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June 22-June 24, 2004

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free love becuse we all want to skate there. its like taking away part of our lives. How would you like it if we took away the statue of liberty or closed the lincoln memorial.
Phillip Candelaria, north philly [06-24-2004]

were is the love? Love park was made to share the love. Love Park is a public place were people can have fun. Philly is taking away dreams of kids and their one thing they LOVE to do the most is just to skate. To TownHall, how you like it if we take away your dreams
andrew, nj [06-24-2004]

free love park, id love to skate there and not be chaced out by cops. thanks DC, keep fighting.
zac brinkman, piqua, ohio [06-24-2004]

LOVE Park is the best I stand up for all the skaters in saying screw the goverment screw the cops screw signs that say NO SKATEBOARDING! LONG LIVE SKATBOARDING
Micheal Cain, 122 West Watkins Hartford, IL [06-24-2004]

I am from Ireland but I know Just how much LOVE ment to the skaters in philly
Michael, Newry [06-24-2004]

Us skateboarders made Love park what it is today...if it wasn't for us it wouldn't have even half of the publicity and popularity that it does now. FREE LOVE.....F* the mayor
Dan, Philly [06-24-2004]

the greatest place for street skaters is all i have to say..its a landmark cmon now
Kayly, Clifton Pa [06-24-2004]

brain [06-24-2004]

this park kicks a* sooo many skate vidoes have parts of the park being skated . i skate it 2-3 times a year it should be used for skateing . or at least parts of it.
mike ell, dallas pa [06-24-2004]

I am having the same problem trying to keep a skatepark my friends and I built and the borough is trying to take it away. Skateboarding is a big thing now and we should be able to have a park if we want one.
Antoinette Savickas, Avalon PA [06-24-2004]

this park kicks ass sooo many skate vidoes have parts of the park being skated . i skate it 2-3 times a year it should be used for skateing . or at least parts of it.and the skaters bring mony to the city becaus kids go there to skate and have a vacation>
mike ell, dallas pa [06-24-2004]

free love park to all skateboarders only because skateboarding is what brought love to love park. the only thing love park is reconized for is skateboarding love park is in almost every skateboarding video and in loads of magazines. without skateboarding love park would be nothing to it. dont cops have better things to do than stop skateboarder doing there sprot doing what they love the most, i meen cops could be looking for drug dealers or outlaws. how much could a skateboard do its a piece of wood and metal,were puting our lives on the line to have fun. get real appreceate what we do.
mike cirasa, flemington,NJ [06-24-2004]

Skateboarders give Love park energy and character.
Spencer West, Newbury [06-24-2004]

free love park
Thoams, nc [06-24-2004]

You, Mayor/Council are a bunch of god damn idiots! YOU NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF OFFICE OR FIX THIS s*. NOW! A*
Bob Mintzer, Philadelphia, PA [06-24-2004]

I don't understand what the problem is. Skateboarders in this city are only looking for a new place to skate(considering FDR park is old and beaten down)and everywhere else you go you get thrown out or even given a ticket. If you honestly don't want skaters in LOVE park then build a new and improve up to date park for the skaters we all LOVE!
Nina Aiuto, Springfield PA [06-24-2004]

i cant wait to skate love park
Blake Logreco, Pittsburgh [06-24-2004]

I'v never been to love park and im only 15. Some of my friends and i re going to try to take a trip up there. It would be nice to skate there freely and not have to worry about cops.
Tim Barta, Atlanta, Georgia [06-24-2004]

I skated Love not to long ago. I saw my friend get his board taken away and I also saw another guy tackled in the middle of a busy intersection by a cop. It's one thing to ban skateboarding, thats fine, but its another thing to start tackling young kids for a skateboard. I don't even ask to free LOVE, but just to be at least be civil about the situation.
Domenick Trimboli, Stroudsburg, PA [06-24-2004]

Navid Rojiani, Blacksburg, Virginia [06-24-2004]

Love Park is a world-famous skateboard landmark.
Ioan, uk [06-24-2004]

Hey i never have been in love park, but when i startet skating for about 2 years. the first word was "love park" and since that day all i want to is to skate love. love park is the best place to skate ther is nothing els ther can live up to love. you can't say skateboarding whit out say love park! so it will destory skating if you don't reopen it. i can say five top talents from love park and ther will came many more if you reopen it it like "the chines wall for skateing! Andreas Steinberg 13 years ps. ther can be some erros and im not so good to english.
Andreas Steinberg, denmark copenhagen [06-24-2004]

Stop worrying about the skaters, go bust some dope deals.
Thomas Zalusky, Virginia Beach, VA [06-24-2004]

Free Love Park.
Joel Jones, Honolulu, HI [06-24-2004]

w00t w00t, fr33 t3h LOVE p4rk. let us skate, you know well do it anyway, just make it easier on all of us. feel the plur, let us skate!
jakub krol-muma, lake hopatcong, NJ [06-24-2004]

Alex, west chester pa [06-24-2004]

Drew, west chester pa [06-24-2004]

Dennis, west chester pa [06-24-2004]

Paul, west chester pa [06-24-2004]

Kevin, west chester pa [06-24-2004]

Mike O'Brien [06-24-2004]

Ben Weist, williamstown N.J. 08094 [06-24-2004]

um, love park is guno you cant free it any more, but oh well heres my petition sheeeit
anthony, st. augustine florida [06-24-2004]

free love park s*!
jake drozdenski, coquitlam, BC Canada [06-24-2004]

the only peeps that acutally use love park are the skaters so why not just give it to us. I live in yardley. right by chris cole and on weekends i take the train into philly to skate. it is the perfect place to skate. but all day we get crap from cops not to skate. FREE LOVE PARK NOW
Daniel Basheda, Philly [06-24-2004]

Love serves as the mekka for skateboarders around the world. Skaters will always don their shoes and boards and tear up the park, its inevitable. legal or not it will happen so why not just give in
Jesse Danger, Bloomfield, New Jersey [06-24-2004]

Hey, my name Is Brandon and i live in Canada and i want to free LOVE PARK. Although i probably will never visit LOVE, i would really want to. I am only 13 yrs old but hopefully one day i can visit LOVE. So much has happened in at LOVE and i do not want to see history destroyed.
Brandon Tufts, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada [06-24-2004]

Free Love Park You Washed Up Coorporate f*s!
Jason Dohse, Qaud Cities...Iowa [06-24-2004]

free it b*
Ross, houston texas [06-24-2004]

Please free love park.
anonymous [06-24-2004]

FREE LOVE..Has a skateboarder I have not got the chance to hit up LOVE so keep it hott...If you f*in polition b* could do one thing for us would be to FREE LOVE PARK! it for the Love...
Christian Dunn, Long beach Cali [06-24-2004]

free the love park!
David Frenette, Quebec, Canada [06-24-2004]

I dont skate, but I think that the park should should be re~opened to the skaters.People always talk about how they want something for the youth to do besides getting involved in drugs, & crime. A way to stop that would to be opening up the skate park.It's a way to meet new people that share the same intrests and it would help to keep a youth crime down to a minimum.Also this is a very historic spot for many people."They raised the money & then"you" go turning ur back on "them" by not re opening the park? Thats not very fair to "them".
Kristie, Louisville,Ky [06-24-2004]

free love park
sam king, san francisco CA. 94102 [06-24-2004]

I agree with: Love park is inspiration to all skateboarders that skate there and it is a very important place to skateboarders There is no harm in skating there and if we skate there then other business owners will not have to worry about skaters terrorizing their business location so everything will be alright with everyone
Victoria Bowman, Philadelphia, PA [06-24-2004]

We need to free love park from a tyrannical city government that is willing to literally throw away millions of dollars in terms of donation and sporting events, and destroy a tourist hotspot in a city that so desparately needs one.
Patrick Everson, Abington, Pa, USA [06-24-2004]

I live in florida never skated love park but always wanted to. FREE IT! i always wanted to go to philly skate that one park under the bridge or whatever that bam likes so much...but mostly love park love big ledges and stairs. FREE LOVE PARK!
Sean, Largo,FL [06-24-2004]

Tom Nisenson, New Jersey [06-24-2004]

Mark Flibotte, Cohasset Ma [06-24-2004]

free love park !
Robin, FRANCE, Nice, 06 [06-24-2004]

Dude in Nebraska there's corn, cows, rock, and skating. That's the only stuff that keeps it alive in Omaha. Open LOVE back up so our skaters can visit there sum day or sumthin'. There is a ration on skateparks out here...there's 2! The world NEEDS more parks.
Libby, Omaha, NE [06-24-2004]

John Casanover, hatboro, PA [06-24-2004]

free love prk
joseph p, houston texas [06-24-2004]

yea... i totaly agree... y r they not lettin sk8ers sk8 i mean cmon... neting put on earth is ment to b sk8ed... its in our environment therefor... we shood go all sk8ertastic on it
justin rue, bloomfield new jersey [06-24-2004]

alot of good style came outa there i wanna see more
Chris Juric, london ontario [06-24-2004]

bring back love park!
jsutin smith, houston [06-24-2004]

Free LOVE Park!
Travis Carlson, Coronado, CA [06-24-2004]

Free love park. period. not just a place to skate, but a piece of history. it represents love, and what the city of Philadelphia is doing, its not right. practice what you preach. i hope to skate there one day. do the world a favor, and free love.
Pat, Grand Island, NY [06-24-2004]

Kim Schmidt, Miller Place [06-24-2004]

Free skateboarding Free Love park
Jeff, Sweden [06-24-2004]

Lacey, Rochester, MN [06-24-2004]

yann, suisse [06-24-2004]

michael, houston [06-24-2004]

save it b*!
Corey Hartmann, wading river, NY [06-24-2004]

I just recently travled to philly and visted love park. I was informed by a officer there that skateboarding was not aloud. When I asked why he informed me that the corporate people around dont think it looks good. This is really rediculious. Love park should at least have a certon time that you can skate it. Or a full day or somethang philly really needs to get on the ball.
Joshua, Elizabethton TN 37643 [06-24-2004]

I drove all the way from FL just to skate LOVE park, it was amazing, one of the best sessions of my life. It really was the city of brotherly love, at least among the skaters, who would watch everyones back from the cops.
Jeff Field, Daytona Beach, Fl [06-24-2004]

Philadelphia is suppossed to be the city of "Brotherly Love." Show a little of that and let the skater's have LOVE PARK. I'm in my 50's and don't skate, but I have no problem with those who do skate there. I work in the city and enjoy watching them. Free Love Park!
Candace M. Knoll, Audubon, N.J. 08106 [06-24-2004]

love park is the best example of street skateboarding. It is a great part of skateboardings history and should be open to anyone who wants to enjoy it. Please dont let LOVE park become, just another boring place to walk through. Philly is a world class city and should be thinking of the future. There are plazas all over the world that fall victim to the mundane. Don't let it happen to LOVE.
michael rafter, sacramento ca [06-24-2004]

LOVE Park is legendary, Noone would even know about LOVE Park if it werent for skateboarding. Other people might take a look at the park and just say "Oh, its just a park." But, when us skateboarders look at it we're like "Yes, look at all the ledges and the fountain gap, this is fantastic." You see proffesional skateboarders on the cover of magazines all over the world skating at love park. Thats how people found out about it. Its serious B*** S*** that people are taking it away from us. LOVE Park otherwise was just good for the bums, eating out of the trash and takin a s*** and smearing it in their hair and stuff. Skateboarding at LOVE was so popular that they even held the X games their. One day they were clapin their hands skating their then the next day cops were back tackling kids. THE MAJOR HAS GOT NO LOVE! FREE LOVE PARK!
John Danielson, Houston, TX [06-24-2004]

I dont understand why skateboarding is such a big deal in philadelphia...when u skate LOVE and get chased out and get caught they will fine you up to 300$ and also take your board. when i skate love its the best skate session EVER!
Tom Asta, Langhorne PA [06-24-2004]

I never been to America, so I haven't been in Love park. But I think it will be good if it will be opened for skateboarders. I see Love park in almost every video. So it is not something from Philadelpia but skaters from all around te world are involved with the park. If you see that Dc even offers 1mln $ to let it go open again I would say that's Love. Most people say that you can't express love in money but in this situation it's true. I would say open it again. Reinier
Reinier, nieuwlande -> holland [06-24-2004]

Dude Im a Just a teenager with no money who cant afford to skate in privater owned parks in NC! SO instead I skate in the streets in hope i will not get caught and pay a fine. I think this will reduce a lot of street skaters and give us somewere to skate other than the roads.
Lalani Malley, 5220 little brook lane winston-salem nc 27104 [06-24-2004]

I am not a skateboarder and never was, however I strongly feel that the skateboarders should have a place to share, express and help this city regain some world-class status. Unfortunately we have narrow minded mayor with other priorities such as towing cars and helping his brothers illegally obtain city contracts! He will probably have the park leveled for some additional low-income housing for which his family and or friends "magically win" another city contract.
michael mcdonald, philadelphia, pa 19147 [06-24-2004]

Josh avard, melbourne victoria [06-24-2004]

I think let them wer are they supposed to skate the city will be nothing phily will lose its reputation....
cody [06-24-2004]

Get with it're making a big mistake here. Nothing but good can come outta this.
steve, oak ridge, new jersey [06-24-2004]

When I visted phily i hit up love park. It is a great place to skate. And with one of the world famouse spots closed there is no fun.
Anthony Rosales, Lenexa, Kansas [06-24-2004]

I first visited LOVE park only about a month ago. When I arrived I was engulfed with the diversity of skateboarders present. I'd heard of how great LOVE park was to skate at but was unaware of the comradery that was there. As I began my session i never noticed one person walking by yell or tell me they disliked what i was doing. In fact, i saw smiles coming from those passing by. LOVE park blew me away with its' beauty, warmth, and friendliness. Please, stop calling skateboarding a crime in LOVE park because it isn't. It's a great place and skateboarding adds to that. Even when i was stopped by a policemen for skateboarding he openly said, "I don't really mind it". I hope with all my heart that the state we are at in this dispute turns for the better. I would be deeply disappointed if when i return to LOVE park that i find myself being put in a cop car with other skaters for doing what I love. Thank-you for taking the time to read my opinion. sincerely, Dan Pata
Daniel Pata, roselle, nj, 07203 [06-24-2004]

Even in Finland skateboarding is legal! Why wouldn't it be in Love Park? I have heard that before the skaters skated in love park it was full of junkies and drug dealers? So what have the skaters done to love park! Maybe the fat-ass politicians want that the junkies would come back?! American politicians are assholes! (My english isn't so good because i'm only 15)
Joonas Heinšnen, Finland [06-24-2004]

they shouldnt ban skateboarding from being done at LOVE, i always see that place in videos and its looks like a wondeful place,i've always wanted to go there, but if we cant skate there, whats the point?
Xavier Narez, Pittsburg, CA USA [06-24-2004]

I want love park Damn it
Johnny Annoreno AKA Bam, bloomingdale IL [06-24-2004]

I'm a pirate.
Basil Kuzio, Moorestown, New Jersey [06-24-2004]

You say you arent trying to stop skateboarding,but if you(philadelfia council)constantly give us abuse from security gaurds,police,skate-stop material,try to cram us all in a skatepark and now shut-off one of the most popular spots to skate in the world.....what are you doing?
kevin, florida [06-24-2004]

i think its crazy how the city pays millions of dollers to keep skateboarders from skating love when they dont do anything about the drug an homeless problems
Ellis Rua, Wareham Massachusetts [06-24-2004]

You only live once, so let us all live together in peace,open up love park and make the most of our time!
STEVEN, florida [06-24-2004]

youre only causing problems for yourself(council). many disagree with your acts, including parents, and thats gonna do no good to your popularity.
ben, florida [06-24-2004]

what the hell is going on! soon its going to be hate park!we all skate for the love, but we are given abuse by many. let us just skate there in peace!
MIKE, california [06-24-2004]

All of us skateboarders get abuse wherever we go. It makes me want to quit.I want to be able to skateboard anywhere, see a police officer and say Hi.I know this will never happen now. But for the sake of it, let us skate there, call it our own, and not turn it to 'HATE PARK'!
josh, New jersey [06-24-2004]

Skateboarding has reformed thousands of people, by now think of what path we could be walking down,drugs,alcohol,vandalism etc.I NEARLY went down that path. We all are humans and we all skate for the love,let us open LOVE park and live together!
faisal, country=England city/town=Wakefield [06-24-2004]

My boyfriend and his friends always have stories to tell me about how they skated love park and had so much fun there. Why can't people ever respect skaters and skateboarding? Why do they have to be so hated? Isn't Philadelphia the city of Brotherly love? How is it love when I see Police Officers literally tackleing kids as young as the age of 13. You wouldn't believe how many kids say how much a good experience it was to skate at LOVE park and how they can't wait to go back. My boyfriend went every weekend and after school, he was so devoted to LOVE. How can the Mayor say no to a 1 million dollar contract? All skaters are asking for is some time skateboard. If you think about it, it's better having kids active on skateboards then on the streets buying drugs. Skateboarding is a fun hobbie that many people do and its sad that you can just sit back and make so many young inspiration kids upset. Whats happening to communities these days? A 13 year old kid gets tackled for skating and a bum at LOVE park selling crack doesn't even get warned. Skateboarding is moving art and about the intense feeling you get when your wheels touch the ground and you feel the vibrations is an unreal feeling. Why take happiness away from so many young devoted people? All in all, please bring LOVE park back to skaters.
Ally, New Jersey [06-24-2004]

john street is an idiot for not accepting dc's offer. i hate that guy.
andrew, cheltenham, pa [06-24-2004]

If LOVE park was a girl...... I'd do her.
Matt Harbison, Lilburn, GA [06-24-2004]

i think its great for all skateboarders for it to reopen for skateboarders i mean it would be a place were somewhere you can skate without gettin kicked out why cant we skate there? And why do we have to get fussed at by doin what we love i thought it was a free country.ive never skated there but give the skateboarders who have and will a place to skate, my gosh is that to much to ask, oh yeah to the buisness idiots and the stupid cops doin what they love fussin at us, go fuss at someone doin a crime -Brian Mitchell North carolina sn-pinkpunkboy101
Brian Mitchell, fixin to move to Concord, North Carolina (usa) [06-24-2004]

love park should be for skaters!
chris deso, new york [06-24-2004]

Give us our home.
Sean McLaughlin, Abington, PA [06-24-2004]

Mayor John Street is such a db!
Steve Bried, North Carolina [06-24-2004]

please let skateboarders come back. it will bring out the best of philadelphia.
TOM HOUSEAL, sicklerville,NJ [06-24-2004]

Please open love park to the skateboard community we would really aprecciate it, its the best skate spot in the world. I would i appreciate it, and so would my fellow skaters. ThankYou Please.... :(
Alan, Phildialphia [06-24-2004]

I am skater and i feel that with such a great park to skate why would anyone want to block it off? maybe if a bunch of skaters gave the mayor a deck and taught him to skate things would be different. feel the LOVE.
Alexander Kirchner, Australia [06-24-2004]

LOVE park is a prime skate spot and should be open to the general skaters of the world. Why put a stop to the art form we know as skateboarding?
Kevin Reimer, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [06-24-2004]

Phil Haigh, narberth, pa. [06-24-2004]

Philadelphia needs a point of youth and energy to attract people to the city. The stodgy, grim, boo-bird image we have done us harm. This engagement of youth would do us good. And I am a 53-year old couch potato.
James D. LaVelle, Jr., Thorndale, PA [06-24-2004]

the system sux! let us skate!
Corey Trammel, Muncie [06-24-2004]

people should be able to skate where ever they want, if a company offers money to help keep it looking nice the city should take the money, i thought that it was very generous of them. besides we could be complete asses and not even offer to help the city.
drew cox, knoxville, Tn [06-24-2004]

Im in Philly right now to visit my dad.I've always wanted to come a skate Love Park because it's in all the videos and mags. Instead of skating it I can only walk around and see what I could have skated. I hate the feeling. Free Love
Jamal Williams, Memphis, Tenn [06-24-2004]

Destroy the HATE Rebuild the LOVE
Andizzle, Richmond,VA [06-24-2004]

Although I've never had the oportunity to visit love park, it was, and is no longer, a dream I had. Love park was always at the forfront of progressive skating, and as far as not taking the money from DC, Philli needs to check it's head. Think about the community centers and social programs that could be supported with an extra million.
Elliot McKerr, Kelowna B.C. Canada [06-24-2004]

skaters need love park back!1
mike, fairfax VA [06-24-2004]

Im 26 and i remember taking the train into philly from jersey to skate love park on the weekends back in the early to mid 90's and it was just a blast. I live nearby the park now and still have a board so every once in a while i go there to skate.. usually after midnight and i havent had any problems but it would just be great for the city if they would lift the ban.
Jared Merkh, 927 spruce st, Phila PA [06-24-2004]

Danny Wainwright [06-24-2004]

man we need this spot, this is more than some park it's an institution where people of all races and ways of life can meet and be free to enjoy a sport which has shapped the world i know. It's not a hobby it's a lifestyle and if the philly city hall regects this proposal it tells us that this isn't a land of the free if they discriminate against our lifestyle. we need to show these "respected" peoples of government that we aren't just a bunch of anarchist punks, that skaters just want to skate and if they take away the greatest skate spot this land has ever seen a lot of angry skaters are gonna find other spots to skate and it probly won't be happy skaters wither. Save LOVE PARK and save a lifestyle
Dan Campbell, belleville, canada [06-24-2004]

we wanna skate damit
alistair purdie, australia vic [06-24-2004]

Even if i live hundreads of miles away from the most famous park that skateboarders have ever experience, i feel the pain of the Pro's and local skaters of Love Park just because of the sport we practice. Other people just don't f*ing get it, they see skateboarding as a destructive sport just because we grind the s* out of stuff doesnt mean we r going to destroy it. This is for the mayor of Philadelphia. LOVE PARK WILL REOPEN SOMEDAY, SOMEHOW AND WE WILL BE THERE WAITING.
Roy De La Cruz, Stratford, CT [06-24-2004]

its a beatiful park, it shouldn't be destoyed.
Tom DeSimone, Shoreham NY [06-24-2004]

Love Park is one of the best places to skate say's many Pros. It should not be abanded by the city and the city should let skaters skate again.
Nic Brooks, Mentor [06-24-2004]

LOVE park is the most famous skate spot in the world and should be re-opened
Grant Demery, Olympia, WA [06-24-2004]

Chris Phojanakong, Jamaica, NY [06-24-2004]

Nelson Chao, Antioch, Ca [06-24-2004]

let kids skate in Love, It keeps "punks" off the street and lets them have a place to skate without a confined park,real skating not confined.
Chad, Surrey,B.C. Canada [06-24-2004]

Ray Hernandez, Fort Worth, TX [06-24-2004]

Free Love Park, Love Park was nothing before skateboarding started there all there was was bums we made it what it came to be and we have every right to skate there
Nick Bliss, Barre,Vermont,USA [06-24-2004]

paul mashett, harleysville pennsylvania [06-24-2004]

Free Love because skaters arent going to give up.
Travis Moore, Texas [06-24-2004]

I have seen many spots come and go in videos and real life but love park is not just a skate spot it is more than that it is a peice of history. It is a place for skateboarders young and old to go and have a good time and not worry about anything but having a good time. It should be a sin that your not allowed to skate there. The mayor is basically telling kids that your not allowed to have fun.
Chris Smith, Belleville IL [06-24-2004]

people need to realize that taking away LOVE is one of the biggest mistakes in the world. take a look around and notive that in every video of skatin out there that you will most likely see that it is a famous spot to go to. i mean, its popularity is bigger than say the mayor who wants to get rid of it. i think they should ask the creator what eh thinks about it, adn then they could get a real answer. the mayor probably doesnt care what other poeple ahve to say about the whole situation. i live across the U.S. and i am supporting it cause i want to see it someday upclose. and not just go there to see it. skate there. man that would be real rad. Derek
Derek Franklin, Shoreline, Washington [06-24-2004]

There is no reason for a place like LOVE to be open. For every thing people do, there's a place to do it, basketball players have their courts, swimmers have their pools, and us skaters have the streets, however that is illegal. If Philadelphia knew what was good for them, they'd open it. It'd keep kids from skating most other things in Philadelphia, there would be many people coming from out of state/country to visit bringing profits to the city, and most of all it would keep all of the citizens of Philly happy. 88% have already said they approve of it, so why not pass it. Isn't it ironic that it's called LOVE park, while its the source of the most hate in Philly. Free LOVE.
Eric Dewald, Burlingame, CA [06-24-2004]

Man, the mayor turned down a million dollars? Thats shocking; i had him tagged as only caring about money. Now i see him for what he really is; out of touch and inncapable of leading the city in the way of culture, among other things. Awnser me these two questions, Mr. Street. Who are you serving by not allowing skateboarders from frequenting and further bolstering on of Philly's greatest underground landmarks? Maybe people in this city will be shocked by supporting a sport in which Philly doesn't just blow it in the playoffs, but the masses will grow used to being winners. Lastly, Mr. Mayor, how do you wish to be remembered?
Jason Bertone, Trenton, NJ [06-24-2004]

I think it's a wonderful way to share a community. Skateboarding adds a different flavor.:)
Xie, Sherman, TX [06-24-2004]

Michael Salvi, philadelphia, pa [06-24-2004]

the only thing i can think of to compare to what has happened to LOVE would be if the mayor decided to tear down all of the basketball courts in philly because of some graffiti. Not much correlation, so it doesnt make sense right? He needs to understand the number of people LOVE benefited. He wouldn't tear down the courts because the basketball players would be dumbfounded and confused, not to mention angry, but it's okay to take LOVE away from the skaters. Since skaters have this "juvinile delinquent" reputation, everyone is reluctant to aknowlege that they have the same rights as the constitution gives anyone else. I'm 16 and I had hoped to skate LOVE one day, but because of a prejudiced mayor, that dream is dead.
seth, oak park [06-24-2004]

If city officials would open thier eyes, it would benefit everyone! LOVE should be enjoyed by everyone.
Spike, Chicago, Illinois [06-24-2004]

Pat Shields, Readington, New Jersey [06-24-2004]

love park is awsome
Matt Komar, edison new jersey [06-24-2004]

hey i just wanted to let you guys know that you guys should make a LOVE park in Tamarac, Florida because there is no skatepark down here and you guyz would make soooo much money just $5 for one hour, $10 for two hours and so on and you will have like 37 kids a day trust me this WILL work just please because i dont feel like going all the way out to sunrise at boardz n bladez! CODY
cody, Tamarac, Florida USA [06-24-2004]

LOVE park was really a symbol of the skateborading aspect of Philadelphia around the world.Now It makes me feel that they have taken a city away by taking tyhis spot;;;whateva personnal feelings! Lets fight for love Park.Peace
Zerihoun Amanuel, France [06-24-2004]

Lily, ocean city newjersy [06-24-2004]

i havent been to love park befor but i know it's cool
Justin Smith, Houston, Tx [06-24-2004]

i think it is good b/c if u dont want us there then we will be some where else u dont want us to be and if u juss let us be at love park then it is be great b/c u wont have to worry about the skaters u made mad by taking it away from us...we skate b/c it is our expression of ourselves not that we want to be hoodlums and tear up the town ...we care aklot about to country around if u care about it oo juss let love park live
amber, tx, houston [06-24-2004]

i have never skated at love park but i had always wanted to and when i found out the city had destroyed it it was like a little bit of me was destroyed with it i hope this will help restore love park and i will get to skate it one day
tommy wallace, houston tx. [06-24-2004]

man, FREE LOVE. that park looks so sick to skate. its a skaters paradise. for real. skaters just wanna have fun and relax and free themselves from lifes troubles. thats what skating does. philly's city council or whoever need to free LOVE park. LOVE wouldnt be so popular if it werent for the skaters. all yall skaters out there, keep rolling. and keep fighting for LOVE park if you live in philly! or anywhere else!
taylor wright, houston, texas [06-24-2004]

sk8ing roks!713 447 4785 lol
christina baldus, houston, TX, USA [06-24-2004]

someone said to sign this so i am
becca, houston [06-24-2004]

matt manheimer, glendale, arizona [06-24-2004]

nikki knight, houston tx [06-24-2004]

free love park
bogy, houston, tx [06-24-2004]

I've been to Pennsylvania on many occasions and am planning on making a trip to Love Park in the near future. I am also an avid skateboarder who skates everyday. I would love nothing more than to skate the world famous Love Park and I think it's rediculous that Love Park was taken away from skateboarders.
Kyle, Springfield, OH [06-24-2004]

Pete Croteau [06-24-2004]

Carey Stevenson, Alamogordo, New Mexico [06-24-2004]

Sam Birtle, Altoona, PA [06-24-2004]

Stop being so hypocritical and let skaters skate the park. ONE LOVE
Derek Bailey, Ironton,Ohio [06-24-2004]

We're not criminals. We're just misunderstood. We need places like love park. We don't really do much damage and it's beneficial for everyone. If we, the skaters, are there we aren't getting in trouble..we aren't in peoples way skating through streets...We need Love park.
Ben Hanelly, Altoona, PA [06-24-2004]

It's completly obserd to NOT do this...makes me sick.
Sam Moore, Philadelphia, PA [06-24-2004]

I think that love park was actually being used when people could skate it, now its just to walk on
Cody Carlin, Coronado, CA [06-24-2004]

John streets is a hypocrite
Jordan Gibson, Veernon New Jersey U.S. [06-24-2004]

Eric Hoke, Selinsgrove, PA USA [06-24-2004]

they are trying to make it so that we cannot ride anywhere. Think about it, its true. They bitch about making skateparks and have cops sit by them so that bmx riders cannot ride a a publically funded skate park, and this is the final straw. FRE LOVE PRK f* THE MAYOR!
Malachi Jensen, Zoo York [06-24-2004]

I have not skated in the park as I have not the skill. But I have lunched and lounged there, thoroughly enjoying the view of mixed ages and races of people skating, lunching, lounging and otherwise hanging out together. Having a park where so much diversity could be seen in one place was one of the things that made Philadelphia so great. Now that the skaters are banned, all that beauty is lost. Beauty is not impeccable marble or smooth granite, but tolerance and love.
Lynne Rabchuk, Philadelphia, PA [06-24-2004]

what is with you people trying to take away our park? and we wonder why the kids turn to drugs and trouble...we take away things like love park!
kate ingersoll, Illadelphia PA [06-24-2004]

I have never skated Love Park, but I have always tried to follow this issue and I cannot believe that with all of this positive information showing that having Love Park open to skaters would benefit the city the mayor still comes back and says no. I have not heard any reasons for why he says this but it seems to me that he is just an ignorant f*. And ignorance is the most powerful and hurting element in society. What is his reasoning for this. Also, DC says they will give 1 million dollars to the city, but he still says no. I think I see a mutiny on the horizon it seems like most of the people under the mayor is for skateboarding in Love Park so maybe we'll just have to wait tell this ignorant jackass decides to swallow his pride or get run out of office thats what I would like to see. By the way why hasn't anyone tried to get a petition signed by 20,000 people to force a city vote on the idea. Or has it been tried, and I just haven't heard all the way down here in Texas. Anyone can email me at Live and die skating for fun later.
mark wootton, dallas texas US [06-24-2004]

i know when i get the chance to travel to philly i will want to skateboarding in LOVE park
Collin Gaul, Rochester,Mn,U.S. [06-24-2004]

roman pierce, Sydney Australia [06-24-2004]

While on a visit to your fair city I had the pleasure to visit LOVE Park and it was very nice and peaceful and SAFE from getting run over by skateboarders.No foul language etc. Please keep it that way. P.S. At home we have a seperate park set aside for skateboarders to use.It works out nice for both parties.
Ralph Ward, Lewiston,Idaho [06-24-2004]

Joona Stenholm, Finland [06-24-2004]

Workers with wireless laptops and skaters can all get along. See the Future !
Duane Gambetta, Drexel Hill, PA [06-24-2004]

free LOVE
chris cobos, downey, ca [06-24-2004]

i think skating should be allowed becasue we are diong what we love best and we should'nt be kicked out of a public place just because the old folks dont like it!
Heather Munsey, center valley, Pennsylvania [06-24-2004]

free LOVE park
sean metcalf, apple valley, mn [06-24-2004]

Let the children play...
Mariano Negri, Argentina - Buenos Aires [06-24-2004]

free the beast
Sean Thomann, Adelaide, Australia [06-24-2004]

all you need is LOVE
Joseph Brian O'Haire Jr., Philly [06-24-2004]

isnt the reason that the city shut down LOVE park to skateboarders was because of the damage. Now DC offers 1 million dollars for repairs and they refuse?! If LOVE gets re opened to skaters the city of philly could greatly benefit from tourism...just look at some of the address' on the petition, Even people like me, from Canada, care about LOVE.
Sam, Aurora Ontario [06-24-2004]

open love park i miss goin down n watchin the hot skaters . .
cat, philly [06-24-2004]

I would not come to philadelphia for anyhting except going to skate love park. If the city of philadelphia was smart they would keep it as is to keep skate revenue coming in to the city
Brian Murtha, Wading River, NY, united states [06-24-2004]

I've never skated at Love Park but would love to have the opportunity some day. It's all over the skate magazines and skate videos and I feel that if it were opened to skateboarders, the cities popularity would explode and bring in tons more people than there already is. And yes, that could mean more money for the city as well. DC Shoes's proposal sounds fair enough. $1 million dollars upfront and $100,000 a year for 10 years sounds like a fair enough amount of money to me. Go skate.
Matt Brewer, New Albany, IN, USA [06-24-2004]

free LOVE! I've never been to philly to skate it yet, but i hope that it is reopened so i can experience the legendary love park skating!
russell jones, houston, tx [06-24-2004]

love, skate, be free...
Michael Everitt, Wading River, NY [06-24-2004]

chris hays, usa [06-24-2004]

save love pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
Garrett Lickfield, Willow Grove, PA [06-24-2004]

they are sanctioning off skating just for fdr and we need to be allowed to skate where ever
lee cooper, goshen alabama [06-24-2004]

free love park!
cory kalin, indian head, maryland [06-24-2004]

free love park! or all of us will be forced to stand in front of the mayor's office and protest until it happens!
Jordan Cameron, Waldorf,Maryland [06-24-2004]

Jim DeHaan, Shelby Twp. Michigan USA [06-24-2004]

love park is exelent best skate spot .. it is a crime NOT to let people skate there... botton like is love park kills it and we should beable 2 skate there
kevin, providence [06-24-2004]

open it bak up
joe shmo, syracue, new yok [06-24-2004]

Alex Berry, Missoula, Mt [06-24-2004]

Live and let them skate!
Crystal Evans, Philadelphia [06-24-2004]

Kara Capelotti, Fort Walton Beach, Florida [06-24-2004]

Joseph Mueller, Levittown, PA [06-24-2004]

i live in holland in europe and even i know love park from videos and stuff like that please dont kill love park its like skaters heaven all over the world greets vince
vince [06-24-2004]

I think LOVE park should be reopened
John McBride, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-24-2004]

i may not be from Philadelphia, but i'm a skater and would love to visit there one day! pls free love park it means a lot to us skateboarders. i feel for the skaters there too. skateboarding is not a crime! thanks and peace.
Lian, Singapore [06-24-2004]

Free Love Park please it's like the best place in the world to skate please save love park
Jeff Trezza, Phillystreet [06-24-2004]

free love park! how can some one turn down 1 million dollars to pay for damage done by skateboarding to have skateboarding legal at the love park. don't they understand how important this park is to skateboarding, enough for one company alone to offer a million dollars to have it. it should be opened up for just skateboarding, or scheduled days for other activities, or just open it to every one. why can't we all just get along. skateboardings good for poeple.
chris loukides, napa california [06-24-2004]

Why does it have to be like this? Skateboarding's not going to go away so they just need to give up on trying to make it go away, it's proven that it's here to stay. Park's are supposed to be able to be used for everyone, not just certain types of people(ones that don't ride skateboards)so why is it fair that skateboarders are the only people not welcome? FREE LOVE PARK.
kody kohlman, glendale arizona [06-24-2004]

love park is a skateboarding icon. The offer that dc shoe co put forward is more than generouse. I think the goverment is more seeking controle than the publics best intrest.
sam.bloor, perth,WA, Australia [06-24-2004]

Paul Kinneer, Connellsville, PA [06-24-2004]

evan sheppard, tampa, florida [06-24-2004]

free love for all
Emily, Australia [06-24-2004]

free love park! its a great place to skate and u people that think that skateboarders are just some little punks that destroy everything you are wrong because love park would be a mess if that was true. you will never stop skateboarding so free love park
zach kendrick, plano, tx U.S.A. [06-24-2004]

tom hadlaw [06-24-2004]

Free it now, Skateboarding needs someone to step up and be a leader like Martin Luther King did For Black rights. The time is now skateboarders...
danny mcmanus, ny [06-24-2004]

Brian Eberhardt, Jacksonville, FL [06-24-2004]

free love park man! i love skating there! it rules! so just free it already!
bobby wilcox, paterson, nj [06-24-2004]

free it
steven, phily [06-24-2004]

LOVE park is the only real skate spot that we have in the area. All of the other skate parks don't even compare, they r filled wit ramps and no real street stuff to skate. There is now nowhere to skate, we need it back so we can have somewhere good to skate. Just give it back so we skate somewhere.
Andrew Wesolowski, Huntingdon Valley [06-24-2004]

Free Love Park! I originally hail from CT. 6 or 7 years ago I was an avid skateboarder. My weekends were spent hopping a train to philly with my friends to skate love. It was there, that i met some of the greatest people I have ever known. I've learned so much from them, and the LOVE terrain. I visit philly a lot, and hope that LOVE is back when I come up to visit next, so I can skate once again in an amazing spot. So FREE LOVE PARK!
Erica Beckmann, Alpharetta,GA [06-24-2004]

free love park!
Robin, France [06-24-2004]

LOVE park shoull dbe open for all skaters and everyone who wants to enjoy it.
Raymond Scott Lute, Taylor, Texas [06-24-2004]

I skated love and it kicked ass, then we got kicked out which really pissed me off free the park man please1
Kevin [06-24-2004]

Love Park is a special place for skateboarders all over the world. It is a monument in skateboarding's history. Where is the "Love" in Love Park if you can't even go their to sk8. Changes need to made, hopefully in favor of the skateboarders.
Yuri Vukojevic, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-24-2004]

Anthony Cables, Mamaroneck, NY [06-24-2004]

Free Love Park. Its a lot better than a football stadium in NYC.
Raymond Dean, Mamaroneck, NY [06-24-2004]

i LOVE this place!
David Ege, Gloucester City, NJ [06-24-2004]

Recently moved here, and I am 23 years old. I do not skate, however, I can tell you were Love Park is...I cannot tell you were the Liberty Bell is, nor most other 'historical sites'. For a large portion of us, ages 10-25, Love Park is what we know about Philly and puts it on the map. There are other things, but Love Park is one of the key landmarks, because of its Skating History.
M.Buchanan, Philadelphia, PA [06-24-2004]

I definatly think that they should free Love Park it's one of the most famouse skate spots in America. Eventhough it was built for the city of Philadelpia i think it should welcome skaters too. So many skate videos where made there for years and skaters where able to go there without any trouble. Now If you step foot in Love Park with a skateboard you get ticketed or sometimes arrested. So I think you concider it again and think about freeing Love park for the skaters again.
Danny, Lawrewnceville, N.J. [06-24-2004]

love park must stay forever its just a piece of our just cant take it down
vincent, belgium [06-24-2004]

I have never skated Love Park. I have heard so many stories about it and seen the pictures and stuff like that and it seems like one of the most best places to skate at. I think it's wrong about how the city deals with skateboarders. I'm a skateboarder myself and I'm apalled at how the city treats the skateboarders. People are just trying to skate, and the city needs to recognize the legendary place that gave Philly some of it's fame. I hope the city does bring back Love Park. It would make a lot of people happier and less fighting would be present.
Christian, Long Beach, MS [06-24-2004]

i would love to have love back and i would really like to skate it some day now that i have sponsors and have gotten better at skating over my 5 years in this sport. FREE LOVE PARK 2004!<-------
keith masanz, saint paul minnesota [06-24-2004]

Mark Axford, Bristol, UK [06-24-2004]

free love park and make skaters smile
Carli Spielman, VanCity [06-24-2004]

I skated LOVE back in may, and I was comin down this ledge and I had a pretty firm 5-0 grind that I landed out of a kickflip, and a cop near by saw me, and knocked me off of my board and the ledge. He took my board and I havent seen it since. I think LOVE is an awesome skate spot and I also believe that the cops need to chill when it comes to skaters.
Aaron, Doylestown, Ohio [06-24-2004]

Fight for love park
Ashley Moore, Calgary A.B canada [06-24-2004]

free love park
Robert Ebling, Haddonfield Nj [06-24-2004]

mike stepp, cherry hill nj [06-24-2004]

GO SKATEBOARDING don't shut down the sick skate spots
Nick, London Ontario Canada [06-24-2004]

Free Love Park!
Julia, Woodbine, Maryland [06-24-2004]

free it!
Mike Raiwet, Canada [06-24-2004]

I have travelled to to Philadelphia to skate love park, and brought 5 other skateboarders with me in 1999. The fact that is of huge significance within skateboarding is cemented by it's inclusion in the internationally distributed and phenomenonly popular Tony Hwak's Pro Skater series, as well as various internationaly distributed skateboard videos over the years, many made by the Transworld Corporation. This means that skateboarding specifically at love park has been seen, and effectively condoned through corporate media, across the globe. The fact of the matter is, kids will skate at love park, regardless of whether they are meant to or not. making it unskateable will simply increase the volumes of skateboarders at other city locations, and the same problem will multiply, at the expense of local buissness. It is in the interests of local buissness' to protect thier own property by allowing skateboarders at love park. It is in the interests of public safety (and thus the City, and the Mayor) for the public to know where and when skateboarding will be taking place, so they can avoid it if they feel threatened or unsafe. It is in the interests of the Police and the City to have less officers dealing with skateboarding at love park, and more Police on the streets, preventing real crime. Having no talks at all is futile. Free the Love.
brendan rocks, brighton, uk [06-24-2004]

Used to live in philly, LOVE park was an awesome skate spot, and they shouldnt take it away, thanks to DC for the support in keeping it real, mark.
Mark Dewbre, South Africa [06-24-2004]

street needs to open his eyes!
brian johnson, malvern, pa [06-24-2004]

Please free Love Park, so that we may have a perfect place to skateboard and have fun with friends. There is no reason for this great plaza to be "skate-free". In fact my friends and I were planning a road trip this year to Philidelphia, just to skate Love Park, and we were all very dismayed to find out that you didn't except DCshoecousa's $1,000,000. This was a horrible decision you s* heads.
Sean Coder, Omaha, NE [06-24-2004]

steven olson, houston texas [06-24-2004]

You will arrest some one for skateboarding, but someone who murders, steals, deals drugs or does other crimes that hurt the community are just looked at randomly. If as much intrest were put into violent and crimes that do bad for the community, as are put into stopping skateboarding then maybe we wouldnot have as much crime as we do now. free not only love park but anywhere skaters across the country and the world are skating today.
David Williamson, Atlanta, Georgia [06-24-2004]

free LOVE Park
Karol, poland [06-24-2004]

I have skated Love park many times in the early 90's. It's truly sad that Mr. Street is this up tight. Skateboarding is not a crime. Take away the places to skate means only more booze and grass.
Karl Woehrstein, Goleta, CA [06-24-2004]

Peter Howell, Coronado, CA [06-24-2004]

LOVE park is a public park, therefore it should be able to visited by skateboarders. City officials just need to recognize that skateboarding is a growing sport and they should embrace it, especially if it will be another highlight of your visit to Philly. Keep up the good work! Peace
Anthony Chavez, Keene, CA [06-24-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK! Messin up love isnt gonna do anything but make skaters skate in places where they may actually harm somethin. Havin a lot of them together keeps them from gettin into more trouble. Not only that but love park is a legend in the skatin world. Just because some people dont like skateboarders thats no reason close love park. Just because i dont like baseball that doesnt mean i should go tear down baseball stadiums.
Kevin Lane, Mckinney, Texas [06-24-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK! whoo hoo!
Kayla, Roxborough in Philly in PA! [06-24-2004]

thisis one of the spots i have always wanted to skate love, & emb. now i never wil get a change
mark fowler, luverne alalbama [06-24-2004]

I grew up in moorestown NJ and started skateboarding in eighth grade. My freiends and I would frequently take the bus into the city and skate the famous skteboard meca, Love Park. Some of the best memories that I have from my childhood come from these skate trips to Love. I'm 24 years old now, and a senior at the University of colorado with a 3.4 gpa in the rigerous architecture program. I still skateboard almost every day, and will for as long as my body lets me. My point is that skatebaorders are the most determined group of people that exist. It takes years of practice and dedication to learn some of the simplest skateboard triks that you see. True skateboarders skate for life, because they love doing it, and it becomes the most cherished part of who they are. We will not give up on Love, because it also has become a part of who we are, and we are the kind of people that fight for what we believe in, and what holds special meaning for us. Millions of other kids just like me have the fondest memories of he park and philadelphia as a whole. I think it has been proven over and over again that the people of philadelphia wan't skateboarding back in love Park. It's good for the economy of the city, it's good for the businesses surrounding the park, and most importantly, it's good for the youth who would come to the park and skate with thier friends, staying out of trouble, and living some of the best memories that they will ever have. We love love, and we won't stop until the situation is as it should be.
mike romano, Boulder Colorado [06-24-2004]

my dream was to go to love now thankes to the worst mayor in the world i can't SO f* MAYOR STREET
tom wlash, traralgon,victoria,australia [06-24-2004]

The closure of love park isnt just a proximity issue, regardless of the fact that I myself, as well as thousands of other skaters have never had the priveledge to skate love this is setting a malicious precedent. Once municipal governments retain the ability to shut skateboarding down, even after funds have been raised and offered to the city to maintain the areas skated where will it end? Skating isnt about lines and boudaries or rules and confinement. The crass actions of this pompous, smug, and ignorant mayor arnt consistant with those of a man who was just offered a millions dollars, My only remark to him would be good luck next election time
Devon, calahoo, alberta, canada [06-24-2004]

The fact that skateboarders are alreayd a part of love park makes it seem quite stupid to kick them out, it is a mian attraction for all skateboarders all over the world and the fact that the local council is not taking advantage of this momument to skateboarding is quite stupid. I wonder if the tourism manager for the city has the same idea to shut down love park as i beleive it attracts a lot more people to the city just because of the skateboarders at the park.
Rhys Williams, Australia [06-24-2004] homepage

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