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May 30-June 5, 2004

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let the kids have their fun. better than smoking crack in their parents basements
Lisa Stuart, whitman, Ma. [06-05-2004]

free love park
Josh Tokar, Big Flats New York [06-04-2004]

i love!love park.
jimmy rye laursen, copenhagen. denmark. [06-04-2004]

love park has been a dream for me. Because i have been skate boarding for 5 years now. but my mom is in the army and we are overseas all my life. But i see it in skate videos and magazines. And i love street skaten and that is the most famous spot i have ever seen. Cause it has every thing a street skater could ever need. And it is the best place to meet pros and other skaters. So love park means a lot to me in that way . one love free the love
dwight nash, mannheim, germany [06-04-2004]

Miguel Villegas, Northridge, CA [06-04-2004]

Love should be set free why ban and destroy. You ban LOVE and the true LOVE skaters keep skatin it. It is a landmark leave it alone. Make it a public skatepark and tell em to skate there dont destroy it. Give it to the skaters.
Zach Gosteli, Illinois USA [06-04-2004]

free love. its not rite to close off this historic site
Dolan Melton, Belleville IL. [06-04-2004]

Philadelphia is a very special city. But it is so wrong to prohibit children and teenagers to express themselves like they could in Love Park. At City Hall in Toronto, we actually have an ice skating rink that the designer of Nathan Philips Square purposefully incorporated in order to make the Square outside of Toronto City Hall, a people place. The ice skating rink is a beloved centre piece. For the City of Philadelphia to prohibit skateboarding at Love Park is an opportunity lost. In Toronto, we are trying to build a skateplaza based on a Love Park Model. The average age range of skateboarders is 7 to 16 years of age. Many skateboarders who have dropped out of Little League, Pop Warner and other organized sports, are most at risk. When you have an international landmark, not being used, it is simply criminal that you are prohibiting a demographic most at risk from expressing themselves, as well as stopping them from exercise and fun. Please reconsider your position. Free Love Park!
Byron Yankou, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-04-2004]

I think that the mayor just doesnt want us skateboarders there for no reason.I mean Dc shoes says that they would pay a million dollars to repair the park.It would give more jobs to people,help improve youth activities,and just have a positive impact on the city.
Brandon Zubia, El paso, TX [06-04-2004]

First and for most . . . FREE LOVE PARK . . . when I skated in Philly, FDR and Love Park were the best spots to skate, and then things got ugly to where I walked through Love Park with my skateboard in my hand and got a ticket . . . how ridiculous is that?! My favorite skate spot taken away. Love Park is part of history, not just the cities history but skateboard history and should be shared with everyone regardless if your a skateboarder or a suit chillin' out eating lunch. Some the best skaters have a historical attachment to Love Park and there will never be another place like it, so why not just let us have it. John Street is an idiot for not accepting 1M$ donation, especially if he is only trying to keep face he would be much smarter if he just accepted the generous donation. Not to mention it would show true loyalty and devotion, by letting the city know that he does care about the younger generation instead just BS'n about it. Regardless of what you see on Tv or what you hear, skateboarders arent bad, we are people also, people doing what we love.
Ricki, Sicklerville, New Jersey, US [06-04-2004]

looking for love in my life
mohamed alnoamany abd alaziz alnoamany, egypt menoufia shibeen alkom [06-04-2004]

whatever happend to public space?
Tim Sedo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-04-2004]

scott stevens, ontario, canada [06-04-2004]

LOVE park was the soul of the city. And with the city comes skateboarders. Tons of them. By not letting skateboarders into LOVE is eliminating the representation of a large majority of your population. I had never acknowledged Philedelphia until i first heard of LOVE park, I even wanted to go to college there until I heard of the way skateboarders were treated. By eliminating the access to LOVE park, the city is giving itself a bad reputation to millions around the country and probably even the world. LOVE park was the entire life of Philedelphia resident skateboarders. Dont piss off your city. LOVE PARK FOREVER.
jack storie, beachwood, oh [06-04-2004]

When i go to philly I skate in love park. I wont be coming back if i cant skate there because i have no reason to.
stephanie stephens, birmingham, alabama [06-04-2004]

im not a skater but i work down town at 17th and market and i believe that you guys are handeling this situation professionaly and ahve every right to get the park back open. you have get them a plan and a just one at that, it is time they realize how much the skaters in love park benefit the city and the amount of income the city sees. FREE LOVE PARK!
joe malseed, philadelphia [06-04-2004]

duke ocampo, los angeles, california, USA [06-04-2004]

From watching the place in videos and such, im just upset that some of us will never ever have the chance to skate there if we so choose. The real question is, who is it really hurting to keep it open?
Jason Kovak, Cleveland, Ohio [06-04-2004]

one love
Connor Levy, Vancouver [06-04-2004]

love park is a cold place to skate to please open it up to be a skate park or somethin
Aaron Louis Holmes, Saginaw Michigan [06-04-2004]

Philly has no LOVE
Chris Smith, Mullica NJ [06-04-2004]

Hey guys, My name's ella g and i have an internet radio show about skateboarding on Im always on the prowl for new news, but what i have just read about the LOVE skate park in Philly is atrocious. How could a mayor have such blatant disregard for the youth of his town? What was the mayor thinking when the park was contructed? That it would maintain itself? Im sorry, but the whole reason free access skateboard facilities are built, is so skaters wont ruin public buildings and property. This is the situation that the mayor of philly faces by closing down your no 1 skatepark. I dont understand how somebody who cares so little about the youth of society could get voted into your council in the first place. He's going to have to realise that it's going to cost him more in the long run without the park, due to building damage, than it would with. what did you do when you were young? Play with a frying pan? At least the youth of today get out and do some excersise. Stop thinking about yourself and get your head outta your ass! ella g
ella goodman, sydney, australia [06-04-2004]

Love Park Rules !
Charli Vasso, Philadelphia Pennsylvania [06-03-2004]

well u c i been skatin for about 2.5 years i been tryin my best to kickflip dat staircase till i finally landed it dat was the happiest time of my life so each weekend . skating love i never skated it b4 but u c it has inspired countless kids,skateboarders and help the activity of skateboarding grow. it leaves kids living far away from mayor skate spots lik the schools of california or the brooklyn banks of N.Y.C w/ hope to skate them one day and get better and maybe meet that pro they look up to. if u close down love park u will end an era of skateboarding. herding us in a park wont do us any good. real skateboarding is done on the streets. to survive on these streets we need street smarts and skateboarding gave us just dat. takin away this activity skateboarding in phily and well in any place. look at how many kids will b let down. shut down love park. pro skaters dat tour and often visit there will go away. kids will feel less inspire to skate. and well u may notice how many skaters came from many places just to skate there for as long as they can b4 they got kicked out even if they were there 4 five minutes they couldnt feel the rush of grinding the same ledge over the grass planter dat their favorite pro lik stevie william krooked grinded over. is lik nothin u can imagine. im dyin to skate this place meet many skaters and maybe pros too dat share the same passion as i do. i kno riding a board w/ 4 wheels may seem kinda stupid but dat is wat we love. just lik any bascketball player or a soccer player. u dont kno how it feels to get the rush of meeting yer favorite pro or just getting one step closer to improving yourself at something u love. i kno im just one person but maybe w/ the help of the skate community u will feel the passion and history we feel 4 love park no matter if we have skated there yet or not. but i do want to skate there in the future and 2 me no matter how skate proofed it is ill try 2 skate it and remember the many pros and skate rats dat skated there w/ the same passion they had for ska
carlos, miami lakes, miami, florida [06-03-2004]

Ive only been to love a few times, and I can say there is no better vibe for skating than LOVE. Its essential we have it back. late
Larry Bradshaw, Columbus, Ohio [06-03-2004]

hey man lets us sakte love park it is like one of the best parks in the states
julian nino, Miami [06-03-2004]

Its narrow minded people like the mayor that keep the world at a stand still.
Jeff Snavely, Naperville, IL [06-03-2004]

Skate in the park, If theyre gonna give money to help renovate it, then skate it
Adam Needleman, Plymouth Meeting, PA [06-03-2004]

austen collins, ojai california [06-03-2004]

My girlfriend and I were going to come to philly this summer specifically to skate love, but since this whole ordeal is happening with the mayor's rejection of this wonderful offer, we're just going to go to NYC...that's TWO tourists you could have had to help boost your economy.
Chris, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada [06-03-2004]

it's either crackheads or skaters, and quite frankly, I'm sure skaters would have a better and more productive use for the park than bums.
Shawren, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada [06-03-2004]

This is retarted. Totally retarted and I don't even LIVE in Philly! You people wonder why we're always getting into trouble, well this is why! There's nowhere to skateboard or hang out anymore! Anywhere we go to hang out we're considered a nuisance, pests or punks. Skaters need places to hang out too just like 'normal' people if there even is such a thing. REOPEN LOVE PARK! If you'd like to see the crime rates and crap like that go down, then you should open love park. It gives us "skater punks" something to do, so reopen it!
Sarah W, Middletown, MD [06-03-2004]

nick, des moines iowa usa [06-03-2004]

I have never been to love park, and neither have my friends. We've seen it on video games, TV, adn skate videos and it looks like an awesome spot. I hoped someday i could come visit philadelphia and skate it. It would definitely be the highlight iof my trip. (A message to all the Philly locals) I got a city park built here in Charleston. Its an old touristy city and it took 3 years to get it done, but it got built. Keep trying. Don't lose hope. Someday there will be a new mayor and maybe he'll open it back up. God things come to those who wait. Thats it. Keep it real, keep on truckin', and keep on keeping on. "Skate Fast, Live Slow-Love God." -Later
Jason Epstein, Charleston, SC [06-03-2004]

mayor street is an idiot, turns down a $1 million dollar donation, hes just too bullheaded to go back on his decision, and hes tryin to save himself the embarassment, he has no reason to not let us skate at love park, oh well no matter what he says, love park will be skateable again, its gonna happen and cant be stopped
joe, chicago [06-03-2004]

I would love to have love park in LA.
Max, Long Beach CA [06-03-2004]

i dont get why the mayor doesnt take the million dollars. i know i would any day. i plan to go to philly in the summer for a week and im only 12 and i dont think that we should get ticketed of fined because we are doing what we love. baseball players do what they love and they dont get tickets for playing so either should we. big deal damage. thats why DC is doing this in the first place-to pay for the damages from skating. the only people that are there a lot are skaters and bums. when people see other people skating they dont yell at them or leave, they stay and watch and then when the cops make the skaters leave, so do the people watching. so i think that they should FREE LOVE PARK!
Justin Kunstle, Vernon, NJ [06-03-2004]

because lovepark is one of the most importent places in the history! FREE LOVEPARK!
laurits jensen, denmark [06-03-2004]

devon, marlton, NJ [06-03-2004]

David Byrd, RIchmond Virginia [06-03-2004]

God it's insane how f**king close-minded and stupid people can be. Sounds like this mayor has had one too many life-threatening encounters with an out-of-control skater "almost killing him on the street" (= cruising by him on the sidewalk). Mayor Street sounds like * to me.
Jim Bobway, San Jose, CA [06-03-2004]

It has always been a dream of mine to travel to love park, skate with such a tight scene and just visit the place.
Thomas Clarke, Cambridgeshire East England [06-03-2004]

Many times I have visited Philadelphia, Pa., just to see Love park and skate there. For whatever you think of us skateboarders, we have a historical attachment to this public park, which we are happy to share. But you have banned us from this public space, even if we back our presence there with an excessive private donation to the city of one million dollars. Now, contrary to your city's corrupt political history, you are too proud to accept this money (and yet you have taken commercial dollars to hold the X-Games' skate contest at Love Park). We will still skate at this park, maybe increasingly so in defiance, and you, in turn, will continue perforce to spend public money to police it. Can you not see that real solutions are derived through negotation and compromise?
Jeff Lunz, Waukesha, Wi. USA [06-03-2004]

I Cant belive that the mayor would turndown a goldmine like that. I think that we should be signing a petition to kick the mayor in the nuts. then maybe he'll get the picture. I believe that skaters ARE the problem and if you dont belive that your an idiot. skateboarders lie so they can skate the spots they want i.e: "can you please leave, said the security guard, oh ya we will get out of here" then after he's gone you skate there over and over and over again. I know I've been skating for a long time and i have done it countless times, Skateboarders are egotistical so they can skate, thats how you get good so that is about all i have to say.
Jonathan Reese, Wildomar California [06-03-2004]

free love park!
Brendan McMahon, Coconut Creek, Florida [06-03-2004]

Free LOVE park
Kohlby Brown, Carrollton GA, USA [06-03-2004]

just skaaaat
Charles D, Silver Spring, MD [06-03-2004]

I love Love Park please let it go By: Brandon Davidson
anonymous [06-03-2004]

Have A LOVE-IN to get it open as it should be.
Jeff Boggs, Philly [06-03-2004]

Jeff Boggs [06-03-2004]

The Land of the Free, the State of Independence, and the City where it all began...NOT !
steve mann, bucks county [06-03-2004]

Tyler Abdon, Greenup,Ky USA [06-03-2004]

I feel for the Skaters of Philly. I have certainly been aware of their plight against the City, trying to allow skateboarding to be legal within the Park. The City turning down DC's very generous offer has prompted me to sign the petition. Hopefully it is not too late!
Patrick Donovan, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada L3M 4N1 [06-03-2004]

give me LOVE or give me Death
chad king, washington dc [06-03-2004]

free love park and free freedom plaza
chase courington, washington dc [06-03-2004]

Philly needs a new mayor definately. Free Love Park.
Nick Fore [06-03-2004]

What kind of local government is run in Philly?... companies making a special effort to keep youth and skateboarding enthusiast happy. But can’t come up to a compromise? When the community is going to give you 1 million dollars. And provide supervision and maintenance for the park and you can’t even come to agreement. Your cost $0 So my question mayor, how much you getting paid under the table to make sure skateboarders don't get any love?There is no reason I drove all the way from Kansas for this skateboarding mecca and twice got screwed both times couldn’t skate or I was getting a ticket and they were taking my board ...I say is make this last conference global.. From CNN to fox news to every country in europe..etc.. Show the world how corrupt your local government officials really are and that they don’t care about what the community has to offer or do to help your city! SHARE THE LOVE! OPEN LOVE PARK TO EVERYONE!
Henry Claytor, Olathe, KS [06-03-2004]

I've never been to Philly but I am going this summer and skating at LOVE would be so frickin awesome. LOVE is legendary and u can't stop skateboarding, down with the system. What kinda cracka won't accept $1 million to pay for damages.
Lucas Rocheleau, Valdosta, GA [06-03-2004]

Free Love!
Brad Howlett, Port Jervis NY [06-03-2004]

I've never been there, so you may think yea, hes from KANADA EH? watever. street skating everywhere is starting to diminish. like rob welsh says, its a dying breed. Love park is a huge part of skateboarding, its like a church of skateboarding. u cant just take it away. just accept the 1 mil that DC has offered, that will pay for ur damages.
Mike Devlin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-03-2004]

Love Park put Philadelphia on the world's skateboarding map, helping Philly to be one of the top 5 skate cities in the world. This attraction has brought skaters from all over the world to Philadelphia, spending their money on food, drink, lodging, and entertainment. The city should embrace what really is one of its top attractions - there's more to Philadelphia than the historic area. As a young skateboarder growing up in Lancaster, PA, my friends and I used to look forward to spending a day at Love Park and City Hall. Its a shame the city has banned skating at the park, but allowed the homeless to continue to stay there. The reason many stay away from the park is not because of the skateboarders, but because of the panhandlers bugging you non-stop for spare change. Overall, Philadelphia should capitalize on one of its most popular attractions and embrace skateboarding at Love Park.
Ben Stiefel, Stamford, CT [06-03-2004]

Bring back Love Park!
Heather Alles, Horseheads, NY [06-03-2004]

free love park !
Melissa Friedman, Buffalo, NY [06-03-2004]

skateboarding is life.
Ginny, Richmond, VA, USA [06-03-2004]

I think it should be open to keep kid out of the stret from skateing i mean wouldnt u rather have kids skate then go out and do drugs
Travis Beemer, Camphill PA [06-03-2004]

LOVE Park should absolutely, positively be open to skateboarders. Reopening it to them would hugely help convey that Philly is a hip city having the best of all worlds--history, art, a world class orchestra, & sports (including skateboarding)for evey age & interest. The generous offer by DC Shoes to help return LOVE Park to the skateboarders should be embraced. The contribution of this to the vibrancy & great PR a skateboarders'LOVE Park offers our city is tremendous.
Bari Shor, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2004]

impeach street! free love park!
anonymous, philly [06-03-2004]

Free Love. No one else uses it but us anyway...
Justin C., Royersford, PA [06-03-2004]

What in the earth is the mayor thinking by now? I`ve been dreaming about the trip to philly a long long time,but if there ain`t lovepark it`s not worth it.
Jussi T, Varkaus, Finland [06-03-2004]

Mayor Street, why don't you just admit that Love park is bigger than you? It's bigger than Philadelphia, this is now an International issue and the whole world is against you. Just back down and let the people have their,(not your) park back.
Victor Mac Mahon, Manchester, England [06-03-2004]

I think it's time to start embracing the skateboarding community instead of persecuting it. We're gonna shred somewhere. It could be your parking lot or the LOVE baby. I mean come on. Screw the rapists and drug dealers, lets get them damn skaters. and a million bucks? What possible reason could you have to not do it?
Andy, Binghamton [06-03-2004]

man this is a sad day for the locals of philly once again because of street! well i say put street on the streets and find a new mayor that will compromise with the deals people are offering, P.S team Zero is planning something big for love. But this guy that is now running is so anti-skateboarding that he doesn't see what else that money could be used for. I think with all those bogus deals that got made they could at least meet them half way, well at least thats my opinion and im a skater too but the way i see it Love park was made for the public and skaters are people too, or are they. Not through Street's eye's. ZERO or Die Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas, on the road [06-03-2004]

I'm not a skater but I am a voter and tax payer. It should be reopened.
Bob Snyder, Philadelphia, PA 19114 [06-03-2004]

How can Mayor Street cut city funding of so many rec centers, then turn down a $1 million grant? What's so bad about skateboarding? There is much worse stuff going on in the city and Street is worried about skaters in Love Park. This guy has no clue.
Dave Seaman, Drexel Hill, PA [06-03-2004]

chris dolan, media,PA [06-03-2004]

Open Love park or i will kill myself! j/k But open it to locals and make it skateable
james, Ontario, Canada [06-03-2004]

Man this has got to be the most prejudice thing to skateboarding. I think Street has to calm down with his anti skateboarding law, nobody else cares about the skateboarders in LOVE so why should he. I think this is a load of bulls**t and the only people getting hurt is us(The skater) nobody else cares Street, so why should you? LOVE PARK SHOULD BE RE-OPENED
Chris Leger, Moncton N-B [06-03-2004]

I think Love Park should be open to anyone.If the homeless people can sleep in there and take baths in the foutain(which makes the city look real nice.....right!..) then why cant skaters skate there?...think about it and open it up to them.I love Love Park Im there every morning.My boyfriend Vinny works at the parking lot across from love park and skaters wouldnt bother us!
Jamie Marie Lenon, philadelphia Pa [06-03-2004]

keep it open it doesn't harm any one
Connor Hickey, Cary,NC USA [06-03-2004]

it's sick what they are doing to your park man, skating is everything. REOPEN love park!
Chris Cole, Langhorn, PA [06-03-2004]

I think they should let us skate thir they let the bumbs sleep thir but dont let us skate ???????
shane higginbotham, sellserville PA USA [06-03-2004]

Owen McMahon, Sydney, NSW, Australia [06-03-2004]

That is total bulls*. Those fools won't even accept a $1 million grant. Love park is a skateboarding landmark and is a part of history, anybody should be allowed to skate there if they please. Now it is used for nothing at all. Skateboarding made it alive and something special.
Josh, Perth, Western Australia, Australia [06-03-2004]

i love once i saaw the dc i cry f*ing awesome
Rhys Dennewald, Canberra, A.C.T, Australia [06-03-2004]

reopen it!
Kevin Wells, University City, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2004]

I live on the other side of the earth! And i care so should you! Free Love Park!
Klaus Hansen, København, Denmark [06-03-2004]

I love "LOVE PARK".
Masahiro Nakano, Japan [06-03-2004]

I see love park in every skate video. To end an entire era of skateboarding would be a shame. I know that many skaters would kill to skate that park wish i could skate there. All people see in skateboarding ios destruction. Skating is an art just like any other even people who watch skateboarding who dont know any thing about it are mezmerised just watching it.
Blaize Steiger, Loveland Colorado [06-03-2004]

I just returned home from a visit to NY and Philadelphia and met with City staff and SAN (i'm a skater and vancouver's downtown city planner). what I couldn't figure was the good will i sensed at the City and with SAN. But people were talking past each other. what i was thinking to myself was that these folks need some help talking to each other. peace and good luck... Phily knows it needs to raise its cool factor and Love Park is at the centre of that, at least that's way i see it..
Mike Gordon, Vancouver Canada [06-03-2004]

i want love park to be open for skating as i am only 15 i am waiting to leave school and come over there and skate! i thought i had lost the chance but maybe now i do
Nick Gillon, brisbane, queensland, AUSTRALIA [06-03-2004]

Steele Saunders, Melbourne Australia [06-03-2004]

f* the mayor, keep skating it and don't take s* from no one.
David Beinke, Adelaide, Australia [06-03-2004]

Matthew Velic, Washington, DC [06-03-2004]

bias [06-03-2004]

companies are willing to pay more than enough to replace anything in the park for other people .. whatever stupid a** reason they have to not let ppl skate is dumb and even if they dont people are still gonna do it the offer is generous enough they should just get over there lack of respect for skaters and let them skate the park ..all the offers they got is more than resonable .. if they still dont let ppl skate they can eat one bc ppl are jus gonna do it nyways .. u would never see them do that to a local baseball field .. they should free love park .. skating is a sport .. ive never been to love park but any place to skate should be open to anyone who wants to if the mayor wants more $ he can go eat one bc what they are offering is more than enough .. skating is a just as good as any sport out there if not better im sure the mayor wouldnt turn down $ for a baseball or soccer field but yet skating jus isnt good enough .. well all i have to say is he can go f*** off
crystal hogue, milford, pa [06-03-2004]

i love watching pros and everyone else skate LOVE PARK, and ive always wanted to sk8 there. y is it called love park wen its not sharing love at all. let us have our fun, if cops saw jocks playing football there i bet they wouldnt care.
sean degraw, oldsmar, florida [06-03-2004]

es lo mejor que han creado corazon
ALEX, colombia [06-03-2004]

NIckolas Weaver, Fort Wayne, Indians [06-03-2004]

Dale Beck, Beaverdam, VA [06-02-2004]

love park is history not just usa history it's skateboarding history
marcus hogg, fortworth texas usa [06-02-2004]

Matt Morong, Philadelphia, PA [06-02-2004]

Tiffany Chin, San Francisco [06-02-2004]

I had my hopes up to go visit love park one day. I just got my license and was so stoked that i could take a trip to love park. Then they banned skateing and my dreams were smashed. Life will never be complete
Kevin Brooks, glen allen,Virginia, USA [06-02-2004]

Joseph Rizzo, Missoula, Montana 59801 [06-02-2004]

its crazy that Mayor street turned down one million dollars from skaters fro any damages done to the park. eveything would have been fine, it would havbe been a place for kids to go to stay out of trouble but no street is a jerk
matt delano, mount laurel nj [06-02-2004]

The skateboarding population enjoyed the park more than anyone. It should be a crime to not allow skating there.
John Landrigan, Cincinnati [06-02-2004]

THANKS DC shoe co. for trying to re open LOVE, but obviously they want more, $1 million dollars aint enough ? I say every skater that supports this sends at least one dollar to a fund and raise more then $1 million dollars to reopen!
kyle knoblauch, PA levittown [06-02-2004]

dude they better open love, i feel like skating there again.
TJ Covert, Washington DC [06-02-2004]

free love park!
Kristian Hansen, Tromso, Norway [06-02-2004]

We just lost one of our areas greatest skate spots, to economic grouth and the promis of a redeveloped downtown, the Vagabond hotel pool. I never made it to LOVE park to skate, but it's sad to know that the mayor's decision to ban skateing there will influence if I and countless others will ever go to Phili.
Michael S. Cantu, Reedley, Ca. Fresno, county [06-02-2004]

i was at the check presentation by ken block to john saidel. This park is all that matters in philadelphia and we should get it back. LOVE is the symbol of the city and mayor street isn't a good example of that.
Matt Grace, Overland Park, KS [06-02-2004]

Aaron Santos, Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, USA [06-02-2004]

Deborah Maloney, Centennial, Co [06-02-2004]

laura, elkins park, PA [06-02-2004]

make skateboarding legal
Myles Couch, Oregon City, OR, U S of A [06-02-2004]

LOVE is ledgendary to skateboarders everywhere...from people just starting out to the old veterens. its a dream of every skateboarder to skate LOVE should be reopened for sure.if it isnt a whole nation of skateboarders will be furious.those stupid luchers ruin it more than us...just let us skate
joey aronson, richmond va [06-02-2004]

Along with many others id like the park to open again to skateboarders because it brought so much life to our city.
Steve Parry, Glenside, PA [06-02-2004]

From what I read, Love Park was made for skateboarding. This is a national sport just like baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Love Park has a history and should be given to the skateboarders with the city's blessing.
Mary A. Stenberg, Pittsgrove, New Jersey, 08318 [06-02-2004]

i've heard a lot about love park but never been there. i dont think people should take something like this away from us skaters. we really dont deserve this. we really need to keep love park.
chelsey, usa [06-02-2004]

sup philly ppl just enden talkin to my couzin in westchester he told me dat they were gonna ban sk8boardin from da lov prk .........i think dats messed up i have my history there thats were i had my first big injury(broken ankle)if it wasnt fir dat i still be skatin in philly but u know its life so just keep on skatin shout out to my man Kalis............
Random_HeRo**, Miami, Fl [06-02-2004]

Reopen the Love Park for skateboarding!
Evelyn B, Philadelphia Pa [06-02-2004]

The LOVE Park is to me a park that is perfect for skateboarders without a doubt though i have never skated the huge spot myself I wanna say what I`ve seen about it makes me comletely stoked about it and i think that many people wuld like to see the LOVE park skateable again sorry for my lousy english by the way cause I have no idea if that last sentence was correct but never mind tha anyway the point is why didn`t the people want us to skte there in the first place if we figure this out then maybe we can compromise with the inhabitants around LOVE park so that we can maybe just even skate there for a specific time I don`t care I just want that park to be skateable again for skateboarders all around the globe.Its THE spot I hope for all the people want to skate the LOVE park they will come up with a solution to be able to skate there again peace out
Rick, The Netherlands [06-02-2004]

we should have a love park not a skatepark
Dillon [06-02-2004]

If love park isn't freed I wont have any killer skate spots nearby. Except City Hall(Bangin ass ledges). So Free LO VE HOLLA!
michael pulido, Camden, New Jersey [06-02-2004]

love 4 life
steve schilling, wilkes barre [06-02-2004]

i really just want to say that ive never got a chance to skate love park but i here that its a nice place to skate, i pray long and hard every day hoping that it will open back up to skaters,, taking love park from skater is like taking a bottle from a baby they want it back,, love park is one of the reasons that i even skated philly,, love park to most skate is the heart of skateboarding and taking it away is not right .... free love park
Devon M. Horne, Coatesville PA, 19320 [06-02-2004]

I think that skaters should be allowed to skate the LOVE park. I think that it is fine for skateboarding to take place here, and I don't see what the problem is. (and why there is so much commotion about it.)
Brittany Foulk, Pitman, New Jersey [06-02-2004]

I think the Mayor needs to realize how much this really means & how much of a bad image hes undertaking by keeping it closed.
Peter Segura, Milpitas, CA [06-02-2004]

Free Love Park
Kyle Troll, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-02-2004]

doug race, new paris, ohio [06-02-2004]

and no love for philly
Keaton Evans, toronto ontario canada [06-02-2004]

Keep the f*ing park open, john street is an idiot.
Jeremy spriggs, Detroit [06-02-2004]

The mayor is one of the most ignorant people I have ever herd of! not only would the 1 million dollars from DC shoes be a nice deal for the city but they also took care of all the security, safty, and liabillity. $100,000 being rejected clearly proves that the mayor has a grudge, or better yet is prejuduce against skate boarders (the land of the free indeed) Well those are my thoughts -FREE LOVE-
Zach Pendleton, Louisville KY [06-02-2004]

i have never skated LOVE but i know how everyone feels becuase i would not want to lose and skated spot that i really liked to and since that place was very famous i think DC shoes did a good thing but i think mayor street needs to "shove it"
bryan jones, louisville Ky [06-02-2004]

ADam Risman, DAllas, Texas [06-02-2004]

love is the best every ledge is so perfect
paul swanson, philadelphia, pa [06-02-2004]

i personally have never been to philly, but if i ever make it love park would definitley be on my "to see" list. this place has so much history, even when i first got into skateboarding i remember reading about it in the magazines. i feel that philly owes it to everyone to let love park be open to whoever wants to be there.
steph, toronto, ont [06-02-2004]

Can't you see how important this park is, even to people from other countries. LOVE park used to appear in skate magazines and shows quite a lot, and now it never shows up. Even if you don't care about the skaters, you should at least appreciate the amount of money and commerce avaliable to you here.
George Demetriades, England [06-02-2004]

I live only about 20 30 minutes away from love park and me and my friends love to skate the city but ever since the law was inforced we never get a chance to theres always cops takinhg advantage of skateboarders always throwing them to the ground and abusing us its wrong i dont even bother going there now cause the cops are so crazed about protecting something thats never used anymore cause it was olny a place to skate.
Gregory Evans, Berlin,NJ [06-02-2004]

They may have killd LOVE, but skating will never die.
Vaughn Holmes, Fairless Hills PA [06-02-2004]

LOVE PARK IS FREE TO EVERYBODY BUT SKATEBOARDERS, SHARE THE "LOVE". MAKE LOVE NOT WAR. You can not watch a professional skating video without seeing Love Park, skating made Love what it is and skating should be embraced by the city of Philadelphia for that reason.
Brandon Haslip, West Chester, PA [06-02-2004]

Breanna Dunmoyer, Philadelphia PA [06-02-2004]

dont let them overtake this spot in world!
greg b., berlin... [06-02-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK...whats the big deal about us skateboarders skating at love.....who are we even hurting,we are just trying to make our selfs happy....when any on finds out WHAT THE HELLS THE PROBLEM WITH SKATEBOARDERS please email me...thank you free love park
brian brown, baltimore maryland [06-02-2004]

free love park, and rep etaks crew michigan hardcore....s* the major
ALEX HARRIS, hartland, michigansta [06-02-2004]

Free LOVE for all!
Travis Knoop, Chelan, WA USA [06-02-2004]

bryce wasiak [06-02-2004]

i used to live on the east coast...and i know the rarity of finding places to skate..... keeping love park open to skaters would give kids something positive to do, rather than getting bored (thus potentially getting into trouble).... in the long run, it would probably save philly money....because the skaters would go there to skate ...and DC shoes is willing to pay for the up-keep of there would be less defacement of the city's other property, if the kids were given a legal outlet (love park) would contain much of the skating, as opposed to without it.
Benjamin Leavitt, Albion, MI [06-02-2004]

ben dasher, north east philly [06-02-2004]

Skateboarding put love park on the can you ban them from it?
Michael Marquard, Philadelphia, PA [06-02-2004]

Sequence Skateboards, Washington, D.C. [06-02-2004]

Hello Mayor Street, Obviously you are trying to keep Philadelphia looking beautiful but for whom? The office workers during the day go to Love Park to eat lunch but they are certainly not there in the late afternoon and evening and weekends - they are home either in the suburbs or in the city. $1 million dollars is a gift that will generate millions for the city - either you accept the golden key and be lauded by millions (and by the way re-elected next time) or your opponent - whoever that may be - will use this endorsement from the show company to defeat you and/or your political party during the next election cycle. Besides - don't you want more revenue coming into the city from the suburbs? The money the skate boarders and their parents would spend would not have to spent on Love Park since that show company is covering your expenses. Make the right call and accept the shoe company offer - don't make Philadelphia look bad in the world by turning down this offer.
Peter Cook, Philadelphia, Pa. [06-02-2004]

i skated love in april 2001, the best place ever check out va beach local ckate scene
matt [06-02-2004]

Joanne Stafford, Ardmore, PA Del. Co. [06-02-2004]

love is the best
matt, virginia beach va [06-02-2004]

ernie, landenburg PA [06-02-2004]

Skateboarding is not a crime Free Love Park! Power to the People
Marshall Wilt, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania [06-02-2004]

Funding for maintenence at LOVE park is no longer an issue. Liability for skaters in the park is as much an issue as it would be for anyone riding a bike through the Philadelphia streets. 70% of Philadelphians would like to see skateboarding brought back to Philly. A corporation as influential on the youth of today such as DC shoes wants to get involved fiancially with the city. This proves that skateboarding DOES bring money into the city of Philadelphia, dispite the ban. A healthy handful of area politicians are in favor of lifting the ban. At this point, there is really NO reason not to lift the skateboarding ban at LOVE park. The only thing keeping the ban from being lifted in Love Park is the spiteful and stubborn Street administration. Mayor Street does not represent the interests of the people.
robert menefee, east greenville, PA, 18041 [06-02-2004]

Esp. in light of the $1M offer yesterday for upkeep of Love Park, I cannot believe that Philadelphia would not re-consider letting skateboarders in the park. They do no harm. I, for one, feel safer when I walk thru the park and they are there (as opposed to the transient older men lying about the benches)!
Maria Veneziano, Philly, PA [06-02-2004]

I think it is bull sh*t that they banned skatin gfrom love park. I have skated there once and it was one of the best skateboarding experiences i've had. I think the skaters should start a protest and get skateboaarding legalizeda st love park again
mark madsen, phillipsburg, new jersey [06-02-2004]

Philadelphia has a sort of accidental treasure in LOVE park. Instead of turning away in ignorance, we should understand what how tremendousely lucky we are to have stumbled into creating a national symbol for American youth that was and still could be an asset to Philadelphia instead of an empty park.
Anthony Mowry, Philadelphia, PA [06-02-2004]

I just started skating but i hear that LOVE park is the best! I think Philly is being g* when they turn down 1 million dollars. I hope you guys can get skateboarding unbanned there again. feel the LOVE!
Teddy Shaffer, Cherry Hill, New Jersey [06-02-2004]

I often sit in the LOVE park during my lunch hour and although skateboarding is not permitted, there are often a few who skate through. It is annoying of you are trying to eat your lunch and relax, but I think the city of Philadelphia should have accepted the million dollars that DC shoes donated to the park and allowed the skaters to use the park after peak hours, in the evening and during the weekends.
Annette, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-02-2004]

Just because the mayor doesn't GET skateboarding doesn't mean he can deny everyone the joy of it. Sharing the park is FAIR and with $1MM for repairs, there is no reason for Street to deny the Advocates' request.
deb ciancarelli, Audubon, NJ [06-02-2004]

Wayne Stiles, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-02-2004]

They let them skate there for the X-Games for 2 years..($MONEY$)... but then closed it for skaters... what's the big deal if someone was going to pay for the up keep of the's not like Mayor Street would have to redo his budget for the city to keep up the appearance of the park.. I think the skaters would be more than considerate and not mess with the LOVE statue.. instead of having the homeless in there.. crazy city I live in... Did the mayor not think.. it's a major attraction for the skaters.. there's more money for him ...
Jennifer Bell, philadelphia,pa [06-02-2004]

I'm not a skater nor a local, but I do feel that skaters should be able to have their park and skate there too. Kids...adults...wanting to do something positive and keep it positive. Let them have their park back.
Sherry, Milwaukee, WI [06-02-2004]

my grandson loves the park and looks forward to the reopening of the skating area.. he comes from CT
joann downes, philadelphia [06-02-2004]

LOVE Park is a great place to skate. I work in Center City and I really enjoyed watching the skaters during my lunch break. It' was a great place 2relax and hang out. The city is also missing out on the money in which the city would bring in. Skateboarding is multi-million $ sport now, and the older folks need to see understand this. It would also help if the mayor was not a idiot, he's a puppet to city council & only cares when he can get good pr. This is also a guy who said " THE brothers are running the city" at a NAACP dinner, and that's why there's an mass exodus to move to the suburbs because WHO is running the city (into the ground). LOVE Park brings people and there money into the city! Skateboarding is not a crime! Banning LOVE Park is!
J POWERS, phila, pa [06-02-2004]

Darv Dombach, Lansdowne, PA [06-02-2004]

Meghan Gleason, Conshohocken, PA [06-02-2004]

love park shall stay!
Sean, Voorhees,New Jersey [06-02-2004]

I don't skateboard but sure wish I could and I love watching the skateboarders. Unfortunately outside of Philly there seems to be a negative image of our city and this certainly isn't helping. In fact detractions like this push my decision to move out of the area into more friendly and fair cities.
James Li, Glenside, PA [06-02-2004]

Love park is AND WILL ALWAYS remain a huge part of the skateboarding communitie Having a chance to go to love is a mecca for all skateboarders. By taking away love park from the skateboarding community they have shown us that they do not care about how well this is helping our youth. this is not just some random park that skaters like it must be clear to them just how negitivly this is affecting them. If it is not after they see all this effort going into this park. Please, you see how much people want love back and it is not causing a negitive effect by letting people skate at love. so why wont you let us what is reason? FREE LOVE PARK
Chris., Arizona [06-02-2004]

The city needs to look outside the closed envelope they are locked inside. With the recent donation from DC Shoes the city is appearing as very uncaring to its' youth. A change in attitude is needed.
Kathy Palmer, Martinsburg, WV [06-02-2004]

Josh Stevens, Cincinnati, OH [06-02-2004]

free love park man!
Simon Thiboutot-Boivin, Quebec, Canada [06-02-2004]

share the LOVE
Andrew Wojtkielewicz, Morton, Pennsylvania [06-02-2004]

We have a corporation (DC) willing to pay $100,000 a year in up keep for the park (which is more than needed), we're paying for city property to be fixed, we're not asking for a dime. This city earned $10,000,000 from the X-games being here, think about the revenue the city could earn. Just let us skate there.
Michael Salvi, Philadelphia, PA [06-02-2004]

this is all i did in the summer untill those pigs came and arrested us. skateboarding at love didnt seem to bother anyone, infact people enjoyed it . i dont see why you cant open love
tyler walker, newark,delaware [06-02-2004]

i think people should be able to skate there because it was built for love and if people love to skate they should beable to go there!
BRAD PARKS, Soddy Daisy, TN [06-02-2004]

Free Love Park!
Daniel Brown, Brooklyn, NY [06-02-2004]

Doug, nj [06-02-2004]

love park was built to be enjoyed by every one, even skaters thats why it was built
patric hish, pottstown pa [06-02-2004]

f* the cops love should be open
patric hish, pottstown pa [06-02-2004]

open love park!
chaz depaul, Horsham, PA 19044 [06-02-2004]

Never Skated LOVE (because I'm only 12) but would like it opened for the skaters of philly. gotta keep skating alive however you can.
Riley, Vancouver, Canada [06-02-2004]

I have been to LOVE park because I had family in Philly and I think that's really messed up that they closed it to the skaters. I don't skate, but my ex does and so I totally know how they all feel. They need to reopen LOVe or they are going to totally ruin a big part of Philly.
April Grenn, Ypsilanti, MI [06-02-2004]

Michael Dalton, Wilmington, DE [06-02-2004]

Keep the love in LOVE PARK...
Lauchlin Burnett, Victoria BC, Canada [06-02-2004]

I have never skated Love Park due to the closing of it, but I remember going to Philly last summer and going to the city to go skate Love Park and seeing the fence around it. I walked all the way around the fence just so I could see Love Park. Althought I didn't get to skate Love, it was still the most amazing site I had ever seen. I just looked at everything and was telling my older brother everything that happend there. I was like "Right there Brain Wenning Swith Backside 180 that gap, Papalardo dide pop-shovit nose manual 360 flip out on that ledge" It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life, and I wish I could of skated Love Park.
Eli Sadigurski, South Burlington, VT [06-02-2004]

I never got to skate love but i bet it would have ben dope! Josh Kails lives right by me and he told me about it and stuff he has some of the old tiles from love! I hope one day i would be able to skate it! R.I.P. LOVE PARK!
Ryan Reynolds, Grand Rapids Michigan [06-02-2004]

This is a historic landmark that should be open to skaters!
Theresa Odello, Canoga Park, CA [06-02-2004]

Nathan Nagatani, Sacramento, Ca [06-02-2004]

chris mehr, lansdale, pennsylvania [06-02-2004]

Tom Regan, Lansdale [06-02-2004]

It's a shame that people look down upon skateboarding at places like LOVE park. It was a place made for recreation, and when put to use by creative minds, it is shut down and banned to those who enjoy it most.
Chase O'Neal, Wilmington, North Carolina [06-02-2004]

I think Philly should allow kids to do what they love in LOVE PARK witch was the plan in the first place. But COOL people that have problems with kids that are doing something instead of what there kids might be doing F*** them who are they to judge us...HOLLA...I THINK ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE AGAINST SKATEBOARDING IN PHILADELPHIA SHOULD GET THE HELL OUT OF THE CITY BECAUSE SKATEBOARDING IS HERE TO STAY...Skateboarding is destroying LOVE PARK well poeple eating in the park is destoying it to if someone drops a peace of salami from there sandwitch the acids in the salami will slowy eat away at the granit slabs there...IF YOU CANT SKATE THERE YOU SHOULD NO BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING THERE..........PHILLY HAS NO LOVE...FREE LOVE PARK
KILLA K ( KYLE) (STINKY), Philly [06-02-2004]

okay so heres my hole thing baout LOVE PARK. I think you should open the park back up to skateboarders again. Thats messed up. They got DC to give them 1 million dollars if the park was open up for skateboarders but then they board members or whoever it was didnt take it...WOW! i would have. I have the skateboarders back anytime. They deserve it. I'll back them up 110% no matter what. And thats my opinion on it. So reopen the park to everyone! Love Park's the name, so love to everyone...including the skateboarders! :)
melissa [06-02-2004]

love park represents for skateboarding, what the mountains in colorado mean for skiers. Imagine if the banned skiing in the rocky mountains. Ouch. Skateboarding is in the beginning of its world evolution. Let it take its path, don't burn bridges!
keith sadler, orlando, fl [06-02-2004]

For gods sake free love park! It's the best part of Philly and the best place to skate in the world! I LOVE IT!
Mark McCool, Port Perry, Onatrio, Canada [06-02-2004]

Ben Corbett [06-02-2004]

Bring Love Park back to the people it belongs to! EVERYONE!
Michelle, Springdale, Arkansas [06-02-2004]

dude, love park is love park, and skatboarding needs love park
Colby, las vegas [06-02-2004]

Dude we gotta bring it back!
brandon, Tucson Arizona [06-02-2004]

free love park... love is for skating, skating is for love, thats just how it is
hanson, las vegas [06-02-2004]

I used to live in Philly and I had many great times at Love. We used to skate and ride there all day and night. Its so silly to close it to skaters and bikers. Thats the whole foundation of Love. It used to be a place to meet your friends, skate with pro's, and perfect your skills. Mayor Street needs to focus on Philly's real problems.
Josh Burton, New York City [06-02-2004]

Artur Bombonato, Brazil [06-02-2004]

i just came from love, where dc shoe co. offered the city 1 millon dollars for the maitenance and upkeep of the park if skating was allowed again. one million love park
christina roach, lansdowne, pa [06-02-2004]

Skateboarders have made LOVE what it is today. Even Ed Bacon agrees skating should be legal there. LOVE is famous all around the world for skateboarding and can be seen in many videos. We skaters aren't hurting anyone, so why be so harsh?
Justin Engle, Cinnaminson, NJ [06-02-2004]

Josh Evans, s.a t.x [06-02-2004]

Joe DeFerrari, Pittsburgh, PA [06-02-2004]

free love park now!
Kirk Spingler, Ambler PA [06-02-2004]

LOVE Park is a great place to skateboard. Let the youth enjoy the city.
Lorraine, North Wales PA [06-02-2004]

I shere havent skated love park but I can see what an effect its put on some pros that skated threr for most there lives. For example Stevie Williams in his part in one of the on videos it was all about love park he even said it was like losing a person in life.I was planning on going threr first thing when I graduate but see I guess I got my hopes up Im fourteen and Im all for love Park.
Brandon Davidson, Coos Bay, OR [06-02-2004]

best street skating around
BILLY LUCERO, woodlake cali [06-02-2004]

Tori Luke, Seneca, South Carolina [06-02-2004]

we are from Brazil, but are skaters... Free Love Park!
marcelo do amaral, Novo Hamburgo/ Rio Grande do Sul/ Brazil [06-02-2004]

Love park and skateboarding has brought more people to Philly than Rocky ever did, Fight for your right to skate, the world looks to you for inspiration.
VictorX, Manchester, England [06-02-2004]

skating at love brings the city dollers!
martinez, all city [06-02-2004]

Love Park is what helped me start skating. It is the perfect place for skateboarding. We didn't hurt anyone there, and it was beautiful. I think that we helped Philadelphia realize that skateboarding is something a lot of us are passionate about. Love needs to be reopened. I have so many memories of that place, and the perfect ledges and the fountain and everything. What good is it now? With those new renovations, its become nothing but an eyesore when it used to be a beautiful place,filled with kids having the time of our lives. Philadelphia exploited Love to make money off the X-games. You've made your money mayor, give us our home back.
Danny K, Philadelphia [06-02-2004]

I live in philly and i loved to sk8 at love and it's sad that we don't love and for us the sk8ers get kicked out every where we go we need love back bad
Scott Morris, Philly,PA [06-02-2004]

free love park!
Dennis Edelmann, Germany [06-02-2004]

Free LOVE PARK! I would hate to see another era (error) end with one of the best skate spots ever! Peace
Ed Pels, Hampton, VA [06-02-2004]

when i first saw love park in films i couldnt wait to get there, so i proposed to my parents to go there, much to my dillusion i found out it was closed to skateboarders, eventually we settled our holiday in austria, too bad though
rehan, daverio, italy [06-02-2004]

Skateboarding should be supported everywhere - it's an insane expression of creativity and independence that every kid should be encouraged to pursue!
kimberly hellman, san diego, ca [06-02-2004]

Free Love Holla
Mike Flanagan, Downingtown Pa [06-02-2004]

Open the public park back to the public who want to use it!
Chris Baird, Allen, Texas [06-02-2004]

Free LOVE!
Christopher Monachino, Aldan, PA USA [06-02-2004]

Can only say that skating is a sport and an art. It is surfing on wheels and the environment can be managaged properly with creative thinking to once again allow skating to occur at Love Park. All things can occur with creative management.
Gail Nolf, Hellertown PA [06-02-2004]

Kevin Rae, Glasgow [06-02-2004]

Kat Brennan, New Zealand [06-02-2004]

the love park is an asset to philedelphia and the global community of skateboarders. it is as famous as southbank, london and carlsbad. surely a creative solution can be sought to take advantage of the potential economic spin-offs between skateboarding youth and surrounding business. some form of management committee must be formed to avoid the destructive and negative affects of misguided skateboarding culture? 12 years skating... letsatsi moeng - south africa
letsatsi moeng, South Africa [06-02-2004]

Megan Bergquist, Horseheads, NY [06-02-2004]

Where's the LOVE?
Coilean Hourigan, Albany. Ny [06-02-2004]

Taking love park away from the skaters is not the answer you. if you take it away at least make a skatepark that is an exact replica of love park
Pedro Cabrera, Rialto CA [06-02-2004]

Seth Tilli, Glenside, PA [06-02-2004]

Kids need someplace to skate. At least when the kids are there. The drug dealers and such move out. Give them back the park.
Bonnie Marks, Westville, New Jersey [06-02-2004]

and they say this is a free country...people can play football in our parks, but we can't skateboard?!?! FREE LOVE PARK!
Andy Sparks, Audubon, PA [06-02-2004]

I think that skateboarding should be allowed in LOVE park because these guys and girls have no where else great to go and skate. You kick them out of every other place there is to go except for skate parks, but i don't see any skate parks being built to benefit these skaters. Free LOVE park.
Jess, Audubon [06-02-2004]

I have seen Love Park in skate videos and I said, wow I will go skate there one day too. Guess not :/
Christian Hanson, Argyle, NY [06-02-2004]

free love park! without it skateboarding will be severed
keegan, argyle new york [06-02-2004]

f* the world i got some suggjestions skate or die thats the way i see it you should f* the cops if they give you a ticket for public skate o f*ing well
vincent green, peoria arizona usa [06-02-2004]

ive always wanted to go to love, and i wanna just get to skate one ledge of it before i die.
Jason Kunz, Cleveland, OH [06-02-2004]

the place has been a commerce for skateboarding. we don't harm business's. we help them by purchaseing thier products when we skate thier and need a drink or food. so OPEN IT BACK UP!
jon "yetti" smith, Elmira, NY USA [06-02-2004]

love park's closing has taken away skateboarding in philly... lets take it back
carl, havertown pa usa [06-02-2004]

mindy faulisi, horseheads, ny [06-02-2004]

To remove a place which garners both the mental and physical growth of todays youth - a place which houses the development of talent and a drive to progress for a very large group of young people is to remove HOPE.
Ian Bedard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-02-2004]

no more taking the skate spots you should build more things for the future then destory them
tony dewyer, washington [06-02-2004]

addison miller, ashville ohio usa [06-02-2004]

John R Stoner II, cambridge ohio [06-02-2004]

LOVE park is a premiere destination for skateboarders around the world. Their presence brings youth to the area to appreciate the rich traditions of philadelphia and add to the growing diversity of the city. If this city is to continue to see upward momentum we need young minds to inspire and enrich the aesthetics of the region.
andrew smith, Belmont Village, Philadelphia [06-02-2004]

YO LOVe was the best place ever to skate, i Love it and always will. FREE LOVE
Ben, Schwenksville, PA [06-02-2004]

I luv skateboarding and if so many kids can get such happiness from skating such a kool spot than i feel they should be able to skate there,im personoaly flying over next year just to get a look and maybe a skate at the place of all places LUV PARK PA............!
haemish hallion, perth wa, australia [06-02-2004]

Free LOVE Park!
Tim Alexander, sydney, Australia [06-02-2004]

SCOTT LUKE, ausssiiiieeeee [06-02-2004]

free love park u dirty b*! its ours, skateboarders united !
sc ott james luke, australia [06-02-2004]

i have never skated love b4, i dont even live in america but i no wat it is like to be kicked from a great spot and after watching the love park story i think that it is a great thing that all skaters everywhere are fighting for FREE LOVE PARK
Michael Ritchie, Ausralia [06-02-2004]

C'est vraiment dommage d'interdire le skateboard dans un parc plein de bancs et de ledges qui ressemble au paradis du skate. Je signe cette pétition pour montrer que même si j'habite en France je souhaite à tous les habitants de Philadelphie de pouvoir skater à nouveau sur ce lieu, et j'espère pouvoir m'y rendre un jour moi aussi !
Arnaud, Chambéry, France [06-02-2004]

michi, seattle, wa [06-02-2004]

Branimir Jurko, Croatia [06-02-2004]

please dont wreck a good thing skateboarding is a lifestyle KEY WORD: LIFE don't end it for those who have what you don't understand
jonh sugrue, victoria b.c. [06-02-2004]

i have been to LOVE before and it is such a beautiful place.its like a part of history.FREE LOVE PARK!
Justin Castillo, miami,fl [06-02-2004]

free LOVE park
john g, West Lafayette Indiana [06-02-2004]

bring back love!
daniel greenan, silver spring maryland usa [06-02-2004]

this is one of the best skate spots i have ever been to
kevin thompson, boing, oregon [05-30-2004]

save the park i mean whos it hurting
Tim Hayes, Austin, Texas [05-30-2004]

Andrew, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada [05-30-2004]

it's a nice park
VINCENT ROY, lambton,quebec,canada [05-30-2004]

i dont live in philadelphia but i do skateboard and i do know how it feels to be opressed. LOVE park is a kind of historical land mark for skateboarders. i would love to have the opportunity to skate it someday but how can i now that the mayor doesn't want "skate rats" in "his" park. my prayers are with the other skatboarders and their journey to reopen LOVE park to EVERYONE.
jordon tingle, sandersville georgia [05-30-2004]

Hey man,Philly's mayor cant be serious,we need LOVE up and skateable again.
William S., New York, Long Island [05-30-2004]

Jeff Radcliffe, Louisville, Kentucky [05-30-2004]

I've never been to love park, but i know how it much it sucks to be kicked out of a great skate spot for no reason. FREE LOVE PARK.
Alex krauss, ny, ny [05-30-2004]

the ban of skateboarding is not only detrimental to skaters but to the city's integrity as well
aNTHONY, Kansas City, MO [05-30-2004]

LOVE park is the best skateboard park there is. we need to be able to skate it again, it was what philly was known for.
Ryan Cotterman, Pennsylvania [05-30-2004]

Free Love!
ryan reiner, chicago illinois [05-30-2004]

i sk8ed love park for 10 minuets and the a cop can up to us and filped out on us and i dont knopw why sk8ers are so hated and y we cant sk8 love park its not any different the bikeing or what ever i dont care if sk8ers are baned from love park i will still sk8 there every chance i get because love park is so perfic it was ment to be sk8ed!
shawn smith, Buxton, Maine [05-30-2004]

let us skate love park! to what better use could it use?
Ben Olson, dansville, new york [05-30-2004]

Theres no dealing with love park. Taking it away from such skaters as I Will not crush the past memories but the future memories that will not exsist if somthing isnt done now. thats why im saying FREE LOVE PARK!
J - Fil, West Chester, PA [05-30-2004]

free love
Wyatt Neubauer, Three Bridges New Jersey 08887 [05-30-2004]

i want love park back better skaeable and friendly cuz love is the best and if the old guys could be in our shoes i know that they would fight for whats right if we have to go up againest the whole natoin ill be there right up in the governments face i would fly to where we have togo and everyone knows that i will be there when the government tryin to shut us skaters out
scott barry, Piladephia [05-30-2004]

Jason Arnold, Murrysville, PA [05-30-2004]

Seeing LOVE Park in tons and tons of skate videos, it is a symbol for east coast skateboarding. We are privileged to have such a spot, and without it, east coast skating wouldn't be the same. We wouldn't be as unique and creative with our skating. FREE LOVE PARK.
Paul Klemm, Newton, NJ [05-30-2004]

chris, Willmington, NC [05-30-2004]

Scott Miller, Bethany, Connecticut [05-30-2004] homepage

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