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June 6-June 21, 2004

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I went on a class trip when I was a sophomore and we chose to go to Philly.There were 28 of us that wanted to go,11 of us were skateboarders,9 that were jocks,6 that were random people,2 were hot cheerleaders or something,the skateboarders wanted to go just to skate,2 teachers went,they gave us some time to ourselves...about 4 hours,for some reason,at night,so we decided to go to Love Park,without us knowing what happened,we wasted an hour walking there,it was surrounded in fences with signs sayig something like "sorry for the inconvenience,but we are temporarily renovating..."something like that,we went to philly for no reason,i just found out about this website and im still angry till this day about the incident.
Sean Woelfel, Dunbar,West Virginia(did live in ohio but legal things happened.) [06-21-2004]

I have skated in LOVE park and all over Philadelphia. There is a lot of tension in the air. Overzealous security guards are becoming a real problem. My father witnessed undercover police officers in LOVE park sneaking up and tackling kids for their boards. Why are skateboarders so hated? It's scary that the city of Philadelphia allows there officers to atack children. i own and operate a skateshop in Concrete Walls in Elmira, NY check out my webpage
Luke Brown, Elmira, NY 14901 USA [06-14-2004]

Love park is rad bro!
Jon Thurston, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [06-14-2004]

f* u mr. Mayor
Dillon [06-14-2004]

Chris Fiore, Lansdale Pa [06-14-2004]

free LOVE! I've never been to philly to skate it yet, but i hope that it is reopened so i can experience the legendary love park skating!
morgen lester, dallas, texas [06-14-2004]

Love park is inspiration to all skateboarders that skate there and it is a very important place to skateboarders There is no harm in skating there and if we skate there then other business owners will not have to worry about skaters terrorizing their business location so everything will be alright with everyone
Aaron Saunders, Seaford, Delaware United States of America [06-14-2004]

I just read the new articles about the mayor and them saying now, and i say this. How, when this country is in debt over it's ass, can you refuse 1 million dollars to go towards government funding? All we skateboarders are asking for is a few hours a day to skate a worldwide skateboarding monument. This goes to show you how selfish and thick-headed the people are who "represent the people", ha, represent my a*, more like do what they want and give the people a f*
Kraig Wood, Mechanicsville, Virginia [06-14-2004]

Only in Philadelphia would the mayor and council close a major tourist attratction and turn away an offer to maintain and monitor it for free! Take the money,reopen the park to skaters and let those of us who enjoy watching them have some fun too!
Wendi Furman, 1942 Lombard Street, Phila. 19146 [06-14-2004]

mark appleyard [06-14-2004]

heath kirchart [06-14-2004]

paul rodriguez [06-14-2004]

tom penny [06-14-2004]

eric koston [06-14-2004]

chad muska [06-14-2004]

erik ellington [06-14-2004]

bryan herman [06-14-2004]

jim greco [06-14-2004]

I've never been to Love Park but i know what it means to everybody who has.
Jared Caraway, Dallas, Tx [06-14-2004]

bam margera [06-14-2004]

jim carrey [06-14-2004]

jesus pineda [06-14-2004]

Andrew Reynolds [06-14-2004]

jovan shelton [06-14-2004]

andres ramos [06-14-2004]

pedro cabrera [06-14-2004]

Free LOVE...
Michael Prichard, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 [06-14-2004]

I havent even had a chance to visit that place and the government of Philly wants to tear it down.. You animals are sick wtf... to all the soldiers who skated there god bless, and thank you for giving me little memory of a legendary skate spot... damn i wanted to switch b/s 180 the fountain 4!
Chris Arias, Columbia Maryland U.S.A [06-14-2004]

Why ban skateboarding in a park that everyone knows is perfect when 9/10th's of the city approves. Some overweight politicians sit back and say whats good for an entire community. How about they ban donuts, paper, and ink pens too? LOVE park is just as much an essential to the skateboarding world as those items are to their job and lives. After DC stepped up and offered one-million dollars for use of the park for skateboarding you would think that the people in city hall would realize this. A**holes.
Cody J., Calais, ME [06-14-2004]

Frances Block, Philadelphia, PA [06-14-2004]

Nathan Solly, Adelaide, South Australia [06-14-2004]

It's all for LOVE
Anton Nekarassov, Tallinn Estonia [06-14-2004]

I see old footage of skateboarding in videos all the time. I even skated there in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.
Joseph, Chandler, AZ [06-14-2004]

i never skated love but i think it's kinda dumb that the government would take the LOVE outta every skater in philly. i wanted to go to philly to skate LOVE with my brother but i guess that's not happening. =[ and the government says they want the city to attract "younger people" and to do that i bet they put up basket ball courts and illegalised skating.....well i don't think that seems fair. i wouldn't be suprised if our government did that....but i wish they'd just FREE LOVE PARK!
thomas, new jersey [06-14-2004]

Cam, Fort Wayne, IN [06-14-2004]

Love park is a landmark for skating all over the world it is the best you can get. No place has been found as good as LOVE. There is no reason skateing should be banned look how s*ty philadelphia is kept North and West look leik s* holes why do they even care skating is goin on in LOVE its a hobby just like playin a sport or game yea it might do some damage over a good period of time but look what DC tried to do and look how the Xgames brang in money its just stupid why they ban skateing there its a park for doin activities. if we cause so much trouble there how come the bums sleep eat s* p* and all that stuff there. The city council is ran by some big a*
eric schaeffer, Philadelphia PA [06-14-2004]

open up love park! accept the fact that your beat! we got your money! now follow through! stop being selfish!
Matt, Sheboygan, WI [06-14-2004]

show the LOVE to skaters, free LOVE Park!
Zack Evans, Boise, Idaho [06-14-2004]

i skated love once and got kicked out in a hurry, FREE LOVE PARK!
krys j, lawrenceville new jersey [06-14-2004]

love park is part of skateboarding's history and skateboarders should not be banned from it!
Justin Munson, Little Falls New Jersey [06-14-2004]

Put the LOVE back in LOVE Park
Chad Harrington, Buffalo NY [06-14-2004]

leev luv park alone to skaters do it
cody wagner, chandler, A.Z. [06-14-2004]

Nathan Richtand, u.s. [06-14-2004]

This would be a historical landmark for both the city of Philadelphia and the sport of skateboarding. Even if the municipal government is thinking strictly on financial terms, freeing Love Park makes complete sense. ESPN's X Games showed Philadelphia how to capitalize on these sports. Finally, I would like to say that the park is not that nice as a park. It has crappy corporate art and really would do much better as a skatepark.
Joshua Wallen, Queen Village [06-14-2004]

Chris Dasbach, Clarkston Michigan [06-14-2004]

wth is wrong with street and his ass-kissers??? DC offered to maintain it with a million bux and u give some crap about a pimples on an elephant's butt? im from singapore, and yes, LOVE park is DAT famous....from what me and my skate buds see in videos, its the dopest skate spot anyone can ask for...damn it, u got the residents of philly telling u people that skaters should be allowed there....congratulations street, now u got bums and drug dealers in love park....hmm....some plan...
Fiz, Singapore [06-14-2004]

I am a big supporter of skateboarding and I believe the offer made by DC is extremely fair to the city. Give the skateboarders a place to call their own and the city council members will gain the respect they deserve. The city has a lot to gain and nothing to lose. Feel the LOVE.
dave carlson, thousand oaks, ca [06-14-2004]

Free Love Park! Even though there are skateparks around Philly, there's still no substitute for LOVE! (R.I.P.)
Steven Recio, Vero Beach, Fl [06-14-2004]

ur mayor sucks!
Alston Evans, jackson, MS [06-14-2004]

you gotta open love park im 14 and if you keep it closed i may never get the chance to skate on of skateboardings greats landmarks
joe crenshaw, phoenix az [06-14-2004]

We need love. Share it.
john morley, Casselberry,FL [06-14-2004]

Rex Sandell, Sydney Australia [06-14-2004]

Simon Rodriguez, Clearwater,Fl [06-11-2004]

Skaters are just like any other people on this earth. We, all people have a love for a hobby. to some it's not just a hobby, it's their life! Skating has kept many of todays youth away from drugs and gave them something to do to get away from their possibly troubled homes. In my opinion, keeping this park up and running will give people somewhere to hangout. I want the world to stop seeing skaters as just a bunch of punks but as the individuals that they are! Share The LOVE! Free the LOVE!
Brian Lubrant, Andover, Minnesota [06-11-2004]

free love park!
Ian MacPhee, braintree, ma, usa [06-11-2004]

They should be able to skate where they what ehen they want.
Matt Gordon, Madison Hgts, MI48071 [06-11-2004]

David Poplar, Philadelphia, PA [06-11-2004]

You are just using youth as a means of furthering your own agenda. I have never seen proof of anything you mention. What happens if this mfg. goes out of business. Is the money up front or is it a publicity stunt. I have talked to skateboarders in Bucks Cty and still have not met any that say they missed Love Park. Please send me these people's addresses who travel from all over the world to skateboard at Love Park. I have also conversed with skateboarders in Center City and they never mention Love Park except to say it is for the rich kids. How come Bacon's son doesn't promote skateboarding in his culture advertising.How come Hohns never mentioned his agenda on Love Park to the Senior Citizens?
Michael Cooper, Phila. Pa. [06-11-2004]

Free Love Park, SkateBoarding for ALL!
angela peters, shamokin pa 17872 [06-11-2004]

LOVE park is one of biggest and most recognisable skateboarding destinations of the world and stopping people from skateboarding there would make more people upset than happy. Please reconsider
Joe Hansen, Melbourne, Australia [06-11-2004]

i've skated love many times and it truly is the best spot in the world. Street is a h* a* and can s* my b*. LET US SKATE!
steve dickson, philadelphia PA [06-11-2004]

Let Skateboarding ARISE! Free Love Park. Skateboarding is fun, not a crime. In Bs.As the 6/5/2004 we do a "pateada skater" to claim for public skateparks. 1000 skaters march. Paz y respeto.
Mariano Negri, Buenos Aires, Argentina [06-11-2004]

ever since ive started skating ive heard stories bout love park it influenced me to skate more, it was one of my biggest dreams to skate love park. although i know there is a small chance ill ever skate there, it is a icon in the skate world, why is it such a controversie when kids are doing what they love, and keeping out of trouble, i never bothered anyone in philly, infact the people enjoyed what love park had given philladelphia. so think form our point of veiw, where we skate is our second home, and for so many people, love park was a second home, free love park and let us be.
jon carpenter, seattle, washington [06-11-2004]

love park was the most love phillies got.
Travis Richardson, san antonio texas [06-11-2004]

I have always wanted to skate love ever since i started skating six or so years ago. I feel that the mayors decision on this topic was to abrupt and not fully thought out. If DC shoes is offering to pay for potential damages then all the city needs to do is open small soda and food vendors around the park and that could potentially make them money while still letting skaters skate and have a place to hang out. It would seem that anyone in there right mind would take this opporotunity but since a lot of skaters arnt old enough to vote, i guess this isnt a problem for the mayor. FREE LOVE PARK
Josh Ragusa, Joliet Illinois [06-11-2004]

free love park
joe kerby, fl [06-10-2004]

vote street out and free love park!
richard fell, wilmington, delaware [06-10-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK it is an awsome place to skate
william, new holland pa [06-10-2004]

justin martin, chilliwack B.C Canada [06-10-2004]

Love Park loves skateboarding.
Darin Langhorst, Saskatoon, SK, CANADA [06-10-2004]

I've never had a chance to go the Philly and skateLove par, and I hope that in The nere future i have the chance to
Julian Sands, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA [06-10-2004]

brandi henderson, san francisco, ca [06-10-2004]

Brandon McLaughlin, Weare NH [06-10-2004]

Ive never skated the love park but if we dont make a change i never will
eric c, K-town ontario [06-10-2004]

John Street is a jackass. Any time somebody offers you one million dollars you accept it!
Damien Talese, Ambler Pa [06-10-2004]

Keep love park alive, ultimate place for video parts and what not
Will, Hereford, United Kingdom [06-10-2004]

This ban is ridiculous. It's LOVE park, not Narrow Minded Park. Discrimination against the use of the park by any other group would never be tolerated, so why does the city sanction this intolerance against skaters as OK? The city's recent rejection of the offer from DC Shoes is not only a shame, it's insane. Everyone knows that Philadelphia is in a budget crisis, and many rec centers in the city are at risk to be shut down because of it. The very idea that the city could turn down an offer that would easily be able to keep Love Park beautifully maintained, not just for skaters but for everyone, is ludicrous. Philadelphia needs to learn to stop treating its skaters like they are a problem and start treating them like the citizens they are. Skaters have as much of a right to use the park as anyone else. It’s a shame that something that is so easy to understand has been so quickly overlooked by the people responsible for this ill-conceived ban.
Stacey Wayman, Coatesville PA [06-10-2004]

free love park
jon witt, rochester michigan [06-10-2004]

I've never skated LOVE park but if i ever go to Philly I'd be dissapointed if i didn't get the chance because some lame asses don't want to encourage skating.
A.J. Carter, Ontario, Canada [06-10-2004]

Phil Sobolesky, Harrisburg PA [06-10-2004]

free love park!
kellen, boston, mass. [06-10-2004]

I'll always dream of skating love park until the day I finally get to, I hope that day comes.
Rio Bissell, Santa Barbara, California [06-10-2004]

Love park was the best skate spot in the world and probably the most unique attraction Philadelphia had to offer. But without the skateboarders, Love Park is now just another dirty rundown city park in a dirty run down city.
Joe Wall, Abington, PA [06-10-2004]

Vojta Mravec, prague, czech republic [06-10-2004]

The city has to realize that one of the main reasons why people visit LOVE is to skateboard there. Skaters from all over the world come to Philly just to skate that park and Mr. Street has to realize that.
Dave Nguyen, East Lansdowne, PA [06-10-2004]

Gabe Swanson, Alberta Canada [06-10-2004]

Chris Lee, Alberta Canada [06-10-2004]

Let Skaters skate love park again.
Ryan, Alberta Canada [06-10-2004]

free love park!
Lindsay Robinson, Alberta, Canada [06-10-2004]

Devon, Madison, WI [06-10-2004]

ppl should be able to sk8 anywere
Braydon Walker, brandon manitoba canada [06-10-2004]

Free LOVE (JFK) if any people are interested in LOVE you should check out and read up on LOVE. Street has the opportunity to recieve one million dollars for LOVE park but he refused like an ass. That decision will come back to bite him in the ass. He just pissed of more than seventy percent of Philly's population and much of the worlds skateboarding population. FREE LOVE PARK!
BERT, Burlington, WI [06-10-2004]

LOVE PARK was made for skating! I've never been there, but I've seen some awsome shots. Maybe there should be like a waver you could sign to be allowed to skate there(at least)so that the city will not have to worry about lawsuits. Its called LOVe Park for a reason. People love to skate there.
Steven Gauvin, Bridgeport, CT [06-10-2004]

MARCO MOO, florida [06-10-2004]

It's so sad that the LOVE as gone.... but we can still get it back.
Franco Stoppani, England [06-10-2004]

Lior Yagudaev [06-10-2004]

Skateboarders dont do any harm to anyone. If people on bike's and rollerbladers can go and skate then why can't skateboarders? They have the same amount of risk that the skaters have. Skateboarding is NOT a crime nor should it be banned in ANY skate park.
Jenn, Easton, MA [06-10-2004]

a pitty there doing this indeed. i live in cali and when i went to visit family in philly love park was the best place ever kinda dumb the mayor or whoever didnt take the compromise *sigh* free love park to SKATEBOARDERS NOW!
steven grigsby, stockton california [06-10-2004]

Free love park! we all want to skate there, Liberen el love park!
Aimee, Mérida, Yucatán, México [06-10-2004]

Adam Nicholson, Boone, NC, US [06-10-2004]

i think its little stuped for them to turn down the million dollar offer.
ryan foster, saskatoon/saskatchwan/canada [06-10-2004]

Kelan Robey, Lynchburg, VA [06-10-2004]

re open love park, i skated there once.
Sam Wadwa, Orlando, FL [06-10-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK PHILADELPHIA is the city to visit for any skateboarder worldwide because of this park... FREE. That´s a great marketing point for a city... Otherwise, we are talking of skateboarding... not a crime.
GABRIEL ARTURO VALLE, santa rosa - la pampa - argenitna [06-10-2004]

i dont skate but my friends do and ive always wanted to start...but its things like this make people not want to get into seems like everywhere u go people are either calling the cops on u or runnin out of the store yelling to get u off the property...skating NEVER hurt anyone! ITS NOT A CRIME! just open the park skateboarding is just a way for people to express themselves. if u dont want them on the streets re-open the park or at least build them a skate park! FREE THE PARK!
chris bentivegna, san antonio. texas [06-10-2004]

i think how philly is acting stupid about the whole situation and should stop dumb and let the skatersskate what they love
chris bird, Lake Orion,Michigan [06-10-2004]

Ed Spangenberg, Philadelphia [06-10-2004]

free love paek!
Josh Raffle [06-10-2004]

Love Park is an important part in skateboarding history and should be treated as a historic landmark because of all the great things done there. SAVE LOVE PARK!
AARON JOHN, Elizabethtown,PA [06-10-2004]

Robert Langham [06-10-2004]

We need LOVE so let us skate!
Chris Taing, Lansdale PA [06-10-2004]

open that s* up
john, port washighton ny [06-10-2004]

draya barrett, rockledge fl [06-10-2004]

it was sick
Tom Asta, philly [06-10-2004]

Hello im from estonia i have been skateing for 3 years but now im riding bmx bike, when i was skateing i watched lots of skatemovies and there it was LOVE PARK and i konw why skateboarders want to still ride there it`s just one of a kind. In estonia we dont have many skateparks. but in america there is lots of skateparks but one thing what is missing is a freedom riding streets because some smart guys are blocking this oppertunity. SO take this milion and let them ride there. Love and respect to all skaters and bmxers in USA, fight for the Love Park.
psyhoterror, Tallinn Estonia [06-10-2004]

Philly is known for THE PHILLY CHEESE STEAK in the USA however people all over the world know Philly for Love Park. Now Philly is also known to the world as being run by skateboarding haters. Just something to think about
Michael Nakonachny, Parma Ohio [06-10-2004]

ive skated it giv it back to them! for all the kids who skate
austin, Novi [06-10-2004]

Love Park is important to do with our sports history, currently I am only 16 years old but I am very ambitious with my skateboarding...hopefully one day I want to be doing it as my career. I have never skated LOVE park but I would extremely like to one day. I am going to send this link to as many people as I can to give LOVE a better Chance, THANK YOU
Thomas Conlan, Australia [06-10-2004]

wheres the love????
henry hughes, los angeles, ca. [06-10-2004]

Seems that certain factions of Philadelphia's City Council have a lot to learn about marketing the city as a forward thinking, vital place that people want to visit or move to. Skateboarding mightn't seem like a golden goose, but the same could be said of surfing, which my city council embraced and now thrives on. Their acceptance of the sport - and more importantly the vital support they privide - has seen the area I live in virtually become an epicenter of surfing culture, which has become big, big business. Heard of Billabong? Of course you have, it's a youth culture success story, but it's just one of many business that popped up here and flourished because our area was a) naturally endowed with great surf b) the council encouraged surfing to be incorporated into it's image by sponsoring surf comps, building artificial reefs to create surf in areas where there wasn't any, and consulting surfers and investing $$ on a sand pumping scheme that has resulted in the world's longest wave. Why would they do this? Because as soon as they started embracing surfing instead of treating surfers with disdain, things started snowballing, and the more than put into the sport, the more they got out of it too. It's a win win situation. It's added a lucrative marketing tool to their arsenal - surfing is young and hip and intreguing even for those who don't do it- and tourism has followed suit. People come from all around the world to surf here, but more importantly people from all over come to watch and be part of the beach culture. It's spectator friendly, just like skating is, and its now a multi billion dollar industry, just like skating is. The Gold Coast is now home to the ASP (The World Governing Body for Surfing ), hosts the first event on the world surfing tour (which injects millions of dollars into the local economy, not to mention world-wide press) and is generally revelling in popularity - it's the fastest growing city in Australia, tens of thousand of permanent residents moving here every month ( that's big for a What I can't understand is why Philadelphia isn't embracing skating - and its iconic LOVE PARK - in the same way? Skating is a healthy, active, creative pastime that has an amazing allure - and not along with the young. You had an area which was aclaimed as one of the best skate spots in the WORLD, you had world class talent skating there every day - and anyone could come and see this at their leisure? You didn't even need to market it, people were arriving in the city to skate or see LOVE of their own accord, and it's amazingly skate-friendly curves and ledges - although unwittingly designed - was like a hive to bees. Imagine if you actually put some marketing muscle behind LOVE Park and promoted it as a bonafide attraction of your city? You'd have people from all walks of life turning up to see it as surely as any other city attraction or landmark, because that it was - a skate landmark. You can't replace it with a park on the other side of town as surely as you couldn't replace liberty bell with a door buzzer. It had a history, and it had a scene that was evolving and growing and creating world-wide interest. That sounds like a place that's a catalyst for great things to come, and definitely not something that should be thwarted by people claiming to be doing everything in their power to make their city the best it can be.
Carolyn Ridings, Gold Coast, Australia [06-10-2004]

Free love park, f* mayor street! "Skateboarding is not a crime". all french riders are with you, men!
le fournier, biarritz, basque country, france (old europe) [06-10-2004]

i want to skate lov in the future-that was my wish
tom, grudziadz-poland [06-10-2004]

Make your money with X Games, then shut down the park? Come on, get real. Could Love really serve a better, more important purpose than what it did for skateboarding? Never. FREE LOVE!
Tristan Dias, Redding California [06-10-2004]

we have one but we want MORE!
MiCk, Hervey Bay, Qld, Urangan [06-10-2004]

Zak Kaczka, united states [06-10-2004]

Katie Pierce, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [06-10-2004]

Alex, Staten Island, NY. [06-10-2004]

mayor street is stuck up, with no love park, philly has nothing to stand for, nothing that people reconize, with no love park, there is no love in philly.
SEAN WOJCIECHOWSKI, delran nj usa [06-10-2004]

I haven't had the pleasure to skate LOVE yet, though I have seen photos of it and its seems like the greatest skate spot ever! So many people want LOVE to be open for skaters. Even the person who designed it wants it to be open for everyone. Thousand of people are signing petitions such as this to Free LOVE PARK! You people need to stop being so selfish and think about this.
Cole, Shalimar FL [06-10-2004]

free love
taylor maercker, masspaequa par,k new york [06-10-2004]

Many peolpe n Perù including me, wants to reopen the park for the benefits of the art that their skate artist propall over the world
roberto, Lima-Peru [06-10-2004]

i've never skated at love would be tight to later on so i want it to stay a hardcore skate spot
Ryan Brown, Raymore, MO (close to kc) [06-10-2004]

jonathan Merz, granville N.Y. [06-10-2004]

Love Park R.I.P................. :(
Joey Kish, Ravenna, Ohio [06-10-2004]

Alex Trife, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-10-2004]

ive been to love park its an awseome environment. FREE LOVE PARK
jeven, maple ridge bc canada [06-10-2004]

I think that it is really stupid that the mayor would not just help out the youth of philly and take the money!
James, Rochester, Minnesota [06-10-2004]

Free love park, please.
Ted [06-10-2004]

Alex Ottley, Escondido, Ca [06-10-2004]

Have the elders gotten so out of touch with the youth that they feel it necessary to prevent kids from having fun on a f*ing skateboard??????? When will our elders learn that they should be getting closer to the youth than distancing themselves at every opportunity. Only a human being would put a ban on an art like skateboarding in order to preserve precious granite. It seems to me that the people who have outlawed skateboarding miss the big picture, that there's more to life than money and possessions. Whatever gets you through the night...
Matt Carter, Los Angeles, CA [06-10-2004]

Ive been seeing Love park in a lot of videos...i see how skateboarders from around the world come to this park and call it home.i cant see why the mayor cant understand letting skateboarders skate.i live in this small town and we have nothing compared to love park.the council here stoped an ordinance on banning street skating until we have an alternitive site.someone stood up and said"at least there doing somthing and not doing drugs and stuff like that.well they should FREE LOVE PARK
Jesus A., Decatur,TX [06-10-2004]

love park is the best place to skate i hear so one day i was hoping to go skate it, but now i can't because of the law there now....
Antony, Australia [06-10-2004]

hello, i've have been skating for three years now, and for the first year of skating i have never heard of LOVE park, but in the second year, one of my first skate videos. my friends pointed out that LOVE park was known world wide, and a fantastic place to skate. i personaly have never been there, but in all the skate videos i've seen that have LOVE in there, it looks like a really great place to skate, and is vary important place to skaters every where. I'm sure the elected oficals have no clue what LOVE means to the skater. I't was a place to hang out, a place to skate. this is exactaly what happened to hubba ledge in NY. that was a place to skate to see what you got on a board. but now, it was taken away because of ditruction, and now LOVE is being takin away just like that, and skaters, mostly the pro.s can't do anything about it, bu DC has came up with a solution, and the philly mayor declined it. that one million, could have put some type of coping on the ledges or somthin, but if skating is goin to be banned from the park, probly no one will walk throgh there, probly a binessness person will walk throgh there. Well i hope one day, LOVE park would open again some day, so that the bar can be raised on skate tricks, and maybe some day, i could skate there. well later, arian dominguez, 14-fort worht Tx.
adrian dominguez [06-10-2004]

The government feels they have to set society back again because one group of people r becoming too popular and multimillion dollar businesses dont like us. so instead of telling them to shut up and deal w/ it themselves, the government says well they do pay us lots of money, we should try to break these kids and adualts spirits again and again. well all i have to say is u might of thought we were dumb, but we can take something for all its worth, and get back wats rightfully the publics...
Zack Kelley, San Antonio [06-10-2004]

LOVE is an amazing place to skate and should not be banned to the skating world.
Sean Dickard, Kijabe, Kenya [06-10-2004]

To take a positive thing from the youths is at the least a tragedy. What good reason do you have to make skating illegal at LOVE park when someone else is willing to foot the bill to maintain it? Have you ever thought of the postive things you could do with that for the city such as X-games or another huge event where it would bring in millions of dollars for your local businesses? What do you think is going to happen when you arrest all these people and leave it to crack heads and bums? Is that a better image or are you just scared of poor people. I say if you were trying to be fiscally responsible you would take in to thought the ideas of the future taxpayers rather than blowing them off. One million dollars to maintain a park full of bums and drug dealers and your cops are worried about skaters???? your priorities are severely wrong and if you cant see it the taxpayers will. So you have two options do what everyone knows is right, or cause a huge stir and watch your election suffer from it.
Gerald Vandeveer, Fort Wayne, IN [06-10-2004]

free love park
ryan farley, san jose, CA [06-10-2004]

I live very far away from love park and Philedelphia but I do see the pros skate it in the videos and I enjoy seeing skating there.I see no reason why skating is banned,especially if offers of 1 million dollars are on the table.The skaters and the regular citizens could get along.I think it is just the city being harsh and narrow minded towards skateboarders.
Gabe Leatherwood, Dublin,Texas [06-10-2004]

I am going to Philadelphia in August and while there it would be a dream to be able to skate there. If I can't I will walk the park and wish...
John Zenner, Rose Hill, Ks [06-10-2004]

Brasher Robb, Cleveland, Mississippi [06-10-2004]

Dear Mayor Street: free love park AND free schuylkill river park
Art Morath, Phila, PA [06-10-2004]

I think love park should be freeded to skate at because its the dream for every street skater to skate at.It's a skateboarder paradise!
Dallas Wills, Mesquite T.X. [06-10-2004]

I am a skateboarder and i think that u should keep love park for the skaters like them have fun. We get kicked out everywhere and we need a place to skate and have fun. I would like to skate Love Park soon and i hope its still there.
Tom Leveque, Rochester NY [06-10-2004]

Don't close LOVE park. Just because the city believes that skateboarders are all bad people doesn't mean you should deny our privilages to an incredible spot like LOVE Park.
Geoff Schweigert, Rochester, NY [06-10-2004]

I think love park should be opened, its impact on skateboarding is what brought many of us here today, as well as weve had our share of memories with it, i suggest skateboarders of Philadelphia vote the whole politcal office of philadelphia out, and maybe a new office with allowing rules would allow us to have it back. I know its not ours but we've practically claimed it in skateboarding history, as well as pedestrains im sure have a blast spectating all the wonderful things we can accomplish. Nowadays we have the title of "hoodlums", "vandalists", destructiveness, kinds of people which i understand some skateboarders do help out with giving that reputation but were all human here we just like to have fun in our own ways. Thank you, Sincerely Will Johnson, Liberty crew Liberty skateboards "Freedom to skate"
Will Johnson, Rochester, NY [06-10-2004]

I dont live in Phily but I do feel sorry for all the skaters that live there.
Carter, Chapin SC, USA [06-10-2004]

Chuck Durbin, Savannah, TN [06-10-2004]

let us skate! skate or die! we want love back dammit! free love park now!
Grant Hutchins [06-10-2004]

Open LOVE to skaters again, you have the money to do it, and you have the support of over 70% of Philidelphia's population, and you still refuse, Street sucks kick him out of PHilly
BERRT, Burlington, WI [06-10-2004]

I've never skated love... But its one of my dreams.
Matt Penner, Fresno CA, [06-10-2004]

love for life
shane, somerset kentucky [06-10-2004]

joe ryan [06-10-2004]

Free Love!
Bryan Engelmann, Brooklyn, New York [06-10-2004]

I've travlled all the way to Philadelphia from The Netherlands to skate the LOVE park!
Mark, Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands [06-10-2004]

Has anyone seen the photo of kerry getz ollieing over mayor john street. Now how does the mayor endorse the x games and skateboarding and then once the x games leave to another city...they ban skaters from the same place the street competiotion was this is just bulls*. I dont get what people have against skaters.. I get tooken home in a cop car everyday just fro riding around the small town i live in..I skated love when i was about ten and it was great to actually see some really good sick riders tearing it up. Free Love Park..THE BEST SKATE SPOT IN THE WORLD. SFL SKATE TEAM FOR LIFE!
Mike Andrews, Washington PA [06-10-2004]

I first saw LOVE Park in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, and while I am not personally familiar with it, I hate the idea of it being off limits to skaters.
Chris Abbato, Hurst TX, USA [06-10-2004]

Love Park was one of the greatest street spots ever. Now that its illigal, it pisses me off!
Nate Ward, u.s. [06-10-2004]

Jessica Record, Sayville, Ny [06-10-2004]

matt geddes, burlington,ontario, canada (home of M.Appleyard [06-10-2004]

Evan Booher, Cushing, OK [06-10-2004]

Love was on my list of things to get done in life. I've skate Venice, Burnside, Austrailia (which rules) Kona, and many other spots. 24 years of skating and I cant belive they took love from me and I havnt even been to philly yet. I was crushed.. Im still comming open or not and they can deal with me. Free Love -peace, Norm
Norman Gretchen, lethbridge,AB Canada [06-10-2004]

lIVE ON LOVE PARK! Dont let them stop skating at its best..... Dont run and dont hide.... stand your ground. It is only a dream if i can ever skate the park I love. LOVE PARK!
Stewart Norval, Glasgow Scotland UK [06-10-2004]

steve prater, tucson,az [06-10-2004]

save Love. Ask any skater if they've heard of love and they'll probably be able to tell you not only that they've heard of it but have seen in a magazine or video at least 5 tricks by 5 different people that they've memorized in their head. As well as dreaming of tricks they'd love to try on those obstacles if ever given that golden opportunity
Caleb Matthews, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada [06-10-2004]

yay! free love park! go baby go!
Betsy, usa [06-10-2004]

Let the people skate.
Michael Stagg, Milton, WA [06-10-2004]

give Love back to the skaters, rather than to the city.
Ian Ho-Wong, San Francisco, CA [06-10-2004]

"city of brotherly love?"
mike fishman, toledo ohio, u s of a [06-10-2004]

love park needs to be free
David de los Santos, oregon [06-10-2004]

Wish that the City of Philadelphia Open love Park again to skateboarding . Skateboarding is a way of life an for now on its has to be considered has a sports like Baseball or Football .
Patrick Therrien, Montreal [06-10-2004]

Will, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-09-2004]

free love park!
Jeremy Tittmann, Alhambra, California [06-09-2004]

I am a Canadian citizen, born and raised, and it's truth that i dream of skating LOVE park, and have already planned to go on a road trip of the states and the main stop i planned is philly, just to skate love. im in 8th grade now, so now im wishin that it'll be there in 4 years. peace
Theo Wittmann, Mill Bay, Canada [06-09-2004]

Danielle Flynn, Fort Walton Beach,Florida [06-09-2004]

Love park is a legend. It's one of those spots, where you haven't lived until you have skated there. The history, the back ground it has. It's like comparing a Pearl Harbor to WWII veterns. They can't take love park. First its Love, then its the locals spots, then the parks get shut down, THEN WHAT DO WE HAVE. I mean come on, were people too. We just want to do what we love. Is that too much to ask?
Nick Midwig, Maryland [06-09-2004]

IM a skateboarder and i beleive love park should be opened back up because us skaters did nothing wrong when we skated it and other people enjoyed it too. So why shut it down?Also DC shoes offered 1 million dollars to the city to open it back up and the mayor turned it down. What is the problem? I guess their really is no love for Love Park!
Paris Watkins, Charlotte,North Carolina [06-09-2004]

I think that they should open Love Park to skateboarders. The park is the most famous place to skate on the east coast. Also it is a waste of time and money to build a new skatepark, the reason why is because love park is already the best skatepark on earth. So mayor should open his mind and realize that he should re open love park to skateboarders. FREE LOVE F*** the haters
Nathan, d.c [06-09-2004]

I only got to skate it once and I want to go back. My older brother Nathan, owner of Philadelphia Glass Works at 3100 Spring Garden Street, used to skate there all the time when he was younger and I would like tha opportunity to. FREE LOVE PARK!
THomas Purcell, Holland, PA [06-09-2004]

Viva Love Park Viva Colon Plaza Kalis y Stevie masters of the universe
Gonzalo Lopez, Madrid, Spain [06-09-2004]

Everyone has a passion, and ours just happens to be skateboarding. LOVE park is the ULTIMATE skate spot anywhere. Around here there is almost nowhere to skate so I think that If they have a good spot we shouldn't be treated like a dog with a steak in front of his face, you know he is going to try and grab it! And if there is a perfect spot then everyone knows that we are going to skate there so just let us do what we LOVE! SK8 FOR LIFE! SK8 ON ALL!
Taylor Bean, Denton, North Carolina [06-09-2004]

I have alway seen this spot in skate videos and games. And I have always wanted to skate there when i got a little bit older. But now I can never exprience the best skate spot in the world. Please please keep it open and everybody in america keep on fight to keep it open. Dominic Howes
Dominic Howes, england [06-09-2004]

I think street is a big time loser he appearntly doesnt get that lvoe park is the center of tourists for his city hes g* and thats that let dc shoe co do what they can for the park and take it like a real man street!
Jerry, Bethpage Ny [06-09-2004]

legalize skateboarding
steve wess, Vancouver BC [06-09-2004]

free it idiots that money was more then enough
nate from daisy skateboards [06-09-2004]

Best skate spot ever! By taking it away from skaters your taking a part of our lives.
Chris Huddleston, Toronto [06-09-2004]

just open love once more. nothing will ever be as amazing.....
chris, chitown [06-09-2004]

God these people in their suits just do not get it all.A skatepark does nothing but cram loads of skaters into an area where it is more likely to run into other people or getting blindsided.Skating in a skatepark just isn't the same as some street spot.You feela sense of accomplishment when you land it at some spot not meant for it.You never wonder about stairs ledges or handrails in your freetime but to a skater thats all they think about.If it didn't bother you then it shouldnt bother you know.Life is too short too worry about some marks on a bench oroh no theres a skater he is gonna hit me.
jimmy graham [06-09-2004]

u need bigger ramps
mike crowell, sharpsburg,GA [06-09-2004]

FREE Love Park! NOW!
Sean Letcher, canada [06-09-2004]

Yo Philly, LOVES been there forever for skateboarders to go to, but then Street decides to make it not skateable but whats the reason. The people of Philly and tourists love to hang out and watch the skateboarders do what they do. They arent yelling at them to leave but Street is telling us to. I talked to so many people when I skate love and they have nothing against it, but they do have something against Mayor Street for what he is doing to the good of the City and everyone that skateboards. Keep skating Chris USUAL SUSPECTS
Chris Halliday, Doylestown PA [06-09-2004]

Do it For The Kids! Free LOVE Park! Its my Main reason To Go To Philly! Skate Or Die!
Christian Torres, Apopka, Florida [06-09-2004]

skateboarding isnt just a sport its a way of life so let them ride
brandon, brampton,ontario,canada [06-09-2004]

calame, arbois france [06-09-2004]

OK, your probably wondering what some dude from half way around the world is doing signing a petition so the young & free can skate till theyre shins content. well thats cause if they stop skaters in philly, what next ? the world ? f* that, skate on stay true and never be stood over or shut down.......... viva la skateboarding, it has been more of an influence and inspiration to do things in life then anything else has taught me. PEACE
Mizat, Australia [06-09-2004]

Sk8 on the street
richie, Zaragoza SPAIN [06-09-2004]

what the f*, they're paying a million dollars to keep it looking good, why arent you saying ok mutha f*as
Jamie, Australia [06-09-2004]

Mayor street will never know the joy to step on a skateaboard, he is jealous we have this and he doesnt have this love in his life, mayor street, listen to us and FREE LOVE!
Ryan Fournier, F Dub Florida [06-09-2004]

Evan McDowell, Chilliwack, BC, Canada [06-09-2004]

trent Neiko, chula vista,CA [06-09-2004]

Stephen Lewelling, Oklahoma City, Oklhoma, U.S.A [06-09-2004]

the love skateboarding is the most rediculous thing ive ever heard and the mayor is just jealous that josh kalis, bam margera, stevie williams and kerry getz make more money than he ever will
todd yurick, lake ronkonkoma,new york [06-09-2004]

Free love park get reed of the hobos s*ing on the ground and the sluts running the corner and free love park for skateboarders around the world skateboardings the future not sluts not hobos not drug dealers SKATEBOARDING IS THE FUTURE FOR KIDS AROUND THE WORLD PERIOD.......
justin ahern Breitenbach, maryland severna park 21122 [06-09-2004]

i love skateboarding.
mark tepe, North Bend [06-09-2004]

In Philadelphia.... What is true LOVE? LOVE is that Skateboarding, has become too popular to ignore... words of JOSH KALIS Go to and go to visuals and commercials skate commercials you should see JOSH KALIS THE VERDICT watch it....... and think about it
Cole, Shalimar, Florida [06-09-2004]

skateboarding is a sport whether you like it or not and it has to be practiced like any other sport. Skateparks are not always ideal for skaters. So why not give a very ideal place to skate for us.
Patrick, Chapin,SC [06-09-2004]

just f*in reopen love park to skaters dick heads 1 million dollars is a lot of money so dc even said they pay back the damages they casued- SO JUST OPEN LOVE PARK TO ALL SKATERS!
Bam Margera, west chester pennavania [06-09-2004]

Love Park is to skateboarding like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall is to Philadelphia. Let us keep with history and allow Love Park to continue to be associated with the great sport of skateboarding and not as the place where skateboarding was permitted no more.
Evan Marshall Greathouse, Swarthmore, PA, USA [06-09-2004]

i have watched my young son grow up into a young adult, and have watched him skate love park with me at his side. it was a fabulous 'bonding' experience, watching him master tricks. it is sinful that what is a wonderful sport has been diminished by people who do not understand the free spirit of the activity. Love park was never used until the skate boarders used it, and then it was ripped away from them by a mayor who did not recognize a great thing for what it was. How dare he ruin the park and blame it on false statements about the 'cost' of maintaining it, and then turn down one million dollars of contribution towards the maintenance. Shame on you mayor street. As a tax paying member of this community, and a physician in this city I beg you to reconsider and open love park to all our citizens.
Lillian Cohn, M.D., philadelphia, pa [06-09-2004]

What is true LOVE?
Cole Webb, Shalimar, Florida zip:32579 [06-09-2004]

We need Love Park we need to open it to skaters. I havent even been to Love Park yet but i always planned on going. It a historic site for skateboarders, I used to think about going on road trips to Love Park, now i can only dream.
Jamie Bourne, StuartsDraft Virginia [06-09-2004]

i skated love be4 and their is no other place like it, return love to who made it popular, love is love because of skateboaring.... free lve parkkkk
joe ziti, Farmingdale NY 11735 [06-09-2004]

John Street is just stupid for not taking $100,000 a year from DC...
Joe Hocker, Philadelphia, PA [06-09-2004]

it would be nice if love park reopened for usto skate at
Mike Antis, Elmira, NY [06-09-2004]

I wish love park were skate able again i have been there once for my graduation gift from my family thats all wanted to see love to skate love it was the best feeling ever. So many good things has come out of that place and i hope to see more. Hopfully when i return in the futher to love this will be all over. Free Love Park
Julian Williams, Fontana,California [06-09-2004]

I've never been, but I've seen hours and hours of footage. Sure, clean it up some but at least if you can see where the skaters are you know where they aren't. They aren't selling drugs, stealing things etc etc, and that has to be a good thing!
nikc, vancouver, bc, canada [06-09-2004]

Hey, JB here used to session the hell out of that spot with all the heads. Rog, Slim and the whole crew. The wondertwins and Boomer, remember Boomer and Tony?? Anywayz, if it wasn't for Love then Philly woulod be something else that what it is. If only the city saw that. We the true philly crew, the skaters, know the real deal. peace to philly and peace to LP.
John Burke, Vancouver [06-09-2004]

Love park should be open up for skaters only.
Raymond Nguyen, Glendale, AZ United States [06-09-2004]

Free LoVE!
Saul Gonzalez, N. Hollywood, CA [06-09-2004]

you can stop the inevitable, only delay it... skateboarding owns all.
Larry Wright, Grand Prairie, TX [06-09-2004]

Pilar Unterthiner, Santa Barbara, CA [06-09-2004]

for all the revenue the x games brought to this city.....throw the skaters a bone!
PAUL KENNEDY, delaware county,pa [06-09-2004]

love is a way of skateboarding every skater knows what love is, you cant do this its un...right
chris martin, Richmond, VA USA [06-09-2004]

i think it was cool that skateboarders skated there...and they should be allowed to do it still.
Joshua Phillips, Holmes, PA [06-09-2004]

Love park is one the sickest skatespots in the country.
Nick vonWerssowetz, West Milford, New Jersey [06-09-2004]

Nigel Midwinter, Calgary,AB,Canada [06-09-2004]

Mitchell Rhein, Holland, Michigan [06-09-2004]

it should reopened and let bmxers bike in the park too
Ryan Litwin, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, canada [06-09-2004]

I dont skate much anymore, but have friends and family that do and I support it. Allow skateboarders back into LOVE Park. The skateboarders have rallied to show their ideas of the law. By the people for the people is what our laws are based upon, so give the people what we want. Donations for upkeep have been offered. Even the architect supports the decision.
Larry Brecht Jr, San Diego, CA [06-09-2004]

Preston Harper, Scottsdale, AZ [06-09-2004]

As people have pointed out previously, LOVE Park is a place of great significance in skateboarding history and should not be taken away from those who skate. Even on the other side of the pond - here in England - LOVE Park is considered the 'big daddy' of skate spots worldwide. British skaters, although (I'm assuming) most of them have never skated there, aspire to visit that spot one day in an almost religious pilgrimage, to take this away from not only Philadelphia and the USA, but the rest of the world has started to shatter the hopes and dreams of many aspiring skaters accross the world. In conclusion, I think it would be the best option to open the park to skaters, even if it was for limited hours per day, at least then skaters in England and every other country would have some hope of skating there one day soon... Free LOVE Park
Russell B, England [06-09-2004]

Please allow skateboarders to have access to Love Park! I understand that the main reason that the park has been closed off to skateboarders is because of the threat of vandalism, intentional or not. I personally believe that opening up the park to skateboarders will acutally decrease the chances of vandalism because of increased surveillance, and increase the city's generated tourist revenues. You must understand that the majority of skateboarders are responsible, mature individuals who participate in skateboarding for the same reason that people participate in snowboarding or motocross; for the thrill of it. I know of people as far away as Texas that dream of one day skating in Love Park. I beseech you, if you free Love Park, it will mean more money generated from tourism, and more people with favorable opinions of Philadelphia. Please help make this dream a reality, and help the great city of Philadelphia in the process!
Jordan, Audubon, PA [06-09-2004]

Probably one of THE best city street skating sites that I have laid my four wheels upon. Completely ridiculous that a city would ban such a positive activity.
Darren Goetz, Detroit, MI [06-09-2004]

please freee love i have skated for the longest time and love park has been the best! PLease free LOVE
TJ williams [06-09-2004]

how can you shut down skating. I can pretty much say that skateboading is my religion, my belief.
andrew coffman, san diego california [06-09-2004]

ryan arnold, philadelphia, pa [06-09-2004]

Chauncy, Kinston, Nc [06-09-2004]

Free Love Park.
Matt Rutledge, Philadelphia, PA [06-09-2004]

save love its done so much for the act of skateboarding.
boomer johnston, junction city oregon [06-09-2004]

mats werner, Sweden [06-09-2004]

Make LOVE and double hardflips.
Aleksi F., Turku, Finland [06-09-2004]

i love skating i dont see why people think skating is wrong my friends have gotten in trouble a lot of times but i still dont see whats wrong
Ashley, Florida [06-09-2004]

Why wont you open love park, even though i never gone there. But it just makes me mad because it is a public park, and that means everyboby can go there. so why wont you just sign the 1 million dollers and fix it so that the skateboarders can go there. Like for example if you watch the dc video, most of the footage of the street skateboarders skate there. And I know when you hear the word LOVE PARK mostly everybody in the U.S. thinks about skateboarding. so let skateboarders skate there.
nathan henne, bismarck nd [06-09-2004]

I will soon be moving to the city (regardless of the decision). But I would have an immediate sense of pride in my new city if they had the compassion and understanding to allow skateboarding in the park. Most cities never come close to having a venue such as Love Park - kids should be allowed to utilize it.
Scott Dressler, Austin [06-07-2004]

I came there once and it was almost perfect. The ledges, stairs..everything was so smooth! Too bad I could skate for 40 min when the f***** cops arrived. I came for something special.. and IT IS special!
An Vo, Alkmaar, The Netherlands [06-07-2004]

i think we should free love park becuase everyone has a right to be there no no matter if its skateboarding or any other things. to tell a group of people they can't go there is like saying black people can't go there it isen't right and we should be allowed to skate there and be free. My whole life i wanted to skate there but now I can't see my friends and I doing smith grinds on ledges, now i get to see bums taking s*s and throwing it at each other and smoking crack and fighting THANKS PHILLY! FREE LOVE PARK
mike stone, swampscott, Ma. [06-07-2004]

Jaclyn Marencin, Aston, pa 19014 [06-07-2004]

Ryan Thompson, Oil City, Pennsylvania [06-07-2004]

love park is awesome the skating there that has gone down there is amazing and i think the philly mayor is being ignorant of the fact that skating love park cant be replaced by another concrete park being made.I am from Australia and if I was to ever go to America I would want to go to Philidelphia and skate LOVE park.Its that simple.
damian yates, australia,n.s.w,casino [06-07-2004]

I just wanted to show my support in "freeing LOVE Park". I don't stake but I have many friends that do and I think that LOVE Park should remain to be skated on.
Anne Carr, Drexel Hill, PA [06-07-2004]

i had plan's to fly to philly and skate love park when i finish school, but it dont look like its gonna happen due to certain unreasonable people
dane gazzard, gosford, new south wales, australia [06-07-2004]

no thing just i like nice wanted great love for ever
yousef, palestine . gaza strip, rafah province [06-07-2004]

I have never skated at love park in my life but hell, when i saw the first pictures of it i nearly wet myself. I am dule national because my mums from new york and when i saw these pictures it made me want to leave this crappy country England and move strate to philly just for that park. if it can do things like that to people isnt that just one other reasion to re-open it to skaters think about it man!
Joshua Hornby-Gray, Horam Eastsussex [06-07-2004]

the government is corrupt!
Jerald Anzai, Honolulu, Hawaii [06-07-2004]

Melissa Powell, Philadelphia [06-07-2004]

Bring back love park to the skaters and we might show ome love back
Jase Kase, Sydney AUS [06-07-2004]

i've never been to love park but i will sign the petition just for the respect for al the skaters that go there please keep me posted LOVE
koenraad, belgium [06-07-2004]

I think it's stupid for the major of philly not to open LOVE Park. $100,000 is more than enough for security maintnence, whatever else you need..the money that could be made by re-opening LOVE is amazing..if DC makes a shoe series(or whatever they were planning on doing) titled, "Freinds of LOVE park." then i see that as another money maker. Not to mention the fact that it would make Philadelphia more popular and famous. For the amount of money DC is offering i'd let you turn my house into a skatepark and i'd sleep under one of the ramps.
Chris Sims, Kansas City, MO [06-07-2004]

this is blatantly going against democracy, let alone a multitude of other beautiful things. Shouldnt the population of Philadelphia be able to vote on this?!?! FREE LOVE PARK!
A. C., Bay Area, CA [06-07-2004]

It's a shame that a piece of wood and some wheels could make such a problem with politicians that realize that they are too old to have fun anymore. Don't ruin our fun. Maybe this is the city of "selective love."
Bill Kunz, Pittsburgh, PA [06-07-2004]

There's no good place to skate where I live, my dream is to one day skate in LOVE Park... please! Make my dreams come ture! FREE LOVE PARK!
Pat, Collegeville, PA [06-07-2004]

Love park is a huge part of skateboarding history and by banning skateboarding at it your taking a piece out of the skateboarding generation
Jered Wood, New York, New York [06-07-2004]

I see skateboarding as a way of gives us all out there something to do..its like a friggen sport..are they illegal?!..NO!..let us have the advantage to do something we LOVE to do..SKATE ON!
Brittany Shlotzhauer, Sherrill, New York, US [06-07-2004]

Skaters are doing something they LOVE in LOVE park
katie, new jersey [06-07-2004]

I've been skating for 5 years. Three years ago, before i had my licence, all i ever did was dream of driving to LOVE park to skate. I knew i was dedicated enough drive there every weekend or even after school. Philly is 45 minutes away from my town, and is worth the trip to skate LOVe park. However, the year I got my licence is the same year they closed LOVE park. On an average trip to Philly, i would eat in philly, buy skateboards at Philly skate shops live Elite and Nocturnal, and generally put money into the city. But since LOVE is unskateable, i will rarely waste my time going to philly to skate 4 or 5 mediocre spots. LOVE was the BEST spot. SO instead, i take my weekly trips to NYC, where the city hasn't outlawed skateboarding (Brooklyn Banks). As good as NYC is for skateboarding, if Philly were to reopen LOVE park, I would undoubtably return to it every weekend. I would pay a fee to skate LOVE park. And im sure i say the same for countless other skaters nationwide when i say that.
Justin Florio, Toms River, NJ [06-07-2004]

I haven't YET skated at love park but the thinks i here about it make me wanna skate there so bad and i think that a hole bunch of pro skaters like 50 or them should just get together and start skateing there i mean if you have the pros you've got to have like 150 fans and i doubt the cops can take 200 people. FREE LOVE PARK
Matt Courchesne, Georgetown, ON Canada [06-07-2004]

Why is the city of Philadelphia so blind to want LOVE park means to the skateboard world. Also they just turned down a millon dollar deal with dc. The city of Philadelphia has no love.
Joe Gaynor, Monroe CT [06-07-2004]

Check out my site. Its got soo much on Love. Open Love park!
Kameron, hawaii [06-07-2004]

What can I say that has not been said already, oh well, FREE LOVE PARK.
Alex Leser, Las Vegas, NV [06-07-2004]

free love park
adam howard, michigan [06-07-2004]

free this b*
kyle bungly, st. charles mo [06-07-2004]

Ken, Tokyo, Japan [06-07-2004]

open it please i mean it is probly the best place to skate but noooo you wont open it just end all this fighting no and open the skatepark
connor buhler, eden praire MN [06-07-2004]

free love park!
Scott Moore, Mohawk, New York [06-06-2004]

Skateboarding should be allowed there. if they build parks for the people, then skateboarders should be allowed there (unless the "non-skateboarders" dont see us as people) and if u keep kicking us out of places there will be nowhere left. and people are very prejudice towards skateboarders. as soon as that hear that word they automatically think "punker kids who wanna destroy there surroundings" when actually the purpose of us skateboarding on the streets is to have fun and use the surroundings for wut they are worth
Tim Serr, Carle Place [06-06-2004]

Jon Snyder, Columbus New Jersey [06-06-2004]

its a terrible feeling to think that one of my lifes goals has been closed to me after mayor streets turned down dc's offer.i had a small twinge of hope that maybe my 4 years of skating and waiting to see love would i dont think going to philly this summer and i will probably cry when i see disappointed in not being able to skate a place ive always dreamed of.
nate, itty bitty wisconsin town [06-06-2004]

Cody, Vernon, NJ [06-06-2004]

LOVE park has been a very important part of skateboarding's history. I have never skated there and would love for the city to give me, and others around the world that chance. I hope that the city would change its mind and let skateboarders experience what its like to see and skate the famous skateboarding landmark that is LOVE park. -Bill Schaefer
Bill Schaefer, monroe, CT [06-06-2004]

free love park the best us skate spot!nocturnal is doing it!
seth curtis, uk [06-06-2004]

I think they should reopen love park cuz s* DC offered them $1,000,000. That money could do a lot of good for philly. "FREE LOVE"
sean, jacksonville florida USA [06-06-2004]

Love park is an amazing place. So much great history has gone down there. I've always wanted to skate love park...i've seen like uncredible footage from it from like stevie williams, Josh Kalis, Chris Col, And much more. I just want Love park to be open to the future skaters. I haven't skated it...I LIVE all the way in hawaii. Its such a great place that i know about it all the way from here. SO don't shut Love down and keep it open for future skaters.
Kameron, hawaii [06-06-2004]

i do not skate but i have friends that do and i always wonder why so many people find skating bad or that skaters are many buisnesses call the cops on my friends just because they are skating on the property i dont see what they are doin wrong.i think you should allow people to skate LOVE park because its a way they express themselves.if u dont let them skate then i belive the city should build them a skate park where they can have a place to skate.
nick, san antonio,texas [06-06-2004]

Free Love!
Lil J [06-06-2004]

ben honeck, mukwonago, wisconsin [06-06-2004]

free love park
Sean Carbone, Middleton, Massachusettes [06-06-2004]

open LOVE PARK! Skateboarding is a youth sport. Love park has many memories of pro skaters preforming tricks. Lots of kids in Philli want to skate, Open love so they can skate there instead of vandalizing the city.
Jeff Calvert, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [06-06-2004]

james, raleigh NC [06-06-2004]

i dont skate much at all but a lot of my friends do n i dont think its fair that they stopped ppl from skatin at love park ppl r stil gonna do it so stop trying and just free it
brian, drexel hill pa [06-06-2004]

love park is great, so much good skateboarding has gone down there. its a historic item to skateboarder, opening it to skateboarders would just be way easier than trying to stop them
Richard Chao, Tucson,AZ [06-06-2004]

i travel and hour on the train only to get my board taken 10 mins later by over agresive donut eating cops on bikes, and now i have to go 5 different places to pay a over price fine, 75$! and to get my board back which they probably threw out. Skaters put love on the map the least they can do is let us skate their.
Joey, Doylestown PA [06-06-2004]

free love park! skateboarding is not a crime! peace, love, and understanding...
Brian Hiroshi Takeda, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada [06-06-2004]

Yes, I think it's awful the way the people are handling this LOVE Park situation. I'm sorry I have 2 sons that skateboard and they enjoyed coming there to skate. Now you know why the young are leaving this fine state, LOL. Yeah right! We can only do what they want. People wise up before all our children decide to leave us, there are more important things to worry about, like our sons and daughters going over to Iraq to be tortured and killed. Why don't we oppose that so easily, it's a skateboard for GOD sake, now doesn't it sound a little ridicules to ban our kids from LOVE, when we could put that energy to better use by trying to plead with Pres. Bush to stop all of the insanity over there and bring our men and women home, so they can fight over here, before we have no one here to fight for us? You see LOVE Park is nothing compared to over there, Mr. Mayor, please give these kids a break, at leat before they called to duty and end up dying.
Cynthia Medashefski, Hazleton, PA, USA [06-06-2004]

free love park!
Dillon Reynolds, West Simsbury CT [06-06-2004]

Damir Harambasic, SLC, Utah [06-06-2004]

Yo I Think LOVE Park Should Be Open To Skaters You Can Take Away Something So Memorable Because Kids Are Having Fun With It. Its A Beautiful Park And For A Bunch Of Old Tite Wads Takin It Away From Gr8 Skaters Now And To Come Is Wrong. When The City Says Skaters Are Damaging Property Their Damaging Kids Dreams All Because OF What They Think is Wrong. I Just Wanted To Get That Off My Chest I Personally Never Skated It But If I Could I Would Skate In Front Of Any CITY HALL,GOVERNMENT OFFICE WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL THEM ANYDAY! Im Lil Clova And I Want The City To Accept Skaters For How Much Fun Were Having Not For What They've Heard
Michael A.K.A. (Lil Clova), Allentown PA. [06-06-2004]

free love park!
PADDY, san antonio [06-06-2004]

THE SKATERS OF PHILLY DESERVE THAT PARK Polotisians have no right to take something that inportant to philly local skaters
sean howell, invermere,british columbia,canada [06-06-2004]

Why doesn't the mayor allow skateboarding? There is no replacing the taj mahal of real street spots to skate. No, skatepark can match a real street spot. It takes out all of the fun and creativity. What if some of the biggest locals that skate LOVE park (kerry getz and others) close Mayor Streets' favorite golf course or whatever stupid thing he likes to do. That's how we (skateboarders) feel. FREE LOVE PARK!
Cory Gillerstein, Fargo, ND [06-06-2004]

Josephine Cardillo, Philadelphia, PA [06-06-2004]

When I first went to LOVE park, i learned so many new tricks and also met a lot of the professional skateboarders that i didn't even know. Also the kids there were really excited to see me and the other professional skateboarders at LOVE park. The DC Shoe Company is even nice enough to offer an "apology fund" to make up for all the damages that skateboarders have created on all of the rails, benches, and ledges. This is all I have to say now, and please open LOVE park again...
Tony Hawk, San Diego, California [06-06-2004]

let love park be open again just let skaters skate its not like its ruining anything-just open it-i mean 1 million dollars-DC is so awesome now!
Bryan Schaefer, florida [06-06-2004]

I've never been to PA and I've never skated all too well, but LOVE park is the sweetest spot I've ever seen. It is the perfect spot for all skaters.
Andrew Balcom, Thompson, CT [06-06-2004]

Love park should be like it was before. A place for skateboarders to express themselves. This is (or was before it was taken away) Philadelphia's landmark for skateboarders. Already as we were growing up, skateboarding in this city, we were thrown out of mostly every place we went, with no suggestion of a skate park to build for us or some type of place to go. Love Park was our asylum and that it would only be right for it to be given back to the people that made the park this city's landmark, the skaters.
Christopher Cabungcal, Philadelphia, PA [06-06-2004]

colin lambert, winnipeg [06-06-2004]

I never got the chance to skate LOVE park. I'm only 12 and I've only been skating for 2 years 6 months and all I know of LOVE park si what I've seen in the THPS 2 game and pictures. The worst thing I know about it is that I will never be able to skate it. Ever. Hope it's free soon, Dalton M.
Dalton M. Cummings, Taylor, TX. [06-06-2004]

LOVE park was and still is the most famous skate spot in the world. People in Europe and other places over seas know about LOVE park. Even the X-games was held there a few y ears ago, which goes to show you that skateboarding can help raise money if the X-games wasn't free, if there was a competition there every year which raised money, you could raise thousands. All kinds of professional skateboarders would be there and which would bring fans.
Eric Yagher, Fort Walton Beach, Florida [06-06-2004]

jfk would have understand!
define, philadelpia, pa [06-06-2004]

i am a filmer on the other side of the park in california and i one day wish that i could film one of my friend to do the set and i see that dc is willing to put in a million dollors for repairs and such i find that for the love of skateboarding we need to free love park fight on! "never give up" -fallen
luke, san gabriel, ca [06-06-2004]

I believe thats its in the city's best intrest to accept the money from DC shoes because I'm sure that the city could use it. Also, I don't see any harm from skateboarding in certain hours of the day at the park. I mean most people aren't even going to be there at that time. I bet that more people would actually go there to skateboard that to just "go and eat lunch" or whatever.
Michael, Florida [06-06-2004]

first off, this park is basically made for skateboarding....its just made to be, dont take that away...just let us all skate and enjoy ourselves...later.
Andrew Prior, Verona, NY [06-06-2004]

There wouldn't be rebellion and mad skaters taking their aggravation to the city officials and authority figures, if there wasn't such a grudge between skaters and those haters,and I know what it's like, Cops will be working on a crime scene, looking for a criminal with a stolen(actual event) and they would somehow make time to make our day of skateboarding miserable! And for no reason! This is not the America that our fore fathers were hoping the America Today would be. I hope to skate in LOVE Park this year, since I graduated high school, so it would be nice to check this beautiful spot. I even dream about carving around on the marble paradise, grinding here and there, going down a flight of stairs. There's no better feeling. Mayor Street, the city will be one of the most popular attractions in the world, you just gotta open up many doors to let it happen, and it very may be one of the top more popular cities in the world, but not without Skateboarding!
Jeremy Noel, Bridgeport, West Virginia USA [06-06-2004]

Brandon Ingram, Richmond,VA [06-06-2004]

you can't tap oil from LOVE Park....
Natalie Jumper, Carlisle, PA [06-06-2004]

YO hey mayor! f* you i swar to god u r the biggest most ignorant d* 2 ever live. first off, the constitution says freedom of speech, religion and all that well. to that skateboarding is like a religion. we wake up everyday, get ready and go skate. so whos it hurting????? NOBODY A* so cram a pineapple in your *, run around the city and say i had to cut funding for everything and i wont accept a mil dollers to fix the park or anything else because im a thickheaded r* d*. so u know what, ive never skated there but thats one o the reasons ive wanted 2 skate. u know why? cuz thats where legends learned like stevie williams and others it like there birthplace. if u take that away yur gonna have a swarm of skaters destroying everying and what then? "no i dont the million that dc offered i want to be a ignorant little thick headed c* s* pompus prissy goverment official d*! so everybody go skate. do anything u can. just get it back and ifu cant i will so mayor i have one last thing to say take that grin and those words that said i ban skating love park and shuv em so far up yur a* they reak through your heart and u barf up yur lungs d*! im out peace - save love park
DAN COGAN, naugatuck connecticut [06-06-2004]

Let them skate, let them all skate.
David Corcoran, HighLand Lakes Vernon, NJ, USA [06-06-2004]

it should be poen the government is a bunch of s
andrew wilkinson, boise idaho [06-06-2004]

jacob brown, Indianapolis, Indiana [06-06-2004]

free love park..
Daniel Collins, jacksonville, fl, usa [06-06-2004]

Tripp gavin, Oyster Bay, Ny [06-06-2004]

Skateboarding saved my life, it gave me a form of exercise that was both constructive and enjoyable. I just hope that one day the majority of others will see that a few waxed ledges is a reasonable price to pay for the happiness and real crime reduction of not only the youth, but people of all ages.
Glen Kirkup, United Kingdom [06-06-2004]

I've never skated LOVE, but i would like to some day. From what pics i've seen of it and what i've heard, it sounds like heaven for any skater. It's really a shame to see this happen. FREE LOVE PARK!
Nigel, Georgia [06-06-2004]

I think that love park is a part of skateboarding, i have been skateboarding for 8 years in a small town in new york state that doesnt have much oppertunities for progression in skateboarding and i would like that chance along with the chance to skate love park, just like any other skateboarder would
Matt Havener, Oneida [06-06-2004]

John Willis, Corpus Christi, Texas [06-06-2004]

I used to skate @ love park before it closed. Now there is no good spots.
Chris Fanelli, Phili PA [06-06-2004]

To put a ban on skating Love Park is like saying to the world of skateboarding that you don't matter and we don't care about you, but what you don't know is that skateboarding touches so many people and so many youth. When a country does something like this it makes us feel like we are unwanted in society.
Jordan Harman, Jacksonville, Florida [06-06-2004]

Love is a place to escape and to let go of all the stress in life and just have a good time. It is a heavy loss to anyone who has ever had the oppritunity to step foot on its grounds. FREE LOVE
Ben Richeman, Philadelphia,pa [06-06-2004]

Re-Open LOVE Park to the skateboarding community. Free love park! It is a historic skateboarding landmark.
Nathan Williams, Frisco, CA [06-06-2004]

if love park was really about true love, everyone would be welcome there...even us skaters
Zack Wolff, Vernon, NY [06-06-2004]

Skateboarding is not a crime it is a right.
Jared Sabovitch, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada [06-06-2004]

For the past five years I have been waiting to get my license for the sole purpose of making the trip to LOVE. Now I can finally make the trip, but a trip to get kicked out? Not worth the drive. The mayor obviously is against the diverse youth. I would never vote for him.
Josh Riley, coxsackie, new york, 12051 [06-06-2004]

MY COMMENT IS PRO! I grew up in Philadelphia and moved to Pottstown over 25 years ago. The Love Park has always been a favorite with me, mostly due to the fountain and the scupture/statue, I guess. I last visited the park about a year ago with my grandson who is now 6. We had spent most of the day at the Franklin Institute - his first time - and walked to Suburban Station. We had missed the R6 and I decided that we'd spend the time waiting outside. We walked to a 7-11 type store and got drinks and then crossed the street to the Love Park and sat down on the benches. I wanted him to enjoy the park like his Grammi. There were about 7 or 8 talented young people (one was a girl!) skateboarding. This was my first time seeing this type of skateboarding and I was highly impressed. My grandson? You would have thought he was watching a basketball game or something. Although he enjoyed Franklin Institute, the short time we spent in the Love Park was the highlight of the trip! When we left the park a couple of the young people also went to the Suburban Station and my grandson idol worshipped them for a while and then "pestered" them with questions which were answered. I loved those guys for that!
Ione E. Williams, Pottstown, PA 19464 [06-06-2004]

mitch firth [06-06-2004]

jimi, perk city pa [06-06-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK FREE LOVE PARK FREE LOVE PARK FREE LOVE PARK FREE LOVE PARK mayor street you are an idiot, you should have taken the check, you'll be regretting that when a the next election comes up, cause the city of philly hates you for not taking that money, and when your gone, love park will reopen, and you will just be a bitter old man
jon, jersey [06-06-2004]

As the Assistant Manager of a skateboard shop, I had the opportunity to discuss the Love Park situation with many people. To skateboarders it is clearly obvious what should be done, but as with all conflicts there is always two sides to the story. The vandalism issue seems to have been resolved with DC's generous offer. Philidelphia can get around the liability. What is the problem? I think a lot of people misjudge skateboarders and their agenda. Skaters tend to hang out in groups, are predominantly young males, and wear casual clothes. Some people may be intimidated by these large groups of people, thinking they are gangs of kids out for nothing but trouble but the bottome line is that "most" of them are there to skate. They aren't interested in anything else. There are always a few that spoil it for the rest but let them be punished. No matter how many skateparks are built, skaters want street skating. Love Park is world renowned for skateboarding, its the utopia. A compromise has to be met. Free Love Park.
Scott Bain, PRince George, BC, Canada [06-06-2004]

sara, medina ohio united states of america [06-06-2004]

Think of all those pros who skate there, LOVE isint even killed, and think of all the kids stuck with nowhere to skate. people have love for LOVE.
David Myers, Winnipeg [06-06-2004]

Even though i have never skated at love park. it has always been a dream of mine. just to even see the big love sign. its not a matter of if they will allow skating there again, they will let skating in love park happen again. and when that happens i will be there. and skating.
Rocky Martinez, Riverton, Wyoming [06-06-2004]

Love park is the greatests thing to happen to east coast skateboarding. Re-open it!
Olin Reid, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-06-2004]

Thwy should open the park again it was f*ed up that they closed it.
Chris Toro, Fanwood New Jersey [06-06-2004]

Anthony Farrar, Keene [06-06-2004]

free love park for the sake of mankind
tom sypeck, hazleton pennsylvania usa [06-06-2004]

Connor Effenberger, Toms River New Jersey USA [06-06-2004]

Hey you damn suits FREE LOVE PARK! This place rocks. Skaters should be and will skate it wether you let us or not so f* you!
Austin Schreiber, Springfield Mo [06-06-2004]

seaneboy27 [06-06-2004]

free love!
dave, philadelphia [06-06-2004]

I've never skated at Love Park, but I have seen people skate it in videos. Love Park makes skate videos so much more fun to watch, so I hope they re-open it to skaters.
Josh Sample, Wayne, Michigan [06-06-2004]

Michael Corner, Banff Alberta, Canada [06-06-2004]

Give the "Public Park" back to the Public. It is ridiculous to make a law that bans certain individuals the right to be in a public park. Philly is the birth place of freedom, right? Whatever happened to "For the People, By the People?"
Christopher Savage, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-06-2004]

what i dont understand is that tons of cities and townships build basketball courts and tennis courts for the communities, but no skateparks. LOVE park was an amazing skatepark but was not built to be one. I think that the people just wanting to sit and eat lunch and the skaters could both use the park and keep it a park that is actually used by people. Also, DC shoes has stepped up and offered a million dollars for repairs, but street is too biased to accept it.
dan loucks, collegeville PA [06-06-2004]

matt morlock, Philadelphia [06-06-2004]

Max Biallas, Germany [06-06-2004]

the last time i was in the states was when i was four, im now 15 and my mum and dad was thinking about going to philly. i was amazed, i thought i was actually going to get to skate THE Love Park. Now, i can't do something that i have always wanted to do. how can you refuse a million dollars for the upkeep of the park? its ridiculous. if i came to philly me and my parents would have put thousands of dollars into some peoples pockets. that's three tourists you could have had to help boost your economy. FREE LOVE
simie, Buckie, Scotland (near aberdeen) [06-06-2004]

LOVE park NEEDS to be open to skateboarding. Skateboarding is a healthy recreational sport that keeps the kids in a postive atmosphere. It even keeps the youth away from drugs and other bad things. Skating being legal will better the community and better the youth and the choices they make.
Sasha, N. Las Vegas [06-06-2004]

I recently was just arrested for skateboarding at LOVE park. My court date was june 1st, the day DC shoes proposed 1 million to the city. I was there to attend the rally. But for now i have a $142 fine and 24 hrs community service for skateboarding. LOVE is just LOVE without skatebaording in LOVE its shows really what this city is...the city of brotherly hatred...i amd so repulsed and upset by or mayor. IMPEACHMENT street someone who deserves it.. Skateing will be legal one day and i hope that day comes soon enough cause im sick of running from the damn cops all the time.
Brian Oakley, Phila. PA 19115 [06-06-2004]

There is no reason for love park to be closed. What, it attracted skaters, who cares, it is already there, what are they going to do, tear it out of the ground! If it really pisses them off that much because people are skating in a public non-skateboard park, then they should just reopen it as a skatepark.
Samuel Mason [06-06-2004]

keep it hanging vatos
paco, mexico [06-06-2004]

Save LOVE park.
Matt Barry, Encinitas California [06-06-2004]

i have'nt skate at the park,but i had heard verymuch about that park. it was a perfect sk8park for us,sk8ter now days. and i don't get it,why the fu**er ban the park. it was a skatepark that i dream to be in my country. it was cool man. FREE LOVE PARK!LOVE POR EVERY SK80TER!
bosri nath b. omar, selayang,selangor,malaysia [06-06-2004]

Joey Chappel, az [06-06-2004]

I have always dreamed of skating Love Park.
Danny Bill, Columbus, Indiana [06-06-2004]

[Free Love Park]
Mary Deskiewicz, Philadelphia, PA [06-06-2004]

Why should the city government limit the uses of Love park? If there would be alloted times for skaters to use the park, then there is no reason why skaters shouldn't be able to use the park. Don't be opposed to new ideas and sports, such as skateboarding...just because they weren't around when you 'were growing up'. Our number one concern should be for the generation that is going to rise up and one day take over government positions. If we take away these things from them, then they will find other things to do with their time that may be destructive.
Chrystal Vible, Nottingham, Pa [06-06-2004]

Free Love Park
Michael C. Leslie, Rutledge, Pa 19070 [06-06-2004]

This injustice is only equal to the misuse of power in favor of it
Nils Ryan, Australia, Victoria [06-06-2004]

Love park is such a great place for all skaters, when i visited there it was one of the most amazing things i ever saw. Now if people are gonna charge for u to get in it will have a negative effect on the people. FREEEEEEE LOOOOVVVVEEEE PARRRRKKK!
Kyle Partyka, Sherrill, NY [06-06-2004]

Travis Sales, Houston, Texas [06-06-2004]

ive never been to the states, but if i do, im gonna go to philly and skate the love park, it looks too damn nice, hope u guys can skate that place again, love park forever! God bless!
Puia, taiwan [06-06-2004]

It can't be serious that a park like LOVE close. Skaters in Philadelphia, make some revolution!
Robert Gombita, Hungary [06-06-2004]

I think LOVE park should be made legal for skateboarders to skate there because from what i've seen in almost every skateboard video that i have watched, its a well known spot for skaters, and for an offer of $100,000 a year to keep the park looking good i think it should be legalized. If i was the mayor i would definetly not turn down that offer knowing how much the park means to skaters everywhere.
Crystal W., St. John's, NL, Canada [06-06-2004]

Let people skate...your city will benefit the money that will be donated and it will also bring a lot of media attention and most likely boost your tourism if LOVE is free...think about that.
Vincent, Seatte, WA [06-06-2004]

mofo's let us sk8
spencer, oneida, ny us [06-06-2004]

this is 1 of my dream places to go to before i go to the marines
luis, new york ny [06-06-2004]

Skateboarding is not a crime. Please allow the skaters of the world, especially the skaters of Philly, to use LOVE Park. I think both sides, the city and the skaters, have to look from another perspective instead of their own. If we all step back and look at both sides of this big picture, we might find a good solution for everyone instead of just for ourselves.
David, Toronto Ontario [06-06-2004]

Nick Bodkin, Annapolis MD [06-06-2004]

I have never been to Love Park before, but I believe what every other skater should believe: that Love Park should be freed and kept as a place for people to just have fun and skate.
Brian Burkholder, San Antonio, TX [06-06-2004]

Future generations will hold you responsible for trying to destroy not only the dreams of thousands, but for trying to impose your close-minded semi-fascist policies over our freedoms. You will go down in history as oppresors, and your names will be held in scorn by all those that have not surrendered their youth to bitterness and resentment. Freedom shall prevail.
Juan Zapata, Miami, FL [06-06-2004]

free LOVE park, ive never been but ive been planning to go and now that its closed down it SUCKS ill never be able to fufill my dream of skated LOVE never!:(
dane krasner, san antonio texas [06-06-2004]

Free LO VE Park.
Sam Nazzaro, Dirty Jersey Holla [06-06-2004]

i hate that g* mayor so much! what a *! he really should take his head out of his a* and forget that we skaters are a problem. he will let drug dealers stay in there, but the skate community has to be banned. is there something unfair about this situation?
Brian Ferro, New Jersey [06-06-2004]

i think that love park should be reopended..its a legendary spot for everyone..
Marcus [06-06-2004]

Open the park, seriously. i mean c'mon the only thats gettting hurt here are the skaters shins. and we don't care about that. when john street said that the decision to close LOVE off from was a "democracy" it sounds more like hypocracy to me, it's more controlled than democatic. and to turn down a million dollars! for something that street wouldnt even have to deal with. he's being given a million dollars so he doesnt have to work. the support should have shown enough. shown him that were more than some teenage skate rats roamin the streets and causing trouble. we're out there doin our own thing and it ain't gonna hurt nobody but ourselves.
Lloyd J. Blondin, Joliet, Illinois [06-06-2004]

LOVE park is the best place on earth. Just skating there for 2 days changed my life and the way i look at skateboarding. LOVE is incomparable to any place in the world. LOVE park is a the heart of skateboarding and it needs to be reopened.
Chad Caruso, Lindenhurst, NY [06-06-2004]

Love park is an awesome skatespot and it would make people happier and would bring more people to phili! Please open it to skateboarders. I have skated there!
Peter, Greensboro. NC, United States of America [06-06-2004]

free this amazing place...i will skate there one day no matter what. i'll stand up for what i love...
Kenneth Johnson, Randleman, NC [06-06-2004]

Destroying LOVE is like destroying a skater! Which is also like ruining someones life!
zak, cary NC [06-06-2004]

Michelle Vo, Philadelphia, Pa [06-06-2004]

victor rivera, deltona, florida, u.s.a. [06-06-2004]

andrew budwey [06-06-2004]

open up LOVE park
frank, middletown, maryland [06-06-2004]

in oshkosh, we have so many tourist attractions in the summer: EAA, Country U.S.A, Ducks Unlimited, Li Fest, Riverfest, and so on. And those events bring mad money to the city. You don't even REALIZE how much money skateboarding at LOVE Park can bring to your city. Look at what the X-Games did for your city. It made Philly look like a great city because it showed all the architecture in the background of the skateboarding footage. If you can't even agree to take a money offer to repair the "damages" that these "no good" skateboarders have done, the ones who travel on a plane which cost them a lot of money to get on in the first place, or that drive to Philly, well then I think you're really missing a good offer. Skateboarding is not something kids do to cause damage to things. We do it because something in our mind lets us see another viewpoint on the citys we live in. So please, help the skate community out. Because sooner or later, we won't have anywhere to skate. Thanks for your time. -Skater for 6 years and for life, Darrell Miller
darrell miller, oshkosh, wi [06-06-2004]

free love park because i'm Josh Dew
josh dew, mech. va [06-06-2004]

Jaime Diaz [06-06-2004]

I'll get to skate LOVE one day.
Patrick, Canada, MB [06-06-2004]

Only in Philadelphia and with a mayor like the city currently has would they impose and keep a ban like this. It makes Philadelphia look stupid. We will spend a million dollars to get gays to come to our city, but won't take a million for the skateboarders. LOVE Park is part of the history of skateboarding. Its like saying you cannot fly a plane in Kitty Hawk N.C.
jeff cappiello, hatboro, pennsylvania [06-06-2004]

Lisa Kilhefner, Philadelphia, PA [06-06-2004]

Love is a really chill place to skate and to just enjoy.The first time I went to Love Park I wasn't even able to skate Love Park because it was after the reconstruction and there wasn't a skateboarder to be seen there.I really want a chance to skate Love because it is absoulutly perfect for skateboarding.Free LOVE!
Josh Stinson, Phoenix, Arizona [06-06-2004]

I see no reason why LOVE park should be kept closed to skateboarders (I've never personally been there, but from what ive heard and seen its great). If the money was an issue, DC put that up, so its not anymore. If skateboarders interacting inapropriatly with pedestrians is a problem, every other public park in the world deals with it. Just open up LOVE park!
Lowell, Raleigh, NC [06-06-2004]

hea i used to skate love all the time with my friends & brother and i also saw kerry getz switch ollie the big four and you see it in all these skate videos and the concrete is so smothut is like you are on ice now im so tired of cops and what they do to skate boarding i wish one day you can go t a skate spot and skate all day so im out world your,skater brian
brian, dinwiddie VA [06-06-2004]

Scott Corwin, Scottsdale Arizona [06-06-2004]

LOVE park has played a major role in skateboarding history, skateboarders are not doing drugs, starting fights, or robbing people, skateboarders go to LOVE park to get their tricks and then get out. re-open LOVE park to skateboarders
Robert Bryant, seattle washington [06-06-2004]

Love park is why I come to Philly. Best spot ever.
John Bradford, Long Beach, ca. [06-06-2004]

If a skateboarding company will pay for the damage of the skateboarders themselves and keep the park looking nice just like it used to then why doesn't the city take the money and in turn help their own economy.
Dan Pancoast, Harleysville, Pennsylvania [06-06-2004]

ty rohde, winston-salem, nc [06-06-2004]

We need Love park. It is literally the heart of philadelphia's skateboarding scene. What ever happened to the brotherly( and sisterly) love.
Sunday Banks, philadelphia,pa,usa [06-06-2004]

love is awesome free it you know i would say all this stuff but its not worth it because everyone knows how they feel so. love park should be skated by skaterz everywhere . love has almost made a part of skateboarding taking it out wont stop skaters from skatin
goldz, egg harbor township [06-06-2004]

by love park not being free its just cuasing more problems because people are goin to do what ever they can to sk8 there. if it wasnt for sk8boarding i would be doing nothing but gettin in trubel. so i think love should be free because it gives the sk8boarders somehwhere to sk8 with out getting kicked out and just somewhere where we can have fun doin what we love. not everyone has money to go to skate parks thats why we sk8 out in the streets.
chris, mount holly nj [06-06-2004]

Sarah Goldberg, 1245 Columbia Road NJ [06-06-2004]

it's awsom
max, washington [06-06-2004]

I have never been to LOVE Park, but it has been a dream of mine for years and I know that it is the same for many of my friends. For the mayor to turn down this deal and take take away the skateboard industries most famous and recognizable spot, he's not only rejecting dc shoes, but he's rejecting thousands of skateboarders around the world.
Trevor Ribeyre, qualicum beach B.C. Canada [06-06-2004]

I was visiting Philly last week and it was really a shame to not be able to watch the current progression of skating in Love Park. Can't undersatnd why any sane mayor would turn down a million dollars to make his city a better place to visit- unless he feels threatened by a younger generation, or is he just a bigot? If the mayor truly feels that the voters need to decide why not a ballot referendum on the issue?
D.K., Bellingham, WA [06-06-2004]

i believe these c* polititions need to shove it up there a*. we as people have the right to over ride the polititions. so let's sign this petition and over ride these a*! holla back cb
CHRIS BOSWELL, aliso viejo,ca,usa [06-06-2004]

free love park because it rules! and it brings people from all over the counrty to skate and watch the skaters shread.
bruno petrillo, philadelphia [06-06-2004]

I haven't skated LOVE yet, and I really need to. Open it up for the sake of skateboarders everywhere. Kalis and Williams, big ups!
Eliot Rudes, Miami, FL [06-06-2004]

When I went to College in Virginia I made the trip to philidelphia many times for the sole reason of skating Love Park.. Many trips to and from new jersey resulted in a side trip to Love Park. Without Skateboarding at love park I probably would have never been to philadelphia.
Templeton Elliott, Los Angeles, CA [06-06-2004]

Why would they call it love park if they can't have love for everybody
Adam Baier, Edmonton Alberta Canada [06-06-2004]

joe krolick, Costa Mesa, CA [06-06-2004]

I am totally in agreement to bring back LOVE Park. During the very year of the X Games, Philadelphia was the Spot Light of the Country with the Skateboarding, and other Xtreme sports. The petition to have the Park open during specific benefits both the working class of Center City Philadelphia and the Skateboarders. Use your head City Council and pass this! The skateboarders need a place and this is an absolutely perfect location. Much better to be in a centrally located park than on streets in traffic where accidents are frequent, as in the case of Freshman, Patrick Kerr, of Roman Catholic HIgh School several years ago. Yes, Free Love Park!
Bernadine Mahon, Philadelphia, PA [06-06-2004]

dude i skated there so much they should never have closed it love really was my love i love the park so much i can even stand it being closed
michael tompkins, philadelphia pa [06-06-2004]

please bring back love park you love park stealers....:(
Brett Caruso, Hartford, CT [06-06-2004]

dont kill LOVE.
Alex Sheehan, Boston, MA [06-06-2004]

I don't live in philly but I am a skater who wants to see LOVE Park re-opened. It is the breeding ground for some of the best talent in the world and I had planned to make a trip to skate LOVE then it was closed down. Skaters have made LOVE a world renound skate spot and I'm sure that people have come from all over to skate LOVE. What would LOVE be without skaters, just another park. I know someone who works in Philly and the highlight of her and her co-workers day was to got to LOVE and watch the skateboarders on their lunch break. If this doesn't show support to re-open LOVE than what does? DC's propasal to donate 100,000 dollars a year for ten years to maintain LOVE if it is re-opened. Enough said. RE-OPEN LOVE
Spencer Cooke, Virginia Beach, VA [06-06-2004]

I think we should get like 10,000 skaters to come and just rush the park and skate. The cops can't arrest us all. And chances are that police will lose their temper and start beating the crap out of the kids. Kind of like the democratic riots in chicago in 1968. Then then city will be brught into question, and if an incident like that was to unfold, it would bring even more widespread attention. it would bring into question the whole administration, and hpefully, if the skaters look innocent to the police brutality we will get back love. Think about it and e-mail me back
Roland Schulz, West Chester, PA [06-06-2004]

keep skateboarding alive. we arent doing anything wrong!
paul roe, ipswich, suffolk, england [06-06-2004]

I dont understand,why do they turn down such an offer?They act as if they are a rich city!Its stupid,that goldman guy is acting like a kid!When we are over her tryin to buy him out,hes over there complainin and complainin about how the place is going to be destroyed.NO its not!Thats what the money is for!I think hes just doin this because HE is against skateboarding,not the city,and because of his own opinion he's making his city look like they are all rude!I know they arent all because i know people from there,but what about the people who dont know anyone from there?I think that so called "mayor" being selfish and doing this for himslef,yea there are those people who kiss up to him just to get a raise and are being paid to agree.Even the creater of love park has tried to get skateboarding back in.WHAT IS YOUR DEAL MAYOR GOLD"man".I think all of us 15 through 18 year olds are beaing more mature about this than a 50 year old man!So whats the solution?Vote a new mayor for Philly,a real one,one who makes decisions for his city not his self,not because HE doesnt want it.But of course,that "mayor" will probably rigg that with his little kiss ups!So until anything is changed every body is gonna keep sayingAINT NO LOVE IN PHILLY.Why dont you add that in your brochure,in there with how "beautiful" the city is then on the side have it say "oh yea and you will like our mayor,he's against your children's dreams all the way!"I'll leave you with that and if you've got a problem with what i think e-mail me and maybe i'll care,or i might just be like "mayor" goldman,i'll run from the compromise and ignore you.Na I wont do that,i'm more of a man then he is!So i wanna say thanx to DC skateboarding shoes(not sneakers, you news reporters)Thanx to Block for the attempt and from now i'll get me and my friends to buy DC shoes and only DC shoes,and make sshirts all over oklahoma and texas and arizona and even mexico!The shirts will read "AINT NO LOVE IN PHILLY"Thanx DC YOU GUYS ROCK!
Jorge Ruiz, usa [06-06-2004]

I just want a chance to be able to skate LOVE man...after seeing it in so many videos, i'd be honored just to sit on a bench.with skateboarding rising in popularity, you would think they could turn LOVE to a semi-skatepark...thank god that rob dyrdek is coming out with a skate plaza...they should put one in philly that looks exactly like LOVE...that would show 'em... ~David Koloroutis
David Koloroutis, Killeen, Texas [06-06-2004]

even though I have never been to love park I think they should open it so i will have a chance to skate it some park is the best place that you could skate in my eyes unless they start openng a lot of those skate plazas,but that mayor of philly is a real idiot not to even take an offer of 1 million dollars. FREE LOVE PARK
richie wolfe, michigan city,indiana [06-06-2004]

ron perry, syracuse ny [06-06-2004]

this is bull s* if someone is allowed walk through love park without being arrested we should be allowed to skate there it's pblic property maintained by the taxes they take out of my f*ing paycheck who are they to tell us what we can do there
cody strayer, Camphill,PA [06-06-2004]

Hey, we could either skate in the park, or we could skate everywhere else and annoy the piss outta people.
Dave Overstreet, McGuire AFB, NJ [06-06-2004]

I have never got to expeirience LOVE my self but i can imagine it is sweet hope they open that s*
Gage Pawlenty, St. Paul Minnesota [06-06-2004]

Ian Burns, Laurel Springs, NJ USA [06-06-2004] homepage

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