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April 8-May 30, 2004

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Free love park it was made for skating!
Myles McNeany, Manchester, England [05-30-2004]

Love park is famous for skateboarding and just skateboarding! which buisness-man/woman does only give a damn about it??? so lets just reopen it and bring the love back to philly! free love!
Max, Germany [05-30-2004]

love park r.i.p??? never!
Wojtek, Poznań, POLAND [05-30-2004]

michael kowalchek, worcester mass 01604 [05-30-2004]

andrew kowalchek, worcester mass 01604 [05-30-2004]

LOVE park was like home to me. It purely resembles why i love philly so much. Being a kid of 15 years old, I used to skate at LOVE before and after the ban. Skaters in philly need a place to skate. Moving to california in 2002 showed me how spoiled california is with skateparks, And how philly has almost none. The city of Philadelphia only has skatespots such as the legendary FDR, And Penns landing. LOVE was the true "mecca" of skateboarding in the 90's, And even though it is gone, LOVE will never be forgotten. If lOVE reopened, I would do everything in my power to move back to philly. And i know that everyone says that about LOVE, But when i turn 18, I am applying to temple to become a videographer. And i hope to make skateboarding video's at LOVE.
Drew Scavello, Irvine, California [05-30-2004]

Devin Suchomelly, 570 west neversink road [05-30-2004]

It is, and now was, a dream for me and so many other fellow skaters to one day go to philidelphia and skate at the lengendary love park. not only is making the park unskateable crushing the hopes of so many young people, it is also economically unhealthy. i am completly sure that the local shops around the area of love park would bring in so much more profit from skateboarders who really need a gatorade after a long day's session. so please support the free love park movement.
Adam Kingsley, Currently residing in Beijing, China [05-30-2004]

cameron, Crest Hill IL USA [05-30-2004]

Free LOVE! its worth giving back to skaters. I've dreamed of skating it since i started and im hoping im gonna get the chance.
Justin, Hamilton, Ontario [05-30-2004]

never been to LOVE but i know whats its worth to those who have been there its like home for those who skate and when i found out about love the energy from it whether it was hearing about it or seeing it in mags or sk8 vids it just made you wanna be there and if you cant see that love park brings people together from all over the country just to skate and that alone doesnt make you wanna be there just to check it out then you are just a BUSTER who is too blind to see that lovepark isnt just some park its LOVE mad LOVE!free LOVE PARK!
nick lietzke, milwaukee wisconsin [05-30-2004]

I have never skated love park but all i know is that the people skate-stopping LOVE are crazy......IT's stupid.I think not letting them skateing it is an outrage. If the ydo open it again I hope to skate when i graduate!
Michael Abel, Alberta,Canada [05-30-2004]

LOVE is the best place in the world for skateboarders to come together and skate. It would be very sad not be able to skate at LOVE ever again.Skaters need LOVE.
Skip Richards, Pottstown PA [05-30-2004]

Free Love for future generations!
Shawn, Englewood Colorado [05-30-2004]

Good Luck Philly.....From the Skaters in Denver
Chris Willis, Denver, CO [05-30-2004]

i live on CO and know about it because it is one of the top spots in the world.
zion greenlee, grand junction colorado [05-30-2004]

this petition is good, although i dont comptetely agree with the hour restrictions... its better than nothing never skated there but damn would it be nice
patrick nelson, raleigh, nc [05-30-2004]

i used to live in maryland.. and i always wanted to visit the wonderful LOVEpark and maybe even skate there... but now that its closed i guess that wont be happening...
ROM DIAZ, florida [05-30-2004]

let skaters skate in love park jeez. love park is like not only for ppl to walk and sit around on their asses they should let ppl skate there
Jess, Florence, NJ [05-30-2004]

Kyle Klym, Canada [05-30-2004]

Love Park is obviously a historic landmark in the eyes of many skateboarders, nation-wide and even abroad. The destruction of this park will open the eyes of many young skaters to the injustice of the U.S. government. They are just creating another generation that starts with a problem with authority. Besides all that, many important steps in the progression of skating have gone down at the park. Without LOVE, philly would never be the same
Hawk Sahlein, Boise, ID [05-30-2004]

Rachael Wilson [05-30-2004]

love park is one of the very most popular non-skate parks that became that such is vital that we win this fight to make sure skating becomes even more popular. if they r thinking of putting skating in the olympics, y cant we have a public park.....
zack kelley, san antonio [05-30-2004]

i have family in philly and ive been to love park i think they should let skateboarders skate there because it is a local place for kids to skate
charles smith, windsor ct [05-30-2004]

dude sk8ers rock on sk8 there f* the 5-0
michael hinkle, nc [05-30-2004]

get rid of the ban bribg back skateboarding
chris bent, san antonio texas [05-30-2004]

free love park
Jordan Regan, Florida,Clearwater, [05-30-2004]

I'm from Holland and i read a lot of skateboarding magazines.I think you should make LOVE-Park skateable again...and don't give them tickets just because they're doing their thing.
G.V.H., Aardenburg,The Netherlands [05-30-2004]

aaron lyons, australia [05-30-2004]

Jisan Lee, Los Angeles CA, USA [05-30-2004]

LOVE park looks like an awesome skate spot. make it skateboarding allowed.
Ryan Stevenson, Edmonton Alberta Canada [05-30-2004]

redo love park, this whole thing is stupid soo stupid, i dont get what the big deal is! whats the problem wih skateboarding?! i dont get it. im 13 and have been arrested for skating at a school and almost had to spend time in juvy. i think you should build it again if itll make this many poeple happy peace
tyler, phoenix az [05-30-2004]

free it
Chris Faulkner, Montgomery county pa [05-30-2004]

free love im tryin to skate. skating is good it keeps me and my friends out of trouble except for skateboarding. and it keeps us out of trying drugs.
tom campbell, kennett square PA [05-30-2004]

i think that love park should still be becaues the skaters were not hurting anyone they were just doing there thing
steven, philadelphia, pa [05-30-2004]

pleese open it up for skateboarding pleeeeeeeeeeeeze
TUnato, new york [05-30-2004]

Hockey players have their rinks, soccer players and football players have their fields, baseball players have their diamonds, baskeyball players have their courts, but the parks are taken away from skateboarders. Where's the justice? They're all sports.
Dave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [05-30-2004]

all we want is a place to skate and have fun ppl always call cop on the other skaters of the world just because we having a little fun and ppl got a prob with that and ppl say this nation free we not even free to skate lovepark.
chad watson, mobile, alabama [05-30-2004]

Philly should free love park because skateboarding gets kids out of trouble and it put them on the streets in a good way if there was no skateboarding there would be more fat kids sitting home watching tv or more kids shoplifting from stores so either philadelphia should free love park or make a bigger penitentiary.
Justin Miller, San Antonio, Texas [05-30-2004]

what is this about? why was it build or whatever, keep it real!
hj, johannesberg, gauteng, south africa [05-30-2004]

u should let skateboarder skate because this park is great
bob, il [05-30-2004]

one of the most important places in the world for skateboarding
david ehrenreich, van, bc [05-30-2004]

Free LOVE PARK it is the greatest skate spot ever. FREE LOVE PARK
Joseph Boyd, Amarillo TX USA [05-30-2004]

Love park is the best spot there is love park stands for brotherhood so why can,t people and skaters go there hand in hand. Let skateboarding live...... greetings from the small country. from wing mok
wing mok, Venlo,limburg,The netherlands [05-30-2004]

skateboard 4 life or die i love phillly freeeeeeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee parkkkkkkkkk we aint hurten nothing god damn f* the police peace out love park for life
chris jones, n.y. [05-30-2004]

i love philly and i skate its the best place in the world period for skating so free it please love (cj)
chris jones, fillmore n.y. [05-30-2004]

I have never skated LOVE but give me the chance! I go to Philly every year!
LeeAnne K, Red Oak TX USA [05-30-2004]

Jade Boetes, Richland Washington [05-30-2004]

Eric Drew, mequon Wi [05-30-2004]

Mike Fares, West Chester, PA [05-30-2004]

Love is a great place for skaters.Much has taken place there and it shouldnt be ruined
Michael McMillan, new baltimore michigan [05-30-2004]

Chris Valdez and Mike Ferrer, San Antonio, Texas [05-30-2004]

julian nunez, rswell,NM USA [05-30-2004]

As a city you can either lose money trying to fight skateboarding, or make money by embracing it. Should be a simple choice.
Joshua Higginson, Grand Rapids, MI [05-30-2004]

would u rether have drug dealers crackheads and bums then skate boarders well open ur dam eyes and look at love now and u tell me that theres any love left in love park
branden portwood, naperville il usa [05-30-2004]

I built this place so that people could enjoy it. And that includes skateboarders. Vincent Kling
branden portwood, naperville il usa [05-30-2004]

i think that u should really free love park becouse u all act like skateboarding is a crime but u look in the law book and u show me were it say that it is agints the law to skate it really pisses me off knowing that ill never be abale to skate it. i think that all of u peole only thiink of ur selfs. i mean there are people that there jobs are skateboarding and u guys are just ruining it. u complane about cutting down trees and stuff well this is just like that skateboarding is allowed and one day it will be in the olimpics at love park and u guys cant do any thing about it.
branden portwood, naperville il usa [05-30-2004]

LOVE Park has been a focal point for a lot of the American and abroad's youth skate culture. Closing this area has left a negative image on the city of Philadelphia in both political and social arenas. Opening the park back up will be beneficial for the city's tourism trade, as well as generate a positive light on the city's relationship with a younger generation of its citizens. No one is getting hurt by allowing the area to be skated on.
Christa Capati, Philadelphia, PA 19135 [05-30-2004]

sorry for my second entry but..why cant all the skatecompanies pump some money into love park and stuff. the earn so much with the pros rippin love park. they gotta give some back to that park... k..that it.
Michael, still germany [05-30-2004]

OH dear..I am from so far away but I can also feel that spirit and the tradegy behind all that. So many kids an generations haave memories to this park. if skate or not, doesn t matter. to the skate youth is this park philly. i just knwo the 76ers and love park. sorry for that. there is so many bulls* goin keep this place alive and set a mark. for the love not the yuppies.
Michael Baum, Germany [05-30-2004]

chris grieder, winter park florida [05-30-2004]

Love park is blatantly not just an area for kids.Although I have never skated it,it's reputation is that of legend reaching even the distant shores of Scotland.
David Wardrope, Scotland [05-30-2004]

Kepp it
Aaron Ptacek, St. Louis, Mo [05-30-2004]

cops s* b* love park is skateboarding destroy love park and you destroy skateboarding
Tom jones, Australia victoria melbourne [05-30-2004]

hey ive been there once n it was awesome...i LOVEd it soo much...i think its just dumb to close it to us there was a big "parade" thing with over 3000 of us in was movin to philly soon so ill protest...
stefan brough, kirkland, WAshington [05-30-2004]

LOVE should be able to be used by pedistrians and skaters. The business's and shops by LOVE depend on the skaters to survive and prosper. LOVE is a skateboarding Utopia and we should be able to use it at our descresion. opening LOVE would keep skaters off the streets and they would be in a collective area so they wouldnt be such a burdon to the rest of the working community
josh shupe, chattanooga,tennessee [05-30-2004]

they have to free love park. its just isnt right. i mean they used to let people skate there. now its just pointless to take something so precious away. they need to realize that the were not hurting anyone. were just there to have a good time and enjoy being with our friends and being around the one thing we all hold true in our hearts. and that is skateboarding. FREE LOVE PARK.
Roldan Ruiz, Upland, CA [05-30-2004]

Free love park theres no logical reason to keep people from skating there.
Brent, winterville NC [05-30-2004]

I think skaters should be allowed in Love Park because skating brought all of the publicity to Philly. It is also a place for skaters to express themselves.
chaz depaul, Horsham, Pennsylvania [05-30-2004]

jeff meeker, bristol connecticut [05-30-2004]

Bring back LOVE Park... you should just make that park in to a skate park were skaters can come there regularly. Make another park some where people can go and relax and do there thing. So even though I don't even live in Philly people are still willing to drive there to skate this awesome park. I hope you bring this park back.... to be comtinued
unknown writer, Monroeville, Nj Untied States of America [05-30-2004]

If you were to search Googgle or most search engines the majority of the sites that would come up are skateboarding ones. Skateboarders dont bother the other people who are in the park. Skateboarding isnt a hobby its a way of life, don't dicscriminate.
John Bonini, Monroeville, NJ, United States [05-30-2004]

I've skated most may life, and somday i WILL go to Philadelphia to skate love park. Keep up the good work all you skaters out there.
Joshua Carleton, Australia, qld, nambour [05-30-2004]

Megan Kearney, Philadelphia, PA [05-30-2004]

Alright with this ban it wont stop the skaters. I am looking forward to when i get a chance to skate it. BUt it would be nice to just not have to worry about police.
Baxter Harrill, NC,Fairview [05-30-2004]

The "Patilac" will set yoyu freeOne LOVE
Pat (Patilac) Turnbull, Philidelphia [05-30-2004]

I think that I speak for skaters around the world when I say make skating legal in the LOVE park once again, for our sake and yours. If philadelphia has any brotherly love left, you'll do it.
Joey Gianguzi, Danielsville PA, USA [05-30-2004]

ever since i started skating 3 years ago i always wanted to skate love park it always seem like a cool place with with nice skaters it was always a beautiful over the countless times i have seen it even before i skated great people come from there i feel as if many people should live out there dream to skate there just like my dream.
Billy Walsh, Westerville,Ohio [05-30-2004]

i dont live in the states or have ever been to philly, but itd b a shame if this is for sure, reopen it for skaters we have it hard as it is, people yappin at us about skating on the streets, whats the point its only a sport. take it easy people XD
Wiggi, N.Ireland [05-30-2004]

I wish that I could have had the chance to skate LOVE park!
Martin Lopez Jr., lufkin, tx,USA [05-30-2004]

I never skated it but now that its gone i feel down about it because they have taken away the spot on the east coast where you can go and just hang out.If it ever reopens you know ill be there, untill then im headed out to skate the Skate plaza in Ohio,thanks Rob D.
David Shamblin, Baltimore, MD [05-30-2004]

kari, sunland,california [05-30-2004]

Geoffrey Gersten, Scottsdale, AZ [05-30-2004]

Olivia Gersten, Scottsdale, AZ [05-30-2004]

i think all parks that are out door should be free. if they r indoor and privtely owend then ya go ahead and put a price on it.
cameron minarovic, muskegon,MI, usa [05-30-2004]

love park is historic in its own way, especially to those who skateboard. no one else might understadn how important this park really is. love park is a public park. love park is open to anyone who comes in. i dont understand how a public park is now accepting anyone who enters except for skateboards. philly is called "the city of brotherly love". how come there is "no love" for skateboarders in philly at love park? its messed up. thats the only thing that happens at the park is skateboarders skate it. PHILLY IS NOT SHOWING LOVE FOR US WHO WANT TO SKATE THERE. it's just not right.
James McNamara, Scotch Plains, New Jersey [05-30-2004]

skateboarders should be able to be in LOVE Park. Watching guys skateboard is a way to meet your first love!
Michelle Silberberg, Olney, Maryland [05-30-2004]

I think love park should be legal to skateboard there again. i have skateboard love park many of times back in the day when we would not get haseld by the POLICE. it was a good place to be all your friends hanging out together do something productive with our lifes instead of drugs or the other thing that get kids in to trouble. FREE LOVE PARK...HOLLA
kyle banta, philadelphia [05-30-2004]

i have seen this park in many skate vidios and i think that it is a very greet place to skate i think i would like to go there some day.
brian, longview WA 98632 [05-30-2004]

I want to help reopen LOVE Park because i LOVE Skateboarding even if i probably never get to Philly it would be great to give this Park back to the Skaters... Skateboarding has made Philadelphia huge its internationally known just because of Skateboarding. It even generated money for the city, for example when the X-Games were hold in Philadelphia. It is absolutely wrong to close Love Park to Skaters. You´d destroy also a lot of Talent with that... Greetings from Germany Christoph Nowak
Christoph Nowak, Kassel, Germany [05-30-2004]

the city has turned the park around, what do you get when you turn love around... EVOL! evol basterds
steve head, milwaukee, wi [05-30-2004]

I won't give up until we can finally skate in LOVE again. to hell with the system, it sucks. FREE LOVE PARK!@$%^
Jenna Roselli, South Philadelphia [05-30-2004]

I go to philly every summer and i go just to love but people dont understand that this is a vital part of the pa skate scene. sokeep it open.
zac coffey, pitsburgh Pa [05-30-2004]

free love
mark scotland, scotland [05-30-2004]

keep love park open skating is not a crime it keeps people away from crimes and to have a park that is our holy ground closed is like destroying our religion
steve averbach, freehold nj [05-30-2004]

hey this is longo from redneck skateboards, Iv never skated love park, or been anywhere near it but Id still like to show my support
Longo, White Rock B.C. [05-30-2004]

I think that skateboarding should be allowed to be in Love Park because, that would give the youth a place to relax and do something that they love. As well as see the athletes such as Stevie Williams, give back to the community. As well as the older people watch the youth enjoy something, while Knowing that the youth is out of trouble. Thank You Diamond
Diamond Johnson Steward, Laurel, Delaware [05-30-2004]

open that s* up, that is the best place to sk8 ever and its a big part of skateboarding history!11.!
Gary Slesinski, West Grove [05-30-2004]

Nicolas, New York City [05-30-2004]

Love. That is a strong word with all sorts of meanings. A meaning that skateboarders understand for their board and the thrill of it all. Including the park. Taking away the park is like taking away a freeway. With no place to skate what's the use of it, as with driving. With no place to drive what's the use of it. Just think of it this way, when that parks gone, a whole lot of skaters are gonna miss that park soo much. From local to world wide, and famous pros and ams to begginers. Save that park.
Joseph Rodriguez, Fresno, California [05-30-2004]

Mike Little, Plantation Florida [05-30-2004]

Hey i "love" love b/f skates at love3 park all the time and i go along for the ride..honestly i am a surfer and i've been to fdr...but love park is a diff feel and nothing bad happens the cops are just dicks...
Sabrina, springfield,pa [05-30-2004]

leave the f* park alone! would you rather we be doing drugs and drinking? cause thats what some of us would be doing w/o the skate park.
Ashley, Bennington,VT [05-30-2004]

kate engelsman, carlsbad, ca [05-30-2004]

LOVE park is the only real place to skate in Philadelphia other than title 10, and you have to pay to go there. Without LOVE tourism will definatly lower.
Ben Grubb, Glenside, PA [05-30-2004]

Bring LOVE park back, quick. Skateboard history is in that park, let it evolve. Certainly watch the video On Winter 2004, beautiful documentary on LOVE PARK. Peace!
Cé Van Loon, Belgium [05-30-2004]

touch me babe, cant u see that i am not afraid
Jim Morrison, West Chester [05-30-2004]

this park has being a part of skate boarding history since it was created. closing love park is like taking a part of skateboarding forever.
Paul Sapwell, gympie, queensland, australia [05-30-2004]

Love is a great place and helps keeps drugs off the streets when people skate there
Scott Anderson, Aston Pa [05-30-2004]

Love should be reopened to skaters
Nick Suter, Aston, Pa [05-30-2004]

Anthony Passarella, franklin square new york [05-30-2004]

I have never been to NY or LOVE but the thing is many people have and is a home to them. So destroying LOVE is like destroying a home. The people who discriminate against skateboards are the ones who need to be punished. Skateboarders made LOVE PARK alive, and made it able for people to walk through without being afraid. I just hope the people who have the power to make a difference make the right choice. Sincerly, Kevin Swanson
kevin swanson, Naperville, IL [05-30-2004]

Save Lo ve Park.
Mike Kraszewski, Glenwood, NJ [05-30-2004]

Scott, Chattanooga, Tn [05-30-2004]

Fight the man and take back what was rightfully ours we made this city and they try to take it from us Skate boarding "Forever"
Johnathan Hayes, Philadelphia,Pa [05-30-2004]

Justin Corcoran, Highland Lakes, New Jersey, USA [05-30-2004]

we did no harm to love park, I have no f*ing i idea why they said we were destroying the property.wemade l-o-v-e everything it is now.
brad alfreds, marcellus,ny,usa [05-30-2004]

Love park is a symbol to skateboarding and to philidelphia's youth. what is so wrong about skateboarding it doesnt hurt anyone, not all skaters are bad people, i think that if a ledge or curbs are already waxed and ready to grind as the ones in love park then what does it matter if kids skate there. skateboarding keeps kids out of trouble. and mayor, governer whoever reads this if anyone... would you rather have a teenager totally throw down a sick trick in the middle of love park, or have that same kid doing drugs or drinking possibly and robbing a convienient store or attacking someone maybe killing someone it happens... and skateboarding is a hobby which keeps kids busy. thanks.
Steve Neil, Ontario, Canada [05-30-2004]

Art McAuliffe, Columbia, IL [05-30-2004]

free love is the heart of street skating in the world
tom ortiz, london,england [05-30-2004]

Love Park is a public place and should be open to the whole public. Especially Skateboarders, we love it more than anyone.
Steve Lawley, Ridley Park, PA USA [05-30-2004]

free love park and allow skateboarding
michelle, st louis mo [05-30-2004]

the city of phillie should free love its like the perfect place to skate ever i went there once it was like a dream best ledges and its basiclly like a huge skatepark I say FREE LOVE
spanky, america [05-30-2004]

open love park as a skatepark!
Mike Fabi, Cherry Hill, New Jersey [05-30-2004]

i never skated LOVE but i always wanted to...
Tony Marino, Vancouver,WA [05-30-2004]

LOVE should be opened to skaters because were ever us sskater go to skate we get kicked out because liability reasons like were gonna sue them or something if we get hurt but we wont. there would be no reason to sue because if we get thats on us were the who did it not you. No matter if they open it or not people are still gonna skate there because its a famous spot to skate and plus its not like were hurt any one skating there were just trying to do what we LOVE to do which is skate. least it keeps us from doing stuff out in the street and getting trouble and stuff we shouldnt do so all i can say is i hope you open it to skaters and if you dont itll be very disopointing
Brett Mendez, Bristol, PA [05-30-2004]

love park is one of the best spot i've ever seen so dont take it awy from us.
andrei, ny, ny [05-30-2004]

Love Park is a skateboarders pardise and no one should take that away
michael mercurio, Cave Creek, AZ [05-30-2004]

love is the best, just skate it
alex, levittown pa [05-30-2004]

why does everything good always have to be ruined
keith, new york [05-30-2004]

I think that the skate ban at love is just mayor street tryin to rid Philadelphia of skating. It wont happen though because too many people know of philadelphias greatness for skatebarding.Love Park will never truly die. It will have its comeback!
R.J. Hegedus, Abington, Pa [05-30-2004]

Because it make us dream...
Delambre marie, Calais Nord Pas-de-Calais France [05-30-2004]

free love park. please.
Pat Cronin, Hyde Park, NY [05-30-2004]

I've skate love park at least 30 times and all of these times a just am having the best time skating that i've ever had in my life.
nate, chilmark mv [05-30-2004]

love prak f*ing rules dude ive skated there n the stairs r crazy as s* so r the stairs they should reopen it so they have all the f*in skaters in on place n not all over the city free love park
scott [05-30-2004]

LET SKATERS have LOVE its all we want.
Nick Smith, Newark Delaware US [05-30-2004]

LOVE PARK is the place I always wanted to go and skate and now I just can't. Turists were coming to Philly only to see or skate LOVE PARK.
Karol, Poland [05-30-2004]

wheres the love? love park!
mat amareld, croydon, pa [05-30-2004]

why would u take the love away? keep it where it is..DUH
Niles Sargone, Haddon Heights, NJ [05-30-2004]

free love park
Taylor, Baraboo, WI [05-30-2004]

Emily Calvanese, Philadelphia, PA [05-30-2004]

i say f* the mayor and every sk8er just go there and sk8 the f* out of it and riot if they start coming to arrest yall f* THE POLICE
Justin G, alabama [05-30-2004]

free love park!
Chris, Bristol, TN [05-30-2004]

Ive never skated there and thats why they should let people skate there if they close the park down to all skaters then i will never be able to skate there and i will be disapointed!
Ryan Padgett, Manassas Virginia [05-30-2004]

I think LOVE park should be reopened because it can get very frustrating getting kicked out of spots.I"m Irish an i only have one place to skate and now we can only get a two minute session before getting kicked out.Skaters dont wanna cause trouble we just wanna have fun.So please reopen LOVE park because it is the best place to skate and have fun!
Darren O Callaghan, Munster [05-30-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK =D! Give the skaters their freedom, dammit! FREE LOVE PARK! <333
Tiffany, Seattle, WA, USA [05-30-2004]

Banning skateboarding in love park is like banning celebrities from Hollywood or banning politicians from Washington. How much has skateboarding helped Philly? All the people making the pilgrimage over the years, spending their money in Philly, not to mention the X-Games. And Philly can't find it in their heart to let them skate the one park they want. Love park is more than just a plaza that people can eat lunch in, it is world renown as one of the greatest skate spots the planet has ever seen. Free LOVE Park!
Joshua Ekrut, San Antonio, TX [05-30-2004]

free love park, to skaters across the world (internationally) come here to skate, like Barsalona is a tight place to skate and all but nothing nowhere in this great world is there anything like LOVE, its all i think about (i have never skated there)but that doesnt matter, re-open love park, and even if you dont people will still skate there no madder what
Shayne, canada [05-30-2004]

free it for skateboarders
henry shepley, st.louis [05-30-2004]

the spot is sick... im a new yorka n im 15 n am going to skate philly dis summer with my friends... LOVE is history thats like burning the liberty bell...
Anthony, new york [05-30-2004]

Jason Kirschenr, Cherry Hill New Jersey [05-30-2004]

mike step, cherry hill nj [05-30-2004]

Free LOVE park, After i finish highschool im gonna go on a road trip, and the park better be open for skaters.
Vahid, groveport, OHIO [05-30-2004]

f* the gov.! let us skate!
Mike Vogel, Ohio [05-30-2004]

Althought I'v never skated there I love seeing it in all the videos and I some day hope to skate it myself so BRING IT BACK! But I don't see this as just being a banning of one spot, I see it as an insult to the whole skateboarding community, it's a direct assault on all of us...
Danny McNamara, England [05-30-2004]

im 29 years old and i live in vail co. which you may say eliminates my opinion from this matter. being that im not living in phili, however many of my friends skateboard. i think it's a tragedy to not encourage people to be outdoors and active, besides the only ones they are likely to hurt are themselves.
Nate Page, vail CO [05-30-2004]

Nate Page [05-30-2004]

You can take skaters away from LOVE but you cant take LOVE from skaters!(VOTE QUIMBY FOR MAYOR OF SPRINGFIELD)
Robert Szkutnik, Seattle, WA [05-30-2004]

Free love park!
Nart Weisblat, Orlando,Florida [05-30-2004]

I have seen the lovepark in lots of skatemovies and really . . . it looks like skateheaven. So why would people want to take that away from the skaters?Just let them skate over there,keep in mind that skateboarding is not a crime! Please dont kill skateboarding,help it in stead! greetz from another skater from Belgium!
Jonathan Vercoutere, Belgium [05-30-2004]

Skaters come all over to skate at love park! why would you want to ruin a beutiful place to skate and have fun. People enjoy watching skaters too (like a free show)
Tyler Cox, Charlotte,NC [05-30-2004]

Thats extremely lame that they banned skating in love park. if they ban something we love to do in areas that they know are out of the way and pretty much as safe as it gets then we can just skate on the streets and get hit by cars or something. skateboarding is a really safe sport in some aspecs... yeah its easy to get hurt and people get hurt more skateboarding than most other sports but the injuries arnt near as bad. so skate up the streets, thrash up benches and curbs, acid drop off the liberty bell... do all you can, piss them off... then tell them to build you a park... turn their motives against them... oh, and check out my team site
Justin Beilstein, Sandy Lake PA [05-30-2004]

Please allow LOVE park to be used by the skateboarding community. This will allow pre-teens and teens a safe haven and place to express themselves and keep them out of trouble.
Kelley Wall, Clearwater, florida [05-30-2004]

Keep it open to skateboarders its a good thing
Jake Tueffert, Missouri City, TX [05-30-2004]

free love park and ALLOW SKATEBOARDING!
brett, st louis missouri [05-30-2004]

In my opinion LOVE should have never been closed in the first place. So many great skaters have hit up that spot so well like Brian Wenning, Josh Kalis and Stevie Williams. All of their footage in the DC video showed how great LOVE is to skate. The city of Philadelphia needs to know that street skateboarding is rapidly growing and that skateparks aren't the way to make skaters happy. Even in California at spots like Pier 7 in SF it's a 76 dollar fine to skateboard along the Embarcadero. Rollerbladers can, but not skateboarders. I mean 300 bucks just for skating LOVE park. That spot is worth skating, but just standing on your board or rolling slowly isn't worth getting fined. The people who closed down LOVE are f*in idiots. Whose gonna remember the best tricks landed down the fountain gap. Brian Wennings switch bs 180 and Chris Coles switch fs flip. Vine Ponte set that gap a standard for street skating when he first ollied it. Please reopen LOVE park because we need the streets to skate. Philly has good skating spots and it should be known for them not for destroying them. LOVE park Forever!
Florin Mezza, Santa Monica,CA [05-30-2004]

I've never skated LOVE park, but i sure as hell would like to in the summer. Skaters shouldnt have to go to different skate spots just because someone wants to get elected and thats wht the non-skating comunity wants, "To Get Those Damned Skaters Away From My House."
Riley, Vancouver, British Columbia [05-30-2004]

Free Love Park!
Eric Kilian, Mesa, AZ, USA [05-30-2004]

I think it is complete B/S with what they're doing at Love Park. I mean damn, the creater of the park is for the skaters being there. I've never personally skated Love Park but plan on making a road trip there this summer and just skating it all day. f* the po po. I'm gonna have a good time and skate one of the most famous spots in the world!
Andy, York, PA [05-30-2004]

im not from philly but ive been to love and its awesome i dont get why u would take away something we love ?
Pat Jengo, Marcellus,NY [05-30-2004]

I think skateboarding in love park should be made legal. Skateboarders dont want parks they want the streets, and untill the parks are starting to be made to resemble the streets, well, skaters are going to hit up love park.
Tim WIndhorst, Havertown PA 19083 USA [05-30-2004]

I've read about it, and seen it in's amazing, and i wanna skate it.
Stephanie Worth, Brandon, Manitoba [05-30-2004]

The news was a hard blow becuase I had been making plans to come to Philidelphia for a week just to skate LOVE. For skaters and tourists to travel from all over the world should make the city counsel think that maybe it was bigger than we thought. We are the next generation to rule this world and maybe some of these Skateboarders will be the next politics.
Rob Mark, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [05-30-2004]

I dream of skating love park. I bust my butt skating in opes that one day I can skate there.
J D, pequannock, nj [05-30-2004]

Thanks to Love Park, it brought pros like Brian Wenning Josk Kalis and helped make skate vidoes better like DC and Habitat. Plus its a pimped place to skate.
Arthur, Edmonton [05-30-2004]

Joey Mitchell, Hartland, Michigan [05-30-2004]

Thats really stupid that they wouldnt let skaters skate there anymore. If they arent getting into trouble why shouldnt they let skating go on there? It doesnt really make sense!?
cal findlay, Redmond [05-30-2004]

I am 16 years old and have never skated LOVE but have a couple of friend who have. They said that it was pretty much all taped in the videos and when he lived in Philly LOVE wasn't like a worshipped god spot like it is by out of towners. Just when you went to go skate that was always the place because it had everything to skate no matter what you felt like riding. He said that once he moved here to Wisconsin that he really missed it. Here in Wisconsin we have good cities for skating but there arn't any really good spots like LOVE all our spots are spread out and highly illegal no matter where in the state you go you have to keep a really close lookout cause the cops are dicks
Nick, Lake Geneva [05-30-2004]

You have to free love park, I´have skated thre once in my life and its beuteful all those beutelful curbs, gaps, oh theres everything, I cant understand why its not possible to skate there, cant it be a skatepark? I really looking forvard to WHEN its going to open!
Daniel Eriksson, Sweden [05-30-2004]

save love park cos i wonna skate it n stuff
jonathan stafford, essex,England [05-30-2004]

Alex Peterson, Baltimore, MD [05-30-2004]

FREE LOVE! it's wrong to ban the boarding there. It keeps kids out of trouble and now you're just gonna have kids breaking the law for a sport! the pro dont get criticized about skating and they make millions there is something wrong with this picture. if you ban skating at the love you ban the love in our skating
Corey Fogle, Manassas, VA USA! [05-30-2004]

i dont understand they kick us out of street parks becuz they say were damaging property, then they build skateparks and make u pay and were pads,so where and how are we supposed to enjoy skating, getting kicked out and having to pay to skate and were stupid pads, love is the only place skaters and bikers and in-line skaters had. so its either we keep skating love and other spots ilegally and always being kicked or giving us a place where we know its okay to skate.
Brandon Kelly, king of prussia area [05-30-2004]

I have never really gotten to skate at LOVE park, but I had always dreamed of visiting and seeing what I could rip off there, I mean seeing as it was built and initially founded as a park in the 60s, why change anything now. I will sooner or later make my way down there and visit the park even if I can only look at it, although only seeing it would make me want to do more for it and all the other skaters who dream of skating it as well, and never got to. come on give us a break if we want to skate...Free LOVE park
Amanda Eldridge, South Carolina [05-30-2004]

I lived in Philly for the first fifteen years of my life, and had been skating for about 3-4 years when I was dragged out to the midwest. Before moving I skated LOVE and City Hall a lot. It was only after I moved to St. Louis that I could appreciate what LOVE really had to offer the skateboarding community. And it is a sad thing that John Street can be so hypocritical as to have the X-Games held at City Hall and let Getz 180 over him at LOVE, and then tell us all to get the hell out. So unless Street wants to scare away youth from Philly and worsen Philly's already bad reputation, he needs to open his eyes and let the only people who REALLY appreciate LOVE enjoy it as they please.
Galice Ryan, St. Louis, MO [05-30-2004]

Alex G., nj [05-30-2004]

i have skated LOVE and it was one of the best expierences of my life. and ive skated it after the big crap change and it wasnt the same. i would love LOVE to be reopened and i think i would go there as much as i could. just free LOVE Park
Nick G, dirty jerzy [05-30-2004]

Let us skate. We been kicked out of so many places and business aint wantin us skatin on there turf. We need places to skate, let me skate before i put a cap up in you.
AJ Hovis, Saginaw, MI [05-30-2004]

Free love park
Omar Cosio, Lompoc CA [05-30-2004]

it should be for all people to share because it would be very bad if skateboarders trashed other spots the city deems a land mark. love park is the best land mark for skaters
Keith Morrison, Utica, New York [05-30-2004]

ranie pemberton [05-30-2004]

u f*in s* all u do is take everything away u f*in government u kill everybodys fun think if u were a kid u g* a* old f* u wouldnt want ansd dick a* town takin away the place u love tpo skate and yur the only one that seemes to take offense to so u can take all yur documents about rewdoing love park and shuv em so far up yur fat greasy a* yull be throwin it up b* yea
dan cogan, 120 city hill st [05-30-2004]

hey i know i live in Canada but come on...every skater in the world knows the history of love park or has heard of love park...even the people who dont skate know about this historic monument. LOVE park made philly what it is today along with the liberrty bell but we all know that LOVE did the greatest thing for philly. not only is it a greta place to visit but people feel more comfortable with the skaters their...the park is by far big enough for skaters and pedestrians so the people walking and talking wont get injured or be in danger. now to the government part of philly, if you guys claim to think that all should be equal and have a say and have equal rights then why dont you let skaters have the right to skateboard in a place meant for skaters. LO VE...see you soon even if i have to dodge rent-a-cops and undercover security guards im going to skate with all my might. one more thing to add...dont you remember when josh kalis and stevie williams were sarting out and LOVE park was just becoming popular for all skaters aorund the world...they brought publicity to philly and LOVE now you people think you can just destroy what makes skating what it is today. If you really want some feedback on LOVE PARK then watch the video ON video Winter 2004:the love story a historic monument and you will find out how important it really is to philly and the states.
Adam Uebele, Kitchener, Onatrio, Canada [05-30-2004]

sk8 4 fun, free love park let the people skate in peace they are no assassins or something like that!Come to portugal take a look at the skaters that are ripping off...check europe too
ricardo jorge ceriaco lopes da cunha, portugal [05-30-2004]

Well my opinion may not matter to you...but i think that you are an a**hole for shutting down LoVe...that is just a place to skate for us that is a place where we meet new skaters from "All over the world." It's our "Brotherhood" our place that we go to feel free and to endure ourselves...if you want to keep that away from us...then your just an ass....period....
Anthony "AnT", Seattle, Washington [05-30-2004]

i havent skated love park but i wanted to, but now if i do i get fined! that sucks! i also heard nothin'but good about the skateboarding there1
fatjoe or jumbojoe, manahawkin,nj [05-30-2004]

is anybody reading this??
matt roman, tampa [05-30-2004]

you have to let that place be able to skate, u dont realize how strong the skateboarding movement is, there are millions of skateboarders who like at love park as a holy land, as a place to go there and just do what you love. You may say that there are skateparks for us to do all this, but you dont realize how much they cost and bad they r made, and they only make ramps . Skateboarders need street terain such as love park which is like skate heavon for skateboarder, so im asking you free love park as a member of the skateboard community
Nelson Velez, Orlando, FL [05-30-2004]

f* the cops, free LOVE!
Alexander Lexis, The Netherlands [05-30-2004]

LOVE PARK is the essence of skateboarding! it put the east coast and philly on the map and we gotta get it back. Ive skated LOVE and its the sickest spot you will ever find. Nothing else comes close and it needs to open back up. FREE LOVE PARK!
Ryan Bossman, Las Vegas [05-30-2004]

ive seen pictures of LOVE park it looks sick i am no sk8er but i do ride bmx LOVE would get a hit fron me if i would ever be around the area. lot of my friends r sk8ers so i know what it is to be banned from skatin, skatin was banned here in lehighton for about 3 months then it was broght back. just think if any parents are readin this ur children could b skatin LOVE but who knows what their doin. think of LOVE as an anti-drug so FREE LOVE do it for the sk8ers of tomarrow.
scott, lehighton,pa [05-30-2004]

love rocks. let the people have a cool place to skate. dont kill their scene.
David Manchen, chicago, illinois [05-30-2004]

Lindsey King, Newtown Square PA [05-30-2004]

how long do ya think mayor street will stay mayor if he keeps doin stupid s* like this
kade redmond, burnie,tasmania,oz [05-30-2004]

phillys so dum the only reason its famous is for sk8n love they should make it like an actual sk8park or like that dude said b4 all the philly sk8rs should all chip in and buy tha place FREE LOVE PARK
kade redmond, burnie,tasmania,oz [05-30-2004]

That is the best place to skate. People all around the world come to the US to skate and its because of LOVE park.
Robert Kennedy, Falls Church, VA [05-30-2004]

well, why dont they make an ACTUAL skatepark that is a complete replica of LOVE?
anon [05-30-2004]

Free LOVE park
Mike Kraszewski, New Jersey [05-30-2004]

no matter how u look at it, skateboarding is a part of philly culture. yall took away city hall for no reason. no one sits on those dirty ass benches anyways. ive skated at love, but also have just sat there and enjoyed watching people skate there. many nights ive gone there just to sit and i notice other people doing the same. its just these a* politicians being power hungry. free love park and city hall . one
david orantes, philadelphia, pa [05-30-2004]

Andy Cruse, Georgia [05-15-2004]

reopen LOVE PARK ive never skated there but i want to reopen LOVE PARK
cody loope, detroit,michigan [05-15-2004]

stephen, lebanon juction,ky,40150 [05-15-2004]

free love park!its a PARK for gods sake! people can wlk there people can skate there as long as there is no damage or disrespect the park!
nik "muowsky", naugatuck connecticut [05-15-2004]

Free love park forever!
Jason Dimaggio, philadelphia, PA [05-15-2004]

LOVE is awesome.
matt, northfield,nj. USA [05-15-2004]

don't take away the greatest place to sk8
brad alfreds, syracuse,ny, [05-15-2004]

free love! don't take away something that means so much to so many.
elosie, san diego [04-21-2004]

Keri, Dearborn, Michigan [04-21-2004]

Free love park! why can't skaterboarders have anything?
Matt Smith, Morrisville [04-21-2004]

i heard that that place was the best skate park ever,best place to skate and hten iheard that if you get caught you get a ticket adn looks your board, tahts crazy thats like taking some ones dog for takeing the dog to teh park,yea thats not cool at all i just hink that we should be able to sakte there.
gene titus, ohio,painseville [04-21-2004]

i think that the kids shpuld be able to skate in LOVE park as long as they are not vandalizing any property.
laura dills, richardson, tx 75081 [04-21-2004]

LOVE for skateboarding
Garrett Harder, Tucson, Arizona [04-21-2004]

i think love park should be reopened because it's a great parks and many pros had skated it i havn't got to skate it but i want to so bad so if it reopens i may get the great opportunity to skate it skate or die
Justin Pellman, Fredericksburg,IN USA [04-21-2004]

open love park
Toby, london [04-21-2004]

Why are Skaters denied what should be rightfully theres? Love Park is the best skate spot in the world, please let us skate there freely!
Jack Cowley, London [04-21-2004]

KEEP THE LOVE OPEN FOR SKATEBOARDING. Its a skateboard tradition and its atmossphere is incredible for skateboarding and it means a lot to me!
Eric Boothe, Gallipolis Ohio [04-21-2004]

Without Love there is no more spirit in skating in philly...And plus now the bums don't have their daily entertainment
Andrew W., Voorhees, NJ [04-21-2004]

chas [04-21-2004]

Ope that s*, straight up!
erik dolk, Falkenberg SWEDEN [04-21-2004]

love park is a very special place in all peoples hearts and the fact that it is used for people to eat thier lunch thier and not used for a pratical use is a digrase look how many people turned up for the X GAMES that gave the city so much publicity. that made philadaliphia the city it is.
michael herdman, belfast northern ireland county antrim [04-21-2004]

I got a ticket for skating love a long time ago and never paid it So let us skate it and forget about all the tickets that never been paid for having fun
Joe Scar, C-Town U.S.A. [04-21-2004]

Love park is a thing that I had dreamed of. A place where I can go with my best friends and skate until we all collapse from exhaustion. Why do I want to do this? It has always been rumored to be the best skatepark in history and an inspiration to generations of skaters. I now have only one wish: to free love park and let it be an inspiration to a whole nother generation of skateboarders
joseph berardinelli, new mexico, U.S. [04-21-2004]

man they should reopen it because the skaters are not harming anything and skateboarding is an art form and a way of expressing your self, and that should be accepted in the u.s.
chris manners, statesville, north carolina, united states of america [04-21-2004]

i love skatin LOVE so do my friends my friend from michigan is coming to my house only to skate LOVE we need it so just FREE LOVE PARK
Dan boyle, cinnaminson,new jersey [04-21-2004]

Love Park is known the world over because of skateboarding. It dissappoints me and thousands of others who never had the chance to skate there, and even the people who skated there everyday. It makes no sense to shut it down. Whats worse, having all the skateboarders in Philly in one condensed area of the city minding there own business, or having them spread about the city weaving through traffic and skating everything else?
Josh Rayner, Ivoryton, CT. [04-21-2004]

Skateboarding is not a crime it's all in fun it is a hobby just as nascar racing and baseball and football is to other skateboarding is to us!
greg briseno, spring hill, fl [04-21-2004]

Tom zachwieja, Chicago, IL [04-21-2004]

free love park!
Joey Baleda, mi [04-21-2004]

this is the worlds most famous skate spot dont take it from us
Stephen Brown, philidelphia [04-21-2004]

Not only have the rennovations made LOVE park less appealing to skaters...but they have also ruined the asthetic appeal as well. So now, not only is LOVE park not's also ugly too. Free the park Mayor Street...and hire rennovators with better taste.
Nathan Snyder, Wilmington, DE [04-21-2004]

Adam sherman, virginia beach [04-21-2004]

Free love park muthafu**ers
cass christy, illinois [04-21-2004]

Keep love park alive
Tim o'Brien, syracuse new york [04-21-2004]

Eric Nielsen, Wausau, WI [04-21-2004]

Jason Jenkins, Budapest, Hungary [04-21-2004]

Sk8boarders deserve the freedom to practice their sport as much as the joggers, rollerbladers, and bikers that are allowed to use LOVE park! It's a free country!
Alex Elmer, Eugene, OR [04-21-2004]

Skateboarding is about expressing yourself and having fun. Please, we need this piece of skate history.
Jake Schlesinger, Stillwater [04-21-2004]

Chris Horymski, New York, NY [04-21-2004]

i would like to skate at love park one of these days but right now i'm to young to go. and i want love park to be there in the future when i'm old enough
wesley spry, fruit heights utah [04-21-2004]

$800,000 renovating love park was 800,000 reasons why mayor street is horrible. Also, $800,000 = enough money to fix some budget problems in philadelphias education system, but I guess skate stopping a public park paid for by our taxes is more important than education, so we should all drop out of school and skate stop our houses.
John Watson, Swedesboro, NJ USA [04-21-2004]

Free LOVE park please!
Blake Bills, Swedesboro, NJ [04-21-2004]

f* the po-lice and mayor street! FREE LOVE PARK!
Robby Pollio, Delaware [04-21-2004]

free love~~~!
pat shields, bensalem,PA [04-21-2004]

love park is now a legend.since the first step I have done on my skateboard I dream about skating in this marvellous place.and I hope that my dreams will come true one day...
Mateusz Ochal, Krakow,POLAND [04-21-2004]

Free love park for all our philly brothers. we are not lucky enough to have such an amazing spot to skate. Dont take it away from them
Nik Nyman, Ottawa, Canada [04-21-2004]

newman [04-21-2004]

Nicolo Vergilio, Fraser MI [04-21-2004]

Robert McGillviray, Fraser MI [04-21-2004]

Devin Lowe, Fraser MI [04-21-2004]

im a skateboarder at the age of 60 and id like to skateboard love park before i kick the bucket
jason, red deer,ab,canada [04-21-2004]

People shouldn be able to skate Love park because there is a lack of skateparks in the city and its either here or out on the streets and on other peoples property.
Colin McMahon, Philadelphia, PA [04-21-2004]

Alex Leydon, New Hope Pennsylvania [04-21-2004]

yeah i skated at love park this place is so importent for skateboarding because theres so much history there. I think skateboarding should be aloud back there because when i visited it was so much fun and it gives young skateboarders something else to do then cause trouble or smoke they would actully have somewhere to go and have a good time the going to a park so yeah i think you should free love
Nick Brown, chicago [04-21-2004]

Jon Kimmel, Elizabethtown, PA USA [04-21-2004]

kids should be allowed to skate love park because it is as much as a memorial thing as the liberty bell is to america. just put iron angles on the marble like many other parks have.
chazz, va beach, va [04-21-2004]

I think skateing is awsome and I have been to some sick spots but this spot look incredible.
Paul howarth, Canada whitby [04-21-2004]

free lovepark!
mathew fournier, connecticut [04-21-2004]

free lovepark
christopher omarra, connecticut [04-21-2004]

LOVE is the best place in the world to skate at. I've skated it about 5 times before and I absolutely love it, it's such a great spot, the ban should totally be lifted because then everybody can skate it and people will see the mayor doing something for the youth which will give him a good name and maybe be realected...think about it...a famous skatespot banned from skateboarders and a mayor saving the day by lifting the ban, everybody would like him then..maybe...and everybody can skate and have a good time, think about the youth, we need a place to skate!
Andrew Huling, Enola, Pennsylvania [04-21-2004]

I skated everywhere around my neighborhood while only taking on some famous spots, and I remember friends' older brothers telling me about the glorious LOVE park and how amazing it was. By killing off LOVE, not only is the mayor taking away a tradition of Philadelphia (the city of brotherly LOVE), but killing off tourism of skaters from ALL over the country and even various other countries. LOVE park had a place in the internationally acclaimed video game, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. It is a famous spot in more ways than one and should be freed.
Nick Deacon, Voorhees, NJ [04-21-2004]

in easton the cops are such f*ers! we have been waiting for a park for 2 or 3 years now and still those a*holes stall
roarke murdock, easton ct [04-21-2004]

love park is the f*ing best i never skated it but ity looks so sweet and i would like to get a chance to im 13 i love sam free love park yeah
taylor lavoie (runt), mass [04-21-2004]

Where's the love?
Mike Field, Tucson, AZ [04-21-2004]

MRS BERTIN PIERE, miramar florida 33023 [04-21-2004]

i like love like a mother!
pat denver, new york [04-21-2004]

I love love park. Free it because you should!
pat deve, haddonfield, NJ [04-21-2004]

love r.i.p
todd, international Falls MN [04-21-2004]

Free love Park plz!
Max Kempken, GERMANz [04-21-2004]

Just free love park it is a huge peice of skateboarding history although all these people outside of skateboarding don't understand it. FREE LOVE PARK. PEACE OUT
Liam Munro, England [04-21-2004]

younis, mosul [04-21-2004]

keep skateboarding
east coast terminal, binghamton N.Y. [04-21-2004]

Skateboarding is not a crime. Exercise your freedom to create and challenge the world around you.
Ivy Anna Costello, abq, nm 87106 [04-21-2004]

we need to free this place... its the best skate spot ive skated
robbie stark, salisbury north carolina [04-21-2004]

i think they should free love.. people come from all around the world just to skate at this monumental spot... just because someone doesnt like skateboarders they have to out law it in this park.. The park used to have many many people in there skating and hanging out... now there is no one there... its just wasted space.. so i mean if no one is taking advantage of the park for what it is.. they might as well let us skate it.. we are in no ones way.. we skate the inside.. the other people can walk on the outside if they wish to walk through the park... this spot is so well known that its in a playstation game.. i just think its rediculous.. its a shame people have to be so selfish..
Brandon Menley, reading pa [04-21-2004]

I've never been there but as a skater I know all the legendary spots should be free to the skaters. I'm only 12 now and I hope that when I'm allowed to go I won't have to worry about gettin in a lot of trouble.
Jake H., Perkasie, PA [04-21-2004]

i think that it is f*ed up how city hall is more into goin for skateboarders than real crime.. like theres drug dealers and all these worse things goin on in that city.. why dont u focus more on that and let us have fun and try and skate..cause think about it love park hasent gotten any other coverage from anything else other than skateboarding... so why dont u just bring love back to how it used to be and let us skate there without hassling us all the damn time......thats what i think bout this stupid s*..cause love should be to the community and the skateboarders...people come there to watch us skate..they dont do anything else there... alight im out.. skate boarding is not a crime
kyle fuckin bennett, lancaster PA, USA [04-21-2004]

love park is part of skateboarding history, many famous pro skaters have skated there and moved to the area for amazing skate scene. so what if it looks bad? the x games was allowed to be hosted there and u made a lot of money out of it, so why cant people skate there, all ur after is money! if people had to pay to skate there i am as sure as hell that u wouldnt knock it down. why do u people class skateboarding as a crime? its a sport and a for some people a living, people who people who dislike skateboarding r just samll minded.
jonathan webbern, wales, united kingdom [04-21-2004]

Skateboarding is what we do. give us a place to do it.
Arjun Shah, Clarksburg, NJ, USA [04-21-2004]

rock on
adam wilke, sheboygan falls wisconsin,usa [04-21-2004]

Will, Marlton NJ [04-21-2004]

free love park!
Dave Traylor, Denver, CO [04-21-2004]

Yay,finally a petition!, today i just lost my favourite 6 set as the council skate stopped it :(
Mike Scott, Milton Keynes,England [04-21-2004]

I got to skate love park once and it was f-king awesome. I want to go back and skate there again now that I'm so much better. My brother got to skate there all the time I was too young. FREE LOVE PARK DAMN IT!
Tom, Holland, PA [04-21-2004]

free love park>>>>>>>>>>>>>
blake denham, rowlett,tx [04-21-2004]

john welch II, ballwin MO [04-21-2004]

"Skateboarding is not a crime" This sayign had been around for the longest tiem btu still no one pays attention to it. they dont see it from our eyes, maybe if Philly could change their views maybe skateboarding wouldnt be sucha crime in many otehr places
Brian Stoudt, Lancaster,PA [04-21-2004]

Sandra Lau, Alameda, CA [04-21-2004]

I really really really want to skate LOVE.
Nate Zeidman, Moorestown, NJ [04-21-2004]

From all i hear about love park. i think skateboarders around the world should have a say in this. i mean skateboarders are treated like sh!t everyday by police and citizens complaining all the time. we are the ones always at fault. we need to join and be one. and make a difference.
Jason Lalonde, Timmins, Ontario, Canada [04-21-2004]

always wear your helmet !
richard van wie, colonie new york [04-21-2004]

LOVE Park is Amazing! And who else goes there but us, the residents of Philadelphia that "love" to R.I.P up LOVE Park! So please just put Philly back on the map and give LOVE back to its youth!
Charlie Hogan, Roslyn, PA. US [04-21-2004]

f*ing the city is f*s.. why they f* would you close love park.. that is the only reason you have people going to phila any way
mark turner [04-21-2004]

free love
Steve Jankins [04-21-2004]

Rachelle Moore, Austin, Texas [04-21-2004]

for me love means everything. means some one that is going to be there for you no meters what, some one that you can talk too and some one that understand you. no a person that is going to put you down. that's what love means for me.
MAYRA SOMOZA, San Luis Arizona [04-21-2004]

Nick Diamond, la, ca [04-21-2004]

SHARON A. SHIPMAN, Philadelphia, PA [04-21-2004]

i want love kicks!
Matt Shirk, Harrisburg, PA [04-21-2004]

alex tatum, pmpano,fl [04-21-2004]

mike p, new jersey [04-21-2004]

chris elliott, confluence pennsylvania [04-21-2004]

I think all you little skater punks need to get a life and go skate somewhere else. Don't be little punks and complain about it.
John, Philly [04-21-2004]

Free love park to everyone and alow skateboarders to do what they do best.
dennis eberly, lancaster pa [04-21-2004]

I think Love Park should be open to skateboarding because it's been a place for the youth to come and have fun. The government likes to take most of the fun from youth's lives, and here, they are trying to take it away again. There shouldnt be a ban on the park.
vitoria, williamstown, nj, [04-21-2004]

free love park!
kayla jordan, voorhees, new jersey [04-21-2004]

Wow, Love Park is one of the sickest spots to look at on any sk8 video. it represents everything that skateboarding stands for and every city in the world should have a place that all skateboarders can feel at home when they skate. we have spots in Milton Keynes that are going to be renovated for skateboarders. we are inspired by spots like Love Park and Pier 7 in the US. KEEP LOVE PARK OPEN because it will be a big loss to skateboarding. it features in nearly every skateboarding video and is clearly a significant spot
justin cheung, milton keynes, United Kingdom [04-21-2004]

Love Park should be free to all, even skateboarders. That's one thing I miss about the city.
erin, philadelphia, pa [04-20-2004]

Lived in Philly for a few years - and even after I have returned to to my hometown (Long Island) - I continually make the effort to travel to Philadelphia for all my entertainment endeavors. It offers what NY City has now overlooked, banned for "security purposes, "cut" in '"financially unstable times," or simply isn't trendy. Although slightly out of the "youth" category nowadays, I find myself saddened by today's kids own no-win situation; freedom to have fun but no where to do have it. Our media should state the reason why kids are so often unlawful is because today it seems everything self-expressive is outlawed. Skateboarding is not easily forgotten, and the youth of Philadelphia are proud to acknowledge that!
Chris Holub, Massapequa, Long Island, NY [04-11-2004]

Everyone who skateboards knows of love. I've never been to Love Park..I'm from Ohio but I know of it. And i'm willing to bet in about 3 years or so skateboarders will be a large percentage of voters. And if they're aware that you're banning something like that. good luck running for office next time
Anthony Longanbach, Toledo, Ohio [04-11-2004]

free love
Hakan Mavruk, North Woodmere, NY [04-11-2004]

Dont get rid of it because its what brings so many skateboarders, so they can have lots of fun
Richard Farrer, England [04-11-2004]

Mayor Street SUCKS! He is such a waste on our city. Love Park should be a SKATING Park. Love Park brings tourists into PHiladelphia. and instead, street is taking something special from out city.
Joyce Mathews, Media PA [04-11-2004]

Julie Brown, niskayuna, N.Y [04-11-2004]

Tanner Shaw, Woodland, CA [04-11-2004]

I have been skating for 3 years. I am good enough now to try out love park but it's closed. It's like a dream of mine.
Chris Blackburn, Harrisburg, PA [04-11-2004]

Skateboarding is not a crime
Britt Morichetti, Burlington New Jersey [04-11-2004]

My frinz Ryan Ram-to-tha-izzie and Keef like it so keep it up or ill get crunchy black on u
Amere "Tha Hoosh" a.k.a Kapt Krunk, Fort Walton Beach, FL USA [04-11-2004]

How is it possible to not allow a certain group of people into a public park, and then charge them 300 dollars if they do what they love there?
Brian Risley, Dallas, Texas [04-11-2004]

If you know what word "Love" means, you should know what Love Park means to every skater. just think about it, you get it?...
lb girl [04-11-2004]

LOVE park is a landmark, it is world famous for skatboarders. Mayor John Street is a hypocrite, is he still mayor?
Ross, Birmingham England [04-11-2004]

never skated there nor been there, but i would like to in the future :-D:-D:-D
John King, Garland, TX [04-11-2004]

LOVE Park is a place for the people. It is not to be with-held from the people of philadelphia.
Adam SHore, Dresher [04-11-2004]

Michelle Vo, Philadelphia, Pa [04-11-2004]

FREE Love man best skate spot in the world
Adam Stockton, Gloucester city, Nj [04-10-2004]

never been there and in the future i want to.
kurtis, Red Deer, AB, Canada [04-10-2004]

skate or die....cause skatebaording is not crime and never will bill.
Ryan Swanson, voorhees, new jersey united states [04-10-2004]

ya what they said!
nathan, westerville OH [04-10-2004]

free love f* da police
eddy weney, philladelphia [04-10-2004]

Dear City of Philadelphia, I am a local skater from Delaware and I just wanted to give a grand reason on why LOVE Park should be open to skateboarders: It keeps kids out of trouble. As much as some people are robbing banks and going on massive murdering sprees, you would think that the city would have the sense to worry about more important things (like homelessness and such). Obviously you don't care about your city because if you did, you would avoid this unnecessary conflict and just let us skate. I skated LOVE PARK 1 time and I wish I never left. I didn't wanna take that 8:34 Septa train back home...I wanted to skate there forever. I never forgot a second of that fateful day...I hope the city can reconsider Yours Truly, Local Skater, Kirk Belgrave of Delaware
Kirk Belgrave, Wilmington, Delaware [04-10-2004]

even though i live nowhere near LOVE Park, I know all about it. For years, I looked up to these pro skaters and almost all of them skated LOVE in their video. LOVE Park is a place of history for skateboarders everywhere, and the city of Philadelphia needs to strongly rethink what it did.
Steven Sweet, s.a., tx [04-10-2004]

if mayor street dont free love soon thre will be a shortage of love footage in videos around the world. x x
The Great Milenko, jersey west side [04-10-2004]

open love park.....thats the best place to skate....and if u open iit there will be less street skating, so that means that there will be less tearing up the handrails and h8ubas
daniel shit head trusty, indianapolis indiana [04-10-2004]

i dont think love should be replaced its so awesome
cj fisher, piermont,ny [04-10-2004]

f++kin' right!
marc Beck, WEST Philadelphia [04-10-2004]

Andrew Burress [04-10-2004]

never skated love park but wanted to for years
gang*, santee [04-10-2004]

freee love park making it unskateable is makin the town loose a lot of money
Paul Pino, voorheese,new jersey [04-10-2004]

closing love park was the stupidest thing the city has ever done.people came from all over the world jus to skate at love park.i have seen so many people that went from selling drugs in love park to skating it and giving up that way of many kids that usta skate have gone back to there old ways of selling drugs and hangin out on corners starting s* with people becasue they have no wheres to skate. the city thinks that parks opening around the city will make everything better, but it dont cause kids cant come up with money to get in the parks.i here all this s* about free parks that are goin to be built this fall y the f* would the city wana do that s* and just waste more f*in money that they dont have to spend. opening love park is the cheapest way to deal with skateboarders,and the problem of people skating is not goin to go away there are to many people for the sport to jus to die out. also the city hired f*in security at love park and suposidly theres gona be security at city hall too. the city is so f*ing stupid they waste so much money tryin to stop skateboarding and build places for skaters to go, they would have saved soo fuch money jus to leave love open. the only people that use love park now are poeple do their daily walk through there to get to work bums, dealers and tourists who come to get their picture in front of the love sign. if the city would think about it they would realize they got themselves into more bulls* then they can even amagine with remodeling, hireing security and then having to build a new place fro people to skate at. so in the end all i gota say is good f*in job jon street you have jus made the city a better place with bums and drug dealers inhabiting love park and n the fact that u wasted so much f*in money that the city doesnt have to spend remodeling, hirein security and haven to build a new place for people to skate at. good job jon street you made the city such a betta place
xxxx [04-10-2004]

love should be a free park i have never gotten the chance to skate it b/c im to young but i want to so bad and the city has taken that chance from me and many other skaters i think she should make it a free park and not take ur board if ur skatin
jeff garabedian, aston [04-10-2004]

Nick Pocock, Fraser, MI [04-08-2004]

free love park! one of the best places to skate ever.... don't be stupid, free it!
Corey, Philly, PA [04-08-2004]

Free love park .. its messed up that kids have to get tickets for riding on 4 wheels ... Free Love for the kids
Dontae, Baltimore [04-08-2004]

I want to open love prk because it is the best street skating around....i have only seen it once but its amazing... you shold open it to skaters....if u open it it wont tear up as many rails....please open it
daniel weeman taylor, Indianapolis Indiana [04-08-2004]

i think that it is rather ironic that we put professional athletes such as Tony Hawk, up on a pedistal giveing kids something to strive for and people to look up to as well as a good way to maintain their health and a way to keep them doing something positive but when these kids go out to practice their sport they are told that they cannot and there equipment is taken away by the authorities. Why then is it that these same authorities dont take away someone's football or soccar ball or even a baseball and bat surely a baseball bat is a more hazerdous peice of equepment than a skateboard. why is it that this nation spends so much time makeing sure that everybody knows that the kids are the future and how we should commit ourselves to making sure that they stay on a good trake in life yet when they finally find themselves with a passion for something that will better them our government finds any way possible to take it away. may be it is hurting the concrete but if it saves some lives and gets the crime rate down then isnt it worth it?
Abigail Plummer, Herndon, VA [04-08-2004]

As a long time member of the skateboarding community I know the importance of LOVE Park. It has helped me to realise the one true passion I have. Before i got sponsered by element I remember skating the sweet ledges that LOVE has. it changed me as a person. People need to understand that this is more than a activity or "play place", it is a piece of these kids souls the very thing that keeps them thriving and waking up another day. Also is this not free expression, this is not about sitting behind an office desk and signing forms, look out the window, realize your taking these kids lives. I strongly urge those controling this situation to reconsider. you think these kids are uncompassionate thugs and you call them hoodlums, well they aren't, this petition shows passion in something. this is an art. an art that needs practice and can be mastered. we all have the same goal, to rise above and stand strong. well we are standing strong against the hipocracy. LOVE WILL RETURN!
Tyson Coelho, boston [04-08-2004]

live park forever
mike harris, south lyon mi,usa [04-08-2004]

The month they closed down LOVE PARK was the same month that me and my friends were going to go to Philadelphia i was so pissed! I hope they reopeni... GOOD LUCK
Juan G, Houston Tx [04-08-2004]

teddy gil, orlando FL, [04-08-2004]

jimmy bob, orlando FL, [04-08-2004]

andrew burress, orlando FL, [04-08-2004]

ben vella, orlando FL, [04-08-2004]

I have never skated LOVE park but have always wanted to and i feel i will never have the chance PLEASE reopen LOVE dedicated skater
Tyson, boston MA [04-08-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK! FREE LOVE PARK! FREE LOVE PARK! I skated there a year ago and its the best place ive ever been too. You need to rethink your decision. You've broken the hearts of millions all over the world.
Kyle Gromel, Rockland NY [04-08-2004]

Love Park is a historical landmark for skateboarding. To ban skating and take Love Park from us would be a tragidy. Shame on you all who think skateboarding is a crime and should go so far to take the whole place of Love away. Think about it, you'll be taking Love.....not just the name but the feeling. Save Love....Save Skating...
Zachary VanGelder, New York [04-08-2004]

Robert D. Minko, Sterling Heights, MI [04-08-2004]

free love park!
Jason, Ohio [04-08-2004]

Something's got to give or else chaos between oppressed civilians (scapegoats) and shady politicians who continue to divert attention away from their own corruption, and focus the negativity on the easy prey, e.g., skaters, strip clubs/ strippers, ect... I spent many summers in Philly, when I was young, and tagged along with my big brother Bernie while they skated LOVE, that is until we were run off by club wielding police officers. It occurred to me that perhaps I should advice my big bro to quit skating and pick up another hobby; like selling crack on street corners, that way I won't have to worry about him being harassed by the police. We no longer have what once made our nation whole, our politicians somewhat honest, and american pride; we have no leader. So let's not forget the words of past inspirers, perhaps their words will save LOVE.
Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it. ~Malcolm X
Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first. ~Ronald Reagan
Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. ~ William Pitt the Younger
Linda McDonald, San Antonio, tx [04-08-2004]

i think skateboarding should be leagal everywhere.If skateboarding is illeagle so should football and basketball.
zack eve, indpls,in [04-08-2004]

free love park
mike cirasaa, flemington nj [04-08-2004]

fareed sayar, afghanistan [04-08-2004]

Andrew burress, Orlando,Florida [04-08-2004]

Thats so messed up just let skateboarders skate its already been marked a national skatespot just let us skate it.It is the best skatespot in the world.
anthony blake, omaha Ne [04-08-2004]

free love park,its one of the best worlds skateboard spots
Anton Steininger, Prievidza,Slovakia [04-08-2004]

free love park, let the youth of the 21st century enjoy philadelphia the way they should
jennifer, philadelphia PA [04-08-2004]

we have to get that park back like now me and some of my friends are goin to start a petition too. ight thanks peace
John Skillman, Edgewood MD [04-08-2004]

ive never been to love but am going to phili this week and plan to skate cops or not. peace
rob rismiller, dayton ohio [04-08-2004]

me and tw f my friends went to skate love like 2 yrs age and we walked into the park and as soon as we stepped n our boards we were serounded by was crazy! where is the love?? free love park!
Rob Hallowell, Horsham PA [04-08-2004]

the only reason why i would come to philly is LOVE park. im from australia, so far away yet i still have the same passion to re open it as the locals do. do the skateboarders of the world a favour, reopen love....
brendan williams, sydney australia [04-08-2004]

Love is one of the most famous spots on the east coast dont take it away from the people who dream of skating it
Nick, Finksburk, maryland [04-08-2004]

Love park is the best!
Sean Brady, Clermont Florida [04-08-2004]

Anki, Bergen, Norway [04-08-2004]

Adam Cowen, wilmington [04-08-2004]

olavi pietiainen, europe [04-08-2004]

Philadelphia, you saved the Real World Philadelphia, which was a great thing. Now, embrace the future and reopen Love Park.
Jonah, Landenberg, Pa [04-08-2004]

I task that love Park is a spot wonderful hope that during my life he can happen to find again to me to skateboarding in the park and even meeting josh kalis
Barbagallo Stefano, Italy: siracusa [04-08-2004]

the community needs to find the love and stop hating on the skaters and the LoVe park
duane s., bingamton, ny [04-08-2004]

skate to to skate
jennifer lee epler, hummelstown, pa [04-08-2004]

isaac, lancaster PA [04-08-2004]

free love park enough said
Jonathan Grant Andrews, USA, snowhill, North Carolina [04-08-2004]

Never been to philadelphia, but this spot represents so much for every skateboard fanatic like me. Hope I can skate LovePark one day!
Samuel Bigot, Le Mans, France [04-08-2004]

Arhur [04-08-2004]

Mike the ripper, Chicago, Illinois USA [04-08-2004]

free it
todd larkey, philly pa usa [04-08-2004]

i love watchin skaters in love park they should be allowed to skate where ever they want me and my friends go downtown just to watch the skaters sometimes.. yea.
cat, philly pa [04-08-2004]

Skateboarding made Philadelphia millions of dollars, and instead of repaying us in the least, they rtake away the best spot in the city.
Drew Reinert, Lancaster, PA [04-08-2004]

free LOVE park
andy barth, baton rouge,la [04-08-2004]

Free L O V E is a great part of skate if not to say world culture and a symbol for the community. I personally belive that almost every skateboarder in the world knows the love park and wanted to get there!
Sascha Merz, Germany [04-08-2004]

yo I just love that idea of bringing love back write me back and keep me updated
ryan morrow, new milford, ct,usa [04-08-2004]

It's gotta be LOVE.
Connor Brown, Ardmore, PA [04-08-2004]

never been to philly but lots of good hip hop out of there. free love park. please. thanks for comin out.
Brad, kalamazoo mi [04-08-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK ! X-TREME ADDICTION SKATE TEAM..Clint Cox, Joey Gibbs, Steven Tsao, Adam Humphrey
X-treme Addiction Skatepark, Goldsboro N.C. [04-08-2004]

Nomatter where you travel there is no place like the LOVE. Appointed officials should show some compassion...
Marc J., Philly [04-08-2004]

Jessie Buchholz, Fraser, MI [04-08-2004]

I feel that the ban of Love Park is obsered! I hope that this petition will show Philly executives to overturn the banning of skateboarding in Love Park. I hope this helps.
Jimmy Neavill, Columbus, Ohio (United States) [04-08-2004]

Its the sadest thing to have a skatespot taken away, If only city officials werent soo closed minded then they would realize how amazing a human body and a board can be, and if skateboarding werent soo looked down upon then they would have been more hesitant to close such a well known, famous, and to some, holy grounds of skating. I hope the streets of Phili get ripped from pissed off local skaters! The mayor is a fool and he should have come to an agreement or compromise with the skaters. Maybe even have gotten all the ledges coped so no concrete is broken. visit my site at
John Tracey, Monterey CA [04-08-2004]

free love park.people from all over the world go there to skate it.if the government in philly cared about there youth and the people of their state then they would let the skating happen
Tom Ortiz, London,England [04-08-2004]

Jason Lewer, Somerset, England [04-08-2004]

Building a skate-park isn't going to solve the problem. Love park is world famous in the skateboarding community and i am thinking of going to philli just to skate there. The only way to solve this "problem" of skateboarding is to open it up again or build an exact replica in my hometown!
James Barrett, England [04-08-2004]

MosesLincoln, Cedar Park, Tx [04-08-2004]

free the love!please!
Eric Macmahon, Moosup, CT, USA [04-08-2004]

You guys should really open the park back up, I skated it once and it is really badass. One of the best parks I've ever skated. Open it, please.
Stan Floyd, Albuquerque, New Mexico [04-08-2004]

This is one of the most historic places in skateboarding culture ever. I have always wanted to travel up there from Australia. It makes no sense to close it! skateboarding is not a crime! FREE LO VE
Brenden Wood, Australia [04-08-2004]

free love park
BRYAN, glenside [04-08-2004]

Love park is amazing, skating is amazing. Keep it alive
Jimmy Fisher, Pennsylvania [04-08-2004]

Max Boersma, Westlake Village, CA [04-08-2004]

Nicole, houston [04-08-2004]

yo love should stay open. its the best park in philly n f* all the cops n the mayor n the f* that hate love. bring LOVE back
Addiction Sk8 Team, north hills, pa [04-08-2004]

free love park is the best place to sk8 in philly every1 should b allowed to sk8 there! FREE LOVE PARK 4EVER!
addiction sk8 team, north hills, pa [04-08-2004]

free love park!If u let us skate their there would b less problems! SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME!
grover, baltimore [04-08-2004]

The skateboarders that have been to love park and skated there obviously care about it. But for me, I haven't even been there and it saddens me to see it closed. What society does not understand is that Love Park was a meeting place for skateboarders to do what we do. And they don't realize that by closing Love, it's actually gonna hurt the city. Skating is going to happen anywhere, no matter what. So why have all these businesses around Philly complain that there is damage to their ledges and s*. When really that could've been solved by leaving Love open. I think most of the people around Philly would agree to only skate at love park if they were reduced to it. But the city would also HAVE to open love back up and let the skaters have it back for good. No interuptions. FREE LOVE!
Jesse, St. Johns, Mi. 48879 [04-08-2004]

i really hope they open love park to skaters again beacause i really want to skate there!
matt richards, spooner, wi [04-08-2004]

John Green, philadelphia [04-08-2004]

Love park was a place were skaters, met talked and made friends and they took that away which caused more trespassing on more spots in philly .
Don winn, Boise, ID [04-08-2004]

the new major is a b* the old major was going to build it back and would let us skate with out getting a ticket.
jake [04-08-2004]

Love Park could be as cool as Venice Beach, Calif., where skaters are free to skate, and there is a cool vibe.
Callye, Wilmington, Delaware [04-08-2004]

Mayor street is a hipocrit, philly cops can go suck a donu if they dont free love then we are going to make their jobs a lot harder
Dylan Raditz [04-08-2004]

free LOVE Park
Dan, oley, PA [04-08-2004]

Free Love Park
patrick, oley, PA [04-08-2004]

free love park
kyle gerger, la, ca [04-08-2004]

just let us skate LO VE
chris mathis, wallingford pa [04-08-2004]

I hope the city council has enough sense to let us skate at love park. I have never skated there but I would love to have the oppurtunity later on. After all Philly is the city of brotherly love. FREE LOVE PARK!
Will Robinson, Virginia Beach, VA [04-08-2004]

Adam Smith, palmdale, california [04-08-2004]

love park is one of the most famous park in the world they cant just not let people skate thier. That is why most people go to philadelphi, pa with out love park philadelphi is just boring.
carlos, ny [04-08-2004]

I skateboard an if i could skate any where in the world I would wanna skate LOVE PARK its stupid they close it! i live in texas an wont be able to go for lke 3 more yrs when i can drive an leev state.People really dont care about skating do they?Its not fair well i hope this petotion helps. P.S. piss off federal people who think skatings a crime your friend an skate, spencer berry
spencer berry, sulphur springs tx [04-08-2004]

LOVE park is for skaters and should stay like that. Making the park "skateproof" has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen or heard of. The city is just loosing a lot of money.
A very powerful man, Ontario, Canada [04-08-2004]

Loser [04-08-2004]

Boo Weiss, Maumee,Ohio [04-08-2004]

Russell Jones, houston, Tx [04-08-2004]

i think you should free love park becausemost of the people who visit love park like to watch the skaters and its not like we are bothering anyone and there is no reason why they cant skate besides thewy are destroying it but maybe if the city actually took time to think about the problem instead of just say no they would charge a small fee for skater to enter
chris, New jersey [04-08-2004]

john street was all about us skatin love when the x games were around,but then again the city was makin money off it so why not right,f**k street F**k espn and F**k the x games
ian reid, pa [04-08-2004]

i signed!
aaron, wisconsin rapids [04-08-2004]

i signed
jake, wisconsin rapids [04-08-2004]

here are my comments and yes i do skate i have skated love but this also goes for every park destroyers you all think that your doing good terring them down and yet you complain you need to do something about skaters on the streets well if thats any of you your hypocrites love was there for the skaters to hang around and have a good time this is like terring down a park for little kids the park is there so they had a place to go and it even takes worries from parents but now you tear it down all your doing is showing tons and tons of kids, young kids that you dont really care about them thats all i have to say about that and i want to give props to this website and all who care good cause love park forever
adam knipfel, beaver lake NE [04-08-2004]

Love is one of the best spots ever ..
Stevie Williams, Cali [04-08-2004]

free love
brian ohara, west deptford newjersey [04-08-2004]

It was built to be free, so keep it that way. Besides how is the city being hurt?
Tucker Johnson, Mt. [04-08-2004]

The Park should be opened! it rox!
arica Jenks, Howell, Mi [04-08-2004]

oh my god how in the hell are they going to take love park away from the skaters if i was going to make a list of pros they woldent end the only con is that those f*ers are takeing from us!
adam nicklowitz, ann arbor [04-08-2004]

open your eyes, love park is an international famous park. let skate it !
Fred Ybert, france ! [04-08-2004] homepage

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