tx [09-29-2004]

Love Park is the best place too skate even though i have only been there once
William Mccallum, LA Ronge Saskatchewan Canada [09-29-2004]

Blake, Gainesville, GA [09-29-2004]

ali abass, United Kingdom, England, Dorset Poole [09-29-2004]

i love park
roni, vaasa finland [09-29-2004]

Free Love
Joe Roxbury, Lebanon, NJ [09-29-2004]

re-open it
Dan Fouracre, Bensalem,Pa [09-29-2004]

Tere are many other things that youth could be doing with there time than skateboarding. How about theft or drugs. Atleast with the park it is allowing kids to have a dream and a vision of what they want to do. You never know what that vision will turn into later on in life.
Blake Haines, Mapleton, UT [09-29-2004]

let my peeps in philly skate love park
brendan guertler, cary nc united states [09-29-2004]

i just think its fvckin gay that they would shut down a park from skateboarding of all things. how bout stop a park from having dogs s* in it or something cool NOT SKATEBOARDING those b*s.
Gabe, hartford [09-29-2004]

Susannah Creech, Baltimore, Maryland [09-29-2004]

joseph genest, charlottesville,va [09-29-2004]

TAKE THE MONEY FROM DC co. AND GIVE US LOVE!....i mean why do they need it to be NOT skated...never seemed to harm anyone
Pavel Gorski, Richmond, Virginia [09-29-2004]

It is so damn stupid to have not signed the deal with DC shoes. The would have been making quite a bit of profit and made a good percentage of the youth (and adults) happy.
Nate Chambers, Harmony Maine [09-29-2004]

feel the love! let them skate!
alex, mississauga [09-29-2004]

Joseph Knight, New York City [09-29-2004]

Hey we need a place to skate when we travel, open up love park, who is it bothering to have people skate or chill there, its a public place that skaters go to, to not skate businesses and other areas.
The MIA Team, Pittsburgh, PA [09-29-2004]

Free love park
Max, Paris France [09-29-2004]

Keep love park alive,I've skated there twice greatest spot I've ever skated there's nothing like the atmosphere when your skating love,keep it alive ... LO VE
Jon Tostoe, Raliegh, N.C [09-29-2004]

free love
Cody, York, Pa [09-29-2004]

john macy, bensalem PA [09-29-2004]

my friend told me to sign u go
Marcella <3, Tallahassee, FL, USA [09-29-2004]

i was just in philly the other day and i didnt even put my board down and got chased out. it upsets me that kids trying to have fun is so wrong when theres people comitting crimes out there. whats the harm in skateboarding? skaters aren't giving up, so the cops just should. i think its ridiculous.
paul [09-29-2004]

I know Georgia is far away from LOVE park, but seeing how many people skate there and how much attention it gets, i think it is horrible that skateboarding is banned from the park. I would love to skate at LOVE park, and i hope it is one day given back to the skateboarding community.
Craig Whitfield, Flowery Branch, Georgia [09-29-2004]

fight for love park
shoham vigise, israel [09-29-2004]

LOVE is one of the most crucial skatespots in america, why should we be denied it. if the public are willing to let us skate there why cant the mayor? We got the bucks thanks to DC and everything, the mayor must be just plain prejudist.
N.V., united kingdom [09-29-2004]

Chad Matthews, Homewood, IL [09-29-2004]

casey cook, lapeer michigan [09-29-2004]

if theirs no park their then the skaters are just going to go somewhere else and skate. you cant stop us were like a herd.
mike timm, mentor ohio [09-29-2004]

My bro skated the LOVE Park! Come to see me skate in EUR (Rome) Or check out this site:
Roger Rabbit, Rome, Italy [09-29-2004]

save love park for the andrei.
stephanie, new york [09-29-2004]

Free Love Park!
Rachel Gibson, Blackwood, NJ [09-29-2004]

I think LOVE park should be skated freely. I see it all the times in videos and i think skateboarding should be allowed there. FREE LOVE PARK!
Mathew Mendicino, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [09-29-2004]

Free Love Park!
Alex Montoya, Winter Park, Florida [09-29-2004]

I spent the first 27.5 years of my life in Philadelphia. On a trip back east in July 2004 I was pretty suprised to not see any skaters in LOVE Park. After seeing what happened, I am troubled and saddened. This borders on unamerican.
Robert Darlington, Los Alamos, New Mexico [09-29-2004]

free love park so wecan skate!
dave guity, Long Island N.Y [09-29-2004]

why??? does it provide people with pleasure to see other people suffer? instead of spending all that money on skate proofing i,t much less could have been spent made it a better place and saved much more
Rehan, Italy/South Africa [09-29-2004]

Let they skate love is a dream!
Frederic Max, Emmerich Germany [09-29-2004]

I never skated love park but I will soon because i"m planning to go there and please FREE LOVE PARK!
Alexandre Geahel, Montreal Canada [09-29-2004]

skate on.
Etienne, canada [09-29-2004]

love rules
Erika, Philadelphia [09-29-2004]

Stephen Santiago, Media PA [09-29-2004]

Dan Sprague, Philadelphia, Pa [09-29-2004]

Liberate Love Park!
steven huls, dallas, texas [09-29-2004]

skating is memorable here,i guess i can say that
john devine, pa,media [09-29-2004]

shane clark, spring lake heights nj usa [09-29-2004]

free love park please! im begin you this is a big part of the gistory in skateboarding you just can take it away ok thanks!
julio cid dominguez, mexiko [09-29-2004]

free love park! it"s the only cool and most wicked thing that ever happened in any skater"s life!
Ray Gan, Singapore [09-29-2004]

I remember the first outside of Philly video that really introduced LOVE (Transworld's "Sixth Sense") Kalis and Williams ripped it! These kids need their stomping grounds back! And I hope that Juvenile crime in the city of Phily raises until it's released. FREE LOVE PARK!
Chad Key, Washington, D.C. [09-29-2004]

I think that phillys stupid for not taking the 1 mill there always complaining how the cities falling apart they could help rebuild the city anway they have bigger things to worry about than people skating at the park
Aaron Davis, Mt.Holly NJ [09-29-2004]

Free Love park... The best place to skate on earth
Matt Alberts, vail, colorado [09-29-2004]

I wish philip goldsmith could be a little less ignorant, Im from cleveland,ohio and have never skated love but i cant even imagine how bad it would be if they took away our public square. FREE LOVE!
jacob schwartz [09-29-2004]

free love b**ches
Jerod Rocha, Phx. Arizona [09-29-2004]

trey nicholson, mechanicsville, va [09-29-2004]

Ihave no commentary
Sébastien bouffard, Sherbrooke canada (québec) [09-29-2004]

love park is sick .we waNt to see new tricks again and I want to skate there at least one time!build another one ...
samuel blouin, sherbrooke quebec canada [09-29-2004]

jerry, st. louis [09-29-2004]

joe farris, stl [09-29-2004]

i love love park
john devine, Media pa 19063 [09-29-2004]

I've been to Phili - skated Love Park a couple times and always had some kind of hassle from the cops and it sucks. I can never understand why anyone would want to stop kids from riding a piece of wood with some skates on it man, so FREE LOVE PARK please
Nick, West Midlands, UK [09-29-2004]

free love !
Shawn Bender, levittown pa [09-29-2004]

i want the love back
sean wyness, scotland aberdeen [09-29-2004]

jamshid farahyar, Redwood City California [09-29-2004]

No LOVE in Philly!
Matt Knapp, Vail,CO [09-29-2004]

all i have to say is, fight for LOVE park
Sean, spokane, wa [09-29-2004]

Let skateboarders "play" at love park. you don't care if people play basketball. what is so bad about skating?
luke tarbutton, Atlanta, Georgia [09-29-2004]

i have never skate the LOVE park but i have always seen video and pictures of it and i thought it was awesome and to hear it banned skating made me mad. free LOVE
collin hunt, houston, texas [09-29-2004]

the skate park in red deer is the best skate park there is you should never take it down...
brittany, ponoka [09-29-2004]

Free love :*)
WrEcK, Martin, Tennessee [09-29-2004]

Let's get the park back.
John Jackson, gallipolis,Ohio,U.S.A. [09-29-2004]

free love
mike harris, south lyon, mi [09-29-2004]

I' ve only skated LOVE once on a family holiday. It was so good, the ledges, stairs and the most impotantly the atmosphere. Good times.
Brodie Kals, Sydney, NSW, Australia [09-29-2004]

Love Park is a f*ing sick place. I've only been once, ever, but it'd be a damn shame to close it.
kate ashe, hampton, va [09-29-2004]

I have never skated love park nore have I been there.Cant the city just let people skate there. I live in South Africa and I feel that LOVE is an important part of skateboarding and it means a lot too millions of skateboarders world wide.Nevermind the people of Philly.I hope one day I will be able to make the trip to skate LOVE park with my favourite pro skaters.Its a dream come true for many. Fight for LOVE
Wayde, South Africa [09-29-2004]

If the public poll shows that people don't mind the skaters being there, why does there need to be a ban on skateboarding in the first place. It's a waste of manpower in the case of the police surveillance if you ask me too. The creator of LOVE Park doesn't feel that it's disrespecting his creation either. Keep America skateable man. It's just people having fun.
Timothy Rodey, Severn, Maryland [09-29-2004]

I think it should be ok for skaters to skate love park its one of the most perfect skate spots ive ever seen and if it cant be used by skaters then thats bulls* all anyone does is probaly feed the birds and walk
James Hernandez, Long Lake, MN [09-29-2004]

we have held up our end now hold up yours
john hiben, Dryden Michigan [09-29-2004]

Being from South Jersey originally,my parents brought me to Philly a lot. My parents worked there. I can always remember enjoying the park. I live in Florida know with my children. There are no parks or sidewalks in my town. The kids skate in the street. It is very dangerous. At least there is somewere for them. Please let those kids skate. They are not bothering anyone.
Deanna McGrath, Ormond Beach,FL [09-29-2004]

marcus shriver, fort hood, texas [09-29-2004]

In my opinion I think when people thimnk of skate boarders cause I know I do and they think of LOVE PARK cause people know us to be skaters and I agree if the shop owners don't want us there then tell them to say somethin cause it's true they do get most of there bussnise from other skaters.FREE LOVE PARK!
Mike Kelly, Philadelphia,Pa [09-29-2004]

If the designers wants it then it should happen. Listen to the man who created this. Take the money and let Love go Free!
Laura Baillio, Westford, MA 01886 [09-29-2004]

Freelove parkrocks
Derek Shaw, Mesquite, Texas [09-29-2004]

LOVE park has been a great tourist attraction for the city of Philadelphia for the fact that skateboarders from all corners of the globe come to Philadelphia to skate LOVE whereas no one else comes to Philadelphia to see LOVE park and by re-opening LOVE you will be saving the greatest skate landmark in the history of skateboarding!
Jarryd Wassink, Johannesburg, South Africa [09-29-2004]

we need a skate park for the love of the sport. Free Expression!
alisa beard, dallas,tx [09-29-2004]

I think the closure of Love Park to skaters reflects the fundametal misconception of skateboarders that exists even to this day. I honestly belive that if the Mayor of Philadelphia developed even the slightest sense of understanding as to the importance of this spot to the average skateboarder, then he'd thoroughly regret his support for the restrictions currently put in place. I was going to travel to Philly last year with my wife, with the intention that I'd get to skate the park while she was out shopping. On news of the closure we changed our plans,,,,another city was happy to take the $2000.00 which we spent during the trip.
Richard, London [09-29-2004]

join the movement even old people can learn
Barry P. Ingold, 501 north barry ave apt 2h mamaroneck ny 10543 [09-29-2004]

Skatboarders need love
jason michael, topeka Kansas [09-29-2004]

Love Park is one of the places actual street skating originated, kickflips, tre-flips, all of it. I'm only 16, but I know about Love Park, my mom used to live in PA. She used to always go down there and watch every one skate,even a young Bam Margera. So skating shouldnt be banned from Love, its probably one of the only public places we'll have left to skate.
Rob Venable, Winchester, VA [09-29-2004]

dont ban skateboarding tis the best skate park ever.
andrew demayo, winchester va [09-29-2004]

open that up to the youth of america better than doing drugs and stuff
joe c, urbana, md [09-29-2004]

reopen love park. the skaters love it. i love it and ive never been there. ive seen many skate videos of love park. it used to be awesome. let the skaters skate!
jon bell, bakersfield ca usa [09-29-2004]

Milo Kock, michigan [09-29-2004]

Justin Rauschkolb, Philadelphia, PA [09-29-2004]

there is no reason skateboarding should be banned in love park. if the skaters keep their word with their proposal, which i see no reason not to, skaters could only benefit the park.
Jake Vink, Springfield, IL [09-29-2004]

i think its great he will open love again if he is elected and by saying that im hoping many people will vote for katz
Steve, Ocean Township NJ [09-29-2004]

spread the love! free love park!
Drew Bonnetta, Calgary [09-29-2004]

Love Park its a really nice place to skate. If DC is paying for it why cant we use it. That mayor is so pig headed. I can't wait till they let us skate it.
Tyson WHiting, Woodsboro, Maryland [09-29-2004]

Skateboard parks (or skate-friendly areas) can be a model for community space. Love park can become a place where the young and old can mingle, meet and share experiences. By creating a space where youth and adults share we gain an invaluble tool for bridging the generational gap, and allowing unique encounters. I know that in my city, having a skatepark in a visible location in an existing public gathering place, I have engaged in many great conversations with youth, adults and senoirs all who have come to the park to skate, watch skaters, or just pause on a walk to marvel in the tricks that people perform. Bottom line is that having skateparks in visible community spaces have created a kind of self policing, all ages venue for all of the public to share.
kirstan moore, Canada [09-29-2004]

its up to you guys i could be on k & a smoking crack or i could be in love park skating. pass some love to the next generation
PAT NARKY, levittown,pa [09-29-2004]

If the skaters who skate it are willing to be cooperative and constructive, why shouldn't they be allowed to skate in LOVE Park? And from what I've read, it's not the skaters who are refusing to work with others. The Mayor and City Council of Philadelphia need to grow up and learn to play well with others.
Julie Pickett, Escondido, CA [09-29-2004]

philly's mayor is a d*
josh Fasano, chattanooga [09-29-2004]

sam, cambridge, england [09-29-2004]

I believe that every person should do what they love doing whether its football, band, skating etc. After all, the Bill of Rights gives us freedom of speech, press, and religion. Why not set aside our differences and create a unification between one another and accept each other as unique individuals. Would the people of Philadelphia rather have the youth of society vandalizing, fighting, or stealing? Football players can play football for school teams and Musicians can play for bands. Why can't skaters bond and enjoy what they love doing together? Their activity is keeping them from breaking the law and they are doing no harm to the community. Every American citizen should be able to use their rights to do whatever activity they like to do. Its sort of like stripping the LO VE park skaters from their rights as an American by not letting them skate at LO VE park.
Mandy Krohne, Lafayette/Medina, Ohio [09-29-2004]

blake grotewold, lake mills, iowa [09-29-2004]

We need skateboarders to skate there. Once in a while we skateboarders need to get away from all of the parks and free our minds and skate street. Please let skaters skate there again . Thank you.
Trevor Willert, Lake Mills, IA [09-29-2004]

calvin millar [09-29-2004]

szalad, meadville pa [09-20-2004]

I think that more people come to love park to skate than to see it even if you ask the store owners if they would want it banned they say NO. because they get the bissnuse from the skaters.
nathan verdun, Troy Mo 63379 [09-19-2004]

FREE LOVE! LOVE PARK is a foundation for skateboarding. In my opinion, it is the most recognized skate spot in America. This should be continued by letting LOVE PARK be skated, by both experienced and in-experienced skateboarders. Don't ruin skateboarding by cutting off a very well known spot.
CRAIG MILLER, brick, nj [09-19-2004]

Free love Park
Alessio Piazza, Bernareggio - Milano - Italy [09-19-2004]

I have wanted to go to Love Park for years to film and skate with my friends, but when I found out about the ban I was completely shocked. I never thought that a spot like Love Park, which is part of skateboarding's heart and soul, would be closed to skateboarders. Philly closed the park based on the stereotype that all skaters are punks and social outcasts, but more and more people are taking up skating and are hearing about Love Park and what a great place it is. Where's the LOVE? Free Love Park!
Dan Callahan, Long Valley, New Jersey [09-19-2004]

Sébastien Beaulieu, Canada, Quebec, Joliette [09-19-2004]

its such a good spot, afer seein josh kalis, stevie williams and brian wenning sk8 it in the dc vid, its so hard 2 understand y they banned it in the 1st place, if i only had $300 dollars 2 my name i wud still try and sk8 it
danny grattan, england [09-19-2004]

I live in the uk and have been watching skate videos with clips from love park and really want it to stay
Joe Douglas, Southampton, Uk [09-19-2004]

love is like the best there is no where better than that place. fight for love park
jason milam, corsicana,TX [09-19-2004]

Free LOVE park....I would some day want to enjoy free skating there with my children, I thought Emerica was home of the free?
David Johnson, Florida [09-19-2004]

it need to be skated i walked through there yesterday what happened
tim cunningham, horseheads ny [09-19-2004]

cops suck
Tyler Whissell, fl [09-19-2004]

set it free
Greg Whissell, fl [09-19-2004]

Free Love park!
eric perrier, Long Island, New York [09-19-2004]

whoever thinks skating should be banned from love park sucks!
Kyle pew, scottsboro al u.s.a [09-19-2004]

Every one whos any one that is a skater should be able to skate love park and not be fined. Love Park is a monument to skaters every where. I live in oregon and i have wanted to skate there ever since i saw it in a magazine. FREE LOVE PARK !
Chris Barker, Lebanon, Oregon [09-19-2004]

why wouldnt you want a million dollars to do whatever with
jeremy wittlock, cullman alabama [09-19-2004]

John Street ruined my life, and the lives of many of my friends. We used to skate everyday at Love, and now we can't. Since then, ive quit skating, started coccaine dealing and im a slob now....thanks
Sixx, Philli [09-19-2004]

free love park
marisa depaul, philly [09-19-2004]

Patrick C [09-19-2004]

This is the gratest skate spot ever and it stands for every thig skatebording
Jade D. [09-19-2004]

The reason why I skate is to one day skate LOVE PARK.
Cody Howell, Fresno CA [09-19-2004]

Jon McGOwan, Lansdowne, Pa [09-19-2004]

I like to see that the city council is starting to realize that what we do is more than just some habit that we're gonna kick. Skateboarding is here to stay and as soon as people accept this fact some solutions can be found.
Tom MacLeod, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [09-19-2004]

Jazmin, houston, texas [09-19-2004]

free love park!
Nate Bell, pa [09-19-2004]

I feel that skaters should be able to skate where they want. F*CK the system! Everytime us teens find something fun to do they always take it away. FREE LOVE!, SKATE FOREVER!
Shanell, New Jersey [09-19-2004]

In this day and age when so many teenagers turn to drugs for amusement, it makes no sense to me why the city has made skating in LOVE park a crime. Skating is a positive. I have lived in this city for 8 years now and as a tax payer I LOVE park re-opened to skaters. Skating is not a crime!
Jennifer Van Ekelenburg, Philadelphia, PA 19119 [09-19-2004]

love park shouldnt be closed down. who ever thought of closing it down or whatever is a flameing anus infection.i dont even live there and i know what everybody in philly is feeling like.
mario cuevas, citrus heights CA [09-19-2004]

free love park
Flint Brewer, Austin TX [09-19-2004]

Nikole Magana, San Francisco, CA [09-19-2004]

i think its s* that love park closed. it was a simble of the love in the world. how many other places are there with the name love. skateboarders apreciated that place more than everyone. it might not seem that way but a spot like that is the best and skateboarders world wide know about the legendary love park. i think that s* should open again for skateboarders and everyone. but most likely you wont listen and open it so its your move. do the right thing and free love park. peace out
mike, Kissimmee, FL [09-19-2004]

the f*ing cops are idiots for not letting any one sk8 it duh the time i was there me and my friend had to f*ing hide in the bushs for like an hour it was bull s* o well f* the police
tim, oskaloosa,ia [09-19-2004]

For all the time I've been skateboarding I've always seen LOVE as a medium for gathering and for enthusiasts to enjoy themselves while conducting a non-violent, non- drug or alcohol abusing activity. The city derrives all problems at LOVE with all the skaters that arrive there expecting to skate the spots. I was reading that this ban was to allow park-goers an enjoyable lunch in the park, but I had also read that, that it was illegal to eat in the park, due to the litter that was consumed in the park over years. So in sumnation, why would the city make a peaceful activity illegal so people that aren't supposed to be eating lunch can enjoy themselves. ANSWER THAT MAYOR STREET! (This is only one of the many topics surrounding the closure of skateboarding at LOVE park, this is only the tip of the ice berg.)
Josh Niemann, Cape May, NJ [09-19-2004]

Please reopen Love Park!
skaterthatlovestoskate, utah [09-19-2004]

I've never been to Love Park. Nevetheless, if the architect supports freeing Love Park, and realizes the greater and unintended implications of his design, the city should too. Thanks. Mac Griffin
Cormac Griffin, Durham, NH [09-19-2004]

I think that the park should be opened to any one, even the skateboarders. There re not many places to skate board, what harm are they doing? It should be to relax at the park and to skate...
lisa huckel, norwood, pa [09-19-2004]

the love park should be allowed to have skaters! what else is the parks purpose anyway! JUST LET THEM SKATE!
Autumn Askew, Michigan, USA [09-19-2004]

Love Park is one of the best skatespots in the world please don't destroy it! We need this place to popularize this great sport!
Lukasz Stawarz, Poland, Sosnowiec [09-19-2004]

everyone, i think it's time for us to try to step up. if anybody wants to try to talk about this lovepark issue and see if we can all come up with something to do to try to stand up against it, please contact me, email me, or IM me on aol instant messenger, at malignantshadows. we need to be able to roam our sacred shrine on our boards once again! we are skateboarders, and we won't give up. it's just part of who we are. keep up with it everyone!
TJ, nj [09-19-2004]

come film in the bronx
Matt Licari, Bronx, NY [09-19-2004]

I see no reason why skateboarding in a public park should be a problem.
Bryan Keel, Florida [09-19-2004]

Matt Licari [09-19-2004]

football has stadiums, skateboarding has love park
Sam Gogan, Burtonsville MD [09-19-2004]

I havnt skated love park yet...but I cant lets make it so me and everyone else can...FREE LOVE PARK
Sean Forsythe, Maryland [09-19-2004]

Samantha Lane, Cadillac Michigan, USA [09-19-2004]

i think love park should be public to the skateboarders to skate and hang out in.
chris eades, shawville, quebec/ canada [09-19-2004]

Berry Semexan, Atalanta, GA [09-19-2004]

Please open Love Park back up
Dustin, Joshua, Texas [09-19-2004]

I have been sk8ing for only a few months now but the one place that i have always wanted to go to was the infamous love park, to sk8, to be free. and to meet new people. It's a great place from what i have heard adn it's the one thing i want to do before i die. Sk8 at Love Park
Shannon Feigenspan, Hannibal, Missouri [09-19-2004]

free love park
RICKS ™, padova italy [09-19-2004]

Mikko, Finland [09-19-2004]

free love park
tim wynne, goshen ny usa [09-19-2004]

What else are they going to take away? The only skate parks I know of in Philly are in Franklin MIlls Mall and JFK. Know what's a good idea? If you really don't want people to skate in a certain place, BUILD a designated place for skaters with the same structure as Love Park. This way, people won't use private properties' and storefronts' rails as places to skate. There will be a less chance of people falling in the street and getting hit by cars, as well. FREE LOVE PARK, or at least give a safe place to skate that everyone can access.
Amber S., Philadephia, PA, U.S.A [09-19-2004]

FREE LOVE! get the druggies out and the skaters in!
brendon, ottawa,ont / canada [09-19-2004]

My boyfriend is a skateboarder and I've learned a lot about skating and about LOVE park from him. I am truly outraged at the city's authority's negative outlook on the skaters. They bring so much! Not only is it entertaining, but they bring business to the local shops and restaurants. I would think the city would be happy about that. Sometimes I just wish people weren't so close-minded.
Kellie Forrest, Temple, New Hampshire [09-19-2004]

My community is bulls* also they are so dam lazy and wont even build a skatepark so i know what its like not to have a place to skate so free love park for people to skate
Dan, Butte, Montana [09-19-2004]

i think yopu should re-opwn love park for kids that love to skateboard. it is not right that the city close it down because now kids have nowhere to skate in philly. which will lead them to doing other things to occupy there time such as vandalism, drugs and other sorts of things.
mike mitchell, brick, nj, USA [09-19-2004]

Jessica McCann, New Castle, Delaware [09-19-2004]

Stephen F, Miller, Providence, RI [09-19-2004]

love park is public space. how many politicians or cops gave f* about it before skateboarders put it on the map globally. picasso and post office in chicago are next skate free, skate punk! what's up josh
Robert Villanueva, Chicago,IL [09-19-2004]

free love park!
Chris EHemann, Tullahoma, TN [09-19-2004]

Not been over yet and doesn't look like i'm gonna get the chance now.
Mark, Dundee, Scotland [09-19-2004]

set it free admit to your mistake and take the million
greg whissell, fl [09-19-2004]

LOVE park is SO perfect... free love park
Alessio Piazza, Bernareggio - Milano - Italy [09-19-2004]

im signing this because love park is a crazy skatespot and i think it should be skateable
Colin O'Keeffe, Vancouver,B.C. Canada [09-19-2004]

Philly should have taken the million bucks, and given the Park back to the Skaters during non-bussiness hours. That seemed more than fair.
Mark Nunan Jr., Overbrook Park [09-19-2004]

I've never skated LOVE park but I am a skater and to take away a park is outragious! the locals depend on the city to provide them with a place to skate. That or skate street spots and risk losing you'r board or get arrested... dosent make sense to me.SAVE LOVE PARK!
Valerie Richards, Phx, Arizona [09-19-2004]

Mayor Street is a queer for closing LOVE Park. If he saw the crazy crap these guys where doing hed free it in a second. Ive never skated there, but looks like i cant anymore. Thanks for ruining my dreams. Doosh bag!
Mitch Broyles, Tennessee [09-19-2004]

alright i'll try to state my opinon here, i don't know why you guys (Mayor of Philly) are soooo against skateboarding. Yes it does damage, but so do your big fancy cars you drive around that polute the air everyday. DC just offered 1 million dollars to philadelphia for damages and future skating for love park alone....what more does it take? im sure people are glad to see people having fun skateboarding there, because its one of the many activites that can be seen at this amazing park. I live in Canada however far from love park and this still hits me hard, i mean please think about this one, 1 million dollars... just to skate a park...
brock mansoff, brandon manitoba canada [09-19-2004]

Keep love park public to everyone. it is a cheerished landmark and has attracted major tourism influences over the years. Keep Love Park open to skaters! Jeffrey Chuh
Jeff Chuh, Long Beach, CA, USA [09-19-2004]

Love Park should be skateable because it is apart of modern skateboarding and is one of the most popular skatespots in the world, i honestly dont see the problem in letting skateboarders skate there because it is used by more skateboarders than citizens anyway, FREE LOVE PARK!
nick holmes, sacramento, CA [09-19-2004]

Garrett Gonzales, Norco California [09-19-2004]

I'm with my fellow brothers in skating, free Love Park. If you need anything from skaters in Central Illinois let me know, I'm willing to do what it takes to help out the fight.
Lee Larkins, Decatur, Illinois, USA [09-19-2004]

Kyle Barenberg, Colorado [09-19-2004]

i know no-one will read this but im gonna right this anyways. can't you see? almost 10,000 people have signed the petition, all over the US to The UK and everywhere. DC offers £1,000,000 for the parks upkeep, and you decline. can't you see that love is boosting the towns tourism rates? what does the mayor like to do in his spare time? Golf? Chess? whatever his passion is, skateboarding is ours and so Love should be free. if love was free, i would definately consider spendin $1000+ going just to skate there. love is a skateboarding MECCA, and as somebodysaid before, banning skateboarders from there is leavin a scar on skateboarding. sorry to ramble on, but i think declining $1,000,000 is a very stupid mistake, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. i feel disgusted that you stop people doing what they like to do, i mean, after all, WE ARE ALL HUMAN. From SIMIE from SCOTLAND! FREE LOVE!
christopher simpson, Scotland [09-19-2004]

LoVe has been a part of the skate culture it be a crime to take it from us... you might as well give us weapons and tell us to start harrasing others... skateboarding is what keeps half the kids out there sane
Jose UNo, San Diego [09-19-2004]

im american and livin in switzerland... when i come back to visit philly i always look forward to love... if there aint no love then whats the purpose of goin???
Peter Walker, Zurich, Switzerland [09-19-2004]

harry enman, p.e.i. canada [09-19-2004]

skateboarding should totally be allowed. All of us skaters only get a little skatepark that barely reaches our desires and thats all we are allowed to be. In love park,you should share the love and let the skateboarders skate this park. Love park is by far the best skatespot you can find and it should be freed.Share the love, and free love park.
phil, illinois [09-19-2004]

Put the park to use and let us skate it instead of having old ladies walking around the park all day. We need it, they dont.
Ian Hanrahan, Malabar, FL [09-19-2004]

Dan Carney, shrewsbury, massachusetts [09-19-2004]

James Marcinkiewicz, Phila.Penn [09-19-2004]

i think love park should be open because every skateboarder in my school wants love park to be open. 1 year in 2000 we all went to it and it was the best park we ever been to and weve been to a lot.
Danny Michaud, Glenburnn Maine [09-19-2004]

Alexander Avey [09-19-2004]

Love Park has a real history in skateboarding. Considering that "88%" of the city has no problem, why should the community's park be unuseable by the community?
Rob Morgan, Las Vegas [09-19-2004]

i would really like there to be a skate park to be built in strausstown pa i think that it would be so wicked
Jeni Rivera, strausstown pa [09-19-2004]

kristina lowe, reading [09-19-2004]

Tom Sasso, MIddletown New Jersey [09-19-2004]

Bring Love back I live on the other side of the world and I cant belive what has happened at Love. I thought It was the land of the free. Keep up the petition don't give up your LOVE on skateboarding winter 2004 I play it all the time at my shop
Mark Paton, Sydney Australia [09-19-2004]

Teggie Ayala [09-19-2004]

Love Park,Its the most known skate spot, as if it was made for skateboarding. One of my dreams is to skate love park as well as others. Think about it all the other big parks where all that goes on in them is drug dealing, fighting and etc,all these kids are doing is wanting to skate it. Free Love Park.
Aaron Moreno, Grand Island, NE [09-19-2004]

skateboarding keeps kids out of trouble. Take that away from a lot of them and it will be replaced with drugs, crime, etc. i,ve seen it
mike thornton, hattiesburg, ms [09-19-2004]

free love! KONIECHEWAH B***HES!
Telly Smith, X-town OHIO [09-19-2004]

hey my name is bob, i havent been skating for too long now maybe a few years, but since i have started skating all i heard was wonderful things about love park, a park that i would have never heard of our considered visiting at all. i hope one day it will reopen to skaters so i can go visit not only the park but a great city.
Robert Tyler, East Hartford CT [09-19-2004]

i dont even skate and I think that this is BS if DC is willing to pay for it why close it
Mitchell Oeming, Bay City Mi USA [09-19-2004]

keep it open and skatebel
Bobby, Chesapeake Va United states [09-19-2004]

I've never even skated at LOVE (yet), but there is no doubt in my mind that it belongs NOT to the big buisnesses and the greedy city officials, but to everyone. and that means the skaters, as well. key word - PUBLIC park. Free the love.
Jake Daubenspeck, harleysville, PA [09-19-2004]

skateboarders are usually nice people who just wanna do their own thing. People have heard rumors that we [skaters] are defiant, disrespectful, and sometimes violent. But the truth is anytime someones witnessed a skateboarder being hostile, its because that someone was hostile towards the skater themselves. This could be from the person either kicking the skater off of the property even tho their not hurting anything, or the person threatining the skater and calling the police. The point is, closing down love park was a stupid mistake, and when a stupid mistake is made, it needs to be fixed. Keeping skaters from LOVE park is like keeping convicts away from prison. Not a good idea is it.If were not skateing, what else are we gonna be doing. Graffiti perhaps. Maybe even off doing drugs or raising havok. Well all this could be prevented to a certain point if people would stop being stubborn and reopen LOVE.
anonymous [09-19-2004]

Love Park should be for everyone
Geoffrey Keller [09-19-2004]

free love park
Jarrod Bishop, Chesterfield, MI [09-19-2004]

Why do people want to keep back the youth of America? The only things we have anymore they are taking away from us. We dont cause problems and those who do give us all a bad reputation. I dont care if there is a law if I knew how to skateboard I would in Love Park. :P
Chrystal Fletcher, Panama City Florida USA [09-19-2004]

You can't just stop the skating at Love park. That park is so big around the US and the world. Plenty of skaters know about it and would love to skate there. And we're the ones who made it so famous.
Dolan Ervin, orlando, fl [09-19-2004]

closing it's just lame.
spencer, victoria bc [09-19-2004]

f*ck them...FREE LOVE PARK!
jose cuiriz, west chicago, illinois [09-19-2004]

Support our children. Show them that they are the future and that we believe in them. Teach them that compromise is good and that problems and conflicts can be resolved without violence and tyranny. Teach our children to be true to their word. Teach our children how to respect and embrace our past while planning and working toward our future. Please and thank you.
Lindy Dunaway, Ukiah, CA 95482 [09-19-2004]

even tho i never skated love park before, i really was upsit that i got closed down, a lot of spots in my town are getting nobbed and getting desyored . well anyways free love park .
zach pohuski, reisterstown maryland 21136 [09-19-2004]

Erica, Springfield, Illinois [09-19-2004]

i think its horrible what the city has done. lots of skateboarding history and culture has come from love park. people from around the world came from afar to skate love park and city has shown great ignorance in putting a stop to such a harmless activity.
james speake, columbia sc [09-19-2004]

Zach Davis, Roanoke VA U.S.A. [09-19-2004]

Save LOVE park.
ryan lindsay, collinsville il, 62234 [09-19-2004]

Hey Mr. Mayor, Not every kid wants to sit in a movie theater for their teen years. Lighten up and let them play!
Jason Kaplan, Bonita Florida [09-19-2004]

I'm the father of three boys. Its very hard here in NYC to find a place where its legal to skateboard. Please give the youngsters a break, their not getting high or causing damage.Shateboarding is good, clean fun. Sincerely Thomas Bujka
Thomas Bujka, New York, NY [09-19-2004]

free love mother f*er
chris, nj [09-19-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK..... It wasn't until we started skating there people started recognizing it..... LOVE PARK is one of the most influencial skate spots...... uhh.... ever... so take the money that the good people at DCshoeCOusa are offering you....
Drew Berkey, Santa Clarita, California, U.S.A. [09-19-2004]

i saw LOVE for the first time recently and it was amazing. I only wish i could have skated it! Free LOVE Park!
Matt L., Aurora CO [09-19-2004]

free love park u douche bags
Zach Baker [09-19-2004]

I'm dissapointed that LOVE park was banned. I't's crazy that the government wants more people to come into the city when they close down the park while there are so many skateboarders in the United States.I know I missed out on skatin the LOVE park an I'm sure hundreds of thousands of other skateboarders in the U.S. have missed out to. P.S. If there are any skateboarding companies out there that need any skateboarders on there team e-mail me at so I can send in a sponser me tape. 1^
Dejour Brooks, Dacula, Georgia [09-19-2004]

I moved to Philly the second year X-games was in PA in 2002. I had just started college and I was picking up my skateboard again for the first time. I was told back home that Philly would be a great place to skate because it was one of the original homes for skating. When I got here I was disappointed and when my friends told me that they had to wait till 3A.M. to skate LOVE while the cops switched shifts. I knew that Philly had turned into anyother boring town that didn't want extreme sports around. I ride bmx now, but I want my friends to be able to skate LOVE and for myself to be able to ride there. It should be shared along with City Hall and the suits that are stopping us should get a grip and realize that they are breaking far away from the morals that they are saying they have and that the kids that skate and ride supposedly don't possess.
Angelica C. Harder, Philadelphia, PA [09-19-2004]

if you told a skater that LOVE park were to reopen to skateboarding he'd probably wet his pants..hahaha it is like the washington DC of skateboarding...america lost the twin towers..skateboarding lots LOVE
jason, conroe,tx [09-19-2004]

Erin Sivek, Stevens Point, WI, USA [09-19-2004]

Love Park needs to stay open its just not a park to me its a place were skating was born and raised its a church to me i always dreamed of visiting love park and skating it but now its going to be gone and just a fragment of our imagination please dont let this memory be forgoten keep love park how it is!
Jared Bay, Columbus Ohio [09-19-2004]

free love park!
V., Okinawa, Japan [09-19-2004]

u should free love park. i know what its like to have a ban on somewere. u should block something like a footbrige. we blocked something in protest(a train brige used by 400 hundred school chilidren and there parants in 1 hour)
joel, london [09-19-2004]

kris lovett, washington d.c. [09-19-2004]

Anne Pomeroy, Philadelphia PA [09-19-2004]

Hugh Manifold, British columbia, Canada [09-19-2004]

Sounds like a pretty fair compromise to me..
Patrick Palmer, Norman, OK [09-19-2004]

Let freedom ring, let people skate. Skateboarding is not a crime, go arrest real criminals and stop wasting your time on skateboarders. Really, What did they do to you.
Brennan Boothe, Memphis,TN [09-19-2004]

Let 'em skate!
Greg Keysar, waldorf maryland [09-19-2004]

Never skated it but would like to. So free love park
Mark Jones, Greenfield, Indiana [09-19-2004]

Christian Lundén, Uppsala, Sweden [09-19-2004]

you gots to keep the gangsta flow smooth set the bird free and let the kids ride dont be holding us down keep it real skate it man
Kevin Lawton, Chesterfield, New Jersey [09-19-2004]

the love of skateboarding can't be taken away
harry calvert, England [09-19-2004]

yo dog free love
p.rod [09-19-2004]

i cant belive you didint take dc's offer of one billion dollers a year idiots
scott, tampa [09-19-2004]

free love park
Anthony Lewis, Greensboro,GA,USA [09-19-2004]

i love seeing footage at love park in videos, and someday i would LOVE to skate it myself. i loved stevie williams' part in the reason w/ josh kalis, half of their part was there and it was amazing. i also love seeing brian wenning skate there, hes so stylish. plus, i'd LOVE to see more tricks down the fountain gap.
corey rosson, franklin tn [09-19-2004]

just free love park!
Mateusz, Kielce, Poland [09-19-2004]

love park is the god of all skatespots you CANT keep it safe from skaters forever! together we can win it back! so sign this petition!
zack, baltimore [09-19-2004]

i live in ny and i ve never been to the love park, but if you close it down, you minus well just band all skateboarding anywhree, if u kill love park, your killing millions of people
nick spera, brewerton ny [09-19-2004]

hi, i am not a skateboarder but i hang out with them and i think you should keep the love park up because there are few places a skater can skate without getting kicked out or arrested, and that i think is totally out of proportion. skateboarding is so big today, just as big as football and baseball, and people act like its so stupid, half the people in this world cant do those flips and grinds, they dont realize how much hard work it is to jump stairs or grind down a rail, and everywere skaters go to skate, they kicked out and the cops called on them, and the city complaines about them commng back, and what does the city do? they find a 10 by 10 spot in the ghetto and build a wood ramp that people people spray paint and trash and thats not right. if the city would nice skate parks around we would have a problem with skateboarding. people think its stupid and vandalizing, but its a sport and a art just like other things, and if we had nice big parks to skate i think people would see that. thank you
adam grimm, canton ohio [09-19-2004]

Taylor Baxter, west monroe,NY [09-19-2004]

Love Park is a part of history and it should not be taken from that town. Who cares if kids skated on it, it kept them doing other things such as doing drugs or getting in trouble. It was a recreational place and it should be kept.
Kyle Edmunds, Seminole, Florida [09-19-2004]

Kahlil Galloway, Bronx, New York [09-19-2004]

Dawson Cochran, Kansas City, MO [09-19-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK! This place is nice and we need to preserve it.
Jake Tungate, Raytown Missouri [09-19-2004]

i think love park should be freed
mathieu therres, bellport ny 11713 [09-19-2004]

this is part of skateboarding history and is world renowned you cant destroy something like that that makes you as good as the people that knocked down the world trade centers they messed with u.s history your messing with skateboarding history
Ian King, Racine,Wi [09-19-2004]

Screw the drug addicts, please don't shut down love park for the skaters. By doing so you will have more crime. Giving us skaters the place to skate will prevent us from doing it elsewhere
Todd Brais, Santa Rosa, California [09-19-2004]

this is a hella tite skate thing
JuLiE WeStLaKe, califirona antelope sacrometo [09-19-2004]

Its absurd some of the places they won't allow people to skate. Isn't Love Park a PARK? Would you rather have your youth off somewhere doing drugs or would you rather have them skateboarding, look at the whole picture people.
Katie Caudill, Oklahoma City, OK [09-19-2004]

Its wrong to ban skating at LOVE. Skateboarding is not a crime. Us skaters arent doing anything wrong. Fight for LOVE park.
Jad Dyjak, Bay City, Michigan, USA [09-19-2004]

Love Park should be reopened for the skateboarders. We have so many troubled youth, yet the ones who have a sport, such as skateboarding, have no place to go. So in return......they get into trouble. If Love Park was opened to skateboarding, at least we would have kids there who are passionate about their sport, out of trouble and off the street. REMEMBER, DO NOT FORGET THE X GAMES THAT WERE HELD HERE. The city and the businesses of Philadelphia and surrounding area did bring in millions of dollars in revenue because of the X Games. Most people you speak to comment, "these kids are selling drugs, these kids hang on the corner, these kids are a nuisance, these kids need to find something better to do". But for those kids who are skateboarders, give them something to do, give them a place to play their sport. That way you wont hear people with such comments as stated above. Face the fact......skateboarding is a sport, no matter how you look at it. These kids need a place to go and Love Park should be one of them. One idea would be to open the park to skaters at certain times of the day so as not to be a nuisance to pedestrians. An afternoon or early evening time may work to the benifit of both the skaters and the pedestrians. Another idea would be to section off a part of Love Park for skaters. That way it would be available to use for more hours in the day. It may attract more people to Love Park and the City itself, which would be a benefit to all. I am sure that there are other ideas that would be reasonable that other people may or have come up with. Please do whatever it takes to get Love Park opened again for the skaters. Thank you for allowing me the time to express my feelings on this subject. Sincerely, Rozanna Foley PS: I am sure it would certainly attract more tourists to the city. And I know based on our commercials, that is what the city of BROTHERLY LOVE is already trying to accomplish.
Rozanna Foley, Philadelphia, Pa [09-19-2004]

Fight Fascism, Free Love.
Aaron Ritchie, Muskogee, Oklahoma [09-19-2004]

I believe that skaters should be able to express themselves freely. I think that if people do not have a decent place to skate then they resort to city streets and business districts. I live in Hannibal Missouri and we do not have a skate park at this time, but there is one in progress. We have to travel 30 plus miles to skate with out getting in trouble with the police. I think that every town with enough people to sign a petition should get a grant for a skate park.
Shannon Feigenspan, Hannibal, MO [09-19-2004]

i am unfortunate enough to have only gotten to skate LOVE in THPS2. I believe that one day, the ignorant mayor will be voted out, or will realize who and what hes maming by fobidding skating there. FREE LOVE!
evan, littleton, CO [09-19-2004]

let em skate yer c*!
THOMAS ROBINSON, nottingham, uk [09-19-2004]

i went to phili once for a weekend about 2 years ago and would have loved to skate love park but when we got there there was a fence around it and they were doing some construction so i missed out, but if they alloy skating there again i'll go back just for that.
nick mulvey, norfolk, va. [09-19-2004]

Free love park it's a monument too skaters everywhere. if we dont have it what are we going too do?
Nick Haffely, Maplewood, Mn [09-15-2004]

I have skated at love park. it was the most fun I have ever had
Max, Minneapolis [09-15-2004]

Please allow skateboarding in Love Park.
Tony Thornton, Laurel, MS [09-15-2004]

Hope Wilkes, Arlington, VA [09-15-2004]

If there is no love will there be more(alien workshop) / Habitat video's?
Sheldon Lotter, Durban, South Africa [09-15-2004]

When John Street dies maybe we would be able to skate again.
Ryder Nel, Durban, South Africa [09-15-2004]

i think love park is one of the best parks in the whole nation. Even though i havent skated love park i was going to philly than i heard that it was shut down and i was supper pissed. So i think it should be open cuz i would love to skate it one day.
Sean Sartin, Tucson, Arizona [09-15-2004]

Love Park was about the best place ever to skate. So why not ts re-open it and let skaters skate their since they are all going to do it illegally anyway. Also it can still just be a public park where anyone can just go and chill but it just wont be illegal to skate their. It will also make skaters not go to other places like City Hall and other street spots and just get kicked out, ticketed, and in trouble. Kids have nowhere to skate and dont want to skate skate parks they want to skate a real street type spot like Love Park. And it is just perfect for skaters to skate and I know that if I ever had the chance I would skate their. Love Park brings famous skaters from all over the world to Philly just to skate and it gives all kinds of kids to meet their idols that they look up and get information about life from them. Re-opening Love Park would be the best thing that the city of Philly could ever do.
Ryan Mazzola, Clinton Twp. Michigan [09-15-2004]

they should never have closed love i have been skatn 5 years and i grew up watching kerry getz josh kalis stevie n wenning i mean come on closing down love was like closing down a church its every skaters dream to skate there especieally mine i think its cool that dc is building a skatepark like love but if you do that all that means is that they won we should never give in to that my whole goal is to meet my favorite skater without lovepark ill never meet kerry getz by the way kerry nice ollie over the mayor i know one thing when i go down there thats exactly where im going lovepark to skate.peace
gregory allen wade, Galt/CA/ 95632 [09-15-2004]

Love Park is a skater landmark...stop wasting your cops on trying to get rid of us...there are druggies and criminals all over...were not doing anything bad.
Jose Serbia, Port St. Lucie Florida [09-15-2004]

its just allite damage money can fix the sicest ledge
Luke Antonio, ontario [09-15-2004]

zachary B, ontario, canada [09-06-2004]

love park should be set free
PATRICK BRASTROM, fredericksburg [09-06-2004]

maggie chain, ardmore, pa [09-06-2004]

alex ridlon, martinez,georgia [09-06-2004]

i need my love n searching 4 that
abhishek doyle, bhopal, india [09-06-2004]

this spot is beautifull and i would like to skate it, one else in my life
BARRAL Pablo, FRANCE,la rochelle 17 [09-06-2004]

im still going
brian, nj [09-06-2004]

Tim Greem, Shrewsbury, England [09-06-2004]

go skate
Travis Lowndes, Annapolis, MD [09-06-2004]

Love Park was one of the biggest impacts on skateboarding.
Casey Arnold, Clarksville, TN. [09-06-2004]

free love park
David Healey, Staten Island, NY [09-06-2004]

free love park i mean wahts better skaters hanging there or bums and drug dealers come on philly free the love
nick lawrence, saginaw MI [09-06-2004]

William Farley-Van Vleet, Coquille, OR USA [09-06-2004]

We should free Love Park to anyone who wants to roam inside of it. If there are police officers and security on every corner, people will not appreciate the park to its fullest. Love Park has served as a cultural mega-plex of the skateboarding world. Skateboarding is what made Love Park popular. Some people in Philly may not want skaters to enjoy it, but skaters all around the world do. Free Love Park, and let us all have fun!
Doug McConnell, Wilmington Delaware [09-06-2004]

What the world needs now is LOVE, sweet LOVE no not just for some but for everyone.
Eric [09-06-2004]

Aaron Jones, smyrna, ga [09-06-2004]

I just receltly took a trip to love park. A 4 hour drive from where i live.It was me and my brother and were were looking for like 2 hours to find the legendary LOVE park. We got there and i was on my board and i was in awe with the park and how i was so lucky to skate there because so many famous pros have been there and i was really stoked. Then i started to warm up and maybe 5 minutes of kickflips and shove-its, a cop comes running to me and my brother and freaks out on us. Hes gettin all tough with me and my bro sayn to get the hell out of here. And me and my brother were in shock about what has happened to this legend we see on every skate video that so many amazing pros have skated. We couldn;t believe it. So we spent the rest of the day cruzin' around lookin' for skate shops and then we had to come home. Another 4 hours. It was deffinatly dissapointing to have that happen. I think that the city should give back love park to the skateboarding community because it's just such an amazing spot and it's not like the city has to pay for ramps or anything like that all they have to do is say "here it's all yours" and thats all they have to do, as far as i can see.
Mark Jensen, South New Berlin, NY [09-06-2004]

I don't even live in philly, but i feel for all the skaters there and want to get LOVE park back because i had a dream to skate there when i am older... RIP Keenan Milton
Joey Godsey, Louisville, Tennessee [09-06-2004]

Bring back LOVE park
Bryan Torrellas, Arlington Heights Illinois [09-06-2004]

Daisy Lee, Larpenteur Avenue East [09-06-2004]

rayshard futrell, redford [09-06-2004]

free LOVE.............
nic ellenberger, norfolk ne [09-06-2004]

i think it should b reopened cause its 1 of the most influential sk8 spots ever. its even on tony hawks pro skater 2 which is pretty amazing, and u see loads off ppl on sk8 vids doin big tricks there so plz help reopen it!
robert, blackpool, england [09-06-2004]

Love park must become open for skateboarding. I always wanted sk8 love. Im planning a trip to philly just to get to skate love at least one time in my life. The place is a dream and the major is a di**. Im saying FREE LOVE!
paul kantola, sweden [09-06-2004]

i want to know a lot about the world
saif, irbid [09-06-2004]

Jacob Davis, Wise, VA [09-06-2004]

Tony Hawk, sou-cal [09-06-2004]

love park is a great place to skate and would provide an excellent place for poeple tp spemd there time FREE LOVE PARK
Connor redmondd, philidalphia, PA [09-06-2004]

I live in SD, but i hate it when they put those damn notche son our rails, if no-one complains, LET THEM SKATE THERE
Jake, San Diego, California [09-06-2004]

Why should they not re open love park?
Brandon Griffith, Port Deposit, MD [09-06-2004]

Best of luck with your work on getting skateboarding back into Love Park ... your efforts are admirable. Thanks, Serese Mattek
Serese Mattek, Salina, KS 67401 [09-06-2004]

i think love park is perfect!
Collin, Iowa [09-06-2004]

We build every other type of sporting venue for urban kids with tax dollars, baseball, soccer, basketball and football fields. It seems ludicrous to think that the city would actually make a profit thru private funding and they still won't allow it!
smp, trenton nj [08-31-2004]

open love park to the skaters because we'll find a way to skate there even if you don't. we weren't hurting anyone by skating there. take a hint we'll fight forever
Scotty Peebles, Bardstown, Kentucky [08-31-2004]

love park was the perfect skate spot and not letting skateboarders go there just means that they will go else where and skate where they are not allowed if you let skateboardes stay at love park which is already damged by skateboarding the skateboarder will not have to damage (in your eyes) other places
Chris and Dylan, England [08-31-2004]

What the mayor of Philly is doing is cutting off future of skateboarding. Why does he have such a problem with it? Theres a lot worse things that these guys could be doing. I mean skateboarders NEED to skate. Its lifesaving to some. I mean its gets them off the streets, they arent doing drugs, they arent harming anyone. If LOVE is closed it will make it worse. You will have skateboarders in small congregations searching for new spots and making increased problems for the city of Philly. Instead of everyone skateing LOVE they will go elsewhere. Would you rather have all those skaters, PEACEFULLY skaeting, not harming anyone in one place or spread out all over the city. Give them the park. I mean, DC gives up a large sum of cash and it gets turned down? its almost like theres a hidden agenda against people riding skateboards. Give them the LOVE, dont take it away. I would fly to Philly from OKC just to vote Philly's mayor out of office.
Eric Olson, Oklahoma City, OK [08-31-2004]

love park is a world wide skate mechanisim. the skaters made love park what it is its to unfair to see the whole skateboarding world crash infront of philly please save love for the future of skateboarding rip love
tex hadley, australia/wa/margaret river/perth [08-31-2004]

although i live in NC i still think LOVE should be legal to sk8!
Craig Passenant, Charlotte, N.C. [08-31-2004]

bring back love park
Juan Pasillas, U.S.A. glendale california [08-31-2004]

love park really was amazing and still it, free it up man!
mike, trenton, nj [08-31-2004]

bring it back . so where is the love ? with out love park ??
willy murphy, orange county [08-31-2004]

Whats up with that????????
Jasmine, Sydney, Australia [08-30-2004]

let them skate, to us, its the world.
graham hargrove, tacoma, washington, [08-30-2004]

i always wanted to skate at LOVE but for some reason theres always some one or something in the way..ohh lets just just say police or the whole skate blocker thing, i hear that you were offered a reasonable amount of money just so kids can skate and have fun. but i guess you turned it down and thats your loss because no matter what skating and skateboarders will never change and we'll always find a way to skate the incredible spots we always wanted to even if we have to risk a certain fine or board confiscation, if you would just get the fact that we dont like skateing in the boxes(skateparks)we just like exploring and having our own creative way to do the thing we love most..anyways i hope you succesfully change your mind about keeping skateing out of love becasue it would be so awesome if you let us have it back..if you want to see a good example of the stuff they do there check out the video "closure" its a video made by one of the best filmographers who lived in penn. and used to skate/tape all the time at let us love LOVE PARK again
rob russo, enfield, connecticut [08-30-2004]

my son is an agressive skater and for years iwould drive him around so he could find a place to skate which would be in a parking lot usually. It was frustrating and he made a rail on my porch and in the basement. Then he joined the Marines last year and went to Okinawa japan and guess what he said send my skates there is a skatepark here! i am all for skating in that parkin Phil.
patricia Sullivan, moundsville wv usa [08-30-2004]

save love park its legendery. it will scar skateboarding forever.
jon james, uk (wales) [08-30-2004]

LOVE Park should be open to ANY ONE and EVERY ONE! its ridiculous (excuse my spelling) that some cop has the right to throw a skateboarder out of LOVE. TAKE OUT MAYOR STREET!
Sam Teed, Lebanon, CT [08-29-2004]

man what happened to love is sick but with the right dreams love will be back and i will drive there to skate it cause theres no better road trip the to love park LOVE PARK FOR LIFE BABY
jason wilkins, Saint John N.B canada [08-29-2004]

it means too much to take it away we love, love park
MAURICE FOKAS, lancaster pa [08-29-2004]

I just saw Mayor John Street of Philadelphia on the news, he was giving a "motivational" speech to a group in a political context and faltered as he pronounced that under the "current administration" the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been undermined. Seems quite contradictory, given his refusal to embrace the proposal to re-allow skateboarding in LOVE Park.
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia [08-29-2004]

DUDE.....1M$ and they still dont take it....sounds like we need better ppl over in philly
anthony kniffin, VA, colonial heights [08-29-2004]

Skating in LOVE should not feel like a crime, skaters should have the peace of mind to skate as long as they want without worrying if the next minute they are going to be thrown to the ground by a cop. The city needs to accept the fact that skating is not some passing fad, it is a lifestyle. And to restrict that lifestyle from a person who is supposed to be living in the land of opportunity, that is the real crime.
Joe Dill, Sellersville, PA [08-29-2004]

brandon kirk, morrisville [08-29-2004]

you guys need to let skateboarding back to love park.. love park is one of the biggest things to happen to the skateboarding industry! stop being so uptight, those guys up there arnt going to destroy the world, they just want a place to skateboard.
garrett, summerville, sc [08-29-2004]

I am a casual skateboarder at best, but after seeing so much skate footage of Love Park in videos and magazines I would give anything to be able to skateboard there, just for a weekend. Me and my friend have always wanted to plan a trip to Philadeplhia for the sole purpose of skating in Love. Now we cannot do that and accordingly, we have no desire to travel to Philadelphia. If Love were still open to skating, the two of us alone would spend $500-$800 for hotel and food in the city, and with many other skaters potentially doing the same, that's a sizable chunk of tourist income that Philadelphia will miss out on.
Trent Keegan, Woodinville, WA [08-29-2004]

Love park has been a figure in skateboarding since i can remember and it deserves to given back to community by which it is most loved, the skateboarding community! FREE LOVE NOW!
Spencer Erickson, Slaem, VA [08-29-2004]

As a candidate for state Congress, this coming November, I was shocked to receive e-mails from potential voters asking not just about my opinions on Skateboarding around here, but in Philadelphia! After researching thes debacle concerning LOVE Park, I endorse any movement to lift the ban on Skateboarding in the Park. As a political candidate, I can only wonder how you (city officials in support of the ban) hope to be re-elected when over 85% of Philadelphia residents polled wish to lift this Skateboarding ban. And you turned down a $1 Million offer! C'Mon people, get with the times! All I know is that here in my hometown, a wealthy community where the median home price is over $700,000, City Council would instantaneously accept such a generous offer in return for so little. I have promiseed at least sixteen of my King County, Washington voters that I would do my part in this struggle, so please, Philadelphia, don't let me let them down.
Larry Springer, Kirkland, Washington [08-29-2004]

I have been to Love Park only once, and I observed how creative and beautiful it was, as a perfect habitat for skateboarders. The damage done by the skating almost made it more intriguing, as the defaced marble ledges now matched the urban grittiness of the city. I find it shocking that the City of Philadelphia would not lift this ban even in response to an adequate donation from a corporate sponsor. DC Shoe Company has offered $100,000 to the city per year for the next ten years. This is mind boggling, because if City Hall is correct in saying that skateboarders cause $60,000 in damage each year, then the City of Philadelphia would take in an extra $400,000 over the next ten years. I'm sure they could use all that extra money for something. To ban skateboarding in Love is not only financially ignorant, it is hypocritical and narcissistic. When I walked by Love (JFK Plaza?) in 2000, I was not appalled at all by skateboarders or the markings left by their activity. What first caught my eye was the incessant amount of garbage, graffiti, and the obvious assortment of street hustlers and drug dealers. By keeping the ban on skateboarding, the more serious problems are not dealt with, and Love park remains a dirty, unattractive urban locale. If only the City could open their eyes, they (and Mayor Street) would see that they are missing out on large corporate donations, and I'm sure a lot of money from skate-tourism. Wake up.
Dan Howe, Woodinville, WA [08-29-2004]

LOVE has always seemed to be one of the only spots that was dedicated to true street skating, going out and finding a unique way to show your skill. It was a place that many people called home. And no one has the right to take away anyone's home. . .
Dakota and Adrian, Killeen, TX [08-29-2004]

it's legendary
Peter Rooke, Hershey, PA [08-29-2004]

Bring back Love Park, if the city really cares about its youth then bring back Love! I take it they havent realized whats been happening in Love Park since skateboarding was banned, bums are now living there! Skateboarding and skateboarders made Love Park alive, we made it so an old man could walk through and not feel scared because when he sees that we're not scared of these bums hes not gonna be scared. BRING BACK LOVE PARK!
Tom Horspool, United Kingdom [08-29-2004]

Mark DeFranco, La Habra, California [08-29-2004]

love just online
ali, beyrouth [08-29-2004]

free love
Matt Tomza, kitchiner,Ontario [08-29-2004]

I'm a skateboarder from Switzerland. I've always dreamed about visiting Love Park one day. But now, it seems that my dream will never come true! I'm very horryfied about the philly's government! Where the LOVE at???
Simon Stucki, Bern, Switzerland [08-29-2004]

holly johnston, danville,VA [08-29-2004]

four years ago i took a trip to philly . and on a trip 2 love park i wound up seeing the first ever real skaters . from then on i started skateing . I always dreamed of being able to skate love park and end up running into my favorite skater Stevie Willams . i was 10 when i visted love now im 14 and very appauled that people dont want skaters to skate Love anymore . look what im getting at is a lot of kids would die 2 skate Love Park im one of the millons if you take that away why dont you just take a huge chunk out of Skateboarding history . also a lot of kids who want to skate love park dont want is to get worn down and damaged we just want to do our thing . Many skater go 2 down 2 philly to skate many things love park being a big one so please free love park what could skaters say to there kids when they watch a skate video " look see thats the famous love park and look see thats Josh Kails and Stevie willams back when skateboarding was not a crime " . if love park is unskateable might as well call it the untoutchable oasis . Because imagine with out Love what skaters will never be found what filmers will not know where to film and what skaters will never even skate it and smile after they land that trick theve been tryin for weekslease free love park we need it.
Julian Pereira, Toronto, ONT canada [08-29-2004]

Charles Molden Jr., Los Angeles, CA [08-29-2004]

Philly Has No Love
William R, Quebec [08-29-2004]

Joey Romanko, Medford,New Jersey [08-29-2004]

Craig, West Chester, PA [08-29-2004]

I just wanted to support the effort to free Love Park. I know it's a great place for skateboarding and an icon to the community, skater or not.
Chris Young, Lawton, OK [08-29-2004]

I havent skated at it but it looks bad ass,and we should be allowed to skate were ever we want to it not a crime to have fun.
mark perez, san antonio Texas The u,s of a [08-29-2004]

I've only seen Love Park in videos and pictures. But it looks like the best place to skate in the world. No doubt about it. Would be really great if it would be opened!
Erik Juhlin, Helsingborg, Sweden [08-29-2004]

i want love to be free because when i finnally get the money to go to love i want to be able to skate it
Josh reed, Wichita, Ks [08-29-2004]

Dara Paoletti, Kanab, Utah [08-29-2004]

... if they take away this park their in for a really big fight, sk8rs are different than coorperate sellouts...we still have a passion for something other than money, and those b*s will never take that away...i say whatever goes up over the grave of such an awsome place... should be skated just as if it were the same old park... show them that no matter what they do... we won't change! no matter what happens I LOVE FREE LOVE PARK!
Rush lightner, oakland callifornia [08-29-2004]

i hate sergio marique but THE LOVE PARK IS THE s* FO SHOW but i still hate surge marique he sucks
leo perez, laredo Tx [08-29-2004]

I Love Love Park fo sho
Sergio Manrique, Laredo Tx [08-29-2004]

dude, the love park is tight dont take it away!
Junius, san antonio tx [08-29-2004]

Leave it open. Let us skate
Outcast, Maryland [08-29-2004]

It is horrible to think that something so healthy could be such a problem in peoples eyes. Should not the time and effort of the authorities be focused on the bigger problem such as gangs and illegal drugs?
Chad, grimes Iowa [08-29-2004]

love is a ledgen dont take it down
robert seawell [08-29-2004]

love park is the only reason I would ever want to live in philadelphia. now that you've ruined it, there is no reason for me to even go visit it, that was the only thing that attracted me.
rich weicheld, southampton, pa [08-29-2004]

i love sk8boarding
Heinrich R. [08-29-2004]

ive not had a chance to skate love park yet but i would like to one day ive heard so much about it
bob, nashville ga [08-29-2004]

alonso leal, austin texas [08-29-2004]

Love Park is a icon for modern skateboarding FREE LOVE PARK
Marcio da Florencia, Peniche PORTUGAL [08-29-2004]

as allways skaters are an easy target for cops a little less risky than chasing criminals .free the park
adi taylor, midlands uk [08-29-2004]

People from all over the world went to Love. A lot of them came for one reaon. Skateboarding. FREE LOVE~
Chris Eustaquio, Florham Park, NJ [08-29-2004]

Skateboarding is the only thing that's keeping the businesses around Love Park going. Banning skating is the single-most worst decision Philly ever made. Free Love
Tyler Armstrong [08-29-2004]

Eric collins, rohnert park, ca United States [08-29-2004]

free love park!
Adam Reid, Ontario, Canada [08-29-2004]

zach clark, pittsburgh, PA [08-29-2004]

free love. wat if somebody closed down your company and it was your way of life and only talent.think
Ben Fischer, Charleston South Carolina [08-29-2004]

private property is theft!
paul woehlke, apex, north carolina [08-29-2004]

Brian Curtis, Atlanta GA, 30309 [08-29-2004]

I never had a chance to skate a LOVE so if they did reopen it and let people skate there it would give me a chance to see what everybody was talking about!
Scott Dennison, palmyra, new jersey [08-29-2004]

please send me pictures of skaters.
melissa rodriguez, Parlier, CA [08-29-2004]

damn this sucks! why every1 hates skaters? f* yall they should let us skate in everywhere!f*ers!
leandro, miami beach fl [08-29-2004]

Free LOVE Park, damn it <3
Leila, Pennsylvania [08-29-2004]

Come on mayor street, look at all these people! listen to them! you have to be one of the worst mayors, you are supposed to be LISTENING to the people! not ignoring them! look, if you say skaters do $60 grand in damages to love a year... take the million, that will be $100grand a year for 10 years! man mayor street, get your s* strait
Logan, Baltimore Maryland [08-29-2004]

I want a local place to skate!
Frank, Fraser Michigan [08-29-2004]

free Veronon laird!
JayAre estell, franklinville [08-29-2004]

Andrew Brady, newtown pa bucks co [08-29-2004]

Mayor Street, please open Love to skaters, you are ruining a lot of things, you wasted $800,000 on a pointless renovation. There could be the next "Tony Hawk" in Philly and you are ruining his career. Just dont be a f*ing d* and let the skaters skate you f*ing d* head
anonomyous skater, Baltimore MD [08-29-2004]

f* mayor street, let us skate love
Skater, the ghetto [08-29-2004]

Matthew Coffman, Salina kansas [08-29-2004]

Brandon Frystak, Waterford ON, Canada [08-29-2004]

It needs to be freed cause ive never skated it and i want to!
C.J. Townsend, Columbus, Ohio [08-29-2004]

Free love park!,Corprate a*s shuting it down,what the f* is there problem,DC is offering 1mil every ten years
Corey Jordan, Springfield IL [08-29-2004]

I think that people, especially those who do not know much about skateboarding, need to be more open and look at the concequences of trying to stop skating. Without skating, kid, teens, and older skaters might be say inside smoking or drinking. We might be driving around drunk looking for more skate spots. Of course there are some other places to skateboard like a driveway but it's not as suited for skateboarding as parks like Love Park. That's like saying "Oh yea, you can drive if you'd like, but only on dirt roads through rocky mountains.".
Andrew Flores, San Diego, CA, USA [08-29-2004]

Mike Newman, Ontario, Canada [08-29-2004]

i hope you can reopen love park to skaters because unfortunatly i never got to skate love park and i would really like to skate it.
Evan O'Brien, Frackville PA [08-29-2004]

I don't see the harm in skating in the LOVE park....Please let us skate it.
Jimmy Dunlap, Texas [08-29-2004]

free love park
austin martin, mt.pleasant,SC [08-29-2004]

Love park is one of the most well known skate spots of all time. Many skateboarders from all over the world had their dreams to one day take that one push on their boards on the grounds of love park. Many steps could be taken to make appealing for both the general public and the skateboarders. The closer of love park leaves many of young Philly skateboarders in the dark of leaving their mark in the skateboard world, also millions of dollars from the visiting skateboarders from around the world. FREE LOVE PARK
Josh Dallaire, Riverview New Brunswick, Canada [08-29-2004]

i always wanted to head down to philly and sk8 love but now due to aregency i cant...good luck and hope this helps out somehow.
anthony morales, clifton NJ now livin in snellville GA [08-29-2004]

I simply cannot believe how the city of philadelphia can do this to skateboarding. Every skateboarder has heard of LOVE park, it's got to come back. Something like this can't just die. Skaters don't wreck the park, they bring it to live.
Ann-Kristin Blanken, Nelson, BC Canada [08-29-2004]

mandie rankin, Canada [08-29-2004]

Free love park because skateboarders need to do their job which is to skate. They would go someplace else if love park wasn't so sick. I am a skateboarder and would like to skate love park when im better so free love park
JAL, Ohio [08-29-2004]

Man this is bulls* we should be able to skate love for ever with no cops or anything.
Aaron Ivey, Galveston,Tx [08-29-2004]

I skated LOVE park for the first time yesterday..... It was amazing everything was perfect, besides all the skate stoppers and the van with like 10 cops standing around out side of it. Keep LOVE park open to skateboarders, skateboarders just want a place to skate and what better place then LOVE park
Ben North, New York [08-29-2004]

take that money
oscar hallinder, sweden, flen [08-29-2004]

its a place where people love to skate nd skateboarding isnt illegal or anything so we can skate wherever we want!
EJ, nj [08-29-2004]

What did skaters do to deserve having part of their history closed down... It's like closing down the baseball hall of fame or something, you just cant do it! With a million dollars, you could fix up parts of the city that really NEED fixing.
Chris Ehemann, Tullahoma TN [08-29-2004]

why would you close something so good
James Minnis, jacksonville,florida [08-29-2004]

Luke, Houston,Texas [08-29-2004]

LOVE park needs to be opened to skaters! The worlds best skatespot has to be given back. the mayor needs to think of the amount of tourism philly will receive if LOVE is reopened to skaters.
Richard Stokes, Dublin, Ireland [08-29-2004]

Free Love Park. Let the skaters skate!
DJ, Willingboro,NJ [08-29-2004]

I know for a fact that skateboarders traveling from all around the world helped boost businesses all over the city when they came to skate LOVE. My friends and I traveled there routinely. Skateboarders gave LOVE park media coverage it wouldnt even have dreamed of. We're not there to harm anyone or start any trouble what-so-ever. We're there to appreciate it for what it is and have a good time.
Joe Jennings, Little Silver, New Jersey [08-29-2004]

free love park for the sake of the skaters
parker, winnipeg manitoba [08-29-2004]

hey its juan. i think skateboarding should be allowed in love park because love park is a park. open to the publik and everyone else. i mean thats what a park is a big open area open to the publik. skateboarding is just a sport like football baseball and scoccer. all of those are allowed in a park then why not skateboarding? i mean a skateboard is nothing but a toy for a person to have fun with and express themselves with. its like skateboarding is illigal now. if u get cought skateboarding on the sidewalk of park ave. ur getting pulled over bye a cop. whats that. FOR RIDEING A SKATEBOARD! ARE U MAD! just cut us a break! do us a favor and treat us the same as everybody else.
juan beavides, orlando fl. 32817 [08-29-2004]

if the city of philadelphia is trying to attract young kids to philly they are going at it in the wrong way. and i think that it is wrong to ban kids and people of all ages from what they love to do. so im asking the mayor to please re-think banning skating at love park and please let skaters do their thing and skate their favorite place
C. H., uited states [08-29-2004]

LOVE Park should be open to all skaters. For the years before the restricting decision to close LOVE Park to all skaters, it was like heaven to us. Its like, if you're a surfer, you always want to find the best waves. Well for us, LOVE Park was the best wave out there. People DREAM about being able to skate there. I'm definitely not the only one in on this. FREE LOVE PARK!
Matt Martinez, Parsippany, New Jersey [08-29-2004]

I think that skateboarding should be allowed in love park for many reasons and one of the reasons is that the majority of the people that visit the place are skateboarders and i think that we should have a wright to express ourselves and this is our way of doing that(i'm a skater ) also i dont see the problem with skateboarding in love park anyway. it's not like we are hurting anyone or going over to people that are there and running into them. we know when to go and when not to go. another reason i think that skateboarding should be allowed in love park because it's one of the most loved places in the world of skateboarding, and in the pictures it looked like the designer of love park didn't have a problem with the skateboarders in love park. also by the looks of the results in the pole to see if skateboarding should be allowed in love it looks like the majority of the people who voted wanted it to be allowed, so that is pretty much telling the people who voted against the skateboarders do not have many people voting on their side and should just give up! so please let us skateboarders be able to skate love park,it's very simple. thank you.
chris hanson, mass. [08-29-2004]

After reading the excellent comments made by people on the viewpoints section, my feelings of disgust for Phil and his acne problem have been re-ignited.
stan, Phila pa [08-29-2004]

hey philly by putting this ban on love park you are effectively condoning kids gangbanging and doing other negative things instead of skateboarding. also, you are killing tourism around the area, as i was planning a trip to love park before it got banned. you lose my vote of confidence, mayor street.
Matthew Hague, Silver Spring, Maryland [08-29-2004]

Free Love Park. All we want to do is skate and have fun in your city!
Shawn Staten, Murfreesboro, Tennessee [08-29-2004]

you gotta free LOVE PARK
yo, tallinn [08-29-2004]

jackson mattek [08-29-2004]

you now what "MR.MAYOR STREET" You better FREE and I mean FREE "LOVE PARK" or you ruin mylife and about thousands of other skaters lives. "PLEEEEEEZ"
Logan Bohochik, Kansas [08-29-2004]

Free Love park so my son quits buggin me about it.
mike MAttek, Salina KS [08-29-2004]

"Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park" "Free Love Park"
Davis Mattek, Kansas [08-29-2004]

its just skatin it dosent heart any body no bodiesa died there yet so let em skate they will even if u put up signs
jordan remington, lawrence KS [08-29-2004]

finally someone is taking action
Blake Hawbaker, No St Paul, MN, USA [08-29-2004]

Love Park has been there for skaters longer than it has been there for Mayor Street . With 88% of Philly against Mayor Street skating at Love Park can't be that bad . I guess Mayor Street wont be getting re-elected Phillys got no LOVE
Drew McMurtrie, Boonsboro MD [08-29-2004]

LOVE is the only thing the east coast is known for in the sk8 world except for new york of course im not gonna lie i never sk8ed there but ive always wanted to. but no matter what those political a$$wholes do to the place we will always have the footage to remind us of paradise
nick gadzinski, new castle delaware [08-29-2004]

free love park! mayor street sucks a*!
yo momma, hickville usa [08-29-2004]

skateboarding should be allowed you pratically made every thing super good for skateboarding. and besides its like our home everyone dreams of skating love park one day and to shut it down would be devistating. we only see love park being skated in every skate video. and i think to have this petition is a great thing. cuz i hope one day to skate love park. but now they have the idea of shutting it down ..... you might as well shut our dreams down as well. but i think they should allow skateboarding in love park!
evan john robert, brighton michigan usa [08-29-2004]

ive never been regretfully but i def think that all skate parks being shutdown should be reopened cuz we have one that shut down recently and it sucks cuz the city wont let us skate anywere else
Jonathan, albany ga [08-29-2004]

Luke Rentschler, Hamburg PA [08-29-2004]

brian wenning, mb nj [08-29-2004]

Screw the police, LOVE PARK wasn't put there so cops can take it away. Skate OR Die (SOS)
James Shoda, Columbia City, IN [08-29-2004]

Free Love Park! Skateboarding is not wrong. Its a place were every one can hangout and skate. Its not like we are hurting anybody. So have some love and free love park.
Justin Markley, Columbia City, IN [08-29-2004]

I would really have liked to have skated love park. Hopefully one day I will. FREE LOVE PARK!
Billy Schaefer, London, England [08-29-2004]

love park is an icon for can be compared to athens for an olympic competitor.....what your doing is robbing our sport of one of our greatest landmarks....and your losing thousands of tourists in the process.....
stone, minneapolis minnesota [08-29-2004]

i believe that as long as they are hurting no one, bringing no violence or drugs into the park that the skateboarders should be free to do as they please just as any other park goers should. we should be thankful that they are getting outside and getting excersie as well and becoming part of the obese epidemic that is rapidly devouring our country.
Jennifer Dellerba, Woodstock, GA [08-29-2004]

open love park!
Chris Marton, Port St. Lucie, Florida [08-29-2004]

Gage Spruill, chesapeake virginia USA [08-29-2004]

word up
i love linh, brampton [08-29-2004]

I'm 15 and haven't been to Love Park, but I always wanted to go. When I heard they were tearin it down I was so pissed. Good Luck to everyone tryin to bring it back.
Mike McGugan, Brampton, Ontario, Canada [08-29-2004]

LOVE park should be able to be skated for as long as it stands. Free LOVE park.
andrei nedelcu, ny, ny [08-29-2004]

ey im finnish and i lika arto saari! i've seen him skate love park so please let him do his job! among with many other skaters ofcourse! rock on f*faces'
Stefan Ekblom, Mariehamn [08-29-2004]

Bring back the happinessssss !
Mattias Pettersson, Sweden [08-29-2004]

Antonio C Morales, Frederick, Maryland [08-29-2004]

Ja lives in love park along with the dreams and aspirations of millions...
Todd Bellamy, Delmar Maryland [08-29-2004]

love park needs to be re-opened to skaters- when newspaper polls show an overwealming majority of the city wants the park open to skaters, and the city still will not re-open it, it makes you question the truth of our democratic process........... even when philadelphia is offered 100,000 dollars a year to rebuild love and improve it if they would reopen it and the city is in a budget deficit - they still do not even humor the idea of possibly doing the right thing.........and why cant i skate down a street but that guy on inline skates or this girl on a bike doesnt get hassled, if im using my board for transportation what is wrong with that? sorry if this comes off as a bit rude, but i was always told to treat others how they treat me, and philadelphia obviously doesnt respect me enough to give me the freedom of choice to choose what i do with my freetime or freedom of expression either.....not all skaters are punks who want to destroy stuff, stop living in the past, this isnt a video game- its our hobby and our way of life.
Jeff Mazziotta [08-29-2004]

Man all I gotta say is give us back our park cuz we got rights too.We skateboard cuz we love it and it is a bomb place to be and skate so give it back.We aren't doing nothin' wrong man skateboarding isn't a f****** crime so give us back our love!
Carina, lv,nv [08-29-2004]

This is America. It's free. Let Them Skate. It's their right. I care abouts all skaters. I am trying to get a skate park in my town. I started W.A.S.P. Boosters (Warren Area Skate Park).
missy zdarko, warre, pa. [08-29-2004]

i think love park should have skateboarding allowed.i love seeing boarders push the limits on their boards
ryan reid, massachusetts [08-29-2004]

i live in a town that does't have anywhere to skate, if love park is a area where they can skate. LET THEM SKATE!
corey scordo, warren,pa. [08-29-2004]

Bruce silverson, surrey,BC,canada [08-29-2004]

who would turn down 1 million $, its just skateboarding, whats the big deal
erich koehler, brunswick, maine [08-29-2004]

Hawk Sahlein, Boise, Idaho [08-29-2004]

As the saying goes, "Skateboarding is not a crime"
vicki koehler, brunswick, maine [08-29-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK. I skated there a long time ago when it was open...bets place ever. Mayor Street is an idiot a* to turn down DCs offer a while back
Black Man, Richmond VA [08-29-2004]

love is the best skate spot ever
Emanuel Bylander, florida, orlando [08-29-2004]

We want LOVE!
Charles Loveday, Stonington CT [08-29-2004]

I have come to love and tried to skate there and got busted. Many other times I have skated there. It was better than any skatepark than I've been to.
Brendan NEven, Chicago, Illinois [08-29-2004]

Scott Booth, Pickering, Ontario, Canada [08-29-2004]

this is for mayor street-just, let people skate there, i mean, we're not hurting anything, and even if we have, its not like it can get much worse then it is. also, if people offer you 1 million dollars to let skating be legal, u wont need to pay for security guards, because they wont be needed, and then you could use the money for improving the park in other ways, you will be making money, and making a good majority of your city happy. And also, why the hell did you allow the X-games to be held there in 2001, if you were going to outlaw skating there in 2002?.....because you wanted money....well, now you say that money wont change your mind? are a hypocryte, and a selfish stubborn as*hole if you do not allow skateboarding in LOVE park, even if money is going to have to be what changes your mind. YOU disgust me.
gregorr, olney, maryland [08-29-2004]

Love park just,has to be skated, its so perfect and skaters are the people that appreciate this park the most. They are the people that will put this park to its most positive use. Also, its not like letting skaters use the park is taking the park away from other residents. Even if you don't skate, you can still enjoy this park in the same way anyways, its not like letting us skate is going to take away the beauty of the park.The trees, the flowers, the fountains, and the LOVE sign will still be there which are basically the things that make the park beatuful. (I personally find black to be an excellent color for a granite ledge:) Generally speaking
the void, Olney, MD [08-29-2004]

i just hope that mayor street understands that he is literally destryoing people lives by closing love. a friend of mine has done nothing but drugs since the park closed we used to go there and skate solely there but now he is depressed doesnt skate and is into drugs all because they wont let us skate there. if love were open to us again i thik my friend might b saved.
not needed, drexel hill pa [08-29-2004]

please reopen love park
colin thieme, chisago city mn [08-29-2004]

Open the park to skaters. People come from all over the world to skate there, even though it's illegal. Give us a break.
Josh Bennett, Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA [08-29-2004]

love park rules
bob jones, boston,ma [08-29-2004]

free love park
Pat McPhee, pembroke,ma [08-29-2004]

free the park now
shawn, klmghlsmnhk [08-29-2004]

you guys are pigs. theres no other way to put it. i live in australia and i know a lot of skaters who including me have or hade a dream to skate at LOVE Park. me and my friend inperticular were waiting till we finnished school so we could save our pennys and fly to philly to live one of our dreams and now what is there to do beside skate the same old places. the ban has shattered dreams all over the world. hope you guys are happy!
Ben, Adelaide, AUSTRAILIA [08-29-2004]

Never been there but I love watching videos of skates rippin it up there. I always wanted to take a trip to skate there but........
Jacob Guptill, Saint John, New Brunsick, Canada [08-29-2004]

Being a skateboarder, I always knew about love park. Seeing it everywhere in skate vids, I thought of it as basically a holy grail. I always wanted to skate it, but I never got the chance. I want that chance. -Tyler
Tyler Keown, Ord, Nebraska [08-29-2004]

anoymonous, toronto ontario canada [08-29-2004]

i think that that the city should make LOVE park a licensed skate park and have the people and tourists go to FDR park or the city should make another park for people that is close to LOVE park.
Tyler S, Philadelphia, PA [08-29-2004]

Free Love Park for all skateboarders, Dc Shoe Co. has even offered to pay 140% of all damage costs caused from skateboarding, still leaving 40000$ to the city (repair costs are 60000 and DC is offering 100000 anually) so please give us back the Love
Tony Butnariu, Toronto, Canada [08-29-2004]

i skated at love once as a little one the place was amazing, i hope to be able to skate there again.
frank brittain, St. PAul, Minnesota [08-29-2004]

come on, just open it again already
Steven, Minnesota [08-29-2004]

siobhan castle, United Kingdom [08-29-2004]

free love park.
jon sherman, thornhilll, ontario, canada [08-29-2004]

i cant believe the city wont let us skate love its not right we made love park famous, the skaters. i recently typed in "Love Park" into google and got about 6 million topics from the 100 or so i looked at i didnt see a single one that didnt have the work skateboard in it. to think they'd rather have bums and crackheads occupy the park instead of skaters there f*in idiots.
rich pinksaw, clifton, NJ [08-29-2004]

freeee love its the best place in the world for skating many skaters travel to skate there and now this... free love park!
Josh Singal, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada [08-29-2004]

Ben, san francisco [08-29-2004]

1 mil. and they turn it down? theyd make money of that.
Nick Paxton, Paducah, KY [08-29-2004]

Danny, Harrisburg, PA [08-29-2004]

I have been to love multiple times and it's usually the only reason I make detours to Philadelphia ..... I know that for me and a lot of other skaters, it's the most important tourist attraction at the city .....
Mark Bruce, Arkansas [08-29-2004]

skateboarding is not a crime dont make it one!
weston jeno, tennessee [08-29-2004]

Free Love Park!
Pat McPhee, Pembroke,Ma [08-29-2004]

If the city is not going to open the park again to the public the least it could do is sell Love Park back to the skateboarding community to use it as a permanent skatepark. That way the city makes money, and instead of it rotting behind a fence, skateboarders can use it free of consequence, I am sure the skateboarding community would be sure to keep it clean (i.e. no graffiti, putting thrash away, etc.) The city wins because it gets money out of the situation and it keeps some skaters away from the court house, the university, and other famous spots. Skateboarders win with a place to go, and not have to worry about tickets or being hassled by security.
Josh White, Wichita, KS America [08-29-2004] homepage

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