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June 24-August 7, 2004

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John Favaloro Jr, Waveland Mississipii [08-07-2004]

I'm 13 years old and was hoping that some day i would skate love park for just one minute even if it cost me their $300 fine or w/e it is now... i will skate love some day, and i know millions of others will too... and as long as people are on this Earth, i know nothing will stop them (us) from skateboarding, i just hope u come to your senses some day and give us our park... i mean, don't your security guards have something more productive to do, like HELP PEOPLE instead of harrassing them
B.O., Boca Raton, Fl (where the old roam) [08-07-2004]

Look LO Park too skateboarders, is like food to people VE we need that park, so...LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE!
Kris Wilcoxon, Easton, Maryland [08-07-2004]

I think skating is a great way for youth to enjoy atheletic skill..and make new friends at the same time...
Jeremy Van Wagenen, Salt Lake City Utah [08-07-2004]

i am not a skate boarder but those ledges are amazing the fact that mayor street ruins self expression with capped ledges and spends the cities money to ruin kids sport is terrible
MIke HEin, Glenmoore PA [08-07-2004]

Fabian Perez, Ansonia, CT, USA [08-07-2004]

I'm so sick of people kickin skaters out of Love Park leave my boyfriend and friends alone! let them skate! It's a free country!
Trish, outside South Philly, PA [08-07-2004]

Heard tourism in the states is down - bring it back and you will have kids from all over the world there skating and spending their parents money - how does that sound dick?
Gernot Kinast, Linz / Austria / Europe [08-07-2004]

danny, boca raton umm florida [08-07-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK thats all i gota say
Matt Young, Arlington Heights, Illinois [08-07-2004]

M. NGUYEN, Perth Western Australia [08-07-2004]

The Park is nothing without skating. Its really just a place for bums. If you want to eat lunch id suggest sitting at city hall cause its nicer there. What a mess. the park is a dump, a ghost town except for shortcutters. I blame Street for everything that is wrong with philly
Dylan, Drexel Hill, PA [08-07-2004]

Skateboarding is definitely an activity that keeps kids away from drugs and is a good way to get out your anger. Plus it's a healthy sport. Giving people the right to skate could save them from ruining their lives.
Jessica Alexander, Providence, Rhode Island [08-07-2004]

This whole thing is idiotic. Crackheads, Homeless and criminals can be in LOVE all they want, but a few harmless skateboarders who are actually doing something productive and active during their day are banned. Why? It's not like we run into people, bother them or cause anyone any grief, so what's the deal. Skating causes LOVE park $60, 000 a year in damages. DCSHOEco is willing to pay $100,000 a year for the next 10 years to repair any damage, plus negotiate certain skating times and provide security. So not only will the DC company repair all damages, but their will be $40,000 left over after. Mayor Street: You are already in debt, take the f*ing money. Let skaters skate, it's a sport like any other, and LOVE has forever been a starting point for many Professional skaters; it's a haven, and now it's gone.
Jenna Linenbroker, Phila, PA [08-07-2004]

Yo people let us skateboarders skate at love PLEASE all theses skateboard parks I know are closed and some are soon closing and stuff we wanna skateboard at love it is so good 4 skateboard
Marc Hall, Coatesville PA [08-07-2004]

I am a Skateboarder and i think that there should be no problem with us skateboarding there. If we get in the way then thats are fault but dont kick us out for just doing what we love to do. If you skated would you liked to be kicked out of evry spot you went to, ecspecially "LOVE PARK" in the city of brotherly love. Josh
Josh Smith, Pennsylvania [08-07-2004]

Love park is a skate heven skaters will always be here we do not destroy things were just here to have fun.This is wat makes kids want to do drugs u take everything away. Skateboarding was harmful now ur makin it seem like we r here to reck everthing were not.Well if u would open the damn prak back up u wouldnt have to worry bout arrestin us on the street we will have a place to go but now we dont so do ur selves a favor open LOVE BACK UP AND LET US SKATE THERE AND WE WONT BOTHER U!
Greg, CarneysPoint NJ [08-07-2004]

Alex Moore, Horsham [08-07-2004]

iconk, indonesia [08-07-2004]

i am a 14 year old skater who always had the dream of traveling from my small town clark new jersey to skate the ledgendary Love Park i have seen it in many skateboarding movies and heard many possitive comments about love park what i dont understand is why in viewpoints the mayor and people are for letting skaters skate love park, i can see if someone gets hurt or injured there is a problem. What you should do is get them to let skaters skate at a certain time such as when the park closes to when it opens. please let skaters skate the love park sincerly, Alex Dowzycki
Alex Dowzycki, clark,NJ [08-07-2004]

My son and his friend skate at LOVE park and think it is the best place to skate. It is very hard for them to find a decent place to skate, hangout with their friends and enjoy the city. Please let them skate...they are not doing other things if they are busy skating....
Wendy Rajput, Port Republic, NJ 08241 [08-07-2004]

it's a crime to shut the park down not skateing on it it's wrong it should be re opened
ashley double a, laporte,IN [08-07-2004]

Give these skaters a place to have fun and don't make them look for fun elsewhere! Free LOVE park!
Kristina Yagci, Horsham, PA [08-07-2004]

Think about it, it is probably one of most historical spots in skateboarding. Without it we wouldn't have all these amazing pros which would have meant skateboarding today wouldn't be that big of an industry
Ciaran Mc Bride, Nothern ireland [08-07-2004]

i love wut you guys r doing
Mitch Long, Elmira, N.Y. USA [08-07-2004]

Kevin Sottek, Gaithersburg Maryland [08-07-2004]

Please allow Love Park to reopen to skaters, people will skate any way and eventually it will belong to skaters. Its funny how the government calls for a compromise with those whom they believe will not hold up their end of a mutual agreement. And when the counter parts comes up with the requested money/idea/plan, the government doesnot follow through. But hey, thats America.
Jeffrey Lynn Rice Jr., 3103 Sonia Trail [08-07-2004]

Rick Kerbrat, Prince George B.C. Canada [08-07-2004]

Free love park 3DP sk8 team fo life!
MuRDA, Ridgeway VA [08-07-2004]

Its one of the only reasons that I go to Philly, its a natural skateboard park.
Matthew Torline, Grand Rapids, MI [08-07-2004]

where is the love,man. it's another victim of corporate america bring us skaters the love
Austin, seneca,sc [08-07-2004]

Is there no love in Philly?
Chris, Jersey [08-07-2004]

free love park you morons, i love it when i see it in videos and it was in tony hawks IT was IN TONY HAWKS 2 FOR GOD SAKE Isnt THAT ENOUGH
Luke, London, Uk [08-07-2004]

I would just be preaching to the choir if i wrote anything here. I will say one thing though...I hope as all of us do that one day we will get a mayor who can relate a little more with the views of his fellow citizens.
steve, phila, pa [08-07-2004]

I'm not a skateboarder but I still don't see why closing love park to skateboarders makes any sense. It's stupid and it's a huge tourist attraction. Love park is almost world renown for great skateboarding, That's great for Philly's fame.
Ben Koch, Raleigh, NC [08-07-2004]

jimmy lease, wilmington delaware [08-07-2004]

i think love park should be used by skateboarders because when i get enought money i want to fly over to philly and skate it so keep it open to skateboarders
neil and chris, belfast, northern ireland, uk [08-07-2004]

did they tear it down yet.f* if they havn't i'll do anything i can to help, i see it in every video almost.
jamie goodsell, uss george washington (cvn-73) [08-07-2004]

hey who ever runs the city or whatever what the hell are u doing. All my life I been told that america cares about the youth of america and your makng it sound like a bunch of f*in bulls*. Supposably u can become whatever u want in america and i wanna skate people think that skateboarders are bad people but were just having fun and its a* cops that make us mad just because they have a nice little uniform and a shiny peice of metal they feel like they can talk s*. So getting a $300 doller ticket for playing doesn't seem justifilble to me. Besides all that do u know how many skaters will be smoking pot or diong a lot of other kinds of drugs if they didn't pick up skateboarding do u noooooooooooooooo so if you don't want at least 5000 skateboarders diong drugs or getting into trouble I say let us skate love park and leave us alone. Skateboarding is a beutifull thing so don't kill it please.
ed sandoval, frankfort indiana [08-07-2004]

Please provide a place for skaters to skate. They love it and they also love "love park". Thanks for listening.
Terry Marquez, Aberdeen, NC [08-07-2004]

Gregory brady, nc [08-07-2004]

i am a young sakter all the way from the land down under and many of my things i really wanted to do is go to love park and skate even just for one day
hayden cook, tasmainia in australia [08-07-2004]

Open your eyes to kids and life. The future depends on you.
Ethan, Iraq [08-07-2004]

free love park
dude lude, chicago, IL [08-07-2004]

Pour que Love Park reste un haut lieu de la culture skate mondiale
Michaël Tarquis, Blois, France [08-07-2004]

Where's the love?
John Ridl, Canton, Michigan [08-07-2004]

free love park b*
Dustin Sheppard FROM 3DP SKATE TEAM, VA and wherever i skate LOOK FOR NEW VIDEO SOON [08-07-2004]

free love!
Shaena Marx, Sebring, Fl United States [08-07-2004]

I have always wanted to skate this spot growing in my skating years... now it's gone... it's kinda like ripping a part of our dreams up and throwing it in government hands to be kept for themselves... Like the public already doesn't have anything to do with themselves... LOVE Park... a great place to eat you Mc Donalds... and feed the birds... With Love, for LOVE-Max Mueller
Max Mueller, Sebring Florida [08-07-2004]

Free LOVE park. Not only have i never have seen or skated a better spot in my life before but the people there are just as good as the spot it slef i think that not having the park open and free makes it a lot harder for all types of people to share there common intrest with each other and meet otheres with the same or different intrest as well
Michael Johnson, Minneaplois Mn [08-07-2004]

I was at LOVE park last week to skate and boy was I pissed. There were cops up the ass in the park, not to mention the $300 fine you would get just for riding through. Its a shame that one of the more memorable skatespots has undergone such a transformation. FRE LOVE PARK!
Anthony Carretero, utica,ny [08-07-2004]

Awesome park, its a shame that they closed it
Carson, Little Rock, AR [08-07-2004]

tyler dixon, prince george VA [08-07-2004]

Got to skate got to love LOVE PARK
Chris Hinck, Middletown New Jersey [08-07-2004]

We love, love Park lets skate
Mike Powers, Middletown New Jersey [08-07-2004]

Love Park Love to Skate
Matt Hinck, Middletown New Jersey [08-07-2004]

Live to skate FEEL THE LOVE Skate to live LO VE Park
Sean Powers, Middletown New Jersey [08-07-2004]

It was made to skate. We gota skate it!
Robert Edmonston, Middletown New Jersey [08-07-2004]

I love how the city exploited love park in order to hold the X-games and make millions of dollars, but won't allow people to skate there otherwise.
Curtis Cattau, Columbus, NE [08-07-2004]

I've never been to the LOVE park, but I've heard so many good things about it from many places and umm...FREE LOVE PARK...
Nic M., Morehead, Kentucky [08-07-2004]

ive only skated love a couple of times and its amazing...bring back the LOVE
Ryan Lynch, Woodbury, NJ [08-07-2004]

Free Love and free Philly from John Street
Terrence, Roslyn, PA [08-07-2004]

I am a very keen skateboarder and one day i will hope to skate love park with its amazing ledges stairs and rails but if u close it down people like me who only dream about going there watching it in videos can never get the experience to skate love park because we could be fined. In England there are not many good skateparks and all teh weather is cr@p and all the major skatepararks like Platstation or Revoloution are really far away. Please dont ban skateboariding in Love park
Robert Wye, Hertfordshire,England [08-07-2004]

Free Love Park
Zach Hamilton, Battle Creek Michigan [08-07-2004]

im a 15 y/o kid whos dream was to go to love park, i was gonna visit philly dream lost due to u council government f*s that have a problem with skateboarders . we dont cause trouble we like to have fun. just like old men and golf or old women and knitting. FREE LOVE PARK
Phil, sydney australia [08-07-2004]

Love Park is like the best place to skate on earth. Please reopen it so skaters like myself can skate the way we want to!
Tom Savickis, Byram, New Jersey [08-07-2004]

Power to the people!
Justin Albright, Plattsmouth NE [08-07-2004]

jason kasher, reading pennsylvania [08-07-2004]

Sharon, Mechanicsburg,pa [08-07-2004]

Why is it always made out to be that skateboarders are criminals? As long as their not damaging property why can't they skate where they want?
Tracey Stoppard, York, PA, USA [08-07-2004]

love park should be free and let people skate it is known all over people come all over the world to skate at love park... it is one of the best! atleast when u skate there ur not it the streets and around cars, would phily rather have kids die but getting hit by cars or in a park having fun not causing any trouble!
Jim, new jersey [08-07-2004]

Isnt the whole point of a public park is to provide a recreational area for the PUBLIC! Why does this exclude skaters. LOVE park should be reopened! I believe that with DCs money, any damage done or even a security guard or two will be paid for. Where is the LOVE mayor street, WHERE IS THE LOVE!
wade veselka, Chesterfield NJ [08-07-2004]

i live on the other side of the world but i would like to go to love park to skate so do a lot of my friends so let us skate there please and one day i might make it there.
tom guy, Australia [08-07-2004]

It is stupid that you can't skate their. I hope they get over it soon. ONe day I would love to skte thier.
Tom Busby, Tasmania Australia [08-07-2004]

I would like to say that the love park is the greatest place to skate I haven't skated it "yet" but have seen pictures of it.
vince, pennsylvania [08-07-2004]

the maker of love park even sk8ed through it, its his park if he made it for the kids to have fun with then let us have fun, we could turn to drugs or alcohol.. then instead of sk8ing it and making a few scratches we will drive through it drunk not knowing what we are doing and tear the whole place apart, i bet u would feel a great sense of accomplishment then huh
jesse macy, avilla indiana [08-07-2004]

Ive seen Love park on many skate video's most noticably the REASON. Ive come to philly to check it out for real and all im greeted with is this lifeless heep, Free the park!
Edward Sutherland, England [08-07-2004]

me and my friends went to philly just to skate LOVE. my buddy got caught by a guy but we reasoned with him and got to keep skating. everyone in philly's government should be like that.
Mike Alongi, Haverhill, Massachusetts [08-07-2004]

free love
Andrew Hanson, va [08-07-2004]

kay jogems, The netherlands [08-07-2004]

Love is one of the rasons I go To the City, Skating there made it safe for evryone to chill there.
Cliff Muchler, New Jersey [08-07-2004]

You wouldn't take Mecca away from Islam, don't take away Love from skateboarding. LO VE
Peter Micanovic, New Haven, Connecticut [08-07-2004]

I think that LOVE Park should be opened to the skaters. I dont see the problem of people doing something that keeps them out of trouble. I have friends that are skaters, and they could be doing a LOT worse then grinding on rails. They never disturbed me in the least,and as for the city turning down one million dollars, I think that is the most asinine thing that could have been done. Give the park back to the skaters.They deserve it. Oh, by the way, does the city not know that no matter what they may put up as a barricade,skaters WILL find a way to skate on or around it.Thanks J. Eccleston
Jackie Eccleston, Philadelphia PA [08-07-2004]

I think the state should reopen the love park again so we can skate there
christopher mendez, New York,Bronx [08-07-2004]

we should have more indoor skate parks for free in tulsa oklahoma...........we only have one indoor skate park but it cost either 10 dollors or 15.......i say just make an indoor skate park for free in tulsa oklahoma..........please all my friends say they should make one but we dont got one so im sick of pleas
kevin, tulsa, oklahoma [08-07-2004]

Pierce Gibson [08-07-2004]

i really hope that the city gets there panties out of a bunch and open it back up......they are pretty stupid to turndown 1 million$ to let skters in and do what they love at least there not there doin drugs and vandalizing with spray paint if the council lets them back you will be setting an example that you care about the citys youth if you dont your basicly saying get guns, get drugs, join a gang and fight over "turf" and not to mention the parents would love to be able to let there kids go out and skate at LOVE PARK and not have to worry abt them gettin arrested payin fines for just practicing your sport ........this problem is just like the hippies and the war in vietnam you older people were proberly hippies and didnt support the war but you still tryed, well us skaters are not supporting people from trying to keep us from having a healthy life, but were still trying right? so if u really did care abt Phillys youth then you would open up LOVE PARK again. not to mention the money you would make off of letting big skate companys comming in and holding contests and could also have contests for charity and donate allt he money to local charitys that would make Philly look like a very Humble city you would be setting a good example so please free Love Park!
Aaron Wieman, Winchester Va [08-07-2004]

Although I have not actually visited Philadelphia, PA, it is on my list of places to go. And as an avid skateboarder, I would absolutely "love" to skate at the infamous Love Park. The entire skating community is saddened by the loss of skate park. No group of people appreciates Love Park as much as the skaters do. It's absolutely perfect.
Grant Kim, Riverside, CA [08-07-2004]

How come mayor street has enpugh money to keep a cop on constant watch at Love but can't afford his "Safe Streets" Cops?? Seems Hes got his priorities messed up. I'm glad he won the election, its fun to see what dumb thing hes gonna do next. What an ass.
William Hempsey Jr, South Philly [08-07-2004]

I skated at love park and it rocked! I don't think it's fair to do this and i think that dc is so cool for helping, The city is being completely unreasonable. Why don't they take away football feilds or baseball fields u can get searously hurit playing those sports, just because "the public/the mainstream" like those sports better?
Gabrielle, New York [08-07-2004]

All we want to do is Skate its not like were skating and destroying things,im sick and tired of the government taking our places of skating away the love park is a known skateboard idol if you havent skated the love park you havent truely felt what love for skateboarding is all we want to do is skate in a fun and safe environment were people wont complain and call the cops on us were not bothering anyone were just tryin to have fun thats all now thats now to much to ask just some peace, quiet, and skateboarding. Thank you
Lamar Victor, Walden,NY, USA [08-07-2004]

its been a dream of mine to sk8 love forever they dont nee dot get rid of it and if they can get 1mill out of it then the city should take it.
Linc Richards, Auburn, IN [08-07-2004]

Love Park is considered the best place to skate in the US. Kids from all over the world come to skate it. Many can only dream of it. Im one of thoes dreamers. I like many other kids live in a town where there are few places to skate. We have one road that we can ride,but it is one of the buseyist roads in the town. We are going to be kicked off of it soon and then what, we skate in our driveways on stupid homemade ramps that last 2 weeks. Taking out love park almost killed my love to skate. I plan on going to Love Park this summer just to stand in it and say i was there. You killed our dreams PHILI
Josh Price, Roulette PA [08-07-2004]

Skateboarding is Love
Jonathan Placentino, Totowa, NJ [08-07-2004]

i know how it feels for all the love park skaters down in philly. up in my town in minnesota i have to deal cops a lot also. it makes me sick how me and my friends get kicked out constantly. we got kicked out of 6 places in one freakin day just trying to live our lives. a lot of people dont realize that skating is our lives. im 14 and one day i hope to skate love park. FREE LOVE.
David Sieg, West St. Paul MN [08-07-2004]

Free Love Park, For the future of the US skate culture, Free Love Park!
Jason Dare, Worcester, England, Great Britain [08-07-2004]

free love park ! you canīt stop whatīs been running for years just because of your stupidity !
urmel, kleve,germany [08-07-2004]

i live so far away from filly that ill probobley never go there but being a skater ithink that evrywere should be open 2 skate not just love but EVERYwere! then you dont haveto keep arresting skaters!
ikashi wilkins, monterey, CA [08-07-2004]

Dude, i skate all the time, and i think that Love Park should definately allow skateboarding. If they don't want us tearing up the streats, at least give us a place too skate man.
Dave, Staten Island, NYC [08-07-2004]

Dont kill history...
Brian Hanley, Philidelphia, pa [08-07-2004]

Free love park... the city is just being little girls about it. LEAVE US ALONE. Its not like we are goin in there house and messin stuff up... thats like what they are doin to us.... damn...
Stephen Bock, Omaha Nebraska [08-07-2004]

Love park should be open for all skaters. The city council made a huge mistake and it already shows. They turned down a million bucks over ten years how stupid, there is no way that skating could cause that much damage to love park and with that money they could repair and add new things to love park.if love park were open id make my way there just to skate for a day and I live in stafford virginia. what a bunch of idiots.
Justin Flory, Stafford, VA [07-25-2004]

Yo i love love park and i never even been there. make a park just like at. but hopefully i will skate their in like 2 years
maurice hairston, li ny us [07-25-2004]

skaters need 2 have the right where ever they want if u deny them of that than you will find my self along with many others in jail because to quit skating is not an option either free love park or lock me up because as soon as i get out i will just pick up my board and get right back at it
peter kelly, charleston, ms [07-25-2004]

Will Oberfest, Chilmark, Massachusetts [07-25-2004]

free love
jason bowen, denver,Co. [07-25-2004]

love park is the best street skating park ever. rob dyrdek is making a plaza for skaters like a mile from my house more details at FREE LOVE
bobby corns, centerville, ohio, usa [07-25-2004]

look man im from the whole other side of the country and for some reason love seems as important to me as much as it is to stevie,edmund,kalis,the skaters of philly for me to skate there is my dream and still is.i would love to give all the support i can just to see that place in another video,or on website without it being fenced up or destroyed by horrible little wooden bencehes and piss yellow planters.all i ask for you to FREE LOVE
bryan mederos, fresno california [07-25-2004]

no lo ve
Ben Caplan, Narberth, PA [07-25-2004]

Love park should be free to skaters its not fair, and DC offered you one MILLION dollars to repair it you a* didnt even consider it
Ben Caplan, Narberth, PA [07-25-2004]

please free love park so that i can go there and skate again! FREE LOVE PARK!
veronica, Singapore, yishun [07-25-2004]

free love
Dylan Gilbert, Hatfield PA [07-25-2004]

Scot Harig, Grand Rapids, Michigan [07-25-2004]

its skateboarding... its not rollerblading, its not basketball or baseball... its skateboarding. i could go skate there and get a fine but if i had a basket ball i could run threw there screamin and getting in peoples ways and nothing would happen so what is wrong with skateboarding?
Alex Knittle, harrisburg,pa [07-25-2004]

Zach, annapolis, maryland [07-25-2004]

I went there once and it uscks that we can't skate it anymore.
maxiem gadoua-dussault, napierville,Qc,Canada [07-25-2004]

cam fahey, medford ma [07-25-2004]

Free LOVE you r* council!
Brian Ferro [07-25-2004]

You can't stop us. If you close down some place, we'll find somewhere else to skate. You'll alwyas have us skating, so why not just accept it and let us skate. You can shut down LOVE, but skateboarding will never die. FREE LOVE PARK!
Jim Kane, West Chester, PA [07-25-2004]

free love man!
ian foster [07-25-2004]

let us skate LOVE Park you p*
Ian Foster, Midlothian, VA [07-25-2004]

even though i have never, and may never, skate love park i believe that skaters should be allowed in there as most skateboarders are great people and have more respect for the world than a lot of other people that are allowed to be in there and it should be a free place where people can do what they please
tim chuah, leeds, england [07-25-2004]

I've never had the oppertunity to go to Love Park, and many other people haven't either. Give us back our Love.
Max Spang, Dayton, Ohio [07-25-2004]

Cameron Evans, New Brunswick Canada [07-25-2004]

LOVE park is open to the public right??Well,skaters are the public to!We should have LOVE park open to skaters and other people.I mean...its not like were doing MAJOR damage or anything!And the cops have a MAJOR problem with skateboarders like me,I got arrested for skateing on the property!I thought and still think it's very unfare.And no George W.Bush..Skateboarding is not a crime!What's next?Riding a scooter is a crime???I swear all this government stuff is so uptight.It's like all of them have there panties in a twist or something.They just wanna ruin things for us,there so involved and so self-centered about themselves.And they never have time to relize how it effects us.If I was the Mayor of Philadelphia..Skateboarding would be allowed in LOVE park..and everywhere.I just wish they knew that skateboarding does no harm to the city.Because it really doesnt.The only damage to the city is people who don't take care of there home, pollution,littering.And thats NOT the skater's fault.We dont do that.It's not right to punish us,just because you have no one else to punish but yourself!You upsetted all of us here!I mean,come on!LOVE park isnt really important like Washington D.C. or anything!So I hope you relize how enraged we are. Because your just making us miserable.Maybe you'll wake up and relize..hey! theise kid's have a point.Pssh that'll be the day.But hopefully you'll really put some thought into it.If not,then screw you.
Hana, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania [07-25-2004]

all u that shut down the love park lick b* and should eat our s* and s* out our s* then the s* composed of both of our s*! SK8 R.F.G.
dalton alday, springfield MO. REPRESENT [07-25-2004]

I think it is bulls* that they shut it down. I have wached a lot of skate videos and in almost every video I see Love park in there.
cory fisher, springfield missouri usa [07-25-2004]

Efreay Ovelay Rakpay roay Iay illway ticksay ymay ingerfay puay ouryay s*!
U* Ouyay, Youngstown, Ohio [07-25-2004]

Legalize skateboarding
Clay Henson, Niceville, FL [07-25-2004]

This is bulls* they can't do this to skaters! I can't believe they turned down a million
Blake Campbell, Canada [07-25-2004]

Its really sad that for all of our lives we get looked down on because we have a 2 by 4 with wheels. You dont realize that by allowing skateboarders to use love, you will get many tourists. It will really help the community!
jared snyder, Huntingburg, IN [07-25-2004]

f* mayor street!
Tim [07-25-2004]

Matt Seawell, midlothian virginia [07-25-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK! all love park ever was, and is for that matter, was a great place to be with friends and fellow skaters. if love park closes it will just be a big blow to ALL fellow skaters across the U.S., NOT JUST IN PHILLY! also it will increase on loitering violations all over the city. if we skaters just had a place to go to, which we have, there would be a major decrese in loitering and violence in the city. please keep love park alive for all of us!
Will, Washington D.C., USA [07-25-2004]

Free LOVE Park
Thomas Jacobi [07-25-2004]

Ryan Shorosky, Manchester, NJ [07-25-2004]

This skatepark rules and it has the best things in the world!
Brandon hudini, britih columbia [07-25-2004]

i only skated love one time and it was amazing either free it or build an exact copy somewhere...when i was there the older people watched us skate they enjoyed it and now that they closed it the older people jsut walk at the park, they dont have fun
david, new philly, ohio [07-25-2004]

i am 14 yers old love park could have been one of the best places to skate in the world and before i could skate there myself it got tore down so i hope you reilize what you did was bad.
James Thomas, west farmington ohio [07-25-2004]

Mayor Street is a mean person. He should open up love park cuz i wanna skate it.
Alex Haras, michigan [07-25-2004]

free love park
collin, michingan [07-25-2004]

adam, silver creek 7 elm ny [07-25-2004]

LOVE park is the can't take it away forever.eventually kids are gonna start skating there anyway, and what are ya gonna do, arrest everyone?free love park!
ryan mccord, pennsylvania [07-25-2004]

LOVE park definatly needs to be re-opened to the skateboarding community, i mean, i say for a lot of skaters that LOVE rips! opening up LOVE again would be huge for skaters who have skated LOVE and skaters who want to skate LOVE. The city should really think about opening the park again for skaters. So many people tell me LOVE kicks butt! so please just really think about it. skaters love LOVE and would like it to open again to the skateboard community and then you wouldn't have to worry about the skaters always on the streets and skating thru traffic. so open LOVE park again the the skateboard community!
Allison Heller, sellersville, PA 18960 [07-25-2004]

STEVE kenendy [07-25-2004]

Rocco Infante, Clifton Heights,PA [07-25-2004]

I think LOVE park should bne re skateable i mean cmon what gonna happen next are they gonna ban the chess tournaments of they get to roudy lol .Its rediculous becuse were not hurting any one .would they rather us go skate in the street and get killed ? or skate in love park and have a blast .shows how much they care about their comunity .Also i heard they said ....hmmmm let me seee since when are kids NOT part of the community ? well i could rant on forever but to make myseld blunt ....FREE LOVE PARK
Ryan Rollins [07-25-2004]

free love park man.... us skateboarders express our selves differently than others... o well... atleast we aren't out on the streets into drugs or something.
anthony copeland, macomb Michigan [07-25-2004]

NOOOO! Ive never skateboarded there before but i used to want to like crazy, and i still do! but i guess there is no more skateboarding there. R.I.P. but i hope there will be someday!
Tim Barge, Gardiner, New York [07-25-2004]

Ive been reading this website for who knows how long, hoping one day I will read on the Homepage, Love Park free'd. But ive been dissapointed time and time again, and everytime I read what everyone is saying, its with the best interest, but it never has any effect on any level. Its just a way for people to get out their frustration. So all I have to say is mayor street is blind to the oppurtunities that $1 million dollar offer holds. Will see what happens down the road when he'll be needing that money more than ever.
jason, Bethlehem, Pa [07-25-2004]

Im travelling to Philly in August 2004 with my 12year old son mark who loves skateboarding please have Love Park open so that he can really have a wonderful holiday in your wonderful city.
Catherine Comerford, irleand [07-25-2004]

no lo Ve are skatespots are dying every day please free the love park!
stu jones, milton-freewater OR [07-25-2004]

Love park is the beast. it should be legal to skate there.
Brad Barnes, Frederick Maryland [07-25-2004]

skate freely!
melody, mundelein, ILL [07-25-2004]

dude, i already got 2 tickets there, it sucks, and my board was confinscated. its just not worth it, when my friends and i got in trouble we weren't doing any harm to anyone or anything what so ever. we stayed out of people's way, some even stopped to watch us, i've noticed that people enjoy the skaters company, and "ntertainment"we provide. the philly cops could be doing a lot more productive stuff than chasing kids all day, its just not worth it.
dave basheda, yardley PA [07-25-2004]

T. Wasserman, Philadelphia, PA [07-25-2004]

Dave Culberson, Arlington, TX [07-25-2004]

My boyfriend and I am originally from El Paso, TX. We met when he was sixteen and I was fourteen. We moved to attend the University of Arlington at Texas. We have been boyfriends for seven years now and from the very start my boyfriend and his friends skateboarded and always talked about Love Park. The importance and influnce the park has on skateboarding and life. My brother lives in New York city and graduated from Columbia University. My boyfriend and I are going to visit him July 22, 2004. However the only way my boyfriend will go to New York is if we take time out to go to Philadelphia and experencie Love Park. Now, if he could legally skate the park it would be amazing, remembering his youth and knowing that others could do the same. A starting point for todays future and yesterdays.
Angelica Primero, Arlington, TX [07-25-2004]

jose lus arellano espino, Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico [07-25-2004]

Joe [07-25-2004]

We should be able to skate love park!
Andrew, Vancouver, B.C. [07-25-2004]

it is the dream of all skaters across the world to skate Love Park. the cops have tryed to ban skaters from it but they keep coming back. it seems to me that skateboarding is like a religion and Love Park being the mecca of that religion. the cops may try to keep us out but they will not succeed and the skaters will not stop coming unless it rains everyday for the next 100 years. i myself have not been there but i will go there one day that i am certain of.
Joe Walter, Woodbridge Connecticut [07-25-2004]

sean pompa, hurricane,wv [07-25-2004]

i skate nex t love park bu could not enter the plaza because of cops and my parents tearing it dwn will destroy not only n era of skaters who have skated it but an era of skaters wh want to skate it and future skaters wil never get to know how great it was and how it really defines true street skating and thw words of Josh Kalis it has everything short ledges high ledges long ledges low ledges big stairs little stairs it has everything it doesnt matter if yuve been skating for 10 years and still cant ollie you will have fun at love if u know anything about skateboading u know how perfect love park s and it wuld be wrong fr philly to take that away from us LOVE PARK R.I.P
Jon Bonaldo, Woodbridge Connecicut [07-25-2004]

Skating is not a crime - free Love park for the skaters!
chip, Philadelphia, PA [07-25-2004]

What's the harm? They aren't bothering a single person. Philly is a city of freedom and if they don't see that, then they shouldn't be in philly anyway. LOVE park is a skateboarding icon. Philly needs more icons to differentiate itself from cities across the country.
Emad Hasan, Langhorne, PA [07-25-2004]

i think LOVE park should be usable to skaters because my life is skating, every day im on my board. i watch these movies and just wish i could skate at LOVE. LOVE park is so important to skaters and its just a park to everyone else. people come all around the world just to skate at LOVE. Josh Kalis' part in the dc video was filmed all in LOVE and so many other parts in sk8 videos are filmed in LOVE. LOVE should be open to skaters all the time.
Liam Houghtaling, ossining, ny [07-25-2004]

love park is needed by the skateboard community
kyle, michigan [07-25-2004]

give love park back to the skaters
nick, columbus, ga [07-25-2004]

Free Love Park it is the best place to skate and i hope to once travel over and skate it myself
Stu Saunders, Plymouth, England, UK [07-25-2004]

im signing it because i would love to skate it.
Lyle Delmeier, New Jersey [07-25-2004]

Lori Westreich, Philadelphia Pa [07-25-2004]

Give this back to the skaters. Build another park for walkin your dogs or whatever and give this back to the skaters.
Lauchlan MacDonald, Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada [07-25-2004]

Simon Holmes, Britain [07-25-2004]

i know i live far away but i know the skaters in Phily brougth Love park to life! Just think about skate movies without parts in love park... Dear Americans Please fight for Love Park
alex, switzerland [07-25-2004]

never been to love park, i am a skateboarder, people need to grow up and relise skateboarders grow up to were not all 13 i mean im 20 and would kill for the chance to go to love park. skateboarders know more about there citys than the f**kin mayor's do
chris mitchell, timaru, New Zealand [07-25-2004]

Sebastian Bojek, Tokyo,Japan [07-25-2004]

i skated love park for like 5 minutes, but those 5 minutes where so sick, FREE LOVE
Jean Crespo, Allentown, PA [07-25-2004]

Jeremy Bunny, Perth, Australia [07-25-2004]

I juste hope to see Love Park back in videos and for sur when I'll come to U.S., the first thing I'll do is taking a fly to Philly for skating my favourite spot. Enjoy skatboarding...
Jonathan from Switzerland, Sion, Valais, Switzerland [07-25-2004]

free love!
Robert, Reno, NV [07-25-2004]

I have never been to Love Park but as a skateboarder it has become ovbious to me that Love Park means a great deal to our skating community. The million dollars that Ken Block, CEO of DC shoeco, is providing for taking care of the park should be more than enough to fix any damages that may occur. It also seems ironic to me that the city of Philadelphia made millions off of the X Games, yet when it came time to do something that helped out skateboarders, the city turned their back on us.
Andy Jeffreys, Phoenix, Arizona [07-25-2004]

i seriously think that they should re-open love park to skateboarders. Because it is the most perfect place to shread and chill with your friends. So think about it. And hopefully you'll re-open it.
derick shoff, doylestown, PA, USA [07-25-2004]

Jason, Alaska [07-25-2004]

Rob Goldstein, Long Island, New York [07-25-2004]

It is a very important thing to a lot of people its not just somewhere to skate its somewhere that you can chill with your friends and have a good time,your also safe there its actually a good place to be so I hope somthing good happens...We will See..
Mike Keller, Baltimore,Maryland,USA [07-25-2004]

Love Park should be open for skaters, because the park was build for fun, pleasure, and... Just a beautiful place where everyone could relax that means also skaters...
Tony VB, Belgium [07-25-2004]

Skateboarders are going to be in Philly whether you like it or not. You really missed out on that million dollar deal. it would cost no where near that much to fix damages from skateboarding.
chad, charlotte, nc [07-25-2004]

I've seen and heard (and read) a lot about Love Park. To bad for me I have never been there. But if you see how great it is for skateboarding I really don't understand why it isn't allowed there. It's not that skateboarders have bad intentions when there are skating there. It's just a really good skatespot. And if you hear how the architect and the other people that realised Love Park think about skateboarding in Love Park I don't understand why the city doesn't allow it. Maybe they should look in some skatevideo's where skaters skate Love Park (Transworld: Feedback, the part that some guy comes complaining to a skater (I think it's Josh Kalis but I'm not sure) who is filming something there and the skater has some really good points)(And there is also an On Video issue where in Love Park is featured)(and also there a lot of skatemovies which have a little part of Love Park). I really hope that the city will change their mind, cause Love Park means a lot to a lot of people. Excuse my English Edward
Edward, Zwijndrecht, Holland [07-25-2004]

Trough my eyes, i saw love park only used by skaterboarders and no one else used it so it is truely dedicated for skaters and i would come skate it if it was still open peace
Roy, The Netherlands [07-25-2004]

free love! it looks so cool to skate. i want to skate it so bad. there is no point in the entire world to not let anyone skate there. people enjoy watching people skate. and people have fun while they are there with friends and enjoying skateboarding and life basically. the mayor is just sellfish and doesn't want to let it be open to us "no good punkers." IT DOESN'T DO ANY HARM!
Chris Pikoullas, Orland Park, IL [07-25-2004]

love park kicks ass i was just down there a week ago and the cop took my 150 board so i say free love park
ERIC, Springfield PA [07-25-2004]

ive been to love a few time just because its a far drive(2 and a half hours) it is so worth the ride to come up and skate love, its even fun just to sit in the park and chill. its fun to get to know the local skate boarders and let them show me the spots in philly. the only down part is when the cops come but the wont keep me from coming. R.I.P. LOVE Park
andrew scanlon, baltimore maryland [07-25-2004]

Not much to say, except that it's absolutely obsurd to limit the growing skateboard society of America! What happened to the whole idea of freedom?!
Jared Hoy, Garwood, NJ [07-25-2004]

D. Ortiz, Henryville, PA [07-25-2004]

kim, tucson az [07-25-2004]

i got a $300 dollar ticket for f/s fliping the love four so free it so i can do it switch
andrew reynolds, lakeland,florida [07-25-2004]

we need this park back
Chris Holy, liverpool, ny [07-25-2004]

ive never ever skated it but someday, if it gets freed then ill make sure i skate it sometime in the next 20 years
Pat bonner, new brunswick, canada [07-25-2004]

jfk would say it's a-ok.
patrick paricio, 315, new york [07-25-2004]

i believe that the skate park isa great thing for our community, before we had no skate park, and now look at all the people who come there! it's awesome! and sometimes peoplejust come to see everyone skate! it's just so awesome! plus, another reason why it's a good thing to have this skate park is because now we don't have any worries if your child is skateboarding on the road....same for bmx riders! as you can see, our community needs this skate park! we love to come and see these people do what they can do! and just being us to see what level we can get to on our own doings! sarah marshall
sarah marshall, decatur/harristown, ill united states of america [07-25-2004]

I think if they are gonna shut down LOVE park for ppl the ages to 5-100 they should shut down other parks for grown women and men. Skating is a life style not a choice,its always going to be there so just leave it there if u dont like it look away.
Mike Folds, Mexico,Ney York [07-25-2004]

mike olds [07-25-2004]

Filling the pages of magazines and the dreams of skateboarders everywhere. I'm gonna visit in august, i sure hope its open.
Max Hunter, Anchorage Alaska [07-25-2004]

Yo free LOVE park we need place to skate, all the cops complaining about where we skate at Industrial buildings and how it's illegal, well let us just have LOVE thats all we need. Please make this happen; Philly's Love is at LOVE.
Matt Borges, Gilmanton, New Hampshire [07-25-2004]

They "don't see skating in LOVE park"? Who the hell cares, because you don't see anything in love park. No one uses it, but the one group of people who would really take advantage of it can't use it. Take the money!
Katie Heasley, Pittsburgh, PA [07-25-2004]

Free love me and some friends are going there this summer and going to skatelove and free it we will do it no cops will stop us we will skate it even if we have not decks to skate or if they put it over with grass or what ever we will go there to just say we skated the place that ever great skater in are time has.see if the damn mayor would understand are genertion then he would be all in to it but he does not care about us or about how we think. i will personly talk to the guy if i must to free love love is the most magical place on is just like what the parks name is the parks name is love and that is what you feel when you skate it.i heard every thing that could be good about it and i am going to go there and skate it up
Nick Michailidis, Mexico Newyork [07-25-2004]

plese free love park!
tally bruno, new jersey [07-25-2004]

Free love park, whoever runs philly is a f* f* who should die,They waste there money ruining the park and hire a 24/7 rentacop piece of s* that is the stupidest things I have ever heard of.
justin schultz, lapeer michigan usa [07-25-2004]

Love is beast!
Kendall Camuti Jr., hagerstown, MD [07-25-2004]

Free LOVE park!
Brett Weiss, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada [07-25-2004]

Charles Daoust, Laval, Quebec, Canada [07-25-2004]

Been there, also been kicked out. Philly wheres the l0ve?
Adrian Camuti, Walkersville, MD [07-25-2004]

To take away LOVE Park from the skaters is like taking a stadium from a football team. LOVE park is the most popular skateboarding location in the US. To take it away from them would be taking away their stadium.
Joel Otero, Tampa, FL [07-25-2004]

I'm new to the sport, but I can see a good thing when it's right in front of my face. C'mon Philadelphia bring skating back to Love park!
Ryan Schott, Warrington, PA [07-25-2004]

shawn clifford, dunedin,florida [07-25-2004]

with such high obesity rates, it seems a shame that the government should condemn exercise. If they're banning skateboarding, it should be safe to assume that they're still human and are fair enough to ban roller blading and other forms of exercise, however I get the impression they're not.
Doug Hyde, alexandria, VA [07-25-2004]

dude....just free it...ur puttin more of an effort just to stop skaters from skating there then just taking the deal with dc
Timothy Morris, morton PA [07-25-2004]

I don''t skate but thats gay that you can't skate there. There is no good reason why you shouldn't be allowed to. f* those politicians against us. you should just have hundreds of kids go there and skate and see what happens. Free love park
Jordan, nj [07-25-2004]

Rally this friday
Mike, Philly [07-25-2004]

Free love park
anonymous [07-25-2004]

everyone who skates should all meet up and rally on friday july 1st. since its the holiday weekend all the tourist is gonna see just how ###### up this city is and won't come back.
anonymous [07-25-2004]

Dont break the love park
Soua Xiong, Veitam [07-25-2004]

Love park has had a great influence on skateboarders all over the world, it's a skateboarding monument that should always remain to exist. Don't take our LOVE away! PEACE
Ramon Reinders, Holland [07-25-2004]

free love park
Adam Kohn, Magnolia, New Jersey [07-25-2004]

This is an amazing and beautiful place. Keep it open to ALL of the public. It is part of the culture of the city to have skaters there and should be there forever.
Shawn Gruenhagen, Denver, CO [07-25-2004]

think of it this way love park to us is as important as the govenment is to you. with out it our community is and caos and is unhappy. lets just hope that when that dick street is gone the new mayor will be more resonable and will accept DC's offer.
chris maalouf, phoenix [06-30-2004]

they should make love park free again and let us back in i dont even live in phily and i think it is stupied so what if all the skateboarders like to skate there it is there fault for making it that way not the skateboarders i have been there a couple times when it was free and there and when i skated there me and my friends saw no skateboarder causeing any problems and the police still came and stop are fun just because they hate us and the park is called love park not hate park they should lets us back in
stevie jensen, tracy CA USA [06-30-2004]

Free Love.
Eric Edvalson, Richland, WA [06-30-2004]

for 1 million dollers you should get it out of your hair and sell it. then you wouldnt ever have to worry about it. im sure security has other things they could be doing. HA YEAH RIGHT
Chase Reeves, chesterfield, virginia, usa [06-30-2004]

Jes, CaNtOn [06-30-2004]

taking love park away from skateboarders is like taking the statue of liberty away from tourists. skateboarders need a place to go and love is that place.a very special thanks to dc for fighting the good fight. keep it up you guys we appriciate all the effort you put into love.
Scott, worcester, ma [06-30-2004]

common man? Whats the deal with banning skateboarding. its about damn time people start realizing that skateboarding is just a bunch of fun.
Lindsey Boulter, toronto, ontario, canada [06-30-2004]

visser sk8 team in whelling is the s* u cant f* wit us b*
visser sk8er, wheeling, west virginia [06-30-2004]

Marcus Waldron [06-30-2004]

they should let us skate. skating keeps people off drugs and like criminal stuff like stuff.
Ed Miller, Erial, New Jersey [06-30-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK! Skating is all we got, now just let us be...
Jason Atkinson, Erial, New Jersey [06-30-2004]

Brent Schwartz, Omaha Nebraska [06-30-2004]

skateboarding is fun
mark ryan espina, Indian head maryland [06-30-2004]

Obviously, love park is probab;y the best park ever to sk8 at. You can't take it away for many reasons one, if skaters only have limited things to sk8 then that means we will only be able to drop in on certain heights of quarter pipes or only being able to ollie onto a certain height of box or a grind on a low hubba. If you stop us from sk8ing different virieties of heights and etc. if we go into competitions to try to win some cash they wont be able to because they have never tried anything different. Love park is the best park i have ever been too, nothing is going to get damaged purposly because everyone loves it so much. there is so much more to say but I think u can hear it from a lot more people.- brock morgan
Brock Morgan, Kingston Ontario [06-30-2004]

Free love park, the parks all about love and respect this is bulls*, its destroying all the kids lives skaters arnt nuisances, theyre going outside and getting some freash air, at least theyre not getting fat watchin tv and lazing around, skateboardings about individuality and if you take that away, you kill our personality free love park not just for skaters but for people who just wanna have fun.
Ashley, Seattle [06-30-2004]

kevin adams [06-30-2004]

i mean you cant take away love
bob jones, philly [06-30-2004]

if you ever stop allowing skaters to skate love park, a strike will occur and buldings will be burned...god footy comes from there
connie, narve,FL [06-30-2004]

I am 34 years of age, and a responsible person. I think skateparks should be encouraged, and paid for by local government. They are a way for kids to spend time excersisng, achieving goals, have wonderful role models (Tony Hawk) and are most of all having fun! you should respect your parks, as we in the uk have almost none!
maggie turner, someret, england, uk [06-30-2004]

I love LOVE park, i can always find some crack
BrAD, San Diego, CA [06-30-2004]

sergio [06-30-2004]

i am a local skater from calgary FREE LOVE PARK! SKATE OR DIE
James, calgary alberta [06-30-2004]

Jim, Oud-Beijerland, netherlands [06-30-2004]

free love park
Phil Moore, sicklerville, nj [06-30-2004]

alban cnudde, Lille, france [06-30-2004]

it was good
Juston Santee, Brenton's mom pants [06-30-2004]

Hey was just there for my second time about a week ago and even after the attempted skate stopping its still a sweet spot. Skated there the first night from 10 to like 1 no problem with 5-0 but the next day came back in the morning i skated over to bench when i got to the park sat down and this cop was harrassing me saying, "Get the f* out of this park now" so I said very polietly i was just sitting here and he just keeps flipping out so i just left and went to city hall. I feel this is a big problem if cops have nothing better to do then harass skaters for doing something that isn't hurting anyone
Jake Bayak, South Plainfield, New Jersey [06-30-2004]

Free love park because i will never get to skate it if it's closed.
Brent Arnold, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. [06-30-2004]

never skated love but it has been a dream to skate there one day, a dream that now seems like it wont come true, keep fighting
Graham, toronto ontario [06-30-2004]

i think you should let skaters skate there because it is like a heaven for us by putting a ban on it then you will just make matters worse because then we will just go to another place, in skateboarding we just go wherever and do whatever, it is just our nature, just give us this one place love park is just legendary to the skateboarding community, in other words it is just a necessary place to skate if you are in philly, everyone around the world who skates will want to go here, i have never been there but if i ever get up to philly i will go automatically go there and skate, overall just give us love and none of us will do anything stupid like drugs, etc.
hana, spartanburg,sc [06-30-2004]

let em skate
Daniel Hafner, Lansdale, PA [06-30-2004]

love park is the best spot in the world
Joey Vansickle, commerce town ship mi us [06-30-2004]

Ive never skated love but would love to one day as it sounds like a sick place to skate.
Robert Whelan, Manchester Uk [06-30-2004]

I love being in happy.
fatma, Tanzania - Dar es salaam [06-30-2004]

Jeffrey Forney, Denver, PA [06-30-2004]

i have never skated love but i sure love skating...and parks. get it back, dammit!
Steve Shepherd, franklin, ma [06-30-2004]

Peter Scovill, Atlanta, Georgia USA [06-30-2004]

Allison DeVoe, Naugatuck, Connecticut [06-30-2004]

ever since i first saw love i wanted to have a chance to skate their and now i may never have that chance, so im sigining this petition to make my dream come true
adam lane, massillon ohio [06-30-2004]

free love park!
stuart townsend(not the actor), inverness,florida [06-30-2004]

Tulin Ozturk, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-30-2004]

free love park mayor street...take the money, and let people skate
Mark Heydeman, Morton PA [06-30-2004]

LOVE is one of the best skate spots there is, if its not open to skaters then theyll just find other places to skate
Jonathan Davis, atlanta, ga [06-30-2004]

Tyler Baird, Wading River [06-30-2004]

I used to live outside of Vineland, New Jersey when I was a child, and my family would take weekend trips to Philadelphia all of the time. My older brother and I used to skateboard there in the evenings of the early 1990's. Upon doing some research for a paper about the city, I discovered this website. What a shame and a disappointment it was to find such a ban on this park! I truly hope this issue can be resolved, and skateboarders once allowed again into the park.
Nathaniel Compton, Tallahassee, Florida, USA [06-30-2004]

juss free love dude
aaron dubin, dresher, PA [06-30-2004]

street sux
aaron dubin, Pennsylvania [06-30-2004]

I've never skated LOVE but always wanted to, now i might never get a chance. Free Love.
Jon, Singapore [06-30-2004]

damn you government
kyle skotnicky, canton, ohio [06-30-2004]

Ive been skatin 6 years and have seen a lot of stuff go down at love park to make me feel like im part of love park although i havent been love park so i actually will get a chance to fly all the way to the U.S and get to be a part of that skateboardin history which is love park....PLEASE I BEG OF U AS A YOUNG PERSON WHO LOVES SKATEBOARDING!Im sure josh kalis and stevie williams and the rest of love crew would be very greatful
Awangku Irawan, Kuching,Borneo,Malaysia [06-30-2004]

1000s' of people including me are indirectly affected by the shut down of this park, some of the best video footage for millions of skateboarders is taken here all the time creating money and jobs everywhere!
Ammon Wilkes, Perth Western Australia [06-30-2004]

free love! woo
Budd [06-30-2004]

Sharief M., houston, tx [06-30-2004]

Ben Yazak, Shoreham, New York [06-30-2004]

Im 14 years old and i started skating about 9 months ago. Although LOVE may be a little out of my league, i plan to skate it eventually. From what I have seen, LOVE is better than any skatepark out htere. FREE LOVE PARK!
Travis Peitz, Matawan, NJ [06-30-2004]

cason johnson, longview tx [06-30-2004]

Russ Waltz, West Chester, PA [06-30-2004]

i think they should reopen love park its a great place to skate and a has nice ground ive been there once and it was tha most fun i ever had in my life.i love it there tha weather and everything else its great!
brandon franco, humble,texas [06-30-2004]

open the park to all this is the city where freedon started lets not stop now
lee g glazer, philadelphia pa [06-30-2004]

free love park
kyle ritcey, Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada [06-30-2004]

free love park
Mike Robbins, New Milford Connecticut [06-30-2004]

FREE IT FOR F*CK SAKE! i really think that it is damb stupid to take it away, as it was bringing money to your country but these pros rippin it up
colm, dubai, uae [06-30-2004]

Ray, laughlin, Nevada [06-30-2004]

I thank that skaters should beable to skate love park so they can stay off the streets and not do drugs or cause recks.
Patrick Murphy, Highlands, TX [06-30-2004]

Let the shining in your heart
Natalie, Groß - Umstadt/Gebiet Darmstadt [06-30-2004]

free love park
Nick Brooks, Mentor, OH [06-30-2004]

Kendal Cehanowicz [06-30-2004]

rip love park...ignorant politicians should die
andrew smith, australia [06-30-2004]

keep the love open to all!
Manda Rummelhoff, chicago, il [06-30-2004]

Thats like super cool you guys are doing this. Love Park is really a part of skateboarding. I've been skating since I was four years old (9 years of my life) and my first ever video was Photosynthesis. The AWS video? God I remember seeing Love Park for the first time ... I dreamed about it! It was absolutley amazing. It seemed like heaven. I mean that whole video was practically shot there. You could tell dudes like Brian Wenning and Josh Kalis were just having a good time. I beg you. Bring it back! I live in Maine but I mean that doesn't bother me. I still want Love Park back. I've never even skated but I'm just doing it for other people. I beg the city, BRING LOVE PARK BACK!
Rob Ridge, Gorham ME [06-30-2004]

whitney young, brewster,ny [06-30-2004]

Skateboarding is an art not a crime! FREE LOVE PARK!
steven oneil, Nicholson, PA [06-30-2004]

I want the love park to stay because its the most know and best place for people to skate and why would u take it away when people will just go other places and wreck things when its right there for them let them keep it im going to the love park next year if its there because i wanna skate it it looks very nice Peace Justin
Justin, saskatoon,saskatchewan,canada [06-30-2004]

Skateboarding is not a crime.
Graeme Whitecross, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. [06-30-2004]

free it now
J-P C., cyberspace [06-30-2004]

Free Love Park!
Chris Chiglo, Cherry Hill, NJ, 08002, USA [06-30-2004]

ridiculous. why have one of the world's best and most well known skate spots unskatable. i dont' even skate, but this is stupid. skateboarding is not a crime. how many times does it have to be said?
mitch babin, saskatoon, Canada [06-30-2004]

Katie Wilson, Glassboro New Jersey [06-30-2004]

Daniel Bray, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada [06-30-2004]

I skate Love almost every weekend and it sucks because a few min. after your thier the cops try to take your stuff and s* like that. so please free love for the skaters its just a cool place to hang out.
cameron, Annapolis Maryland [06-30-2004]

i think what they are trying to do i a bunch of crap and that tells younger kids to not use their time wisely and skate. go and commit random acts of violence and be imprisioned by blood sucking corperate america!
christopher rosemann, stockton, ca, u.s.a. [06-30-2004]

juan posadas, sacramento, ca [06-30-2004]

I visited some relitives in philly and I knew about Love Park so I decided to check it out, man was it ever awesome, very consistent lines perfect run ways and landing, amazing handrails and ledges, one of the best parks i've skated keep it open its an amazing place!
Kyle Johnson, Canada, Ontario, Ottawa [06-30-2004]

Free Love
Anders Moe, Excelsior, Minnesota [06-30-2004]

Free Love
Mikey McMullen, Reading,Pennsylvannia [06-30-2004]

Free Love Park!
Kyle, absecon new jersey [06-30-2004]

Man,i have been to philly,and i have walked through LOVE park,its a disasater to walk through that place and see that skateboarders aren't welcome,like the other people are welcome to the park.I have a ONSKATEBOARDING dvd about how they shut LOVE park down from the skaters,but not all the other people.It shows some really great skate footage in the film,but it also touches skater's hearts out there,knowing that you are banned from skating there with your hommies.It tells about how the homeless people are aloud to piss and s* all over the flower beds,but yet they complain about us tearing their precious ledges all to peieces.I say we go up there and start a riot on city hall up there,so we can have the right to skate there when ever we want to.You don't see a fine sign hanging on a ledge for the homeless people that says,"Homeless people can't enter,if saw by philly police,you'r fined 500.00."You dont see one for them,do you,i think NOT,You only see them for us skaters.Well professinal skateboarders make a living from skateboarding wereever,and they don't get bitched at for nothing like us non-professinal skaters do.How can we ever turn pro if we can't get out there and skate for our lives,so we can be like the pro's and make a living from skating.I have spoke my last breath of the LOVE story.Thanks for your time.
Shawn Bowling, Campbell County,TN. [06-30-2004]

Chris Pyrdsa, Lancaster PA [06-30-2004]

"Where is the love"
B.O., Boca Raton, Florida [06-30-2004]

let's think, would Philadelphia rather have more kids out on the street with nothing to do( we know where that leads), or have a place to practice your hobby and enjoy the sights, its also fun watching skateboarders. they really dont bother anyone, i dont get it. its wrong to have taken that away from the community, wheres the brotherly love? another park should be open to public skating
Liz, Aston, Pennsylvania [06-30-2004]

I never visited love but I wish I had. The US government are wankers and should free love and thank the skaters.
cav, Bristol UK [06-30-2004]

Let the kids skate, at least they will be constructive with their time and doing something healthy and wont be out on the streets commiting crimes.. if you give them something good to do, they wont be out doing bad things... I live all the way out on the west coast and I still know how much this park means for all those on the east coast and for ALL skaters around the world.
Kristina, Las Vegas, Nv [06-30-2004]

Skaters won't go away. It dosn't matter what you do so what's the point of fighting them when you know that our side will always win and this is our job to skate we live for these things and your trying to take away our jobs? What the hell is that? You have to free LOVE!
brandon nguyen, Burlingame, CA [06-30-2004]

free love
Phillip Leverette, baltimore maryland [06-30-2004]

hell hath no fury like that of mayor streets hate for skateboarding,discrimination is criminal
john, camden [06-30-2004] homepage

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