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August 7-August 26, 2004

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Love Park is the greatest!I think skaters should be able to skate it again, especially after DC Shoes offered one million dollars to do it.(and also because after what Dc had to say and show, a lot of nonskaters in the philly area thought it should be freed)
Andrew Doherty, Halifax,Ma [08-26-2004]

I think Love Park is a great place for young skateboarders to take there skating to. Its Love park were is the Love for the skaters and BMXers?
James, Lake Charles, Louisiana [08-26-2004]

Skate forever.
Josh Thompson, Evergreen, Colorado [08-26-2004]

Jerod Egner, Marquette, Michigan [08-26-2004]

edmund tan, malaysia [08-26-2004]

skating is a lifestyle that is loved by many people. its wrong that you would shut out the skaters like that, skating is our passion we never did anything to hurt LOVE park... we love LOVE park. please re-open LOVE park to the skaters.
Karmen Stone, Bardstown, Kentucky [08-26-2004]

vince smigiel, pennsylvania [08-26-2004]

sean basalyga, pleasanton california [08-26-2004]

Love Park Is supposed to represent Love. That's why It's called love Park. Where is the love? Nowhere to be found. Hopefully the mayor Will recover from his Rectal Cranial inversion and see who we actually are. Artists hungry to create.
Parker Brown, Phoenix AZ [08-26-2004]

Cory, St. Louis, MO [08-26-2004]

i think they need to open up luv park
will, nc [08-26-2004]

Show skateboarders some LOVE
Levi Davis, Chadds Ford, Pa [08-26-2004]

he shoulda took the money.
sam goulas, carencro, Louisiana [08-26-2004]

Nick Harrell, philadelphia, pa [08-26-2004]

I think skatebobard is not a crime so let us skate the LOVE PARK to enjoy skateboarding.
mathieu levesque, montreal canada Qc [08-26-2004]

you can't close love i only went there once!
Nathan Destree, Virginia Beach, VA [08-26-2004]

Love Park was the love in skateboarding. Look what happend...
Brian Schwerdtfeger, Ontario [08-26-2004]

Graham Michael, skyline dr glenn mills, PA [08-26-2004]

LOVE PARK is knew everywhere Take it Back Pliz
Pierre Maggi, Strasbourg, France [08-26-2004]

I've wanted to visit Love park since i started skating 4 years ago, and know i have discovered that I may not ever be able to, free love park!
Chris Rotherham, England Surrey [08-26-2004]

Free love park!
maxime gadoua-dussault, napierville,Qc,Canada [08-26-2004]

scott rust, 129 dalesville quebec canada [08-26-2004]

Levi Hayden, United States [08-26-2004]

edriss soleyman, antioch, ca 94531 [08-26-2004]

Melissa, Rochester, NY [08-26-2004]

fining our youth.....for skateboarding!?!? our government should should be stopping people from rape, murder, drugs, and theft. But instead, i guess they are more worried about skateboarding. what a crime! give this place back to the skaters. it belongs more to them than anyone else, as far as i'm concerned. skateboarding has made this park what it is. i guess all the government sees is a quick way to make 300 dollars from busting skateboarders
kevin forlino, phoenix, az [08-26-2004]

joey smith, Freeland washington [08-26-2004]

i love love park. i used to skate it a few years a go. i learn a lot of tricks there. other should have the same chance.
generic, philly [08-26-2004]

love we miss you
john andresen, bloomington Illinois [08-26-2004]

Free love make it a park that says skate at your on risk make hours our something just free love park
carter harris, tn [08-26-2004]

Dan Boyer, Saint John n.b. Canada [08-26-2004]

Love Park would be a great place to keep the skaters. Wouldn't you rather have them in the park rather than on the streets?
Alexandra Stengel, Philadelphia, PA [08-26-2004]

I've never skated LOVE Park, but i've seen it in a lot of skate videos. I have been wanting to skate LOVE Park ever since I started skating. Skaters should be allowed to skate LOVE Park more than anything. It's one of the best and funnest spots to skate in the entire world for GOD's sake!
Nate Wooldridge, Wilmington, NC [08-26-2004]

Philadelphia should be welcoming skateboarders with open arms. Living next door to PA we used to often go to love park to skate. This means paying for a hotel, food, etc. Philly should reconcider.
Josh Meldrum, Grafton Ohio [08-26-2004]

let us skate!
Colin Hines, Elk Grove Village, IL [08-26-2004]

I went on holiday a few years ago just to skate love park and its awesome, i want to be able to skate there again... FREE LOVE PARK!
George Pritchard, england, uk [08-26-2004]

I was fortunate enough to get to skate LOVE park several times in the late 1990s, but it breaks my heart now to hear that it is now deserted. Your city officials support the right to skateboard in the park, as do your city's residents, your city's media, the park's creator Edmund Bacon, and most of all your city's skateboarders. They respect the park for the community it builds and maintains. They never hassle anyone, and it is a safe place for kids to go when maybe they don't have anywhere else. Along with the $1 million given by DC Shoes, the skateboarders would work to maintain and uphold the safety and security of this landmark--this Independence Hall of skateboarding. The responses pouring in from around the nation and the globe on this webpage alond should be enough to illustrate how important and sacred a place this is within the skateboarding community and to the people of your city. Please Philadelphia, show some brotherly LOVE, open the door of your home to the world's skateboarders again.
Frederico Battaglia, Encinitas, CA [08-26-2004]

After reading this web site and watching the story on On Video Magazine about the saga of LOVE, i realize that we should put in the strongest effort into freeing love park, i' have recenlty been there but not to skate and i must say it looks amazing, but i hate it when cops take it so seriously.. if i had the money i would start somthing
Danny Santiago, Montclair, New Jersey [08-26-2004]

no conozco love park mas que por los videos de skate, aunque con mis 32 años sigo patinando,si conozco el carisma de este parque como meca del skateboarding, no solo para philadelphia, sino para todos los skaters del mundo, como lugar soñado para skate in love park
ANTONIO VILLAR, sevilla, españa [08-26-2004]

Dave Marrero [08-26-2004]

The park was made for diversity. Skateboarding is exactly what the architecht had in mind. Bring it back!
Justin Gowen, Washington, DC [08-26-2004]

skaters keep LOVE safe from thugs, drug dealers, and people who are just all around threats to the public. people can feel safer when they walk through LOVE at night because skaters are there and can watch out for them. if skaters were not allowed to be in LOVE park, there would be a lower safety level there. plus, skating at LOVE can keep skaters off the streets doing worse things...
brian potter, rochester, new york [08-26-2004]

i ride bmx, i have ridden love, and i got a tiket, nice thanks
mark gordon, tampa, fl [08-26-2004]

Just FREE LOVE PARK! How hard can it be? Atleast we wouldn't be skating other Commercial or residential properties.
Anwar, L.B, New Jersey, "BareWires Skateshop Represent" [08-26-2004]

free love, a skateboarding era will be lost if it will be gone its a must skate place its everything in one thankyou ps F*** mayor street
Michael Labuski, Clifton heights [08-26-2004]

open love was some peoples life to skate there.
clinton lunn, tampa,florida [08-26-2004]

CJ, Millville, NJ [08-26-2004]

I have never been to LOVE Park but from what it looks like it seems really cool to skate there. I think people should be able to skate there. I dont think it hurts anything. People come from everywhere just to skate there. Its what it is because of skateboarding.
Aaron Leach, Nampa, Idaho [08-26-2004]

bobby costigan, ennis, clare, IRELAND [08-26-2004]

Kathleen F Nelson, Amherst, MA 01002 [08-26-2004]

all friendships are built on love.
felix leon, northside [08-26-2004]

A historical skate spot for skaters should not be taken away, to skate here to skaters was a big goal and accomplishment on everyones list.. why take that away?
Colleen, houston, Tx [08-26-2004]

I never skated at LOVE, but I have a friend who would drive up there, and skate, and he loved it. He is really mad that the Mayor banned skating in LOVE, and I really think that he should let off on the ban, and pay for the renovation of it. Skaters are people to, and they should be respected like a baseball player, or a soccer player, and shouldn't get their playing field, so to speak, taken away from then.
Pam, Barons, Alberta, Canada [08-26-2004]

I am personally not a skateboarder myself but as havign a family member be one and hearing the stories behind skateboarding along with it's background and the videos where professional skateboarders have rode the most popular skatepark that I have heard of most of all is Love Park. It has been a foundation for many skateboarders to experience the past while riding along it's asphalt and sliding or grinding it's ledges. The stories professional skateboarders and others alike have talked about have kept the memory of it alive and now after a couple years since Love Park has been closed to skateboarders permanently it has now become just a dream to skate again. I myself have dreamt of flying out to Philadelphia just to see skateboarders roll around and enjoy a good laugh again. The sounds of the city and seeing the many people walk by day in and day out just watching them as they head off to work or wherever their destination might be. As a avid fan and fellow friend to skateboarders as well as having a brother who skates I stand behind any skateboarder or anyone else who thinks Love Park should be reopened to skaters. The Mayor has no right to close it down to them. He reminds me an officer in the military. Just trying to make himself look good for business' to back him up to keep him in office or to get him farther. Well Mr. Mayor, you took a step you should have never took and it's time for you to step down and be put in your place. Love Park is for true patriots of the park from the locals to those who love the park for what it is. A sanctuary and a memory for many no matter who it is and the memory needs to be kept alive. Reopen Love Park and give it back for those who knew what it was good for. Rakkasan, SPC Kenneth McBean US Army, INF
Kenneth McBean, Pomona, California [08-26-2004]

LOVE should be opened back up because its keeping us from doing illegal things in our neighborhood.
Justin, pa. [08-25-2004]

Give the kids a place to chill and have fun! They're not going to hurt anything, come on.
Ann, United States [08-25-2004]

Give the skateboarders LOVE park its basicly there now anyway!
Anthony curia, Kenilworth N.J. [08-25-2004]

its wrong howthey do us skaters. giving us 30 to 100 tickets just for doing a fliptrick over something. the mayor has know idea on how the love park keeps us kids and teens out of trouble. if the park remains closed, most than likey there will be more loitering in places where they dont want us to be. i think the city is dumb for refusing a 1 million dollar offer from dc. lots of people, hundreds and thousands of people skated their. i never skated their, but please reopen love park. the city is jut plain dumb.
brandon sturgis, hurlock maryland [08-25-2004]

cool why why why u evil corrupt government officials. go ask shops around love park, i'm sure they'd love skateboarding to be legal there since they get so much business from them. more skateboarders visit love park than tourists
billy, nj [08-25-2004]

i think that ther should be a big gathering of all skateboarders to love park and all go out and skate alllllll at the same time...i heard that somthing like that happend in the chocolate video or sumwhere. but anyway it would be great kuz they couldnt do anything...cept maybe bring out riot geer wich would be cool.
ted moran, lancaster pa [08-25-2004]

where will Josh Kalis skate??????
Tom Woodruff, Tasmania, Australia [08-25-2004]

free love park
patrick allen, raleigh, north carolina [08-25-2004]

open love park for skaters. hey we dont pollute the airways us skateboarder why not ban cars for putting a hole in the o-zone
kiz, england [08-25-2004]

Kate Beaman-Martinez, Valhalla, NY [08-25-2004]

I had a huge team and we were gettin money to travel to philly to skate love park and we were watchin the movie IN BLOOM and one of the parts said r.i.p love park and we went on the internet and one of the sites we went to said they made it completly unskateable. it was like a free skate park
evan luhr, alberta canada [08-25-2004]

Justin Mullery, Pennsylvania [08-25-2004]

freel ove park... i meen come on! give us youth something to look foward too. If you just wanna make us stop skating then ill trade u my board right now for a bag of crack.. come on... lets make that happen.
anthony copeland, macomb mi [08-25-2004]

I am not a skateboarder, but I do respect Philadelphia's culture and history. A history that includes the signing of the declaration of independence, the banging of the liberty bell, the first public library in the us, as well as the first bank, and skateboarders in love park. It's disheartening to see a cities government restricting peaceful peoples rights. Reopen love park for skaters, it's right for the city.
Brian Cutler, Ambler, PA [08-25-2004]

free LOVE park to the skaters motherf*ers!
"Karmen" a.k.a. Angel, Hicktown (Chaplim), KY [08-25-2004]

without skateboarding at love love will never love
jay, california [08-25-2004]

Andrew Palos, Yorba Linda, California [08-25-2004]

stevie williams ripped the love park and so did josh kalis
jhi, somerset tas [08-25-2004]

Love Park was one of the biggest parts of skateboarding perfect and meant for skateboarding its better than doing drugs and violence and stuff love park should stay and be skated and left as a landmark
Frank, California [08-25-2004]

just free LOVE park
ninio1985, Spain [08-25-2004]

ive been skaten for 4 or 5 years now and have loved everyday of it and philly has always beena dream city for me because of its skate spots. ive always wanted to move there just so i could skate there for the rest of my life...i can not believe that the mayor would not take that offer. that park has so many things to do but i guess there mayor rather have there kids on crack and be fat and causeing trouble rather then them haveing fun....he is such a great example for a D*HEAD! peace love karl rushford
Karl Rushford, garden city sc [08-25-2004]

kieran mara [08-25-2004]

loveablekari04, waynesboro virginia [08-25-2004]

im so sick and tired of government officials ruining the lives of people they "represent" i think its time for a change and allowing skating in love park is moving towards that change
matt taylor, Stockton, MO [08-25-2004]

love park must be released from the people who don't know what true culture is, skateboarding hasn't just grown into a culture from love park, it has grown into a way of life
Bryon, West Islip, New York [08-25-2004]

Free the shizzle man never skated it but hey i bet its nice.
John Forsythe, Allegany, NY [08-25-2004]

Love Park, we love you.
David Provost, Anchorage, Alaska [08-25-2004]

let us skate, its wrecked enough
auston, Maplewood Minnesota [08-21-2004]

Free Love Park. This place has been a starting point for so many skaters over on the east coast. Why ruin that for them? Kid all over the world go there just to ride a skateboard. If you really care about your youth and the city. You will say Love Park is Free.
Ryan McDonald, Springfield Illinois [08-18-2004]

Love park is by far the most famous skate spot in the world, there is absolutely no reason to not let people skate there, and how could they not accept the million from DC...
Emanuel Gyulay, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [08-18-2004]

Love is a part of skateboarding history. LET THE SKATERS SKATE!
Chris Allan, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada [08-18-2004]

Daniel Ortiz, philadelphia, pa 19124 usa [08-18-2004]

LOVE is skateboarding. It revolutionized skateboarding so much. It ment so much to us. Just look at all the people who came to LOVE to skate when they heard is was being shut down. No matter what we are not going to stop fighting for it. "Philly aint got no LOVE"
Randy Back, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [08-18-2004]

Oliver Davis, rochester ny [08-18-2004]

tyler daggett, kalamazoo MI [08-18-2004]

free love park!
Bobby Garretson, Mount Carbon, West Virginia, USA [08-18-2004]

Love Park is one of the most famous skatespots in the world and is a dream for all skaters to go to. the city should be worrying about the crack heads and s* there instead of skateboarding
craig, andover, MA [08-17-2004]

Love park is awesome if you can't free it make a replica of it for a skate park!
Aaron C, Ontario [08-17-2004]

Love Park is live! What is wrong with you people? 1 million dollars??? Just for skateboarding. Come on now. I live not anywhere near the place, but it makes me sick to hear about the bull you guys find as an excuse for us not to skate. You just have nothing else better to do and you feel like since you are in control you will have whatever you want. Wrong. Skateboarding will be back at Love Park. Fight for LOVE!
Ryan McDonald, Springfield Illinois [08-17-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK TAKE THE 1,000,000 from DC Vent your anger in the roast form on my messageboard made hours ago and getting popular fast Check it out Sign up And Spread the word
Jess, Media PA [08-17-2004]

love park is a landmark worldwide for one thing..... skateboarding. the city has been offered plenty of cash thanks to the good people at dc shoes, and the people of the city seem to have no problem with the activity going on there. it's time for the powers that be in philly to get over it and step up to the plate for the youth and the positive entity that is the skateboarding lifestyle!
terry j. smith, virginia beach va [08-17-2004]

Aleksandar Ribar, Ludbreg, 42230 Croatia [08-17-2004]

yo dudes love park ownes its f*t up taht i is closed poore stevie williams! i am sam vandenplas and i am 15 years old and i live in Belgium and love park ownes i wish i could go there one time to switch 360flip the fountain gap! lol;) greetz to stevie williams! my brother is a f*ing big fan of him!
sam vandenplas, Tervuren, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium! [08-17-2004]

1m for love park! thats why they say money cant buy love i guess...
Jon Schimpf, Orwigsburg PA [08-17-2004]

i have never been there but i know it is a good place for skaters to hange out and just have fun.i read a thing on love park in TWS and it said 88% of the people in the cominity think that skate boarding should be aloud.and even the creater of love park thinks it should!
zeke, Illinois [08-17-2004]

With skateboarding, Love park was actually being used.
Mike Koh, Akron, Ohio [08-17-2004]

all sk8rs need a great place to skate so free it "l0ve" forever
AUSTIN ROCKWELL, mechanicsville, virginia [08-17-2004]

Graham Marcy, Springfield, IL [08-17-2004]

free love park!
nate, atlantic city nj [08-17-2004]

Thomas Buckley, Powelton Village - Philadelphia [08-17-2004]

love park is so good all new sk8 vids will be screwed name me a sk8 vid which dont have love innit
chris clarkson, uk [08-17-2004]

the mayor of love philli is a wanker if he shuts it down
anonymous [08-17-2004]

Returning LOVE would raise revenue that the city could use to maintain and repair any damage done by skating.
Anthony Leggins, Alma, AR [08-17-2004]

love park owns.
nick, new milford, connecticut [08-17-2004]

rock on
mark, urbana, il usa [08-17-2004]

Love Park needs to be on the other side of the world...but still Love park was built for skaters...there were only bums and drug dealers out there and people couldn't walk thru the park..until we, skaters, made people walked thru it...skaters are the people the made this park alive...Love was for skating...its in 100s of mags and videos...plz FREE LOVE...
Ken Randle, Okinawa, Japan [08-17-2004]

Just reopen it already.
Matt Kimball, Houston, Texas [08-17-2004]

Piera, France, Lyon [08-17-2004]

free love
Dan stanziale, middlefield, OH [08-17-2004]

Ive skated everywhere in south cali and nothing compares to love park, a few friends and I had a road trip cross the US and stopped there to skate, THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE ON EARTH LIKE IT! FREE LOVE PARK!
Greg Leslie, Los Angeles California [08-17-2004]

Why should they close love down thats just like putting seinfeld on the comedy channel
Riley Hilcher, Rockhampton,QLD,Australia [08-17-2004]

Mark Thistlewood, Upper Darby, PA [08-17-2004]

I haven't skated Love Park too, but I'm sure that someday in the future I'll skate it, so please FREE LOVE PARK!
Matthew Sawicki, Olsztyn, Poland [08-17-2004]

Love park needs to be free for skating. There's no reasnon why it should be illegal to skate. It's the best looking place to skate there. I hope doing this will help any skater out!
Tyler Bradford, Springfield, IL [08-16-2004]

free love.
Andy Campbell, phoenixville, pa [08-16-2004]

banning skateboarding to love park is one of the dumbest things that could of ever happen in this world not only philly. noone probably even reads this but if ne does f* the god d* mayor you f*in jacka* go f* yourself u f*in p*
joe schmoe, nj [08-16-2004]

free love park
Ethan Lawson, Fairfield Iowa [08-16-2004]

in navy get out in one year goin back home to philly need center city to skate
james, vergina beach va [08-16-2004]

open the park
Seth Ward, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada [08-16-2004]

matt dorst, springfield IL [08-16-2004]

Matt Reed, Springfield, IL [08-16-2004]

I live about an hour away from Philadelphia. Although i don't skateboard, I think the LOVE park should allow skateboarders. DC has offered a million dollars over ten years to repair the damages done. So, what's the problem when skateboarding is a form of self expression? It'll show tourists what teens do, and some people might enjoy watching the tricks that skateboarders do.
Jenny, Barnegat New Jersey [08-16-2004]

You should free love park and show you arent so ignorant to all the residents of philidelphia.
TJ, New York [08-16-2004]

LOVE park is a skate cultural landmark and a worldwide desitination. It is a shame to see an entire group of young, creative, athletic, people forced pursue their activity elsewhere. Skaters added charm to LOVE park Public parks should be for the public, and MANY skaters (and BMX'ers, rollerbladers) contribute to city coffers through taxes (including the draconian wage tax) but are not allowed to skate in the park that their tax dollars paid for.
Darren Hough, Philadelphia, PA [08-16-2004]

Everywhere, cities across the US are tearing down monumental skate spots and skate sites that have made history for a lot of people, instead of working with the skateboarders and finding a solution. We ask the city of Philidelphia to find a solution, not create more problems like the tearing down of Love would do.
Nick Grinder, Novato, California [08-16-2004]

Free love park, and let other generations of skateboarders skate it. you will never stop us unless you kill everysingle person who knows about it, burn everythin thing that has skateboarding in it, and brain wash everyone AGAIN. do you really want to go thru all that trouble just to let some kids skate a park where everyone is in favor of them doing so? just say yes and get 1 mil, and stop gettin hassled and go on to other issues
Tynan M.C, Illinois [08-16-2004]

Love park is amazing, if anything it deffinitly brings tourist attractions to Philly, and having love park meens no skateing on city grounds as in the companys and crap, save the cops trouble
Adam, Corry PA [08-16-2004]

You can't take Love Park away. I have sakteed it once and it is the best place i ever skated. If you let us skate there we will be pleased. Why can you let us skate there.
David Siegle, Sugerloaf, PA, USA [08-16-2004]

i think its good u dont allow skateboaders there. they are trouble makers and they cause damage. way to go!
craig [08-16-2004]

Love park has so much history to skating. The people who go to Love, like some of the bums for example, love the company of the skaters. There is a video made about Love park and i think you guys should see it, it is called On a Love Story pick it up at mostly anyskateshop. REOPEN LOVE!
Paul Boudreau, Boston,Ma [08-16-2004]

i never lived there but i skated on vacation it was sooo ill
derek k, salem NH [08-16-2004]

Let us skate there
Mike Chubb, Shoemakersville, Pa [08-16-2004]

re-open love park to the skaters!
Beck-Dog "The Madhound" Taylor, Petersburg,NY [08-16-2004]

we need a spot to skate to skate when were there
Ian, Lodi, New York [08-16-2004]

Ben Crawford, Ovid,NY [08-16-2004]

Ain't no love?
Nick Blanco, Jacksonville, Florida [08-16-2004]

Aleksi Rytkönen, Finland [08-16-2004]

Free the most famous streetspot ever!
Kristian Ydegaard, Hinnerup, Denmark, Europe [08-16-2004]

I havent skated love park yet, but im moving to philly next fall and ive always dreamed of going there...
Michael Martin, East Millinocket, Maine [08-16-2004]

free the park
Gary Raymond, Spring Grove IL [08-16-2004]

free love park
Peter Gay, Sumter, SC [08-08-2004]

I haven't skated love park yet, but someday i want to!
Antti Sinitsyn, Tallinn, Estonia [08-07-2004]

Kenny Daniel, Pittsburgh, PA [08-07-2004]

Free love park so someday me THE DIRTYS and anybody else can skate there.What kinda city turns down 1 million dollars when the recreation department is already in a financial crisis. Come on . you policticans and city officials must feel so great knowing that you have the skaters on their knees and begging. you guys make me sick
Bun Boy, Cleveland [08-07-2004]

Love Park is more used by skaters than anyone else. It's known around the globe by skateboarders as the ultimate metro spot. Let the skaters keep it as long as they keep it clean.
Ian Graham, Austin, Tx [08-07-2004]

LOVE park is the bomb and I think we should donate more money to make an even bigger check to the city, they have to accept it eventually, dont they?
Chris Smith, Mullica NJ [08-07-2004]

i always wanted to skate love park but never got a chance because they closed it down. i think they shud reopen it so people can skate it again
Andy Weaver, orchard park New York [08-07-2004]

love park rules, reopen this park, we need it mor ethan anyone else
Carlos Naffziger-BRown, Orchard Park NY, 14127 [08-07-2004]

love park rocks
danielle neaverth, ny [08-07-2004]

More Peolpe probably went to love park to skate than to see the actual park itself. It was in so many skate videos and people loved it.Kids would take a tram or get a ride or even fly up to Love Park just to skate. Its more popular to the skateboarding culture than to regular people that go just to see it.
Dean, usa [08-07-2004]

That place is very important for skateboarding.Love park should be open for all skaters.Free LOVE park.
Mikk Muru, Estonia, Viljandi [08-07-2004]

No love for love park Every skater here in holland knows aboutlove and we all think it is very sad that it is closing. Hopefully their is a change that we can skate it again somewhere in the future. Peace to all the real skaters and to stevie Sander Wellens
Sander Wellens, Almere Holland [08-07-2004]

I live in poland, but please, make Love prak free, or build this same in Poland:D:P
Lucas, Poland,Szczecin [08-07-2004]

This is a historical park and as all historical sites are very much tried to be free from damaging personal. I believe that a park should be easy to walk through with out being trampled by someone on a skate board. how ever to make a compromise I would suggest building a skate board park else where in the city if possible. Or perhaps make a skating route as such done for bikers.
Stacy Livingston, Murray Utah [08-07-2004]

Brooke Dellinger, Grottoes, VA [08-07-2004]

free love aka-worlds best sk8 spot common its 1 million skateboarders need love i need love i mean the only reason there is so many tourists is becouse of the skaters at love its in millions of vidieos its nown all round the world... save love needs 2 be saved 4 skateboarders.
ed wiest, philadelphia, p.a. [08-07-2004]

i like to BMX biking
kyle herman, carlisle, pa [08-07-2004]

you guys are losing a lot of money in tourism. if love is opened for skatboardindg i know a lot of people who would go to love to skateboard.
Vinnie Banks, Lisbon Iowa [08-07-2004]

Free LOVE, there is no reason to close a park that has not only affected skateboarding in such a way, but also the entire surrounding community.
Wyatt Fritz, WI Rapids, WI [08-07-2004]

Zacg Rowe, Port st lucie Florida [08-07-2004]

I travel all the way to Phili just to skate Love Park and thats the baddest skate park ever
Jesus Lara, Bakersfield, CA [08-07-2004]

who is it hurting for skaters to skate there?
jonathan stephenson, north carolina [08-07-2004]

I want to be able to skate LOVE PARK! I live in Oregon and haven't been out east.I am currently working with the Recreation Coordinator or the city of Gresham Oregon, to get skate ramps avaliable as much as possible to the skaters of Gresham. Also I am in the process of getting my community together to help push for a skatepark out here ( closest par is Burnside Skate Park) wich is about 20 mins in a car or an hour public transportaion.
Garrett Johnson, Gresham Oregon US [08-07-2004]

Yo Just want to give a big f* you to all the politician d* who banned skateboarding at love FREE LOVE PARK
Isaac Worley, Tennesee [08-07-2004]

I remember my first time at love park when I was just a kid. I had never seen so many skateboarders together in one place before. One summer my family went into the city and they dropped my friend and I off at Love Park with our boards and needless to say that was one of my best skateboarding experiences to date.
Jamison M. Alston, Greensboro, North Carolina [08-07-2004]

Ever since I started skateboarding 3 summers ago i had read about and heard about this dream spot in philly, that place was love park, and ever since i was able to ollie i have dreamed of taking a road trip with my skate crew and skateing LOVE, so FREE LOVE!
Jason Grapentin, Almont-Michigan [08-07-2004]

I think the city shoud allow skateboarding in Love park. DC Shoes is offering them a million dollars, and the city still refuses to allow it even when a huge majority of the citizens there are in favor of skating being allowed there. I think that the city officials are being way too close minded here. They should care about what the city wants, and they benefit from it even in terms of personal gain because of the money being offered. Plus, I have always wanted to skate there and if the city is too retarted to even consider this, a huge number of skaters across America, including me, will be very very disappointed. Please reconsider, Philly. Skateboarders, the people you obviously hate, are among the most creative, open-minded people out there. Why can't Philiadelphia be? We want our Love back.
David Ellison, Everett, WA [08-07-2004]

Love park has brought so many things and people to the city. It is only fair and also a very smart decision to let skaters back in.
Matt Miracle, raleigh North Carolina [08-07-2004]

Duncan McCay [08-07-2004]

Kristin, Philadelphia, PA [08-07-2004]

never been to love have been to fdr but the fact that dc shoes has offered to pay the city of phillie $100,000.00 a year to help the up keep of the park and the city still wants to keep skaters out is crazy, stop counting steps and skate for fun
JASON ODONNELL, roanoke, va [08-07-2004]

Love park is one of the best skate spots ever! It needs to be skated!
Adam Thorpe, England [08-07-2004]

i no like skateboarding
frank ramirez, san diego california [08-07-2004]

t, nantong [08-07-2004]

I have never gotten to skate at love but it is one of my goals.
Kyle Leppek, Almont, MI [08-07-2004]

peter lawrence, ny [08-07-2004]

Us skaters need a place to skate and we don't always have the money to go to skate parks so give us a chance at the best spot in the USA!
mike wentzel, raleigh nc [08-07-2004]

Love Park should not have been closed down in the first place. Skaters were less of a nuisance to pedestrians, city councilors and the City of Philadelphia than the junkies, dealers and bums that use its granite ledges to sleep, fight and get high on now. Further, the City will now have to deal with the pressure of creating a skate park for the outkast skaters and the ones who will surely follow. the cost of drug control and making a park exceed simple renovation of a few ledges. Think about it Mr. Mayor sir.....
Travis Frank, Jos Frank, Durban, South Africa [08-07-2004]

peter lawrence, ny [08-07-2004]

Free LOVE Park!
tim rockovich, Oil City, PA USA [08-07-2004]

Jeff Diepenbrock [08-07-2004]

save love park
Rebecca, Naugatuck, Connecticut [08-07-2004]

JOsh Gordon, Meaford Ontario [08-07-2004]

open love!
andrew max, wayne pa [08-07-2004]

yo let skaters skate love. takin it away has done no good
austen spencer, atlanta ga [08-07-2004]

it is morally wrong to stop the creative expression of your youth even if it blackens your ledges.
Matt Brewer, Los Angeles, California [08-07-2004]

i just want to say that the city of philadelphia should bring back LOVE park. the reason for being that love park was a place that put Philadelphia on the map. Also the the most legendary skateboarders have skated there like Josh Kalis and Stevie Williams. if you would just give back skaters there oppertunity to skate there instead of flying all around the world to skate and spending money on plane tickets. Thats not cool, all the ledges are all ready waxed and you cant get rid of it so whats the point of not letting skaters skate there. thats ridicious, DC shoes is offering 1 million dollars to open up love park and you declined it, also with that money they were gonna pay for all the damages. so please if you have a heart just open up love again, i was gonna go down there to skate but now its dead. FREE LOVE
Kevin Maguire, Winnipeg,MB Canada [08-07-2004]

Just let them skate there. Did you see Kerry Getz's kickflip the Love Park set gap in Jump Off A Building?
Jordan, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [08-07-2004]

zach underwood, wichita kansas [08-07-2004]

Nick derin, fort lee nj [08-07-2004]

U should be able to skate at love park its awesome even though i dont live anywhere around the park it should still allow skaters to skate there
Andrew Darts, Dothan,Al USA [08-07-2004]

Mark Kwiatkowski, West Chester, Pa [08-07-2004]

it is stupid not to let it be skated
Alex Shoup, Alexandria, VA [08-07-2004]

Tomas, North Carolina [08-07-2004]

Love park should be free to they skaters. They like made it. Its not killin anybody. I mean seriously what the f*.
Kevin Dodimead, Elwood NJ Atlantic County [08-07-2004]

There are more benefits to making love park skateable and taking that million dollars than there is to not. Think of it philly.... MORE TOURISTS! And I'll be one of them. FREE LOVE PARK!
bill yates, jersey [08-07-2004]

Ashley Smeltzer, La Crosse, WI [08-07-2004]

free love park!
Jared Turner, Lebanon, CT, United States [08-07-2004]

You've got to give the people what they want if you want the city to thrive. Give the kids avenues for success--athleticism, like art, is a freedom of expression, a chance for kids to push themselves and gain confidence from their successes. Free Love Park!
Ashley McClymont, Wayne, PA [08-07-2004]

let people skate there
Ryan Abbott, Syracuse, NY [08-07-2004]

hello every body i think, love is dish for every body so we do respect this subject. i love every body....
mukesh, sindh pakistan [08-07-2004]

I think they serously need to free love park im from Michigan and never skated this wonderful place and I would really like to, I watch it in skate videos and just dream of the fun and just skating with the pros and just having the best of a time. I want this freed, and they should do this as soon as possible....I just hope they see what they've done....
Justin Marlette, Birch Run [08-07-2004]

I think Love Park should be open to all skaters because it was made in a way that skaters could have more fun there than at skateparks because they don't have to pay to have fun. I think that Love Park should have taken the million dollars from DC Shoe Co. to replace damages over the course of the year. Don't try and keep us from skating Love because we aren't going to stop coming.
Jared Green, Leland, IL [08-07-2004]

free love!
Nick Davis, Bensalem Pa. [08-07-2004]

jordan barnes, royal palm beach florida [08-07-2004]

i feel that love park was a place where kids could go and have a good time. also it kept kids out of trouble i mean they werent skating in the streets anymore
brian barnes, royal palm beach florida [08-07-2004]

love park should be reopened because i LOVE it
Brian Herse, ocean city maryland [08-07-2004]

feel the love
gordon, ct [08-07-2004]

let them skate!
nathan bell, pennsylvania [08-07-2004]

I went to Philadelphia on july 19th for 3 days and i could not wait to skate love park. I finally got there and got kicked out by a bunch of cops right when i put my board down...............FREE LOVE PARK
Ray Drewes, Long Island, New York [08-07-2004]

allow skateboarders to animate your city!
andrew butcher, Johannesburg, South Africa [08-07-2004]

i havent even skated love park for f* sakes but soon my friends and i are goin to come there allowed or not. yet it would be nicer if i was able to DOit with no f*in pig beating the s* outta me concernd skater FREE LOVE
Sean Rand, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA [08-07-2004]

I've never been to love park but damn that park looks sick, they shouldn't do that to a park. f*ing coporate people trying to ban everythig jsut to maek them seem cool, when theyre actaully the d*s
Juan Segundo, San Francsico [08-07-2004]

Steven gardner, lindenwold new jersey [08-07-2004]

Love park is great for skateboarding and brings a lot of tourists to the city, its good for the city to have skateboarding there, the city could make a million over ten years and a lot more, stupidity, FDR is good and i drive there 1 or 2 times a month to skate but love park is totaly different and its so nice, skating doesnt even mess it up bad at all
Fred Najdek, delmar,De [08-07-2004]

Josh Emery, p-town VA [08-07-2004]

jessica, 1centerville ohio usa [08-07-2004]

No love in banning a passion
John Curley, Ellisville, MO [08-07-2004]

free love park
dennis, sweden [08-07-2004]

I think that the mayor should free love park because its a public park and i really dont see the big deal with banning skaters there. I mean if they get hurt its there fault, its not like there gonna sew the county for getting hurt. so i think love park should be a legal place to skate. i dont get y the government turned down 1 million dollors. i mean theres more skaters i see there then there are tourist. i dont see the problem with skating love park, skaters dont bother anyone. im sure they sometimes have problems with people here and there but u know it happens to anyone. i know theres about probly a thousand and more people in this petition and it seems like the government doesnt even care. man what is this country coming to trying to ban skateboarders.
mat, wheaton MD [08-07-2004]

Kyle Knoblauch, Levittown PA [08-07-2004]

It boils down to priorities. What's more imortant in the long run; the aesthetics of a piece of marble, cement, etc., or the positive enjoyment of millions of people?
rob woelkers, Detroit, MI [08-07-2004]

gabriel cuestas, united states of america [08-07-2004]

Anna, italy [08-07-2004]

every loves skating
carina romero, irmo, sc [08-07-2004]

Love Park should be open to skateboarders and anyone else who wants to enjoy. It may not be the original intent of the city to utilize this land in such a manner, but skateboarding is just another way people are taking advantage of such a great park. Please give Love Park back to those who love it.
James Thorsen, White Plains, NY [08-07-2004]

I noticed skateboarder playing on the Historically steps of the Art Museum. Therefore, I think the best place suitable for them would be the Love Park. The water @ Love Park is pink but the spirit of the Love Park is missing... something.Skateboards,Tourist, fellow Philadelphians. The Love Park use to be so active with visitors. I notice everytime walking pass the park their no activity. Baltimore Harbor allows clowns,skateboards,etc in their public places. I hope Phila gets more hip with positive activities for the residents. God Bless you.
JP, pa [08-07-2004]

Free Love Park!
Letitia, Philadelphia Pa [08-07-2004]

Love Park is if not the best spot for skateboarding one of the best places to skate, so famous, it's even been featured in one of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games. Free Love Park.
Zach Rivard, Rochester, NY [08-07-2004]

Love Park should be for everyone, including skaters. Many kids in the city get mixed up in drugs & violance, these kids just want to skateboard. If this gives them something to do other than get into trouble, why not let them? I don't notice many people who are bothered by this, most adults I notice enjoy watching the kids skate. If Love park is free to skate it will also bring more tourism to the city, because people al over the US know about it. $$$
Gregg, Philly [08-07-2004]

Old foogies! let the kids have 'the fun'!
Arian Hojat, Philly [08-07-2004]

Love park should deffenatly allow skaters. they arent bothering ne one they are just having fun in one of the few good skate spots left. love is a landmark and people from around tha world come to skate there. dont arrest them for being who they are. skating is a way of life and its a lot of fun. FREE LOVE PARK!
jess [08-07-2004]

ive never been to pa or skated love park, but i would really love to. and if it could be kept open long enough for me to get there, i would love that
nick kassebaum, ridgeway virginia [08-07-2004]

free love. don't cut the soul out of east coast skate boarding culture.
jon gribbin, pittsburgh pa [08-07-2004]

I love and skateboarding and im sure a lot of people also enjoy it. I think they should keep love park open for everyone. I plan to skate there in the future so this is why i wnat to keep it open.
Riley O'Toole, Naperville,IL [08-07-2004]

Kids need skateboarding, period. a lot of positive things come out of skateboarding. It deters kids from drugs, mischief. Skateboarding isn't a bad thing. It is a fun, healthy activity. It is more fun when we can skateboard in the city and natural, urban surroundings. Stairs, ledges, concrete. All things people take for granted. Skateboarders are innovators. We look at a ledge and think about what tricks would be fun to perform on that ledge. Skateboarding is a natural high. Authority figures treat us like criminals. If we are not hurting anyone else, why is it such a crime?
Justin, Wisconsin [08-07-2004]

to me love park stood as a glimmering hope, that skateboarding one day would be as accepted as the "normal" sports.
andrew tomczak, cedar lake, indiana [08-07-2004]

LOVE park has always been the best part of skateboarding to me, as well as many other skaters..thousands of them. Free LOVE park..seriously
Matt Minolaio, Derby, Connecticut [08-07-2004]

free love park!
Sandy Ramirez, Providence,RI [08-07-2004]

free love park
Dan, Philadelphia, PA [08-07-2004]

please free love park it has been a dream of mine to skate thier and i know im not the only one who thinbks that
Pedro Claro, beijing, China [08-07-2004]

Look, would you rather us vandalize, mug people, start fires, etc? Let us have our fun, it keeps is safe and out of trouble.
Dan Stemmer, Philly, PA [08-07-2004]

they should just open it back up i love that place
Rusty Wein, Denver Colorado [08-07-2004]

Diego Cebollero, Chile [08-07-2004]

BRING BAK THE PARKK! ive been skating 7 years now and sum1 told me about this park and when i skated in iy i cudnt believe they were hsuttin it down BRING IT BAK BRING IT BAKK I SAY!
nicole margera!!!!, london [08-07-2004]

Adam Hill, phx, az [08-07-2004]

i think love park is a skateboarders paridice it should be terned in to a skate park
danny, australia/adelaide/sa [08-07-2004]

save love park
Wyatt Stelmah [08-07-2004]

All I can say is that I think that Mayor Street made a huge mistake by taking LOVE Park from skaters. It's making a lot of people mad and dissapointing hundreds of not just skaters, but people who simply enjoy watching their kids and other skaters progress and just have fun. I have always wanted to skate LOVE, and was hoping to someday. My guess is many will anyways, despite the fine, but its just retarted that we should have to pay for something that should be free to all. I mean, come on! You kick us out to what? Let a bunch of hobos sleep in your park? What's your problem Street?
Mason Dunlap, Oregon [08-07-2004]

Let us skaters be free in the love park
Eric, usa [08-07-2004]

All I have to say is that the people who have a say in what happens to LOVE r F**kin A holes they don't understand what its like to be a biker that likes philly ridin u can't spend more than 10 mins ridin in Philly without the pigs or sum kind of security chasing u away and gettin u into a lot of trouble gettin fined n other stuff it sucks n if we could show the city n the ppl who don't care about LOVE that if the charged kids only a dollar to go there n ride or skate they would make atleast n extra 100 a day it may not be a lot for a city but its extra money to do sumthin with cause if it was only a dollar i would go there as much as possible SO FREE LOVE n if its the x games fault thats bull I can garuntee as much kids rode n skated LOVE just as much as before the x games FREE LOVE FREE LOVE FREE LOVE FREE LOVE FREE LOVE FREE LOVE
James Dunn, nj [08-07-2004]

Chris, hatboro [08-07-2004]

I miss the kill footage from Love...Getz, Bam, Arto, Ed, Mike Maldonado (did I spell that right?), Kalis, many sick and unforgettable tricks! I hope to skate there myself one day... FREE LOVE!
Adam, St. Louis, MO [08-07-2004]

I skated Love and when your there you have the best time skating with the pros like kerry getz. If it were free the city would be better but instead you leave stress on the whole nation of skateboarders who like to stop in philly for tours but they don't just because you destroyed the worlds greatest spot. It all adds up free love and you will have thousands of tourists each year to spend their money in your city.
shawn, Birch Run, Michigan [08-07-2004]

i tihnk llove park should be freed. its a great place for skateboarders. i mean come on.if the city skated theyed understand
Tyler Colon, Bethlehem, PA [08-07-2004]

My brothers skate board and I hate to see them do it, I think its a stupid sport. But to see the rights of these citizens stripped like this is obsurd, it proves to me why this city is going down the toilet. We need someone who can do the job to run Philly and especially someone who will stand up for and protect the rights of their citizens.
Grant, Philadelphia, PA [08-07-2004]

free love!
steve, waterloo, canada [08-07-2004]

nice smart sexy handsome
SAMATHA SANDERS, new york staten island [08-07-2004]

I've never been in the US, but Love Park obveovsly means a lot to you guys, and it looks really cool to skate in it. I would very much like to skate there. Love Park should be open for all skaters!
svein nielsen, norway [08-07-2004]

I havnt been to Love Park.But it seems to be a landmark to skaters.Keep it that way
Chris, Allen Park,MI [08-07-2004]

Justin McBean, Pomona, California [08-07-2004]

yo i love love park with all my heart and if it was torn down it would be the end of me.
tucker sprauer, nyc [08-07-2004]

I traveled 100's of miles hoping to skate LOVE Park. What a disappointment not to be able to. Free LOVE Park and I'll be back!
Stewart Cherney, Winston-Salem, NC [08-07-2004]

Free the love!
Frédérick Juneau, Shawinigan-Sud, Québec, Canada [08-07-2004]

free it !
Jack Bright, england [08-07-2004]

I think what is going on with love park is sickening. The mayor said how he would allow skating to stay at love park. There are photos of him with the thumbs up and Kerry Getz skating over him. But of course this was when the X-games was there and he was raking in money from it. I also think its sickening how DC shoes offered him $1 million dollars over the next ten years to allow skating in and he refused. It's disgusting how skateboarders are being treated as criminals.
Ben Gaylord, Sheboygan, WI [08-07-2004]

love park is great we need to be able to skate there again whenever we want its unfair if u dont want us skating there make a place that looks exactly like love park and allow us to skate there
joe, Havertown PA [08-07-2004]

Jeff Pauley, Hampton, VA [08-07-2004]

yo, Just go there on a Sunday and skate it, you can, I went there at like 1 in the mourning with my brother, and walked through with are boards, and emediately a cop said s* to us, we weren't even allowed to do that, so we just skated city hall, and it was sick.
Curtis Daley, Needham MA [08-07-2004]

What's the problem this petition shouldn't even need to be here.
Candice, si ny [08-07-2004]

free love
alex robinson [08-07-2004]

i want 2 sk8 so bad but but they wont let any of us frre the love
michael robinson [08-07-2004]

free the love
will robinson [08-07-2004]

I came on holiday to philly a year ago. I skated love park and fortunatly didnt see the cops. It was the best place to skate. There were a few skaters there. As I am from the UK I didnt know anyone and had to make friends. I was in a bit city just skateboarding. But I felt safe. Free Love Park
James Brewer, uk [08-07-2004]

Fvck You open the damn park now.
Anon, Love Park [08-07-2004]

Taking away Love Park is a crime.
Adam Wever, Sacramento, California [08-07-2004]

Hello, my name is logan, and I have been skating about 5 years now.I know every skate would LOVE to skate LOVE park. Altho i havent skated LOVE park, for those who have, well, they have the pations and love for skating, to see or skate something like LOVE park, is due to the fact that its on a street. Theres not much parks in the middle of the street. Any way...Forget all this bull im saying to you...LOVE park would BE LOVE PARK if it wasnt for the skaters that made it what it is and how all skaters see it. it just wouldnt be cool if it stoped being skated.but yea, if you hear me out, thanks so much. and stay safe.
Logan King, Green Bay, WI USA [08-07-2004]

Free love park! whats wrong with skating love park? they should look at it as something that other cities dont have . Just free love park!
Kinyaire Rhodes, houston,tx [08-07-2004]

free love park the governemt is evil.y wont they let us skate hear 86% of the philly residentds dont care if we skate there is f*in bull s*
luke ridge, australia [08-07-2004]

mike kingbird, columbia heights, minnesota [08-07-2004]

The city should le us skaters in LOVE park. Ive only skated there once and it is set up perfectly.Skateboarding keeps people young so the city should let the skaters skate.FREE LOVE PARK!
Danny Murin, Toms River,New Jersey [08-07-2004]

steve blair, baltimore, maryland [08-07-2004]

Im one off many other european skateboarders that plan going to Love for expanding and executing tricks so it better be open to the public once again otherwise you can just trash the park because it's worth nothing without skateboarding.
joel skoog, Södertälje/Sweden [08-07-2004]

Love Park is more than a is a good place
Jeff Stine, Wadsworth, Ohio [08-07-2004]

Love park is a landmark in skateboarding. Keep it free and keep it real! Chris
chris garside, New Zealand [08-07-2004]

mayor street you are dumb hopefully the next mayor will have a heart, and whats within a heart LOVE your like the grinch man. Philly has no love Peace
Brett Fahnestock, Harrisburg PA [08-07-2004]

why wouldnt it be used as a skating area? flushing meadows is...and if anything that is more 'historical'...just let us skate
Alison McKnight, New York [08-07-2004]

i like love park i use to skateboard and all i still do sometimes but don't shut it down
mary [08-07-2004]

skate to live---free love park or take the lives of many
Clay Simpson, United States [08-07-2004]

Che` Lyn McCain, Iowa City, Iowa, USA [08-07-2004]

This is absolutely ridiculous. Love Park is world-reknown, thanks to skateboarders. It was an amazing tourist attraction and an amazing place for out-of-state/out-of-country skateboarders to come and experience Philly's brotherly love (via Love Park). Free LOVE Park!
John Thomas Gallagher [08-07-2004]

Its sad that people take so much from us all we are doing is have fun and stayin out of trouble what more do we ask for give LOVE PARK back please Marquise Siger
Marquise Sigler, Havelock, NC [08-07-2004]

free love park
Robert Anderson, Philadelphia PA [08-07-2004]

i was just watching "on video winter 2004" with LOVE park for the first time and it seriously made me cry. call me weak or whatever but it makes me so sad. i used to go to philly all the time and skate LOVE from morning till night and getting it taken away is like losing a long time best friend or a family member.i would do anything to get LOVE back. FIGHT FOR LOVE! without it im so very sad as well as many others all around the world. its amazing how taking one thing away can make such a huge difference.
brit j., new jersey [08-07-2004]

Courtney, Burlington, NJ [08-07-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK!love parks amazing dont take it away from us
Ben Green, georgetown, ontario, canada [08-07-2004]

I cant wait till love park is finally bought im gonna tear that s* up.................. i just hope D.C can work out the details and buy it soo it will please me and all other skaters out their in the phili area...........FREE LOVE PARK!
justin winkelspecht, burlington twp, New Jersey [08-07-2004]

I've only been skating for 6 months. I don't think I'm the best in the world, but I think i have a talent for it. I landede my first kickflip about a month ago. I'd say thats pretty good. Places like LOVE park help kids with their abilitys and creativness. It opens another world to some people. It doesn't matter what you look like or who you are. It's just done for the feeling and for the fun. Re-open LOVE park for the kids, for every one.
Tyler Wallen, Seven Valleys PA [08-07-2004]

love park is awesome i've never got'n to skate their but all my friends say it was awesome but now that it's closed i never will get a chance to i'm with everybody on this one they need to reopen it . FREE LOVE PARK
Ashley A, Laporte, IN USA [08-07-2004]

Love park doesn't mean anything else to the rest of the world like what it means to skateboarders. Its just another random place in the city, but to skateboarders its like the most perfect spot .... ever. What would be the big deal if we (skateboarders) covered the fees that it took to maintain it? There is no downside. And there is no logical reason as to why love hasn't been freed already, except the fact that some people just Hate on us.
Russell Johnston, hemet, ca [08-07-2004]

I think love skatepark should remain open for the glory of it's skaters and skater's from the past.LOVE SKATPARK IS THE BEST SKATPARK IN THE TRI-STATE AREA.
tyler, nj [08-07-2004]

FREE LOVE, and dont stop fighting
ty mantos, lee,NH, [08-07-2004]

what ever damage done would be covered by the 1 million dollers so whats ur problem no one would here about philly without skatin at love park
niall patterson, birmingham england united kingdom [08-07-2004]

the city should take the 100 thousand dollars a year and allow skateboarding to be brought back to love park there is no way that skaters are causeing that much damage a year to begin with so i dont see what the problem is
eddie hall, stafford virginia [08-07-2004]

i have never skated thare but all i got 2 say free love park!
EUAN SZELEST, va [08-07-2004]

I dream of one day travelling to philly and skating love park... but this will never happen until this ban is lifted...
Jason Wall, Sydney Australia [08-07-2004]

Kelly, Red Deer [08-07-2004]

I think it's bulls*, that their trying to take away something that we cherish. Skateboarding is a way of life...I'll do whatever I can to make the government see some rebel...I will not..I will change the government first class...The love park is like..a museum... I believe they should accept the offer.. i mean it is fair enough. Down in Philly skating keeps the drugs away from the minors..I say word out to that..Government can take away part of our skateboarding structures...but We've got soul...if rebeling is what it takes...then rebeling is what they'll Get
Ken Frazer, Calgary, Ab, Canada [08-07-2004]

Free LOVE PARK!, people have a right to skate. Skating is part of their way of life. Skating is like expresin your self, accept DC's 1 million dollors and free LOVE park!
Jeff Calvert, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [08-07-2004]

ive never skated love but in all my videos love park sections are always my favourite. its the place where all the rippers now have developed. just think, what would stevie from philly be doing now if love park wasn't built or allowed to be skated?? think about that government!
Beaudon Hamilton, Australia Queensland [08-07-2004]

Hannah Ream, killeen texas usa [08-07-2004]

Free Love Park
Dustin H Biser, Mount Airy, Maryland United States [08-07-2004]

Let the Love be free.......and DGK that while ur at it
Kendall Ghee, Lychburg, Va [08-07-2004]

i think that love park should absolutely be used for skateboarding!
Nicole, pa, usa [08-07-2004]

the same thing happened over here in ireland too, now our old spot has turned into a haven for delinquents, a dangerous place, all the best guys hope the same thing does'nt happen there
brendan carlin, Ireland [08-07-2004]

There are skaters all through the city, what is gained from keeping them from a world-renowned skate site? Let them enjoy Love Park and let the city enjoy the $10 million for keeping the park beautiful.
Jacqueline Matuza, Philadelphia, PA [08-07-2004]

wolny LOVE PARK!
sebastian (poland), Przemysl; polska (poland) [08-07-2004]

A million dollars should be more then enough to cover damages. Stop being jerks, and open love park back up.
Rich Lorig, bridgewater, new jersey [08-07-2004]

Jan Eichwald, Lüdinghausen, Germany [08-07-2004]

i think love park should be open to skaters because you close that,then guess what,all the other nice places that were not skated in philly will be now and the skaters will be really pissed off.
brian crush, manahawkin,new jersey [08-07-2004]

only in philly would the city government turn down $1 and the chance to attract people. they're stupid close-minded idiots.
josef, blackwood, nj [08-07-2004]

as a skateboarder love park was the best place to skate in the north east. me and my freinds would go down to philly just to skate love park. philly is one of the grate citys in the world and making love unskateable breaks the hearts of skaters world wide to see a spot die just like that. i think love was a grate place to enjoy yourself skating and socalising with other kids. skateboarding love was also a grate idea to keep kids from being in gangs and out of truble. the city should incurage kids to skate love. FREE LOVE PARK!
Mike Tash, westport ct [08-07-2004]

Skateboarding is not a our youth.
Chris Olds, Monrovia, California [08-07-2004]

I think that Love park is a part of skateboarding history. Love has given classic footage for some of my biggest idols like Josh Kalis, Kerry Getz, Brian Wenning, and almost every other proffessional skateboarder in the world. I've never even had the chance to go to the park and now people want to take it away because of a few scratches on some ledges and rails. I think that if the man who built the park has no problem with people skating it, why should anybody else. Free Love Park
Jake Larkin, Windsor, California [08-07-2004]

love park or die
JoHn FaVaLoRO jR, waveland mississippi [08-07-2004] homepage

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